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HATE REPORT: One Out Of Five Managers Won’t Hire Trump Supporters
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    8 REPORT: One Out Of Five Managers Won’t Hire Trump Supporters

    REPORT: One Out Of Five Managers Won’t Hire Trump Supporters
    Guest post by Michael LaChance at American Lookout: August 25, 2019

    Liberals claim to be opposed to all forms of hatred and discrimination.

    But apparently, that doesn’t apply to Trump supporters. A new report suggests that there are managers who won’t hire Trump supporters.

    The Washington Examiner has the story:

    American workers who like President Trump face sweeping bias against them, with some managers refusing to hire his supporters and those already employed facing discrimination and mockery, according to a new study.

    In a survey of hiring managers and workers shared with Secrets, the marketing firm Airtasker found that left-leaning firms are especially anti-Trump, with 20% vowing to reject a job candidate who backs the president.

    And those who support Trump and who are already in the workplace face substantial mockery, including name-calling. The survey listed the responses to several examples of what pro-Trump workers face:

    – 28%, joking about them.
    – 23%, overly critical of them.
    – 21%, being dismissive of them.
    – 11% facing name calling.

    The survey found that even more than Trump, a job candidate’s view on race and gender politics will help, or hurt, their chances of getting a job.

    What the left doesn’t seem to realize is that there are Trump supporters everywhere. Even in true-blue Seattle.

    From the Seattle Times:

    In blue Seattle, Trump supporters are starting to come out of hiding

    When word got out during the last presidential election that Seattle developer Martin Selig would be supporting Donald Trump, the blowback from our liberal town, he said, was “stunning.”

    “Do you know what it’s like being a Jewish Republican in Seattle?” Selig told The Seattle Times. “The repercussions of what you hear from people is stunning.”

    In reaction, Selig, a billionaire, retreated from any affiliation with Trump in 2016 and said he wouldn’t even vote for him. It had become problematic just getting along in the city while wearing a MAGA hat.

    But that was then. This spring, Selig went all-in for Trump, maxing out to the president’s campaign with a donation of $5,600.

    The left lives in a bubble. They think every one hates Trump as much as they do.

    They’re so wrong.
    If at first you don't secede, try, try again!

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    First off, how do they know you are a Trump supporter? And who the hell would wear a political shirt/hat to work? Bumper sticker? Well, if I were in the work force, I would just keep all that off my car.
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    If a manager asks me at work my political affiliation, I'll tell him the truth. I'm a rabid Trump supporter.

    And THEN I'll call our company's integrity hotline and report his/her a**. They will investigate and eventually fire the bleeding heart liberal trash. Because political affiliation has zero influence in any part of our business, and our company at it's core has to be impartial, fair, report only the facts without shade or bias or the slightest hint of a conflict of interest. . The company takes impartiality very very seriously, you don't stay in business 300+years with a background of bias.

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    So twenty percent won't hire a Trump supporter. That's fine. That means that eighty percent very well may hire them. Most who are probably hard working people with a good work ethic, unlike the sky screaming snowflakes that the twenty percent, by default, will prefer. And i'm keeping my powder dry as far as engaging with Trump derangement syndrome people, always. Only a very few select people in the places that I work now, know my views and I like it that way.
    Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes...Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria. As true NOW as it was true THEN!!

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    Why wouldn't anyone say in an interview, that they "don't talk Politics in the workplace, as it is unprofessional"?
    True North Strong and Free

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    1) I don't announce my political preference at home, at work, to strangers, and certainly not on phone surveys or the internet. (Well, I do occasionally wear a Truman T-shirt or a Wendell Willkie button around the house.)

    2) I'm shocked that only 20% of the managers wouldn't hire Trump supporters. That implies a surprising and refreshingly large number of open-minded people.

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    If asked about political affiliation

    Maybe you can clarify the question. I almost mistook that you asked what are my beliefs. Do base hiring decisions on Race, religious belief or political affiliation? I just wish to make I fully understand the company’s policies with employment.

    Suppose if you were looking for a job in Silicone Valley they might try to “woke” you but in a lot of places there us heavy demand for reliable employee’s. Also many HR managers might quickly backtrack if they understand the position they have put themselves and the company.

    I guess HR majors have a percentage of activist slugs as any area, I assume woke idiots are under represented in STEM fields because these require some real work, and liberal activists wsnt power and stuff handed to them because they are entitled.

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    I never discuss politics nor religion at work. Was brought up that way and if those types of questions were ever raised I would state this belief and let the chips fall where they may. That being said while recently deciding to change jobs, neither religious nor political questions were brought up and I have successfully land a new gig. Perhaps it depends on the type of company you are talking to as the only questions I had to deal with were of the technical type or how I would approach various issues when designing new software.
    Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who kept their swords.

    --Benjamin Franklin

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    I would guess - white men - support Trump 75 - 80%.

    I would also guess - white women - support Trump at around 35%.
    Primarily because the 65% are pro baby killing.

    Overall would this not place a target on non gay white men?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delta View Post
    1) I don't announce my political preference at home, at work, to strangers, and certainly not on phone surveys or the internet. (Well, I do occasionally wear a Truman T-shirt or a Wendell Willkie button around the house.)

    Your spouse probably knows that you are a dyed in the wool conservative Trump supporter when you watch the Trump rallies and scream at the stupidity by the left on the boob tube....

    Remember, there are no secrets....


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    A lot of companies check out your facebook page to see what you post.
    A socialist will trample over one hundred poor people just for the chance to throw a rock at a rich man.

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    I live in farm country, and for the most part common sense rules the day here, where political leanings are concerned. We simply have too much work to do on a mongo big scale, and reliable experienced help is just too hard to find, to be discriminating because of politics.

    The counties that I live and work in tend to be about a 50/50 split between liberals and conservatives, and both sides can be rabid in their beliefs (this is Minnesota, after all), but we just need each other too much to let politics divide us in the workplace. Out here, when you need help, you don't go looking for someone who believes like you do, rather someone who is qualified, and not already working for someone else. The overlap in this kind of work is such that it would be near impossible to do business with only those like minded.

    Strange bedfellows no doubt, but we've got a sense of community that transcends the left/right divide, for which I am grateful. Lots of very small towns out here, which means lots of feeds and pot lucks, fairs, crossover for education and sporting events, charity events for myriad people and causes, etc. It would just be too awkward to conduct ourselves in a manner that ostracized half of the community.
    This might hurt a little.


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