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CHAT free ebooks today
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    free ebooks today

    9 Reviews

    Amish Deaf by Alice Evans
    Rebecca is a single Amish woman turning thirty and she has all but given up hope of finding a husband. She works as a teacher in the outside world and has a boy in her class who is deaf. Trained in sign language, she bonds with the boy who seems to be in desperate need of a mother as his own had passed away years earlier. She eventually meets the boy's father and the attraction is immediate. But the father, like the son, is deaf in a figurative way as he cannot feel anything beyond his the psychological trauma he suffered with his wife's passing. Can Rebecca break down these barriers and make them whole again? FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It Now Biographies & Memoirs
    79 Reviews

    Tilting: A Memoir by Nicole Harkin
    We only learned about our father's girlfriend after he became deathly ill and lay in a coma 120 miles from our home. Overhearing the nurse tell Linda -- since I was nine I had called my mom by her first name -- about the girlfriend who came in almost every day to visit him when we weren't there confirmed that the last moment of normal had passed us by without our realizing it. Up to then our family had unhappily coexisted with Dad flying jumbo jets to Asia while we lived in Montana. We finally came together to see Dad through his illness, but he was once again absent from a major family event -- unable to join us from his comatose state. This is the moment when our normal existence tilted. FREE Was: $4.99

    Get It Now History & Current Events
    40 Reviews

    World War I in 50 Events by James Weber
    Do you want to learn how the Great War began, was fought and ultimately won by the Allied Forces. Read about the 50 most important events of World War I, from the very beginning to the fall of the Central Powers. This book is perfect for history lovers. Author James Weber did the research and compiled this huge list of events and battles that changed the course of history forever. The book takes you through the most important events of WWI from before the beginning of the war in 1914 until its end in 1918. It contains all the major battles and fights. You will find pictures and explanations to every event, making this the perfect resource for students and anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge in history. FREE Was: $3.99

    Get It Now Cooking
    32 Reviews

    30 Great Kabob Recipes by Bonnie Scott
    Do you love the taste of hot and spicy kabobs? Nothing smells better than the aroma of grilled food. Discover how to grill shish-kabobs deliciously the quick and easy way. If you've been cooking the same old kabobs at home, then 30 Great Kabob Recipes is a book which will tear up the rules and have you experimenting with some truly authentic ideas like: Ginger Chicken Chicken and Honey Tangy Vegetable Kabobs Asian Beef Shish Kabobs Spicy Steak Hawaiian Pork Barbecue Seafood And more... FREE Was: $0.99

    Get It Now

    84 Reviews

    Luck Is No Lady (Fallen Ladies Book 1) by Amy Sandas
    In order to save her family, Emma Chadwick must find employment at an infamous gambling hell where she will learn there is pleasure to be found in falling -- and sometimes being a little bad can feel so very good. Emma Chadwick always assumed she'd live and die the daughter of a gentleman. But when her father's death reveals a world of staggering debt and dangerous moneylenders, she must risk her good name and put her talent for mathematics to use, taking a position as bookkeeper at London's most notorious gambling hell. Surrounded by vice and corruption on all sides, it is imperative the ton never discovers Emma's shameful secret or her reputation -- and her life -- will be ruined. But Roderick Bentley, the hell's sinfully wealthy owner, awakens a hunger Emma cannot deny. Drawn deep into an underworld of high stakes gambling and reckless overindulgence, she soon discovers that to win the love of a ruthless scoundrel, she will have to play the game... and give in to the pleasure of falling from grace. FREE Was: $6.15

    Get It Now
    54 Reviews

    Red Blooded (Red Hot & Blue Book 1) by Cat Johnson
    Meet the red hot and true blue heroes of Task Force Zeta... TREY - The last thing special operative Trey Williams wants is a girlfriend. Problem is, the woman who's been recruited to pose as his wife on a special assignment is proving to be exactly the kind of distraction he can't afford. JACK - The only thing worse than Jack Gordon having to watch the girl he's crushed on for years fall for his best friend is having to cool his heels while on a forced furlough at his family farm. But things get more interesting when he meets the sexy and secretive new farm hand. JIMMY - No amount of training prepared undercover operative Jimmy Gordon to handle Amelia Monroe-Carrington, the governor's hot, redheaded daughter. She thought she was seducing a waiter... and he let her. FREE Was: $3.99

    Get It Now
    Inner Connections
    God gets the
    Glory...He gave the Gift

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    "In the woods..."
    Thank you!

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    Thank you.

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    Thank you.

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    thanks. Got the Kebab one.



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