Some of you may have already seen this. Its a documentary about how what we eat affects our health. Low fat verses high fat diet. Its in support of eating fat and not low fat foods and not eating sugar and high carb foods. They also talk about the deceptions the food industry and medical community have used on us much like the cigarette industry did years ago.

I have watched many similar health type videos in the past. I like the way this one is done. Its an all around example of what is going on with our food and how there is potential to heal yourself through food rather than medicine. They give some very compelling examples that if true could be of benefit to many here. Sugar, heart, cancer and people with other health problems could benefit from this as well as people with kids that have learning disabilities and autism. This is a good one to show people who are sheeple when it comes to food.

I am posting the only YouTube version I could find and it has subscript which I can not stand but would watch this version if it was my only choice. It is however on Netflix as well and where I watched it.

1 hour 30 minutes