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Pests/Ctrl Wasps
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Thread: Wasps

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    Apr 2004


    They get into the side mirrors in/on my rig. About 5 of them in the afternoon when it's hot in there, I guess there must be some pro creation going on but they have stingers and I don't want to get stung just getting in and of the truck.

    My guess is wasp spray but I just want to leave them alone to do their thing. Any other ideas?
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    They aren't procreating, that's not how it's done. They are likely building nests and they aren't going to go away if you leave them alone. They are going to raise their children in there and soon you'll have lots more than five of them.

    I recommend wasp spray, and then find any gaps in the mirrors and seal them good. Maybe watch closely so you can tell where hey are entering.

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    Mar 2003
    Yeah we have them build nests in the lesser used vehicles. Spray. Now. And be ready to do the quick step because one of the little jerks will find you. Never fails.
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