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CRISIS The Four Horsemen - 11/05 to 11/12
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    The Four Horsemen - 11/05 to 11/12

    Piers Morgan: Pete Davidson is a repulsive pipsqueak whose biggest claim to fame is having sex with a pop star (who ditched him) but aren’t there any GROWN-UPS at NBC who think insulting an American war hero is totally unacceptable?

    It was the double ‘whatever’ that did it for me.

    With two simple sneering words, comedian Pete Davidson reduced an American war hero’s battlefield wounds to a casual, grotesquely dismissive punchline on Saturday Night Live.

    Davidson, best known for his recently terminated engagement with pop superstar Ariana Grande, smirked as he said it, like a naughty schoolboy.

    ‘This guy is kinda cool, Dan Crenshaw,’ he said, referring to the Republican candidate for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District in tomorrow’s midterm elections.

    Crenshaw’s photo appeared on screen, showing him in an eye patch that he has worn since his right eye was blown to pieces while fighting for his country.

    Michael Che, Davidson’s co-host on SNL’s regular ‘Weekend Update’ segment, sighed loudly ‘Oh come on man,’ – perhaps sensing, or more likely knowing, something very inappropriate was about to happen.

    ‘You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate from Texas, and not a hit man in a porno movie,’ Davidson continued.

    Then, as the audience laughed and his co-host guffawed, he mocked: ‘I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war or whatever…’



    His double ‘whatever’ hung in the air like a defiant, repugnant two fingers to Crenshaw and his military service and gallantry.

    Social media instantly erupted into howls of indignant fury.

    Usually when it does that over a tasteless joke, I find myself racing to tell everyone to stop being an over-offended snowflake and calm down.

    But on this occasion, I shared the outrage; Davidson’s comments crossed a basic line of human decency.

    Dan Crenshaw was a former Navy SEAL who served in five tours of duty.

    He was seriously wounded when he was hit by an IED blast during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan in 2012.

    Crenshaw was evacuated and awoke from a medically induced coma to learn that his right eye had been destroyed, and his left eye was badly damaged.

    At that time, he was completely blind and doctors warned him he would almost certainly never see again.

    But after several difficult surgeries, his left eye was saved in what the head surgeon described as ‘a miracle’.

    Astonishingly, Crenshaw refused to quit, and even went back to fight again for his country, being deployed twice more to the Middle East and South Korea.

    When he was eventually medically retired in 2016, after ten years service in various SEAL teams, Crenshaw had earned numerous honours including two Bronze Stars (one with valor), the Purple Heart and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valour.

    This, by any yardstick, makes him an American hero; a man who repeatedly laid his life on the line to fight for the freedoms the rest of us take for granted.

    It also makes him a man who, regardless of your political persuasion, should command our universal and heartfelt respect.

    I don’t have to agree with Crenshaw’s political opinions – and I don’t, not least about his opposition to new gun control laws - to understand he is a remarkable human being who has displayed extraordinary courage.

    He certainly deserves better than to be mocked by a smug, gurning, comedian on national television for losing his eye in a battlefield explosion.

    Crenshaw himself gave a classy response to Davidson’s ‘joke’, tweeting: ‘Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend, I try harder not to be offended. That being said, I hope @nbcsnl recognizes that vets don’t deserve to see their wounds used as punchlines for bad jokes.’

    He went further in an interview with TMZ in which he said it would be ‘very healthy’ for the country as a whole to ‘get away from this culture where we demand apologies every time someone misspeaks.’

    Crenshaw added that his biggest problem with the joke was its poor quality. ‘Here’s the real atrocity in all of this,’ he said, ‘it wasn’t even funny. It was not original, it wasn’t funny, it was just mean-spirited.’

    I agree with all that, including irritation at the current craze for forcing people to apologise or resign for dumb jokes.

    Frankly I don’t care whether Pete Davidson says sorry or not.

    He was reading from an autocue so this wasn’t some flippant, throwaway remark he spewed out in error. It was a quite deliberate attempt to deride a war hero for losing his eye.

    Any apology he now makes will be a hollow, pointless one.

    What makes this all the more unpalatable is that Davidson’s father was a hero too; a New York City firefighter who died on September 11 during the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre.

    Davidson was just seven years old at the time and told the New York Times that he found the trauma he suffered ‘overwhelming’, even causing him to rip his own hair out until he was bald. He admitted that he struggled with suicidal thoughts.

    Today, he has his father’s badge number, 8418, tattooed on his left arm.

    All of this is very sad.

    But it doesn’t, as some tried to suggest when the SNL furore erupted, give him a free pass to mock the heroism of a wounded war hero.

    In fact, it just makes it even more shocking that Davidson would target someone who had also served his country so valiantly.

    Davidson is known for his ‘vulgar confessional’ style of comedy.

    But what he decides to laugh at about his own life - and he has even publicly made fun of his father’s death - is a matter for him.

    What he did on Saturday night was inexcusable and disgusting.

    As Meghan McCain, whose own father John was a war hero, said, it was ‘offensive to veterans, their families and all who serve.’

    That, surely, is the point.

    By saying what he did, Davidson was mocking everyone who has ever served in the US military and been wounded, or even killed.

    He was implying none of it matters.

    His sickeningly apathetic ‘whatever’ signified that he doesn’t give a damn what sacrifice wounded veterans have made for their country, their crippling injuries are just a good excuse for him to get a cheap laugh at their expense.

    I hadn’t heard of Pete Davidson before he got engaged to Ariana Grande, and I sincerely hope I don’t have to hear about him again.

    Dan Crenshaw’s claim to fame is risking his life so that idiots like Davidson continue to enjoy the freedom to mock him on live television.

    He is a hero.

    Pete Davidson’s claim to fame is having sex with a pop star, and now being a witless, insensitive, repulsive little slug unfit to lace Crenshaw’s SEAL boots.

    He is a zero.

    But there’s a wider, more important point to make here.

    What has American political discourse come to when it is considered acceptable for a brazen young comedian to go on an institution like NBC’s flagship comedy show and openly mock a war hero for losing an eye?

    More pertinently, why did none of the supposed adults in the room at SNL or NBC stop this from happening?

    Has partisan debate now become so horribly toxic in this Trump presidency era that literally anything goes?

    It’s not entirely surprising Davidson might feel he could get away with saying what he said after Trump’s own sneering mockery of the late, great Senator John McCain for being captured in Vietnam.

    What IS surprising is that he was allowed to say it – by experienced producers, editors and executives at one of America’s most eminent TV networks.

    War heroes should be off limits to cruel jibes, but it would seem there are no limits any more to abuse in US political conversation.

    Whatever happens in tomorrow’s elections, this has to change.

    For the love of God, let the mindless mockery of a pathetic pipsqueak like Pete Davidson be the last time a war hero is humiliated for the public’s delectation.


    Services Boom in October, Expanding Faster than Expected after Hitting Record High

    Just Do It : Dumping Unpatriotic NFL Easier than Expected
    Taking the time-consuming NFL off of my schedule has allowed me to not only watch more college football, but it has allowed me to focus more on more important things. Sundays are now dedicated to church, youth sports, relaxing, walking the dogs, and family time. Kaepernick and friends didn’t ruin my life, instead they opened my eyes. As I look at some of these zombie fans engrossed in the NFL seemingly at all times, I feel almost embarrassed about how much time I wasted on the NFL in the past. From grown men wearing jerseys of players twenty years their junior to people’s weeks ruined if their team loses to those who chose staring at a TV screen over spending time with family, today’s NFL experience is pathetic at best

    UN says Earth’s ozone layer is gradually healing

    Iran defiant in face of US sanctions, says trade will continue

    Crown Prince sets foundation stone for first Saudi nuclear research reactor

    UK announces joint Omani-British military training base

    Iran celebrates anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover

    Obama-Era CIA Suffered ‘Catastrophic’ Tech Compromise in Iran – Before Iran Deal

    Week after Pittsburgh massacre, far-right hate platform back online
    Gab, frequented by synagogue shooter Robert Bowers, once again being used by neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and others, having been shunned by most domain providers
    Ragnarok: Wow... That's quite the spin...

    1100 Migrants Apprehended Daily Along U.S.-Mexico Border

    Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, DJ Khaled Headlining Midnight Rally for Andrew Gillum

    DeSantis on Florida Rally: ‘This Is a Real Serious Uptick in Republican Turnout’

    Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America’ in Iran

    ‘Fact Checkers’ at Snopes Attempt to Bail Out Stacey Abrams from Armed Black Panthers Story

    Democrat Stacey Abrams Admits Her Plans May Require Georgians to ‘Turn Their Guns In’

    Bill Nelson: School Shootings Will Not End Without Ban on AR-15s, Private Gun Sales

    Refugee from Iraq Accused of Making Two Bombs in Las Vegas for Attack

    CNN Claims They Chose ‘Random’ Rally Goer — Turns Out To Be Andrew Gillum’s Mom

    London police close square near British parliament in ‘ongoing incident’
    A police source said a suspicious package was being investigated but the area was likely to be reopened again soon. The source gave no further detail

    Over 30 dead in Italy’s week-long storms

    Socialist dream gone wrong: Sweden sees problematic unemployment levels among migrants
    If you look at unemployment, the curve in Sweden has actually pointed upward, while in many other comparable countries it is falling to levels we haven’t seen in maybe 40 or 50 years

    Shooting in Sweden leaves 7 wounded – Police have arrested 12 suspects

    Syrian “Refugee” Raped Teacher At Swedish High School After Threatening To Kidnap Her Family If She Did Not Have Sex With Him

    Wooden crosses and poppy wreaths of British Garden of Remembrance vandalised

    Turkish mosques in the Netherlands want to silence Geert Wilders and want his Twitter account to be removed

    Muslim Network bars German AfD leader from speaking at Oxford University

    Germany fears more Islamic attacks on its high-speed trains
    After an unsuccessful attack on a high-speed train last month, the German police fear more attacks on ICE trains in Germany.

    On 7 October an attack took place with a wire that had been stretched across the train’s path with wooden wedges placed on the tracks.

    An Arabic letter, that pledged more attacks, was found near the scene of the crime. According to the two paged letter further Europe-wide attacks against rail traffic will only stop if the “European states stop attacking ISIS

    Marine Le Pen moves ahead of Macron in European Elections
    The left continue to label anyone conservative as ‘far-right’ in their attempt to smear and discredit conservatives. It hasn’t slowed the rise of the right, one bit

    Women increasingly harassed in multicultural Paris district labelled “hell”

    Brazilian Footballer in Germany Forced to Apologise for ‘Arab Bomber’ Halloween Costume

    German Jews Want Anti-Semitism Classes for Arab-Muslim Migrants

    Pakistani Gang Rapist Told Victim’s Mother: Politically Correct Police ‘Won’t Touch Us

    U.K: Elderly 'pillar of the community' is questioned by police as a hate criminal after 'beeping her horn at a slow motorist who happened to be black'

    ‘I’m Not Meant To Be A Bloke’: Woman Who Changed Gender To Become A Man Called Lee 15 Years Ago Says Sex Swap Was A Huge Mistake And Wants To Switch Back

    Leader Of Muslim Child Rape Gang Sliced And Diced In Prison Brawl

    Tommy Robinson Formally Freed From Bail Conditions as He Awaits Attorney General Hearing

    French Emergency Services Search For Survivors After City Buildings Collapse

    Khan Says It Could Take Ten Years to Solve London Knife Crime After Fourth Fatal Stabbing in Five Days
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Dec 2002
    Atlantic Canada
    Thank you Ragnarok

    1Pe 4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore of sound mind, and be sober unto prayer

    Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    Joh 3:17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him.

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    May 2004
    South of Valhalla

    USA Today Editorial Urges Voters to Vote Against ‘Donald Trump’s Lap Dogs’.

    MSNBC Airs Fake Graphic Showing Andrew Gillum Winning Florida Vote

    “Quick clarification here,” Hayes told viewers. “Just want to say, earlier this hour, uh, we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race. May have caught your eye because our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers.

    “Obviously, we do not yet have any vote totals here, the night before the election,” the All In host continued. “That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was pretty confused when I saw it up there, to see it there myself.”

    Reporter Caught on Tape Trashing Republican: ‘F**ing John James’
    “Man, if he beats her… Jesus! ****ing John James. That would suck! Whew I don’t think it’s going to happen though.”

    John James Closing Gap as Independents Flee Stabenow in Michigan Senate Race

    Late-Night Hosts Have Midterm Meltdown: ‘Bully Your Family and Friends into Voting’

    Leftists Brace Themselves Ahead of Midterms After PTSD Symptoms from 2016

    University Of Louisville Diversity Administrator Regrets Sending Anti-Trump Email To Students Ahead Of Midterm Election

    Black Republican Canvassers Say They’ve Been Repeatedly Stopped By Police, Preventing Them From Reaching Thousands

    Flashback: Brazil's president-elect sons in IDF and Mossad shirts in Israel
    Eduardo and Carlos Bolesonaro visited Israel in 2016; Their father won elections last week, announced embassy transfer to Jerusalem

    ( 2:37 ) Democrat support for Israel gradually waning
    Ahead of US 2018 midterms, support among Democrats for Israel appears to be waning

    ( 5:10 ) Should UK Jewry be afraid?

    Matthew James Offord MP, Member of Parliament for Hendon (United Kingdom)

    Pope Francis: ‘A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite’
    “A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community”
    Ragnarok: Holy crap... He got something right...

    Minister: Israel might destroy Syrian S-300s, even if manned by Russians
    Elkin says Syrians can’t be trusted to use missile system correctly, may inadvertently hit aircraft over Israeli territory, prompting elimination of launchers

    PA daily op-ed: Israeli "settlers" are "criminals, mass murderers, obsessed with bloodshed, wild unbridled foreigners... Devoid of the elements of human nature"
    who "dance on the bodies" of Palestinians

    PA lies, presents Holocaust victims as Arabs
    PA TV showed a photo with rows of dead bodies claiming they were Arabs killed by Israelis in the Arab village of Al-Dawayima in 1948. In fact, it was a photo of Holocaust victims in a concentration camp

    Erdogan: US Iran sanctions are aimed at ‘upsetting global balance’
    Turkish president and foreign minister criticize re-imposition of trade embargoes lifted under 2015 nuclear deal as unilateral, unwise and dangerous
    Ragnarok: Get our troops OUT of Turkey!

    Erdogan: Turkey will not abide by US sanctions on Iran

    Turkey slams U.S. for joint patrolling with YPG on Syria border

    Russia, Germany slam US re-imposition of sanctions on Iran

    Saudi Arabia prepares to build first nuclear research reactor
    Raising concerns of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, crown prince lays foundations for first of 16 planned sites to be built over the next two decades

    Dozens of Saudi elites still under detention a year after roundup
    Ragnarok: After what happened to Khashoggi, they are probably crapping their robes...

    Egypt’s Sisi says army will defend Gulf Arabs in case of direct threat

    Jewish nurse who treated synagogue shooter calls for ‘love in the face of evil’
    In heartfelt Facebook post, Ari Mahler says caring for Robert Bowers was part of his job, which ‘requires compassion and empathy over everything’

    Facebook blocks 115 accounts linked to foreign interference in US midterm elections


    ‘SNL’ Facebook Page Erupts with Avalanche of Comments Blasting Pete Davidson Mocking Veteran Injuries

    Texas: Irving Police Chief Addresses Allegations of Child Molestation at Mosque
    Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey paid a visit to the Islamic Center of Irving recently to talk about the legality of reporting child sexual abuse after allegations of child molestation rocked the North Texas Muslim community last week
    Ragnarok: I am pretty sure that "rocked" isn't the correct adjective...

    ‘Are We Going To Be Sheep To The Slaughter?’ Hundreds Of Jewish People Have Signed Up For Gun Training After Synagogue Attack

    Poll: Trump Would Lose To Every Top Democrat Woman Including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Or Elizabeth Warren
    Ragnarok: Sure he would...

    Caravan – Texas Minutemen Militia Heads To Border

    NY Lawmakers Propose Social Media Hate Speech Checks Before Gun Purchases
    Lawmakers in New York have begun drafting legislation that would require potential gun owners to have the past three years of their social media reviewed before they were granted permission to own a firearm.

    Eric Adams, the president of Brooklyn Borough, and state Senator Kevin Palmer are currently writing the proposed legislation, which would give law enforcement authorities the power to check up to three years of an individual’s social media accounts and internet search history before they are allowed to buy a gun, WCBS Newsradio 880 reported. One of the main aims is to identify any hate speech shared by the users, as the politicians noted that such offensive comments are generally only discovered after mass shootings occur.

    “A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a firearm,” Adams explained, according to the WCBS report

    ‘Hundreds Are Going To Die In OKC’: Iranian Man Arrested For Threatening Explosion At Oklahoma City National Memorial
    Paging Don Lemon…

    6 arrested in France over alleged far-right plot to attack Macron
    “This investigation is looking into a plot, vague and ill-defined at this stage, involving violent action against the president of the republic”
    Ragnarok: Riiiiight... Meanwhile women can't go out at night...

    French President Macron calls for ‘real European army’ to defend against Russia and the US

    Mosques seek Twitter ban on Dutch populist Geert Wilders

    Dutch Envoy In Pakistan Threatened Over Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Tweets

    Sweden’s possible next PM will not cooperate with anti-migration party as Sweden ‘functions excellently’

    Illegal migrant vandalises grave of Stockholm terror victim 30 times – Swedish police do nothing

    Ragnarok: If you have ever seen the picture of how this little girl died you will never be the same. It is haunting and it defines Islam and the evil it brings with it.

    If you want to see the picture, it is here but be warned, what has been seen cannot be unseen

    Sweden: Weekend Shootings, Explosions in Border Town Malmö Linked

    Belgian Catholic church to broadcast Islamic call to prayer during ‘concert of peace’
    The call to prayer, normally only heard in mosques, will be part of a large WW1 remembrance concert.

    “With this remembrance concert we want to make a universal call for peace, justice and humanity for everybody,” the organizer says

    Ragnarok: Weren't the Ottamans the bad guys in WW1?

    Massive drop in Poles who want to migrate to Britain

    Racist Sinead O’Connor claims she won’t spend time with “disgusting white people” after converting to Islam

    20,000 armed migrants attack Croatia’s border to move into the EU

    ‘Polexit is Possible’: Eurocrat Says Poland Could Leave the EU Like Britain

    Farage Blasts Khan as London Scrambles Extra Police After Fifth Person Slain in Days

    Controversy as Italian School Textbooks Revealed to Promote Only Pro-Mass Migration Views

    Former Nazi SS Camp Guard, 94, Goes on Trial in Germany
    Johann Rehbogen is accused of working as a guard at the camp east of Danzig, which is today the Polish city of Gdansk, from June 1942 to about the beginning of September 1944.

    There is no evidence linking him to a specific crime, but more than 60,000 people were killed at Stutthof and prosecutors argue that as a guard, he was an accessory to at least hundreds of those deaths.

    The former SS Sturmmann, roughly equivalent to the U.S. Army rank of specialist, does not deny serving in the camp during the war but has told investigators he was not aware of the killings and did not participate in them

    German lawmakers push for Syrian refugee deportations

    Canada: Islam Spreads, Imam Opens Saskatchewan Legislature
    In a Saskatchewan first, a Muslim blessing will be delivered to open up a new legislative session

    Ragnarok: This imam is from Al Azhar, which has openly refused to denounce ISIS and advocates the spread of sharia, worldwide... Westerners are so stupid...
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    May 2004
    South of Valhalla
    Sharia, corruption, and Jew-hatred come to the House

    As expected, two Muslim women, Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, have been overwhelmingly elected to Congress. The establishment media will celebrate these victories as triumphs of America’s “diversity”; unfortunately, in reality neither one is worth celebrating.

    Tlaib is a vociferous foe of Israel. With the Democrats now regaining control of the House, Tlaib is likely to be an energetic proponent of the new majority’s vendetta against the Middle East’s only democracy. The House is likely to do all it can to roll back President Trump’s pro-Israel polices, with Tlaib as well as Omar as becoming the public faces of the effort.

    According to the JTA, when Tlaib was asked if she would vote against military aid to Israel, Tlaib responded: “Absolutely, if it has something to do with inequality and not access to people having justice. For me, U.S. aid should be leverage. I will be using my position in Congress so that no country, not one, should be able to get aid from the U.S. when they still promote that kind of injustice.”

    What kind of injustice? Tlaib, of course, had nothing to say about the genocidal incitement against Jews and Israel that regularly features on Palestinian television. She did say, however, that she favors a one-state, not two-state, “solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “One state. It has to be one state. Separate but equal does not work. I’m only 42 years old but my teachers were of that generation that marched with Martin Luther King. This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work.”

    Indeed it doesn’t. A Palestinian state would be a new base for renewed jihad attacks against Israel. But a “one-state solution” would be even worse, unless that state is the current State of Israel, but that is not the one state Tlaib has in mind. She is calling for an Israeli/Palestinian state that would not be a Jewish State or a homeland for the Jewish people, but a federation in which Palestinians would soon overwhelm Jews demographically. Progressive denial of their rights would soon follow: as I show in my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, there has never been a majority Muslim nation in which Jews enjoyed equality of rights with Muslims. Tlaib’s unitary state would be no different.

    The hijabed (and therefore pro-Sharia) Ilhan Omar, meanwhile, is even more hateful than Tlaib. According to the Daily Wire, in 2012 Omar tweeted: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel.” Challenged about this tweet much more recently, she doubled down and attacked the man who called attention to the tweet: “Drawing attention to the apartheid Israeli regime is far from hating Jews. You are a hateful sad man, I pray to Allah you get the help you need and find happiness.”

    There is much, much worse about Omar. David Steinberg of PJ Media has done extraordinary work in shedding light on aspects of Omar’s record that the establishment media has steadfastly ignored. Steinberg reports that Omar has “faced allegations -- soon backed by a remarkable amount of evidence -- that she had married her own brother in 2009, and was still legally his wife. They officially divorced in December 2017. The motivation for the marriage remains unclear. However, the totality of the evidence points to possible immigration fraud and student loan fraud.” What’s more, she swore to apparent falsehoods in court.

    But Leftists rarely have to answer for their corruption, and in a Democrat House, Omar will much more likely be celebrated than investigated. She and Tlaib will enjoy establishment media accolades as they pursue their hard-Left, anti-American, anti-Israel agenda. Their presence in the House of Representatives may be evidence of “diversity,” but it is also a disquieting sign of the continued dominance of identity politics, and the increasing balkanization of the American body politic. Forthrightly pro-America, pro-Israel candidates would stand little to no chance in either of their districts. And that is indicative of a much larger problem.

    - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), who sided with the terrorist group Hamas when it sent “protesters” to storm the Israeli border, and who said she opposed the “occupation of Palestine” but could not define it

    - Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), a radical leftist who has called for the destruction of Israel as a separate state, causing even the left-wing J Street organization to withdraw its endorsement of her candidacy;

    - Ilhan Omar (MN-5), who has referred to Israel as an “apartheid regime,” and who once tweeted: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel


    Jeff Sessions resigns as attorney general at Trump’s request
    Ragnarok: FINALLY!!!

    ( 0:58 ) Trump Goes Off On Disrespectful Reporter

    First two Muslim women elected to US Congress

    Michigan's Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota's Ilhan Omar both made history Tuesday by winning their elections and becoming the first Muslim women to be elected to the U.S. Congress

    New Photos Corroborate Perjury Claims Against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as She Deletes Social Media Evidence

    Allegations against Rep. Ilhan Omar center around her 2009-2017 marriage to a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who appears to be her brother. Omar is alleged to have married Elmi in the service of federal felonies: immigration fraud and student loan fraud. (While the latter may seem comparably minor, the penalties for a falsified FAFSA are severe: a $20,000 fine and up to five years in prison. Also, a falsified FAFSA implicates the accused in years of subsequent fraudulent filings with the IRS.) Additionally, there is evidence of state felonies: marriage fraud, and multiple instances of perjury during her 2009 marriage filings and her 2017 divorce proceedings
    Ragnarok: Say "Hello" to Minnesota's newest Congresswoman

    Rep. André Carson (D) wins re-election bid for 7th District

    CAIR Welcomes Historic Night of American Muslim Election Victories
    "We congratulate the successful American Muslim candidates nationwide, whose victories demonstrate the strength of our political system and the growing positive role of American Muslims at every level of our society," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad

    Next week, CAIR and Jetpac will release a joint report surveying successful campaigns and organizing strategies employed by American Muslim candidates

    CAIR Mobilizes More Than 250K Registered Muslim Voter Households Nationwide

    Trump to Jim Acosta: You are an enemy of the people

    ( 2:48 ) Trump vs Acosta

    Stray dogs get more of the West's attention than persecuted Christians
    Where are those in the West who shout “no to the death penalty”, “respect for minorities”, “down with the femicide” and “long live freedom of expression”? Cowardice is rampant.

    Stray dogs are treated with more respect and coverage in our media than all these masses of Christians swallowed by this clash of civilizations

    Like other terrorists, “California man” Aws Mohammed Younis al-Jayab entered the USA as a refugee

    Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez: Expect Hearings’ into Trump

    Hollywood Celebrates Democrats Taking Back House

    Alyssa Milano Refuses To Speak At Next Women’s March, Cites Anti-Semitism

    Texas: Notorious Mosque Covered Up Abuse Of Children, Allowing Suspected Pedophile To Flee Country

    Ragnarok: Just emulating the "prophet"...

    California: Muslim Uber Driver Arrested After Kidnapping 4 Passengers

    Dems To Flex Muscle With New House Majority: Subpoenas, Investigations, Even Possible Impeachment Talks Loom

    It’s Not What Happens Next. It’s What Won’t Happen
    What will be happening differently is the number of investigations into the President and any other Republican/Conservative targets the Democrats can get in their sights. Since they’ll hold the chairs in the committees making those decisions there will be plenty of opportunities for grandstanding and theatrics, eagerly gobbled up by the mainstream media. But beyond that… not much

    1.4 Million Former Felons Will Vote Again In Florida
    Ragnarok: As close as these primaries were, look for Florida to become a blue state at the next election cycle

    Another disturbing act of censorship goes unremarked
    The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Dallas-Fort Worth chapter (CAIR-DFW) recently “applauded a decision by the Plano Library to resolve an issue related to anti-Muslim material in its catalog.” CAIR claims to have convinced this Texas library to remove the book Holy Terror by renowned graphic-novel author Frank Miller, a disturbing act of censorship and a flagrant violation of longstanding library standards

    98-year-old man fighting for his life after being brutally robbed in lawless London

    Swedish police to recruit migrant police officers from crime-ridden ‘no-go area’
    The local police authority emphasises the importance of a “mixed background” for future police officers in the country
    Ragnarok: What could go wrong?

    Jewish Students Remember “Night Of Broken Glass” In Berlin
    Ragnarok: Not a "spontaneous uprising" as the history books say but a result of a boycott on German goods... Doesn't make it better or more acceptable but I wish historians could get things right as it would help people better understand the era

    Grenfell Tower Bonfire: Six Men Arrested Over ‘Vile’ Video

    Ragnarok: This is poor taste but an arrestable offense??? Meanwhile, violent crime is rampant across the U.K.

    Ex-German Spy Chief Slams ‘Naive, Leftist’ Government, Mulls Entering Politics
    The former president of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Hans-Georg Maassen, who was recently forced to leave his post, criticized the government’s foreign and domestic security policies as “leftist, naïve and idealistic,” Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on November 5. He also considered the possibility of entering into German politics after his resignation as head of the BfV

    Swedish Left Pushing For Full Voting Rights for Foreign Citizens, Teenagers
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Trump Asks Pence: Will You Be My 2020 Running Mate?

    Marijuana Industry Gets High as Jeff Sessions Resigns
    The legal cannabis market was worth $7 billion in 2016, and is expected to near $150 billion by 2025

    Colorado Jewish Gun Store Owner Offers Rabbis Free Rifles

    The Jewish owner of a gun shop in Colorado has offered to give rabbis semi-automatic rifles for free following the murder of 11 worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Mel Bernstein, who owns Dragon Arms near Colorado Springs, made the offer in an item aired Oct. 31 on KOAA-TV’s News5. During the shooting Saturday, “people sitting in the synagogue, they were sitting ducks,” and “nobody’s stopping him,” Bernstein said of the shooter. “You have to have the tool to fight back, and this is the tool, and I’m donating these to the rabbis.” Each gun that Bernstein hopes to give the local religious leaders is valued at an estimated $650, and the store was clear that each rabbi would have to pass a background check to take possession of the weapon
    Ragnarok: Bernstein is known as the 'Most Armed Man in the World'... Check out some of his You Tube Videos

    NYT’s Nicholas Kristof Blames NRA for Thousand Oaks Shooting, Ignores California Gun Control Fail

    Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) Pushes Gun Control Before Facts Known in California Shooting

    Democrat Rashida Tlaib Dances with Palestinian Flag at Victory Party


    Florida governor-elect says his first trip abroad will be to Israel
    Ron DeSantis, who visited on a one-Congressman mission last year, says he will seek to boost economic, academic ties, push for recognition of Golan sovereignty

    Europe was sick of the Jews and planned to get rid of them: PA explains the Balfour Declaration and European support for Zionism

    Turkish police find hydrofluoric acid at Saudi consul’s home after Khashoggi killing

    Pakistan invites Turkey to join $64 billion mega project

    Turkish, US forces conduct 2nd joint patrols in Manbij

    Syrian Army claims S-300 air defenses keeping Israel at bay

    Pentagon Report: NGOs ‘Knowingly Diverted’ Millions in U.S. Aid to Al-Qaeda Group in Syria

    Measles Vaccination Rates Plummet In Indonesia After Muslim Clerics Declare The Jab Is ‘Sinful’ Because It Contains Pork Gelatine

    Trump’s policies to bring about death of US, Muslim leader Farrakhan warns
    “The policies of our government would bring about a war in the Middle East that would be a trigger to the greatest war that has ever been; the war of Armageddon spoken of in the Bible,” Farrakhan said, quoting his “teacher” Elijah Muhammad, the former leader of the Nation of Islam.

    "If the trigger of war in the Middle East is pulled by you using your surrogates at the insistence of Israel, then the war will trigger another kind of war, which will bring China, Russia, all of the nations into a war," Farrakhan said, addressing Trump.

    "The war will end America as you know it,” he said, adding “if you do not heed the warning and correct your path, death will come

    In West Bank town, Palestinians celebrate family member’s ascent to Capitol Hill
    Congresswoman-elect Rashida Tlaib has expressed support for a one-state solution and an end to US military aid to Israel, but her Palestinian relatives are more circumspect
    Ragnarok: I agree... One state... Israel

    105 Articles Cover Ilhan Omar’s Win. Zero Cover Her Anti-Semitism, Finance Investigations, Or Perjury Evidence

    For two years, U.S. media has maintained a near-blackout on the specific evidence of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minnesota) disturbing character and legal issues. In the 18 hours after Omar was elected to replace Keith Ellison in MN Congressional District 5, the media left zero doubt as to why

    Legacy media celebrates election of anti-Israel radicals
    The radicalization of the Democratic Party continues, and the leftist media is celebrating that outcome.

    On Tuesday evening, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were elected to the House of Representatives, making history as the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress. While that is indeed a historic achievement, the two women won on a radical platform.

    Omar, who engages in anti-Semitic rhetoric, has slandered Israel as an “apartheid regime” and called on “Allah” to “awaken the people” to see the “evil doings of Israel.”

    There is also a lot of evidence that she may have married her brother and therefore committed massive immigration fraud.

    Tlaib celebrated her congressional victory not with an American flag, but with a Palestinian flag

    A Tone Deaf Portrayal of Veterans Just Before Veterans Day on ‘Chicago P.D.’
    In just a few days we will honor our nation’s bravest heroes during Veterans Day. NBC’s Chicago P.D., however, ran an episode November 7 depicting an Afghanistan war veteran suffering from PTSD and unwilling to seek help so het sets off bombs and takes hostages at a Mosque. Talk about tone deaf

    A mob showing up outside Tucker Carlson's house might have been startling a decade ago. Now it's practically mandatory.

    But the same media that's howling about CNN's Jim Acosta after his almost supernatural rudeness, that included placing his hands on a female intern, has nothing to say about the overt intimidation of Tucker Carlson

    Hollywood Calls for Gun Control After California Shooting: ‘We Live in a War Zone’
    Ragnarok: Just demonstrating, once again, how totally clueless Hollywood is

    ( 2:19 ) Texas Poll Worker Admits ‘Tons’ of Non-Citizens Allowed to Vote

    YouTube Bans Gamer for Killing Suffragette in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’
    “YouTube closed [my] channel because I killed a female NPC in #RDR2… They said It promoted violence,” announced Shirrako on Twitter. “You spend the entire games murdering men and no one cares, punch a woman and you get banned, are you out of your mind.”

    Larry King Hits Former Network: CNN ‘Stopped Doing News a Long Time Ago’
    Ex-CNN talk show host Larry King mocked his former network in an interview with RT America on Tuesday, saying his past employer “stopped doing news a long time ago” to focus primarily on covering President Donald Trump

    Liberal Blogger: Terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s Family a ‘Strategy’ to Make Him Feel Fear of ‘His Victims’
    A left-wing group called Smash Racism D.C. descended on Carlson’s Washington, D.C. home while he was at Fox News studios, chanting he was a “racist scumbag” and “we know where you sleep at night.” Carlson said someone in the mob broke his oak door, and his wife Susie hid in a pantry and called police, fearing a home invasion. The Carlsons have four children, but no one besides Susie was home

    Bernie Sanders Blames Gillum, Abrams Losses On “White Folks” Being “Uncomfortable” Voting For Blacks

    Trump Administration Rolls Back Obamacare’s Birth Control Rule
    The Trump administration will exempt employers from providing insurance coverage for birth control if it conflicts with their religious or moral beliefs, scaling back a rule created under the Obama administration
    Ragnarok: Regardless of religious beliefs, this is something no employer should have to cover. Pay for your own damn birth control!

    Journalist Hears Top Dem On Train Laying Out Plans To Go After Kavanaugh
    The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee was overheard Wednesday discussing Democrats’ plans to investigate and try to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    Here Come The Subpoenas: What House Democrats Plan For Their Russia Probe
    When Democrats assume control of the House of Representatives in January, President Donald Trump will face something he has never before experienced: An opposition party with subpoena power whose goal is to make public every detail of the 2016 Russian election interference effort

    Not Even 24 Hours: Democrats Say They’ll Demand Trump’s Tax Returns As Soon As They Take Over The House
    Ragnarok: These actions by the democrats are why I was so disappointed at the election results. Anyone and everyone who is paying the slightest bit of attention KNEW this crap would happen and we STILL gave up the House...

    Lindsey Graham Rips WH Press Corp: ‘Allies Of Democratic Party’


    The Latest On The Caravan Mob CNN Says Is Imaginary and Harmless

    Officials with the State Department and Department of Homeland Security told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that “some” members of the Central American caravan have histories of violent crime and have been identified as potentially posing a threat to national security

    U.S. Spends $90 Million To Help A Few Dozen Afghan Women Get Jobs
    The U.S. government has blown almost $90 million on a doomed project to help Afghan women enter the workforce with a big chunk of the money going to a Clinton-aligned “development” company that reaped big bucks from Uncle Sam while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. The cash flows through the famously corrupt U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID), which is charged with providing global economic, development and humanitarian assistance. In this case USAID allocated $216 million to supposedly help tens of thousands of Afghan women get jobs and gain promotions over five years. Known as “Promoting Gender Equity in National Priority Programs,” the endeavor was launched in 2014 and tens of millions of dollars later it’s proven to be a major failure

    Terrorist Found Guilty In Port Authority Bombing
    The Bangladeshi immigrant who blew up a pipe bomb in a crowded pedestrian tunnel under Times Square was convicted on all counts Tuesday afternoon — then blamed his failed attack on President Trump

    UK to publish Brexit deal next week

    Email leak: British Political Class ‘Colluding’ with Euro Politicians ‘Against Democracy’
    Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader and now LBC host is still an MEP, Member of the European Parliament, and revealed an email from colleague Alyn Smyth, the anti-Brexit, left-wing, Scottish ‘nationalist’ SNP, sent to every politician in the 751 member European Parliament, persuading them to help Remainers in Britain delay and ultimately defeat Brexit

    Illegal Syrian Migrant Arrested in France Over Terror Attack Threats

    Banned Polish Independence Day march DOES CONTINUE

    Asylum seekers from just one German refugee shelter commit 1265 crimes in 9 months
    The offences include 364 violations of residency permits, 299 thefts, 175 embezzlement of low value items as the police call it, 97 grand larcenies and 69 drug offences, 41 fare dodgings, 33 aggravated assaults, 20 assaults, 13 gang robberies with weapons, 12 predatory thefts, four robberies, two attacks on enforcement officers, one extortion and one person was arrested for manslaughter

    After migrant gang rape German police chief warns women ‘not to drink alcohol’
    The focus on prevention is a good thing, but also shows how German authorities and media barely hold the migrant crisis responsible for the disaster that is unfolding in Germany.

    Political correctness has caused officials to put the blame for the criminal acts on the women instead of Merkel’s guests

    Geert Wilders: We must have the courage to defend freedom of speech against Islam every day

    Dutch ambulance personnel now ‘enriched’ by bulletproof vests as aggression increases

    Former French Secretary of State Latest to Warn of Rise of Destabilising Violence

    Macron’s Praise for Nazi Collaborator Marshal Pétain Shocks French Jews

    Offense Archaeology: Leftist Outrage Mob Smears ‘Islamophobe’ Conservative Roger Scruton
    Sir Roger Scruton is England’s greatest living philosopher. He also happens to be a very outspoken, articulate conservative — so it comes as no surprise whatsoever to see the left playing the faux outrage game in order to oust him from his position as a government advisor

    Italian Populist Salvini’s Migrant Decree Passes Senate Despite Coalition ‘Rebel’ Protest

    Poland Signs Deal For Long-Term Deliveries Of US Liquefied Natural Gas
    Poland’s main gas company signed a long-term contract Thursday to receive deliveries of liquefied natural gas from the United States as part of a larger effort to reduce its energy dependence on Russia.

    The state company PGNiG signed the 24-year deal with American supplier Cheniere during a ceremony in Warsaw attended by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Polish President Andrzej Duda

    Nine-In-Ten Canadians Say ‘No’ To Future Arms Deals With Saudi Arabia; Divided Over Cancelling Current One
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    ( 4:25 ) Paul Joseph Watson on Jim Acosta
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Burger King worker escorts customer to his car: ‘Always go out of your way to help others’

    Alexis Easter has a message she would like others to hear and then heed.

    "Always go out of your way to help others," the 19-year-old Burger King employee said.

    Easter did just that recently when she escorted a customer back to his car outside the Brandy Hill Plaza Burger King on Mechanicsville Turnpike.

    She said the customer, a regular known to her as Mr. John, has a bad back.

    "The man always comes in the Burger King, so when he’s done I help him to the car because he has a terrible back," she said. "When we get to his car we talk and I make sure he's safe."

    The ordinary act of kindness Easter performed felt extraordinary to Elizabeth Chandler.

    Chandler was driving outside the fast food restaurant when she saw Easter escorting the man.

    "It’s so seldom to see pure simple kindness in today’s world," Chandler said. "She took time from her job to help someone else, and expected nothing in return."

    Chandler was so moved by the moment, she snapped a photo and shared what she saw on social media.

    "Shout out to the cashier at the Mechanicsville Burger King, making this world a little brighter," she posted on Facebook.

    Chandler's post has been shared hundreds of times since its November 2 posting.

    Easter, who attended Highland Springs High School and has worked at Burger King for two years, said Mr. John was not alone as she walks other customers to their cars when she sees them struggle.

    Chandler said employees Easter and her co-workers always seems to go above and beyond.

    "That's the culture at that Burger King," she said. "Every employee I have ever seen goes so far out of their way for everyone. Another employee named Monica hands out plaques to those going through hard times, including my grandmother when she was going through treatment for cancer."

    Chandler said she wanted to thank Alexis for being selfless.

    "It’s people like her, and acts of kindness like that, which make the world a better place," she said.


    Trump signs immigration proclamation, limits asylum
    US President Donald Trump says he has signed an immigration order that will ban migrants, who cross the US border with Mexico illegally, from claiming asylum

    Consumer Sentiment Beats Expectations, On Target for Best Year Since 2000

    GOOD GOD, NO!!!!
    Trump reportedly considering Chris Christie to be AG
    Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said to be favorite to succeed Attorney General Jeff Sessions
    Ragnarok: I couldn't see how anyone could do a worse job than Sessions but, Christie is ( probably ) the worst choice Trump could come up with!

    Florida deja vu as state election hit by chaos, fraud accusations
    State braces for race recounts amid accusations of corruption and voting discrepancies; ‘What’s going on in Florida is a disgrace, Trump says

    Thousand Oaks Killer Ian Long Mocked ‘Hopes and Prayers’ Before Massacre
    “I hope people call me insane… (laughing emojis).. wouldn’t that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah.. I’m insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is ‘hopes and prayers’.. or ‘keep you in my thoughts’… every time… and wonder why these keep happening…”

    MSNBC’s Matthews: ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ ‘Should Be Outlawed’
    Ragnarok: GREAT Solution, Chris!!! Moron...


    Armed Citizen Saves Mother of Three from Alleged Assault After Hearing ‘Blood-Curdling’ Screams

    Washington State Voters Agree To Further Regulate Guns, Including Semi-Automatic Rifles
    The sweeping 30-page measure will raise the legal age to buy semi-automatic rifles to 21. To obtain such weapons, people will need to pass an enhanced background check, take a training course and wait 10 business days after a purchase.

    I-1639 also will enact a storage law. Gun owners who don’t secure their firearms with devices such as a trigger lock or safe could be charged with gross misdemeanor or felony “community endangerment” crimes for allowing prohibited people (such as children) to access and display or use the weapons

    Hamas leader: There's no deal with the 'occupation'
    Yahya Sinwar says ceasefire with Israel had not been achieved, despite the fact that Hamas received $15 million in cash provided by Qatar

    US and European nations warn Israel liable to attack Lebanon
    Report: US and European nations tell Lebanon that Israel will start all out war with Hezbollah over missile production

    Khashoggi killed for disclosing Saudi funding of anti-Iran TV channel

    Erdogan to meet world leaders in visit to Paris

    Greece sees surge in migrant crossings from Turkey

    Far-left Greek PM to attempt to remove Christianity as State religion
    In what will likely not be a popular decision, Greece’s extreme-left PM Alexis Tsipras, has announced that the 10,000 Orthodox Church employees will be taken off the public payroll as he attempts to remove Christianity as the state religion

    Hezbollah has more firepower than ‘95 percent of world’s conventional militaries’

    ‘Heil Hitler’ written on Jewish family’s Vegas home
    Jewish woman says she was already planning on immigrating to Israel when the anti-Semitic attack happened

    Massive California fires destroy town, Malibu ordered to evacuate

    Michelle Obama rips Trump as misogynist, bigoted in new book

    Donald Trump Responds to Michelle Obama: I’ll ‘Never Forgive’ Your Husband
    “I’ll never forgive him for what he did to our military,” Trump said referring to former President Barack Obama. “I’ll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways, which I’ll talk to you about in the future.”

    Trump dismissed her remarks as a “controversy” ginned up to sell books


    They'll keep counting until they get the results they want

    Florida Official Overseeing Vote Count Destroyed Ballots, Accused of Not Removing Dead Voters from Rolls
    The Florida official put in charge of counting votes in Broward County — the most liberal county in the state — for the gubernatorial and Senate race previously destroyed voter ballots, a judge ruled, and was most recently accused of not removing dead voters from the voter rolls

    Rick Scott: Left-Wing Activists, Democratic D.C. Lawyers Trying ‘to Steal This Election’

    Marc Elias, Lawyer Tied to Clinton Campaign & ‘Pee Dossier,’ Leads Dems’ Florida Recount Efforts
    “We believe that at the end of this process, Sen. Nelson is going to be declared the winner,” Elias said

    GOP Senate Candidate Rick Scott Files Bombshell Lawsuits Accusing Dem Florida Election Officials Of Trying To ‘Steal The Election’

    Broward County Ballot Shenanigans: Mystery Truck Deliveries, Slow Counting And More
    Trying to steal the election right in front of our eyes

    Voter Fraud Allegedly Found In Deep Blue Florida County
    Over 100 provisional ballots were rejected in Miami-Dade County on Thursday after election officials said that those people showed up to vote a second time in the same election, according to a local media reporter

    Democrat Sinema Takes 9,600-Vote Lead Over GOP Opponent In Arizona Senate Race

    Florida School Board Rams Through Transgender Guidelines Despite Parental Outrage
    Pro-LGBT forces won a narrow victory Tuesday at the Sarasota County School Board, despite numerous parents attending a board meeting to express displeasure at both the content and handling of new guidelines for students suffering from gender confusion.

    Released last month and devised by an “LGBTQIA Task Force,” the guidelines (download link here) purport to help “make each Sarasota K-12 public school a safer place for all students – with particular emphasis on LGBTQIA community of students.”

    The document defines “gender” as a “social construct” different from “biological sex”; calls for addressing “transgender” students by their “name and gender requested” and allows them to wear whatever clothes match their “consistently asserted gender identity”; and guarantees them “equitable” access to extracurricular activities and programs.

    More significantly, it also pledges to accommodate students “who want to use the locker room in accordance with their consistently asserted gender identity,” as well as to guarantee their inclusion in overnight field trips

    Donald Trump Rips ‘Very Unprofessional’ Jim Acosta, Says He Might Revoke Other Press Passes

    NYC 9/11 Top Cop Bernard Kerik: FBI Must Classify ANTIFA as a ‘Domestic Terror Group’

    UC Berkley Students Compare Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims to Deaths of Hamas-Led Rioters

    James Woods to Antifa Mobs: Banging Down My Door a Death Wish

    Snoop Dogg Smokes Weed Outside White House Ranting, ‘F*ck the President’

    Leftists Blame ‘White Women’ for Red State Midterm Losses
    Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy tweeted Wednesday, “White women: footsoldiers of the patriarchy,” along with what percentage of white women had voted for GOP Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis

    Districts with Large Foreign-Born Populations Sent Far-Left Democrats to Congress

    Ragnarok: Turning the country into the third-world hellholes they escaped from...

    Conditions In The Democratic Paradise Of California
    In San Francisco, people call the city’s telephone hotline about 65 times a day to report piles of human feces on streets and sidewalks

    You Didn’t Hear About This Muslim Attack In Minnesota
    On Saturday, September 22, 2018, while the world focused on the tragedy in Iran of the Ahvaz military parade attack carried out by ISIS, a mob of Somali Muslim men and boys rushed the entrance to Valleyfair, a family amusement park that had set aside the day to honor law enforcement in Minnesota.

    The mob overcame security, jumping fences avoiding metal detectors while bringing in weapons. It was a direct, premeditated attack on police and security. Backup had to be called in along with fire trucks, ambulances and even a police helicopter. This attack should be understood as a “dry run” test (in counterterrorism parlance)

    Ragnarok: Actually... If you read these threads, you did know about it when it happened...

    Republican Texas Judge Frees Juveniles In Court After Losing Bench To Democrat
    A juvenile judge in Houston stunned everyone in his courtroom when he unceremoniously freed as many as a dozen young suspects who appeared before him the day after he lost reelection to a Democrat.

    Judge Glenn Devlin, who is known for sending youths to detention in droves, simply asked whether or not they planned to kill anyone before turning them loose

    California Man Instructed Teen To Toss IED At Police Officers During July March, Injuring 10 Cops

    Paging Don Lemon…

    Merkel condemns resurgent anti-Semitism in Germany
    In speech marking 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, German Chancellor warns against the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Germany
    Ragnarok: Like Merkel had nothing to do with it's comeback... If you didn't want it to come back, maybe... Just, maybe... You don't import millions of believers of an ideology that has been at war with Jews and Christians for a millenia??? So freaking clueless

    Men shouting about killing Jews end London Kristallnacht vigil
    Men shouted in Arabic about 'Palestinians', told Jews that the 'army of Muhammed is returning'
    Ragnarok: And Merkel just can't figure out why anti-Semitism is coming back...

    Suspected terror attack in Melbourne
    At least one dead in Australia after man goes on a stabbing spree while yelling 'Allahu Akhbar'
    Ragnarok: "Man goes on a stabbing spree while yelling 'Allahu Akhbar'" and you only SUSPECT a terror attack???

    Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly Melbourne stabbing
    Police say Somali-born assailant ignited his vehicle loaded with gas canisters in city’s downtown and began to knife passers-by

    French PM says anti-Semitic acts in country up 69% this year

    Scotland is the first country to approve LGBT school lessons

    Thailand: A Vegetarian Chef Killed a Customer and Then Served him to Other Customers

    Sex attacks up 70% in just one German city

    Swedish couple raped and tortured for hours in their own home
    Expressen’s image of one of the offenders is heavily pixelated, but the man’s origin isn’t hard to guess. The questions remain – why do the Swedes allow this to happen, and when have they had enough?

    Sweden: Politician charged with hate speech for saying jihadis cry out ‘allahu akbar’ before blowing themselves up
    Ragnarok: And here is the answer to the question posed above as to "why Swedes put up with it?"

    Sweden’s Left Party Wants Immigrants To Have The Right To Vote

    The patriots who fell in the Great War did not join this fight to see yet another empire trying to take a hold of Europe
    The first day of the Allied offensive marked the bloodiest day recorded in British military history, as more than nineteen thousand British and Commonwealth soldiers lost their lives in a single day

    Theresa May Poised to Betray Fishermen and Northern Ireland as EU Piles on Brexit Demands

    Brits Urge Pompeo To Keep Violent Bigot Tommy Robinson Out Of U.S.
    More than 50 members of parliament warned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that granting an entry waiver to Tommy Robinson, the founder of the extremist English Defence League, risked violence
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    A topless protester got dangerously close to Donald Trump's motorcade in Paris

    Videos and photos of the incident showed she got within metres of the president's car. It is likely to spark questions about security at the event, which is being attended by 70 world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin

    Veteran's Day ( 1:04 ) 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour
    Listen to the Moment the Guns Fell Silent Ending World War I, River Moselle, American Front
    A Veteran is someone, who at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America”, for an amount of “up to and including my life”.

    That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.

    Trump Was Right To Slam Macron After The French President Naively Painted America As The Enemy
    President Trump was right to tweet an outraged response Saturday to remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron after Macron said in a radio interview that France and Europe need an army to defend against America, Russia and China.

    By saying that “we have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron naively paints America as a potential enemy. In so doing, he ignores the hundreds of thousands of American lives sacrificed on French and European soil to save the free world during World War I and World War II.

    Landing in France Saturday to join leaders of other nations in ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, President Trump tweeted: “President Macron of France has just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of NATO, which the U.S. subsidizes greatly!”

    Macron could not have levied a greater insult at America and its veterans on this 100th anniversary of the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 to end World War I and, ironically, save Europe

    Georgia Democrats Tout Surprise Ballots In Their Attempt To Grab Governor’s Race From GOP
    Florida 2.0. They’ll keep “finding” votes until they win

    4 North Carolina Brothers, All WWII Veterans, All In Their 90s: ‘We’re Defying The Odds, Aren’t We?’

    Bob landed in France in 1944 as a platoon leader in the Army’s 8th Infantry Division, suffered a gruesome leg wound in artillery fire that September, then returned to action as a captain with the 29th Infantry Regiment before being honorably discharged after the war as a major. Later in life, among many other accomplishments, he was a textile executive and president of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

    Jim sailed for Europe in 1944 and served closely behind the lines in a combat military police company with the Army during the Rhineland and Central Europe campaigns; he was en route to the Pacific Ocean theater when the Japanese surrendered. He moved to Atlanta 60 years ago, retiring in 1996 from Caraustar Industries, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of recycled paperboard products, having served as president, CEO and chairman of the board. (Though he was absent from the interview, and wasn’t able to join via cellphone or a video call due to difficulty speaking, his brothers brought his name up at every opportunity: “We’re very proud of Jim. We really wish he could be here, too,” Rufus said.)

    Rufus entered the front line in the Vosges Mountains in November 1944 as a corporal in the 100th. While his unit was engaged with the German Army, he took a piece of shrapnel in the head — and returned to the battlefield the next day. By the time the war ended in 1945, he had risen to first lieutenant. Among his many postwar accomplishments: He helped found a textile mill and a microcircuits plant in Mooresville, and has spent half a century on the board of the North Carolina Outward Bound School.

    Harry joined the Navy the day before his 18th birthday in 1945 and had qualified for the Naval Radio School, but the war ended before he’d finished. So he served at the Shelton Naval Station in Norfolk, Va., until he was honorably discharged in 1946. In business, he ran a subsidiary of brother Jim’s company in Rock Hill, S.C. (where he still lives), eventually succeeding Jim as president, and — continuing his family’s tradition of supporting nonprofits — was chairman of the Sierra Club Foundation for many years.

    As a young girl during the war, Sally gobbled up newspaper and radio reports about her brothers’ companies’ whereabouts, giving her parents daily updates. She grew up to serve her community as passionately as her brothers served their country: A founding member of the Levine Museum of the New South, she has served on the boards of the Arts & Science Council, the Charlotte Symphony and the McColl Center — to name a few. (Her husband, Russell Robinson, is a founding partner of one of North Carolina’s largest law firms, Robinson Bradshaw.)

    Fake Hate: Racist Note On Kansas State Apartment Door Was Self-Manufactured

    The racist note reportedly left on the door of a Kansas State student was actually put there by the student himself, University officials said Thursday.

    Campus police began investigating the note Monday after the student posted a picture of it on the door frame of his home at Jardine Apartments. The note read, “Beware n***ers live here! Knock at your own risk.”

    Investigators say the student admitted making the sign and hanging it

    Democrats Promise Congressional Action On Gun Control

    Media Dismisses Florida Election Misconduct As Conservative Conspiracy Theory

    Andrew Gillum Withdraws Concession As Florida Recount Begins

    Men Shouting About Killing Jews End London Kristallnacht Vigil
    A vigil held by pro-Israel activists in London for Jews murdered in Arab countries was dispersed violently by men shouting about killing Jews in Arabic

    Parkland School Shooter Registered To Vote While In Jail, Outraging Victim’s Father

    CIA’s ‘Surveillance State’ Is Operating Against Us All
    The latest outrage is found in newly declassified documents from 2014. They reveal the CIA not only intercepted emails of U.S. citizens but they were emails of the most sensitive kind — written to Congress and involving whistleblowers reporting alleged wrongdoing within the Intelligence Community.
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    UN Report: More Than 200 Mass Graves Containing Thousands Killed by ISIS Discovered in Iraq

    (World Watch Monitor) — More than 200 mass graves containing the remains of thousands of people killed by Islamic State have been discovered in northern and western Iraq, according to a UN report that was released on Tuesday.

    The report by UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the UN Human Rights Office documents the existence of 202 mass graves in the governorates of Ninewa, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and Anbar. The sizes of the graves range from eight to what could be thousands of bodies, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR). A Safe Alternative to Harmful 5G Wireless

    Psalm 94:1 O Lord, the God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, let your glorious justice shine forth! 2 Arise, O Judge of the earth. Give the proud what they deserve. 3 How long, O Lord? How long will the wicked be allowed to gloat?


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