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FOOD Twins Demonstrate How to Open a Walnut
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    Oct 2008
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    7 Twins Demonstrate How to Open a Walnut

    I have no idea what they are saying but it seems to be good.

    Notice how his sister hands him a big chunk of freshly cracked walnut before she has some. What a team !
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    May 2001
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    I actually understood every word. Never have kids?

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    Jun 2001
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    I understood what the little girl was saying too. "Hit it harder." The boy didn't have enough sense to pick the brick up and hit the walnut like the little girl was trying to explain to do. It was cute, made me smile.

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    Oct 2002
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    I moved into a house in a walnut orchard once, sharing with a friend who already lived there. Her dog showed my dog how to eat walnuts. (First, you chew off the husk. Then you crack the shell with your teeth and spread the contents out with your paws. Then you pick out the nut meats.) It was fascinating watching the lesson from one dog to another.
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    I noticed how she handed him a piece first. I also noticed she then got 3 pieces to his one. Ha..ha...ha...

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    Jul 2012
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    they cut the vid too soon

    they left off the part where he smacked her with brick and said

    "keep your hands off my nuts"

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    May 2009
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    Future management material there....

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    May 2001
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    Adorable! Thanks for the smiles, smokin!

    A couple of minutes later, I came back here, and saw that he put some of the nut in his mouth, first!

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    oh that was adorable! that made my morning!
    float like a butterfly...

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    That was great !! I am going to share that with all my family !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bardou View Post
    I understood what the little girl was saying too. "Hit it harder." The boy didn't have enough sense to pick the brick up and hit the walnut like the little girl was trying to explain to do. It was cute, made me smile.
    That wasn't quite my take. The young boy knew if he hit the walnut with the brick as the young lady wished there would be little edible nut meat left. So, he went through the motions, as the girl wanted, until he figured out the correct way to open the nut, then proceeded to do so. No arguments, problem solved with harmony. Both are really good kids.
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    Good stuff

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    Notice how she naturally gave the male the tool to do the job FOR her
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    1) Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data

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    Jan 2013
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    Also notice how much faster girls language skills develop
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