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CHAT The Engineered Collapse Of Venezuela Is The Start Of The War On The Free World
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    The Engineered Collapse Of Venezuela Is The Start Of The War On The Free World

    The Engineered Collapse Of Venezuela Is The Start Of The War On The Free World

    Is Venezuela just a failed socialist nation, or is there something more sinister about the collapse? Here’s some insight from a prepper who made it out…

    by J.G. Martinez via The Organic Prepper

    I have a certain degree of acceptance for some things. However, these last two weeks my ability to be surprised has been superseded. The price increase in everything and the difference between the salaries in Venezuela is something unbelievable. How the people have not started to burn down government buildings is a mystery for me.

    This is no political analysis; is a common sense article. If a gang of thugs arrived in your neighborhood and started to charge fees and ration food, electricity, water, and gas, how much time would be necessary for the neighbors be so pissed off to start shooting? Even without guns they would make a huge mess.

    But I believe that our gene pool was decimated thoroughly, and our civil wars consumed already the warrior genetics needed to get rid of that coward gang, that shoots in the head a pregnant woman like they did with the wife of the Rebel Pilot, Oscar Perez one year ago.

    We need to be aware, even those with the most combative genes, of everything that comes after an economic collapse. Good military can become rogue. Jail gates can be opened, and the worst of the worst can come out, after paying a good fee to some corrupt employee that needs the money to get his family out of the city. Entire supermarkets can start to close their doors and refuse to sell if things get really nasty. The managers and employees will buy whatever is left on the shelves if they can make it safely to the shops.
    Inmates have been freed as a control mechanism.

    In the last days of the WWII, Hitler´s officers gave the orders to open the gates of jails, gave old, ragged army uniforms and an assault rifle to the inmates, and assigned to the regular troops the immediate execution of any inmate that tried to escape or refuse to fight.

    Just for the record, the mafia in Venezuela did not need a war as a excuse. The worst of the inmates roam freely because they are being used as a control mechanism for society. This had been happening for some time, but now the jail in my former city is just a market. The relatives of the inmates can go inside and have access to products at low prices.

    If you don´t believe me, just do a little research about what happened to Kellog’s. Feel free to contact their CEOs, and ask them for an explanation about the blackmail that the inmates had over this company, and why they left. The criminals got into every aspect of our former structure. In the maintenance of the oil industry facilities, they control who gets signed for work, and who does not. Engineers and technician have to work with thugs that have been in prison.

    This is no joke. Union “leaders” support this. Payments in the plant maintenance temporary contracts are very good, and they need this for their vicious lifestyle. The union gets part of the money by putting them to work. Good, skilled and honest men and women are out of the game. This is even sponsored by managers and high-ranking personnel, of course. They know this happens, and they don´t care, plain and simple.

    It seems that our culture has become a devotee of those who have been in prison, or should be. It means an automatic respect, when it should be all the contrary. This is just one of the things that is plain wrong with our society. Whenever I started to notice how the military and police started to see with bad eyes to civilians with guns, I knew things were going to get very bad. Especially after seeing in the news, almost one or twice a month some officer of some corp getting killed or shot by their fellows while robbing or kidnapping someone. One of the reasons to keep myself somehow in the shadows is because some members of my own extended family suffered this situation years ago. They could manage to get out of it, though.
    What I’m hearing from friends back in Venezuela

    The reports I have been receiving are mostly from friends and relatives concerned about the economy. I explained to them that it is just the consequence of a depopulation plan being applied. Many Venezuelans still believe that Maduro is an inept moron. Far from that, fellows. He is a clever guy. Not clever enough to take care of his own health, and getting as fat as a whale (hopefully this should be helpful for us, a lethal stroke would be very welcome these days) is a proof of this.

    As I mentioned, he is clever, and in my personal opinion, he is just another one of the bunch of sociopaths that rule the sadistic gang that has imprisoned our young members of the Special Forces, and has jailed to every patriot with a uniform that has raised his/her voice. Jeez, I wonder who they will go after when the last one is in jail. The Venezuelan Boy Scouts Association?

    I am pretty sure that you are already aware of the sadistic Delcy R. (the Vice President of Venezuela) explaining that the Revolution was a REVENGE because of the killing of their father, Jorge Rodriguez, who was tortured by the police of those days after William Niehous, the CEO of the Owen Illinois was liberated. Rodriguez died, and the police responsible went to jail because of that. But Delcy and Jorge grew up and studied in good schools, and later good colleges. No one knows where they got the money for that: Jorge Rodriguez’s father was not a wealthy man.

    He was just a guerrilla operator, that combated the “imperialism” and the “capitalism”. Their aunt took care of them and this remained as a secret until now. The money paid as a ransom for the Niehous liberation never appeared, of course. My theory? This money was right to the hands of the very same criminal organization that worked so hard to provide the Rodriguez with their vengeance.
    No, Venezuelans do not deserve this.

    I write about this, because of my concerns about seeing some comments that we deserve this. Fellows, back then when Niehous was kidnapped and Jorge Rodrigez Senior died, tortured by the police to tell where the ransom money was, I was not even born.

    It is not common sense to say that me and my family, and thousands of other innocent Venezuelans, deserved to receive the vengeance of those psychos.

    I take the time to explain all of this, instead of providing some survival advice, because I need you to understand the climate that has been generated, and the kind of persons that worked for that. These are evil, Machiavellian, clever, and unscrupulous sociopaths. They don´t care about their reputation. About if what they do is wrong. About the consequences. About the collateral damage.

    They have an agenda, written overseas.

    They assigned all the members of that gang to achieve it. They provided all the necessary means: guns, money and trained mercenaries. Free access to our identification system, so the Cubans, Iranians, and North Koreans could be provided with Venezuelan passports. Our passport gave these agents access to over 170 countries, did you know? Do you believe now that this is a “bad government”, and that the crisis is generated by “bad choices” of the Venezuelan population?
    This is the beginning of a war against the free world.

    This is something that could be called the initiation of a war against the free world, and we were right in front of the money chest they needed to start it.

    The total destruction of our oil industry is what intrigues me the most. And it is a very solid proof of something: they were not interested in keeping it running. It generated prosperity and wealth for the entire country, and they needed to sink everyone in misery, to control them throwing them a crumble of bread.

    I heard in a movie of one of my favorite actors (Nicholas Cage) a phrase of one of the characters playing as a radical extremist that goes something like “The last hope of the Islam is the leftist revolution” or something very similar. This is no joke. In Trinidad island, intelligence services took over extremists already provided with Venezuelan passports. I don´t think that the VP of the country is a guy with an arabic name, neither.

    Please let me know what you think. I would be more than pleased to hear your opinions.
    Personal note

    I want to apologize to all our readers, as I have been dealing with some paperwork to legalize my presence in this country, and had to travel a little, disconnecting myself from the grid for a few days.

    I would like to finish with a special greeting to those who have sent their assistance, so I can keep providing to my family a decent meal in the table every day, and a roof over our heads. Without you, this would have been a much harder test.

    God Bless us all, people.

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    Agenda 21 For Dummies: New World Order Depopulation Exposed

    Posted on July 3, 2014 Written by InfoWars

    Earth Summit - Agenda 21

    Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.


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    The Four Stages Of The Collapse Of Venezuela
    June 15, 2018 11 1598

    “It is the 3rd stage…in the 4th stage, they will prepare concentration camps for the dissidents, as it already happened in…”

    by J.G. Martinez via The Organic Prepper

    When looking back at the collapse of Venezuela, I see that nothing there happened which was new. As many other countries that have experienced similar circumstances can attest, we went through 4 stages of collapse.

    Stage 1) The Exile

    The first stage was the exile, voluntary for those outstanding opposition members of the political world, and that could foresee and feel the first impacts of the delinquent mafia.

    These are politicians that understood exactly what the taking over the Supreme Court in 2015 was about: a seizing and power consolidation upon the occupation of the Justice system, subordinated to the President figure. This would block any further attempt of judging the politicians of the Socialist Party, and anyone who collaborate with them, no matter the crimes committed.

    It is very likely that they had first-hand information, and they knew what was about to come. They tried to warn what was coming up to the entire population. Some still do it, like Pablo Aure, or the journalist Braulio Jatar (prisoner at home and can´t make public statements) and the journalist Tamara Suju, and they received the first threats, the first incarcerations, and even political participation prohibitions were given. Possible opposition candidates like Leopoldo Lopez and Capriles are no longer an option: they were totally sold and corrupted. (Capriles received money from Odebrecht bribes, according to the CEOs statements)

    Stage 2) The Upper Middle-Class Migration

    The second stage was the upper-middle-class migration.

    Those professionals who could slowly see their life quality diminishing, and albeit having their properties and extended families, decided to flee away. Given the good level of education (many of them with 4thlevel studies) they could go through the process without too much of a struggle.

    After all, this has happened in a lot of countries, and we were not the exception. Fortunately, the free college education (something that differentiated Venezuela from other countries in South America) allowed access to third level studies to those who really appreciated them, and with the needed financial capability and endurance to finish them and become professionals (usually with help of the entire family).

    A lot of medicine, healthcare, engineering, and law professionals come from the lower middle class, just like myself and almost my entire extended family. There are a lot of stories about the grandma having to sell “arepas” in the streets, or cleaning houses and offices, just so their sons and daughters could become factory laborers or medium level technicians, and their descendants could become MDs, lawyers, and engineers.

    The oil revenues, invested in good education in the 80s and 90s decades was one of our strengths. However (remember the so-called “Cultural Revolution in China”?) after the leftist wing took over the country, this changed drastically. The resources for universities and state-sponsored educational institutions were cut off. The salaries for the education professionals are a joke, as are most of the salaries of the working class.

    The implantation of the leftist doctrine in the army educational institutions permeated and undermined the republican education, allowing a “revolutionary” influence that has resulted extremely toxic for the moral and ethical values that our armed forces once had. The respect for our Constitution no longer exists, neither, in the Army. In the name of the so-called “Revolution” that no longer exists but in the shallow, empty words that compose the increasingly weaker, arrogant (and now desperate) speeches of the mafia expositors, our Constitution has been stepped on, torn, and violated an overwhelming number of times.

    The dissidents, like me, that once realized where this was really going, are now the majorities, and these are being subjugated by hunger and disease. Most of the military officers are now under a strict surveillance by the intelligence organizations, and perhaps some others that we don´t even know.

    The disassembly of the antique republican army structure is already complete, with young, illiterate officers with medium-high ranks but without any formal instruction to deserve them, and total impunity. Ranks are for providing “authority”, getting throughout posts without being checked, and imprisoning people without a court order. And of course, this is illegal, but they do it anyway. Before Hugo´s mess, send someone to prison was not so easy. These days, people have been in jail just for tweeting how p***d off they are with the mafia. This can be verified in the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

    It was not my intention to write a merely political article, but here it goes. The consequences of this political mess is what has kicked us out of our country.

    Stage 3) Seizing Private Property

    This is incredibly painful for me, as the third stage seems to be starting: taking the private properties off the hands of the unarmed owners. In Villa Rosmini, Maracaibo city, Zulia state they demolished the gate of a subdivision with a payloader when the neighbors refused to allow in the police and the thugs.

    There was not even one shot at the “authorities” destroying private property: they were there protecting to the operator of the payloader.

    They are going to “assign” the empty homes to Colectivos gangs, and they are going to be spying for the government and collecting information about the neighbors.

    Stage 4) Locking Up Dissidents

    It is the third stage, collecting information for the communist mafia that will propel the next. When they go home after home in the 4th stage, they will prepare concentration camps for the dissidents, as it already happened in Russia and China.

    I knew this was going to happen, after witnessing Uncle Hugo seizing buildings in the center of Caracas, to “assign” them “to the poor”, whoever these guys were (We hurried up to get our passports shortly after that, just in case, go figure).

    Many people laughed at me. Now they don’t. Especially those who could not leave the country.

    I can’t believe I am writing about this right now. But I do know that sometimes the reality overcomes our wildest fantasies. Albeit I have never been a very religious man I can’t avoid to notice His intervention in my life, and I truly give thanks every day for all my blessings.

    Venezuela is a failed state

    It has started slowly, but the paint on the wall is there, fresh and dripping all over the place. The mafia has made of the State a failed one, has looted our national wealth, imprisoning those who opposed to this with violence and generated a constant terror in the citizens. This is a technique carefully used in those left (and Nazis) totalitarian governments, with a modern twist, if you want.

    International sanctions work against them, to a certain degree. But this is not enough. Destroying a gate with a payloader just because the neighbors don’t want their subdivision filled up with thugs, living next to their kids and elders…that is a very different fur of an animal. This is a total lack of respect for properties and people. This deserves to be punished, and very severely. It is an open intimidation.

    It is a crime against our Constitution and the rights that once were guaranteed by it.

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    Both articles are pretty close to the feedback I've been getting through the grapevine - but I would only add that to some degree the US set the stage for the potential of folks like the Chinese and the Russians to step in with help in exchange for military bases and the like.

    I think several US Administrations thought they could either "starve the thugs out" or "create a natural revolution" (whatever that is) by refusing to deal with Venezuela while at the same time happily dealing with other hated dictators around the world when it suits them (like Saudi Arabia).

    Instead was they got a huge portion of the public either leaving (including all those educated professionals that I can personally attest to many coming from the lower classes even in the 1970's; entrance to the University was very-very tough but if you made it the courses were free and your family just had to support you physically until you graduated).

    That wasn't a "Chavez Socialist" thing that policy was introduced under more conservative governments who used the oil money to invest in their most talented young people (now mostly in the 40's to 60's) and included over-seas study which is how I met so many of them.

    Many had oversea's contacts in North America or Europe - or with professional colleagues in other Latin American countries that could help them get them into new jobs as engineers, doctors, lawyers etc and their families out of the country early on (those who saw the writing on the wall).

    Unfortunately for the US, it tends to be people just like this that actually lead and create successful revolutions (look at the occupations levels of the US Founding Fathers - a combination of land-owners and higher level craftsman like silver-smiths, and the highly educated like Pastors, Printing Press Operators, and teachers). For the most part, these are the people in Venezuela who left as soon as they could, first voluntarily and later feeling the hot breath of the government and police around their necks.

    To stay, you either had to have a moral-religious calling (like my friend "V" the Priest) or family ties (a very elderly parent or in the case of one friend a family business) that you simply felt you couldn't leave and now for many they simply can't.

    Except now the very poor and the formerly middle class are just walking out, walking out before they die of literal starvation.

    Again despite the common myths, really starving people don't tend to revolt either - they don't have the energy, the people who tend to revolt are those who suddenly have a lot less but have not hit total physical desperation.

    Instead, really starving people with no hope pick up their surviving children and a pack (or hand cart) and they start walking.

    That happened in Europe in the last days and aftermath of WWII and it is happening in Venezuela now - no border controls or armies are likely to stop them; once people reach a certain point, they will just keep walking even into the jaws of death because they are halfway there already.

    Four million people walked out of Ruwanda that way, before that it was believed by social scientists and even militaries that people wouldn't do that, but get them desperate enough and they will.

    Two million have already walked out of Venezuela; unless their own military revolts (and they may) I don't see a "natural revolution" taking down the current government - it may collapse on its own into a state of competing warlords and choas but the majority of citizens are likely to either to hide or leave.
    expatriate Californian living in rural Ireland with husband, dogs, horses. garden and many, many cats


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