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RACE Student attacks elderly teacher - teacher hospitalized
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    Student attacks elderly teacher - teacher hospitalized

    Teens shaken after fellow student attacks older female teacher: 'That's somebody's grandmother'

    Yahoo Lifestyle Hope Schreiber
    Yahoo LifestyleJanuary 11, 2019

    A student viciously attacked a substitute teacher after she informed the administration that he brought drugs to school. (Photo: Fox 2)
    A substitute teacher in Detroit has been hospitalized after a student viciously attacked her because she informed the administration he had brought drugs to school, and the aftermath was captured on cellphone video.

    The teacher, who was hospitalized on Thursday, is in stable condition and expected to recover.

    According to Fox 2, the teacher, who was serving as a substitute at Cody High School, is old enough to be the student’s grandmother.

    Keointay Nelson, a student, told the outlet that the incident occurred at 10:30 a.m. during a math class. The male student walked into the classroom and started punching the woman.

    “I was doing my work, and I just looked up and she was on the floor shaking and stuff,” said Nelson. “Like her head was messed up.”

    “He ran up on the old lady, hit her, pushed her on the ground and hit her again,” Brandon Antisdel, a fellow student, said. “That’s not something anybody should do, especially to an old lady.”

    Nelson, Antisdel, and another student, John O’Neal, were outraged by the attack and ran after the student. “My friend Keiontay and my man John, we all felt offended by it because that’s somebody’s grandmother,” Antisdel said. “So he ran out and we chased him down.”

    The Detroit Public Schools Community District says it’s “terribly disappointed” in the student. The student was placed under arrest and will not be returning to the school.

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    Detroit, shocker. Dindonuffin, shocker.

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    What elderly person in her right mind would ever substitute in Detroit in the first place? That's truly nuts.

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    When she gets out of the hospital she needs to put two in the chest, one in the head.
    Tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are, rich no more - Ten Years After
    Surely you're not saying we have the resources to save the poor from their lot. -JCSS
    Friend, you cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. And what one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government can't give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody.

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    The comments at the link are good. We have a great break down in society with children. My kids tells us often that that's the reason they aren't having any. They're too much trouble and who needs the headaches that go along with it? They're right. Babies are cute, but when they get a mind of their own it's cuteness over. You can'rt discipline them because the kid threatens to call CPS. Take their phone away and they'll murder you. I don't blame couples today for not having any children, they are wise.
    People create their own questions because they are afraid to look straight. All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don't sit looking at it - walk. Ayn Rand

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    "outside the box"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meemur View Post
    What elderly person in her right mind would ever substitute in Detroit in the first place? That's truly nuts.
    Someone who needed the work?

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    May 2001
    Central Iowa
    Quote Originally Posted by Blacknarwhal View Post
    Someone who needed the work?
    There are much safer places to sub in the area, like Farmington, a northern Detroit suburb. That was just a nutty decision.

    Read "I Bought a $500 House in Detroit" . . . your library may have a copy. It really hasn't changed a lot.

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    May 2001
    In CLE again
    I've spent some time in interesting sections of Cleveland. The strangest thing I have EVER Seen was a couple of bangers on a sidewalk and a little OLD lady who was someone's Great Grandmother taking these 2 bangers to task for dropping a bottle on someone's lawn. AND GETTING THEM TO DO WHAT SHE TOLD THEM to do. I commented to a guy I knew in The Life and he laughed. A lot! "You SERIOUSLY don't get it?? She was a Grammaw. EVERYBODY has at leas tone Grammaw and NOBODY disses them....NOBODY!!!"

    THEN he goes "It's like a biker and his lady. NOBODY screws with the trim. Unless they want to get stomped into a grease spot!"

    Thus why the kids chased down the perp. EVERYBODY got a Grammaw!!!
    RULE 1:
    THEY want you DEAD.

    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my brothers' children (and their parents) may have peace, and have NO KNOWLEDGE of what I have done."

    The BEST in Life:
    To CRUSH your enemies.
    To see them driven before you
    To listen to the lamentations of their women

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meemur View Post
    What elderly person in her right mind would ever substitute in Detroit in the first place? That's truly nuts.
    My thought too
    JOHN 3:16 / John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE.

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    Did they ever define elderly? I didn’t see it. Could be a 50+ person and not what we normally think of as elderly. Who knows? Glad these kids chased the moron down though. Too bad they didn’t get to beat the ever loving crap out of him.
    The Operative: “The path to peace is paved with corpses. It’s always been so.”

    Malcolm Reynolds: “So me and mine got to lie down and die so you can live in your better world?”

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    Aug 2014
    Upstate South Carolina
    Other than to buy and sell dope, why was the POS savage
    sub-human 70 IQ African, even in skool?

    The POS savage sub-human 70 IQ African,
    attacked the substitute teacher, and most likely,
    nothing will be done about the attack,
    other than to inform the teacher, that this is the way
    that it is now.

    They cannot do anything, they know it,
    and the POS savage sub-human 70 IQ African, knows it.

    It is only going to continue to get worse and worse and worse,
    as the demographic of the student, continues its very rapid
    increase towards its majority.

    Just you wait until home skooling is banned, at the federal level,
    and the private skools are forced to merge,
    with the government skools, all in the attempt to recover
    from the destruction, that has been delivered upon,
    what was at one time, the greatest public skool system in the world.

    Its coming, and there is no stopping it.

    As a very pessimistic, conspiracy theorist/doomer/prepper,
    I always look for the absolute worse in everything.

    If something bad can happen it will,
    and something bad will happen, before something good.

    Please be safe everyone, and please arm up.

    In honour of the brave Whites in South Africa,
    as they fight against their genocide.

    I pray for the White race in South Africa,
    with every prayer, and so should you,
    if you pray.

    Regards to all deplorables.

    "Read everything, listen to everyone, believe absolutely nothing,
    unless you can prove it with your own research." Milton William Cooper

    "Life is a glass, half empty, of spoiled milk, sitting in a bed of thorns." Nowski

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    Sioux City, Iowa
    It had to be her fault. A personality difference you know.

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    Mar 2011
    Concord, NC
    The media..........from their news stories, TV shows and ads along with movies are in a desperate attempt to hide the social dysfunction of the Black race in America.....and instead they show that the "talented 10%" is how all Blacks in society would act if given the same opportunities as Whites. ......and in cases where Black go on riots and looting sprees it’s always because of some claimed act of White oppression in a "crime scene gone wrong" and that we should understand that they are taking out the frustrations of life in White America.

    However, when you pull back the curtain you must contend with the reality that when you have a society of large population groups you must base your decisions on how societies ultimately function as a result of the distribution of averages for those traits being measured.

    Racially speaking that means a certain percentage of people within a given race will struggle to fail to assimilate cognitively and/or emotionally into a 1st world modern society.

    Our best efforts to assess this with cognitive testing, education, behavioral analysis, crime statistics and other social yardsticks find those who will not be able to function responsibility within a modern 1st world society are as follows:

    1) Whites.....20% will struggle
    2) Asian.....15% will struggle
    3) Blacks.......80% will struggle

    ......and that in a nutshell is the problem with Blacks in modern societies such as America.

    See you must have at least 65% of a given population perform effectively in a large scale society, order to have the revenue through taxation to pull the strugglers along.

    When you have a large group identified by a specific ethnicity or race in society where 35% or more cannot perform effectively, then the society will collapse.

    Blacks are anywhere from 65 to 90%...............

    All of history and present behavior validate this. Where ever there is a dominant Black demographic in both population and rule in America you find a socio/economic collapse of that area...........

    Where ever there are countries in the world that are comprised of a dominant Black demographic in both population and rule you find a socio/economic collapse of that country...........

    They are as a race a mean IQ average of stone age dwellers............adults with the minds of children........smitten by bling (or "gibsmedat" materialism) , instant gratification (no abstract or conceptual time referencing) and emotional mood swings of extremes (aka "vibrant" culture)

    Tell me on average..........what great accomplishments of society have Blacks achieved as a race beyond sports, entertainment or social activism?

    It’s always......he was an aspiring rapper/social activist........or a gifted football/basketball player killed in a carjacking gone bad..........

    Never do you hear that a Black victim of violence by another Black or the Black prep of a crime has any interest in beyond that.

    I've known one or two "good Blacks" in my life..........but they are flooded within a sea of 70-80 IQ Blacks translating to the stone age humans........

    In White and Asian societies it is the majority that will function properly, obey the laws, rules and regulations of society. It is the reverse with Blacks.

    Colonial control and slavery are excuses Black use when in fact it is their cognitive failure to compete in large scale organizations and developments at the level Whites have accomplished that has placed them at the bottom of the social ladder.

    If it wasn't a cognitive issue then they would have been explorers and White could have been their slaves instead of the reverse. Today Blacks make a joke about school, reading and education in general........their overall pop culture places no interest on fact to many of them that is "acting White". They have no more interest in education than I do in basketball. I never was any good at running fast or jumping and sucked as a basketball I had no interest in something I wasn't any good it’s no surprise to me they appear to avoid reading like a vampire avoids sunlight.

    These Black thugs in school do what they do because they lack the empathy and understanding needed to grasp the overall picture of the value of people they don't know in our society.........after all it wasn't their grandmother so why should they care?........

    The Black culture is rooted in small tribal hunter/gatherer mentality and doesn't extend any care or concern towards "strangers"...........the Black culture is rooted in male procreation without any kind of life long monogamous relationship.......In African villages the men procreate and go on their way and the village of women are left to raise children like cattle........there are no words or phrases in African languages for the concept of romance let alone any mathematic concepts for measuring physical reality ....

    ....and they marvel at how the White man can show them how to find water from the ground and pump it out!!!’s beyond their conception of how that can be done. It is supernatural to them and they dance in joy like children to see clean clear water flowing from a pump instead of drinking out of cesspool of leftover fly infested muddy rain water.

    Its reality from the natural selection of evolution through environmental pressures that racial variables showed up to begin with......and the brain is the most malleable of those variables of all..........and in Africa long term planning for cold climates was nonexistent. As a result there was no pressure to select for the brightest most imaginative to survive and evolve.......

    It shows today and the liberals and socialist are doing everything to bury that reality from Whites in America.
    Last edited by PghPanther; 01-13-2019 at 06:43 AM.

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    Jul 2001
    "outside the box"
    PghPanther- I always enjoy your articulate and well-thought-out posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meemur View Post
    There are much safer places to sub in the area, like Farmington, a northern Detroit suburb. That was just a nutty decision.

    Read "I Bought a $500 House in Detroit" . . . your library may have a copy. It really hasn't changed a lot.

    but - what's the current teaching regs in MI - Detroit? >>>>> Chicago Public Schools got desperate enough for teachers - any teachers - that they began to accept college grads without a teaching degree - it was just about suicide but there's always someone willing ....
    Illini Warrior


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