"Land Patents" was brought up in another thread, and was sort of off topic, I have a question, or several, and thought a new thread was more appropriate.

My understanding: Land Patents is where an individual buys land from the US government, and not another individual.

BTW anyone interested to see if any of there ancestors had land patents you can search BLM here:


My 3XG grandfather, and 2XG grandfather had land patents, not far from here. And the 3XG grandfather was given a "Military Warrant" by the US government for serving in the War of 1812 (fought at Mobile) 120 acres.

Anyway.....to the question.

If an individual purchases land from another individual, can it be turned into a "Land Patent"? If so how? Please don't get to technical. Laymen's terms.

I understand that China is buying a lot of land from the government, or so I've heard, can individuals also purchase "Land Patents" today?

Where might one inquire as to a purchase? BLM?