Mr. Lee will be a great addition to the Ninth Circuit.,
And his father was a great and wise man.
Trump is doing great things with the Appellate Courts.
He has made big changes.

Trump Ninth Circuit Nominee Describes How His Father Used a Racist Incident to Teach Him About America's Greatness
Guy Benson


Posted: Mar 15, 2019 2:05 PM
Must See: Trump Ninth Circuit Nominee Describes How His Father Used a Racist Incident to Teach Him About America's Greatness

One of President Trump's nominees to the notorious Ninth Circuit court of appeals, Kenneth Lee, told Senators this week about an instance of racism he endured as a child, and how his father used the episode to educate his family about the greatness of America. This moving anecdote performs double duty as both a stirring tribute to Lee's dad, as well as a love letter to the essence of the American dream. Watch below, then read on for more important developments on the judicial confirmations front:

“My dad ... never read the Federalist Papers. But he had a gut understanding" of what makes this country great.

9th Circuit Judicial nominee Kenneth Lee tells Senate Judiciary about how his immigrant dad turned an experience with racism into a lesson about the American promise.
— Nate Madden (@NateOnTheHill) March 13, 2019

Lee's nomination is opposed by both of California's Democratic Senators, who are also angry at Mitch McConnell's decision to bypass "blue slip" tradition in the face of relentless Democratic obstruction. Meanwhile, Neomi Rao -- whom we discussed here -- was confirmed to replace Justice Kavanaugh on the DC Circuit this week:

Confirmed, 53-46: Executive Calendar #107 Neomi Rao to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia Circuit
— Senate Cloakroom (@SenateCloakroom) March 13, 2019

She overcame furious and unserious opposition from the Left, as well as skepticism from some conservatives, and was approved along party lines. Elsewhere, the Trump-McConnell confirmation pipeline, made possible by Harry Reid and Democratic overreach, has finally flipped nominal "control" of a key appeals court:

Senators on Tuesday approved Paul Matey to be a judge on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, effectively flipping control of the court from Democratic-appointed judges to GOP picks. Mr. Matey, who served as deputy chief counsel to former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during Bridgegate, was confirmed on a 54-45 vote. Sen. Joe Manchin III, West Virginia Democrat, sided with Republicans on the vote. Mr. Matey is the third Trump nominee and seventh GOP presidential appointee on the 3rd Circuit, given them the advantage over the six judges named by Democratic presidents.

When President Obama took office, just one of the 13 circuit courts had a majority of Democrat-appointed judges. By 2016, that number had swelled to nine. President Trump is now turning the side, as three dozen circuit-level nominees have now been confirmed by the GOP-held Senate. I'll leave you with the latest craze on the Left: SCOTUS packing. Angry that they've lost key elections, and that Republicans have finally played Democrat-style hardball in this crucial battle, some leftists are endorsing (or at least indulging) the dangerous, Banana Republic-style notion of adding additional justices to the Supreme Court if and when Democrats regain control. Former Attorney General Eric Holder, a partisan hack of the first degree, has made positive noises about this move, and several Democratic presidential contenders claim to be open to the idea, too -- including the race's latest entrant:

In Iowa, @BetoORourke says term limits for SCOTUS justices should be considered, as well as as increasing the number of seats on the Court.
— James Oliphant (@jamesoliphant) March 14, 2019

Anyone who complains about Trump's violations of "norms" and institutions, but who also entertains this insane, historically-repudiated power-grab fantasy, should never be taken seriously again.