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Meds Genrl Make Your Own Lugols Iodine Solution
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    Make Your Own Lugols Iodine Solution

    i accidental posted this in preps instead of here so moved it over.

    Make Your Own Lugols Iodine Solution

    i came across this and thought it could be helpful. i use iodine skin test now and then to check my levels. iodine is antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal, good to have, especially if you take as a supplement as Lugols is pretty expensive. here you can make a quasrt of the 5% solution or dilute it in half to get a 2.5%. im used to using the 2% store bought Lugols so that is what im 50%

    how to make Lugols 5% solution

    you need

    distilled water - never tap or spring water

    quart canning jar

    non metal lid or use the metal lid but put a baggie over top

    100gm potassium iodide crystals $16

    50gms elemental iodine crystals $10

    plastic or wood item to stir - no metal

    in quart jar, add the 100gm potassium iodide crystals, add a little of the distilled water to stir and dissolve crystals

    add in the 50gm elemental iodine crystals

    add more water to stir and dissolve--this takes a bit longer to dissolve

    add the rest of the water to fill quart jar

    stir very well to dissolve, put lid on. shake thru the day now and then to help dissolve

    let sit in cool dark place (pantry is fine) for 24 hours shaking now and then

    after 24 hrs it is ready to use.
    bottle and label

    this makes the stronger 5% solution

    if you want the 2-2.5%, pour half into another quart jar so you now have 2 quart jars half full of solution,. fill each with distilled water to the top. put lid on that is non metal or cover first with baggie then the lid to prevent the solution touching metal as it is corrosive over time..

    a 2oz bottle of lugols 2% solution costs around $13

    to make the 2-2.5% solution spending $26 for ingredients, you get 2 quarts = 64oz or 32 of the Lugols 2oz bottles of their 2% solution.

    how to check your iodine levels:

    take some tincture of iodine and paint on your arm a 1 inch square, just sort of guess and do your bvest. now ait and see how fast that disappears.

    if your iodine levels are strong and normal it will stay dark for 24hrs.

    the faster it disappears, the more deprived you are of iodine

    to get iodine levels up--every day paint a new 1 inch square on a different part of body and keep doing it every day around the same time and watch how long it stays. when it stays on at least 12hrs you are good. every couple of months repeat to check your levels.

    there is alot of info on the net about how to use Lugols for different problems, very interesting stuff.

    here is lugols website for detailed info on how to use it
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    2 drops of 2% daily in my first cup of coffee. Energy level and mental agility WAY UP. I know when I forget it, my tail's draggin' in the dust the next day.

    I need to paint a patch on myself somewhere and just see what happens.
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    iodine solution isn't that expensive $$$$ at the Farm & Fleet type retail stores - they carry various %%%s and size containers in the animal meds department ....
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