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CRISIS The Four Horsemen - 03/07 to 03/12
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    The Four Horsemen - 03/07 to 03/12


    Jerry Brown: Trump ‘Going to War Against the State of California’
    Ragnarok: You started it, douchebag!

    Sessions "Will Consider" Special Counsel for Obama Political Spying
    Ragnarok: Translation, "Sessions will do nothing... Again..."

    Marco Rubio Urges Revision of Obama-Era School Discipline Policy that Discourages Reporting Student Threats

    BREAKING: DOJ Releases ‘Fast And Furious’ Documents, Previously Blocked By Obama Admin, To Oversight Committee

    Federal Judge Allows Trump To Withhold Grants To California As Part Of Sanctuary City Crackdown

    Belief in Two-State Solution Fits Definition of Insanity
    “The Palestinians have rejected every state offered to them and the Palestinian Authority openly supports terrorism and rejects Israel. We all know a Palestinian state anytime in the near future will be at war with Israel and Western civilization. Maybe one day a long time from now if the Palestinians have a moderate leadership and evidence that they really want peace after generations of pushing hate, maybe we can have another conversation. But right now, it’s game over and it is delusional to think otherwise.”

    AIPAC Chief Opens Annual Conference by Promoting Failed Two-State Solution

    Airliner Given Permission for Israel Flights Over Saudi Arabia

    Abbas Adviser: Trump Pushing Us like Cows to Get Slaughtered

    Hamas Warns Gaza on Brink of ‘Explosion’

    Trump ‘Looking At’ Coming to Jerusalem in May for Embassy Opening

    Guatemala to Follow Trump’s Lead and Move Embassy to Jerusalem in May


    Trump’s Urgent Lebanon Problem
    Last August, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard announced that over the previous 12 months, the U.S. had provided the LAF with 40 M198 howitzers; 50 armored Humvees; an armed Cessna aircraft, with Hellfire missiles; 55 mortar systems; 50 Mark-19 automatic grenade launchers; 1100 marching guns, including 800 50-caliber machine guns; 4,000 M4 carbines; over half a million rounds of ammunition; 320 night vision devices and thermal sights; and 360 secure communications radios.

    As Badran noted at the time, Richard’s list corresponded with Hezbollah’s wish list. Indeed, last month federal authorities charged three men with illegally exporting drone parts and other material to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The three men reportedly “conspired and attempted to export goods including inertial measurement units suitable for use in drones, a jet engine, piston engines and recording binoculars to Hezbollah in Lebanon from 2009 to 2013.”

    In other words, between 2009 and 2013, the three Hezbollah agents in the U.S. conspired to provide Hezbollah with precisely the armaments the U.S. has just provided for Hezbollah’s front group in Lebanon – the Lebanese military

    Iran: We Can Produce Enriched Uranium in Two Days if U.S. Pulls Out of Nuclear Deal

    Iran Commander: Our Missile Program ‘Will Continue Nonstop’

    Iran tripled its missile production
    Iranian commander says country doesn't need to explain its actions anymore

    Turkey says US 6th fleet has not yet arrived off Cyprus

    Turkey expects US to halt shifting of militants to Afrin

    Erdoğan, Rouhani talk Eastern Ghouta

    US thanks Turkey for investigating terror plots

    No Blue Texas Wave: Ted Cruz Received More Votes than Entire Democrat Turnout

    New York Times Issues Humiliating Correction to Hit Piece on Trump Tax Cuts
    All that effort to craft a hit piece and no one to do the actual math

    Trump Reverses Obama-Era Ban on Elephant Trophy Imports
    Ragnarok: PETA's Head collectively explodes...

    In Honor Of the Above Headline: Trump's Sons Kill a Triceratops on Hunting Safari - Liberals Believe, And They're Very Upset

    Best Buy’s Geek Squad Has ‘Close Relationship’ with FBI
    Best Buy’s Geek Squad tech support service has been accused of having a “close relationship” with the FBI, allegedly taking money in return for information and evidence of customers’ criminal activity

    CNN Admits: U.S. Town Where Guns Are Required Has Had Only 1 Murder in 6 Years and a Violent Crime Rate of Less Than 2 Percent

    Utah: Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View, researched ISIS
    Police also said the suspect had been researching information and expressing interest in ISIS and promoting the organization

    Illegal Aliens Convicted of Sex Crimes Among Those Who Evaded Capture After Oakland Mayor’s Warning


    CA Bay Area Poll: Majorities Across All Races Want Local Police to Help ICE Detain Illegals

    Left Attacks ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ for Excluding Transgender Contestants

    Illegal Aliens March Outside Newark, NJ ICE HQ …With Police Escort

    Nearly 90 DACA Illegal Aliens, Open Borders Activists Arrested at Capitol Hill Protest for Amnesty
    Ragnarok: Only 90???

    Muslim Leaders Arrested While Supporting Dreamers
    Led by prominent Muslim leaders and activists such as Imam Omar Suleiman, Imam Dawud Walid, Imam Mujahid Fletcher, Imam Talib Shareef, Nihad Awad of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Zahra Billoo, and Linda Sarsour, the group peacefully advocated immigration reform before getting arrested for acts of civil disobedience.

    Suleiman, Walid, Awad, Billoo, and Sarsour were arrested and taken into custody.

    "Almighty Allah has told us to stand for justice. We are not weak in faith and we are here for a mobilization," said Shareef of the Muslim Alliance of North America, quoting the late Malcolm X, stressing that many Haitians and Africans also have undocumented children who stand to be hurt by these policies.

    "We stand here in the spirit of Malcolm X with the people who are affected by these policies," he added.

    "This is creating real fear," Suleiman said, adding that the imams are fighting white supremacy because Islamophobia, racism and hostility against immigrants all stem from the same roots

    Ragnarok: I hope everyone can see exactly what is happening here!

    Texas Public School District Emails Encouraged Staff to Switch Parties to Influence GOP Primary

    Texas Border City Cop Accused of Attempting to Smuggle Boyfriend Past Immigration Checkpoint

    New Mexico: Teachers Training to Take On Active Shooters with Bare Hands, Pepper Spray

    Ragnarok: Look at that picture... PATHETIC!!! Alternate headline: "Teachers Training to be Human Shields". Shame on these companies for cashing in on the Parkland tragedy and not providing reality based training!

    California-Style Gun Confiscation a Model for D.C. Politicians
    California Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs) have emerged as a model that could be followed for gun control proposals put forward by D.C. politicians and Florida Gov. Rick Scott

    Burger-Flipping Robot Mans Grill at California Fast Food Chain, Replacing Workers

    San Francisco Now Pushing Dorm Living for Professionals
    San Francisco is trying to solve the housing crisis for its shriveling middle class by moving them into micro-apartments rebranded as "fun-loving dormitories". Each of the company’s first three projects feature about 20 fully-furnished units with 130 to 220 square feet of living space. "Amenities" include group bathrooms, common eating areas, and shared assembly spaces

    Farrakhan-Linked Group to Lead National School Walkout March 14 Against Guns

    Mohammed bin Salman to appear on CBS ‘60 Minutes’ show prior to Trump meeting

    US Congress: Al Jazeera is a foreign agent
    Members of Congress demand Al Jazeera be investigated as a foreign agent. 'Americans deserve to know if the news they consume is impartial.'

    Hamas at the Holocaust Museum.

    This is the shameful Islamist background against which the Holocaust Museum's attack on a true civil rights heroine should be seen. Its choice to withdraw an award from Aung San Suu Kyi in support of the Islamic colonists and settlers terrorizing her country (often described as Rohingya) is not a reflection on her, but on the Museum's leadership.

    An organization that brings in Hamas supporters, that stands up for Hamas' parent organization, but never mentions Iran's genocidal nuclear weapons program aimed at the Jews offers no awards worth having.

    The U.S. Holocaust Museum is an abomination. Its exploitation of the Holocaust to support Islamofascism is in some ways even worse than Holocaust Denial

    As usual, the actual facts have little to do with what a significantly large segment of the American voting population -- mostly liberals/Democrats, a majority under 40 and female -- believe.

    Why they are so misinformed becomes apparent when one understands that liberal media is dedicated to maintaining liberal Narratives at all costs: in this case, that Christians are always the aggressors, Muslims always the misunderstood victims.

    When journalist Shannon Bream recently announced a forthcoming segment on the growth of Christian persecution around the world, ABC’s Matthew Dowd actually tweeted: “Maybe you can talk about the bigger problem which is persecution of Muslims in America and around the globe. Bigger issue.”

    The “bigger issue” is that tens of millions of voting Americans are so deluded as to believe the inverse of reality.

    San Diego School ordered to reveal details of collusion with Muslim activists
    A federal judge has ordered school officials in San Diego to provide information about whether they are continuing to collude with the Islamic advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations in a lawsuit by parents who say the district claimed to have dropped the collaboration

    Minneapolis: Newly Arrived Somali Man Crawls Into Women's Restroom Stall to Sexually Assault Woman at College Campus

    Georgia police cave to CAIR, suspends approval for 'Islam in America' course

    Despite Streets Filled With Feces And Garbage, San Francisco To Spend $200K To Remove ‘Racist’ Statue

    If You’re Trying To Ban Guns, The Least You Can Do Is Learn The Basics
    In a debate imbued with emotion, gun-control advocates rely on ignorance

    Can anyone imagine a major newspaper running an op-ed justifying public ignorance on public policy? Actually, not merely justifying the ignorance, but rather arguing that facts only help smother discourse rather than enhance it. It’s improbable. Then again, this is the gun debate. And one side benefits from policy illiteracy

    FBI Boss Reveals Two Terrorists EVERY WEEK Being Found In US
    A TOP FBI counter terror cop has described fighting terrorists like a game of “whack-a-mole” as he revealed the chilling extent of the threat facing the US.

    Michael Mcgarrity, assistant director of the Counter-terrorism Division, revealed an average of two suspected terrorists are arrested every week in the US.

    He compared it to the fairground favourite, where players have to bonk fake moles as soon as they pop their heads up out of the board.

    The top cop chillingly revealed that a jihadi can attack in just 30 days once radicalised.

    He said every FBI bureau in all 50 states is working on terror investigations – with up to 3,000 currently under way across the US

    Ohio: Columbus PD Appoints Muslim To Work With Growing Muslim Population

    Recently, police chief Kim Jacobs appointed Bahgat a liaison officer between the department and the city’s growing immigrant populations, particularly people from Somalia and Bhutanese-Nepali refugees

    Republican Jewish Coalition Calls On Democrats To Resign Over Farrakhan Ties
    The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has called on seven House Democrats to resign after The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed their direct ties to notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

    California Reps. Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee, Illinois Rep. Danny Davis, Indiana Rep. Andre Carson, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, New York Rep. Gregory Meeks and Texas Rep. Al Green have all attended meetings with Farrakhan while in Congress, according to photos, videos and witness accounts of the meetings reviewed by TheDCNF

    Connecticut Governor: NRA Is A ‘Terrorist Organization’

    Soros Chalks Up Another DA Win After Dropping Nearly $1 Million In Texas Race
    People really have to start paying attention and trying to stop this, or it’s going to fundamentally change our justice system

    Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist
    Ragnarok: Told you they were coming to Ireland...

    Swedish PM Admits Migration, Organised Crime ‘Challenges’ — Denies ‘No Go Zones’
    Sweden’s Prime Minister has admitted a link between gang violence and mass migration in a press conference alongside U.S. President Donald J. Trump in the White House today, but says that his government is solving the situation

    Sweden Democrats Refute PM’s ‘No Go Zone’ Denial as ‘Fake News’
    Jimmie Akesson leader of the insurgent Sweden Democrats said, in reply to the PM's statement at a Trump press conference, "The Prime Minister’s statement is simply not true. We have re-occurring incidences of cancelled bus lines in fear of entering certain immigrant heavy areas, frequent attacks on emergency vehicles, oftentimes lured in there by fake 911 calls for the sole purpose of attacking the emergency personnel, and even reluctance in simple services such as delivering mail or investigating illegal television/cable services. In some areas self-appointed sharia police patrol the streets enforcing dress-code rules and proper Islamic behaviours.

    The police themselves have confirmed the existence of no go zones for the entire world to see. The statements of the Prime Minister is nothing short of a classic example of fake news.”

    Swedish Municipalities May Be Forced to Raise Taxes to Pay for Mass Migration

    Sharia Law Makes Its Debut in Swedish Court
    "The man stems from a good family, unlike the woman." With this argument, a Swedish court has acquitted an Iraqi man charged with abusing his wife, sparking outrage over the first instance where "Sharia Law" was applied by the Nordic nation's legal system

    Swedish woman who made online jokes about Islam could be jailed for 2 years

    Christian asylum seekers in Sweden face violent attacks

    Sweden: Wave of Immigration Crime breaks the courts’ budget
    Last year, the costs of Sweden’s courts increased by almost SEK 300 million and eventually totalled at SEK 6.8 billion. The increase in costs is mainly due to the fact that the number of cases in the Migration Courts has quickly jumped. The increase is expected to continue escalating into 2018

    New patriotic Swedish party wants full immigration stop and active return policy

    ‘Keep Going Orbán!’: Farage Blasts EU for Sanctioning Poland and Hungary, Ignoring Catalonia Violence

    Hungarian government: Migration is very expensive and integration is impossible

    Hungary’s Prime Minister: We need more children and not migrants

    Brexit-supporting Fishermen Worried May Will Sell Them out After ‘30 Years of Torment that Seemed Neverending’

    EU Rejects May’s Soft Brexit, Demands Access to UK Fishing Waters in Exchange for Limited Trade Deal

    Migrants Scalp Man and Cut Off His Arm in Paris Restaurant

    Britain First Leaders – Who Trump Retweeted – Convicted of ‘Racially Aggravated Harassment’
    The co-leaders of street-marching group Britain First have been found guilty of racially aggravated harassment at a British court in a case originating over the trial of four Afghan males who gang-raped a lost 16-year-old girl above a takeaway shop in Ramsgate, Kent, in 2016
    Ragnarok: Nothing short of a witch hunt! If you watch any of their videos, Britain First is a nationalist and populist movement but is NOT racist or "far right".

    U.K: Theresa May Laments Housing Crisis but Neglects to Mention ‘Root Cause’ of Mass Migration

    Catholic Church Reports Spike in ‘Demonic Activity’ in Italy, Requests for Exorcists Have ‘Tripled’

    Transgender Labour Equalities Adviser Quits After ‘Gay Bashing’ and ‘Hairy Lesbians’ Row

    Celebrity Endorsements for Sadiq Khan Crime Campaign Were Fakes Created by Advertising Agency

    Collapsed Polish Building May have been Blown Up in ‘International’ Attack

    With deals worth $100 bln, Mohammed bin Salman means business in UK

    Theresa May, Mohammed bin Salman agree to counter Iran’s destabilizing acts in region

    Seven people injured in Austrian knife attack
    Asked What Was Known About An Assailant, He Added: “Absolutely Nothing. We Know We Are Looking For A Man.”

    The people send a message to the European establishment

    Greens leader Richard Di Natale says 'brainwashed' ISIS terrorists should be ALLOWED back into Australia
    Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters to be allowed back into Australia and described terrorists who had travelled to the Middle East as 'good people' who had been brainwashed

    MI5: British ISIS jihadis ‘creating deadly ricin and anthrax bio-weapons in secret terror labs to poison food and water supplies’

    New Zealand: Muslim Kills Native Woman Because "They are Slaves"

    A prison guard told the jury how Marong likened his crime to "hunting in the wild".

    "They're slaves," he allegedly said. "And she met the criteria."

    The day after he killed her, with her eyes and mouth open, which "reminds me of the animals that normally get slaughtered at my workplace", he dumped her body on the grass verge of Main Rakaia Rd, near State Highway 1. He doused her with petrol, set her alight, and fled

    France looking at tax to subsidize mosques

    France: President Macron’s approval sinks to low of 30%

    Czech Prime Minister: The EU will not dictate who should live in our country

    German primary school with 99% migrants now needs security guards against explosion of violence

    Berlin is heading back to the Middle Ages after surge of migrants
    Arnold Mengelkoch is a migration officer in the Berlin suburb of Neukölln. In “Der Tagesspiegel“, he warns how a large number of refugees and migrants are changing Germany’s capital in the wrong direction. A headmistress of a focus school even says: “We are heading for the Middle Ages"

    Convicted ISIS Attack Plotter Will Likely Return To Canada Due To Trudeau’s ‘ISIS Reintegration’ Program

    SJW Protesters Besiege Jordan Peterson Talk, Pound On Windows, Harass Girl
    A speaking event on the campus of Queens University on Monday featuring professor of psychology and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B Peterson provided yet another up-close look at the radical, anti-free speech tactics of social justice activists, who laid siege to the lecture hall, pounded on stained glass windows, screamed “Shame!” in the faces of those who attended the talk, and surrounded and harassed a young female student
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Police in Wisconsin find cache of explosives and chemicals at apartment complex
    A team of explosives experts conducted a controlled detonation at a Beaver Dam, Wisconsin apartment building where an explosion killed a man.

    Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger held a news conference Wednesday morning to provide an update on the investigation at 109 Knaup Drive.

    Kreuziger says investigators have found "highly volatile homemade explosives" in one of the apartments.

    "These materials are so sensitive they cannot be handled and cannot be removed affected apartment unit," the police chief said Wednesday.
    The chief says the detonation was necessary to "eliminate the threat" from the explosive materials.

    Police are not ready to identify the man who died. He was the only person in his unit at the time of the initial blast, police say.

    Chief Kreuziger warned the controlled detonation could cause additional damage to other units in the building at 109 Knaup Drive.

    Residents of the building will not be able to return until investigators determine it is safe to go back inside. The tenants have been reunited with their pets.

    The initial blast happened on the second floor of the complex Monday afternoon, blowing out windows and the sliding glass door of apartment #11.

    FBI Victim Assistance Specialists and Dodge County Emergency management held a town hall meeting at a Beaver Dam church for residents impacted by the blast.

    Beaver Dam Police say they've received assistance from the FBI, ATF, Dodge County Sheriff's Office, and Dane County Sheriff's Office.
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    REAL CONVERSATIONS: Male Privilege Is A Myth (2nd Edition) | Change My Mind
    Steven Crowder takes to the streets to have real conversations with everyday people and students on hot button issues. In this installment, we talk about male privilege once again

    DEBATE: Feminist Asks Crowder to Check Privilege (Maria Del Russo Uncut) | Louder With Crowder

    TRUMP WANTS YOUR GUNS?! Crowder's Epic #MAGA Rant!
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    South of Valhalla
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    GOP Sen Sasse: Senior People in White House ‘Know’ Tariffs Are ‘a Really Dumb Policy’

    Trump Signs Steel And Aluminum Tariffs Into Law — Excludes Canada And Mexico

    Florida House Democratic Caucus Votes Unanimously to Ensure Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attacked
    All 41 members voted against allowing teachers and school staff to undergo training to be armed for self-defense.

    The Tampa Bay Times reports that the House, nevertheless, voted 71-42 in favor of arming teachers.

    The Florida Senate voted prior to the House, adopting a “first-in-the-nation” program that will “train as many as 10 school personnel to carry firearms in every school.” The Senate’s bill allows school districts to arm “custodians, principals, librarians and counselors,” instead of teachers, which is a move designed to win the support of Gov. Rick Scott (R), who is also fighting to ensure that teachers cannot shoot back if under attack.

    Breitbart News reported on February 23 that Gov. Scott pushed firearm confiscation, an increased minimum purchase age for rifles, a bump stock ban, and “tougher background checks” in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He coupled this gun control push with continued, vocal opposition to arming teachers for school safety.

    Scott suggested Floridians should rely on law enforcement for safety ( Ragnarok: Because that worked out so well in so many other cases... )

    FBI Tells Congress It Failed To Follow Protocol On Warnings About Alleged Florida School Shooter
    Bowdich acknowledged that the FBI failed to follow its own protocol after it received a tip in January about the accused shooter, Nikolas Cruz, 19, and vowed to take corrective actions, according to a press release issued by Reps. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairmen of the Oversight and Judiciary committees, respectively.

    The FBI admitted just two days after the Feb. 14 shooting that it received a tip from a person close to Cruz the previous month warning about the teen’s gun ownership, desire to kill and erratic behavior.

    That tip “should have been assessed as a potential threat to life,” the FBI said at the time, but the warnings were never investigated further

    Trump to Meet with Gaming Industry to Discuss Alleged Links Between Video Games and Violence

    Mr. President – Hold the “Gun Violence Industry” Accountable
    For far too long, debates about “what to do about guns” – usually precipitated by some horrific mass shooting by psychopathic individuals – have given a pass to those who make billions of dollars desensitizing young people to or otherwise normalizing such murderous behavior. Insult is added to injury when prime-movers behind such cultural conditioning as actor George Clooney step forward to demand new and even unconstitutional controls on firearms

    They're just going full Benghazi. You never go full Benghazi...

    Kal Penn Wants Chuck Schumer ‘Out of Office’ over Israel Support
    "Now, let me tell you why – my view – why we don’t have peace, because the fact of the matter is that too many Palestinians and too many Arabs do not want any Jewish state in the Middle East. The view of Palestinians is simple: the Europeans treated the Jews badly culminating in the Holocaust, and they gave them our land as compensation.

    Of course, we say it’s our land. The Torah says it, but they don’t believe in the Torah. So that’s the reason there is not peace. They invent other reasons, but they do not believe in a Jewish state, and that is why we, in America, must stand strong with Israel through thick and thin. We must because that is the reason, not any of these other false shibboleths, why there is not peace in the Middle East"

    Ragnarok: Wow... Serious kudos to Schumer for laying out some truth!

    Palestinian National Council to Elect New Leaders Amid Abbas Health Rumors
    Two of the front-runners are said to be Jibril Rajoub, a former security chief and current head of the Palestinian football association who glorifies terror and has referred to Jews as “Satan,” and Mahmoud al-Aloul, a former terror chief in the Palestine Liberation Organization in Lebanon
    Ragnarok: So... Nothing will change...

    Farrakhan: Jews are responsible for stopping black advancement

    Former Syrian general: Iran testing chemical weapons in Syria
    Top Syrian defector says Iran developing missiles with chemical warheads 'to be used in Syria - but also for operations across the border.'




    Palestinians Raise Payments to Terrorists to $403 Million
    “Terrorists receive more from the [Palestinian Authority] if they are married, for each child they have.”

    Saudi Crown Prince: Turkey, Iran, and Islamist Terrorists Form a ‘Triangle of Evil’
    Ragnarok: Pot... Kettle... Black...

    Syrian Kurds Stop Fighting Islamic State to Combat Turkish Invasion

    Pentagon: Iran has deployed the S-300 system

    Turkey, Iraq to carry out joint operation against PKK in Iraq

    Turkey asks Sweden to extradite former PYD leader

    Turkey Threatens Exxon Mobil and The US 6th Fleet Off Cyprus
    Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım threatened not only hydrocarbon survey ships of oil giant Exxon Mobile but also the US 6th Fleet is participating in a naval exercise in the area 7-18 March 2018.

    As reports, Yildirim said:

    “The Republic of Cyprus would not be allowed to get away with selling the energy resources surrounding the island,” Yildirim said on Wednesday. With reference to the turkey-occupied North part of Cyprus, he added “the natural riches surrounding the island of Cyprus is the common wealth of all the people who live on the island.”

    And he threatened that:

    “This and other provocative activities that create faits accomplis will be responded to in an appropriate fashion.”

    It was a clear message even to the US Fleet as some media have linked its presence off Cyprus to the Exxon survey, saying the Fleet was going to protect the Exxon Mobile survey vessels

    Turkey Refusing to Release Detained Greek Soldiers
    A Turkish court on Monday refused to release two Greek soldiers who strayed across the border into Turkey last week. Turkey accuses the soldiers of being spies. Greece claims the border crossing was accidental due to heavy snow and fog. This is just the latest example of Turkey threatening its neighbors under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule

    Erdoğan's Turkey has no Place in NATO
    Erdoğan prepares to launch his campaign for presidential elections scheduled for November 2019. At a time of rising xenophobia and anti-western sentiments across Turkey, his campaign will undoubtedly target the “evil powers of the West,” adding to the isolationist Turkish psyche. Russian President Vladimir Putin could not have possibly found a better partner for his attempts to divide and weaken NATO

    Crafting a US Response to Turkish Intransigence
    While Turkey’s relative political stability, economic strength and military power make it a desirable ally, they also make it a formidable enemy. Now is the time to make it clear to Erdoğan and his subjects that America no longer plays nice with its enemies

    Islamic university bans burqas due to the spread of radical ideology on Indonesian campus
    Ragnarok: ISLAMOPHOBES!!!

    Massive Iranian Missile Buildup Sparks Fear of ‘Second Holocaust’
    Iran is undertaking a massive buildup of its ballistic missile program, sparking fears of a “second Holocaust” amid sensitive international negotiations that could see the Trump administration legitimize Iranian missiles capable of striking Israel, according to multiple sources familiar with ongoing diplomatic talks.

    As the Trump administration and European allies continue discussions aimed at fixing a range of flaws in the landmark Iran nuclear deal, sources familiar with the progression of these talks say the United States is caving to European demands limiting restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program.

    While the Trump administration went into the negotiations with a hardline stance on cutting off Iran’s ballistic missile program, it appears the United States is moving closer in line with European positions that would only regulate a portion of the missiles.

    Multiple sources with knowledge of the ongoing talks told the Washington Free Beacon U.S. officials have been backpedaling on key demands originally proposed by President Trump in order to preserve the agreement and appease European allies who are eager to continue doing business with Tehran.

    Senior Trump administration officials recently told the Free Beacon the United States is prepared to abandon the nuclear deal if European allies fail to address what it views as a range of flaws in the nuclear deal that have enabled Iran’s missile buildup and allowed it to continue critical nuclear research.

    However, it appears the United States is losing ground in the talks, moving closer to the European position, which includes what insiders described as only cosmetic changes to the nuclear deal that fail to adequately address Iran’s massive missile buildup.

    Iranian Woman Who Removed Headscarf Jailed For Two Years

    Ragnarok: Western "feminists" remain silent...

    US: Muslim Calls for Murder Increasing

    Another Day of Jihad in America…and the National TV Yawns

    Robert Spencer: 5 U.S. Jihadis You Haven't Heard Of

    Florida: Convert to Islam stole AK-47, scouted out sniper locations, had ISIS literature

    Yet another convert to Islam gets the idea that his new religion calls him to commit treason and mass murder. Authorities continue to have no interest whatsoever in this frequently recurring phenomenon

    Trump to Visit California Next Week in Midst of ‘Sanctuary State’ Fight

    Oakland Mayor Hits Back at Jeff Sessions: ‘Racist’

    Trump Calls Oakland Mayor Who Tipped Off Illegal Immigrants A “Disgrace”
    “They were all set, this was long in the planning and she said get out of here and she’s telling that to criminals,” Trump said. “And it’s certainly something we are looking at with respect to her individually. What she did is incredible and very dangerous from the standpoint of ICE and border patrol. Very dangerous. She really made law enforcement much more dangerous than it had to be. So we are looking at that situation very carefully.”

    Obama State Dept Official Who Aided Dossier Author Was Key Player in Dubai Ports Scandal

    U.S. Civil Rights Commissioners: Obama-Era School Leniency Policy Brings ‘Fear’ and ‘Danger’
    "The danger should have been obvious. What if an important reason more African-American students were being disciplined than white or Asian students is that more African-American students were misbehaving? And what if the cost of failing to discipline those students primarily falls on their fellow African-American students who are trying to learn amid classroom disorder? Would unleashing OCR and its army of lawyers cause those schools to act carefully and precisely to eliminate only that portion of the discipline gap that was the result of race discrimination? Or—more likely—would schools react heavy-handedly by tolerating more classroom disorder, thus making it more difficult for students who share the classroom with unruly students to learn?

    When it comes to school discipline policy, the federal government has an unimpressive track record. In the past, it has pressed local schools to adopt tough “zero-tolerance” rules for guns (including things that appear to be guns), resulting in children being suspended for “guns” made out of a nibbled Pop Tart or a stick. Similarly, on too many occasions, its get- tough, policies on sexual harassment have led to disciplinary actions against kindergarteners and first-graders—children generally too young to spell “sexual harassment,” much less engage in it.

    More recently, we’ve been seeing an overcorrection. The federal government’s policy developed during the Obama Administration has been to press schools to lighten up on school discipline, specifically to benefit African Americans and other racial minorities. But both efforts to dictate broad discipline policy, while well-meaning, are wrongheaded. It’s time for the federal government to get out of the business of dictating broad discipline policy"

    U.S. Catholics Show ‘Signs of Disenchantment’ With Pope Francis
    While the vast majority of U.S. Catholics continue to view the Argentinian pope favorably, the trend is toward greater diffidence toward Francis with increasing numbers saying they view Francis unfavorably, because he is “too liberal and naïve”

    Tucker Carlson Warns of ‘Something Ominous’ Happening to Men in America — ‘Men Seem to Be Becoming Less Male’

    Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson: Left's 'toxic masculinity' label to blame for male crisis?

    Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think

    Nancy Pelosi: Northern California ICE Raids Are ‘Unjust and Cruel’

    Women's March leader Tamika Mallory came under fire for her appearance at an event of the racist hate group, the Nation of Islam, and for appearing with its leader, Louis Farrakhan, who had praised Hitler. Farrakhan's speech was full of anti-Semitic references. After initial complaints about being bullied (essentially the same response as #TimesUp's Amber Tamblyn).

    Now Tamika is offering a more comprehensive defense. And by defense, I mean some combination of arm waving, some of my best friends are gay black Jewish women, and Obama's Wright speech.

    She insists that she doesn't share the Nation of Islam's racist views, but nor is she willing to meaningfully condemn them. Instead she informs us that she's been attending them for most of her life.

    That's not a defense. It's more of an indictment.

    Ignoring Democrats’ Farrakhan Ties Is The Epitome Of Media Bias
    A congressman reaffirmed his ties to an avowed anti-Semite this week, but you wouldn’t know about it if you get your news from the establishment media.

    The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Peter Hasson broke the story of Democratic Rep. Danny Davis doubling down on claiming Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is an “outstanding human being.”

    This new and welcome philosophy will help to deter potential fraudsters from filing fraud-laden applications by those who thought that as “customers” they could game this system

    Meet the Real Black Panthers, the Ones Hollywood Ignores

    These guys are actual heroes. Why keep making movies about fake ones?

    The REAL Black Panthers

    New Law Bans ’Free Speech Zones’ at Florida Colleges
    “Attempting to limit the First Amendment rights of students by tucking them into the hidden corners of campus is not only unconstitutional but goes against the very concept of what a college education should be about.”
    Ragnarok: The very concept is unconstitutional. The whole COUNTRY is a "free speech zone"!!!

    New Mexico Official Threatens to Build Wall to Stop Trump’s Wall
    A land commissioner in New Mexico is threatening to put up a fence to block the federal government from erecting President Trump’s promised border wall, claiming violation of trespassing laws

    California Senators Won’t Even Meet With ICE Director

    Brooklyn: ‘Kill Zionist Entity’ - Kingsborough Community College Administrator Targeted by Antisemitic Graffiti

    Minnesota: Somali refugee chokes woman ‘nearly unconscious’
    Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, [b]described by the local newspaper as “a St. Cloud man” was charged Tuesday with felony domestic assault, fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance and interfering with a 911 call
    Ragnarok: Really helpful description, there, news media...

    Police: Suspect in Pine View bomb threat connected to ISIS incident at Hurricane High

    St. George Police Department officers also believe the suspect is connected to vandalizing Hurricane High School last month by replacing the school's American flag with an ISIS flag and painting "ISIS is comi—" on one of its exterior walls with graffiti.
    Ragnarok: At the time, people blew it off as a prank... What could have happened if he succeeded?

    Local Police Continue to Follow Normative Practices and Work with Jihadis
    A lot of information has been revealed about Broward County Sheriff Israel in Florida in recent weeks. Most noteworthy is the fact he hired, supported, and defends Hamas leader Nezar Hamze. Hamze served as the Executive Director of Hamas doing business as CAIR-Florida, and currently serves as CAIR-Florida’s second in command. Hamze is also a Deputy with Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

    In light of this, UTT believes it is important to bring to light a few anecdotal red-flags inside local law enforcement highlighting the utter lack of understanding local police have of the jihadi threat


    MORE Fake "Islamophobia"! Wisconsin: Perp Arrested in Mosque Burglary CAIR Blamed on Islamophobia Was... Muslim

    Pat Condell: Laughing At The Fake Feminists On International Women’s Day

    Oscars Ratings Disaster Suggests Cultural Shift
    The catastrophe of the Oscars award telecast last Sunday is now official: Ratings were the lowest in its history. Many conservatives, like this columnist, chose to not watch as a statement rejecting the increasingly politicized nature of the film Academy’s awards show.

    Yet, the ratings disaster this year is so significant — down a whopping 20 percent compared to last year — it suggests a significant cultural shift has occurred that portends a great loss not just for the entertainment industry, but for the nation as a whole

    Trans Men Are On Track To Eliminate All Women From Sports… All In The Name Of “Social Justice” Of Course

    There appears to be a disturbing new trend coming into vogue that involves men who aren’t that good at playing sports with other men pretending to be women in order to gain an upper hand athletically

    Harvard Giving Hillary Clinton Award For Her “Transformative Impact” On Society

    Liberal 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Allows Kids’ Lawsuit Against Trump For Not Fighting Global Warming To Proceed

    America Should Ban Civilian Guns to Protect Human Rights, Chinese Communist Dictatorship Says Through State-Run Media
    Ragnarok: The definition of irony...

    They’re After Your Money Again: Democrats Want To Repeal Parts Of Tax Bill, Raise Taxes
    Going after the ‘crumbs’...

    Federal Investigation Into Al Jazeera Gains Steam After Spy Op on U.S. Jews
    Congress is pushing forward with an effort to spark a federal investigation into the Al Jazeera, the Qatari-funded propaganda network that recently conducted a secret, months-long spy operation on American Jews in Washington, D.C., according to lawmakers and sources familiar with the effort

    Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Calls David Hogg ‘Hypocritical’ For Hanging Up On Trump
    Hogg isn’t interested in solutions, he’s interested in his 15 minutes and a media career. Kashuv calls it
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    03/08/2018 Continued...

    Pro-Trump Milos Zeman Inaugurated for Second Term as Czech President

    Steve Bannon Recalls Brexit Victory Night During Zurich Speech, Warns EU ‘Better Start Listening’

    Vienna: Muslim migrant who went on stabbing spree was shouting “Allah”
    He was shouting “Allah, Allah,” and no one reported that when the story broke. This is simply evil. The establishment media is dead-set on keeping the public in the dark about what is happening. Despite their best efforts, before too long it will be abundantly clear to everyone. But by then it may be too late

    U.K: Alleged Bomber Told Immigration Office He Had Been ‘Trained to Kill’ by Islamic State
    The 18-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker accused of the Parsons Green train bombing had told an immigration centre that he had been ‘trained to kill’ by Islamic State, jurors at the Old Bailey heard.

    The court heard that Ahmed Hassan told the Home Office staff in Croydon that, “[Islamic State] trained us how to kill. It was all religious based.

    Ragnarok: Nothing to do with Islam...

    Saudi, UK companies sign 18 economic deals worth $2.1 bln

    Britain’s red carpet for the Saudi ruler is shameless
    Theresa May tells us it is about our mutual security and strategic interests. Or about Prince Mohammed’s moves to “liberalise” women’s rights, by which she means Saudi Arabia catching up with the rest of the world by promising to allowing women to drive cars.

    It is all nonsense. As so often, it is about nothing but filthy lucre, and this government’s desperation to plug the hole that will be left in Britain’s trade and growth prospects by May’s refusal to stay in a customs union with the EU after Brexit.

    Most nakedly, it is about the shameless bidding war to persuade the crown prince to include the London Stock Exchange in any international listing of the Aramco oil company, billed as the biggest stock market flotation in history.

    Most pertinently, it is about the huge increase in arms sold by Britain to Saudi Arabia since the start of the war in Yemen – a trade so shameful that the government now actively encourages applications for “open export licences” by UK arms firms, precisely to hide what weaponry Riyadh is receiving, and its true value. It’s clear the government doesn’t care a jot about human rights or breaches of the Geneva convention if there is a chance instead to boost its balance sheet

    Enough of the shameful kowtowing to the Saudis
    May must stop this shameful kowtowing to an abusive, undemocratic regime and its impulsive, dictatorial young leader whose much-publicised reforms amount to superficial window-dressing and offer little in the way of fundamental change. As Kate Allen of Amnesty International says, “this visit is an opportunity for the UK to finally show some backbone when it comes to Saudi Arabia”

    Is It Now A Thoughtcrime To Hate Islam?
    Is it a crime now to be hostile to the Muslim faith? Reading some of the media reporting of the jailing yesterday of Britain First leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding for religiously aggravated harassment, it would seem so. Fransen and Golding were sentenced to 36 weeks and 18 weeks respectively at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court for a leafleting and online-video campaign in which, among other things, they yelled at Muslims going about their daily business in Kent, wrongly accused some people of being suspects in a Kent gang-rape case involving Muslim migrants, and caused distress to young people, young Muslims, who witnessed their behaviour. Horrible. Media reports inform us that they have now been imprisoned because, in the words of the judge, ‘they “demonstrated hostility” to Muslims and the Muslim faith’

    Demonstrated hostility to the Muslim faith??? Our response to that should be: so what? In a free country, you should be perfectly at liberty to ‘demonstrate hostility’ to the Muslim faith. And any other religion, or creed, or god, or ideology. Indeed, the right not to believe, the right to blaspheme, the right to ‘demonstrate hostility’ to religion, are hard-won liberties. People died for this. The fact that the media this morning – including the Telegraph, the Guardian and the BBC – are all using the exact same formulation of ‘demonstrated hostility to Muslims and the Muslim faith’ to describe why Fransen and Golding are going to jail, and the fact that this isn’t ringing any alarm bells in public discussion, is a terrifying indicator of how thoroughly we now accept that people’s views on religion ought to be a matter for state control and possibly state repression.

    Terror Arrests Soared By More Than Half To A Record 412 In Britain Last Year

    Ragnarok: And the U.K. is jailing people for "demonstrating hostility" towards the ideology that creates these terrorists... Makes a lot of sense...

    Resentment As ‘New Swedes’ Move Into Reputed Retirement Home For Seniors
    Residents of one of the Nordic nation’s oldest retirement homes will have to move, as no fewer than 60 homes for “new Swedes” will be established

    How The ‘Safe Space’ Culture Breeds Violence On Campus
    Not even twenty minutes had passed into the discussion between guest speakers Carl Benjamin and Yaron Brook at King’s College London before free speech was suppressed. Swarms of violent protestors stormed the lecture theatre, with masks and bandanas, hurling verbal abuse and inciting physical attacks. We were faced with a chilling demonstration of contemporary fascism. I was chairing the discussion, at King’s College London, ironically devoted to free speech and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. The speakers had different angles, and the audience were invited to make up their own mind. Although for some, rational debate was not the aim

    Antifa disrupts speech by Sargon of Akaad and Yaron Brooks on "Ayn Rand and freedom of speech at King's College London

    Woman Claims Airport Security Confiscated Her 1 In. Gun Necklace Because It Was ‘Potentially Dangerous’

    A former police officer had her tiny gun necklace confiscated at airport security because it was “too dangerous” and passengers might think it was real
    Ragnarok: Let's just say it was real... The projectile would have been about the size of the head of a pin. Morons...
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Thank you, Ragnarok!!!

    I hope you are feeling much better today.
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Why do non-Muslims convert to Islam?
    Islamism and jihadism are on the rampage playing out all over the world and literally tearing out the hearts of innocent people, many of them Muslims, while we allow it to happen in the name of multiculturalism

    The number of non-Muslims who are converting to Islam is growing. In the U.S., the majority are African-Americans (a third of all US Muslims according to most authorities), but there have also been significant numbers of others to convert as well, many of them well-educated. Muslims in non-Muslim lands proselytize relentlessly and convert others while any Muslim who leaves Islam is judged as an apostate and automatically condemned to death.

    Islam actively suppresses and even prohibits the practice of other religions, including those of the “People of the Book,” Jews and Christians. There is not a single church or synagogue in the cradle of Islam, Saudi Arabia, while thousands of mosques dot the tolerant and welcoming non-Muslim lands. Islamic countries that allow for Jewish and Christian places of worship subject these “People of the Book” to numerous subtle and not-so-subtle forms of persecution.

    With each passing day, Islamic ideology is making inroads in traditionally non-Muslim lands. Here we must ask ourselves, why Muslim countries do not replicate America’s lenient laws to build churches or synagogues in a non-Christian land? As much as President Trump has a passion for the economic trade deficit, wouldn’t it also be reasonable to commit to the same type of arrangement with Islamic countries in an equitable and comparable trade with regard to churches and mosques?

    Question: Why is it that the Muslims are so hell-bent on passing laws and resolutions of the sort they are pushing?

    Answer: Because Islam is loaded with faulty and bizarre beliefs as well as many primitive, discriminatory practices. So, they need to build a steel fence a to protect it and them from crumbling under the assault of truth. They have much to hide and fear exposure the most.

    Question: Why is it that followers of Allah don’t mention any other religions besides Islam for the privilege they are seeking?

    Answer: Because to Muslims, Islam is the super-religion and final religion of Allah. Judaism and Christianity are the only other two religions that are granted a grudging minimal recognition by Islam. All other religions and those without religion are considered blasphemy and blasphemous by the faithful.

    In a non-Muslim land like the USA, Muslims take advantage of US laws and the Constitution. They use the same provisions of the law that are intended to protect a legitimate religion and enhance liberty, but in reality, use them to subvert democracy and freedom.

    At present, America is faced with a Trojan horse called “Islam.” America, with a long history of protecting religious freedom, still clings to the “hands off” practice of leaving alone any doctrine or practice billed as religion. A thorny problem is in deciding what constitutes a religion and who is to make that call. This is an important question that must be researched, evaluated and provides the result to the American people.

    What Attracts People to Islam?
    Excellent question and hard to answer. i.e., an Irishwoman on converting to Islam: "It excited me.”

    Many may not quite understand, but Islam, once it invades the mind of its victims, is capable of transforming them to helpless pawns who feel they have no choice but to execute what they are directed to do.

    It’s true that the vast majority of the victims of Communism were people living in Communist states. Some 38 million Soviets were killed (this number fluctuates from 10 to 60 million depending on the source) because of Communism. Close to 65 million Chinese citizens were killed because of Communism. That the victims of Communism were largely members of socialist societies says a great deal about the ideology itself.

    Nearly 270 million people have been murdered since the inception of Islam, 1400 years ago. Muslims are the main victims of Islamic ideology. The political nature of Islam, just like fascism and communism, is a dysfunctional ideology that needs to be discarded. Islam’s charter Quran is the root cause of Islamic violence, just as Marxism was the root cause of international Communist totalitarianism. Of the reported 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, millions are already trapped in the terminal stages of this affliction, millions more are rapidly joining them while still other millions are being proselytized.

    Islam Is 'contagious'
    The people enslaved with the extreme cases of Islamic mental brainwashing are highly infectious. They actively work to transmit it to others, while they themselves engage in horrific acts of mayhem and violence to demonstrate their unconditional obedience to the dictates of the Islamic cult.

    A devout Muslim does not and cannot believe in freedom of choice. In the ideology of Islam, “submission,” leads everything up to Allah, as clearly and repeatedly stipulated in the Quran. The raison d’être for the Muslim is unconditional submission to the will and dictates of Allah.

    Islam’s Attraction to African-Americans
    An article in Christianity Today (Aug 20,1990) reported that in the U.S., the average age of those converting to Islam (31) is about twice that for conversion to the Christian faith (age 16). It listed the main reasons given for becoming Muslim:

    Islam's doctrine is simple and rational, all believers are equal, it is a "practical" religion, and lacks a priesthood.

    I have heard the same things from African-Americans in Philadelphia more than once. But first on their list is perceived racism in the church. Roughly summarizing

    "The discrimination that we feel makes Islam attractive to us because it's a way of rejecting the culture that will not have us. In sociological terms, I think that is one of the reasons that many African-Americans go to Islam as opposed to Christianity.”

    Here is the what the leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini said many years ago: “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious. Islam does not allow swimming in the sea and is opposed to radio and television serials. Islam, however, allows marksmanship, horseback riding and competition. (Meeting in Qom) "
    - Broadcast by radio Iran from Qom on 20 August 1979. quoted in Taheri, The Spirit of Allah (1985) p.259). [ref]

    Commonly, the Quran is full of black and white, right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable verses. When men didn’t convert to Islam, they were labeled infidels and were slaughtered; their women and children were taken along with all their belongings as booty. It was either Islam’s way or the highway. This radicalism is very much in evidence today.

    Deciding to join Islam, means committing oneself to the creed and its goal. One cannot join an order without adhering to its precepts and practices. It is absurd, for instance, for a person to voluntarily join the military while saying that he doesn't believe the military's objective of killing an enemy. All Muslims who are not rabid advocates of jihad are in clear violation of their creed and these people are complicit in the mayhem and murderous acts of their co-religionists by financial support and in other ways.

    Jimmy Carter
    The entire US nightmare can be traced back to the liberal democratic policies of Jimmy Carter, who created a firestorm that destabilized our greatest ally in the Muslim world, the Shah of Iran, in favor of a religious fanatic, the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    Islam, by its very nature, is patriarchal and authoritarian. Once liberty is surrendered for submission, a host of serious consequences present themselves. The individual becomes little more than a passive obedient vessel of Allah and his perspective of himself and life drastically changes. Once he submits to the all-powerful, all-knowing, he is absolved of the responsibility of having to chart his own way in life.

    What to Do?
    A few short answers:

    It is important to understand that the human mind is not a perfect discerner of objective reality. In actuality, reality is in the mind of the beholder. The outside world only supplies bits and pieces of raw material that the mind puts together to form its reality. Depending on the type and number of bits and pieces that a given mind receives, its reality can be very different from that of another mind.

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Islam has been in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for its wanton behavior toward others from the day of its inception to the present.

    Resist Multiculturalism
    For a variety of reasons, during the past decades, Western societies opened their doors to a flood of Muslims from Islamic lands. In so doing, they aimed to make the newcomers feel at home, retain their way of life, and live in harmony with the indigenous population. Some call it a practice in Christian charity. But good-heartedness not only failed, it boomeranged and severely hurt the welcoming hosts. It is wonderful to be charitable. It is great to be good-hearted. But being charitable and accommodating evil can empower evil to literally tear out your good heart.

    Islamism and jihadism are on the rampage playing out all over the world and literally tearing out the hearts of innocent people, many of them Muslims. We don’t want to repeat European mistakes. We want no multicultural fantasy to create a nightmare reality.

    Muslims who live here must become part and parcel of America just like all the other diverse people who have come to this wonderful land. Muslims must abide and honor the same values and laws that have made this nation a beneficent refuge for all people. No separate but equal foolishness that was the banner cry of the segregationists, for Muslims. It must be together, equal, and under the same law.

    Challenge the Politicians
    The gospel truth is that a good many politicians do and say what gets them elected, funds them and keeps them in office. As a voter and fund contributor, you are important. Let them know how you feel and how you are going to treat them if they sell their services and become Islam apologists and enablers. Hold them accountable at all levels of government, from the local city council to the resident in the White House

    The US is a great country, deprived by numerous challenges. Its people can ill afford to become complacent or disheartened. If they band together in a common cause with devotion to our nation’s principles, values and the Constitution, they can meet and defeat any threat of any type or magnitude.

    Past generations of Americans have always done so successfully and this generation of Americans must do no less.


    Sheriff Scott Israel Stonewalling Release of Parkland Surveillance Video
    Sheriff Israel doesn’t want to release the video, which is curious, given that he’s already given a detailed description of its substance. At a televised press conference eight days after the shooting, he said he felt “the public needed to know” that the video showed Peterson did “nothing” except get on his radio while shots were being fired. The sheriff said Peterson “never went in” as he should have.

    But four days later, Peterson, through his lawyer, said the criticism was unwarranted and that the video (along with eyewitness testimony) will exonerate him

    Meanwhile, we’re in the middle of a major public debate about how to harden schools, whether to change gun laws, how to handle potentially dangerous gun owners and most importantly, whether our children are safe in school.

    And laws are being formed without the benefit of knowing what exactly happened.

    So on Thursday, the Sun Sentinel’s lawyers will appear before Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Levenson to make the case that there’s good cause to release the video

    Radio Calls Contradict Claims Made by Disgraced Parkland Deputy
    Radio calls released to the media directly contradict the claims made by former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson that he believed the gunfire was coming from outside, and not from inside a Parkland, Florida, high school.
    Peterson, who was on the scene while a mass murderer killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on Feb. 14, has insisted he did not enter the building because he believed the shots were coming from outside the building.

    Recordings of his own radio calls tell a completely different story.

    The Miami Herald reports that “internal radio dispatches released by the sheriff’s office Thursday show Peterson immediately fixated on Building 12 and even radioed that gunfire was happening ‘inside’.”

    The murders took place in Building 12, so Peterson, an on-site school resource officer, knew exactly where the shots were coming from. Moreover, not only did he refuse to enter the building, for some unknown reason he warned other armed deputies to stay 500 feet away

    February Jobs Report Comes in YUGE: 313,000 Jobs Added

    Trump Favored Background Check Bill Gets Enough Sponsors For Passage

    Trump Pardons Kristian Saucier, Former Sailor Jailed For Submarine Pictures

    Report: Hamas Prepping to Storm Israeli Border with Protesters Next Month

    Europe criticizes Israel over legislation on terrorism
    European Union criticizes Israeli law allowing the permanent residency of terrorists to be revoked

    Analysis: The coming war
    There is a feeling of calm before the storm here in Israel and the “coming war” will probably be the “toughest in Israel’s history.”

    Iran and its proxies are expected to lob more than 1,000 missiles a day at Israel from at least three fronts in this ‘coming war’ as many observers, politicians and IDF officers in Israel call it.

    These three fronts are Lebanon, Gaza and Syria and it is expected Israel’s various anti-missile shields will be unable to cope with this amount of missiles.

    Abbas under pressure to accept Trump plan
    Saudi Crown Prince and Egyptian President reportedly told PA chairman he has no choice but to accept Trump's peace plan

    'Those who seek peace are seen as losers'
    Middle East expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar explains how Arabs see Israel's requests for peace, explains how true peace can be achieved

    Abbas: Peace with Israel is ‘treason’

    Qods Force chief: Israel’s destruction the blood debt of Hezbollah commander’s death

    Is Greece about to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital?
    "The positions of the Palestinians are maximalist and dangerous, since they actually propose the Islamization of the city. Palestinian Islamist organizations, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have repeatedly launched threats against the non-Muslim population of Jerusalem. Islamists visualize a Jerusalem without churches and synagogues. On the other hand, the Israeli Knesset has recognized since 1980 the multi-religious character of Jerusalem and is committed to the unimpeded access of all believers to places of worship..." — MP Makis Voridis, a former minister from the New Democracy party, writing in the Greek daily Kathimerini.

    Erdogan-Affiliated Turkish Newspaper Calls For ‘Army of Islam’ to Defeat Israel Within 10 Days

    “If the OIC member states unite and form a joint military force, it will be the largest army in the world. These countries’ total population is 1,674,526,931. The number of soldiers in active service in these countries is at least 5,206,100. Their [overall] military defense budget of $174,728,420 is also worthy of emphasis”

    Turkish Writer Close To Erdogan Says That The Caliphate Will Return Again With The Victory Of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Presidential Election In 2019
    Ragnarok: Have to use google translate to read this article...

    Turkey’s Erdogan says Syria’s Afrin town under siege, entry imminent

    Turkey's armed forces will push on after operations in Syria's Afrin and Manbij to sweep Syrian Kurdish fighters from the length of Turkey' border with Syria, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday

    Turkey, Iraq discuss possibility of joint anti-PKK struggle

    Erdoğan says anti-Americanism on rise in Turkey

    Turkey, US agreed on Manbij, east of the Euphrates, FM Çavuşoğlu says

    Erdogan Allies Lobbied Congress Against Kurds

    Erdogan denounces critic of Sharia mistreatment of women: “Nobody has the right to accuse our religion”
    "The commandments of Islam can and will never change", President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said


    Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom announce strategic partnership in joint communique
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    03/09/2018 Continued...

    FL Education Assoc. Urges Veto Guaranteeing Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Under Attack
    Ragnarok: I just can't wrap my head around this line of thinking...

    New Jersey Activist Pat McCargo Says Police Would Use ‘Brown Boys’ as ‘Target Practice’ in Schools
    Pat McCargo, the Chair of the Education Committee for the Cherry Hill African American Civic Association, argued at a public school board meeting on student safety that police might use “brown boys” as “target practice” if they were placed in schools

    Hypocrisy: Hollywood Attacks Gun Rights While Increasing Gun Violence on TV

    Obama in ‘Advanced Negotiations’ with Netflix to Produce a Series of Shows

    Nobody Is Truly Transgender Because Sex Change Is ‘Physically Impossible,’ Writes Philosopher
    A person can pretend to be a member of the opposite sex, Dr. Anderson notes, but it will never be more than play-acting since one’s biological sex is a physical reality outside the individual’s control.

    “Modern science shows that our sexual organization begins with our DNA and development in the womb, and that sex differences manifest themselves in many bodily systems and organs, all the way down to the molecular level,” Anderson writes.

    Because biological sex is a result of genetic makeup, determined by chromosomal configuration, medicine cannot turn a girl into a boy.

    “Cosmetic surgery and cross-sex hormones can’t change us into the opposite sex,” Ryan writes. “They can affect appearances. They can stunt or damage some outward expressions of our reproductive organization. But they can’t transform it. They can’t turn us from one sex into the other.”

    According to Dr. Lawrence Mayer of the Department of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, science is not on the side of the transgender movement.

    “Scientifically speaking, transgender men are not biological men and transgender women are not biological women. The claims to the contrary are not supported by a scintilla of scientific evidence,” he said.

    So contrary to the claims of activists, sex isn’t “assigned” at birth, and therefore it can’t be “reassigned,” Anderson writes

    Ragnarok: It amazes me that we even have to argue basic and obvious truths these days...

    Plurality of Americans: Prosecute Oakland Mayor Who Helped Criminal Illegal Aliens Escape Deportation

    In Triumph for Economic Nationalism, Trump Imposes Sweeping Metals Tariffs

    More Than 80 Percent of Americans Support Trump’s Trade Economic Nationalism

    Is Mueller colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood’s 9/11 backers?

    Susan Rice Told NSC Officials To ‘Stand Down’ In Response To Russian Meddling Attempts
    One day in late August, national security adviser Susan Rice called Daniel into her office and demanded he cease and desist from working on the cyber options he was developing. “Don’t get ahead of us,” she warned him. The White House was not prepared to endorse any of these ideas. Daniel and his team in the White House cyber response group were given strict orders: “Stand down.” She told Daniel to “knock it off,” he recalled

    Ohio Terror Plot Dismantled

    South Carolina: Convert to Islam planted bombs, said they would keep coming “until the Islamic State and flag are above all others”

    “One was discovered Jan. 30 near the intersection of Travis and Martin roads. In that case, a 49-year-old man found a wicker basket and heard something in it hissing. When he opened the basket, the device detonated and he suffered a minor leg injury…Along with the basket was a drawing that depicted the White House with flames superimposed over it, Socha testified Thursday. Included were Arabic references to the ‘mother of Islam’ and a drawing depicting Osama bin Laden in front of the White House….One of the boxes included a three-page typed letter that said the incident with the wicker basket in January ‘was only the start’ of what the community could expect, and that ‘gifts’ would keep coming ‘until the Islamic State and flag are above all others.'”

    New York: Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues will have charges dropped

    Man 'armed with an assault rifle and wearing body armor takes three hostages inside the largest veterans' home in the US'

    The University of Southern Maine: Supporting abortion counters “white supremacy and male supremacy.”

    Bankrupt Toys 'R' Us could decide to liquidate and close all 800 of its US stores as early as next week

    Claire’s Accessories ‘on the brink of bankruptcy’ in the US as it faces a $60 million interest payment on its debt bill next week

    New Mexico: Police officer who smashed into SUV killing a six-year-old sues the boy's mother claiming SHE was negligent
    Since joining the police department in 2009, McDonnell was involved in four motor vehicle crashes and an unauthorized pursuit
    Ragnarok: What a dick!

    Texas Waffle House employee receives $16,000 college scholarship after photo of her helping a partially disabled customer eat his food goes viral

    Florida Governor Signs Gun Control Measures Into Law
    Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R.) signed new state gun restrictions into law on Friday, including raising the minimum age to buy a gun to 21 and instituting a three-day waiting period for all firearm purchases.

    The new law also banned the sale of bump stocks in Florida and allowed police to ask judges to confiscate weapons from those deemed a threat to themselves or others, as well as granted monies for the training and arming of school personnel

    Dem Rep. Andre Carson Attacks Jewish Group, Admits To Meeting With Anti-Semite Farrakhan

    André Carson, Indiana Congressman, Says U.S. Public Schools Should Be Modeled After Islamic Schools

    Dem Candidate Under Investigation For Destroying AR-15 During Protest Stunt
    The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is investigating Mallard after she posted a video Wednesday on Facebook of herself sawing off the barrel of her husband’s rifle

    Armed Volunteers Will Soon Be Present At Stanly County, North Carolina Schools
    “They will have power of arrest while they are on that campus,” the Sheriff said. “So if anything happens, they have the authority under the sheriff to take care of the law and apprehend somebody or engage to protect our kids, whatever means necessary.”

    The sheriff says the volunteers will go through extensive training and a thorough background check, but some people are still worried

    WATCH — Tommy Robinson Knocks Out Migrant Trying to Attack His Cameraman in Rome

    Berlin Teachers Complain of ‘Religious Bullying’ from Muslim Students
    Teachers in some of Berlin’s most heavily migrant-populated schools have complained that they are seeing a large increase in bullying along religious lines, primarily from Muslim students.

    Hildegard Greif-Gross, director of the Peter Petersen Elementary School in Neukölln, claimed that there are many examples of religious bullying even with younger students. Greif-Gross said that Muslim students would bully others on as little as bringing a ham sandwich for their lunch because they were taught pork is forbidden in Islam, Berliner Zeitung reports.

    “Even gummy bears are not considered clean,” Greif-Gross added noting that Muslims objected to the use of gelatin which is a beef byproduct and may not have been halal slaughtered

    EU Urges U.S. Not to Exempt UK from Steel Tariffs Ahead of Brexit

    U.K: Massive Rise in Missing Sex Offenders as Police Figures Show Hundreds on the Loose
    Ragnarok: Why are they released? They have already proven they have no respect for western laws

    Soros-Funded Group Blames ‘Russians’ for Italian Populist Victory

    German Study Finds Foreigners Twice as Likely to Be Suspects in Crimes
    Ragnarok: A-Duh

    ‘Some Women Have Penises’: Church of Scotland Launches Transgender Support Guide
    Ragnarok: Idiots

    Sweden: More Than Half of Students in No-Go Suburb School Not Qualified to Enter High School
    Ragnarok: When you believe drinking camel piss cure illness and that the sun revolves around the earth don't expect your children to be smart...


    Berlin: Keira Gross, 14, stabbed in the nursery
    She was just beginning to conquer the world. The first love, the first heartbreak. But then Keira G. (14) fell in with the wrong person. Apparently, she trusted her future killer and took him home. In the nursery, the meeting ended in a deadly bloodbath.

    The mother of the 14-year-old made the terrible discovery on Wednesday evening in the flat on the Plauener Street. At about 5.30 pm she found her daughter in the child’s room with several knife-wounds

    UK terror-related arrests rose almost 60% to record high in 2017

    Canada: Muslim who killed 1, injured 6 in road rage incident released on bail

    Fearing For His Life, a Christian Refugee in Austria Returns to Syria, Where It’s Safer
    A young Christian from Syria fled to Austria to escape persecution. When he arrived in Europe, he found himself forced into the company of “refugees” who supported the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra. He had to keep his Christian faith a secret, or risk being killed. Eventually he returned to Syria, where he felt he was more likely to be safe

    Toronto Leadership award winner Yusra Khogali demands government action against racism
    Ragnarok: She knows all about racism...

    Enough With The Feminists Who Stay Silent On Islam

    Radical ideologies also turn many Muslim women into victims, even in Canada. This is most offensive to me, as a Muslim woman. Feminist groups, who usually expound a leftist worldview, have often defended discriminatory practices in the name of a “new feminism.”

    Kick A Kuffar Day - Muslim Charged With Charged With Five Assaults in Ottowa
    An Ottawa woman is warning others to be vigilant after she was allegedly kicked by a complete stranger – who then recorded her shock on his phone – in an unprovoked attack Tuesday on Rideau Street.

    Police confirmed they’ve charged Mustafa Khoshnaw of Ottawa, 26, with five counts of assault after they investigated a string of complaints from people walking on Rideau

    Marine Le Pen destroys MSM journalist after he attacks her about posting IS atrocities
    The journalist asks Le Pen frequently if she regrets posting the pictures, because children could have seen them as well.

    “Who published the photos of the little boy dead on the beach?” Asks Le Pen. “Could they not have been seen by children also?” She adds that journalists show bloody images from war-torn countries as well “because when it bleeds it leads and the journalists are happy”, she says

    Europe awakens! Now young Belgians stand up to protect their culture and go viral

    Germany and YouTube try to censor increasing anti-Merkel protests in the country
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Thank you for your dedication!
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Dude, you need a hobby, but thanks. That Turkey dude needs to go for a helicopter ride.
    Repeal the 15th
    Rewrite the 14th
    We Must Secure the Existance of Our People and a Future for White Children
    Make America Confederate Again
    2020 Is Going To Be A ClusterF*ck

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    Thanks for the SUPERB Early bird report. Thanks to you and some others on TB2K the TB2K family is better informed (and in near real time too!) than the bulk of our top government officials!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoMoreLibs View Post
    Dude, you need a hobby...
    This *is* my hobby...
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Ragnarok, Thank you.
    The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty. It is specifically insulated from governmental interference by the Constitution and has historically been the linchpin of resistance to tyranny.” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

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    (can't do anything more...

    Crawling off to bed...can't get well!!!)
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Thank you very much, and also thank you for having a great hobby.
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    11 dead, no survivors in Turkish private jet crash in Iran

    Erdoğan slams NATO for ‘not supporting Turkey’s Afrin operation’

    Netanyahu warns of Mideast nuclear arms race
    After reportedly urging Trump to nix agreement with Saudi Arabia to provide reactors, PM says region could be 'nuclearized' following Iran deal


    Giving Islamic Racism A Pass
    Western European nations claim to oppose all forms of racism, yet fund Muslim Jew-hatred. It is a special kind of irony when that funding helps promote old European blood libels

    Will the free-falling 8.5 ton Chinese space station crash into lower Michigan? Experts say that the state falls among 'the highest probability'

    Hogg’s armband photo gets ripped to shreds by actor James Woods … as only he can

    “You might have a little trouble getting Jewish Americans to embrace this look. Do you have some shiny jackboots and brown shirts to go with it? Guessing maybe you skipped history class while you were shilling for the @DNC…” Woods tweeted.

    All of which makes one wonder, where are parents of these children as they thrust themselves on the national scene?

    Nonetheless, social media users were quick to capitalize on the incident to show why allowing children with a limited grasp of the world around them to lead the country on major policy decisions may not be a wise thing to do

    Call For Public Inquiry Into Telford Sex Scandal As It Emerges Up To 1,000 Children As Young As 11 Were Drugged, Beaten And Raped Over 40 Years
    A brutal sex gang raped as many as 1,000 young girls over 40 years in what may be Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child abuse scandal.

    Girls in the town of Telford, Shropshire, were drugged, beaten and raped at the hands of a grooming gang active since the 1980s.

    Allegations are said to have been mishandled by authorities, with many perpetrators going unpunished, while it is claimed similar abuse continues in the area.

    Offend ‘Diversity,’ Lose Your Job
    An Ohio music professor who said Muslim women and girls are safer in the U.S. than in any Middle Eastern country has been forced to retire. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports University of Cincinnati assistant professor Clifford Adams has been placed on administrative [leave] for the remainder of the semester and will retire May 1

    High School Student Admits: “We Are Being Forced To Participate In #MarchForOurLives Walkout By School Administrators

    Teen Second Amendment Advocate Pulled From Speakers’ Lineup At Connecticut School Assembly On Guns
    A 17-year-old student at Farmington High School, a public school in Connecticut, has been advised by the student activities director that she will not be allowed to speak during a school assembly on March 14 to support the nationwide student walkout for gun control. The student, Ashley Dummitt, was originally asked by the organizers of the rally to give her conservative, pro-Second Amendment views to the assembly in the name of bipartisanship, but the school administration has since blocked her participation

    Nordea Predicts For Sweden: “The Golden Years Are Over”
    Many municipalities and county councils in Sweden will find it difficult to finance investments in childcare, school, health care and care for the elderly, predicts Nordea, one of the largest banks in Europe, in its new economic and regional outlook

    First Jail-Wide, In-Person Voting Held At Illinois Cook County Jail

    Volunteers organized the first jail-wide, in-person voting process at Cook County Jail Saturday.

    Organizers said 94 percent of inmates at the jail are eligible to vote. The program is part of an effort to give more people in the criminal justice system the ability to vote.

    Reverend Jesse Jackson participated in early voting in the hopes of leading by example. Early voting began last week for Cook County

    The World Listens To Parkland Teens, Some Philly Kids Wonder: Why Not Us?
    From Florida to Chicago, some people in marginalized communities have been asking the same question in the wake of the Parkland massacre.

    “When something happens in the black community, we don’t get a lot of support,” Sullivan, 17, said.

    Or, as Kaiyah Taylor put it: “We have a lot of dying in our community, and no one is paying attention.”

    Illinois House Candidate Accused Of Paying For Publicity

    A candidate for the Illinois House’s 5th District seat is being accused of paying for good publicity from a now ex-editor at one of the city’s most prominent African-American newspapers – a charge both the candidate and editor deny.

    Questions have been raised about the arrangement between candidate Dilara Sayeed and former Chicago Defender Managing Editor Mary Datcher, who was paid $10,000 by Sayeed’s campaign

    Gaza-Raised Grandson of a Munich Terrorist Challenging Duncan Hunter For Congress

    Meet Ammar Campa-Najjar, a 2018 primary candidate for California’s 50th Congressional District: According to his website, he’s just your run-of-the-mill southern California Democrat.

    He’s a gun-grabber from the word go, utterly dedicated to a woman’s right to murder the fruit of her womb, and celebrates the full range of possible psycho-sexual unions, including, generously, the one likely to bear such fruit. He favors Medicare for all without a hint of how to pay for it, and he demands the total abolition of any meaningful border between California and the drug cartels.

    Oh, yes — he happens to be the grandson of one of the masterminds of the 1972 slaughter of eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Back from dentist visit...

    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Thanks Ragnarok...


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