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    N.E.Ohio, USA

    free ebooks today

    Advice & Self-Help
    20 Reviews

    Anti-Aging Skincare by Rachel Knight
    Confused about anti-aging? You're not alone. Investigative journalist, Rachel Knight, reveals how many anti-aging products have no evidence behind them. She investigates the products with real evidence, and shows which ones are worth spending your money on. From skincare creams, anti-aging devices, supplements and lifestyle tips, she leaves no stone unturned in finding out what really works. What's more, using her Master's degree in clinical research and her years working in healthcare advertising, Rachel equips her readers with industry knowledge, so that they will forever understand the tricks of the trade. FREE Was: $8.99

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    160 Reviews

    Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive by Dan "Tito" Davis
    The Drug Game From The Inside. Dan "Tito" Davis comes from a town in South Dakota that's so small everyone knows their neighbor's cat's name. But once he got out, he made some noise. While at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, he started manufacturing White Crosses, aka speed, and soon had the Banditos Motorcycle Club distributing ten million pills a week. Life On The Run. After serving a nickel, he got into the weed game, but just when he got going, he was set up by a childhood friend. Facing thirty years, Davis slipped into Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, which began a thirteen-year odyssey that led him to an underground hideout for a Medellin cartel, through the jungles of the Darien Gap, the middle of Mumbai's madness, and much more. The Ultimate Fugitive Story FREE Was: $4.99

    Get It Now

    6 Reviews

    The INN: Twists and Turns in a Desert Oasis by Arye Dreyfus
    In a rocky, half-forgotten part of the Negev, an isolated inn shelters people who feel they have let themselves waste away. The battered site doesn't offer the amenities of a structured therapeutic doctrine or the benefits of the wisdom of the sages. As there are no political or religious allegiances or any public financial support, no inhibiting barriers taint Neve Dror; its callers succeed every morning to create a new human mosaic. Amazingly, in spite of its unsophisticated ways, the inn's unwritten motto, "You are all you have", comes true more often than not. Men and women, young and old, world famous as well as social underdogs, agnostic Jews and devout Christians, manual workers and troubadours, self-made local businessman and rich foreign heirs all rub shoulders with each other as equals in their foster home. They are all too wise to the ways of the world to expect the scars on their back to quickly melt away in their strange new haven... FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It Now Free Book of the Day The Last Orchard: A Tale Of Survival In A Powerless World- Book 1 by James Hunt
    When an EMP renders the country impotent, Charlie Decker and a small band of survivors head toward his family's orchard outside of Seattle. But while food and water is abundant, their safe haven becomes a target not just for the enemy, but anyone looking to survive. FREE Was: $0.99

    Get It Now Free Book of the Day
    16 Reviews

    Celt: The Journey of Kyle Gibbs (A Kyle Gibbs Action Thriller - Book 1) by Wayne Marinovich
    The race for the last of the planet's resources has begun. Lord Francis Butler ruthlessly leads a group of billionaire businessmen in their quest to control the last of the planet's resources. Driven on by the discovery of a methane release that could alter the world's sea-level, with catastrophic consequences, they will stop at nothing to secure their wealth and fortunes. Will their actions help the world to preserve the remaining resources, or are their motives more sinister? Sergeant Kyle Gibbs is a disgruntled Scotsman, who after serving as an SAS team leader for a disintegrating British Government, jumps at the opportunity to become a mercenary for this secret Billionaires Club. After a failed incursion into an oil-rich country, Gibbs, and his team are left at the mercy of the African Continent... FREE

    Get It Now Free Book of the Day
    54 Reviews

    American Terrorist (The Rayna Tan Action Thrillers Book 1) by Wesley Robert Lowe
    Explosive Action, International Drama and Chilling Suspense. When terrorists launch assaults on the Washington Monument and the New York subway system, all government resources are thrown at the situation, trying to contain the damage and prevent more. But is this the end game, or just the opening act? A Vital Clue Is Ignored. When a video of desecration and beheading in a small Syrian village appears briefly on the deep web, no one pays attention to the ragtag marauders who promise to "light up America." No one, that is, except Rayna Tan, ex-Canadian Special Forces and newly minted covert operative. It's Definitely Not Just A Man's World Anymore. FREE Was: $4.99

    Get It Now Cooking
    7 Reviews

    Amish Cooking: Wholesome and Simple Amish Recipe Cookbook (Amish Cookbook 1) by Sarah Spencer
    Discover the Amish ways of cooking wholesome meals the whole family will love. Prepare authentic recipes passed down from one generation to the next with Amish Cooking. There is nothing quite as tempting as biting into a warm dish that you know has been made from fresh, natural ingredients, and that is the beauty of the Amish way of cooking. Amish culture emphasizes the simple life, and so the Amish prefer to prepare their food in the simplest, most natural way possible. Their traditional recipes have been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations. In the midst of a hectic modern lifestyle, it feels warm and soothing to return to simple, classic recipes to put food on the table for our families. Simplicity also means that you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen or use any special gadgets. You can easily create something delicious that can satisfy your stomach and mesmerize your family members. FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It Now
    Inner Connections
    God gets the
    Glory...He gave the Gift

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    Thank you!
    "Growing up leads to growing old and then to dying,
    And dying to me don't sound like all that much fun"

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    Dec 2002
    Atlantic Canada

    1Pe 4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore of sound mind, and be sober unto prayer

    Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    Joh 3:17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him.

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    Thank you.


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