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POL Just A Couple of Good Genocides Away From Perfection
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    Jul 2005
    Happy on the mountain

    Just A Couple of Good Genocides Away From Perfection

    Thursday, November 8, 2018
    A Couple of Good Genocides

    The truth about the election is that nothing is going to change. The Democrats (communists) have it in their mind to pursue the Alinksy protocols right down to the death of the Constitution. And, for those who believe that a paper with words on it means something, it does, but only when backed up with the force of law and people willing to enforce those laws.

    The Republicans (communist-lite) want the laws to work for them while in office and don't really care what happens to the individuals that the Constitutional laws are supposed to protect. To this end, they will use those laws (rights) of the people to gain political advantage over their competitors, the real communists. But, if people are still looking for something to be legal and move the Democrats off of their agenda, forget it.

    With the rise of Antifa as the military wing of the Democrat Socialist Party, it will only get worse. They are the IRA of the Sinn Fein political party and no one in politics seems to care one way or another, not even when harassed by these militants themselves, so if you think they care about them harassing you, you are mistaken.

    The bubbling of violence engaged in by Antifa is designed to anger and cause a reaction from the average American, but they have basically instituted Sharia Law in Minnesota and that isn't even enough to stir the patriotic emotions of people who wave the flag and sing the Star-Spangled Banner. The true idea of what being an American was has been lost.

    Election theft is what they do, it is about the only thing with which these communists are proficient; that and violence. Communists are only really good at obtaining power, beyond that they always devolve into genocide and gulags. Because they obtain power by destroying the capitalist industrial complex and are, by nature, only capable of stifling criticism, criminalizing opposition and murder. This is how they obtain power and believe that they can maintain power while the whole financial structure fails with the same tactics.

    A critical examination of communist societies throughout history demonstrate exactly that. Their rhetoric is only useful to wealthy, slothful capitalists who at the height of their power become susceptible to the siren song of "fairness" and "equality" that is missing in a capitalist system, because capitalism only rewards the fruitful, innovative and often lucky to the point of excess. It is in this excess that guilt arises uncontrollably in the capitalist and is magnified to the tenth power by subsequent generations.

    Always, there is a threadbare communists, jealous of the prosperity, angry at the fact that their brilliance is going unrewarded in a society that does not value good ideas without the will, effort or talent to see those ideas to financial fruition. This anger and jealousy is supremely evident in the members of Antifa, of whom most are teachers, professors and the self-proclaimed intelligentsia. It is always the same sort of evil little narcissist that falls for the communist platform first, with the zeal to belittle, harangue and demonize others into compliance with their fantasy world, where they are valued.

    So, those with wealth and means become the loudest advocates for a life of dearth and toil, but not for them. They imagine that if all of the wealth (aside from theirs or that they will find a suitable command in the new structure in trade for their wealth) of a nation can be redistributed to all with satisfactory outcomes. Which is true, until they have sucked the marrow from the capitalist system they have replaced and destroyed all of the residual benefits.

    It reminds me of Stephen Hawking's dying warning that we will have to relocate from the Earth which will inexorably grow warmer by a few degrees in the next few decades and populate another planet like Mars, which is hundreds of degrees colder and the atmosphere doesn't sustain human life.

    Like with communists, the question can be asked, "but what if we just stay here where conditions might be a bit more uncomfortable in the future, but it is not absolutely incompatible with human life?"

    That is where you get to the current communists in America. They won't say it in public, but they are looking for a good genocide or two in order to "save the planet" and that is their real goal. They are so imbued with the idea of being some super-heroes to future generations that nothing will stand in their way, especially not YOU.

    So, what is the answer? Identify every communist you encounter and browbeat and humiliate them until they admit that what they really want, what they seek is a couple of good genocides to make them super-heroes. Trust me, that is what they really want to tell you. They want to see the shock in your eyes and the sense of revulsion, because that is what makes them feel powerful.

    By the way, LIES OF OMISSION the documentary, is free for a good tutorial of the above post.

    T.L. Davis at 5:56 PM
    The wonder of our time isnít how angry we are at politics and politicians; itís how little weíve done about it. - Fran Porretto

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    Well when both sides fight it out to the point of exhaustion, Russia will step in and finish both sides off.

    It is so funny just how stupid the Democrats are with their Socialism. Like look at Russia and China and see the handouts that exist in these nations to people who do not work. One can enjoy starving to death for such stupidity.

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    May 2010
    Where its wet alot
    But you see, the agency behind all this (Deep State) isn't entirely Human.

    The author here seems to attribute some intelligence to the "communists"....nope, as Marx or Lenin would say, "Useful Idiots" are more useful when they can't see the bigger picture...(paraphrase)
    JOHN 3:16 / John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE.

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    Jul 2005
    Happy on the mountain

    The Anatomically Correct Banana
    Nov 8
    The Left’s Now-Complete Lobotomy
    Western Zeitgeist's Ennui, Hate Speech

    “Science is aristocratic: the Republic has no need of savants.”-Maximilien Robespierre
    Joseph Sobran defined alienism as “a prejudice in favor of the alien, the marginal, the dispossessed, the eccentric, reaching an extreme in the attempt to ‘build a new society’ by destroying the basic institutions of the native. The most terrible fulfillment of this principle is Communism.” The hand of global “progressivism” weighs heavily on the Western world, the impress of its sweaty palm crushing each and all into the mud below, a squalid, impoverished uniformity in this mass grave. This is the dawn of the new world of Lothrop Stoddard’s Under-Man:
    Every progressive principle which mankind has thus evolved: the solidarity of civilization and culture; community of interest; the harmonious synthesis of muscle, intellect, and spirit—all these the new heresy of the Under-Man howls down and tramples in the mud. Up from the dark purlieus of the underworld strange battle-shouts come winging. The underworld is to become the world, the only world. As for our world, it is to be destroyed; as for us, we are to be killed. A clean sweep! Not even the most beautiful products of our intellects and souls interest these Under-Men. Why should they care when they are fashioning a world of their own?

    Death is not enough, though, for not even death can equalize; monuments and legacies live on, they stand as a testament to who we were, who we are, and who we can be, which is why it must all be swept away—everything we have accomplished, everything we have built, everything we once held dear, erased. Western civilization and the people that built it must cease to be. The existential threats are legion. Sam Francis enumerates:
    The ideological poison has assumed several different names: Marxism, liberalism, globalism, egalitarianism, and indeed much of…conservatism…Behind all of these ideologies and slogans lies the pervasive venom of universalism, the vision of mankind with a capital M…In the universalist world-view, there is neither history nor race nor even species, neither specific cultures nor particular peoples nor meaningful boundaries. Therefore there are no concrete duties to race, nation, community, family, friend, or neighbor and indeed no distinctions to be drawn between neighbor and stranger, friend and foe, mine and thine, us and them.

    Humanity, flora and fauna, only so much bio-mass. There is no real diversity here, for nothing can grow in this hellish moonscape of egalitarianism. That does not stop the malignant forces of revolution, however. The first collapse of communism necessarily begets another attempt and then another, a lack of “purity” always faulted for the system’s failure, not human nature and the inequalities of existence. Bertrand Russell condemned communism’s “universal struggle” by presciently predicting that the damage and destruction wrought by World War I would be a cakewalk compared to what was to be unleashed by the attempted implementation of impossible equality under the communist system:
    The devastation and impoverishment, the lowering of the level of civilization throughout vast areas, the general increase of hatred and savagery, the letting loose of bestial instincts…An economic system cannot be considered apart from the population which is to carry it out; and the population…would be savage, bloodthirsty and ruthless to an extent that must make any system a mere engine of oppression and cruelty.

    In his The Revolt Against Civilization Stoddard wrote of the hideous manifestations of Marxism that resulted from the “mission creep” as its guise of “equality” inevitably failed:
    To this supreme end everything else must be subordinated. But this means that education, learning, science, art, and every other field of intellectual activity is perverted into propaganda; that all doubtful or hostile ideas must be excluded; that no critical or independent thinking can be tolerated. And history has conclusively demonstrated that where thought is not free there is no true intellectual life, but only intellectual mummies or abortions.

    In place of a dynamic civilization, a shambolic, superstitious, and stunted hell. It is “Harrison Bergeron” realized—the strong brought low, the beautiful disfigured, the intelligent effectively lobotomized. Bolshevism is the secular theology of the Under-Man, whipped to a frenzy to undo the civilization that has left him behind. When you are losing the game, you have four options: 1) continue playing by the rules and losing, 2) give up, 3) find a new game, or 4) try to change the rules of the existing game. As biological inequalities inevitably manifest themselves through Western equality of opportunity, with environmental factors largely controlled for, the egalitarian myth becomes that much harder to sustain. The constant agitating for “diversity” and the attendant lowering of standards from the workplace to the academy should tell you all you need to know about why the game is changing. Ethnic studies, affirmative action, racial hiring quotas, HR commissars—it’s all there. To quote Jared Taylor from White Identity:
    Nations are at their most sensitive and irrational where they are weakest. It is precisely because it is so easy to point out the weaknesses of diversity that any attempt to do so must be countered, not by specifying diversity’s strengths—which no one can do—but with accusations of racism.

    “Racism” is the canard of Social Justice, that what is really the product of biological predispositions and/or the product of poor life choices is somehow attributable to systemic and largely-invisible processes that disadvantage “people of color,” women, and whoever else believes they might have a credible claim to victim status. The ideology of egalitarianism provides the disaffected, the maladjusted, and the degenerate a world-view that justifies their short-comings. It is much easier than admitting that reality is tragic. Quoting Lothrop Stoddard:
    We are now coming to realize that, besides progress, there is “regress”; that going forward is no more “natural” than going backward; lastly, that both movements are secondary phenomena, depending primarily upon the character of human stocks. Now when we realize the inevitable discontent of individuals or groups placed at cultural levels above their inborn capacities and their instinctive desire to revert from these uncongenial surroundings to others lower but more congenial, we can begin to appreciate the power of the atavistic forces forever seeking to disrupt advanced societies and drag them down to more primitive levels.

    This primitivism isn’t just confined to the natural disparities related to race, either, though that is a major component of Western decline. Ben Shapiro causes riots at UC Berkeley, for God’s sake. Gregory Zilboorg cautioned against the kind of perma-ferment Bolshevism we see in action today in The Passing of the Old Order in Europe:
    Such government necessitates the employment of continuous violent methods and maintaining continuously, in the minds of the masses, a consciousness of danger and the necessity for destruction (my note: which through importing unassimilable immigrants en masse is a great way to sharpen “inequities”)…Under such a condition the masses are permanent mobs, able only to hate, to fight, and to destroy.

    To quote Lothrop Stoddard:
    Revolutionists are coming to realize that science, with its stern love of truth, is their most dangerous enemy, and that the discoveries of biology are relentlessly exposing their cleverest sophistries. Accordingly, the champions of the Under-Man…cling desperately to the exploded doctrines of environmentalism and “natural equality.”

    *Noticing* that diversity is anti-white and that the whole of “neo-libealism” is aligned against you and your civilization is cause for a beat-down in the court of public opinion, the drumming out of your presence in polite society, and a probable termination of your livelihood. You must adhere one hundred percent to what Sam Francis dubbed “the happyland of universalism.” Quoting Francis:
    In the happyland of universalism, we owe as much to the children of Somalia — indeed, more — than we do to the hapless citizens of Los Angeles. Marines who could not have been sent from Camp Pendleton to Los Angeles during the riots of 1992 and who are not ordered to prevent violation of the Mexican border adjacent to their own installation in southern California are speedily dispatched to Somalia. Even to invoke “our” identity, our interests, our aspirations is to invite accusations of all the “isms” and “phobias” that are deployed to prevent further discussions and to paralyze the formation or the retention of a common consciousness that might at some point swell up into actual resistance to our dispossession. The principal white response to the incipient race war thus far, manifested in neo-conservative critiques of “Political Correctness” and multiculturalism, is merely to regurgitate the formulas of universalism.

    That formula includes the #blackprivilege of not being called out for destroying social capital in places like Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham, and Camden but instead blaming “Democrat mayors”; it includes the iron-clad rule that as a white, you may NOT notice nor shall you pass comment on the fact that an entire political party’s raison d’etre is to see you dispossessed and destroyed. The Democrats have positioned themselves as the explicitly anti-white party, and for most non-whites in the country, it does not matter that their economic policies are exacerbating biological disparities because they are sticking it to Whitey.

    Whites’ generosity is often mis-interpreted, and it is certainly used against us. As Oswald Spengler wrote in The Hour of Decision:
    The hare may perhaps deceive the fox, but human beings can not deceive each other. The coloured man sees through the white man when he talks about “humanity” and ever-lasting peace. He scents the other’s unfitness and lack of will to defend himself…The coloured races are not pacifists. They do not cling to a life whose length is its sole value. They take up the sword when we lay it down. Once they feared the white man; now they despise him.

    When addressing whites only, as all other groups are encouraged to be embrace their identity, a common Leftist refrain is, “How can one be proud of totally random DNA—something you can’t control?” Well the inheritor does not control it, though they can maximize or squander the genes bequeathed to them, and there is nothing random about partner selection and the propagation of good genes generation after generation. Only in the perverted shadow of the Holocaust does the positive aspect of eugenics look so horrifying. This is in part why we celebrate the weak, the defective, the sub- and abnormal in popular culture—it is Joe Sobran’s alienism, a celebration if not veneration of the Other as well as a criminalization of simply noticing patterns. Finally, on top of that and of absolutely paramount importance to the maintenance of the modern Leftist worldview and globalist tyranny, whites must never recognize that they have legitimate racial interests the same as every other group. They are to wallow in guilt and actively facilitate their own dispossession; working to preserve one’s nation, people, and civilization for themselves and for their posterity would mean the death of illiberal “liberalism.” For Sam Francis:
    The formation of a white racial consciousness does not mean that whites should think of themselves only as whites, to the exclusion of ethnic, national, religious, regional, class, or other identities, or that individuality should yield to the collective category of race...Nor does the formation of white racial consciousness mean that we should conceive of ourselves only as biological beings to the exclusion of religious or metaphysical identities. Racial consciousness means that we add recognition of biological and racial factors to our traditional concepts of human nature.

    Without such an acknowledgement, whites and their civilization are doomed to the graveyard of history.
    The wonder of our time isnít how angry we are at politics and politicians; itís how little weíve done about it. - Fran Porretto

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    Irritating formatting. I went to the link and it's wrong there too. I suspect the writer wasn't paying any attention when the text was pasted in.
    Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

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    This bears being called out to stand alone. If you haven't learned this yet, DO. I learned this in grade school from a pair of immigrant (Romanian) 5th grade teachers, who wanted to make sure at least some of us in the next generation knew how to tell when Communism was infecting the US.

    Election theft is what they do, it is about the only thing with which these communists are proficient; that and violence. Communists are only really good at obtaining power, beyond that they always devolve into genocide and gulags. Because they obtain power by destroying the capitalist industrial complex and are, by nature, only capable of stifling criticism, criminalizing opposition and murder. This is how they obtain power and believe that they can maintain power while the whole financial structure fails with the same tactics.
    Looking back to when I learned this... I've paid attention "enough", to retain the memory of the numerous incremental "victories" of communism in our society. My whole life, the current events of the day were translated into marketing, propaganda, and brainwashing lies to control enough people to gain their votes... and put communists (and now muslims) in position of power.

    I need only cite the plethora of insults from 8 years of Obama, to argue and substantiate that viewpoint. But there is much more evidence available in books & media that look back over "near history". A study of that will begin to clarify the "why" questions.

    But I'm a lot more involved with answering: "what do we do NOW?"

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    1 tank of fuel from potential chaos
    But I'm a lot more involved with answering: "what do we do NOW?"

    Keep up our end of the rule of law. As more events like the one at Tucker Carlson's house happen, normies will continue to be enlightened. Some marxists will need their just rewards. Lots of their lackeys are just clueless.

    I wish for a turnaround for FUSA. No real concrete evidence yet. Just promises.

    IMO, Claire Wolf's awkward stage has a little more time to mature. Less everyday.
    "You are allowed to be disappointed but not surprised"

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    Hill Country Texas
    Put a fork into us, we're done

    Demographics are changing and not in the favor of conservatives. The Alinsky protocols and the use of such tools as the Hegelian Dialect are moving and will move our societies to the point where it is unrcognizable and unworkable.

    What does that mean to the folks that liked things the way they were?

    To me it means treat people with kindness, quit worrying about macro things like society and focus on myself and the things and people I interact with.

    To combat evil, not all the evil in the world but evil in my circle, I just have to be and embrace good and eschew evil.

    Since politics in the US is broken, I can quit worrying about something I can not fix.
    Tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are, rich no more - Ten Years After
    Surely you're not saying we have the resources to save the poor from their lot. -JCSS
    Friend, you cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. And what one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government can't give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody.

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    Aug 2014
    Upstate South Carolina
    This is an excellent thread.

    Whites and their civilization are doomed to the graveyard of history.
    No truer words have ever been spoken, regarding the White race.

    I have been talking about the extinction of the White race,
    almost from the very beginning of my time on TB2K.

    The destruction of the White race began in earnest,
    with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
    The White race, was shamed tremendously by the
    damned damocrap party, for the legacies of slavery
    and Jim Crow, and the millstone of that shame,
    has for all intents and purposes, now destroyed the
    White race, not only in the FUSA, but worldwide.

    With the 1964 CRA, the damocrap party gained
    the allegiance of the Africans, and the creation
    of the gibsmedat, turning the average African
    into a socialist. You White, you owe them,
    I have been told many times.

    It was in the late 1970's while I was in college,
    that I first noticed the changes with the White race.
    Where there were 2-4 replacement level White kids
    per White family, now there were 1-2,
    and in many cases just 1, or none at all.
    I remember asking about it, and was told it costs
    too much to have kids, and from most of the men
    and I include myself in this, divorce.

    Just as much as White shame, divorce has practically
    destroyed the White family unit, much more so than
    with the African family unit.

    In today's 2018 FUSA, the White race demographics
    have completely collapsed, whereas the non-White
    race demographics, are at least replacement levels,
    or rapidly exploding, as is the case with the African race.

    From my own research, I have determined that in the
    FUSA by 2050, that the White race will be a minority race,
    below 50% of the total population, and that by 2100,
    the White race will be basically extinct in the FUSA.
    In 1960, the White race was 90%, of the total population.

    Every living thing on planet Earth reproduces itself,
    as one of the very first processes that it does,
    except the White race.

    Please be safe everyone, and please arm up.

    In honour of the brave Whites in South Africa,
    as they fight against their genocide.

    I pray for the White race in South Africa,
    with every prayer, and so should you,
    if you pray.

    Regards to all deplorables.

    "Read everything, listen to everyone, believe absolutely nothing,
    unless you can prove it with your own research." Milton William Cooper

    "Life is a glass, half empty, of spoiled milk, sitting in a bed of thorns." Nowski

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    May 2001
    Behind Enemy Lines
    they have basically instituted Sharia Law in Minnesota and that isn't even enough to stir the patriotic emotions of people who wave the flag and sing the Star-Spangled Banner.

    Minnesota is populated primarily by Swedes. We’ve all read how Sweden has surrendered to their Islamic masters. The country is run by weak, emoting women. That explains Minnesota.

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    The marxists have never overthrown a nation as well armed as real Americans are.

    Their intended genocide requires disarmament.

    So they will kill as many innocents with false flag shootings like this week as they think they need to.

    So that they can try to disarm those they would completely eliminate.

    'Political power flows from the barrel of a gun'.

    Mao Tse Tung, their hero.

    They want our guns because they want total political power. With which they intend to carry out their genocidal plans.

    Never give up your firearms. Never.

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    Jul 2004
    Those "running" this are the heirs of Bill Ayers and his fellow travelers. They only got their army of tools in the numbers allowing them to even look at the Rubicon, along with their 5th columnists inside of the government, now, just out of sinc with Clinton's loss. No this isn't going to end well....

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    Luddite, sounds like you have the same "game plan" I do - for today, at least. LOL. For me, there might be another unfortunate "boating accident" in my future... because it's nowhere in my future planning to disarm. I'm already an "old lady" and I ain't getting any younger (thank God for my health!)... but my D is now here with me full time and she's a better shot than I am. LOL.


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