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Earth Chgs Magnetic change in polar??/
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    May 2004
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    Magnetic change in polar??/

    Haven't posted in a couple of years here but I noticed something that is bothering me perhaps someone here can answer I moved to Georgia a year ago I have had my car since 2014 all of a sudden three times in the last month the compass which shows me in the car which direction I am going had to be calibrated my daughter has had the same problem with her apple phone with the maps driving direction is the a pol shift that is causing a magnetic change?

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    FAA has had to rename some runways recently also so ‘north pole’ movement are having some local effects
    Have not seen drastic effects here in TX but you can bet more sites on the east coast will have ongoing issues as the ‘pole’ is moving north and west last time I checked
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    I wouldn't think you'd see much change in Georgia from the ongoing wandering magnetic north pole. You can find animations of the moving magnetic north pole (not the same as the axial North Pole) over the last few hundred years but all of them seem to be on flat maps, which I think distorts what they'd look like on a globe (and thus how it impacts any given area like, say, Georgia). So I went looking for an animation showing the last couple hundred years only on a globe, but alas no luck. Here's a static globe showing three positions over the last 110 years, and I think the group of arrows lining up with the white spot at the bottom (which I think may be the Gulf of Mexico) and more-or-less running over the top of Georgia don't really move (but I could be visualizing this wrong).
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