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Earth Chgs Cloned woolly mammoths will roam Siberia again
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    Cloned woolly mammoths will roam Siberia again

    Cloned woolly mammoths will roam Siberia again within a decade, region head predicts

    Published time: 18 Sep, 2018 23:02 Edited time: 19 Sep, 2018 10:02
    Russia’s answer to ‘Jurassic Park’ will be inhabited by born-again woolly mammoths in less than ten years, said the acting head of Russia’s Sakha Republic, Aisen Nikolaev.
    This ‘miracle’ will happen within a decade, Nikolaev said at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, pointing to the country’s collaboration with Korean and Japanese scientists.

    “We are actively working with South Korea,” he said, predicting that the resurrection of the extinct woolly beasts is imminent. “Back in 2014, a group of my friends and I proposed a project to create an Ice Age Park with mammoths - everyone laughed then, but they’re not laughing now.”

    The Sakha Republic –also known as Yakutia– is home to Pleistocene Park, an ice-age version of Jurassic park that is seeking to recreate the ecosystem that was dominant when mammoths thrived.

    Nikolaev believes, however, that it’s not fantastical to think that cloned beasts will roam the nature reserve in the near future. “This is the project of the future,” he told Russian media. “I believe that in the lifetime of our generation we will be able to clone mammoths.

    Real-life ‘Jurassic Park’? Siberian lab set to clone extinct mammals

    All prerequisites for this are there,” he said, adding that the technology was developing at an explosive pace.

    Cloning experiments have already begun in the region on extinct ancient horses and cave lions in preparation for the revolutionary restoring of the woolly mammoth, reported the Siberian Times.

    Back in 2012 a research institute in the Sakha Republic signed an agreement with South Korea's Sooam Biotech Research Foundation outlining their intention to produce a living mammoth. Meanwhile, researchers in Harvard have also been working on creating a woolly mammoth and elephant hybrid. If the cloning attempts are successful, theses creatures would also be taken to Pleistocene Park.

    Ice Age Park? Russian, S.Korean scientists to clone woolly mammoth

    The majority of woolly mammoths were wiped out 10,000 years ago; however a small population endured in Northern Siberia for some 6,000 more years after the mammoths of the mainland had died off.

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    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Did none of these people see or read Jurassic Park?!?!
    Needs more cowbell.
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    I recall like it was yesterday. It was about 1992, I had two weeks of training at the Carrier factory training lab near Portland Oregon.

    During that time the local news main story was about the Mammoth remains they found in a cave that still had fur on them and was put into the cave by the local Indians, and the estimated time frame was only a thousand plus years ago.

    I look now, and there is no documented history of the find. Thinking Im having a Mandela event. And it grrrs me...

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    I saw a documentary that the Russians found an intact whole carcass in the permafrost in Siberia. It was extracted and taken to a secure scientific facility. I think that was after 1992, so more like 2000-2002.
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    You may be thinking of this one:

    "Lyuba is a female woolly mammoth calf who died c. 41,800 years ago at the age of 30 to 35 days. She is by far the best preserved mammoth mummy in the world … Lyuba was discovered in May 2007 …" (
    Attached Images

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    I don't have a problem "bringing back" Mammoths because a few lived on until about 5,000 years ago on an isolated Island and they are just cousins of modern elephants - the Russians (among others) have offered to set aside wildlife refuges for them so they would have a place to live in their natural habitat; I suspect the modern "mammoths" will be a combination of ancient and modern elephant DNA with the "hairy gene" turned on.

    Most mammals have that gene (even humans) but for some reason in humans outside of certain families (usually in the circus in modern times) it never became dominant probably because we've been making clothing for at least 100,000 or more years.

    I'd worry about some of the other critters though - yep you probably could bring back a big toothed cat but would you want too? What would they prey on, mammoths like they used to?

    I love the Dire Wolf project (we are on the list for one at some point) which is using modern dogs and no wolf crosses (like our Deamon) to bred back the basic Dire Wolf body type (which isn't the same as a modern Wolf) but with the personality of a lovely sweet rug and as long a lifespan as possible for a giant breed.

    The idea is to give people who want a "Direwolf" but the fire, but not to mess with the genetics or issues involved when you breed back real wolves into a strain - I mean German Shepards were bred with wolves to create the breed in the 1930's so this can be done, but I like that they are not doing this.

    Lots of ethical issues but this is going to happen unless the TSHTF to prevent science from going forward, if not in the US than in Asia.
    expatriate Californian living in rural Ireland with husband, dogs, horses. garden and many, many cats


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