Sure, that's kind of a "duh" title given the prominence the ad people are giving to tiny fractions of the American populace (90%+ of couples in ads are either mixed or all-minority, or gay). However, two recent examples bring their tin-earedness and the general public's obliviousness into sharper relief:

Example A: a recent Volvo ad, which used the Queen of the Night aria from Mozart's "Magic Flute". I'll be the first to say that it's truly beautiful music as nearly all of Mozart's work is. But the actual words to that aria are quite horrific. In the aria, the Queen is bullying her daughter into murdering someone, and if she doesn't, the Queen will have her banished. And all the while the Queen makes these threats, she's doing the musical equivalent of the mad noblewoman's laugh. Not really the most audience-friendly music to sell cars with.

Example two: the Samsung ad for their new Tablet 5, which has that catchy foreign tune sung by a french girl. Except that the actual lyrics of the song reveal that the song is about a heartbroken girl warning her ex-boyfriend that he'll get what he deserves for cheating on her.

As hilarious as the juxtapositions are, and granted the vast majority of the public will never bother to look up either piece of music, someone really ought to dope-slap the ad people who chose these songs, and remind them that foreign words actually do have meaning.

Here's the song, can't find a video of the ad: