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Earth Chgs Our Planet is Dying!
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    4 Our Planet is Dying!

    Mods, please leave this on the main for a bit? I think this is very important.

    Because we have lots of friends and family in FL, I have been taking note of the fish die off due to red tide algae. In checking tonight, the red tide algae appears to be just the tip of the environmental iceberg. The tide has gone from the western FL pan handle, down the entire west coast, around the keys and is now as far north on the east coast as Ft. Lauderdale.

    Below is a list of die-offs, (with links attached) along the entire west coast of Florida since May. The list is frightening. There are billions of sea life dead and clogging the waterways, Fish, turtles, manatees, dolphins, whales, snakes. It is staggering!

    As if this wasn't bad enough, I then found another list with links. This one is regarding animal die offs, *around the world!*

    The articles claim that "Earth has crossed its own tipping point and is creaking under the strain: Two-thirds of animals extinct by 2020!"

    We are so transfixed on our own little world and its issues that we're not aware that our planet is DYING!
    For those who believe in the Resurrection, death is inconsequential

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    Breathe. Some of these stories are from events that have happened over many years. There are die offs every year. Always have been.

    We should be more aware and careful of our environment. The Iroquois made decisions for seven generations. Lots of wisdom there. We are now only worried about today, not tomorrow. In reality, we really don't know how to manage this earth. We don't know enough. We can't control too many variables. We can be more careful about pollution, runoff, etc., but part of the problem is simply population pressure. Dams, roads, building sites, etc. impact wildlife. Not letting fires burn affects wildlife. Foreign species introduced either accidentally or to control another pest can become invasive. Winds can blow species from one continent to another. Unusual warmth, cold, drought, and floods can make a difference. Some elements of a niche we can control, but too many we can't or don't know how to balance between an entire ecosystem.

    Did you know that there are more deer now than when the original 13 Colonies were started? It has to do with opening up the Eastern forests, creating more open spaces and browse for them. Did that get mentioned? I suspect there are more coyotes now. They are very adaptable creatures. Alligators love man-made canals, marshmallows and poodles.

    I have seen the last male Dusky Seaside Sparrow. He was in an atrium in a field, calling for a mate that would never appear. They hoped that there was a female left, but one never showed. It was sad and sobering. I saw the last of a species. You never forget that.

    I'm thinking that this site is pushing an agenda, instead of a taking a measured look at animal deaths. I didn't track it down, but just like global warming cults, there have been these warnings over the years from animal groups who either have no common sense, are seeking money, or have an agenda for one of various causes. They are using emotion, fear and hopelessness to influence you. They're pretty good at it, too.

    Will we lose some species? Yes. Some like the California Condor were on their way out before white settles came west. Their extinction has been delayed, but it would take very little for them to die out. Extinction numbers have increased rapidly. We don't know how many species can be lost before an ecosystem crashes.

    My advice? Breathe. Be aware. Treat the earth kindly. It's the only one we got. Try to leave things better than you found them. I pick up trash as I walk along beaches, pack out some other people's trash on trails, but no, I don't pack out poop. Not mine. Certainly not anyone else's. But I know to leave water clean. I may need to drink downstream. Most of all, remember that Grandfather has the final say in things. Do what we can, but know that we are not God.

    You have a good heart, evenso. You care.

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    We are approaching a Grand Solar Minimum. If you want to know about real approaching trouble go check it out. There is a good thread going about it here in Earth Changes.
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