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Story Time To Go To Work
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    Thanks for the new chapter!!

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    Thank you, was hoping for moar.

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    Thank you !!!, as always looking for more


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    You made me look, Wayne!

    Looking for MOAR!! Hoping for MOAR!! Waiting for MOAR!!

    "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
    Proverbs 3:5-6

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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 40

    A little MOAR feed for the hounds. Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated!!

    As the Clan members were running to what would later be called by Samantha their battle stations, Thomas was finally getting the drone out over the main road turn off junction. The drone got there just in time to see what had become known World Wide as a Technical race by with about three people in the back and a pintle mounted machine gun. It looked to be a Soviet DShK heavy machine gun in 12.7 X 99mm or some copy of that weapon, as it has been made by a variety of countries.
    The Technical was the last of a long line of trucks, that the drone camera could not see the end of as the line of trucks went around a bend about a half a mile away at a fast pace. Thomas was visibly upset that he had not been able to get the drone out over the junction in time to video the column of trucks. Knowing that this vital information would have helped the Clan immensely and he felt responsible for the inadequacies of his and the drone’s performance.

    Thomas let the drone hover and watch in all directions for as long as the batteries held, hoping the trucks would come back or more of the vehicles would follow. After about forty-five minutes he brought the drone back to its base for a new battery and a going over to check on the repairs. As this was happening James came into the Communications center and said, “Dad would like to know, if we have any new information about the possible attack.”

    Megan said, “I got caught up in the video feed and helping Thomas keep up with the drone and didn't update the others, my bad, I'll do it now.” Megan called out over the CB radio to all Clan members with radios that the trucks had went on past the junction in the road and kept going without slowing down.

    Twos upon obtaining that information, called his team of decision makers together and said, “We need to have a meeting and discuss what just happened and how we failed to have a plan.” He told Woods, that it was imperative that the fighting holes and trenches get completed and the fighting holes weren't quite big enough for him in depth and or width, so he knew they weren't big enough for Blake and Phil.
    Woods said, “I will get the team right on it, can we get someone to bring the few pallets we have by the barn and maybe someone to take a team and gather pine straw.”

    Twos said, “Don't know on the straw but will get Phil to bring the pallets after the meeting and he will update you on anything new.”

    Woods went to find the boys and get them back started, they were making good time, but time was of the essence and they needed to be finished. Going to find his group his mind was working a mile a minute on ways to get the project done quicker and better and he thought he had an idea. When Phil came with the pallets he was going to hijack his services, if possible.

    Twos started by saying to the gathered team of Ruth, Blake, Phil, the Major, Dr. Phillips and Mackenzie, that he was happy to have them all in attendance and that they had all reacted admirably to the news of a possible attack on the Lease. Twos went on to say that, even though they had reacted quickly, we needed to have a plan for people to adhere and follow. This plan would have a place for each person and overlapping fields of fire and other things that he would have to find out from the Major that needed to be addressed in the defense plan.

    The Major said, “First off, thanks for the vote of confidence. I think we need Imogene in on all planning of defense as she is a great asset. She may not look like it but she passed the British SAS training, as part of her work in the service. The Brits do not allow Ladies in combat so she was never officially in harm's way, but she let it slip that she had faced the dragon on more than one occasion.”

    Blake said, “She seemed to have a lot more capability with that Barrett M-107 than she let on beforehand.”

    Twos said, “That’s fine with me, the more experience the better for me and us all.”
    Mackenzie said, “She said she was going to make herself a sandwich and ask where something was in the outdoor kitchen. She also said something about eating and sleeping when you could, that I didn't follow.”

    Twos said, “Good and Thank you Mackenzie, could you fetch her. But before you do, can we have an early supper? Adding the adrenalin dump and the hard work, will have everyone hungry. Maybe we could have a stew with the deer, that Candace killed, and some cornbread, that would be good, easy and filling.” He went on to say, “Mackenzie thanks again for the hard work and is there anything we can do to help you and Samantha.”

    Mackenzie replied, “Thanks but we got it, people have been coming and helping like you did this morning on there on and that has helped a lot.” She then turned and went back to the Lodge and HER kitchen and to find Imogene and maybe have a snack herself.

    Twos said, “I have a couple of things that I need help with and they are a priority. I need to make some explosives, in particular ANFO and I need to make our new machine gun a machine gun. To make the Browning 1919A4 into a machine gun, I am going to have to do some machining and do some more machine work for the Claymores. I don't think we have any other machinist here and Major do you know how to make ANFO.”

    The Major said, “No, I surely do not, I can field strip and set the timing on the 1919A4, if that would help.”

    Twos said, “It will, because it is all in cosmoline and needs to be stripped and cleaned for use.”

    The Major said, “I can do that and maybe Ms. Imogene can make ANFO, with her level of training.”

    Dr. Phillips said, “Could we possibly get some sand bags around the tent. We might need some protection for operating during an attack or something.”

    “Good idea can you and a couple of the Ladies fill them if we get you the dirt and the bags,” said Twos.

    She answered saying, “I don't know about the rest but I was raised on a Farm and know how to shovel more than just dirt, if you know what I mean,” and they all laughed at her comment.

    At that time Imogene walked up and said, “You requested my presence, sir.”

    “No more sir, Imogene and yes, you are now part of the decision-making process around the Lease and part of the Clan. First question and decision for you do you know how to make ANFO or any other explosive for that matter from the things we have available,” asked Twos.

    Imogene answered, “I know we have the Ammonium Nitrate and the Diesel Fuel, so yes, I can make ANFO and maybe some others, will have to check and see what is available.”

    “ANFO will work for now, you are our explosives person, as of now your pay will be tripled and work hours quadrupled with this promotion in status with the Clan to Explosives Expert,” said Twos.

    She looked at him quite oddly and said, “We are getting paid, do I need to fill out forms and who is the paymaster.” Everyone had a good laugh at the expense of Imogene.

    Twos came to her defense and said, “My good old boy humor doesn't translate into the Queens English, I see. I was trying to add a little levity to this situation. We are not getting paid and neither are you, I would if I could. The pistol, revolver and the derringer, were your pay, I guess. Hope you are not quitting after the big promotion.”

    Imogene laughed and said, “Got you yank” and grinned like a best of show Blue-Ribbon prize winner at the County fair.

    As this was happening Thomas and Megan viewed a truck pulling an enclosed trailer slowly driving down the outer access road to the Lease. Thomas had been following the truck since it made the turn at the junction at the main road. It had been busy time getting the drone back up in the air and keeping watch since he had brought the drone in for a battery change.

    Thomas had vowed to himself, to do a better job of using the drones to help keep the Lease and the Clan safe. Megan called over the radio to the Clan to inform them of the actions of the truck.

    As she was informing the group of the truck, the truck made the tentative turn into the Lease. Melton and Robert had heard the announcement of the truck and had took up stations at the first gate behind a large fallen oak tree, it was the only hard cover available. James had pushed up some dirt around the bottom when they had been in the area digging the OP for the front side of the Lease and that had made the dead fall a much better cover and firing line for the twins.

    Megan announced to all on the CB that the truck had turned onto the property. James who was still in the Communications Center with Megan and Thomas said, “That trailer and truck looks like my Dad's work trailer. Thomas zoom in on the side of the trailer. I need to be able and read the words on the side.”

    Thomas said, “I don't want to get to low, in all those trees, I might wreck the drone.”

    James said, “Just hover where you are and zoom on the trailer.”

    Thomas replied, “How's this? That is about as good an angle I can get.”

    James said, “Megan do those letters say SERT across the top of the trailer.”

    Megan said, “I am pretty sure it does say SERT, but it could be a SEKI instead of and SERT the print font seems a little weird.”

    James said, “Yeah, that is my Dad's trailer cause the font is some proprietary font Dad's company uses and the T's look like I's a little bit and K's and R's are funny too.” James went on and told Megan to call his Dad on the radio to come and look at the video. Megan called for Twos on the radio and informed him of the request by James.

    Twos on hearing the new information told Imogene and Samantha to set up the 50-caliber and defend the Lodge and the Clan and he told the Major, Blake, Phil and Sarah to come with him and everyone else to battle stations again. As he took off towards the Comm shack he thought is this day ever going to get better. He told Phil to get the Komatsu ATV ready to travel and he and the Major proceeded into the Comm shack. Just as he was walking into the shack the truck pulled to a stop in front of the first gate and a white t-shirt was stuck out of the driver's window by the driver holding it with both hands and making it evident that the shirt was all he was holding.

    Twos looked at the situation and said, “I don't know who that is in the company truck and trailer, but I guess we need to go find out. The three of you keep up the good work and us informed, also the rest of the Clan.”

    Twos walked out of the Comm room and towards the front of the Lodge and the ATV with the Major in tow. She was loading a 40mm shell into the thumper as they walked. Twos got in the ATV and the Major also with Phil driving and Blake and Sarah already in the back and said, “Let's go take a look, and let's be very cautious. I want Phil and Sarah with me, Phil for the Saiga and Sarah because she is the deadliest person I know at close range. Blake, you and the Major fan out to the left-hand side. We will drop you off right before the last turn. Let's all remember the twins are on the right-hand side of the gate and the enemy is in front of us as far as we know but they could be anywhere or everywhere. If we don't know them they are enemies till proven otherwise.”

    They rolled on across the hayfield towards the truck and trailer at the gate and Twos called the twins on the radio and advised them of his plan and to stay behind cover until they got there no matter what the people in the truck did or said.

    Melton answered, “Roger that, over and out” giggled and said to his brother, “That was way too cool, I want to say that again. I have always wanted to say that on the radio.”

    Robert said, “You know that stuff like that is why they called you a nerd, don't ya.”
    Melton replied, “Yeah, but that doesn't mean it's not really cool thing, you know.”
    Robert smiled at his stupid brother and said, “Yeah, I know, just don't tell everybody, keep it to yourself.”

    As they let the Major and Blake out of the ATV, Twos said, “Phil I want you on my left-hand side and Sarah you on my right. If anything goes hokey, I will start on the far left and contact targets moving to the right and Sarah you start on the far right and come to the left. Phil, you just blow up whoever is in the middle and work on any targets of opportunity. Does that work for the two of you, I know it isn't much of a plane but I shoot better left to right and from what I have heard it doesn't matter for Sarah and the twelve-gauge semi-auto Saiga should blow up the middle of their group and give Sarah and I some time to do our thing, or find cover.”

    Sarah and Phil both shook their heads in agreement and Sarah and Twos pulled their weapons and began to check that their weapons were ready to work if called upon.
    Phil said, “When we stop give me twenty seconds to check and ready my weapons before we walk up.”

    Twos said, “Had planned to do that and Phil you stay one step behind me and Sarah two steps and one more step away than Phil, just to mess with their depth perception and give them a different target pattern.”

    Sarah said, “Where do you come up with this stuff, I have asked you weren't in the army or anything.”

    Twos thought for a second and answered, “I don't know it all just seems like, my mind says these things are problems for me when I shoot they will be problems for the other side of the fence.” Rolling up to the gate in the ATV, Twos said, “Stop here, we will walk from here.” They were about fifty feet from the gate and slightly to the left of straight on to the truck.

    As they got out of the ATV Twos made eye contact with Melton and Robert and said, “Keep cool guys hopefully this is someone we know from my work.”

    The pair nodded their agreement at Twos. As he shifted his attention to the task at hand and put up a little prayer for the safety of all concerned. He nodded to Phil and Sarah while trying to catch a glimpse of the Major and Blake. He was not able to and couldn't decide if that was good or bad. He thought that he had always been amazed at how someone as large as Blake could be so quite in the woods when walking. Blake was a very good stalking hunter and it was his favorite method, just like sitting a stand was Twos.

    Twos said, “Time to get this party started,” and started walking towards the gate with Phil and Sarah in tow.

    As Twos neared the gate he could tell that the truck was at least one of the work trucks and most likely the owner of his company Earl Roberts. The truck had a small dent in the front bumper on the left side where Earl had run into one of the other trucks at work. He did this one night after winning a big project. He had a couple of drinks from the bottle he kept in desk for just that reason and was a lot tipsy, thought Twos. When they reached about five steps from the gate, Twos stopped. Wanted them to have plenty of room to work.

    Twos called out, “Hey in the truck, get out with your hands up and keep holding the white flag with both hands over your head.” The person in the truck called back, “I am taking one hand off of the flag to open the door. I will get out then.”

    Phil said, “Do this very slowly and without any sudden movements.”

    Twos and Sarah had both un-holstered their pistols from their holsters and were ready to bring them to bear in a moment's notice. The person in the truck got out and stood by the truck, with his hands in the air. He was wearing a set of Scorpion W camouflage BDU's that though wrinkled and dirty, were fairly new and a pair of Danner boots. His BDU had the three stripes and rounded bar bottom of an E-6 Staff Sergeant. His head gear was a non-issue New ERA ball cap in Woodlands camo with a dark Atlanta Braves emblem on the front.

    Twos said, “Please turn around and let me see you from the back and again let's do this real slow and easy.” The man from the truck complied. He was then told to face the front again and complied.

    Twos said, “I am going to ask some questions and you are going to Answer them. How you answer them will determine if you live or if you do not. It is that simple. Do you understand?”

    The New arrival said, “Affirmative, sir.”

    “Who are you,” said Twos.

    “Staff Sergeant Dylan Roberts, First Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, Company C, sir,” he answered slowly and with pride.

    “Sergeant Roberts, any kin to Earl Roberts,” asked Twos. “He was my Father, sir.”
    “Did you say was your father, Sergeant,” asked Twos?

    “Yes sir, I did, sir. He died on our journey here, about two hours ago, sir,” the Sergeant replied without any sign of tremble in his voice.

    Twos said, “He was a fine man Sergeant. Was he survived by his wife Celine? I would not think she would be your Mother, based on your age.”

    “No sir, she did not, sir. She died only moments before my arrival to your site, sir,” answered Sergeant.

    “Did they die from gunshot wounds, Sergeant,” asked Twos?

    “Permission to put my hands down and speak freely, sir,” asked Dylan Roberts.

    Twos answered immediately, “Yes, you may son, sorry for your loss. Your father was very proud of your service, Dylan and spoke of your accomplishments often.”

    “Sir, my Father and his wife were killed because of her stupidity, sir. I was on leave and just getting into the airport when the attacks started a couple of days ago. Because of the curfew and the attacks, I didn't get home to Dad's house till right before curfew last night. Things were pretty bad in the city and I asked Dad if he knew anywhere we could go. He told me about your hunting lease and that you were a prepper and would probably be here and that we could probably come here and be safe. We decided last night to pack up our stuff and head out here, as soon as the curfew was open this morning. We were getting ready to leave we had hooked up the trailer and packed it with all the food and stuff, last night. When we started to leave a bunch of gimme dats were in the neighborhood and out in front of the house. They were hollering for us to give them some food and help them. It was our responsibility and all, so Celine went rushing out to tell them we had food and would give them some. Well, it went bad and Dad went out to help her and long story short, they were both killed by the mob and I ran over a few of them on my way out. There was nothing I could do, Dad couldn't have a gun in the house, once he married Celine. Heck, Dad made me give my shotgun and Ruger 10/22 to the police in one of those give back things, after he married her. She was the reason I left and joined the Army, Dad Loved her and she Loved Dad's money. It was a bad situation, she was only eleven years older than me and wanted me to call her Mommy. I graduated from high school a year early and joined the Army, been in service ever since. Sir, bottom line my Father died this morning and so did Celine.”
    Twos said, “Sorry for your loss son, but before I buy this story, hook line and sinker how did you find this place and remember, I am asking the questions and you are still answering.”

    “Dad and I talked last night about how to get here and his direction were awful. Dad did have the coordinates plugged into his GPS with two-way points. Those directions and the GPS is how I found this place. Dad also told me tell you that he owed you some money a bonus for the last job completed. Dad told me, that you wanted the money in an odd way, twelve ounces of Gold, five in one-ounce Gold Eagles, three ounces in quarter ounces and four in tenth ounces and one hundred Silver Eagles and one thousand dollars face value in pre-1964 coins. That was my bonafides for getting in here and he sent the payment. Dad also said, to tell you that he sent all the special fireworks from the locker at work, including the smoke bombs for the sewer testing,” answered Dylan.

    Twos said, “Only Earl would have known that, none of the other guys or the gals at work new about the arrangement for the bonus. There would be no way to fake that and get that knowledge. Here is what, is going to happen. We are going to pull the trailer out into an opening and you are going to open the back and the trailer will be surrounded by a large contingent of people and if anything, or anyone comes out of the trailer it will die and so will you,” said Twos.

    “Dad's Boston Terrier Pit bull crosses are in the truck can I get them out, so they won’t get shot,” said the Sergeant.

    Twos in a moment of joy said, “Knucklehead and Bowser are in the truck. Let them out they will come to me.”

    Dylan walked over to the truck and opened the door as Twos hollered for the two dogs that came rushing out of the truck like they were spring loaded. Twos normally kept dog biscuits for the two big dogs and they always came to his desk to beg for their treats, everyone else at work were scared to death of the two-big brindle and Black and White dogs. They came running up to Twos and almost knocked him down, jumping up on him.

    Sarah was ready to kill the dogs already having her revolver indexed and so was Phil, Twos had to tell them it was okay and far Melton or Robert one to come open the gate. Twos introduced the dogs to Melton and Robert as Dylan pulled the truck and trailer through the gate. He thought that the dogs had been trained as guard dogs might be good to help with the watching of the gate and at the OP and since the Twins seemed to always be on the gate, it just seemed natural to introduce them.

    As the Twins were locking the gate and Blake was now driving the truck towards the middle of the hayfield, Twos was walking with the dogs. Calling on the radio and telling Megan to spread the word on what was about to happen with the truck and trailer and to not let their guard down.


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    WOW!!! Thank you for more of your story, looking for more.


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    Thank you, to bad about the sgt's dad and his wife but stupid will get you killed even now.
    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Thank you, good to have more folks even if it is one at a time.

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    Long and busy day yesterday. Played catch up today and now vegging. MOAR would be really welcome and wonderful!!

    It's cool watching all the gaps fill in.
    "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
    Proverbs 3:5-6

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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 41

    Friday Night lite feeding for the MOAR hounds. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. As usual comments are appreciated!!

    As the truck and trailer pulled into the center of the hayfield every one of the Clan was nervous and hoping that all would be cleared in just a few more of these tense moments. Twos was thinking about all the work he had to do and how the Sergeant would fit in with the others at the Lease. Could the Sergeant and would he become a member of the Clan in good standing in the future. Some more military expertise would sure help and couldn't hurt the abilities of the Clan to defend its members and the Lease.

    As he was walking out of the woods with the dogs, Blake was tentatively opening the back of the trailer with all of the Clan ready to respond to anything that may happen from within the confines of the trailer. As it happens it was a very anti - climatic event and a big zero as far as happenings at the Lease and they all were thankful for the small favor and would be ready for the next challenge, learning from the experience.

    Twos came walking up with the dogs and hollered for Phil, to bring Dylan over to the shop and told Megan over the radio to give everyone the all clear and to resume their previous operations. With all that done, Twos continued his pleasant walk across the field with the dogs, as if he had not a worry in the world.

    The truth was he was taking this time to get his head around the death of his boss and his wife. He thought no great loss on the wife and then chastised himself and said, “Mom would have told me, if I couldn't say anything good not to say anything at all.” His reverie was broken by the dogs beginning to bark. He looked up and Ruth was approaching him and he told the dogs to heal and stay and they obeyed immediately. They were good dogs but Knucklehead was definitely named correctly as he could definitely become the Alpha at times and be hard to get along with. He had bitten Twos twice at work both times the dog immediately fell into a submissive and remorseful attitude and came and laid at his feet. Neither time had it been a bad bite, but a bite none the less. Twos was sure that Knucklehead would be a true handful if mad, the dog weighed about sixty-five pounds and was all muscle and attitude at times, others just a great big lap dog, who wanted to display his dominance.

    Ruth walked up and said, “Is that Earl's boy, I don't think I have ever met him, have you?”

    Twos said, “Yeah, I have. I think he was about fifteen or sixteen when he did some work around the shop one summer. He looks much different now than he did then. He had long hair and slouched around and was skinny as a rail, back then.”
    Ruth said, “Are you sure it is him then? Because he doesn't slouch, this person isn't skinny and his hair is as short as yours.”

    Twos said, “No doubt, I am sure. He looks just like the pictures I have seen of his Father in his office at that age and he told me some things that only Earl knew.”
    As they were talking Twos continued his path to the shop and his appointed projects. As they were walking Blake was pulling the trailer over in front of the Lodge. Blake, Candace, Samantha, with James coming out to meet them started unloading what looked like large wooden or heavy-duty cardboard boxes out of the trailer. This act got Twos attention, because he knew the trailers usual contents and it didn't include heavy boxes, at least none like those. Twos thought, note to self-ask Dylan about the boxes. As they arrived at the shop, Twos hugged his lovely wife, gave her a quick kiss and said, “I'll see you at supper, if no other crisis come up before then, it seems we are in crisis mode all the time, these days, Love you,” and patted her on her rear end and said, “Git women, there is man stuff to do here,” and laughed at her sticking her tongue out at him as she walked away.

    As Ruth was walking away from the shop, everyone else in the Clan had went back to what they were doing before, without anyone telling them, like a well-oiled machine. It is amazing how motivated even a bunch of teenagers can get when the SHTF and everyone is going to die, if they don't pull their weight, thought Twos.
    Twos saw Imogene and said, “Explosive expert, did Blake bring all the stuff for the preparation of the ANFO.”

    Imogene answered, “I have the Ammonium Nitrate and the tub, and I have a couple of five-gallon cans but no Diesel Fuel. Can you tell me where I could get some and I will get the fuel and get started? I am going to do it back there in the trees for the shade and the safety factor.”

    Twos pointed to the place where the Diesel tanks were and she picked up the cans and started towards the fuel tanks. As Imogene was walking away, Phil and the Major came walking up with Dylan in tow and Twos could see that Dr. Phillips was starting to fill some sand bags over by her tent and the Ambulance with the help of what looked like Melton and Robert and maybe Sarah.

    Twos thought, I think I can smell the Deer stew already, I hope it is not my imagination and got back to working on the mortars and enclosing their bottoms. As he did that he was thinking about how he could enclose the outer shell of the Claymores to ensure they were water tight, when all else fails 100-mile per hour tape and a little glue or silicone.

    Twos said, “Phil could you help the Doctor with her sand bagging project and Major, the 1919A4 is right here, if you want to go ahead and start working on getting it cleaned up and ready for operations. Once it is assembled I will be able to see what parts I am going to need to make and I hope those blue prints are correct for the creation of the side plates.”

    Phil said, “I will, do you know what her project consists of and how I can help.”
    “She is trying to make it where she can operate under fire if need be and since you will probably be helping, it is your best interest to make sure it is right,” said Twos and gave him a big silly grin.

    Phil nodded his head and started towards the Ambulance and the Doctor. The Major walked over and started working on the crate with the Browning 1919 clone. There was a moment of silence as Twos didn't know where to start and Dylan's military etiquette wouldn't let him speak first to a superior officer.

    Dylan had Twos pegged as a Chief Warrior Officer, at least a leg like himself and possibly Special Forces. His rank at least Major and possibly Lt. Colonel not a paper pushing REMF dweeb officer, that he could not respect. He respected the rank and was pretty sure based on his limited knowledge of how he had handled the situation so far, he would respect the Man as the others evidently did already. He had heard Phil call the lady Major so maybe he was even a full Bird Colonel, he would have had to have been a fast-tracked officer to do so.

    Twos finally deciding on a plan of action started by saying, “Dylan, can I call you Dylan.”

    “Sir, yes you may, sir,” said Dylan.

    “Dylan, let's get one thing strait, I am Twos or George but hardly anyone calls me George since my folks have passed, so call me Twos,” said Twos.

    “Sir, yes sir,” said Dylan before he caught himself and said, “Twos, yes sir.”

    “Old habits are hard to break, I guess,” said Twos and looked at Dylan with a humorous expression on his face. “Dylan, a few questions, first what is the stuff they are taking out of the trailer in the boxes,” asked Twos?

    “The boxes contain, a two years supply of Mountain House freeze dried foods for four adults, according to my Father and about three -four months of canned meats, fruits, and vegetables for four people and some grains that are just in their regular packaging,” replied Dylan.

    Dylan said, “That's from my Dad's account, to me, sir. Dad said, he got the information from you about needing to have a supply of foods and medicines for hard times and had to fight Celine constantly about the space it took up and how she could buy a whole new wardrobe for what he spent on his ‘junk’ as she put it.”
    Twos said, “That will help the stores here at the Lease immensely but we have a lot of mouths to feed. That is if you are going to share the food with us at the Lease,”
    “According to Dad, that is part of our buy in to the Lease, so yes, I am going to share, sir,” said Dylan and a small laugh escaped from his lips.

    “Dylan, you said, you had to give away your personal weapons before you left for service, because of Celine, how are you fixed for weapons now, son,” asked Twos.
    Dylan answered, “I have my best weapon my brain, and I have a pair of lock blades that were in my luggage. A Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Folder and a Columbia River Knife and Tool M-21 G10 that I have been carrying for years. Both are good fairly cheap folders that if I lose I can replace cheaply enough but they hold and edge and work great and will save my life if need be.”

    Twos said, “I really like the M-21 and the whole M-16, M-14, and M-21 series of knives by CRKT, they just work as you said. In times like these, I think we need to give them a little help. I have picked out a couple of good pistols and I have some good revolvers if you prefer, them to pistols. I have a pair of Taurus 92s, actually 99s and I have a pair of Ruger SR-9s with magazines for each. Which would you want, they both have been function checked and cleaned they are good weapons.”
    Dylan answered, “The Rugers are good weapons but I will take the Taurus they are more like what I am use to carrying, the Berretta 92 or M-9.”

    Twos walked into the shop and came back out with the Taurus pistols and Blackhawk hip holsters for the weapons and four extra magazines with kydex carriers for the magazines. He also had a bullet proof vest, a small satchel a rendition of the Maxpedition S-Type Jumbo made by someone else probably of Chinese origin. The satchel had six loaded Magpul thirty round magazines for one of the M-4s from the Police cruiser.

    Twos handed the three pieces to Dylan and said, “Not your usual load out. The best we can do, here at the Lease, I can come up with a few more magazines, maybe not Magpul but good ones if you want and you can figure out how to carry them.”

    Dylan took the M-4 and broke it apart and pulled the BCG and give it and the barrel a quick look and said, “This will do, I really don't like all the bells and whistles on my rifle, like some of the Special Ops guy run, but more magazines is always better. I am just a Leg grunt, soldier, sir. Sir, I see you and some of the people wear a battle belt do you have one of those to spare.”

    “I don't have another battle belt, but we do have the officer belt of a Policeman, would that help,” said Twos. Twos turned and walked back into the shop and came out with the two Policeman's belts and noticed that they both had pistols still in the belts, Glocks.

    Twos handed the belts to Dylan and said, “It seems there are two Glock 17s in these belts if you prefer Glocks, to the Taurus pistols.”

    Dylan said, “I do like Glocks, that is what I own, back in Kansas at Fort Riley, Glock 34s.”
    Twos said, “The 34 is a very good choice, now give me back the Taurus's as the next recruit to the Clan will get them I guess,”
    Twos reached for the pistols and took them back into the shop. While Twos went to take the Taurus’s into the shop, Dylan began to look at the belts and the pistols. Dylan decided he could make it work, with the Police belt as Twos had said.

    Twos after coming back from inside the shop said, “We have a lot going on, trying to get ready for the defense of the Lease and trying to make it livable. We have a severe shortage of housing and already have three of the Ladies sleeping in the tent across the way. The shortage is even more complex in that most of the inhabitants of the property are single and a large portion minors. I am not sure that matters as much today as it did a few days ago. It however still matters to me and since I am in charge of this group, I guess it matters a lot. We don't have any Bachelors Quarters for men, I guess you could either pitch a tent, sleep in the trailer you brought or pick a spot down at the barn. Pitching a tent in the barn might be the best of the worlds, give you some walls to keep the frost and wind down and the tent for warmth. How are you fixed for clothes and personal stuff since you were on leave?”

    Dylan said, “Clothes and stuff, I have plenty, Dad clothes and boots will fit. Even have some stuff for some of the Ladies as in the trailer there are a couple of bags of Celine's stuff. I really don't know what is in there, but maybe some good stuff. I know it will be expensive stuff,” and he laughed hard at his own joke.

    “Good deal, said Twos and continued, “Maybe you can go through the trailer and get out the stuff you don't need. I want to get all the special fireworks things out of the trailer myself. It would be great if you could pull the trailer over here and help me unload that stuff.”

    “No problem, Twos, I will get right on that, sir, my bad,” said Dylan.

    “I'll let you slide this one last time,” said Twos and grinned at the young man.

    Dylan said, “Twos, can I ask you a question.”

    “Sure, said Twos, but, I might not answer, just kidding, go ahead.”

    “What rank were you, Twos and what branch of the service may I ask, just professional courtesy and all,” asked Dylan?

    Twos almost fell over laughing and the Major having heard almost all of the conversation was laughing hard, also. Dylan went on “Did I say something out of line, sir?”

    The Major said, “Let me handle this one far you Twos. The closes thing this fine fellow has come to being in any kind of service is the last few days and he managed to get himself shot twice, no three times during that service. He is the undisputed Leader of the Clan, and as fine a shot as I have ever seen, especially when being shot at himself. He also, sets up a pretty good on the fly ambush. So as a Major in the US Air Force retired, I would say Full Bird Colonel, would best fit his rank.”

    Dylan just looked stunned, like someone had just stole his best girl or bird dog. After a few moments of trying to get his voice back, he finally said, “Well, I guess I showed my ignorance on that one. I would have bet a month's pay on at least Lt. Colonel and a twenty-year man he just has, what they call in the Army, Command Presence Ma'am.”

    The Major smiled at the Sergeant and said, “The man does have that, in spades and we have the same phrase in the Air Force. I agree with your view one hundred percent, and so does everyone else in the Twos Clan. That's why when he says do something it gets done and everyone tries to do their best for him and the Clan. What was your specialty in the Big Red One, Dylan?”

    “I ran a reconnaissance team as Squad leader, Ma'am for Charlie Company with eight members and myself, Ma'am,” answered Dylan.

    She said, “In that case then you ought to know about scouting and figuring out weaknesses in defenses, so take a look around the defenses that are being built and figure out how we can change it and make it better.”

    “Will do, Ma'am and will bring the trailer back to the shop and Twos and yourself when I have accomplished my mission, Ma'am. On your leave Ma'am,” said Dylan and took off at a quick trot towards the trailer.

    “Well, I see a Command Presence being established around here, but it doesn't have anything to do with me,” said Twos with an impish grin on his face.

    As he was saying that Imogene was coming back with the Diesel Fuel and Woods was calling Twos on the radio and asking if he needed any more trenching done today and if not, the concrete should be set enough on the OPs to start the finish work and get them ready for use.

    Twos said, “Woods you are in charge of all the construction, so do it. I might need you to hear a critique of our layout in a little while, will you be available.”

    “Just give me a few minutes' notice and I can be there. Meet at the shop or the Lodge,” asked Woods?

    “The Shop will be good for now and Thanks for all the hard work and tell the boys, good job also, but they are not getting any more pistols,” and he and Wood both got a big chuckle out of that, both knowing the way the boys thought, give them and inch and they would take ten miles.

    Imogene said, “Can one of you help me with the big tub for the ANFO mixture.”

    “The Major said, “The old Damsel in distress routine, expected something better out of the SAS.”

    Imogene said, “I like the KISS principle, Ma'am.”

    Twos said, “What is the KISS principle.”

    The Major said, “Keep It Simple Stupid” and laughed at the look on Twos face.
    Twos said, “Then, I guess I better get to toting stuff, as I must be the Beast of Burden and the stupid part of this triangle and conversation.”

    The Major said, “I do Love a man who knows his place in life” and she and Imogene could not contain their selves they had to laugh at Twos. He did take it like a man they both had to admit to themselves if not to Twos or each other.

    Meanwhile only a few mere miles down the main road, at the old-World War II training area that had been gifted to the National Park system in the late fifties by the DOD. A large gathering of the Swords of Allah and their American sleeper cells along with new recruits numbering in the hundreds were assembling. The group waiting on others to start a new reign of terror and annihilation of the Great Satan and its infidels.

    Their plans had been laid in advance, but some were having second thoughts after hearing how their leader and all of Saudi Arabia had been destroyed by the Great Satan. A new leader had emerged in the void of leadership, this absence of command had allowed and even more radical to step into the role of the new leader of the Caliphate, unlike the Prince the leader Mohammed Abdul Aziz was a true believer. In a short time, he had managed to get control of the Swords of Allah and into their leadership. Being a minor role player in the coup he was out of the country when the bombs hit the country and was able to take control. He was pushing to end the lives of all infidels throughout the world and bring back the true power of Allah to the new Mecca which at this time was somewhere in France. A yet to be determined location to be picked by Allah himself with divine contact to the new true leader of the Faith, the new Caliph of the Muslims throughout the world. The Leader ordained by Allah himself.

    The group assembling just a few miles away from the Lease was one of the few groups that had not run into any real resistance to this point. They had been able to acquire almost all of their equipment and most of their group had evaded law enforcement and dying in the name of Allah. Some of the group was beginning to think that maybe this was not the will of Allah but the will of Man. That was why Allah had allowed Mecca and Saudi to be destroyed and many of their fellow martyrs here in America had been unsuccessful in their attempts to destroy America. Most of the fellow Swords of Allah would not make the rendezvous point at the old Army Camp of the Great Satan. Much hustle and bustle, was occurring at the camp with re-supplying the Swords of Allah and assignment of heavy weapons and ammunition to the faithful for the upcoming attack on the county seat and its National Guard contingent. The National Guard base housed Strykers and some mobile artillery pieces that would be needed in their quest of the killing of Americans.

    As the faithful Swords of Allah continued their preparations for continuing the war, the Clan was setting down for a late but much needed supper of Deer Stew and Cornbread. Twos and his team had completed most of their assigned duties today. The mortars were finished all four, the Claymores they just needed to be placed in the proper positions to achieve maximum damage and the ANFO had been made. The machine work had been completed and the machinegun reassembled with the new side plate and the head space set and re-checked. All that was needed was for it to be mounted on the tripod and a test firing completed.

    Woods and the boys had done a yeoman's work in finishing the trenches, at least they thought they were through, and getting the OPs almost completed. They would be able to finish the Wind generation hookup first thing in the morning and that would add, much needed 3600 watts of generation to the Lease.

    Dr. Phillips, Phil and the girls had completed sand bagging around the Ambulance and the tent and had brought about sixty bags over and put them along the front of the Lodge to block off the kitchen area from possible enemy fire. A few more were needed, and Megan had picked up some chatter on the radio receiver that sounded like Arabic and it was close. Samantha had gotten a nice pair of Keen boots from Dylan by way of Celine and a very nice leather parka with a high-tech lining, that according to Megan cost more than her entire wardrobe pre- attacks a few days ago.

    Dylan had mounted a pair of the famous or infamous, depending on how you wanted to look at it, Twos mini suppressors on his Glocks after replacing the barrels with two Lone Wolf threaded barrels from Twos.

    He had found an Aim Point red dot on one of the biker’s weapons and transferred it to the M-4. When he tests fired the M-4 he couldn't believe the effects of the little suppressor had on the sound and the muzzle flip of the weapon. He had proceeded to shoot the Glocks then and was truly amazed. When looking for the red dot scope he also found a double magazine carrier for AR magazines and pistol magazines on the outside, that he attached to his new police / battle belt, now he needed a fixed blade knife and he would be set. He had told Twos he wanted something like a Sykes -Fairbairn.

    Twos told Dylan he had just the thing a reworked bayonet that the end of the blade had been broke off about an inch and twos had re-profiled the knife into an Arkansas Toothpick double edged blade and put a new micarta handle on the knife.

    Twos said, “I just have to find the knife and then we can talk about doing some long-range patrols with your experience.”


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    Thanks for the bedtime snack!! LOL!!

    Another great read!!
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    Thank you. Dylan could be the difference between success and failure for or of the lease.
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    Thank you 223.

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    Thanks 223... Really enjoying your stories.

    Could you tell me what the distance is between The Clan from the other story and the Clan at the Lease?

    Thanks! Lili

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    Thank you, no good that the swords are so close yikes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lake Lili View Post
    Thanks 223... Really enjoying your stories.

    Could you tell me what the distance is between The Clan from the other story and the Clan at the Lease?

    Thanks! Lili
    The original Clan is the Twos Clan, this book was written first. The two Clans are evolving simultaneously in the same world and the Davis Clan book actually starts before the outbreak of SHTF with the Mooslimes even though written second, a bit of a prequal. Twos and Davis are old friends from the softball world long before either book starts. The third book takes it farther "A Day Late and and a Dollar Short". I hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the explanation 223!

    Looking forward to MOAR...


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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 42

    Saturday Night Special MOAR hounds feeding. Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated!

    As Twos was looking to find the knife for Dylan, Megan, James and Thomas were trying to decide the direction from which the Arabic chatter came. They decided using some quite sophisticated technology and math for high school kids it was up the road in the direction of travel of the trucks and was less than five miles from the Lease. The exact distance probably less than four by the calculations of James. It was decided that this information had to be given to Twos at supper and that was only a short time away.

    After supper James, Thomas and Megan went to where Twos were still sitting with Ruth, Woods, Mackenzie and the new guy and ask to speak with him about something, they thought was pertinent to the defense of the Clan. Twos said, “Go ahead, yawl's work and analysis has been on spot, up till now.”

    James and Megan started to speak at the same time. Twos said, “If we are set on protocol, Megan you should speak and James and Thomas should add any extra data that is left out or needed.”

    Megan said, “Today, on the radio/scanner not the CB we picked up some, what we are saying is Arabic language and the signal is strong, very strong. The signal is so strong that we decided to try and get the direction and distance of the source. Our technology is not the best, we need some extra equipment and electronics stuff from like Best Buy or somewhere. Never mind that, with what we have the signal is from the direction that the trucks went today and is ninety percent probability that the source is less than four miles from the lease and ninety-nine percent less than five miles to our North West.”

    Twos looked to James and Thomas and said, “Anything else?” The boys had nothing to add to the intelligence shaking their heads in the universal negative reply.

    “Thank you all and that is definitely information that is needed, good job all,” said Twos and all at the table acknowledged this by their nodding in agreement.

    Two decisions were made based on this information and the information of the travels that Dylan had experienced. One was that a team would leave beginning of curfew in the morning to pick up more housing and that Dylan would lead a small team of Candace, Imogene and himself on a recon patrol. They would take the Kubota ATV out about two miles and then start their patrol. Twos had told Dylan exactly where he thought the source of the radio chatter came from. The only place for miles was the old-World War II training area almost exactly four miles North West of the Lease.

    Early the next morning right after breakfast Blake, Ruth, the Major, and Thomas in Twos F-250 pulling one trailer and Phil, Sarah, James, and Woods in Dale's truck pulling a second trailer left to go pick up some more housing and possibly Ruth's brother and Sister-in-law. They were taking most of the Gold and some of the Silver the Lease had acquired from the bikers and all the cash in hopes of purchasing a couple of the shed/housing units.

    Melton and Robert at their post and were manning the gates as the trucks left the Lease. It would be another hour or so before the recon team left, as Dylan wanted to go over a few more details of the area with Twos. He also, wanted to cover hand signals, noise discipline, and their march methods with the Ladies, especially Candace as she was new to patrolling. The recon patrol would be traveling light, with only their primary rifle and five magazines and their sidearm's, and three liters of water in a Camelbak hydration system and ponchos for ground cover with battle belts and binoculars or in the case of Candace she preferred a monocular and a spotting scope.

    Twos had gotten the Doctor to give Imogene some camouflage pants and a tunic. The Doctor being the only Lady at the Lease who was close to the size of Imogene and Twos had given a couple of old sniper veils to the group. Candace had her own and had used it many times with her Father hunting. This time was different and Twos had told her to listen and follow the lead of Dylan and Imogene, she was there for her young eyes and her long rifle. As they left to start their patrol, Twos and Dr. Phillips were there to see them off and wish them good hunting.

    Twos went to the shop to gather up the mortars for burying and a few of the Claymores for placement along the route of entry into the Lease. Megan was going to put up the drone to give them a better view with an eye in the sky and Mackenzie was going to help with Communications shack and the radio. Dr. Phillips and Samantha were going to continue the sand bag project in front of the Lodge and stay near their long arms. It was going to be a long hard day and a lot would depend on the crews from the Lease to stay sharp and on task.

    About the time the Recon team left the Lease headed towards the Old-World War II training area, Blake and Phil and their teams were arriving at the place that sold the sheds. Their trip to this point had been a quiet one and they all were thankful. The place of business seemed to be empty of any personnel, but the gates were open as if to say come on in and take what you want.

    They pulled up to the gates, Blake told Phil in the second truck that he was going to have the Major get out and voice the groups intentions, instead of just driving in to a trap setup. The Major got out of the F-250 and with her rifle hanging from her single point sling walked through the gate a few steps and said in a loud voice but not a holler, “Hello Joe's Sheds is anybody here we came to purchase a couple of sheds.”

    The Major waited for what seemed like an eternity but was only about sixty seconds and repeated the announcement. Again, she waited, very still not making any sudden movements. The longer she waited the more her anxiety level heightened and she could feel the drops of sweat begin to roll down her back between her shoulder blades.

    At what she figured was an ample amount in time she announced, “Now we are coming into the site to get sheds and are willing to pay in cash or barter.” She was thinking, ear buds and throat mics sure would be a great thing to have in this situation. It is amazing how we have become so dependent on technology, as she walked backwards back to the truck.

    When she arrived at the truck she told Blake to follow her into the site and make a loop where the rig was headed out of the gate and to tell Phil to stay back where they could get out in a hurry. Blake said, “Sounds like a plan,” and got on the CB to Phil to explain what was going to happen.

    The Major started walking back into the site, this time she had her hand on the pistol grip of her H&K and had nonchalantly taken off the safety while talking with Blake and her back to the site. As she walked Blake, Ruth and Thomas followed her in the Ford F-250 and there wasn't any discussion just concentration.

    As this happened Phil backed the second truck and trailer back from the gate to give them a little more wiggle room. After about fifty steps by the Major she could feel the eyes on her and said in a loud voice, “I know you are here, we mean you no harm, come out and let’s parlay.”

    Joe of Joe’s Sheds fame came out from between two of the larger shed units holding a Benelli M-4 Super 90 shotgun with the 8 + 1 tube and said, “Stop right there, little lady and let's talk.”

    “Fine by me, I am Major Woods US Air Force retired, my brother is Everett Woods from here you may know him. We are here to purchase or barter for a couple of your units that are like houses. We want the biggest we can load on the two twenty-five, five trailers we brought and we have cash and who might you be, sir,” she asked?

    Waiting a moment with no answer she added, “Sir, could you please point that shotgun away from my mid-section. I have been shot at already too much in the last couple of days.”

    “My bad,” he said and pointed the weapon towards the ground adding, “And I do know your brother he's the guy who made a lot of money in the oil business, bought an out building from me a few years back. I can sell you a couple for cash or maybe we can work up a trade. The price would be $100,000 cash for the two or I can give you two and we could come with you to that hunting land your brother told me about a few years ago. I expect that is where these would be headed.”

    The Major said, “I can't make that call and neither can my brother but, we can get someone on the radio who can. How many people are we talking?”

    Joe said, “Nine, me and my two sons, their wives and children. We will bring our own housing and our own food and weapons. To make the deal better for you, I can only put 28 X 14 footers on your trailers. I will bring you two of the deluxe 32 X 16 footer units with the lofts those things are almost 900 square feet and we will take the twenty-eight footers.”

    The calls were made and the deal was quickly struck. It was decided to drop Blake's trailer and let them load it while the F-250 went and picked up Ruth's brother and sister-in-law, while the loading was being completed. As the trailers were being dropped and the sheds were being loaded, Dylan and the Recon team were patrolling towards their objective of the training area and not in any hurry about it as both Dylan and Imogene had implored to Candace.

    The terrain was just exactly how Twos had described it to Dylan, in his personal briefing before the team left the Lease. Someone with firsthand knowledge of the lay of the land is always great intelligence for a patrol team, thought Dylan. Twos had told Dylan that if they veered to the East and came in from that side, they would have the sun at their backs and the high ground on the training area. Twos also said, that the cover was a lot thicker on that side of the area with lots of Holly trees and lots of natural Privet Hedge growing to the south and east of the training parade area. Both of these plants would still have leaves this time of year and would make good concealment for any intelligence gathering by the patrol.

    As the trio walked through the southern woods, both Dylan and Imogene noticed that even with their extensive training in the service, Candace walked through the woods without making a sound more naturally and was better in the woods than they were, she had learned well form her Father. It took them the better part of four hours to reach the rise to that was about eight-hundred meters from the edge of the training field. They covered the last fifty meters to the top of the rise on their bellies, so as to not silhouette their selves against the sky and the ridgeline.
    Candace actually showed them how to burrow under the Privet and look through the hedge. It made perfect cover for them to watch the Terrorist camp they found below. A camp that looked like an ant hill that had been kicked by a small child with activity. They set up a watch schedule of the camp and a back watch of their position with one of the trio resting at all times. The small notebooks and pencils that Twos had demanded that they all take would be used extensively over the next eight to twelve hours. This while each took their turn observing and making notes of the equipment and personnel and any other pertinent information.

    As they were settling in for the first two-hour shift with Dylan observing the camp, Blake was taking final directions from Ruth on the roads to her brother’s home. They could hear more and more sounds of riots and shots as they inched closer to the city limits and each one was getting more and more concerned as to what was in store for them on this trip. When Blake made the final turn into the gated community, it was evident to all in the truck that, the war had come to this community with a vengeance at some point in the last few days.

    Many of the houses were still smoldering and cars had been turned over and privacy fences knocked down. The once well-manicured yards looked like they had been plowed in places. A few dead bodies lying in the streets just added to the chaos and mayhem that was the gated community where Ruth's brother lived and him being alive now seemed to be a pipe dream.

    Blake and the group slowly rolled through the lane looking for 118 Liberty Circle Lane, as instructed by Ruth. It had been a few years since she had been here to visit her Brother and the place definitely looked different today than it did a couple of summers ago for the pool party.

    Back at Joe's Sheds, the team, Joe, and his sons, Abel and Jeremiah were making good time in loading the sheds onto the Clan's two trailers and preparing them for transit to the Lease. Abel and Jeremiah had been working with their Father at least on the weekends and after school for as long as either could remember. They however would not dare let their sons or daughters work at the store. Something that Joe thought was the loss of their kids, a good work ethic and sound morals made the person. Abel the oldest of the sons had two boys, fourteen and twelve and Jeremiah a girl and a boy ages, sixteen and ten. Jeremiah and his wife had got started a little early, the Homecoming dance in fact his junior year of high school. If all went well they would be through loading the trucks and strapping the loads in about thirty minutes and could start loading their trailers for the trip.

    As this thing were happening away from the Lease, Twos with the help of Megan had mounted the auger on his tractor and was beginning to place the holes for the mortars. The holes placed in the access lanes between the gates and one just before the edge of the tree line after the second gate. Twos upon starting to bore the holes was already wishing he had made eight of the mortars instead of just the four. He told Megan that there just wasn't enough time or assets to get everything done that they needed. With the sometimes-astute wisdom of the young, she said, “Rome was not built in a day Mr. Jacobs,” as if she had the world figured out to a tee, and if anyone would just ask her, she was ready to explain their problems away.

    Not to be outdone by a mere teenager, Twos said, “They did however burn it to the ground over night while Nero played the fiddle,” and laughed at Megan brain about to explode as she tried to come up with a quick barb like Twos had done to her.

    They sweated and placed the mortars in the ground and made a map of their placement and on the map numbered the placement for the electric control panel switches to activate and explode the mortars. It was hard work and Twos called Mackenzie to bring them a thermos with some cold ice tea on the four-wheeler and to take one to the Doctor and Samantha also. Mackenzie answered back over the CB, “Give me about five minutes and I will be right there.”

    Liberty Circle Lane was found by Thomas and the group turned onto the road looking for 118, Ruth said that it was about the eighth house on the right-hand side, if she remembered correctly. As they came to the eight house it was still standing, it however was not unharmed. The house had been a nice brick 3200 square feet and change two story with three car garage, in a quasi-Williamsburg layout. It didn't seem as if there was a place on the front of the house without a scorch mark from a Molotov Cocktail or a square foot of space without a bullet mark. As they pulled up to the house there had been no signs of life anywhere in the subdivision, just devastation, like after Katrina in Mississippi and New Orleans, only man made.
    As Blake pulled into the driveway, Ruth said, “I have to go inside and see, if my Brother is there.”

    Blake said, “Thomas you and I will watch the truck and the access to the house. Ruth and the Major will search the house and nobody gets in a hurry. Tell us before you come out of the house.”

    The Major said, “We have a plan and will follow it to a tee.”

    Ruth just nodded, she was having a little trouble grasping the whole scene at her Brothers house and subdivision. The Major with Ruth stepped out of the truck and started walking towards the front door of the house. The door stood ajar hanging from one hinge the other having given up the ghost at some point. As the Major ducked into the door a shot was heard and the round pinged off the door frame. Ruth hollered, “It's your sister and friends Mark don't shoot.”

    As she was hollering another shot rang out from inside the house and the Major said, “It might be his wife, I don't know but the shooter is defiantly female.”

    “Teri, Teri, it is Ruth your sister-in-law, we have come to help,” said Ruth. The sound of a rifle hitting the floor was heard and then the wailing of someone in anguish.

    The Major said, “I have her covered, Ruth come on in the house.” When Ruth entered the house, it was evident that the lady who was crying was her Sister-in-Law, Teri much the worse for wear. Ruth rushed to her side and said, “Where is Mark?”

    Between sobs and tears, Teri said one word, “Dead” and continued her grief.

    The Major walked up and said, “I will search the house and find your Brother.”

    She found his blood encrusted body just down the hallway towards the kitchen, still with the shotgun pointed towards the back door of the house and five dead bodies piled up like cordwood in the back doorway. When the Major picked up the Remington 870 Police the slide was racked back and empty. Mark had fought the good fight and came up the winner of the battle, but lost the War. The Major's reverie was broken by Ruth calling for her to come help, get Teri up and to the Truck she was bleeding from a severe gunshot wound to her lower leg and another gash on her arm.

    She wondered how Ruth knew not to worry about finding her Brother anymore. When she turned around to go back towards the front of the house she could see that Ruth could see her Brother from where she was standing trying to get Teri up and to the truck. The Major thought, the Jacobs family is from hard and sturdy stock and it is my honor and pleasure to count them as friends.

    The two of them managed to load Teri into the backseat of the F-250 and immediately headed back to the Shed store. Blake called Phil on the CB and told them that they were coming back with wounded and that they needed to get back to the Lease and Doctor. Make the arrangements with Joe for directions and meeting his crew to get them to the Lease tomorrow or the day after, whichever fits Joe's schedule.

    As they raced back to the store with Teri and then the Lease and the Doctor. Phil told Blake in reply, “We will be waiting and have everything ready to hook up and leave as soon as you arrive.”

    All was well at the Lease and with the Recon team. Twos and Megan were finishing up the last mortar installation and the camouflage had already been completed on the first three. They then had a plan to complete the installation of the Claymores on both sides of the access lane between the gates and the road to the hayfield. Dylan was making notes of the Swords of Allah as to who, what, when, where and how many and putting them to paper along with a detailed sketch of the camp layout.

    Upon arrival at Joe's, Blake backed up to the trailer and they hooked it up in record time with help from Abel picking up the tongue and setting it on to the hitch with his Lull. Plans had already been made to meet Joe and his crew at the river crossing, as the sixteen footers and double trailers would have to take a different path to the Lease, due to the weight and the width of the loads. As they pulled out heading to the Lease, Woods called Megan, or so he thought at the Lease. The answer he got was from his wife, Mackenzie manning the radio. He told her to have the Doctor ready for an incoming patent in about thirty minutes with a bad leg wound, that was at least a day old.


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    Thank you, never a dull moment.
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    Another great chapter, thanks!

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    Thanks much!!

    Soon they'll have enough to take on the "scum neighbors."

    Can't wait to get MOAR!!
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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 43

    A Sunday Night feeding for the MOAR hounds. Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated! Thanks for reading.

    Mackenzie called Twos and told him about the incoming wounded and to get in touch with the Doctor and to tell Melton and Robert, to be ready on the gates. The travel back to the Lease went like clockwork for the Blake and Phil trailers. The convoy with the new housing, sheds made it back to the site in exactly thirty minutes. Twos had put the dogs in the Lodge and had the group left at the Lease get ready for the wounded patient. As they were getting pulled up to the ambulance and the Doctor, Candace was taking over Dylan’s spot and he was set for a resting period. Imogene took over the position of watching their six.

    At the Lease, Twos had brought the Ambulance to the outside gate, he knew that it would be slow going, even hours to get the sheds through the woods to the hayfield and where they needed to be set. They would off load the wounded and bring them for treatment in the ambulance. As they say time saves lives. Dr. Phillips was ready and had been talking with Phil on the radio for the last few minutes about the injured patient.

    As the convoy pulled into the Lease turn off; Phil's truck and trailer entered first and drove to the first gate, where the ambulance was awaiting. Phil thought, I am glad the ambulance is here, the shed is already hitting the canopy of trees. Lots of limbs will have to be trimmed to make it through and we will probably have to let the air out of the trailer tires to make it like we did with the CONEX boxes.

    Everyone started working as a well-oiled team, Phil jumped out and helped Twos and Dr. Phillips load Teri onto the stretcher and take her to the still running ambulance. The ambulance had been backed up to the gate, to ease the loading and save time. As they were loading the patient, Blake and the Major started providing rear security for the convoy, as their trailer was still sitting out of the woods, in plan site. They also had Sarah and Thomas set up in the other direction on the road, for added measures. With loading complete, the ambulance pulled through and headed for the other side of the field with Phil driving and the Doctor in the back. Samantha had been pre-stationed at the tent to help with any things that they might need.

    Twos, Woods, James and Sarah started the tedious task of trying to get the truck and trailer through the maze that was the entrance road to the Lease. Twos had brought crosscut saws and his electric sawzall with wood cutting blades to minimize the noise. It would have been nice to use the chainsaws, but they would be to loud. He thought, you had to measure the risk versus the reward and the extra work for less noise was the ticket in his opinion. Twos spoke to Woods and the others and said, “We need to get enough done to get the second trailer into the woods and behind the first turn, so let's get with it. James, you and Sarah get to play tree monkey and cut the ones that are hard to get to on the ladder.”

    Sarah said, “Not a problem, before Daddy made me into a shooter, Mom had me in gymnastics and just because I hated it, doesn't mean I wasn't good at it,” and laughed.

    James thought, the woman of my dreams and she probably doesn't even know my name and she has been to my house with Candace a thousand times. “C'est la vie, that's Life” and went to grab the tree hook to start snapping any of the branches it would cut, as time was of the essence. For whatever reason they all could feel that this time something was different and they needed to hurry. Sometimes you don't need the Almanac to know a storm is coming.

    At the ambulance, after doing her initial evaluation, Dr. Phillips said to Phil and Samantha, “I don't see any way around it, she is losing the leg, at least to below the knee. If we try to save it she may lose it above the knee joint and if the Gangrene sets in, maybe her life.”

    Phil said, “Then do it, we are burning daylight and I need to be helping get those sheds into the Lease.”

    Phil having seen how Teri treated his friends and Ruth's brother, had no love lost for her. His Christian charity would only go so far and it had been used up for her at the Christmas party a few years ago. His thoughts continued, I would have loved to see Candace go off on her, after the incident. Even at fifteen against a grown woman, my money would have been on Candace. It would have been historic to see Candace beat Teri like a rented Mule. Could have told that story till the day I died and still it would have never gotten old, he laughed out loud.

    Dr. Phillips looked at him like he had lost his mind and with everything that had happen to him and the country in the last few days, it was surely a possibility. She decided that she had to keep tabs on, and said, “What's so funny, Phil” with a tone that said, this is the Doctor asking.

    Phil smiled and said, “You had to be there,” as if that explained it all.
    Dr. Phillips said, “Are you alright?”

    Phil finally had the light come on and answered, “Funny story came to mind, will have to tell it to you someday, I'm all good.”

    Twos was about to lose his religion and have to put some money in the swear jar, when Woods said, “It will be better in the morning Twos, or maybe next year.”

    Laughing at his own joke, at the expense of Twos. It was just what Twos needed and he quoted his beautiful wife and said, “Lighten up Shirley.” “Exactly,” said Woods and went on to say, “We need some more help, let's get Melton and Robert from the OP.”

    “Do it, give them a call on the radio and tell Blake and them about it also,” said Twos.

    As Sarah whom good to her word, was like a gymnast in the trees, dropped another large limb, onto the road for removal. James went to drag the limb, saying, “Dad, I think we can probably move the shed up past the bend now.”

    Twos got in the truck saying, “Watch for me,” and started pulling the truck and trailer up around the bend without any trouble, or at least none that made a difference. This movement would allow the second truck and trailer to get out of the road and up to the first bend and probably around the bend completely.

    Blake hearing the news from Woods and seeing that he could move up the truck and trailer told the Major to stay here and keep watch and he would come back and get her, Ruth and Thomas in a minute and they would reassess and re-orient their lookout positions.

    Everything at the Lease was going as good as could be expected considering it was TEOTWAWKI situation. Four miles from the Lease, it was time to change the rotation and for Imogene to start her observation period of the terrorist camp. She started her time of viewing by getting herself comfortable. During some of her SAS training, she had learned that if there was a rock or a twig, stick or crawling thing within a hundred miles it would find its way into your position. If you let it happen these distractions she had learned thankfully could cost you dearly in your intelligence gathering and cost people their lives. She got herself comfortable and started watching first through her binoculars to get the wide view of the layout. Then when she needed it through the spotting scope to get a clearer and more precise view of the target, and make no mistake she was viewing a target.

    Her first tabulation counted almost eighty vehicles in the compound mostly of what had come to be called Technicals. In fact, she had counted sixty-eight separate vehicles with pintle mounts, not all of which at this time had weapons mounted but all were ready. Four-wheel drive trucks with machine guns, either light or heavy on high pintle mounts in the beds. These had become known worldwide for their use by rebels and terrorist, it depended on who you were asking and history as to what group you fell. As they say, the winners get to write the history books.

    She had also noticed that three of the vehicles were fuel trucks and another two eighteen wheelers looked to be some type of ammo or at least supply vehicles. Imogene's notes also showed at least sixteen individuals with RPG-7 launchers and rocket carriers. It was hard to tell but it looked as if a few of the launchers were the new RPG-7V2's with the improved sights and the capability of night sight adaption and usage. They also could use the 105mm Thermobaric warheads that were bad news for ground troops. She made special notes as to the location of the individuals who had what she thought were the newer models.

    Imogene thought it may be of use to make a visit and see if she could persuade these individuals that she had a better intended use of these rockets than Allah, she thought. Her SAS training kicking in she decided that her and Dylan may have to make a zero dark thirty visit to the confines of the terrorist camp. The terrorist had the numbers, their security however was laughable, a plebe team of SAS could sneak into the camp and kill all the leaders and blow up all the fuel and ammo.
    Her thoughts continued that is a definite plan to be considered. She also noted that for a group that was well over three hundred by her counts and was probably approaching four hundred there did not seem to be any medical facilities or MASH type units. I guess Allah was all that they needed and the promise of seventy-two Virgins.

    She thought, who believes that kind of garbage. Her next thought was Phil is very cute and scolded herself, thinking keep your bloomers on Imogene. As she smiled and tried to get back on task, her brain waves drifted again and she thought walking behind Dylan and the view was not the worst thing a girl ever had to do either, American men she thought cut a pretty good cloth and got back to the task at hand.
    Back at the Lease, Dr. Phillips was finished removing of Teri's leg and there had been more infection than even she had thought. Her diagnosis had been correct, as she finished closing the skin flap, she told Phil and Samantha thanks for the help.
    Phil said, “You are welcome and if you can finish without me, I am going to help get the sheds into the property.”

    The Doctor said, “Go ahead, but clean up good before you go and disinfect, don't need you or anyone else here to get an infection.”

    Saying that she thought, it would be nice to have some more, make that a lot more infection fighting medicines, of all types. We will be down to honey, ginger, cinnamon, and sulpha at this rate before long and willow bark for pain. She thought, no, the bikers gave us enough Heroin, Cocaine and Lortabs to kill off pain for the next Millennium.

    At least she could do surgery without having to worry about the pain threshold of the patient having their hearts to bust. As she finished the suturing and closing of the wounds, she and Samantha cleaned up and walked out to get some fresh air. The view of the first truck and trailer with her new home hopefully, moving across the hayfield, made her want to sing praises for the blessings of the Clan.

    Phil was driving the first truck now and he had explained to Twos about the trade out with Joe for the 32-foot sheds with the lofts. With this information in hand, it was decided to put these two on the Barn side of the lot. He pulled the truck and trailer to the left-hand side coming out of the woods and parked the truck. He then preceded to walk back and see if he could help getting the second shed through the maze that was the entrance road to the Lease. He thought as he walked, I hope they are the same height on the trailers. As luck would have it the two sheds and trailers were almost the exact same height and the second may have been even a little lower and Blake pulled the trailer on into the Lease and Melton and Robert closed up the gates. All the group left tried to cover up as much of the noticeable damage, especially near the road entrance.

    After getting the sheds onto the property Twos said, “I am starving,” and he thought they needed a heavy snack if not a meal and everyone silently agreed.

    Mackenzie said, “We have some stew left and some cornbread but not enough for everyone. We could have some of the MRE's that came with Dale and Eli, or we could make sandwiches.”

    “Let's save the MRE's for a bugout if needed, and have sandwiches. Maybe some of the jerky from the deer Candace killed, I will get some out of the dehydrator, it should be ready,” said Twos.

    As they were all headed back to the Lodge, the dogs Knucklehead and Bowser having seen Twos coming came bolting out of the atrium at the Lodge and made a bee line to Twos, they had been cooped up long enough in their minds. They both showed their love and displeasure with Twos jumping on him and licking while growling their displeasure. Everyone thought that it would have made a great video a few days ago and possibly a youtube hit. As everyone was getting back to the Lodge, Twos and Ruth started pouring cold ice tea for everyone.

    As James and Thomas came by Twos in the line he quietly told them to get Megan and get the Communications and the Drones back up, they didn't need to be blind. They still had a Recon Team out and they might need help.

    As Woods, the Major, Blake, Phil and Twos set down, for a much-needed rest, discussion soon started and it was decided that, Woods would head up a team to get the sheds setup and finish the needed changes on the trench system. The Major and Sarah would do a patrol of the grounds, all of the grounds and maybe kill another deer if they saw one. Blake would use his skills to help Twos with the completion

    of more mortars and Claymores and make more explosives if they were needed.
    Twos added, “All this should happen after a thirty-minute break and some food, for all.” They also decided that someone should replace Melton and Robert at the OP and give them a chance to take a break and eat.

    As everyone was eating Dr. Phillips was watching her patient, and standing in the open breezeway to the tent, thinking that today's medicine at the Lease, was very different, than at the trauma center, just a few days ago. She thought, it is even different that working with Doctors Without Borders. There she had Doctors, Nurses and some access to diagnostic equipment and if push came to a shove a helicopter to come in and take the patient to a hospital. She laughed and said to herself, “Oh, the good ole days of modern medicine.”

    A hearty voice from behind her said, “I thought, I was the one, that we had to watch for crazy.” It scared her so bad she almost peed her pants, as she got her wits she turned around to see Phil with a plate with a couple of sandwiches and a much-needed large urn of ice tea. Phil handed her the plate and said, “Thought you might be hungry and thirsty and maybe need a minute’s rest.”

    She just said, “Yes,” and then a moment later, “Thank You.” She took the plate and went and sat down on the bumper to the ambulance and took a big swallow of tea strait from the urn.

    Phil said, “Glad I already had some and didn't want any.”

    She offered the urn to him and said, “I thought you were an athlete, don't tell me you never drank from the same bottle as your teammate or from the same cooler they had put their sweaty dirty hands into to get a drink.”

    Phil said, “Busted on all accounts, have even drank the melted ice water out of the cooler, at least what was left after Twos turned it up. It seemed like the right thing to do, we were out of Gatorade and it was about 100 degrees in Maryville, TN,” and laughed at the look on the Doctor's face.

    Phil added, “Twos said, it was much easier to treat an infection than Sun Stroke and the results were much better and he is the smartest man I know.”

    She laughed “Truthfully, he is right about the Sun Stroke. Is he really that smart,” asked the Doctor?

    Phil said, “Don't know, he does the crossword puzzle every day in about five - ten minutes and he must read two hundred books a year and I think he gets about ten magazines subscriptions every month and reads them all, cover to cover. He told me once that he use to read more, when I ask him about it. He said, “He now only reads things now for entertainment and knowledge and only knowledge that he wants. He also reads, the Bible through every year, but only the King James Version. I don't know what is special about that version, but I bet he has a reason for only that version. His logic streak is his best virtue and his biggest weakness he says.”

    She said, “That would explain a lot of things. Do you know his IQ?” All I know is that he doesn't think it is a true measure of smarts as he calls it. He says, some people have real high IQ and don't have sense to get out of a shower of rain. Others are not very smart by IQ measurements and can do all kinds of things like read blueprints and put in plumbing or excavate to grade and put in electricity, or weld and work on engines. His question is who is smarter the Farmer or the Nuclear Physicist. His answer is, are you hungry?”

    Dr. Phillips flippantly replied, “Not now” as she finished her sandwich.

    She handed him the plate and said, “Thanks Phil, it was very nice of you and I am going to keep the urn.” As she did she caught him taking a long look at her the way a man with interest does. She thought maybe, just maybe there is a chance if I play my cards right.

    As Imogene was finishing her round of watching the terrorist camp she slid back out of the Privet hedge and motioned for the other two to gather together for a few moments of discussion and decision making. The Recon trio eased down the slope a little farther and into the privet thicket in preparations for a discussion. Imogene led off with, there are many ways I could start this discussion, but here go my thoughts.
    Down below us is an enemy stronghold, with approximately four hundred troops and heavy machine guns, they are a vastly superior force to us three and the group at the Lease. This group and their layout of defenses is based on sheer numbers and not sound defensive setup for encampments. They have no roving guards, they have no guards walking post period. They do have a couple of OPs and at least one Listening Post on the other side of the highway. It changed shifts during my viewing and observation. It is my opinion said Imogene, “That we should at Zero dark thirty hours tonight, sneak into the camp and blow up their ammo dump and their fuel trucks.”

    She added, “Before, I hear any dissention and I know there will be and should be pros and cons, let me continue.” Dylan had started to say something and she had cut him off with that statement. Imogene said, “I can do the sneak, by myself and I will be in and out and none of them will ever know I was there, until the ammo and fuel trucks go boom.”

    Dylan said, “I was going to make the same statement and claim, my only addition would be that we both go and leave Candace up on this hill, with that PSL and she can be our over watch. Any shot she takes from here with her suppressor will be not much more than an extra loud cough at eight hundred meters. Even if they hear the shot they will not know what it was or even if it was at them with all the shooting that has been going on for the last few days.”

    Imogene said, “With the two of use maybe we can obtain one of those RPG-7s and some rockets.”

    Dylan said, “If we are going for rockets, I want that Black Toyota Hilux with the Ma Deuce, on the back, we roll it right out of there and start the engine once the explosions start and just ease on down the road.”

    They were both amazed that they had come to the same conclusions and were mentally patting each other on the back, when the third wheel raised its ugly head. They had completely left Candace out of the discussions and the decision-making process.

    Candace cleared her throat and said, “I know that I am only a civilian teenager, and the two of you have military experience and all. With that said, we need to think about this a little more. How do we know that they will not add guards tonight, or change the shifts? How do we make the ammo truck blow up, especially when we want it to happen? I saw those light machines down there; do we know if they will be run at night or are they for emergencies? If they don't run the lights, how am I supposed to cover the two of you? I have the monocular, night vision but not a scope. I think one of us needs need to run back to the Lease and get Dad with his rifle and Night Scope to be over watch and someone else maybe Blake and the Major to be covering your exit with the truck. Also, unless you know something I don't the only way to make the ammo and fuel trucks go off when we want them to is a timer and explosives or the Barrett and some of those explosive rounds Dad was talking about the rifle shooting. I want you both to know that I thought we should blow up the fuel trucks also. I was just going to let Dad shoot the truck from here with that Barrett and scoot on out of here in the chaos. Your plans are a lot better, than mine.”

    Imogene and Dylan looked at each other in awe and amazement, as they had just been schooled on tactics by a high school senior with absolutely no military training or experience. Dylan had to ask, “Where does your family get all this knowledge on military and stuff, was your Dad in the service and just not telling anyone, like a spook or something.”

    Candace just laughed at the pairs expressions and said, “Dad loves to read and he had us reading Sun Zu's “The Art of War” by the time we were ten or eleven years old and he also had us read a lot of stuff about the campaigns of General's Lee and Patton. He also said, our education would not be complete without reading about Hannibal and the Elephants, Sherlock Holmes, ‘Robinson Crusoe’, ‘The Old Man and the Sea' and ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ and the yearly Farmer's Almanac. Imogene, you will be proud to know, we had to read the SAS Survival books and their book on Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape. You just naturally learn things when you read as much as we do, is his motto.”

    Dylan asked, “Who should go back?”

    Candace said, “I think me, and you all stay and watch as your skills of observation or better. I do think on the way back, I can get a little closer maybe to the next turnoff. What do you think, about that?”

    They both agreed that they could go to the next turnoff and still be over a mile through the woods. Candace took off at a fast walk towards the ATV and the Lease, hoping she could get back with the Clan and setup for the plan of attack before dark.


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    Very good, thank you.

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    Sound like they are going to stir up the hornets nest! Hope it doesn't have them getting stung!!

    It would be smarter, too, if they waited until they got the shed family out there. Otherwise the hornets are going to be spreading out looking for who did the stirring. And as it's going to take a little bit of time to do so, they need to get those sheds and families in without hornets flying around!

    Also sounds like if Teri doesn't make it, nobody's going to cry a whole bunch. Sad.

    Great stuff! MOAR!
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    Nice, love the planning.
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    Thanks for another chapter 223...


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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 44

    Monday Night feeding for the MOAR hounds. Hope you enjoy!!

    As Candace raced back towards the Lease; Twos and Blake were just getting up from finishing eating and heading back to the shop. At the same time Phil and Dr. Phillips came strolling by as if on a walk down Broadway and without a care in the world.

    Twos said, “Looks as if cupid is alive and well at the Lease. I guess we should have brought some Ladies out here before for our confirmed Bachelor's,” and laughed at his own joke.

    Blake had to admit to himself, if not to Twos that Cupid's arrow did feel pretty sweet and he hoped his friend was as lucky as him. Woods and his crew passed by the shop headed to the trench line. They stopped and told Twos that they needed to get more pallets as the pine needles worked okay, but for long term they really needed more pallets. Woods thought they could pick some up only a few miles back in towards town at the Southchase Industrial complex. While they were finishing up talking, Megan called Twos on the radio and said, “Candace is at the front gate and needed to talk with you, Blake and the Major pronto.”

    Twos told Blake to get the Major and meet him back here. Blake took off at a fast walk towards the Lodge to find the Major. Blake thought the Major and Ruth whom had become fast friends over the last few days were probably still talking and standing where they had left them.

    Twos saw Candace racing across the hayfield in the Kubota and waved for her, to get her attention. Candace caught his wave about half way across the field and headed straight towards Twos and the shop. Candace came to a flying stop and jumped out and raced to her Dad. She said, “Dad we need to talk and we need to make some decisions quickly.”

    Twos said, “Just slow down a minute and breath Baby girl. Now talk to me and tell me your problem from the top.”

    Almost out of breath Candace replied, “Okay, we found the Terrorist encampment and we have been observing the camp for the last six hours.”

    Twos said, “So, you found the camp, what is the situation, is Dylan and Imogene dead, hurt, in a gunfight, what?”

    “None of the above,” said, Candace continuing, “we have been observing and, we want to attack the encampment tonight, and we need your help.” As she was saying this Blake and the Major came up at a trot and said, “What have we missed?”

    “Not much, Candace was just telling me, that they had found the Terrorist camp. The camp was right where we thought it would be located. She also told me, she needs our help to attack the camp, and that is where you came in to the conversation,” said Twos. Twos went on to say, “Now, Candace why would we want to attack a force that it is not bothering us, please tell me your logic.”

    Candace said, “The three of us agreed that the force is to large, to let be this close to our home. The Mooslime Terrorist force is about four hundred people. They are encamped only about four miles from here. Our observations are that the camp had little to no guards established.”

    “Imogene and Dylan both think they can walk right into the camp and possibly start the fuel trucks to leaking by opening the valves and steal a truck and some RPG-7s while in the camp. The camp is set up for the pickings according to Dylan and Imogene, they are depending on sheer volume of troops and have no flank security or OP or nothing. They do not have any foot patrols, inside or outside the camp and most of the guys are sitting around smoking and talking, like they are at a picnic. No noise discipline or anything. they don't even carry their personnel weapons.”

    “We decided that if we could get to Dad bring the big Barrett and set up on the hill where we watched and observed. As part of the plan he could shoot one of the tankers or both with one of the explosive rounds causing a large explosion. While everyone is freaking out they could drive right out in the truck they want to steal. I am going to be over watch with a suppressed rifle and even if they notice the shot, there has been so many shots here lately we don't think that anyone will think it involves the camp.”

    “We also, want Blake and the Major to be down by the road for suppressive fire for their escape if needed. We blow up their fuel trucks and hopefully the ammo truck that is right beside them and hopefully a few of the Terrorist get to find out that they picked the wrong god in the process and meet their maker,” Candace finished.
    Twos, Blake and the Major were astounded, they didn't know if she was even being serious. Except, Twos and Blake new this little Lady from birth and she was not one to lie, or stretch the truth. Candace was always serious when talking about things of importance.

    The Major spoke first saying, “This sounds like a pretty complicated plan, how did the three of you come up with this plan.”

    Candace started over, “After our observations, Imogene wanted to sneak in and steal the RPGs. Then Dylan said, they could go together and he could open the valves on the fuel tankers and blow them up. I added the part about the over watch and the Barrett with the explosive rounds as we don't have any way to make sure the tanks explode at the right time. We also, needed some way to help them escape if things went bad and that is where the two of you came in to the plan.”
    Twos said, “I like the plan. It goes with Sun Zu attack when your enemy has the advantage, kind of thing.”

    Candace said, “My thoughts exactly Dad.”

    The Major said, “I am game but if someone follows us, we don't need to lead them right back here to the Lease. We need to set up an ambush at the junction road, with that 1919A4 as the anvil, shooting right down the road, on the turn side. When the group turns into the road he can open up, as soon as they are in range and start the party and maybe a couple of your Claymores planted in the trees blowing down.”
    Twos picked up his radio and said, “Woods, stop what you are doing and come to the shop, ASAP, comeback.”

    Woods grabbed his radio and answered, “On it, be there in three minutes or less, over and out.”

    Woods started giving orders and people started, shutting down their operations and moving towards Woods for further orders. Woods thought it was amazing how everyone at the Lease and of the Clan, was naturally falling into their place in the order of things without an Organization Chart or ranks. All were working for the common good, of the Clan and it was a beautiful thing that he was a small part and glad he had the opportunity. He got his group together and they headed towards the shop at a quick jog.

    Twos group was using the time while Woods got to the shop to start loading some things into the Kubota. Twos loaded the large case of the Barrett rifle and its scopes and other stuff into the ATV and checked his AR and his battle belt to make sure he had what he needed. Twos also had a second smaller Pelican case and laid it in the back of the ATV.

    He told Blake and the Major, “I will be right back,” and took off jog towards his work trailer. Blake and the Major was checking their equipment and making ready for the future battle.

    As Woods and his group shows up, Twos was walking back towards the shop with two small cases in one hand a larger tube-like case in the other. He set the two cases down, one in the front seat of the ATV and the other small one in the floor board and laid the tubular case down on the ground.

    Twos then started explaining to Woods what was going to happen and how his group minus Sarah needed to set up an ambush and where they wanted to set it up. He went on to explain about the 1919A4 machine gun and retrieved three of the Claymores he had made that afternoon and handed two of them to Woods and the other to the Major and also handed her a large plastic grocery bag.

    Twos asked, “Woods or any of the rest of you have any questions?”

    James said, “Do you think it would be a good idea to have one of the drones up, with the ambush team? It could be up the road a good half mile and give us a big heads up as to when you all were coming back and in what shape and all.” He added, “Just a thought.”

    The Major said, “And a good one, sounds like an excellent use of brains and resources.” James turned red as a beet at the words from the Major.

    Twos walked back into the shop and came back out with the NEMO Omen and handed it to Candace with the bag of magazines and said, “Give the PSL to Samantha and your magazines. The Omen will give you a little more reach and a lot more punch.”

    He turned, spoke to the Major saying, “We probably need a Listening Post out at the junction and turn off, food for thoughts for another day.”

    She said, “Yeah, you are right as usual.”

    As Ruth walked up, she said, “His head is big enough, don't go encouraging him, Major.” She added to Twos and the whole bunch, “Megan thought you might want to know looks like a cold front and some rain coming in about midnight according to what she could get off the net.”

    Twos stated by saying, “Thanks for you all being part of the Clan. We need to get moving as we all need to meet with Imogene and Dylan, to discuss the new additions to the plan.”

    They all checked their gear one last time and the Twos group got in the ATV and left towards the gate. Twos admonished Candace who was driving and said, “Baby girl, if you realized what I am holding, you would probably slow down and try to miss at least one out of every hundred bumps. If we don't make it there the Terrorist win by default.”

    Blake said, “I will bite, Twos what are you holding.”

    “Blasting caps and PETN or really, you probably know it as Semtex, the caps being what is the possible problem, not really the PETN. If the caps go though the Semtex will probably go and Ruth will not find enough of her Husband and Daughter to bury. Candace, slow and easy, is today's phrase of concern,” said Twos and laughed a little.

    Twos thought, he had a bad habit of laughing when he should be serious. Got him in trouble a bunch of times with Coaches when he was growing up. They being older and wiser, thought he wasn't concentrating or giving the situation the proper respect. Most Coaches had to learn to live with it, as it was a mechanism that made him better under pressure. They usually learned if he was laughing he was usually about to kick some ones butt on the football field, hit a home run or score a big basket. It was just the way his brain dealt with the Adrenalin dump from the situation and it definitely worked for him. Even if it was a bit strange.

    As they passed through the gates the ever-present sentinels of Melton and Robert were there to open and close the gates and announce to Megan, that Twos group had left the property. She had begun on her own to tract the where about of the Clan members. She wished they had some better and more of the radios, it would make it easier if everyone had a radio and Communications would sure be better.
    Dylan was back on watch and Imogene was watching their proverbial six. Dylan noticed that right in the middle of all the tents and lean-tos there seemed to be some unusual activity, that he had not witnessed on his first time watching.

    Deciding to take a better look with the spotting scope and it's sixty power magnification since he had a clear focus as to where he wanted to watch and view.
    He watched the tent for about fifteen minutes straight and seen numerous men come and go from the tent. His first thought was that the tent was a command post or at least where the Commander was spending his time. As he watched more of the scene playing out in front of him, though, none of the men who came and went seemed to have any new purpose or something else to do when they left. Every time he had ever been summoned to a Commanders tent, it meant new orders of some kind. Leaving he had a new purpose after he left.

    Continuing the same train of thought, it was not only him but all the soldiers that he had ever met coming out of the Commanders office. They were either upset or had something new to do and had a real zip and purpose to their step. This was not the case, with these men. He decided to get Imogene and see if she had noticed anything about this tent on her watch. He scooted back out of their observation hole and up to Imogene.

    Dylan said, “Got a quick question, when you were observing the encampment, did you notice anything odd about the larger khaki tent in the middle of the camp.”

    She said, “No, not that I recall, let me look at my notes right quick.” She quickly perused her notes and looked at Dylan and said, “Nothing, why?”

    Dylan answered, “People have been coming and going at a steady pace for about the last forty-five minutes or so. The ones leaving don't seem to be getting new orders or direction, as if it was Command Post or something. That was my first thought. Would you watch it for a little bit and see if you can come to some conclusion on the comings and goings. It could be very detrimental to our raid tonight, if we have missed something, so I want another set of eyeballs on that tent.”

    She got down and crawled into the hidey hole in the Privet hedge and after adjusting the focus on the spotting scope to her focal point and clarity, she watched the proceedings. It was apparent after about five minutes that something indeed was happening at the tent, but what?

    She thought, Dylan was right, not a Command Post, they do their prayer thing out in the open, and they eat at their own space or tent, so what. Think Imogene, think she scolded herself. The most logical choice is usually the best, they however had ruled those out.

    As she was watching another man came out of the tent and he was adjusting his clothing. What does that mean, we have watched them go into the woods to use the bathroom and you wouldn't put the latrine right in the middle of the encampment. Maybe the adjustment was just that an adjustment, sometimes you have to do that after setting down or laying down. She continued to watch for a few more minutes and noticed two things, one they were quickly losing daylight and a couple more of the Terrorist were adjusting their clothes when they came out of the tent.

    As she was having these thoughts, Twos and his group were parking the ATV about a mile away in an old logging road cut through. He told Candace since she knew the way, to go and get Imogene and Dylan for the pre-operations meeting and to be quick as they were losing light fast. She took off at a fast trot, up the hill and away from Twos going to get Imogene and Dylan.

    Twos was beginning to put together pieces from the large box containing the Semtex and one of the small cases the one that contained the caps.

    As this was happening Woods and his team were getting together all of the equipment that was needed to setup the ambush. He decided to take Twos truck to carry the machine gun and four of the two hundred round segments of belted ammo, along with the tripod. The decision made due to the heavy weight and they would need a way to exfiltrate to the Lease if they were about to get overrun or they needed to get someone to the Doctor in a hurry.

    Woods knew just where to hide the truck and it would be on the right side of the highway and they could park it facing out. Woods knowledge of the woods on the Lease and the surrounding areas was only topped by Twos and maybe even not by him. They both loved to explore and just start walking and finding new game trails and food sources to hunt in the surrounding National Forest and the paper mill property. As they arrived at the ambush sight, the group began to look for the idea concealment and cover locations and setting up the Claymores and the 1919A4 in preparation of the coming ambush.

    Twos was completing his assembly of two packages when Candace came back to the group with Dylan and Imogene in tow. Dylan walked up to Twos and said, “Thanks for coming boss. We have a great opportunity here and a very target rich environment, to spin a phrase.”

    Imogene nodded to the group and just said, “Agreed, sir.”

    Twos started saying, “We are burning daylight. Candace has gone over the plan and we understand. We have made some additions. They are as follows, Sarah will be going in with the two of you as she is the best I have ever seen at close range, and if you are in the camp and it hits the fan a gunfighter is what you need.”

    “Secondly, I have these,” and handed the two packages to Dylan.

    “These are each third of a pound of Semtex, not much but stuck to the fuel tanks of the ammo truck and to one of the fuel trucks, will make the Fourth of July fireworks at Cooney Island look tame. They are set and have two switches. If you turn both switches to on, then you have forty minutes or if anyone cuts any wires they go boom. They also with both switches can be automatically destructed by pushing this button,” he was holding a small remote control.

    “Both are slaved together also if one goes off they both go off. Blake will be in control of the switches and will toggle the switch as he sees you starting to roll the truck out. Any questions to this point.”

    Everyone seemed to be on board, so Twos continued, “I have other party gifts for the crew that is doing the sneak and peak part of entering the camp.”

    He reached out his hand to the Major, and said, “Major the Publix bag please.”

    She fumbled with her satchel and pulled out the bag and handed it to Twos. He pulled out about five Arabian style head scarves and handed one each to Dylan, Imogene, and Sarah. This is your costume, as we have two women going in, let's all wear them and try to blend in a little.

    Candace said, “There was every camo pattern known to man, so this should be good.”

    Dylan said, “Good idea and I speak a little of the language, so maybe we could bluff it a little.”

    Imogene said, “I speak fluent Arabic and a little Farsi.”

    Sarah not to be outdone while wrapping the scarves a bright green on black around her head, said, “I speak fluent Southern,” and laughed at her own joke.

    Twos said, “Two more points, if we get the truck and are on the run back to the Lease, just blow on through the junction and don't turn. Woods and company are going to have an ambush set up for the pursuers.”

    Imogene said, “This plan gets better every minute.”

    Sarah said, “I thought there were two points and two gifts,” I only have one and stuck her lip out like she was pouting.

    Twos said, “Sarah you are correct,” and he walked over to the ATV and brought back a Pelican case.

    He opened the case and pulled out two Ruger Mark II Targets with the 4-inch barrel and his suppressor attached and handed one to Sarah and one to Dylan. Turned back around to the case and pulled out two more that were identical to the first pair and handed one to Imogene and one to Blake.

    “A little bit of insurance,” he asked for the pistol back from Sarah.

    She handed it to him and he pulled a loaded magazine from the case. He took the magazine and inserted it into the pistol and he pulled the slide back and chambered a round. He then pointed it down range and pulled the trigger. The only sound was the slide moving and a small swoosh. Subsonic ammunition and my suppressor almost silent. “This should maybe keep an up-close encounter quiet.”

    Twos said, “Does everyone understand their part in this operation? I wanted to say party. The truth is up to this point we have just been defending ourselves and others. In about four hours we will be attacking the enemy, not defending. I hope everyone understands the difference and will not hesitate.”

    “I am going to use a movie reference now,” he said, “I was watching this movie and the gunslinger shoots a guy in the back. His new partner asks the famous gunslinger why he shot him in the back. His answer was ‘his back was to me, that's how you get to be a famous gunfighter, you live to tell about it.’ Let's do the other guy before he does us and may GOD richly bless us today with the defeat of our and his enemies.”

    They all broke up into groups and headed for their assigned positions and duties. Twos and Candace carrying the heavy Barrett M-107 and its various pieces of equipment. Blake, the Major with her Thumper and Dylan, Imogene, and Sarah in their head dresses. Blake called Megan at the Lease and clicked his radio three times and one time and two times the signal that they were staging for the attack and all was well. It would be a long four hours till jump off time, with each in their own thoughts and demons.

    As they got to the Privet hedge Candace showed her Dad their hidey hole for observation. Twos being much larger than the trio could not get through and he pulled a pair of hand snips from his rig and started removing material. The hole they had was great for observation, it would have to be modified to shoot the Barrett from there and Candace needed a place to shoot the NEMO from in over watch.

    They had something to occupy their time. It was slow work to make sure they didn't draw attention to their selves with noise or movements. Looking through the scope of the M-107 Twos could see that the joke of having a target rich environment was the understatement of the year. He also decided that the shooting of the ammo truck and the fuel trucks would be like shooting fish in a barrel. If all went well and his explosives worked he had eleven rounds of Raufoss to put into the Technicals and that should do some major damage of its own.

    He started marking targets and muscle memory the movement from one truck to the next. It was getting close to kickoff time, he needed to laugh. Down the hill and about 1000 meters from their shooting position. Blake was sending the thirty minutes to go click message to Megan and she relayed it to the ambush team, Melton and Robert at the OP and Mackenzie had migrated up to the Communications Center to help Megan and to calm her nerves. Upon receiving the signal Woods told James and Thomas to get the drone up for a test and to check their surroundings.
    At the five-minute mark Blake gave Dylan the open handed five fingers signal. Dylan saw the signal and acknowledged Blake and then gave the signal to Imogene and Sarah. The team checked their equipment and the persons beside them and they all got the thumbs up at the same time Blake gave Dylan the one-minute signal and just like that it was time.

    Dylan, Imogene and Sarah, eased out of their hide and went towards the encampment. As they began to make their way towards the camp James was bringing the drone down from its test flight. Candace was finding them in her scope and Twos was watching the encampment for any signs of extraneous movement that would signal that someone had spotted them. It had only been a few minutes and Blake and Twos were both wondering where Mr. Murphy was and when not if he was going to show his ugly head.

    As they neared the outer circles of the encampment it had been pre-decided that they would split, the two ladies to check out the Technicals and get the one they had picked ready to go. Dylan would go and place the charges on the fuel truck and the ammo truck. If they had time their secondary targets were to punch holes in as many fuel tanks on the Technicals as possible for the Ladies.

    Dylan was going to walk by the tent in the middle and see if he could obtain more intelligence on what was happening. This intel might be valuable at a later date, if they were making bombs are something. If so maybe they could improvise and Twos could rain on the terrorist parade with the 50 caliber Barrett.

    Parting the gals went on around to the left and Dylan kept walking more of a straight line and bearing a little to the left, he had a straight path to the fuel trucks if no one decided to notice him.

    The Ladies were reaching their objective the Technicals first, and they were approaching the black 4 X 4 Toyota Hilux with the Ma Deuce on the back; when out of nowhere a terrorist appeared and was starting to ask them a question when Sarah in one swift motion pulled the Ruger Mark II and shot him above his right eye. The Terrorist was dead before he hit the ground and Sarah was catching him and pulling him in between two of the trucks.

    Imogene went to help and asked Sarah, “why did you shoot that guy he was just beginning to ask if we were his replacements and why we were late.” Murphy had arrived to the party.

    Sarah said, “You stand guard between these two trucks like he was and I will see if the keys are in the truck or if it needs to be hotwired. If the keys are in it I will start popping tanks, if not I will get it ready to hotwire.”

    Imogene replied, “Sounds like a plan and I will get these two trucks tanks popped while standing guard. After you get everything ready, I am going to that tent we spotted just over there and see about getting that RPG and the rockets they were just sitting out by the tent earlier.”

    It wasn't but a minute when Sarah got out of the truck and went around to the other side and got between the next two trucks and slid under the first and cut the fuel line. Sarah did this to four trucks and then she went back to Imogene as she did she noticed that the next to last truck she had cut the fuel line had a M-2 ma Deuce also and when she looked over in the bed it had six extra cans of ammo in the back. She grabbed two of the cans and brought them back and put them in the bed of the Toyota.

    As she was beginning to go back for two more of the heavy ammo cans, she saw two guys walking straight towards her. The Terrorist guard replacements had arrived and were speaking to her. She was thinking, just a few more steps closer, stay together, and I will be able to take both of you. Repeating a mantra Right to left just like Twos said, I like to shot. Come on guys keep walking as she turned and took a few steps toward the enemy with malice as her intent.

    As the replacements arrived Candace was watching them through the scope of the Omen and taking up the pressure on the trigger, her Dad said in a very low voice, “You have to breath honey, you are going to pass out.”

    She exhaled and said, “Looks like I might have to shoot.”

    “Only if you have too, last resort,” said Twos. As Candace followed the two Terrorist in her scope and Sarah was beginning to walk towards them, Dylan had made his way to the fuel trucks unabated and Scott free.

    Dylan eased up to the back of the first tanker truck and began to open the four-inch transfer valve on the back of the truck. He opened it very slowly, he hoped that if he opened it slowly it wouldn't squeak and also, he didn't want the combustible liquid flying out all over him and making him a walking Molotov Cocktail.

    As he opened the valve the aroma of gasoline hit his nostrils. Dylan was expecting Diesel Fuel, this should make things a little more interesting. From a class in infantry school on improvised explosives, he remembered that five gallons of gas exploding was like two pounds of TNT or something like that, his memory was a little rusty.

    He told himself, my memory might not be correct but big boom none the less. He didn't open the valve all the way, he expected the flow was only three gallons or so a minute maybe a little less. He eased over to the second truck after attaching the explosive charge to the bottom side of the first tank, near the flow of Gasoline. He opened the valve on the second truck and it was Diesel Fuel as he had suspected of the first tanker.

    Dylan moved to the ammunition truck and much to his dismay the back of the truck was open and it was just too tempting to walk up the steps and look inside. As he entered the door, he ran head first into one of the tallest and ugliest guys he had ever seen. Murphy had arrived at the ammo truck, luckily fate favors the prepared and Dylan was prepared and the Terrorist had been a sleep at his post.

    Dylan reacted immediately and pulled the seven-inched blade that Twos had given him from its place on his harness. During his years as a Recon Scout in the service he had always carried his working blade in cross draw for his right-hand position handle down. Since he had drawn a blade from this position untold times, the muscle memory was there and the knife came into his hand as if by magic. The knife appearing in his hand, brought the Terrorist fully awake and he reached for his blade as well. Dylan was inside his reaction loop however and reached for his draw hand with his empty hand and caught it as it grabbed the hilt of his dagger. The Terrorist eyes went wild with fear as Dylan went to work with his blade hand and the Arkansas Toothpick as he had named the blade.

    Dylan thrust his right arm toward the kidney area of the Terrorist lower abdomen three quick repeated thrust. He then rapidly uppercut the blade into the area below the chin driving the blade up through the frontal lobe of his brain and ending the struggle as quickly as it had started.

    Dylan eased the tall man down onto the floor of the trailer and looked for something to wipe the blood off of his hand and knife. As Dylan was cleaning up the blood literally from his hand Candace was pulling the trigger on the NEMO.

    As she pulled the trigger on the Nemo, Candace road the amazingly light recoil of the 300 Win Mag round leaving the end of the barrel at approximately 3200 feet per second. Fighting to bring the rifle back on line and the second Terrorist, before he could sound an alarm. It was an internal fight she would not make. Candace had become target fixated and had missed the arrival on scene of the third person, this would be a costly mistake.

    As Candace's bullet hit the Terrorist approaching Sarah on her left, exploding his head and its contents all over his comrade in arms. The sheer shock of being covered with blood and brains froze the second Terrorist. This moment of shock allowed Sarah to draw her weapon and bring it to play, she shot the Terrorist twice in the face the bullet holes being within a half inch of each other one in the bridge of the nose and the second a little higher slightly above the right eye socket.

    The second of the pair of terrorist died in his tracks never uttering a sound except a gasp of astonishment at the brain and blood from his friend hitting him. All of this happened right in front of the third terrorist arriving at the death dance of his fellow compatriots.

    As he began to pull his AK-47 into a firing position from riding on his side by a sling and shout the words of attack to the others a 40-grain subsonic Aquila Super Extra solid lead round nose bullet entered his left ear. The bullet was fired at less than six feet from the Ruger in the hands of Imogene as she came from between the two trucks where she had been kneeling after cutting the fuel lines. He crumpled as if hit by an invisible hammer, like livestock does in the abattoir shut.

    Imogene eased up and caught the man as he fell and dragged him between the trucks and as she stood up after pushing him under the truck. Noticing that the back of the truck in question was loaded with supplies ammo, grenades and a six pack of RPG rockets. Imogene reached over the back of the truck and removed a case marked US Army and underneath that, M33 fragmentation grenades, 64 units.
    The case was heavy, she thought it would be worth the effort. Maybe even worth its weight in Gold. She started lugging the case towards the Toyota and Sarah. As she did, she noticed that both of the bodies had been moved.

    Dylan removed the blood from off of his hands with an old rag he found lying on top of a pallet of cases marked 7.62 X 39. He thought, would be nice if it was 5.56mm X 45mm and back at the Lease. It was funny, he almost said to himself home. The place just seemed right, in some mystical kind of way. Thinking to himself, don't go off the deep end, Dylan.

    He did notice that the ugly guy had a nice M-4 with all the bells and whistles and a pouch on his belt with Night vision headset. He gathered the rifle and the battle belt and made his way out of the ammo truck and placed the explosive charge on the top of the saddle tank of the truck while heading for his friends after looking at his watch. He realized they had only been at this for a little over ten minutes, it seemed much longer. They still had thirty minutes at least before the first charge was set to go off on its timer. He still needed to hurry. Dylan made it back to the Ladies without further incursions by Murphy.

    Twos was thinking that Dylan had been inside the Ammo truck way to long, when he finally seen him walk out of the back and head towards the Ladies. He found that he had been holding his breath just like he had admonished Candace for doing, he told himself, breath Twos, slow and easy and laughed not out loud. He realized he was now ready physically and mentally. He looked over at his Daughter caught her eye and mouthed the words, love you Baby girl, as he watched Dylan move away from the ammo truck.

    Continued on next page

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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 44 continued

    Sarah and Imogene now realizing that the trucks had lots of goodies started loading some into the back of the truck. The pair soon realized that they should take two trucks and wished they had looked into the back of the trucks near the Toyota before they cut the fuel lines. Sarah had loaded all the 50-caliber ammo from the other truck into the Toyota when she noticed someone coming towards the truck. Luckily the scarves, that Twos had given each of them helped her to identify Dylan as the person headed their way and motioned for Imogene.

    Imogene had already identified Dylan and as soon as he arrived she said, “I am going to get that RPG-7 from that tent over there and we need a second truck. The next four down that way and pointed all have their fuel lines cut.

    Sarah said, “I will find the truck if you can load these other two ammo cans of 50 caliber they are getting to heavy and I am afraid I will make too much noise.”
    Dylan replied, “Not a problem, but as soon as you find another truck, I want to check out the big tent in the middle.”

    As he loaded the 50-caliber into the back of the Toyota he noticed the box labeled hand grenades and thought these just might be the ticket and opened the box and removed two, unpacking them from the cardboard safety containers and put them in his BDU pants pocket.

    Sarah came back and said, “The fifth truck down has some type of light machine gun and is a Toyota as well dark blue I think maybe dark gray. All the trucks seem to have the keys in them, I think I will walk down the line and see how many sets I can remove.”

    Sarah had the grin of the cat catching the rat when she said it and almost hop scotched back down the line of trucks. As Sarah walked away Imogene returned with the RPG-7 and another six pack of rockets.

    Dylan said, “I am gone and the fifth truck down is ours,” disappearing into the maze of tents.

    As this happened Candace said, to her Dad, “They are splitting up too much, you are going to have to watch Dylan, he is headed towards that tent in the middle I think.”
    Twos nodded and picked up the binoculars he did not want to move the Barrett off of the trucks. Up till now Twos thought, everything seemed to be going as planned and immediately wished that thought had never crossed his mind.


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    Thank you, I bet there are women in that tent .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sssarawolf View Post
    Thank you, I bet there are women in that tent .
    My thought, too. The men going in and coming out one at a time. Not being busy but looking happy and relaxed and adjusting their clothes. Women in that thar tent!

    Oh, that dratted Cliff!!

    MOAR!! MOAR!! Don't leave us hanging!! Please, MOAR!!

    And thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy55 View Post
    My thought, too. The men going in and coming out one at a time. Not being busy but looking happy and relaxed and adjusting their clothes. Women in that thar tent!

    Oh, that dratted Cliff!!

    MOAR!! MOAR!! Don't leave us hanging!! Please, MOAR!!

    And thank you!
    Yeah, same thought also....

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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 45

    MOAR hounds food! Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated!!

    Cursing himself for by proxy inviting Murphy to the proceedings, Twos quickly found Dylan in the binoculars and started following him through the many rows of tents. He sometimes lost him for seconds while his view to Dylan was obstructed. Twos thought, I am glad I know his general direction and his ultimate goal, makes it easier to find him when I lose sight of him.

    Dylan was making good time towards the tent, noticing that all of the Terrorist where getting their beauty rest made him feel a little better about walking right through the middle of the enemy encampment. A camp that was very well lit by the three commercial light towers. The light towers had been not so strategically pointed into the encampment for the people in the camp to see, not pointed outward to see the enemy.

    Dylan thought this would be a big mistake if they were taking enemy fire from outside the camp. It would light up the terrorist and make them night blind to the enemy a double dose of bad juju. He was only a few tents from the large tent that was his aim when a fellow walked out of a tent right in front of him. The terrorist not even noticing Dylan, made a beeline straight to the tent in question with Dylan in tow.

    The girls were busy loading the trucks with stuff, the more they looked they more they saw that they wanted. They were thinking they needed another truck. Sarah had decided to drop the keys she had managed to take out of over forty trucks in the floor board of the Toyota for safe keeping the other trucks were spread out inside the tents perimeter.

    As they were completing loading the two trucks, the Terrorist opened the flap of the tent and walked in like he owned the place. Dylan decided to do the same and reached for the Ruger Mark II pulling it from his battle belt and followed the Terrorist into the mystery tent.

    Dylan was not ready mentally for the scene inside the tent. His training and having been in combat and seen the horrors of war kept him from locking up. It would be a sight he would carry to his grave.

    Entering the tent, the sight before him was two rows of three each young women shackle face down or face up, completely naked and two terrorist raping two of the women. There were also, two guards guarding the door and the women and the one terrorist he had followed into this little slice of Islamic hell was dropping his pants and starting to mount one of the women face down.

    Dylan brought the Ruger up and shot the terrorist on his left hand guarding the door in his right temple. As the guard fell, he shot the terrorist starting to mount his intended rape victim in the back of his head, blowing blood and brains all over his intended victim. Dylan thought, I am glad that all the women have been muzzled. Deciding that was a pretty bizarre way to think he reasoned with himself.

    He switched the Ruger to his left hand and drew the Arkansas Toothpick with his right and in one backhanded swing embedded the whole seven inches in the throat of the second guard as he started to bring his AK-47 to bear on Dylan. This act kept the guard from raising the alarm and killed him in his tracks, his system just hadn't completely shut down as he dropped to his knees. The guard was trying and losing the battle to remove the blade from its new home. The efforts to stop the massive amounts of blood that were flowing from his ruptured left carotid artery futile. The blade had cut the inner wall of the artery on its way through the neck.

    Dylan took a step forward leaving the blade in the neck of the terrorist and moved to the back of the occupied terrorist closes to him and shot him twice, once in the neck and the second shot riding the little recoil from the subsonic 22LR hitting him in the head, the intended location of the first round.

    Dylan pivoted on his right foot and stepped towards his next intended victim. As he pivoted the terrorist disengaged from his heinous act and turned to face the apparition of death that Dylan had become, just in time to be rewarded with a bullet to his right eye orbital bone and a twin brother almost in the exact same location.

    Dylan quickly scanned the room and seeing no more threats, he pulled the two dead Terrorist off of their victims. Smiling broadly at the hostages and put his finger to his mouth with the universal sign for don't speak. Dylan then went to the larger of the two Terrorist that had been guarding the hostages and reached over and removed the knife from his throat and wiped it down on the chair cushion beside the front of the tent door. He took a quick peek out of the tent to see if the Calvary had been called and seeing no disturbance went back to freeing the Lady hostages.

    As this was happening Twos was getting very nervous, as Dylan had been in the tent well over a minute and he felt like it had been an eternity. Blake and the Major were also getting wary as the clock continued to run. Their view of the happenings was not the best, it was very limited. Blake and the Major could see the trucks and the Ladies when they were in certain places, just not all the time and this even made the waiting even worse, the not knowing.

    Dylan pulled his head back into the tent, he tried to address the situation as best he could and as quickly as he could. He knew that protocol would call for each hostage to have an attendant to get them to safety. One of the Ladies looked very conscious and alert and holding it together very well all things considered. He went to her and again put his finger over his lips and started to remove her gag. He smiled at her the best he could as he spoke to her saying, I am here to help, please don't fight me or call out. that act could be our end. She nodded her understanding and he removed the muzzle.

    She mouthed, “Thank You.” Dylan took his knife and cut the plastic zip ties holding her legs to the table. He went to her hands and again mouthed to be quiet and released her. She immediately wrapped her arms around her releaser and said, “Thanks, I am Erica and I was with a unit of the National Guard they captured. My friend is the one on the next table with the Red hair face down.”

    He quickly and quietly replied, “I am Dylan, here is the knife release your friend. We don't have much time and we have very little help, we didn't know you were here.”

    She mouthed, “Yes, sir, no problem, sir,” and went to release her fellow national Guard member.

    Dylan pulled his trusted lock blade and went to another victim and went through the same process. By the time he was through Erica and her friend were beginning to undress a couple of the Terrorist and pull on their clothes. Dylan was impressed with the will and the brains of the pair of ladies.

    He pulled Erica to him and said, “Get the others undone and be ready to travel in five minutes or less and get them dressed as best you can with the dead terrorist’s stuff and you and your friend take a weapon. If you think the rest can handle one give them one also. I will be back in five minutes or less with some help. If you here any shooting, bring the Ladies out of the tent and go hard left towards the trucks.”

    She nodded her acknowledgement and he left out the tent. Looking at his watch as he hurried to the ladies, knowing time was quickly getting away from them. The fused IED's on the ammo truck and the fuel truck were going to do their things. Deciding he needed to be in a bigger hurry and picked up his pace.

    As he left the tent, Twos was happy to see him come out and wondering why the big hurry, not a lot of stealth in his movements this time. Candace was watching the ladies and they had pretty much settled down and were waiting by the trucks, as she watched Dylan approaching.

    Dylan made it back to Sarah first, as she was by the original Toyota Hilux. She asked, “What took you so long, we need to go, you will have to push both trucks out and get us started before you jump in the last truck. It will be this one and already has a belt of ammo in the weapon.”

    Dylan shook his head, no, and said, “I have to go back, we have to rescue the hostages and you need to go with me.”

    “Tell, Imogene and follow me, to the tent. I will start back with the ladies some will be wearing the outfits of the Terrorist I killed and others may still be naked, don't ask,” and he was gone as fast as he arrived.

    Back in the tent all of the ladies had been released and a couple of them were Catatonic and would not even sit up. Erica and Tonya were trying to decide what to do when, a Terrorist entered the tent ready for service. His libido had made a fatal mistake for him, as he was attacked by the ladies and killed by Tonya with the SOQ Pentagon Elite II that she had been given by Dylan. The ladies were not near as efficient and quiet as Dylan had been and enough noise escaped the tent to draw suspicion from the surrounding tents. Luckily most of the Terrorist had been smoking the hashish that night but a few were devout and had not imbibed.

    Dylan arrived back to the tent area about the same time as a couple of intrigued Swords of Allah. He walked up behind them and proceeded to send them to meet their god on the express elevator. The method of travel, being a 40-grain subsonic 22 LR bullets to the back of the head.

    Dragging the two terrorists between a couple of tents and was about to open the tent flap when Sarah appeared as if out of the mystical clouds beside him. Dylan thought, how does she do that she is like a ghost.

    Dylan said, “We are going, you lead the way to the trucks and get them out of here, I will be bringing up the rear guard. Two of the ladies are prior National Guard, Tonya and Erica, I think, the others, I don't know,” and he opened the tent flap and was looking down the barrel of three AK-47s.

    Dylan said, “No, no, it's me,” and breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn't been shot, as the ladies dropped the barrels on the weapons.

    “This is Sarah and she is going to be your guide, to the trucks. You will need to follow her lead and when you get to the trucks get in the front and back seats. The other lady will be Imogene and do the same with her. You will have to push the trucks out if it is still quiet, if not just load up and get out of here and listen to the ladies. Do you have any questions?”

    Tonya or Erica one said, “We have a huge problem two of the ladies are not responding and will have to be carried.”

    Dylan said, “Well you ladies will have to carry them, as Sarah and I are guards, let's get this train in gear.”

    As if a point of emphasis, a commotion was beginning to sound outside. Sarah said, “Follow me,” walking outside the tent, unleashing her twin mini-Uzis one in each hand.

    All of the ladies much less Dylan had cleared the tent when the burp of suppressed 9mm rounds from Sarah's Uzis were heard by all of the group. Sarah as she had passed the first tent, noticed a half dozen Terrorist had found the bodies Dylan had pulled between the tents. They saw her and she did not hesitate, both Uzis spoke at almost the exact same time and five Terrorist fell the sixth being dead on his feet.
    She thought it was like shooting falling plates, sometimes you just have to trust that it is falling and move to the next one, cause if you wait or fire a second shot you will lose the stage. Just shoot and trust your aim and judgment and continue the round. She continued towards the truck.

    The sounds of people awakening and the rattle of equipment were all around her. She has fired and extra volley from her right-hand Uzi so she pressed the magazine release and changed out the partial for a full magazine. Seeing she had time she replaced the one partial for a full in the left Uzi. She now had sixty-six rounds of 9mm parabellum to share with the Swords of Allah scum who had been raping her sister females for at least a day. She was now ready and willing to do just that. She thought all I need is opportunity. She spoke to soon, as more of the camp were beginning to show their faces and try and stop the group from getting to the trucks.

    As Sarah was beginning to take aim on the next terrorist trying to stop the group from making it to the trucks. Candace and the Nemo arrived at the party, her first shot was a little high and a little to the left of center. The shot busting the left lung of its victim and blowing a hole the size of a baseball in the back of the Terrorist. The 300 Win Mag round exited the man and killed a second Terrorist in a hashish induced stupor still lying in his tent.

    Candace would never know she had hit the daily double. She just verbally chastised herself and went to the next terrorist scum that stuck their head up like the whack a mole game she used to like when she was a kid, and squeezed the trigger, as she had been taught by her Dad.

    Twos was watching the events take place through the binoculars, Twos decided that it was time to start the party for real and moved over to the Barrett and picked up the controller for the IEDs. He flipped the safety and got the green light and waited to push the button. He was hoping to have everyone in the trucks before pressing the button.

    He decided he better give Sarah and Dylan some help as the Terrorist were beginning to emerge like vultures to a road kill. He said, “Fire in the hole,” to Candace and pushed the button.

    As Twos was pushing the button, Dylan was absorbing an AK-47 round into his upper back. At the same moment, one of the comatose ladies was taking a round to the head blowing brains and blood all over Erica and knocking her to her knees. The explosions of the two IED's were almost simultaneous. The Ammunition truck IED went off milliseconds before the one on the Gasoline truck. The twin explosions were massive, leveling everything within a seventy-five-yard radius and setting fire to anything within a hundred or so yards. The fireball and the over pressure knocking down everything within two hundred and fifty yards. Sarah and all the ladies were thrown violently to the ground by the explosion.

    Imogene, knowing it was almost time for the bombs to go off had knelt down beside the truck with the engine shielding her from the blast. She was the first of the group inside the camp to recover and she jumped up and started her truck and opened all four doors and ran to the Toyota Hi-Lux and did the same.

    As Imogene was doing that, Twos opened up on the Technicals, that were inside the encampment, with the highly explosive Raufoss rounds from the Barrett M-107. Twos was depending on Imogene and Sarah to have made the others inoperable and he put a round through the engine of the first truck.

    This shooting reminded him of the proverbial fish in a barrel saying. The Barrett rifle was dead on and at less than seven hundred meters, shooting something the size of a truck engine was Childs play. He emptied the first ten round magazine into ten separate Technicals and the bolt locked back on the rifle. Twos not being as familiar with the rifle as he would like fumbled hitting the magazine release on the Barrett and had to try it the second time. The magazine fell free and he replaced it with a new one and charged the rifle.

    Woods and his group saw and felt the explosion before the sound arrived at the ambush site. Woods moved up and down the line making last second adjustments to his team, their cover and angles of fire. He gave words of encouragement to all as he adjusted their positions. He stood up and announce to all, silence from now till it starts, shoot straight and make sure of your targets.

    With the silence the sounds of gun fire could be heard from the direction of the Terrorist camp. Woods gathered his thoughts and said, “Good hunting all, and may God Bless us with safety and the destruction of our enemies. Let's be ready to help the Clan and defend the Lease,” and took his spot in the ambush, with his own doubts and worries.

    Sarah was getting up from being knocked down by the blast with ringing ears and dust everywhere. She pulled on the first lady in her group she came to getting her to her feet. Sarah said, Go and pointed towards the trucks to the naked Lady with the towel wrapped around her waist and went to the next in line.

    When she came to the second and third ladies it was evident they would not be getting up as a large piece of steel or something was embedded in the sides and they showed no signs of life when she tried to help them. The fourth lady was almost to her feet when Sarah got to her helping her up and heading her in the right direction.

    As she got to Tonya and Erica it was evident that at least one of the ladies they had been carrying had at some point been shoot numerous times in the back as she was covered with blood and laying on top of Tonya or Erica one and they were not moving either. As she got to them she rolled the dead lady of now apparently Tonya she got a dull moan and movement.

    Sarah grabbed her by the face and tried to wipe the blood from her face. As she did Tonya's eyes opened and she smiled at Sarah and said, “Just had the wind knocked out of me and with the weight on me couldn't regain my breath, I am good.”

    Sarah went to Erica and the lady she was carrying and when she got there the Catatonic lady came to and took off running away from the group. Erica was beginning to rise and it was evident that she had a badly broken left arm. Her arm was at an angle that left no doubt. Sarah got her mobile and told Tonya to help her friend to the truck. Sarah got to Dylan in time to help him up and notice the blood all over his back.

    He said after seeing the look on her face, “It's fine just a bleeder, get the ladies to the truck, I got the backdoor.”

    Dylan turned to look behind them just in time to kill a couple of the Swords of Allah coming at the group. The other Terrorist chopped him down, as Sarah turned an unleashed the Uzi's to avenge his death. She left him with the words go with God, Dylan and turned and ran towards the trucks. She emptied both Uzi's expediting probably ten Swords of Allah to meet their false god. She pulled her XD5 Tactical and continued to make her way towards the trucks and the awaiting help and escape from this place of death.

    Imogene had gotten the two seminude ladies into her truck and showed the other two ladies to the Toyota and they pulled both trucks out of line and headed them towards the road. She was watching for Sarah and Dylan when a Terrorist missing one arm and most of his face came running at her from her left side and hollered Allah Akbar.

    The terrorist received a very controlled burst of 7.62 X 39 from Tonya who had stepped out of the driver's door of the Toyota as cool as a cucumber and shot the Terrorist. She just nodded at Imogene and went back to covering their six.

    As this was happening Sarah was coming out of the last row of tents when a Terrorist grabbed her, just in time to receive a 300 Win Mag round to his back, compliments of the NEMO Omen and Candace Jacobs from across the way.

    As they rolled away from the encampment to leave, a 40mm grenade from the Major hit the row of trucks farthest away from their position. As luck favored the prepared, the truck the High Explosive grenade hit was Gasoline driven and one of the ones Sarah had cut the fuel line. it started a chain reaction that took out twelve trucks before the smoke and explosions cleared.

    The Major having been left out of the fun dropped two more grenades from her blooper before her and Blake's ride stopped to pick them up. The two grenades took out the light towers on this side of the encampment the large explosion earlier had taken out the third light tower. The encampment now was left with the lingering fires the moaning of the hurt and lame, and a whole heap of death.

    Blake got into back of the last truck and unsnapped the wires holding the Ma Deuce in place and pulled the charging handle. Blake hoped the idiot who set the weapon up new about go, no go and the timing issues of John Browning's second most famous invention. The Colt Model 1911 being his most famous at least in the mind of Blake a forty- five ACP enthusiast.

    As the trucks were pulling away from the camp, Twos and Candace were leaving the far hill and the Privet hedge behind and humping the heavy Barrett and its various equipment and the Omen towards the Kubota and out of the area as fast as they possibly could in the dark.

    Imogene raced towards the junction with her lights on bright, it was no time for stealth as she didn't want to be mistaken as the enemy by the ambushers in wait at the turnoff. She knew she didn't want to argue with that 1919A4 for sure. It was only four miles to the turn off but it seemed as if it took them and hour to get there.
    In reality it was far less than five minutes when the second truck carrying Sarah and Blake and the two National Guard ladies turned onto the road to the Lease following Imogene and the instructions from the Major. They stopped and told Woods that Twos would hopefully be along in a few minutes.

    Imogene hopped out of her Toyota and ran to the second truck saying, “Give me your wounded and I will take them to the Doctor the others stay and help in case Twos brings company. That fifty-caliber and the blooper of the Major's will make a big difference,” she said and went to help Erica out of the truck and into her Toyota for the ride to the Lease and the Doctor.

    Blake and the Major decided to just pull the Toyota about halfway into the turn and point the Ma Deuce right down the highway and she would be right behind the back fender well for cover. That left Tonya to drive and Sarah wishing she had a long gun and remembering the one that had been left by Dylan in the back of the truck. They were now as ready as they were going to be.

    Hopefully Twos and Candace could get away like they did before the enemy could assemble a team to chase and follow. It seemed like an eternity, the Doctor was already done setting the broken arm of Erica and finished looking at all of the lady hostages, when James said, there is something coming and started landing his drone. Woods said, “Make sure of your targets and I will start this dance. Do not, I repeat do not fire until I fire.”

    At that moment the Kubota came into view and Woods said, “Stand down, stand down and hold your fire.”

    Twos rolled up to the Toyota and said, “I don't think we are being followed we stopped and waited a mile or so down the road and listened for anyone from the camp coming and no one did.”

    “Let's get back to the Lease and a place where our backsides aren't so uncovered,” and stated turning down the road towards home, the Lease.

    As Twos and Candace pulled up to first gate Robert was telling Megan of the safe return of the team and Melton was letting them in and saying good to have you back Boss. Twos thought where did that come from as he drove to the Lodge with Tonya right behind him with Blake and the Major. Woods and his team followed them after a couple of minutes in the F-250 with Melton and Robert closing down and locking up the gates.


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    Damn shame to lose Dylan....


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    I didn't think they lost dylan


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    Thank you. Hope Dylan can make it somehow.
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