Ingraham: 'Left' trying to destroy what it means to be American
Victor Garcia
2-2 minutes

Fox News' Laura Ingraham addressed Thursday the agenda to "destroy" what it means to be American, blasting the left for trying to take away the country's identity.

"The historical purge that we are witnessing all over the country is part of a larger agenda. To destroy what it means to be American. And it's getting more audacious by the day," Ingraham said on "The Ingraham Angle" Thursday.

The Fox News host addressed a controversy in a Minnesota city involving the Pledge of Allegiance.

"In St. Louis Park, Minnesota, the geniuses on the city council there recently decided to ban the Pledge of Allegiance from town meetings. Their reason? To create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community. Oh, welcoming to everybody but Americans who actually love the pledge," Ingraham said.

Ingraham took on members of the "left" who view America as "illegitimate."

"The easiest path to social media start today is one where you take cheap swipes and America symbols and traditions," she said.

Ingraham called these attacks on what it means to be American part of a "power grab" by those on the "left."

"Our progress on racial issues is conveniently ignored by cynical actors who are, frankly, using these past horrors for a power grab and, they hope, a total reorganization of our society here and a massive wealth confiscation," Ingraham said.

Ingraham warned that country would pay a price for not defending history.

"There is a price for surrendering your sovereignty and your identity and we are going to pay it if we don't defend our history and our traditions," Ingraham said.