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CHAT How many funerals does one man need when he dies?
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    The funeral cost big bucks-we went to the Capitol Tuesday night and the cops, the trucks, the teams on the roofs, AF1 flight costs etc must have been 7-8 million dollars so far.

    Something funny for you-yesterday the capitol was the epitome of solemn........tonight it's celebration time. They're lighting the Capitol christmas tree on the grounds tonight. Think how much it cost just to put the ornaments on the tree (not to mention the national Christmas tree on the ellipse. It's got a yule log burning 24/7 all the way to Christmas. We the taxpayer are actually paying for a park ranger to sit out there and keep the fire lit.

    And the 24/7 coverage is keeping the MSM away from happenings in Ukraine and Russia.

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    The last state funeral I watched was President Tito of Yugoslavia. May 8,1980. British tv. I think I was home in bed with the flu and too sick to change the channel. No remote back then.

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    May 2001
    British Columbia, Canada
    As many as the people who want to attend and watch......

    I was impressed by the commentators on Fox News yesterday - the only channel I watched most of the time - and they were mainly a religious bunch, who didn't mind talking about their own faith and they set an example for people who don't feel they can do that in public any more. Many seemed to have quite a background of the music which was offered, and most of the program was done with GHW Bush's planning.

    The Historian actually read his comments to the President before he died and was pleased that the Pres was impressed with what he had to say. I got the feeling that he was a much stronger man because of his faith and had a great sense of humour - he couldn't have been a liberal.

    The funeral in Houston today was really enjoyable with the Oakridge Boys singing "Amazing Grace" a capella, Reba McEntire doing the "Lords Prayer" and the choir doing a mini version of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" sounding like the Tabernacle Choir. "Onward Christian Soldiers" closed it out as they left the church. Lots of humour in the tributes and many facts I wasn't aware of. The more formal funeral at the National Cathedral was interesting but more "catholic".......I was surprised that they used the "Apostles Creed" as their belief system as it says "I believe in the Catholic Church".......who knew??

    The military precision was great to watch - guess my Pommie roots make me love the pomp and circumstance and regalia of Military and Royalty/Presidency. And there are only 45 Presidents all together, so a few million dollars is not a lot for once every 20-30 years is it not?

    If it makes a more gentle workplace for Congress as commenters hope, it will be money well spent, but I have faint hope of that.
    True North Strong and Free

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    Apr 2004
    Columbia River Gorge
    I'm just waiting for all the pompous baloney to come to an end. I've avoided the coverage of Poppy's pre-planting.
    Once he's in the ground, all this bs will be over.

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    Mar 2007
    SW Missouri
    As many funerals that are necessary, commensurate with removing the head, and placing it on a stake, while burying the heart, at a crossroads... Oh, that's vampires! Well, when it comes to globalists, is there any difference?

    Want to live a more exciting, happier, and fulfilling life? Learn to Dowse! It's easy, and 499 out of 500 can do it! As a hobby, or vocation, Dowsing can change your life, and at the same time, help other people. It's not magic, and it's not religion. It's using your mind, and your senses, to accomplish your goals.
    Dowsing- give it a try. You won't be sorry!

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    The entire show, was just that, a show. They pushed bush as a patriot, the man who stated " if the people knew what we had done they'd hang us by the nearest lamp post". The globalist that pushed for the end of sovereignty and a "new world order" led by the UN, an entity created by the soviets to usher in world communism..... that patriot? My ass. Dog and pony show. The whole thing was a lie. Watch Jeb use it to launch another run.... Just like Mcstains show. Lies, damned lies.

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    May 2004
    Sandhills North Carolina
    @ Lauane post #43

    . Apostles Creed" as their belief system as it says "I believe in the Catholic Church".......who knew??

    Itís supposed to be catholic Church with a small C
    Not the Popeís Roman Catholic large C , but the Church that Christ founded is the Orthodox Church

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    May 2001
    Little cabin in da big woods.
    Quote Originally Posted by NC Susan View Post
    @ Lauane post #43

    It’s supposed to be catholic Church with a small C
    Not the Pope’s Roman Catholic large C , but the Church that Christ founded is the Orthodox Church
    Sorry Susan but Christ did not FOUND the Catholic church. Peter did, I think. But not Christ. No way would he condone worshiping/praying to statues...........nope. Not.

    Maybe the priests teach that he did but HE DID NOT......

    In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

    Proverbs 16:9

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    May 2001
    British Columbia, Canada
    and it says Holy Catholic church.....

    I know catholic means universal, but the word "church" did not have to be included to mean all the followers of Christ.
    True North Strong and Free

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    Apr 2009
    in the bunker
    I am sure they have gotten bigger over time too.

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    As many as the people want.

    I have never watched the process that happens when a president dies but I have watched various broadcast for Bush Sr.

    He is the last leader from the greatest generation. He is humble, proud, honorable, has ethics and always worked for the better of the American people.

    In many ways he reminds me of my dad. My dad passed 5 years ago at 90. Bush SR was 94. They were almost the same age.

    My dad went with friends to sign up for WWII. My dad worked for the federal government in the civil service. The officer in charge at the enlistment place told my dad that he cannot enlist because he was considered essential. My dad went to work, quit brought his papers to the enlistment office and they said great.

    My dad shipped off the boot camp then off to the Pacific theater, same as Bush Sr.

    After WWII my father went back to work for the federal government in the civil service. Basically the both did the same thing.

    When I catch parts of the proceedings, I well up.
    Two great men.

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    My kids make fun of me. I watch most funerals and royal weddings on tv. I enjoy the pomp and circumstance. Loved seeing the Military aspects of the ceremonies, and loved the music. Best rendition of This Is My Country I’ve ever heard. As to Trump, most pews are horribly uncomfortable, and I imagine old pews in old churches are doubly so. And if he had sang/read, they would be writing how he sang/read the wrong words. I was angry with the Twitter hysteria over the Apostle’s Creed. “This Evangelical Christian President didn’t know the Apostle’s Creed!”, they screeched. Uhm, I grew up in Evangelical Christian churches. Never heard that Creed one time.

    ETA: i was looking forward to the flyover yesterday. Supposedly 21 jets, the most ever (yes, over the top and crazy expensive). The first 16 flew over, and the cameras caught them, barely. But the last group, with the missing man formation (always makes me cry) was missed by the cameras, at least on the channel I was watching.

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    The commentators, yesterday, said Bush was told to plan this funeral. Every detail. He said he didn't want to, but they told him it was his duty. So he did. He even chose the meal his family was served on the train, 4141.


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