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USA Gun Rights Require a White Majority
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    Gun Rights Require a White Majority

    Conservatives better wake up before it’s too late.

    In John Milius’ 1984 classic movie Red Dawn, which probably got him blacklisted from Hollywood, a pivotal scene illustrates the current political situation. Soviet invaders are sneaking across the southern border with the help of Hispanic Communists disguised as illegal immigrants. After a bucolic, almost entirely white town is invaded and devastated by the Communists, there is a shot of a bumper sticker on a truck reading, “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.” The white hand of a dead American is framed in the shot, clutching a pistol. One of the Communists calmly reaches down, takes the weapon, and moves on.

    Mr. Milius was a longtime board member of the National Rifle Association and this message was no accident. The NRA has thus far avoided becoming yet another failed, ineffective, far-right conspiratorial group and is instead one of the groups most effective at mobilizing voters nationwide. Yet while many Americans think only a uniformed military force could disarm them, they are blind to how a surreptitious army is poised to help their own government disarm them. As Gregory Hood noted, Democrats and the mainstream media are waging a dramatic war on the NRA, and in the long run, they are likely to win through sheer demographics unless European-Americans do something about it.

    Indeed, in states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and Red Dawn’s Colorado, they have already won victories by banning high-capacity magazines and certain firearms. Senator Dianne Feinstein gleefully rubbed her hands together when President Donald Trump foolishly mentioned restrictions on the Second Amendment. She wants the rest of the country to adopt restrictions like those already passed in states that have gone brown.

    The Left recognizes this explicitly. In the aftermath of the Florida shooting, Joy Reid penned a racially triumphalist article bragging about the end of the NRA and the Second Amendment: “If Wayne LaPierre doesn’t understand that the next generation and the next will be unavailable to him and his vile philosophy, he needs a quick lesson in demographic math. One way or another, the NRA and its extremist ideology are on a path to extinction.”

    Conservatives pretend this isn’t true. Ben Shapiro may defend the Second Amendment, but famously declared: “I don’t give a good damn about the so-called ‘browning of America.’ Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” Yet “color” and ideology are inextricably linked, especially when it comes to guns. A 2013 Pew Research study shows 82 percent of gun owners in America are white.

    The data clearly show that the shifting racial composition of the country means the end of the Second Amendment:

    An early 2014 Pew Research Center survey asked U.S. adults what is more important—protecting the right of Americans to own guns or controlling gun ownership. Hispanic registered voters nationally say they prefer gun control over the rights of owners by a margin of 62%-to-36%, as do black registered voters by a margin of 71%-to-26%, according to the survey. By contrast, white registered voters choose gun owners’ rights over gun control by a margin of 59%-to-39%. . . .

    Looking across all Hispanics . . . , 82% of foreign-born Hispanics think controlling gun ownership is more important than protecting gun ownership rights, compared with 59% of Hispanics born in the U.S. who say the same.

    Politics, race, and guns are closely linked:

    Gun ownership is more common among men than women, and white men are particularly likely to be gun owners. Among those who live in rural areas, 46% say they are gun owners, compared with 28% of those who live in the suburbs and 19% in urban areas. There are also significant differences across parties, with Republican and Republican-leaning independents more than twice as likely as Democrats and those who lean Democratic to say they own a gun (44% vs. 20%).

    Liberals are counting on non-whites to be allies. As the Washington Post put it in 2015:

    Polls show that whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control by a significant margin (57 percent to 40 percent). Yet whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long. Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws.

    An overwhelming majority of African Americans say that gun control is more important than gun rights (72 percent to 24 percent). . . .

    The fastest-growing minority group in America is Latinos. . . . Hispanics, which make up 17 percent of the population today, are expected to grow to 30 percent of the population in the coming decades.

    Gun control is extremely popular among Hispanics, with 75 percent favoring gun safety over gun rights. . . .

    Although only about 5 percent of the population today, the Asian American population is predicted to triple over the next few decades. A recent poll of Asian American registered voters found that 80 percent supported stricter gun laws.

    Perhaps in response to these attacks, the NRA has pursued racial diversity—largely without success. The people who attend its conventions are overwhelmingly white. Van Jones, a former leader of a Communist group called STORM and now a CNN host, casually calls the NRA this generation’s “KKK.”

    David French of National Review recently argued that the Left will never win the argument on gun control, but it doesn’t have to change anyone’s mind. All it needs to do is replace those who are allowed to decide. As demographics change, the NRA’s effectiveness will wane. Millennials of all races—except for whites—are overwhelmingly in favor of gun control. Even mentioning the validity of “arguments” in this context is as pointless as running a Republican for mayor of Baltimore.

    America may not be invaded by a foreign army, but it is being occupied by a foreign people, and when it comes to constitutional rights, the consequences are the same. Conservatives who value the Second Amendment better wake up before it is too late.
    "Property must be sacred or liberty cannot exist"

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    Happy on the mountain
    Western civilization requires a white majority ... that's why whites are under attack. The death of western civilization is the globalist goal.
    The wonder of our time isn’t how angry we are at politics and politicians; it’s how little we’ve done about it. - Fran Porretto

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    Oct 2014
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    As Madison and Jefferson said in the BOR:
    THE Conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institution

    These are natural rights. Therefore, the majority can repeal, reject, rewrite or use scissors to cut out the 2nd Amendment, but it will NOT change the fact that these rights still exists. Either you stand on the premise that these are our God given rights with or without it in writing, and use whatever means necessary to protect them, or become a good little subject to the oligarchs.

    There is a foundation of citizens that has kept this country alive, at least on life support. It is white, armed and educated. It is conservative. It understands history. It knows what an unarmed population will become. It is despised by the world and the world is jealous. Guns and Bibles are the last road blocks to the NWO.
    Member of the Nowski Brigade
    "Fighting communism was more fun when it was a group effort abroad instead of an insurgency at home."

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    It requires someone to properly argue the point in court and note you do not have an exclusive gun right. Also note the Supreme Court said they will not hear another gun rights argument and that being so the lower courts will not give into your demands.
    Last edited by Publius; 03-08-2018 at 08:37 PM. Reason: fix left out word.

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    The right to life, and to defend that life using tools is inherent in the human condition.

    It isn't something that one man or gov't gave man, it is God given.

    It cannot be abrogated.

    it can only be prevented at gun point via threat of cage or death, and even then the right remains, just the tyrant committing foul deeds to block it.


    My family & clan are my country.


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