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Story Market Day
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Thread: Market Day

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    Thanks. Into the unknown fire now, and I'm sure Allyson could use some quick training courses before the trip. Hope there's time to get her trained up.

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    I had to call everybody back. There was another issue that leaped to the forefront of my mind when Kara brought up Angelique going with Garen and me to the Center. It made sense, the added manpower would be good to help load. I hate to admit that the ribs would make it tough, but Kara was right. The issue that I was concerned about was Garen and I traveling with a kid, underage, in a disaster zone. If there is any sort of federal response or state or local government, they might have issues with it. I hope they would have issues. Disaster zones are ripe pickings for human trafficking, just look at the huge debacle in Haiti. There were hundreds if not thousands of children spirited away, sold into slavery and even worse. Some of them were found, some escaped but there is no telling what the true numbers of killed vs taken were. So this led me to worry about traveling into the city area with Angelique. I explained my concern to the group and figured it should be discussed before we outfit her with gear.

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    Always something to think about... Thanks for the morning treat.


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    Garen looked around at the group, a look of embarrassment on his face.

    “That shows once again why you are the best at planning. So, what do we think?”

    Allyson was the first to jump in. “So if the concern is ‘people with a kid’ then it seems that the concept should be either make it look like you guys have the legitimate hand receipt for the kid. The ages line up so she could fit the timeframe for her to be your kid, but the database won’t bear it out. All it would take is one computer to still be functioning and they start working you guys much harder and digging deeper. “

    Kara also started up. “It would also look like a good leverage point and kidnap target to have a ‘kid’ rolling with you. So what about going the other direction? Make her appear older and then its three adults, less of a target.” Kara turned to Angelique. “What do you think?”

    Angelique appeared to be deep in thought. Garen turned to Bekka, his question redily apparent on his face. Bekka was nodding. That could work.

    Allyson had another concern. “So what if you are stopped? What is the plan about identity when asked? It will have to match how we load her out and what she can appear as and defend.” She looked back and forth between Angelique and Bekka and Garen.

    Angelique looked around the faces as the idea solidified in her head.

    “You guys teach at the school, right? And you guys have students all the time. Well that makes it perfect.” She stood up and kind of adjusted herself, shifting her stance and bearing. She looked around the room for a moment, a cold piercing stare on her face.

    “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I am Lt. Belyana Bronislava, Intel Specialist from Ukrainian Security Service Group Alpha. I am in country doing the pre-course site survey and unfortunately was caught up in the event.” Her accent was good, not overblown. Even her mannerisms changed. The transformation was scary. Garen and Bekka were impressed. Kara wasn’t sure. Alyson figured to test for problems and started ‘interrogating’ her like a cop would.

    “Alright, Lt, so let’s see your passport.”

    “Good luck with that, officer. It, along with most everything else was in my Airbnb when it got flooded by the wave. I have a call in to my embassy but it will be quite some time until it gets here, with all the disruptions. The proprietor of the schoolhouse has been so gracious to put me up while things are straightened out.”

    “And where is that?”

    Angelique waves her hand vaguely around over her shoulder behind her. “Somewhere back over that way. You would have to get the address from them, they drove.”

    “So, how long are you going to be here?” Allyson persisted.

    Angelique gets an exasperated look on her face. Almost under her breath she starts speaking with her head down. “Pochemu, chert voz'mi, my do sikh por vedem etot razgovor?” She then looks up at Allyson and continues “Look, officer, I am supposed to continue with my job here until the paperwork makes it to me to be able to return to my country. I am not wandering loose. If you need me, you can contact me through these people. I am sure you have something else to do. I have to get back to helping my generous hosts salvage equipment in preparation for the upcoming classes.” At this she turned away and began shuffling papers.

    Bekka was impressed. So was Garen. Kara was nodding as well. Allyson looked over at them before speaking.

    “You guys will have to tell me if that’s proper attitude for a Russian. I know its proper for one of our students, but the foreign angle is still a bit new. I think she will pass, but we will have to work on looking a bit older as far as hair and clothes and such. That reminds me, Belyana. How old are you?”

    Without missing a beat, Angelique replied in a bored and exasperated tone, “24, and my shoe size is 38 and my favorite color is blue. Do you have more questions? Are we on a date or can I get back to what needs be done? Really Garen, are all cops here in the states this bored or is she just an exceptional example?”

    At this exchange, Kara started clapping and chuckling. Bekka and Garen joined in, followed by Allyson. At the accolades, Angelique turned red with a bit of embarrassment and took a bow.

    Bekka started in with a couple of questions.

    “So, where did all that come from? Most people don’t have that kind of off the cuff alter ego persona readily available, much less carry the part like that.”

    Angelique was back, the mannerisms and posture and carriage, as well as the speech, all had reverted to the one they were used to.

    “My mom has always pushed for me to be some socialite and hob nob with the ‘in’ crowd. She pushed me towards anything that she thought would help her in this. I have been in the drama club since junior high. Once my drama teacher found out I could do accents, I was usually cast as some foreign person or villain. I have also been learning as much as I could about all things Russian. My Grandfather was teaching me the words my father wouldn’t. My drama teacher also said the key to playing a character wasn’t playing the character, instead, be the character. So what do you think? Will it work?”

    Allyson had to ask. “What was that you muttered under your breath?”

    At this question, Angelique turned really red and sheepish. “Why the **** are we still having this conversation?”

    Everybody laughed. The first one to begin talking again was Kara.

    “Now, that’s a Russian for you! Garen, I can scrounge up some stuff to outfit her now I know the part she is playing. Does this all fix the concerns you had Bekka?”

    “Yeah, it does. We shouldn’t need it, but it is good to have it ready. Ok, we all have some chores to work on. Let’s get them done so we can have a decent dinner and get some rest for tomorrow.”

    Everybody headed out to make preparations so they could turn in for the rest they needed for tomorrow.

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    You continue to surprise us...

    Angelique a Russian....

    Now when will the bad guys show up or is it when will they be attacked????

    Additional chapters are required....

    Thanks for the chapter....


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    Can't wait to find out what happen's next! (I know, I know, I will have to).

    Thank you.
    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Well, if you go back a few pages Texican, her grandfather Mr Chenkof was a Russian who escaped from his assignment in East Germany and defected to the states. She was learning and absorbing, and is just putting it to use

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    I know im old and forget thinsg, but I dont remember them working on her leg wound. from when she was shot escaping from her Grandfathers gun shop,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
    I know im old and forget thinsg, but I dont remember them working on her leg wound. from when she was shot escaping from her Grandfathers gun shop,
    Post 147 &149 It was a convenience store. Garen and Kara stopped there for fuel and such before turning up into the forest. Garen gunned down the two jackasses who shot her in the leg. This was also where we learned about Mr Chenkof

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    My family & clan are my country.

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    That young lady has potential, thanks CCG!

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    Oh, I like this turn of events. Thank you.

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    SEE!? I told you she was ahead of the game!!! BUWAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently and die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."---- Robert A. Heinlein

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    Getting very interesting.

    "Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits"


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