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    free ebooks today

    Advice & Self-Help
    6 Reviews

    Minimalist Transformation: How Minimalism Will Simplify And Change Your Life by Craig W. Hedge
    A Minimalist Taking Minimalism To The Next Level! 'Minimalist Transformation: How Minimalism Will Simplify And Change Your Life', acknowledges that real change happens in our lives when we know who we are, where we stand, and where we are going. This Book Will: Guide you towards new ways of living a meaningful life
    Show you how you can live better with less Help you find your freedom and simplify your life Awaken you to new possibilities and lifestyle options Help you find your value and rediscover yourself Define the difference between change and transformation Help you with real life examples from my life experiences... FREE Was: $2.99

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    16 Reviews

    How To Cook Restaurant-Quality Burgers by Tony James Miller
    How To Cook Restaurant-Quality Burgers. This Guide Will Help You: How to make sure your burgers don't have a very thick middle after cooking, How to ensure that your burgers stays moist during cooking, How to create that brown crust on your burgers without overcooking them. Some of the kitchen-tested recipes for my guide include: Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburger, Burgers with Caramelized Onion, Basic Blue Cheese Burger, Burgers wih Portobello Mushroom and Garlic Aioli
    Chili Barbecued Bacon Cheeseburger FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It Now

    92 Reviews

    World War 2: The Untold Stories of the Soldiers on the Battlefields of WWII by Ryan Jenkins
    Read the Stories of Heroic Soldiers of World War II. Military men and women are brave people that risk their lives for the good of their country. However, there are always a few that seem to go above and beyond the call of duty, and their actions live on in history for generations to come. This was the case with WWII. Pick up your copy of this book today and learn about the deeds of brave men from both sides of the war. FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It Now

    General Nonfiction
    99 Reviews

    30 Crochet Patterns In 30 Days With The Ultimate Crochet Guide! by Anna Cross
    Discover RIGHT NOW 30 Fun And Cute Crochet Patterns For Decorating Your Home, Expressing Your Self, And Adorning Your Loved Ones With Beautiful Accessories! **We've also included images of EVERY DIY project so you can see exactly what you're creating!. Hi fellow crocheters! My name is Anna Cross and I've compiled a brilliant selection of DIY crochet projects for you to master! There are a plethora of reasons for you to start on them today. For one, this is the perfect place for beginner Do-it-yourself enthusiasts who have basic crochet knowledge to nurture their creative genius. If you don't have the basic crochet knowledge yet, don't fret! This comes with a free ebook download that will show you everything you need to get started on these patterns! FREE Was: $4.98

    Get It Now
    564 Reviews

    Cherry Bomb - A Thriller (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries Book 6) by J.A. Konrath
    At the end of Fuzzy Navel, J. A. Konrath surprised readers with an agonizing cliffhanger: One of Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels's loved ones is dead. But who? Readers were left clamoring to know more. Cherry Bomb, the sixth Jack Daniels mystery, opens at the funeral. While Jack stands graveside, tears in her eyes, her cell phone rings. It's the killer, escaped maniac Alex Kork, taunting Jack, drawing her ever further into a twisted game of cat and mouse. Because while Alex is more than willing to kill random victims, Jack is her true prey. But which woman wants revenge more? FREE Was: $4.99

    Get It Now
    Inner Connections
    God gets the
    Glory...He gave the Gift

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    Thanks, again.

    Now, does the fact that I keep downloading additional books about "minimalism" say something about my cognative dissonance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsman View Post
    Thanks, again.

    Now, does the fact that I keep downloading additional books about "minimalism" say something about my cognative dissonance?
    LOL! I've been reading a lot of books on this topic, too. They are keeping me motivated as I declutter and organize the house -- we moved here at the end of March, and I'm still opening boxes and putting things away -- but a lot of it should have been disposed of before we left Oregon.

    Thanks, SAR01!

    Behold, these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him.
    Job 26:14

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