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ECON Need Some Advice from the Hive
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeSpace View Post
    You can toss the bills in a pillowcase and throw them in the washer

    money laundering is illegal
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    1) Nickels ain't all that much nickel any more...

    2) Stores are limiting the use of 50's and 100's for pretty legit reasons. They may not have enough in their register bank to make change, for instance.
    At least they post this restriction on or near the door. AND they have the rights to do this.
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    Just my opinion.

    If you are saving for a reset, you may find your old money won't transition into new money at a very good rate. Research inflation in venezuala and other places. Many folks would get paid friday and go buy actual stuff. Like a water pump for the car or something. Cause by next week the money would have lost a lot of purchasing power, but that water pump could keep the car running or be sold if someone had a need for that exact one.

    Now for local mother nature hissy fit, sure some small bills are good to keep around. For a bank holiday, big bills are good to keep around.

    Dimes and quarters roll up nicely. I don't worry about pennies other than throwing them in a coffee can. Nickels, meh. Bigger than a dime but takes two to make a dime. I don't like nickels.

    Pay attention to some of the posts where folks had an old $100 bill and went to spend it. If it is one or two generations old it might not be a big deal. Pull out something super ancient and the regular clerk is gonna pause and get a manager and while it may eventually spend you brought attention to yourself.

    Note that for 20s and 50s and I guess 10s and 5s this happens. I don't know if 1s are actually changed very often.

    Many folks have canning jars around the house. Amazon and others sell adapters to let you vacumn seal that canning jar. I use a port on a vacumn bagger kitchen appliance but you can buy a vehicle brake bleed hand operated vacumn pump and use it as well. Since it pulls a vacumn I guess a used one would work, but a new one for kitchen use is what I recomend just cause.

    Pull a vacumn on a canning jar full of bills and there should not be any worries about mold and what not.

    A lot of folks buy sentry safes that easy to break into. And even if not broken into, you can play on youtube and see how fire resistent they are and then we get into trying to protect the money from just burning up in a house fire.

    I am not against silver, but for a mother nature hissy fit you need to turn silver into dollars to buy food and stuffs.

    For a reset, silver is great unless they try and confiscate and/or control markets.

    Ohio had some ice storms. Rural ohio still had some of those little general stores where someone might go rather than going all the way into town to buy stuff. With the ice storm, many found it easier to go to the general store.

    Much as the feller running the place usually kept a lot of change around, he ran low on coins and small bills. Power was out 4 days or so for some folks. Roads were passible and messages were passed around.

    While I had preps I wandered out towards the end of the 3rd day without power for some odds and ends I considered luxury food, just meat from his deli and what not.

    Changed out some bills while I was there. Straight swap, nothing like where some folks think you might be able to make a little extra helping make change.

    The power came on. Life went back to normal. Dude always remembered me and while I was an outsider for the area it made an impression and I knew one feller who appreciated me bringing some change out when I did not have to do so.
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    The thing about nickel and copper is they have a real scrap value. Some have a large percentage of silver.

    And a legal tender. "within 6 months of 1929 most coins in circulation were taken to Canada and melted down." "Poor" do not do hundreds.

    Melt value today of a copper penny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiwall View Post
    Saving change might be a good idea. There is a theory that if the gov has a monetary re-set and makes a new currency, that they will use the same coins due to the cost of minting new ones. That could mean the standard coins would have a much higher value.
    Also most people don't notice the loss of the coins if they save them and they do count up.
    I didn't think of that aspect. I did need tires last year and I had saved up almost $900 in change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redcat View Post
    I didn't think of that aspect. I did need tires last year and I had saved up almost $900 in change.
    Just a theory and I have doubts that it would ever come true. But who knows?

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    I am expecting a six month bank closure when only barter goods will be the go.

    Afterwards we will go cashless.

    Out of silver and gold, I would go silver.

    Get ready for six months plus of living on site.

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    Many thanks for all the helpful comments. We are already doing what most of you have suggested and discussed in depth the things you've shared that we hadn't thought of.

    Another question: If there IS an economic reset, how long do you think it would take to implement it?
    For those who believe in the Resurrection, death is inconsequential

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    Oct 2014
    Southwest (enjoy it!)
    If there IS an economic reset, how long do you think it would take to implement it?
    That's the hundred dollar question isn't it. No one knows but everyone has an opinion.


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