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Pests/Ctrl Help! Deer eating my garden
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    Jun 2019

    Help! Deer eating my garden

    Deer eating my garden nightly. Besides a fence does anyone have a remedy.

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    Just recipes and quiet loads.

    Have mused that fences, dogs them another fence and one of them air powered arm flinging things would work great I bet. Like this...

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    Apr 2004
    I’ve read that some people shred Irish Spring soap and sprinkle it around the garden to keep critters away.
    I could make it cheaper!!!

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    Apr 2009
    Central Iowa
    Beauty salon and ask for the hair they cut off of clients, this is the only thing that I know of that works other than really tall fences.
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    Jun 2019
    Thank you. Will try hairy Irish spring.

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    Mar 2007
    West Virginia
    T-posts and insulators run wire and buy a livestock fence charger. Once they walk into it they cannot reason with it and it just scares the crap out of them and they stay away and won't even try to jump the fence.
    I have use one for years and it works and wife tested when she backed her butt into the wire one day
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    Mar 2009
    A Socialist State
    If you put out a salt lick might go to that instead?
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    For fruit trees, you can put manure around them. Most animals don't like to eat where another pooped.

    You can try chunks or shavings of Irish spring soap around other plants.

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    Want to keep the deer out of your garden? Here's what works. - The ...
    Aug 14, 2017 - Walter is a certified hunt hound, and the perfect deer repellent. .... who admit they pee on their garden, or spread soap and human hair to keep ...
    Myth or not: Human urine spooks deer | The Daily Caller

    Nov 27, 2013 - By Jeff Johnston, American Hunter. The Myth: Does human urine spook deer? The Smelly Background Many hunters believe that peeing near ...
    Things to help keep deer out of your garden - Sports - Log Cabin ...

    Apr 18, 2010 - Some Arkansas gardeners say that urine is a deer deterrent — human urine, dog urine or coyote urine. The latter is available commercially, ...
    How to Use Human Urine as an Animal Repellent | Hunker › ... › Garden & Lawn › Pests, Weeds & Problems

    How to Use Human Urine as an Animal Repellent ... Deer love to munch on tender parts of new plants. ... Your urine is most potent first thing in the morning.

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    Aug 2002
    upstate NY
    Stakes inside stakes 2 to 3 feet apart surrounding garden. They won't jump into them.
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    Jul 2006
    My father swears by milorganite. Spreads it after every rain storm. He also has an electric fence around the orchard.

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    Soap, hair, urine, etc do NOT work. Only an 8' fence with a strand of barbed wire along the top does. If you plan to continue gardening, bite the bullet and build the fence.

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Dinghy View Post
    I’ve read that some people shred Irish Spring soap and sprinkle it around the garden to keep critters away.
    Works for me I also keep bags of human hair as well as bags of shed hair from my cat and dog. It isn't a perfect remedy, needs to be reapplied monthly (or weekly for a bad infestation of deer), but like I said works for me in north Florida on our rural land there. Keeps them out of the orchard anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Mama View Post
    Soap, hair, urine, etc do NOT work. Only an 8' fence with a strand of barbed wire along the top does. If you plan to continue gardening, bite the bullet and build the fence.
    A good 6 foot fence will work too, if you have at least one good dog. Like a Great Pyrenees-mix Akbash- Anatolian shepherd, etc..inside the first fence. Then another fence to keep the dogs out.

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    Tried the soap, urine, etc. Nothing worked until I went to a 7' fence with a hotwire around it. This has worked for years now.

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    So much depends on the individual situation and how habituated/ comfortable the deer are around humans. In places where they are heavily hunted, anything that reminds them of humans (hair, soap odor) will scare them away.

    In the suburbs, where they aren't hunted and where people actually feed them, it won't do a thing.

    Our solution (very rural, heavy hunting pressure) is our farm dogs. The only crops the deer generally bother is the sweet corn and sonetimes the pumpkins. The dogs herd these odd "cows" out of the garden and chase them to our line fence, where they visibly brush their hands off and say, "there! Put them back where they belong" as the deer bound off across the field and the dogs turn back. (Dogs caught chasing deer are liable to be shot, so it's imperative that you train them to *only* keep them out of the gardens or off your property)

    Even a small dog will help if you walk him on the perimeter of the garden (if he'll mark his territory around the garden edge, even better!)

    The "territory marking" trick often works... carnivore urine (including that of a meat eating human) sprinkled at strategic intervals around the garden edge and on any paths they take to get to it) really can be effective. You can buy predator urine... folk in very rural areas can just have the male members of the family "mark their territory" directly and personally <grin>. In more populated areas, collecting urine in a more private venue, and then sprinkling it in spots using a watering can or whatever, works.

    But yes, the only *foolproof* method is a fence. If a 7 foot tall fence is daunting, consider two electric fences (look at to see what's available) 3-4 feet apart will work. They sell "electric netting" which cones attached to its own posts. But just a single strand of polywire (or better, polyrope, or the flat tape they sell) will long as you have two, spaced far enough apart the deer are afraid of getting tangled. Heck, deer hunters who plant food plots in the woods for the deer use the single strands of hot polywire to keep deer out until the plants are well established and deer season is imminent.

    And DON'T FEED THEM! That means keeping any compost piles covered, especially if you toss old fruit, apple peels, etc into it.
    Good luck!


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    I feed the deer corn. And put out salt licks and persimmon juice, and my naighbor has a field of turnips and greens for them.

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    Harvest early and often............NO not the veggies,the deer.


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