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Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: February 11 ~ 17, 2018
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    Weekly Prep Thread: February 11 ~ 17, 2018

    Good Morning, All! Hope this note finds all in good health and good spirits

    Daughter called and said older grandson didn't want to go to the nature center for the Eagle program yesterday morning, so I made it up to the pool to exercise yesterday - got hit by a short squall of freezing rain on the way but luckily the van was warmed up by then so the defrosters quickly took care of the windows. Got mugged by Girl Scouts in the parking lot - 4 boxes of cookies for us, 4 to send to soldiers - then, after swim, my co-worker (the one who promised not to try to drown me this time if I came up to the pool) and I watched her 5th grade grandson in a basketball game. Daughter called and said grandson had a change of heart so they had gone to the program (lots of cool photos of bald eagles!) and would be headed to my house afterwards, so I had time to run 4 errands on my way home:
    #1: Grocery store for 15 cans of Progresso soup @ 5/$5 plus some on sale strawberries
    #2: Bank
    #3: Gas station - the station in our town was 7 cents cheaper/gallon than in either work town or pool town!
    #4: Dollar General to use my coupons. For the $5 off $25 coupon, I chose mostly storage containers but did pick up some of the open pollinated garden seeds; it must have just been one Dollar General that I was in that had them marked 4/$1 as this one was 2/$1. I received another $5 off $25 coupon good for next week on that sale. Then I used my 'Additional 50% off clearance' coupon to pick up several packages of mens and ladies underwear for an average of $1.50/pk; I will donate them to the clothing pantry at work.

    I fed the boys a snack and let them play for a bit while I filled bird feeders and did some kitchen and household chores, then we headed for my work town to meet some of my co-workers for lunch. The boys decided they wanted to stay with co-worker buddy and watch some Minecraft and superhero movies while I ran errands so I dropped them off and headed back out. Got hit by another freezing rain squall; it totally iced over my windshield while I was at a stop light - the defrost couldn't clear it so I had to get out and scrape the windshield before I could move - had to scrape the windshield of the elderly couple behind me as well; good thing it's a smallish town so no one behind us honked their horn or anything. I cut my list way short - first, I hit Dollar General in that town to use my second $5 off $25 coupon - picked up 3 marked down ice scrapers ($1 each) plus a box of canning jar lids bring my total up to the $25 needed to use the coupon. Then it was on to Aldi - they were packed!! - but I still managed to get in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Texted co-worker Buddy to please have the boys ready to roll as we had another bout of freezing rain while I was loading the groceries in the car - handed out two of my new ice scrapers right there in the parking lot after I took my buggy back; probably just enabling people who don't have sense enough to know that it's winter but at least I knew they had clear windshields leaving the parking lot. Back to co-worker's to snag the boys, then we were off for home - salt trucks had been out on the highways, and we only hit one more patch of freezing rain on the way home. Country roads weren't bad, so we made it home in a reasonable amount of time.

    I have a ground feeder for doves near the driveway where I put out mixed feed - the boys not only got to see doves, but also chipmunks, the two rabbits that live under a honeysuckle thicket behind the shed, and a possum come up to eat from the feeder before it got too dark to see it well. This morning, they got to watch blue jays fly in to the porch rail to snag the peanuts I put out for them - the blue jays and crows are my early warning system of something going on in the nearby area; if they start carrying on, I head for a window to check out the area - lately the warnings have mostly been for hawks and owls.

    Here in a bit - I'm going to run out and start the van to melt off the ice; yup, more freezing rain through the night but it looks like it's moved out the area; and will fill the birdfeeders while it is doing so. I need to clear the kitchen island counter so that I can make 4 batches of sugar cookie dough - I will bake them tomorrow morning and carry them to daughter's that afternoon; they are for one of the boys' Valentine party - dual purpose: they will be the craft portion of the party as the kids will ice and decorate the cookies; then they will serve as part of the snack Not sure exactly what time I'll run the boys home other than it will be before dark.

    Guess I'd better go get started on that counter... Take care all; stay safe out there!

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    Dropped the boys at home, then it was off to WM to pick up a few more items daughter needed for their Valentine's parties, and for a baby shower for older grandson's first grade teacher. Ran into clearance deals for the boys - socks $3/6 pr, boxer briefs $3/5 pr, and shoes $5/pr; still waiting for the snow boots to drop low enough to be a real bargain before I pick up a few pair.

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    Given the current world situation, I'm going to be spending a good part of tomorrow continuing the inventory I started this afternoon. Then... depending, and after some prayer... I may be sending some fairly good sized orders out for necessities... mostly in the health line. If everything continues on just fine, we'll just be well stocked- nothing will go to waste. If things really heat up, and I can actually get stuff shipped here in time, it could be worth it's weight in gold.

    Quite honestly, I haven't been *this* concerned about what may be coming in a long, long time. We've been as prepped as we're able to be under the circumstances (and blessed to be in those circumstances), so I haven't really felt the "squirrels" in terms of needing to check inventory and fill holes in... years. Right now, I'm feeling a *strong* compulsion (I call them "God nudges") to do so. I'll be praying hard to be sure it's from Him...


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    It'll be what it will. Some incoming PM shipments and classes for the little ones will be the highlight.
    Facts?? We don't need no stinkin facts...

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    Fortunately, I made cloth diapers for the grandbaby who was born last May... because she's going to have a sibling in mid September! Since I've got a bunch of all the appropriate fabrics left, we're at least all st that way, should disposables become unavailable. Plus, the same fabrics (I saved all my scraps) are appropriate for "mama cloth" (female sanitary supplies) as well as reusable bandages (last resort, but having learned through experience just how MUCH bandage material it takes for even one serious wound healing process, I'm not completely averse to the idea. Preferably, we'd use prepackaged sterile gauze for the first layer, and then the super absorbent pads over that, and- of course- everything would be washed in hot water and then dried in the sun... bleach might be used, but it degrades some of the protective fabric pretty quickly).

    I've been stocking my library for years with educational materials for home schooling, so we're set there. Biggest problem I can forsee would be the withdrawal from the electronic tablets (I do have some good quality portable battery packs and a solar charger, so it wouldn't be instant, unless we end up having to shelter in place due to radiation) for the two grandsons... the oldest would be the real problem. But his anxiety disorder issues have been HUGELY improved by just a few weeks of counseling (and no meds!! Thank you, Lord!!) this year, so I'm hopeful he'd cope. The younger one loves the farm, animals, and everything else, and once he found out that watching "a show" before bed just wan't an option, he'd quickly adjust to books and stories again (they get those too, but have definitely had more screen time than I'm comfortable with)

    Otherwise, I'm still working on winter sewing projects, and if hubby EVER gets over the last effects of the virus he got (the bug wasn't that bad... but he's exhausted and half dead, and it's been 10 days since his fever broke. And no, his heart is fine... it's just a slightly worse case of the typical "post virus" malaise), we're hoping to get the shelving I designed finally installed in the basement, so I can get my 5 gallon bucket preps organized. I've been having to lift buckets for years to find the oldest/what I'm looking for, and my back just doesn't like lifting 50# any longer- at least, not while balanced on two pails of uneven heights and reaching out three feet!). We've got all the materials, and even a helper lined up if we need him... we NEED to get it done before Spring work hits. We've got 17 calves expected in about 6 weeks, and from then on, things will be nuts.


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    I am now down with some cold-like sinusitis gunk - I knew it was coming...just not much I can do. School 3 days a week and work 3 days a week make for me being weak! I'm trying to give myself as much time as I can. I know if I don't, eventually my body will MAKE me take the time, and I don't want that.

    Summerthyme - do you just make the flat diapers like we used to use, or the new-fangled ones with buttons and covers? I would be interested in where you got your patterns. I don't have time (or the need) to make them now, but that could change in the next couple years.

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    Hope you get to feeling better soon, Moldy; and congrats on the new grandbaby news Summerthyme!

    This is the diaper pattern I used for the grandsons:

    Good plan on the pms, Rayku; one of my co-workers is keeping an eye on the market; I put a little cash back after some overtime a week or so ago so will do a buy in if he finds a good deal.

    The used bookstore in daughter's town is closing down, so I zipped in when I dropped off the cookies on Monday and picked up a few textbooks and home repair books (okay, some trash fiction as well lol!) but so far the biggest 'prep' this week has been picking up extra hours/partial shifts at work; sick co-worker, another co-worker's mother having emergency surgery, etc... Also picking up a little extra $ at work for precepting a brand new nurse - we were all celebrating in the nurse's station when she checked the website for about the 500th time late last Thursday afternoon and discovered that she had passed her boards I'm really hoping that the phone doesn't ring at 0500 tomorrow morning as I've only made it to the pool once so far this week, and between a thing at one grandson's school at 2pm, picking the other one up at 3pm, feeding both supper, and then snagging granddaughter and heading for basketball games (x3) that start at 5pm with a lengthy half time during the last game due to it being Senior night, the only hours I could squeeze in to work tomorrow and still manage an hour at the pool would be 07-11, and I'd like to sleep in just a little bit...

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    I feel like I'm starting over. Due to life happening a lot of our preps got used. Again. Thank God we had them. Here it seems we get bombarded with apocalyptic doom everyday. Maybe preps can help with that, maybe not. What I can say, from experience, is it has been a blessing to be able to have a pantry to fall back on for the little crap that can knock one down for a few days, weeks or months. Another surprise was how fast preps disappear when they have to be used.

    A little older now and it is getting to be a little more difficult to try and fill the pantry. Got some bone broth ready to put up today and filled a gallon jar with rice and one with dried potato flakes. The pup is real happy. He gets the scraps that we don't use. Amazing how attentive and obedient the furry little monster becomes when there is a special treat in the kitchen.
    Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. - Mark Twain

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    We recently had some unexpected dental work done. We found out in Dec. we talked about waiting till we were in the L48. Things are cheaper in the 48, opted to get the work done ASAP, only had to wait a month. Now we're waiting for insurance to pay their portion. Made me think I need to save money for these things as I prepare to retire.

    The trip to Anc went to plan, no weather delays, which are argrivating.

    The weather is spring like, calm, predictable, neither warm or cold.

    I am changing activities...worked on taxes, and other paperwork for couple hours today. I payed off a credit card cause they were charging me 100 bucks a month interest. If I can get my taxes done this month, I will be ahead of the game.

    Time to clean up the winter gear used for trapping. Then change machines from winter oil to summer oil. Then deliver my fur, and collect.


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