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BRKG Marjory Stoneman Douglas High FL active shooter. UPDATE Post #929
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    Quote Originally Posted by 33dInd View Post
    because I have seen first hand women officers placed in law enforcement positions that they just are not suited physically or mentally to do
    Then ignore the gender angle. It's just plain incompetence. But if it's "policy," then you have to change the policy at a higher level, and not waste your time on an individual incompetent. They'll just replace that incompetent with another.
    So when's the Revolution? God or Money? Choose.

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    I'm Not Sure....
    Ah, The Truth Leaks...

    That would be a felony. A felony the Sheriff knowingly did not arrest on, which is a crime standing alone under Florida Statutes if the record was in any way tampered with, and it almost-certainly was, since this has been kept real quiet.

    This obviously needs verification but it would fit with what we already know -- which means it's likely to be true. There is no excuse for any sort of legislative movement on anything until this has been run down and brought into the public view so a legitimate debate can be had.

    Today the Florida House intends to punish law-abiding Florida residents to protect a corrupt Sheriff and an incompetent FBI as does the Governor; the Senate has already done so.

    If that pending bill passes then I will be looking for a new State to call home. One that still believes there is a thing called justice and that you do not punish the law-abiding residents to cover for corrupt and felony illegal acts of so-called "law enforcement."

    Comment from the article:

    Yes, BUT.... that policy is legal ONLY IF IT DOES NOT RESULT IN BURYING FELONIES.

    Florida's Official Misconduct statute makes it a criminal felony to in any way tamper with, conceal or otherwise alter any official record related to a *felony* offense.

    Bringing a gun to school is a felony. (So is felony assault -- putting a gun to someone's head, which Cruz is also accused of having done.) But THIS particular instance would go directly to not only the school but also the resource officer AND THUS THE SHERIFF HIMSELF.

    They tried to cover that up but now it appears it's out in the open.... which is going to make their little legislation game down here rather interesting, should the House pass that bill.
    ...Rubbin' is Racin'......

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    (fair use applies)

    Two SWAT officers responded to the Parkland rampage uninvited. They’ve been punished.
    By Nicholas Nehamas
    March 07, 2018 12:08 PM

    As word spread that an armed attacker was shooting up a Parkland high school, two members of the Miramar Police Department’s SWAT team responded to the scene.

    They had been training in nearby Coral Springs earlier that day and wanted to help end a deadly mass shooting that claimed 17 lives.

    But their own commander said he didn’t know they were going. And the Broward Sheriff’s Office — worried about over-crowding a chaotic scene with law enforcement officers — didn’t ask for them to show up. BSO already had its own SWAT team in motion.

    Eight days after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the two Miramar officers, Det. Jeffery Gilbert and Det. Carl Schlosser, were temporarily suspended from duty with the SWAT team. They remain on active duty with the department, according to a Miramar police spokeswoman.

    “Effective immediately you have been suspended from the SWAT Team until further notice,” wrote Capt. Kevin Nosowicz, the unit’s commander, in a Feb. 22 memo obtained by the Miami Herald through a public records request. “Please make arrangements with the training department to turn in your SWAT-issued rifle.”

    The human urge to aid in a disaster is strong. But it can also run counter to police training. Too much response to a mass casualty situation can create confusion and hinder responders, as recent mass shootings have shown, according to Pat Franklin, a retired Miami Beach police detective.

    “This is not their area, this is not their jurisdiction,” said Franklin, who consults with law enforcement agencies on internal affairs investigations. “You don’t want to let those guys loose into something that’s chaotic where they might take inappropriate action. It is prudent to have them stand down unless there is a plan.”

    The memo told Gilbert and Schlosser that they acted “without the knowledge or authorization from your chain of command” and created an “officer safety situation due to dispatch not knowing your location or activity.”

    Reached on their cellphones, Schlosser and Gilbert said they could not comment.

    While the Miramar officers were desperate to head to Stoneman Douglas, the first BSO deputies to arrive didn’t rush in to confront the shooter, leading to questions about how well the agency handled its response. Four armed deputies, including school resource officer Scot Peterson, did not immediately enter the building where Cruz slaughtered students and staff, as Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has said is agency policy. A BSO captain also issued an order to form a perimeter while many deputies thought the shooting was still going on, according to a partial dispatch log obtained by the Herald. (It had, in fact, ended minutes earlier and BSO has defended the captain’s actions.)

    A third Miramar SWAT team member, Officer Kevin Gonzalez, was also temporarily suspended for his “direct connection” to online posts criticizing Miramar police after the shooting. A source familiar with the posts said they questioned why Miramar’s SWAT team was not sent to confront shooter Nikolas Cruz, and that they may have been made by Gonzalez’s girlfriend.

    “These posts were found to have a negative connotation to our city and the Miramar Police Department,” stated a memo informing Gonzalez of his suspension.

    Gonzalez also declined to comment.

    After the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting last year, which left five people dead, an after-action report noted confusion caused by a massive influx of law enforcement officers, some of whom left their cars parked on roadways, blocking access.

    The report recommended a unified command structure and better communication between agencies.

    Tania Rues, a public information officer for Miramar police, said her department did dispatch several uniformed officers and a victim advocate to “assist” BSO deputies at Stoneman Douglas. But she said BSO did not need Miramar’s SWAT team on the scene.

    “Miramar Police command staff placed our SWAT team on stand-by pending a request for additional assistance from BSO,” Rues wrote in an email. “[BSO] did not make a request for Miramar’s SWAT team based on their need at the time.”

    BSO confirmed Wednesday that Miramar SWAT was “not needed” at the scene as members of BSO’s SWAT team, as well as SWAT personnel from at least 10 other agencies, had responded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzkitty View Post
    Then ignore the gender angle. It's just plain incompetence. But if it's "policy," then you have to change the policy at a higher level, and not waste your time on an individual incompetent. They'll just replace that incompetent with another.
    this be true

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    For links see article source.....
    Posted for fair use.....

    Shooter revealed gory fantasies to his therapists years before the Parkland massacre

    March 09, 2018 07:24 PM
    Updated March 10, 2018 09:14 AM

    Nearly four years before school shooter Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17 students and educators at a Parkland high school, he confided in a therapist that he saw himself in a dream drenched in human blood.

    A May 3, 2014, notation in a Broward County schools psychiatric file said Cruz “reported [a dream] last week of him killing people and covered in blood. He smiled and told the therapist that sometimes he says things for shock value.”

    After Cruz’s disclosure to his therapist at the alternative Cross Creek School, administrators developed a “safety plan” to ensure the welfare of Cruz and others while the teen was on summer vacation. The plan included provisions for removing “all sharp objects from the home” and encouraging the youth to “verbalize what the problem is.”

    If talking about “the problem” was seen as a solution to Cruz’s volatile behavior — and, in the short term, it may have been — it did not last. Portions of his psychiatric file, obtained by the Miami Herald on Friday, show a young man whose mental health exhibited frequent and extreme swings. His attitude would brighten for weeks at a time, then descend again into paranoia and anger.

    That pent-up rage exploded on Valentine’s Day when Cruz took an Uber to his former high school in Parkland and walked onto campus carrying a bag with a semiautomatic rifle and magazines of ammunition. He went on a six-minute rampage, shooting into locked classrooms and through windows and walls and blasting people in the hallways. He killed 17 people, 14 of them students.

    Then, wearing an old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Junior ROTC polo shirt, he fled the building along with panic-stricken students and escaped the school before police entered. He was caught while walking on the street.

    Cruz was formally charged this week with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. He has already confessed to police and this week withdrew a not-guilty plea. The legal move underlines that his attorneys at the Broward County Public Defender’s Office hope to negotiate for a plea of guilt in exchange for a life sentence. Cruz, who was ordered held without bond Friday on the additional attempted murder counts, now faces the death penalty.

    The shooting in Parkland has set off a renewed gun control movement and led students at the school to call for a nationwide protest on March 24 to call for stronger gun measures. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott signed new legislation Friday restricting some access to rifles and allowing police to strip people with mental illness of the ability to own a gun. Nationally, members of Congress have filed gun legislation.

    The rage and obsession with violence documented by Cruz’s therapists during nearly two years of interactions when he was 15 to 17 years old continued through his school career: Again and again, authorities were warned about the teen’s explosive tendencies and lack of impulse control. Again and again, authorities ignored the warnings.

    In addition to the troubling behavior Cruz exhibited at the schools he attended — including an incident in which the teen reportedly brought a backpack with bullets to class — law enforcement officers were also alerted that Cruz might be dangerous.

    The FBI failed to act on two tips about Cruz, one of which involved Cruz posting online that he planned to become a “professional school shooter.” The Broward Sheriff’s Office was also warned about the teen, and had received a report that he “planned to shoot up the school.”

    Cruz alternated between periods of good behavior and periods of paranoia during which he acted out at school and at home, making fun of his peers, cursing at school staff and making threats, according to notes from his time at Cross Creek. The records obtained by the Herald documented weekly therapy sessions between February 2014 and December of 2015.


    These cops were first to see the dead and wounded in Parkland. Many later sought counseling.

    Judge denies bond a second time for Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz

    In one session, Cruz acknowledged to his therapist that he visited YouTube to “research wars, military material and terrorist topics.” He said he wore military clothing. His mother, Lynda Cruz, who is now deceased, told the teen’s therapist that his obsession with the military resulted from his “excessive gaming.”

    School administrators spoke with Lynda Cruz in the months that followed about their mutual concerns about Cruz’s desire to own a gun and take shooting lessons. The therapist, a Sept. 23, 2014, notation said, “shared concerns with parent about his obsession with guns/military and his poor anger control.” The note also cited concerns over the possibility that Cruz would “deploy aggressive behaviors at home.”

    At the time, Lynda Cruz was considering buying the teen a pellet gun for his birthday. A different therapist who appears to have visited the family at their home suggested the mom develop a “plan” in which the youth would be allowed to buy a gun if he was able to “earn it” with good behavior. There was “a plan in place at home in order to control his use of the pellet gun.”

    Cruz’s school therapist, however, expressed reservations. “Parent was advised against getting him a gun (pellet) or classes for his birthday,” the September notation said. “Parent advised to restrict access to any weapon.”

    The therapy files also underscore Cruz’s strong desire to be sent to a regular high school. He frequently discussed transferring with his therapist but also expressed anxiety about getting mainstreamed.

    In some sessions, the therapist described Cruz as “receptive” or noted that he’d had “positive” behavior at school. The therapist role-played with Cruz to teach him how to interact with his peers and avoid conflict. But following other sessions, the therapist noted troubling behavior at school and at home.

    In one April 2014 session, the therapist discussed Cruz’s “aggressive behavior at home due to his not getting his way.” Cruz responded by saying that he saw the therapist as a threat. The therapist noted that Cruz was “very paranoid.”

    The following month, Cruz cursed at school staff and made comments to his teacher that made the school “fear that he may act out and harm others,” the therapist noted. Cruz told the therapist he liked to make his teacher feel uncomfortable. A meeting was scheduled to discuss a treatment plan “to keep client and others safe,” the therapist noted.

    Around this time, the therapist explained to Cruz that he wasn’t ready to attend a regular high school.

    Cruz also fantasized about a “perfect summer” that revolved around guns and shooting, according to a short paper he wrote.

    Under the heading “What my perfect summer would be,” Cruz wrote about “buying some type of gun and shooting at targets that I set up with large amounts of ammo just for fun for hours,” stopping only when he got bored or ran out of ammunition. Cruz said he also wanted to get a job and make money “so I can get things that I want for myself [instead] of come to this time wasting school that support stuped [sic] selfish children that I don’t care about and gets in the way of my chances of leaving this place.”

    Cruz also wrote about his loneliness. “I will never be happy with my life I have no money or [sic] freinds,” he wrote. He complained about his “annoying mother who won’t leave me alone.”

    In preparation for a summer 2014 recess, Cruz’s school therapist and psychiatrist jointly wrote a letter to another one of the teen’s psychiatrists articulating a host of serious concerns. “At home, he continues to be aggressive and destructive with minimal provocation,” the letter said. “For instance, he destroyed his television after losing a video game that he was playing. Nikolas has a hatchet that he uses to chop up a dead tree in his backyard. Mom has not been able to locate that hatchet as of lately.”

    “When upset he punches holes in the walls and has used sharp tools to cut up the upholstery on the furniture and carve holes in the walls of the bathroom,” the letter added.

    By the following April, though, after Cruz had shown “tremendous progress” in his behavior, Cross Creek began efforts to move him to a traditional school.

    Psychiatric notes from that period describe a significantly less erratic youth. His mother reported that he was making friends and had exhibited no signs of inappropriate behavior “in the community. She is happy that he has been doing better,” an April 28, 2015, notation said.

    Cruz had been able to “control” his behavior, both in school and at home, the April 28, 2015, notation said. He was noticeably less aggressive. Teachers did not report having to place him in “time outs.”

    “Parent has requested student to be mainstreamed,” the report added.

    In discussions about Cruz’s desire to attend a “regular” school, psychiatric progress notes said he was encouraged to continue mental health medication, therapy and social work case-management at home, and was discouraged from becoming a cadet: “Interested in ROTC?” the report said. “Not advised,” it added.

    Cruz had started attending Stoneman Douglas part-time by October of 2015. Later that fall, the therapist noted that Cruz was going to be mainstreamed full-time beginning in January. At the last documented session, in December of 2015, Cruz told his therapist he felt he would do very well at his new school.


    The 17 students and educators killed in the Parkland shooting: Luke Hoyer, 15; Martin Duque-Anguiano, 14; Gina Montalto, 14; Alex Schachter, 14; Alaina Petty, 14; Alyssa Alhadeff, 14; Nicholas Dworet, 17; Helena Ramsay, 17; Christopher Hixon, 49; Carmen Schentrup, 16; Aaron Feis, 37; Scott Beigel, 35; Meadow Pollack, 18; Cara Loughran, 14; Joaquin Oliver, 17; Jaime Guttenberg, 14; and Peter Wang, 15.

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    The Hoggs are wearing Nazi arm bands to get their message across! Holy Crap!

    Mar 10

    My, my, myyyyy, lil Miss Hogg promptly DELETED her tweet once she realized it had exposed the Kinder-Gentler-Nazier side of her movement...As a public service, I was able to save it for posterity: #Maga #tcot #lnyhbt #tcot #armbandsforchange
    9 replies 38 retweets 66 likes
    Politically Stripped ™

    ‏ @politstrip
    Mar 10
    Replying to @CaptAmerica08 @lauren_hoggs

    This is the historical context that Lauren Hogg is unintentionally conjuring up. People who lived through this are not only offended but triggered when they see this coming back in a political sense.
    Hitler also wanted to take guns away...Just like Democrats. #armbandsforchange
    1 reply 8 retweets 23 likes
    ‏ @DowdEdward
    Mar 10

    Some folks don’t get history or symbolism very well at all...time for an adult to call the kiddies home. #armbandsforchange
    13 replies 9 retweets 37 likes
    Show this thread
    Fly Over Patriot
    ‏ @chrishanson1968
    Mar 10

    Fly Over Patriot Retweeted Derek Hunter

    #ArmBandsForChange? Are you F'ing kidding me!? I already knew leftist control freaks have a fascist bent but this is full on Nazi party talk. Good grief! Arm bands? Next they will be calling for laws requiring gun owners to wear a symbol so they can be easily identified.

    Fly Over Patriot added,
    Derek Hunter
    Verified account @derekahunter
    "Wear an arm band so you can be identified as a member of the party in good standing."
    Hmm, where have I heard that before?
    Even when ignorant of history, progressives have a…
    2 replies 7 retweets 14 likes
    Show this thread
    Dietrich Eiden
    ‏ @dietrich_eiden
    Mar 10

    Now where have I seen this look before???? #armbandsforchange
    3 replies 3 retweets 15 likes
    ‏ @vermindust
    Mar 10

    why the hell not,
    it's worked before.
    0 replies 0 retweets 25 likes
    Voice of Reason 2018
    ‏ @RealReasonVoice
    20h20 hours ago

    @lauren_hoggs Is this a f**king joke? You have literally become a nazi. Let me guess, we should build giant ovens to burn all the guns? Make NRA members wear symbols to identify themselves? Where the F are your parents????#armbandsforchange
    3 replies 4 retweets 9 likes

    No wonder the Hoggs have been getting death threats on their Facebook. The mother warned everyone that her husband is exFBI and he carries an EVIL GUN! Just like the Mooch, only for me but not for thee. Give them enough rope and they always hang themselves!


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