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TRANS Rare 1966 Shelby GT350H found in 'little old lady's garage'
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    Rare 1966 Shelby GT350H found in 'little old lady's garage'

    Rare 1966 Shelby GT350H found in 'little old lady's garage'
    Gary Gastelu
    2-3 minutes

    Old rental cars often make the least appealing used vehicles, but there’s one very big exception to that rule: The 1966 Shelby GT350H.

    The “Rent-a-Racer” was a run of special edition cars built for Hertz by Carrol Shelby that were based on his high-performance Shelby GT350 version of the Ford Mustang.

    Along with two prototypes, only 999 were made, and the vast majority of them were finished in Hertz’s signature black and gold color scheme, but a few were painted other colors.

    Some were literally driven by renters from the agency to race tracks. They were eventually retired and resold for around two grand each, but took months to liquidate, because even a car like this one couldn’t shed that rental car stigma.

    But as with all GT350s, the survivors are among the most highly sought-after Mustangs today and sell for prices ranging from $100,000 to $250,000, depending on their condition.

    One that’s probably not worth that much right now, but could be, was recently found in a “little old lady’s garage,” where it was sitting for 30 years.

    According to, the coupe appears to have been undergoing a restoration that was never completed. It has a red driver’s side door, and the taillights and rear bumper are removed. But most of its important components, including the 289 V8 engine, are still with it. It also looks like it has a four-speed manual transmission, which makes it one of the rarest of the rare if it’s original equipment. Only a handful of the GT350Hs came with one, the rest getting three-speed automatics.

    The man who found and purchased it hasn’t revealed how many miles it has on it, what he paid for it or even where it was as he considers his options moving forward. But as they say in the collector car world, “he knows what he’s got,” and that’s a little black and gold mine.

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    Was this in Pasadena?

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    She wasn't a little old lady back when she got it...
    There are two types of people in this world.
    1) Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data

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    nice car

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    I used to know a lil' 80 yr old lady who had a Firebird, that had been "Breathed On" A is Said in NASCAR and some F1 circles. She'd start that baby and OH MY the rumble!! It also didn't SET like any of the other FBirds I had ever seen up close. I never axed her son WHAT had been done to it, but it might have been interesting to hear.

    Mrs O was a CART, IMSA, and F1 groupie ( when she got to F1 tracks) and would pop up n just "chat" with folks like Danny Sullivan and (sorta surprisingly) Mario when her kid and RELIC and I were doing our Flagging N Communication thing. GREAT to watch it happen while damn kids with a doz3n or so posters they wanted signed (for the autograph market) got to stand and watch this little old lady talk racing, a language the kids did NOT speak.

    The drivers ALWAYS had time for her. I dunno WHY (HEH!!)
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    THEY want you DEAD.

    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my brothers' children (and their parents) may have peace, and have NO KNOWLEDGE of what I have done."

    TACAMO!! NOW!!

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    I wonder if she knew what it was worth and if he stole it from her or paid her a fair price for it? I suppose his relative silence answers that question though.
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    I had one of those with the C6 auto. The motor and transmission were good but the rest of the car was crap. I sold it for $1000,at 95000 miles, back in the day because I needed the money to purchase a Datsun B510 station wagon for cash. The Shelby had been hit in the rear when my wife was driving it to her school and repared. This was back in Illinois and every time I purchased license plates they asked for the correct serial number. SFM 435 or some number did not equate to ford GT which is what the title said. I would then take a photo of the serial number plate and send it in. I had added too much oil to the trans and burned it. When it was rebuilt the mechanic said something was wrong with it. We went for a drive and at part throttle when it shifted it would shift so hard that dust would come down from the headliner! I told him to just floor it and when it shifted at 6 grand it was smooth, then he understood. Not nearly as much fun as the Sunbeam Tiger that I traded in.


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