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CRIME 2 Amish Men, 1 Horse Flee Police After Buggy Is Pulled Over for DUI - Men Still at Large
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    12 2 Amish Men, 1 Horse Flee Police After Buggy Is Pulled Over for DUI - Men Still at Large

    Even Amish youths enjoy riding in a buggy with a cold brew listening to the stereo....
    Reminds me of my miss spent youth.... To be young again....

    2 Amish Men, 1 Horse Flee Police After Buggy Is Pulled Over for DUI - Men Still at Large
    By C. Douglas Golden
    Published September 19, 2019 at 9:58am


    Drunk driving is sadly anodyne enough that it takes a lot for a DUI to register on the national level.

    The last one I personally remember was Beto O’Rourke’s youthful indiscretion making the news during the 2018 Texas senatorial election — and really, there were so many other reasons to loathe Robert Francis that his BAC at age 26 didn’t quite register with me.

    However, as DUI arrest stories go, I think it would be difficult to beat two Amish men in a buggy with a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra on the roof.

    And, if you didn’t think that modern beer still cohered with the Weltanschauung of a religious sect that eschews electricity from the grid, consider the fact the buggy was also outfitted with a stereo system.

    According to CNN, the two men fled after being stopped by deputies with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, leaving their horse and the rather decked-out buggy behind.

    The incident happened in the town of North Bloomfield, described by WPVI-TV as the epicenter of Trumbull County’s Amish community.

    Deputy Eric Hermsdorfer says that he encountered the buggy on the early morning of Sept. 15; the men inside were apparently drinking spiked iced tea and they had a dozen Michelob Ultras to spare.

    Even if you’re in a buggy, you can’t just blow a .12 and get away with it despite the fact you’ve got one horsepower and you’re on the side of the road. Personal responsibility still applies.

    “Unfortunately they’re not licensed, as far as the buggy goes, but it is a vehicle. It’s on the roadway. And the [DUI] laws do apply,” Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich from the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office said.

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    “You’re not allowed to drink and drive or operate a buggy,” he continued.

    An additional misfortune is that we don’t know what they would have blown in the breathalyzer had they been subjected to a sobriety test.

    That isn’t because the two men were able to get out of a breathalyzer due to the fact they had a religious objection to the newfangled technology.

    Instead, they fled into thick nearby woods to avoid being tested in the first place — and they’re still at large.

    Deputies said that when they tried to stop the men and question them about drinking, the two decided to ditch the horse, buggy and stereo.

    The horse had the same idea and took off up the road. However, Hermsdorfer was able to catch up with him.

    So far, no one has come forward to claim either the horse — currently with a local farmer — or the buggy. (Or the stereo, for that matter.)

    “Maybe there’s just that fear of the consequences — and that would be a reality check for them, that there are consequences,” Chief Deputy Dragovich said.

    If the two men do come forward, they could be charged with failure to comply with the deputy’s commands to stop.

    And, who knows? If Beto’s example holds, one of them could be the first serious Amish presidential candidate.

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    Depends on the state. Back when I was driving horses on the roads regularly, (and possibly enjoyed a few adult beverages at the same time) I talked to a Minnesota State Patrolman one day about this. He said as long as I wasn't driving a motorized vehicle, open bottle or DUI didn't count for anything until I broke a traffic law, then he'd have me cold.

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    The horse knew what it was doing. Sheesh.
    The Operative: “The path to peace is paved with corpses. It’s always been so.”

    Malcolm Reynolds: “So me and mine got to lie down and die so you can live in your better world?”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texican View Post
    Drunk driving is sadly anodyne enough that it takes a lot for a DUI to register on the national level.
    People are quick to confuse and despise confidence as arrogance but that is common amongst those who have never accomplished anything in their lives and who have always played it safe not willing to risk failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packyderms_wife View Post
    anodyne adjective
    an·​o·​dyne | \ ˈa-nə-ˌdīn
    Definition of anodyne

    (Entry 1 of 2)
    1 : serving to alleviate pain the anodyne properties of certain drugs
    2 : not likely to offend or arouse tensions : innocuous … his speech contained a single anodyne reference to the man who preceded him.— John F. Burns

    anodyne noun

    Definition of anodyne (Entry 2 of 2)
    1 : something that soothes, calms, or comforts The sweetness of sojourn there … was an anodyne for the sorrows the pilgrims had endured …— Amy Kelly
    2 : a drug that allays pain

    I think they meant innocuous!

    Behold, these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him.
    Job 26:14

    wickr ID freeholder45

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    They definitely will get pulled over and charged around here... funniest thing *ever* on the scanner was when a deputy tried to pull over a buggy and they refused to stop, then somehow gave him the slip... he put out an APB for a "black buggy, being pulled by a brown horse (technically bay, but the cop didn't know the difference), driven by 2 men wearing light blue shirts, denim pants and black hats"! The only minor problem... that described probably 90% of the buggies on the road.

    The young men can be real jackasses when they're teens... just like with the Englisch, some families don't raise or supervise their kids very well. Hubby once was stuck for FOUR MILES behind a buggy that was driving directly down the center of the state highway in a snowstorm... hubby was driving a town snowplow. He radioed in, and they were met by a sheriff's deputy, who pulled them over and (after they smart mouthed him AND gave him fake IDs belonging to older brothers (yes, there was alcohol involved) charged them with everything he could come up with.

    The problem is they endanger themselves and others... the average teen or young single man doesn't drive a nice, quiet horse. They like the "hot rod" equivalent, and they're often straight from the racetrack and not at all traffic broke or road safe. They can be bad enough with an aware driver and a strong hand on the reins; with an impaired driver, you never know where they're going to go.

    Guaranteed, everyone in that Amish community knows exactly whose rig that is... they won't get away for long.


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    N. Minnesota
    Here, horse and carriage on the roads are basically operating under SMV laws, and you'd better have your triangle well visible and be off far to the right so people can pass you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalknTrot View Post
    Here, horse and carriage on the roads are basically operating under SMV laws, and you'd better have your triangle well visible and be off far to the right so people can pass you.
    The Amish around here don't necessarily practice that last part. They generally like to stay on the blacktop. If they are in a no passing zone they will usually move over IF they are paying attention. But if they aren't paying attention they probably won't hear you over the noise of the steel wheels and horseshoes on the pavement unless you hit the horn, which I really hate to do.
    Just had one get hit by a semi a couple months ago.
    Was known as dairyfarmer but sold the cows.

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    I spent a few years with some Amish folks, well a lot of time with them over a few years........John had a decked out buggy. He was eighteen, had oak trim inside and out, sound system, and a beautiful oak eagle carving in the rear window as well as blue led lights inside and out. It was tricked out for sure.

    Good people, tough as well.


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