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OT/MISC Good advice: Before you buy a house or property, check out the noise level.
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    Oct 2014
    SE Georgia
    Quote Originally Posted by Rayku View Post
    We hear an occasional distant train whistle on the weekends from down in the valley. Once in a while a plane will pass low overhead out of Tulahoma, and the normal wildlife. That's about it.
    Also look for train tracks within a mile or so from where you are living. We know about the trains when we built, so no issue. For many they are. They will / can bounce everything for 200 yards or so from the tracks if it is one of the heavy loaded trains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Countrymouse View Post
    I don't know if all Hispanics are like this, but my neighborhood of old WASP homes is gradually (as the old folks die out or sell to go live in retirement homes) being bought out (or rented out) to Hispanics.

    They seem to love two things, particularly:

    1. Starting VERY SMOKY FIRES outdoors in their yards (I still haven't figured out if they do this for warmth, to cook on, or as a "smudge" to keep mosquitoes away (that was the old way of doing it, way back when before pesticides). And it isn't a "normal" wood fire--they're apparently burning LEAVES, pine straw, and wet wood, and it creates mounds of thick, heavy, eye-stinging smoke. I can't EVER enjoy sweet warm Spring nights or cool Fall ones anymore--my whole house would be full of smoke.

    2. PARTYING VERY LOUDLY, OUTDOORS--especially on weekends / weekend nights. In the house in front of me, the kids of the family would go out into their front yard (which faced my carport so it may as well have been a megaphone pointed right at me), open both doors of their father's pickup truck, crank up the music loud enough to be heard in Boston and Yee-Hah! Party time! The neighbors behind me do the same thing--but THEY have turned their own garage into a game/party room, so when they're partying they put the karaoke into the garage--which points TOWARD my yard (from the back, not the front) and their own garage acts as a megaphone to direct all that noise right AT me.

    I don't know if ALL Hispanics have a "thing" for smoky fires and LOUD parties (someone tell me if you know) but these two things alone are making life miserable for me in what used to be a quiet, peaceful neighborhood. Now I can't even enjoy my own yard.
    Oh, 1. would be "garbage day" and what your most likely smelling are plastics in the fires.

    They do that in Mexico and it's just the way they do things down there.

    Back when I used to visit my sister when she lived in Zijuatanejo, it was wednesdays.

    You ought to go see how the area on Massman Dr. in Nashville turned out after the Hispanics moved into that area.

    One big ugly third world shithole.

    Like night and day.

    I'm sure they will be moved or pushed out by the young white liberals who are flocking to Nashville and turning it into one big Seattle offshoot. V

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    Jul 2004
    North Central Louisiana
    In years past I had noise situations so bad that I moved because I couldn't sleep, couldn't even get a nap on Sunday afternoons much less sleep at night.

    Now, I'm living in the woods, I think I would lose my mind (what's left of it) if I had to live around noise. We are about 400' off a state highway with woods in between. We can hear the big trucks during the day but they are kind of like white noise.


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    Look for free range peacocks too.

    Horrid creatures.
    Proud Infidel...............and Cracker

    Member: Nowski Brigade


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    apartment life as you age and downsize from house to condo has many new challenges

    nascar videogame tournaments, racing each other in full picture rattling dolby ranks right up there

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    Quote Originally Posted by homecanner1 View Post
    apartment life as you age and downsize from house to condo has many new challenges
    Whatever you do, don't buy a condo. Very risky thing to do with your assets. Friends don't let friends buy condos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bw View Post
    Whatever you do, don't buy a condo. Very risky thing to do with your assets. Friends don't let friends buy condos.
    ^^ Why is that? Is it because condos have all the problems that come with apartment living but you can't just move after the lease expires like an apartment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krayola View Post
    ^^ Why is that? Is it because condos have all the problems that come with apartment living but you can't just move after the lease expires like an apartment?
    Because your largest asset (for most people) rises or falls in value depending on the whims of the board at any given time. Many members don't like contributing to accounts for some future payment, like roof replacement ten years out. If the board doesn't collect contributions for regular maintenance, and uses what's been accrued for popular upgrades, whoever owns at the time the maintenance comes due has to come up with an assessment value. Your accrued accounts for maintenance become part of the asset which you buy when you move in and sell when you move out. If the board has frittered away the money, that was money you contributed when you bought that you can never now get back. If your condo turns into rentals, your value can plummet. If you have a rent cap of X% rentals, and the board fails to enforce it, it's like having no rent cap. Insurance rates can skyrocket if your rental percentage goes up. Members will try to take the property held in common for their personal use - fencing in a yard, for example. If the board is not vigilant, the member will gain legal ownership of it.

    All of this depends on an elected board, many of whom may have no experience at all in management, and who (like liberals) win favor by doling out money from the common fund. And we know what recipe that is.

    Owning a condo is like always doubling down on your bets. You have to win (have a competent board) every single election cycle. A single bad board can undo twenty years of careful and prudent management.

    We helped my wife's mom buy a condo, one of the best developments in the area, very highly thought of. After her mom died we moved in, started attending meetings, and suddenly realized the implications. From then on either my wife or I were on the board in one capacity or another, to safeguard our investment. We sold in 2007 just before housing dropped, because we could see that coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millwright View Post
    Look for free range peacocks too.

    Horrid creatures.
    I hated the way they screamed! Our last neighborhood in CA was full of them!
    "Why not stay awake now? Who wants to sleep now with so much happening, so much to see? Life used to be dull you see...and you don't have to sleep alone, you don't even have to sleep at all; and so, all you have to do is show the stick to the dog now and then and say, 'Thank God for nothing.'"

    Drusilla, "The UNVANQUISHED. William Faulkner

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAPPHIRE View Post
    BARKING DOGS...............EGADS I CAN'T STAND IT.............thankfully it's thinned out recently

    I hate people who have dogs that just want to be let in - and these idiots let them bark and bark.

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    Sep 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by big kumara View Post
    Since my county has been targeted for CAFO development, if you're buying any property out in the country, you have to ask if a CAFO is being built near by. Real estate agents won't volunteer the information, but they have to disclose if you ask. The real estate market has pretty much collapsed in one township.
    Do you perchance live in WI?
    “Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.” – J.R.R. Tolkien
    "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." - J.K. Rowling "Remember who the real enemy is." - Suzanne Collins "Winter is coming." - George R.R. Martin


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