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Story Time To Go To Work
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    Time To Go To Work

    My first attempt at writing. Hope you enjoy, as always comments are appreciated. Don't be to hard any suggestions or corrections will be noted. Chapter One was written first and the Prologue added after the initial efforts that started on a challenge turned into a book. Thanks for your time.


    Time of the event the Morning of the Muslim Terrorist attack minus nineteen years plus or minus a few days as it was late September. Twos had just finished having a great Softball World Series and being name to the All World team. The winning of the All World Team nomination was worth a pretty good chunk of coins in his production and incentive based contract. He knew exactly what he was going to do with the money. It had been his dream for a few years to have his own place to hunt for the elusive white tail deer. Twos and a few of his fellow softballers and a few other hunting buddies wanted a hunting club Lease of their own. It would have its own rules about what could be hunted and harvested. There would be sincere deer management of does and cull bucks. They all wanted a place they could hunt trophy deer and it be free range not high fence hunting.

    Twos and his best friend and fellow professional softball player Woods had actually hunted the piece of property a couple of times. The pristine tract was a 640-acre track bounded by a river, National Forest and thousands of acres of pine trees planted and grown for the paper industry. Twos had met the older gentleman who owned the property when a big buck that the land owner had shot. Ran from his property had crossed in front of the stand Twos was sitting at about a hundred yards out. Twos had nailed the ten-point deer with a split brow tine and two kickers, one on each G2. Some folks in the south call that a thirteen point as all the kickers were over an inch long. After dropping the big trophy in his tracks with his 26-inch heavy barreled, 300 Win Mag Ruger M-77 All Weather Stainless steel and composite stock with a Bushnell Elite 4500 4-12 X50mm scope.

    Twos climbed down from his ladder stand and walked down the hill to where the magnificent beast was laying. His exhilaration was running rampant this deer was by far the best deer he had ever harvested, unless there was severe ground shrink. Every step he took the deer actually looked larger. His thoughts were that he couldn't wait to show his life mate Ruth and his best friend Woods this great whitetail. He knew he would need to get an instant camera on his way home with the buck. As he bent down and turned the large set of antlers he noticed two things the deer had been shot before and was bleeding from two wounds. A behind the shoulder heart and lung shot he had made and another smaller hole a hand width back of his shot and low. The other thing he noticed was a refined older gentleman walking out of the woods carrying a finely engraved, gold-plated receiver Ruger No. 1. The gentleman wearing a nice brown fedora probably a Stetson by the looks and a Browning hunting jacket and a frown. As he stood up from the deer he realized he had lain his rifle down on the other side of the deer close but a mile away from where he needed it right now.

    The gentleman started the conversation by saying, “Franklin, Frank Godwin and that is my family property right across the next ridgeline. That section of property and a few other acres that are attached has been in the Godwin name since before the war. The civil war, they took the plantation, they being Yankee carpetbaggers right after the war. We managed to save this one as no hard work and sweat had been applied at that time. It was just a piece of woodland property in the middle of nowhere. I digress, son that is my deer, I mean no disrespect. I have been watching that deer for four seasons and decided to finally take him before he went down the other side of antler growth and wouldn't you know it he moved just as I pulled the trigger.”

    Twos said, “he had definitely already been shot, the bullet wound is apparent. Mr. Godwin, I will be glad to help you get the deer back to your property. Do you want to gut the deer in the woods or do you want to get him back to your place?”

    He just answered, “here” and 'It's Time to go to Work'. Frank laid the ornate weapon up against a tree, took of his coat and removed a nice three-inch bladed skinner from its sheath and bent to the deer and started opening its belly. The meeting over a mutual deer had been the beginning of a fine and long relationship between Twos and Frank. From that time on for the next few years Mr. Frank and Twos would hunt his property a couple of times a year, one of the times would be opening day of hunting season and the second was the anniversary of the jointly killed whitetail that made the state record book for largest killed in the state.

    Twos had talked with Mr. Frank a few times about having a hunting club on the property. He had always said, it was Godwin Clan land and it wouldn't be right to have just anybody on the land. The last two years had not been kind to the aging gentleman and he had told Twos that if he wanted to lease the land for hunting he would do so. The price would have been too much for him alone but with the seven other they could swing it. He and the others had leased the land for the next seven years and a few more trophy bucks probably out of the line of the monster were killed and the deer herd was very strong. When the lease came up for the eight-year Mr. Frank told Twos that he was dying Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer and he only had a few weeks to a couple of months and he wanted to hunt opening day with his best friend.

    Twos said, “I understand, if you make it to the anniversary can I come and hunt that day with you.”

    Mr. Frank laughed and said, “silly, you are my best friend you can hunt anytime. The fact of the matter is, I have watched you and your buddy Woods, work the land and prepare it for the deer season and the others come and pitch in a few hours here and there. Mostly just you doing the sweat equity work and for that there will be three pieces of personal property given to you in my will. I have only one person left in my family and he will get the rest.

    The three things are the monster deer mount, the Ruger No.1, and the section of Godwin Clan land. No one else would treat it with the respect it needs and deserves. The only stipulation is you cannot sell the land, it has to be passed on to your heirs and they have to hold it for at least twenty-five years. The taxes are paid for fifty-years in an equity account with my Lawyer.”
    After finally being able to speak without breaking emotionally, Twos said, “Thank you and the Twos Clan will always walk these lands and treat them as your family has, with respect and love.”

    Time to go to Work

    The day had started like any other day, a Little Debbie oatmeal cake in one hand and a Diet Mountain Dew in the other. I was off to work, I opened the door to my F-250 and the 7.3L roared to life or at least it started easy enough. Driving the 20 miles to the office each morning was a time of reflection and preparation for the daily projects that I had in front of me. As I was getting close to work my HTC One phone rang and it was my shooting buddy Woods. Woods asked, “man have you heard the news, terrorists are attacking schools, police stations, and hospitals all over the east coast.”

    Twos replied, “What are you talking about?” Confused and in a fog, as my mind at all of a sudden went into neutral. My wife and kids would be at their schools already.
    Clearing my head, I said, “when did you here this.”

    Wood said, “it is on all the TV stations, right now.” As I checked my mirrors, I started looking for a turnaround place for the F-250 and started applying the brakes to make a quick 180-degree turn as I was heading in the wrong direction. I said, I am going to my wife's school to pick her and my daughter up. Woods, you pick up my son and your two boys the Middle School and bring them to the high school and I will meet you there.

    As I raced back toward my wife and children, I reached into the console of my truck and picked up one of my truck guns. It was a fairly worn stainless steel Ruger Security Six 4-inch barrel 357 that had started its life as a weapon for the local Sheriff's office 20 or so years ago. I had bought 4 of them at the auction when the department had changed over to the Glock 17. After checking to make sure it was loaded, I dialed my wife's cell and hoped that she would actually answer.

    My wife needed a cell phone most of the time like most people need to be hit in the head by a tire iron. Her cell phone was A) turned off; B) not charged; C) she didn't know where it was at; D) all of the above. Of course, she needed the latest and greatest iPhone because she could use it shop with, so I was hoping she would answer. She answered on the fourth ring and said, “you know I am at school this better be life threatening.” Did I say my wife didn't like for me to call her at work.

    Twos said, “please listen, have they said anything at school about the terrorist attacks at schools all over the east coast?”

    Ruth’s answer, was a startled and sharp cry and then a, “NO!!” I said, “you need to go right now to the Principal's office and explain to them that they need to lock the school down right now and call 911 and see if they can get police on site.”

    Ruth said, “bye,” and I screamed, “wait.” My heart was pounding, as I thought she had hung up and finally she said, “WHAT!”

    I said, “get Candace with you before you do anything. Also, look under your desk in the back of your temporary file cabinet and remove the large folder in the back of the middle drawer. In the file folder is a Cz-82 and 2 extra magazines, just like the one you use when we go to the range.”

    As she started to raise her voice so, I said, “Don't be mad at me right now, be mad that terrorist are attacking defenseless schools. Put the pistol and magazines into your pocketbook in the middle part as I have shown you before and go get our daughter. I will be there in about five minutes, meet me at the front door of the school. Also, Woods is picking up James and his boys from Middle School and will meet us there. Be looking for them.”

    Twos a moment later continued, “Honey, I love you, now get going and remember. All guns are loaded, never point a gun at anything you aren't willing to shoot, finger off the trigger till ready to shoot, and know what is behind your target. See the front sight and squeeze the trigger.”

    As I raced back into our small community, everything seemed to be normal. People were at the Hardee's having breakfast, Mr. Benjamin was putting out the lawn mowers in front of the hardware store and all apparently was well in the Munroe community. Time would surely tell a different story, today. As Paul Harvey would say, and here is the rest of the story.

    Screeching the tires on the F-250 into the high school teachers parking lot and jumping out of my truck I met Toy Benjamin the school's lone resource officer. Toy wanted to know why I was parking in the teacher's lot as that wasn't permitted even though he knew I was Ms. Jacobs husband. At least he didn't say I was Ms. Holly's husband. My wife was kind of famous in Munroe, she had played college and then professional softball. Ruth even had a cup of coffee with the Olympic team before a knee injury cut her career short. Man, that girl looked good in that uniform, he thought in a moment of random nervous energy.

    Me not so much, on the famous part. I said, “have you not been informed there are terrorists attacking schools this morning all over the East coast and I need to get my family out of here.” At that very moment Woods shows up with my son and his two boys, along with his wife and some Lady I did not know.

    Coming out of the door was Candace and Mom with the Principal in tow. Asking questions, a mile a minute in a tone that I just couldn't put up with at the time. I stepped around the truck and strategically placed myself between my wife and he, saying, “we will be going now.” Adding that he needed to get the school locked down and asking, had he called the Sheriff's office to get the needed help for the protection of the students.

    As I was saying this, a car full of terrorists opened up on the front of the school with what looked to be AK-47's. I would later learn they were AK-74s. Pushing my wife and daughter to the ground, I pulled the Ruger from my paddle holster and fired all six rounds at the car as fast I could sight index and pull the trigger. The car kept going and was followed by a 13-passenger van into the main parking lot.

    Trying to use one of my only two speed loaders to reload the Security Six, I noticed the multiple big red splotches in the front of the white shirt of the Principle. He was still standing but it was evident that his day was soon to be ended. People were hollering and just plain gone crazy, when I saw out of the corner of my eye, Toy just standing there like he was watching a parade. I don't think he had moved an inch during the whole escapade. I hollered at him to no avail so I jumped up and grabbed him as he pulled his weapon and pointed it at me.

    Twos smacked him and said, “wake up and get inside and get the doors locked down.”

    Woods hollered and said, “we need to get out of here.”

    Twos said, “just go I need to help keep the kids and school safe if I can. He looked at me like I was crazy and then jumped out of his Excursion and ran around to the back and opened his truck vault and handed me a piece of art from the SUV.
    Woods said, “if you are going to die today you might as well do it with the only thing on this planet you lust after as much as your wife.”

    It was pure nirvana as he handed me a NEMO Arms Watchmen 2.0 in 300 Win Mag with a Night Force scope and four extra magazines in a satchel of some kind. He pulled out his tricked-out H&K 416 SBR with suppressor and one-point tactical sling. Snapped on his combat belt with stuff stuck everywhere on it. On his left hand were four Surefire 60 round mags with four mags on the outside for the Glock 17L that was stationed on his right hip. The belt held a lot of other stuff like a first aid kit and a knife. Woods also handed an AR-15 of some kind to the woman with him that I didn't know and a fully tactical Remington 11-87 with what looked like a bandolier of fifty rounds of twelve gauge to his wife and said let's do this. You see, Woods had more money than most people as he had invented some kind of gizmo for the use on the Bakken oil sands rigs that increased the efficiency by like six percent. Didn't sound like that big a deal to me, but it must have been as some oil company paid him millions plus he got a percentage.


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    Thank you 223. Glad you are moving your story over here.

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    Very nice start... Thanks!

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    Well dang where's moar lol that was just one tiny bite.

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    I can't wait to see where you go with this! Thanks

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    Oh Boy! Now we get to read these stories in as they relate in their time lines. Thanks 223!
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    Being smart is learning from your own mistakes.
    Being wise is learning from the mistakes of others.
    My life has given others many opportunities to be wise.

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    Another of your great stories to read. Thank you.

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    great start

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    Well dang doggies!

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    Can't wait! Thank you!
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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 2-4

    Back to the problems at hand, Toy went running into the school and I got busy getting people up and into the school behind him. It helps being 6'2” and 255 pounds and even at a shade shy of fifty years old still able to bench press 405 pounds on a regular basis. When it comes to getting people off the ground and their butts in gear. I have the qualifications, to make it happen.

    After getting everyone headed back into the school, I told James to come here and help me as I went back to the truck to retrieve, and old NEF Handi-rifle with Bull Barrel in 308 with an old Bushnell Elite 4500 scope that I had picked up used. This was my truck baby, it was old and worn and nothing like the NEMO but would shoot into 0.75 MOA with my hand loads of 165 grain ballistic tips and had brought down more deer than I could remember.

    As I handed James the rifle and turned to go inside, I heard a round zing past my ear and hit the truck. As I reacted to this my sub-conscious registered the sound of shots being fired from the parking lot. As I was turning to face the oncoming group, I not so gently shoved my son towards the door to the school and threw myself to the ground, trying to think small, to better hide myself from the onslaught.

    Seeing James make it into the school and out of the direct line of fire. The act of seeing my son to safety must have awaken some primeval fight or flight instinct in me that I didn't even know existed. Well, at least I had never experienced such a calm rage in all my forty-seven years and change. That is not to say that I hadn't experienced calm or rage before. The two had just not surfaced at the same time.

    Yeah, I had experienced rage, one time in college a friend had kept messing with me while I was trying to study. I told him several times to quit and then he came back into my room and threw a bucket of water onto me and my study notes. A rage inside of me erupted and I jumped up and grabbed him and dislocated his shoulder and elbow before I even knew what I had done. It's funny how my brain was working at this time. Because, why did I just think of all this at a time when I should be using all my thinking skills to help with the situation with the terrorist. The same who were bent on my destruction at this time. The clarity though was amazing and my ability to comprehend and make snap judgments seem to be in overdrive.

    As I rolled in beside the right front tire of my truck I was bringing the Omen to bare on the terrorist. It was time to start giving back some of what I had been experiencing. I obtained a sight picture through the scope, the nearest terrorist came into the crosshairs and the weapon seem to start the dance on it's on. I didn't even realize that I had taken up the two and half pounds on the trigger until I was riding the recoil of the weapon and bringing the scope back on line in search of the next shot. I noticed the first guy falling to his knees and a since of pride welled up in me to go along with the calm/rage. Who knew?
    The crosshairs found another guy shooting an AK-47 in my direction and again the rifle went off as if it had a mind of its own. As I rode the recoil I saw the round impact on the second terrorist and it seemed as if he had run into an invisible wall in slow motion. My mind was a terrible place to be at this time, as all of the data that my senses were sending to it was being assimilated and processed at a speed that I didn't know it was capable of doing. I guess that all the mind doctors are right we must only use about ten percent of our brains capacity most of the time. Processing the next sight picture my mind told me that sirens are coming this way, I hope they realize they are coming into a hot landing zone. Where, did that thought come from, as they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    I started to bring my rifle back on line and as I fired my third round or maybe just and eyelash before I pulled the trigger the terrorist I was targeting fell from a wound that pulsed from his neck almost removing his head from his shoulders. My first thought was James had arrived at the party. As my brain processed the information the lady that had arrived with my friend Woods hollered for me to get my big stupid butt into the school. While letting loose a torrent of 5.56 mm down range from around the nearest corner alcove of the school. The alcove was only about fifteen inches jutting out but the Lady was slender enough to hide and shoot around the wall.

    As she lay down fire I found another terrorist and sent him to his god. No virgins today my friend. As I got up to run I saw a couple more terrorist fall and the first police car pull into the teacher's parking lot and the officers dismount and start firing at the terrorist. This distraction gave me a large enough window to get into the school unharmed or at least that was what I thought.

    As I got into the school I was met by my wife and family with Woods and his family. I hollered for them to spread out and get to cover. My wife ran to me and said, “You have been shot.”
    Twos replied, “No, I haven't.”
    Ruth said, “You have blood all over you.” She sent Candace to find the nurse, my wife had always been a take charge type of person. I was catching my breath and noticed that the gun shots were getting fewer and fewer. I told Woods he needed to check on the Lady outside as she may be pinned down now that the terrorist could put all their aimed fire towards her little area of sanctuary.

    Woods just laughed. Well, I guess my calm/rage super awareness was wearing off cause this sure wasn't anything to laugh about in this situation. My family and friends, not to mention a whole school full of students and teachers were being attacked by a bunch of terrorist nut jobs.

    Woods spoke, “The only people that are in trouble are the terrorist. My sister Beth, is a decorated veteran that was the first women and only woman to ever pass the Air Force Para rescue schools without the scale being changed. She also is the only woman in American history to lead men on the battle field and receive the Silver Star with Valor. To say she is GI Jane is doing her an injustice.”

    As all this was being said, the sounds of shooting had stopped and all I could here was the police sirens and my ears ringing from all the shooting without any type of hearing protection. Woods sister, walks into the school with here AR still smoking and ask if everyone was okay. She did this like it was an afternoon tea and she was asking if anyone needed more sugar. At 5'6” and a hard buck twenty-five she didn't cast much of a shadow. However, it was evident when she spoke, whom controlled this room and I am guessing most if not all rooms. As I was thinking these thoughts my wife said, “Twos, has been shot.”

    My name is George Brady Jacobs II, and I wore the number twenty-two while playing baseball in college where my wife and I first met, thus I am Twos.

    XXXXXXX Chapter 3 XXXXXX
    Woods sister was all business, as she came to my side. Not so gently she said, “Where are you hit.” Well, the human mind is an amazing thing, if not a large bit confusing. The question she asked me, must have set off some kind of neuron transmitter overload and adrenaline dump valve stop. My thought pattern went into sensory overload and my mouth became mute. Trying to focus on the rapid amounts of data that my central nervous system was dumping and my brain was trying to process, had for lack of a better word had paralyzed my motor functions to help with this sensory overload. In what seemed like an eternity to me and in reality, was only fractions of a second, my brain said, we got this, back to the real-world Twos.

    I looked up at the Lady, that had assumed control and profoundly said, “Don't know,” with a little laugh. Which sure made light of the present situation and everyone and everything seemed to realize on some level, that things were a little better than they were just a few minutes prior and maybe just maybe we were going to be alright. The lady who over the course of the next few minutes I would find out was recently retired with twenty years in before she had her 39th birthday Air Force Major Dianne Wood. On hearing my infamous answer to her very strategic question, cracked up with a very lilting laugh that was contagious.

    Major Dianne said, “Now I know why my brother likes you so much. He always says, that if the money is on the line, bet on Twos, you will win most of the time. The reason being that pressure just turns his game up a notch and he is going to say something funny about some guy's in the crowds stupid looking hat. Talk about some random woman's cheap/ugly polyester top that went out of style in the 80's. Then he will walk up to the plate and hit one a mile, to win the game,” then she was back to business, all business hollering for her brother to run to the car and get her jump bag.

    Twos said, “No Woods it is too dangerous those terrorists may be able to snipe you as you run out there.”

    She looked at me and said, “They are all down Thanks in most part to you ‘deadeye’.” The police checked them out and you probably hit two of the four in the car with your revolver as they drove by, as they never made it out of the car. Also, the six from the van and the one from the car that charged the school shooting at you and the school you took out three of the seven.”

    Twos said, “Now tell me another lie as I only shot the OMEN twice and was going to shoot the third guy when he fell from your weapon or the cops one. Also, if I got two in the car and there were four in the car why did only six from the van and one from the car, charge the school.” I felt really good about my Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning skills. I knew I had her now, she just smiled at me like, my wife always does, you know the one, you seen it, school teachers, Mom's and wife's all have it. It's the one that says, we have to put up with you silly men if we want children and I will explain it to you later when we are alone not to embarrass you.

    Major Dianne said, “Let me take a look at your wound as they are probably at least three and could someone please call an ambulance.”

    When Woods set her jump bag down beside her she said, “The wound on your face seems superficial, but let's remove the piece of metal sticking out of the wound and get something over it to stop all the bleeding. First, however roll over on your right side if it doesn't hurt to much and let me look at your arm and rib area. As she gently cut away my favorite Nike DriFit shirt from my arm and my side, she said, “Just as I thought the wounds along your arm and ribs are most likely from a bullet that went between your arm and ribs when you were firing your rifle. Most probably between shots number two and the third shot that you didn't fire as there was a definite lag time between. The third shot should have already been fired.”

    Twos said, “In that case, I still have a question, none of that explains how you think I got three of the charging terrorist and two in the car.”

    “You are like a dog after a bone aren't you. If I must, here is how it went down, as best as I and the cops could put it together in two minutes or less. Follow me and stay up, as an ambulance will be here in a minute. As the terrorist drove by and shot at yawl in front of the school. There bullets hit and killed the Principal. Your return fire hit the front passenger, who was firing an AK-74 at the front of the school, probably killing him instantly as the 158 grain SJHP you fired from your Security-Six hit him in the side of the head. One of the other bullets must have hit the second terrorist firing from the passenger window in the side probably going through at least one lung and he bled out or suffocated in the car. The car and the van then went into the parking lot and the van dispersed its terrorist. In the car the other guy in back seat of the car jumped out and charged the school. Then the driver of the car tried to flee the parking lot and ran into the second police car entering the exit he was trying to leave. The Terrorist Driver was shot as he ran from the car firing a Skorpion sub-machine gun at the police. As to how you killed three of the guys from the van, on the second shot both I and the two policemen saw the third guy go down shot in the right pelvic area and he bled out during the firefight. Apparently your 300 Win Mag projectile went through the first terrorist and still enough to energy to blow out the third guy’s pelvis. Happy now ‘Deadeye’,” asked the Major?

    XXXXXX Chapter 4 XXXXXX

    “Ow! that hurt are you trying to kill me, also,” whined Twos. Again, that smile as she removed a small piece of the Copper jacket from a high velocity projectile that had decided to lodge itself in my cheek under my right eye.

    The Major said, “I guess my not so bright brother was right, you are a big baby after the fact. He told me once about an amazing performance you perpetrated in Maryville, TN. He said you played three softball games on Sunday after being at the hospital all night on Saturday passing a kidney stone. My brother said, when you and your best friend showed up from the hospital at 8:00 am ready to play, when teammates ask you how you were. All you said was its “Time to go to Work” and preceded to go seventeen for eighteen with twelve bombs win MVP of the tournament and whine all the way home about how bad you felt.”

    At this time my wife had, had about enough and said, “Is he going to be alright. I sure see lots of blood,” in a voice that said that's my big lug you are making goo goo eyes at Ms. Air Force Major. In a tone that only my wife Ruth Holly Jacobs could muster. That tone had put the fear of God in many young high school girl softball and volleyball players through the years. Not to mention Twos, James, and Candace on way too many occasions. The Jacobs family all new that ‘tone’ and the fact that, any second the wrath of Ruth could be upon you.

    I tried to set up to stay between Ruth and the Major. I saw a confrontation brewing that would mount the proverbial unstoppable force against an unmovable object. Talk about collateral damage, this might make the twelve-dead terrorist and the Principle's death look like a game of Red Rover, Red Rover at the local kindergarten class recess.

    However, as I tried to set up, the Major put her hand on my chest to hold me down. At the exact same moment my wife grabbed my arm to help me up and away. It was like two she wolves fighting for the Alpha of the pact. It might have been fun to watch had I not been the one to be having his injured arm and ribs effected by the tussle. So, I did what any red blooded American hero would do. I screamed from the pain in my arm and ribs and passed out.

    Luckily, well maybe not for me. At least for everyone else, the EMT's chose that moment to come running into the school foyer where all this was happening. The lead paramedic said, “Is that the man with the gunshot wound?”

    My wife and the Major started talking, well let's call it what it was it was hollering, at the medic all at once. He was like Toy earlier today, deer in headlights, sensory overload, whatever. The EMT had locked down from too much data, to quickly, and violently. As luck would have it and let's face it sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Twos best friend was the second EMT.

    Phil “The Hammer” White at 6'3” and a Whopper, Fries and Shake shy of 275 pounds of muscle, let out a blood curdling whistle that stopped everyone in their tracks. Hammer was a take charge kind of guy and he restored order immediately. Just his pure size alone with his beach bond hair and ocean blue eyes was enough to stop most women in their tracks and truthfully a few men.

    This later fact got Hammer a large amount of crap from Twos and Wood. Twos always told the story of the first time his wife Ruth, met Phil, she wouldn't call him Hammer even though the only person Twos knew that called him Phil besides Ruth was his Mom and even she really called him Philip. Twos would say, my wife and I was sitting in the hotel lobby doing two things, having a good breakfast and waiting on Woods. When in walks Hammer in a spandex muscle shirt and shorts all wet from a workout and pumped up to the max. The shirt and shorts looked like they were about a medium and spray painted on, he needs at least a XXL shirt for his chest.

    Phil asked, hey Twos, “Is that the lovely wife that I am always hearing about from you?”
    Twos replied, “Yes, her name is Ruth.” Ruth gasped and said “Oh my, he's beautiful” and added, “I can't breathe.” That was the start of a great relationship between the three of us. Twos always added after that, to get your mind out of the gutter we are all just friends and all want to very much keep it that way.

    Hammer asked, “Is Twos the one that is shot?”

    Pointed at Ruth and said, “We will talk in a minute.” Pointing to the Major he said, “tTlk to me about my friend and make it fast.” She told him about the wound on my face, arm and chest and that I just passed out and she didn't know if it was from the loss of blood or shock from pain. She had the good sense not to add the pain was enhanced by the quick tug of war between she wolves. Hammer pointed to his partner and said, “Check his vitals and let's make sure he is stable before we load him up. I will get the gurney from the bus,” and turned to hurry out the door.

    By the time he came back with the gurney Twos had aroused from his passed-out status and was talking with the other EMT. Hammer looked at the other EMT and got and almost imperceptible nod from his partner on the bus for the last six years. Phil said, “Just like you to be sleeping Twos,” and reached down to get his buddies hand and give it a squeeze before helping get him onto the stretcher. As they walked him to the ambulance, Hammer turned to Ruth and said, “come with us.” Phil, looked to Candace and James and said, “Your Dad is going to be alright don't worry, he loves yawl to much not to get better.”

    Twos spoke up and said, “Get my children home and safe Woods.” Then slowly raised his hand into a clenched fist and said, “Hammer and Woods it is “Time to go to Work.” Everyone who witnessed this at first thought it was just something from their old softball days. In years to come they would say those words changed all of their lives.


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    I read all your works and just wanted to tell you thanks for bringing them over here.

    5 star quality stories, well worth reading

    Highly recommended




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    Yay! Not much pain!

    Thank you, this is getting good already.
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    Terrific stuff!!!

    Thanks! Lili

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    Yep thank you.

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    Time To Go To Work

    Moderators or anyone, can you change the Header to just read Time To Go To Work instead of having Chapter 1 after the title? Thanks for the help.

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    Fixed the title for you.

    Thanks for posting your story! I'm enjoying it.
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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 5-7

    MOAR feed for the hounds.

    XXXXXX Chapter 5 XXXXXX

    Hammer closed the back door to the bus and ran around to the driver’s side door of the ambulance to get Twos and Ruth to the hospital. His friend was probably going to need some surgery on the rib cage as he could see the actual rib bone when they were dressing the wound. Twos arm and cheek were going to need some major stitches, also. Hopefully the terrorist hadn't injured too many other people in their small city of 20,000. As the bus pulled away the others at the high school including Woods and the Major got their selves in motion.

    Woods said, “We need to get the children to Twos place and start from there. Dianne can you get Twos truck home, as I know he will not want it left here. Second thought, maybe it needs to stay for the police investigation.”

    The Major said, “I don't think there will be much of an investigation, under the circumstances I think it will be better to move it and ask for forgiveness than try and get permission.”

    James said, “I will go with the Major,” as he picked up the Ruger Security-Six from where his Dad had been laying and bleeding just moments before. He looked to his sister as only a brother could while putting the revolver in his coat pocket and said, “Let's go there is work to be done you heard Dad,” with a look that his friends had never seen from the fifteen-year-old boy.

    The Major thought, Twos would have had some extreme explanation to do if his Mom had of seen that look. Little did she know, but Mom was on board if not a charter member of the Jacobs family prepping and training regiments, all be it underground for OP SPEC reasons. Even though she didn't always participate or approve of the methods.

    James looked at Candace and said, “Run and get your friends Samantha (Sam) and Sarah and I will get Thomas and Megan do you know where they are as I don't.”
    Candace replied, “I will get them all as they will still be in their homerooms and I know just where they will be. You need to come as they might not come with just me.”

    The pair setting off down the hall at a jog, on a quest for their friends. The Major picked up the OMEN and the bag of magazines from the floor. She dropped the magazine from the weapon and pulled back the charging handle on the rifle ejecting the round from the chamber and safed the weapon. This action jogged her memory of the gun fight and her recall, and it said that Twos had fired a third shot. Meaning in reality he had taken out four of the six terrorists from the van. She thought everyone else may call him Two, but he is definitely Dead-eye to me from now on as she walked to his truck.

    As she walked to the truck it occurred to her that the keys may be in his pocket. Walking out the door she laughed about the keys as the big 7.3 L turbo Diesel Ford truck was still running, like a steed waiting for its thrown knight. Amazingly the only damage to the truck seemed to be a couple of bullet holes in the doors on the right side above where Twos had lain firing his rifle.

    The Major thought, crap I meant Dead-eye and laughed, I guess he is just Twos some habits are hard to break. She opened the passenger side door and laid the OMEN against the front seat and placed the bag of magazines in the seat. She then looked over to her brother at the Excursion who was getting his wife and children loaded up and froze him with the look and said we need to talk big brother. Woods was almost to the day two years older than his sister but when she gave him the look he knew he was in trouble. He knew he had been caught doing something he shouldn't and his little sister was fixing to make him pay for his sins, one way or another, it was usually in the form of a good whooping or doing her chores. She was not a stool pigeon or a rat.

    XXXXXX Chapter 6 XXXXXX

    As the Major was getting ready to ask Woods a few hard questions, the ambulance was getting close to its arrival at the hospital. Hammer had already made contact with the ER to expect a gunshot injury and to have the Trauma surgeon awaiting and ready for surgery.

    Twos looked at his wife of over twenty-five years and said, “Honey you need to listen and listen good. We only have a few minutes before we are in the ER. Then only GOD knows how long before I am out of the ER. As soon as they take me in, you need to call Blake.”

    Ruth started to raise her voice but, Twos gave her the look. His kids and wife said his eyes got big and he looked scary and very intimidating when he did it. Twos always thought they were just making this up, but he was very wrong. You could just ask anyone who had ever been on the end of the Twos look and that included Woods, Hammer, and Blake. The look said, I don't want to hear it and you better start listening if you know what is good for you.

    Twos said, “Just listen please Honey. Call Blake and tell him I said it is ‘Time to go to Work’, then tell him to get to the hospital and pick you up and take you home. I know you want to be with me, however there are more important things to do than sit in a hospital waiting room right now. I need you to go home and open the gun safe and look on the top shelf. On the top shelf is a purple Crown Royal bag and in it is some cash. Get the cash your checkbook and the American Express. Tell Blake to hook his truck to my trailer and go with you to Costco and then to Sam's. We need to pick up all the pinto beans, dry beans of any kind and rice we can get and yes, I am talking about 500 pounds being a start, a ton would be better. Also, we need at least 500 pounds of salt un-iodized preferably and 500 pounds of sugar get more if possible. Please get plenty of spices and bullion both chicken, ham, and beef. Get all the canned chicken, Salman, Treat and Spam and canned meat of any kind you can get. Pay for this with the American Express if they will take it. Also, get as much, isopropyl alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin that you can find. We also want four or five large bottles like 1000 count of Aspirin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol. Get some Pepto -Bismol and cold medicine if you can find it and anything else like that you think we might need, like Toilet paper, toothpaste, and feminine products of all kinds. Honey, I need you to tell Woods he needs to go to Abernathy's and pick up the following; the two SKSs that I have on hold and have been paying on and four AR-15 uppers if he has them. Flat tops preferably and all the 5.56mm, 7.62 X39, 12-gauge slugs, and buck and 9mm he will sell us. Woods also needs to go to Harvick’s Electric and pickup one of the hydro generators like he has at his house and all the stuff to make it work. Woods will know what he needs. Tell him all of this and anything else he thinks we will need, goes to our hunting lease. Woods and Blake can take you and the kids there and show you, if you have forgotten the way. Blake also needs to come back and load the Kubota and all the implements to take to the Lease.”

    As he was finishing the instructions the ambulance stopped and Hammer opened the door and nurses and technicians from the ER attacked the gurney. As we rapidly rolled towards the ER doors, I could hear multiple sirens arriving or departing the hospital. I told Hammer to take care of Ruth and the kids and get everyone to the Lease and safe. He just nodded his head in the affirmative and said, “you know it,” with a sly little wink.

    As they pushed me through the ER doors, Twos looked at Ruth and said, “remember this I will always Love you and take care of you and the kids. Now don't cry and call Blake and get busy.” Making a pucker and pretended to kiss her as she let go of my hand and the doors closed between the two lovers.

    Ruth dialed the phone to Blake and he answered, “Hello.”

    “Blake this is Ruth…, yes Twos Ruth. He has been shot and is in the ER. I don't know they have him in the back. Phil went in with him so when he comes out we will know more. Right now, before Twos went in he said for me to call and tell you it's “Time to go to Work.” We are at General and he wants you to come and pick me up and take me home and then go on some foolish shopping spree. You will be here in three minutes, how is that as you work clear across town. Well, never mind with the long story I am in the ER, come in when you get here. I will be waiting on Phil to come out or the Doctor with some news,” Ruth explained. Blake mashed the accelerator thinking if Twos used that phrase. It is bad and I need to go help get us through the next few minutes, hours, and days. Right now, minutes count.
    Twos was thinking this place is a madhouse, there were Doctors, nurses and technicians doing all kind of stuff to him and around him. At that time a set of Angelic looking eyes behind a mask and safety glasses, said, “Can you tell me your name and where it hurts.”

    Thinking, well I thought we would be passed those type questions. Guess one has to start somewhere. Twos answered, “Doctor, Ma'am, my given name is George Brady Jacobs the second but my friends call me Twos. She said, “Twos it is then and where do you hurt.”

    Twos said, “Doc I don't really hurt anywhere unless you all move me or stick me with those needles. I don't really like needles you know.”

    She just laughed and said, “The needles part is about over for right now. It looks like we are going to be spending a little time together, however. My first look diagnosis says the EMT's were correct. We are going to have to do some repair work on your rib cage and some major stitches on your face.”

    Twos laughed and said, “Ma’am, can you make my face look a little better, the misses will surely appreciate it.”

    “You are quite the charmer aren't you Mr. Jacobs,” replied the Doctor smiling under her mask and face shield.

    Twos grinned and said, “Ma'am, I thought we were passed the formal names you seeing me naked and all,” thinking it seemed as if she was saying something to me as everything went to black.

    As Twos was fading to black, Hammer and Blake ascended on the ER waiting room at the same time in search of Ruth and more information from her about how Twos got injured. As they saw each other the sound of gunshots came from the outside of the building. They were close but not danger close. Well at least for the moment.

    XXXXXX Chapter 7 XXXXXX

    Meanwhile back at the high school. The Major eyed her brother and chopped him off at the knees with the question, “Okay, now spill it Wood.” Wood felt as if he was back an Altar Boy again and needed to confess. Which would have been great if Woods had ever been an Altar Boy to begin with.

    Woods stammered and said, “Well, Lil Sis it's like this, Twos, Phil, Blake our other friend that you haven't ever met and I have kind of, you know, have a…, Well, really I don't know what we have, some would call it a Letter of Mutual Agreement in legal terms. But that doesn't really define it for us. I guess you would say we just kind of think alike and have a lot of mutual interest like softball which we played together for years.”

    The Major stopped him in his tracks like a PH (Professional hunter) does with a 500 Nitro Express Double Rifle stops a charging Cape Buffalo for his client. “Okay, Okay, I will get back on track,” answered Woods to save his rear end. By this time in the conversation Woods wife was listening intently and kind of enjoying seeing her husband squirm under the watchful eye of his Little Sister.

    Mackenzie said, “Spit it out DEAR, as I am very interested in hearing this also.”
    Woods shook his head and thought to himself, this is all Twos fault, he should be the one facing the wrath of these two women, not me. Woods continued, “It's like this we are kind of closet preppers and for OP SPEC we have only told a few people and before you say anything Mackenzie. I have tried to tell you a couple of times and you always said, you didn't care what we did in our 'Boys Club’ as long as it didn't involve any cheating. We decided on some of our road trips to play ball years ago that we didn't like the way the government of US of A especially the way we were dealing with illegal's, terrorist, and the economy was heading. Together we needed to be ready for some rough times. No, we didn't believe the Zombie Apocalypse or a bunch of conspiracy stuff like the Bilderburgers, Free Masons, Monsanto GMO and heirloom seed, Precious Metals price manipulation, or we the United States didn't land on the moon. However, a major flood/ draught, economic collapse, terrorist taking out the grid or a dirty bomb or possible Soviet suitcase nuke bought on the black market were all possible if not probable events with catastrophic sequences to follow in America. The government has too many people on the government dole. It starts with Social Security it was never designed to be a long-term disability hand out. Quite frankly when Social Security started with an age of 65 years old for retirement the average American male only lived to be about 63 years and most women didn't work so they wouldn't have qualified for SS.” Now there is some food for thought Woods said feeling a little better about himself. Woods was saved from the blast coming from his wife by Candace and James coming back with their friends.

    Candace spoke up and said, “Should we get Mom's truck? I can drive it. I have the spare keys here in my purse and it is right here. There are eleven of us and even though we can fit in the Excursion and Dad's F-250. I would feel better if we got Mom's four-wheel drive Path Finder. Her and Dad put a lot of work in the replacement 3-cylinder diesel engine and exoskeleton and it will go anywhere almost.”

    The Major reacting quickly to the new change in dynamics with the added vehicle, said, “The load out should be like this Woods and Mac and the boys in the Excursion. The F-250 will have me driving and the three girls (Megan, Samantha, and Sarah) less Candace riding in the truck. Candace, you drive the Pathfinder with your brother riding shotgun and Thomas in the back. Let’s load up with Woods you taking the lead that big cow catcher bumper you have on the Excursion should clear the way if we run into any problems. Candace, you in the second spot and I will take up the rear.”

    Hey shouted the Major as they started to disperse, “Everyone, remember keep some spacing and watch out for other drivers, road blocks and keep watch on the other vehicles in the convoy and lets all make it to Twos home in one piece.”

    As they started to get in their separate vehicles the sound of gun fire echoed in the back ground. It sounded like it was coming from over near the coliseum. Everyone who heard the shots sped up their loading and entry into the transportation. As they are leaving the parking lot lots of traffic is beginning to ascend on the school. Nannies, Moms and Dads, Grand Moms and pops and sometimes older siblings were racing to the school to get their kin and remove them from possible harm from the terrorist. Not knowing or caring that more will die from wrecks and stupidity than from terrorist, at least at this high school.

    As the convoy gets onto the highway, Woods looks quickly to heaven and says, “Lord help us to get home safely today.” His wife looks at Woods and says, “How do you load this thing again,” pointing to the Remington 11-87 shotgun he handed her early today. The look of pure terror on Woods face broke Mackenzie up and she couldn't help but burst out laughing. Woods said, “I am glad you see the humor in that as I don't.”

    Mackenzie said, “Lighten up Shirley,” a play on a line from an old movie and said, “I am too funny.” Woods thought, I am going to have to keep a close watch on her, I hope she is not losing it.

    Back at the hospital Blake and Hammer ask Ruth, what had happened and how did Twos get shot at the same time. Ruth held up her hand and said, “Wait one minute I am asking the questions right now. Phil, how is Twos tell me all you know in fifty words or less.”

    The school teacher in Ruth came out when she was nervous or like now in a near panic. After all her husband had not only been shot today if everything she heard the lady say he had killed numerous terrorist, also. Her thoughts were a mess and completely mixed up. On one hand she should have been glad that her husband had defended her and the children with his life. However, her most nagging thought pattern was how had her beloved husband shot and killed people. Her thought pattern said, sane people couldn't shoot and kill people he must be socio path or is it psycho path, she couldn't remember which from her college psychology class. She had just made a C anyway. Twos would probably remember he made and A and was the Professors pet anyway. She metaphysically smacked herself and told herself, get back on track here. Twos is your husband and you have Loved him most all of your adult life. He is a good man doing his best for his family as he always has, even though his methods are questionable sometimes. You have to give it to him on the results part. That is what he did today get results, she thought.

    “Okay Phil talk, you first,” Ruth said.

    “Okay, he is in the OR with Dr. Phillips, she is young but spent two years in African war zone with Doctors without borders before coming here. The Doctor has lots of experience with these type injuries. The Doctor said, Twos would need some work on his rib cage and also some on his cheek. She was going to call one of the staff plastic surgeons to work on the face while she worked on his torso wound. She told me, he would probably be in surgery for at least a couple of hours and that was if they could do his cheek while she was doing the rib cage surgery. She also told me that the surgery was a piece of cake and that Twos was a real charmer. Don't hit me, just delivering the message.

    She told me, he is a real charmer, and he is my charmer Ruth thought. I got to get my head in the game, he's a charmer, not a killer and don't forget that she told herself.

    Ruth replied, “Okay Phil, he told me to tell you to get everyone to the Lease and get it locked down. I guess I am to assume you know what he means by that.”

    Phil said, “Yes, I do, did he give you a time table.”

    Ruth shook her head no and looked at Phil and said, “Twos told me not to wait here at the hospital while he was in surgery. He wants me to go shopping and for Blake to take me and help. Something crazy like 1500 pounds of rice and beans and other stuff a whole list of stuff. He also wanted Blake to bring the tractor to the Lease and for Woods to get some kind of water thing-a-majig and some guns he has on lay away and AR uppers and lots of ammo. Does that tell you anything?”

    Blake and Hammer looked at each other fist bumped and said, “let's get to it. He thinks this is the big one.”


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    Another great chapter, thanks!

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    Really enjoying bth of your stories! Thanks for sharing them.
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    This one is hopping right along, too. Really enjoying it. Thanks for posting.
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    Very nice many thanks.

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    Nice! New chapters on two stories in one morning!

    Thank you!
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    Very nice!! Looking forward to MOAR!!
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    Great story

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    MOAR, MOAR, MOAR please.

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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 8-11

    MOAR Hounds feed. Hope you enjoy, comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading my work!!

    XXXXXX Chapter 8 XXXXXX

    After dropping off his riders at the Jacobs home Woods said, “Mackenzie load up the kids and let's head back to our home and start getting ready for a bug out if that is the decision. The boys were told to get in the truck and get ready for the trip. As they were loading up Candace came out and handed an old but well-built hand-held CB to Woods and told him to use this for communications as the phone lines were all saying no service at this time. “We can communicate on the odd channels except for channel 19 it will be too busy. Let's start at channel five and go up two odd numbers every time we communicate. So, after we talk the first time we will go to nine instead of seven and always skip channel19,” Candace told him.

    Woods said, “I got it, your Dad taught me that also,” and reached over and ruffled Candace's hair. He only did it because he knew she had hated it since she was about thirteen when she got to grown up for it. She gave him a look that said, I will let this one slide, we all have had a bad day and it isn't even lunch time yet.

    As Woods and family were leaving the driveway, he said, “What is for lunch honey, as I recall I didn't get breakfast as Twos sent us to get the boys and meet him at the high school.”

    Mackenzie look at her watch, her favorite, an Omega dive watch that Woods had purchased for her. He had bought the watch for a trip to the Virgin Islands for snorkeling and SCUBA diving lessons for just him and her. The trip as she recalled, had ended up being a great trip for the two of them. The trip had really brought them closer together when the influx of money from the sale of Woods invention was trying to pull them apart. Woods had always been the one to save and she had always been more of the live today and not worry about what financial perils the future would bring. The money however had kind of flip flopped the way they thought about their finances. At least that had been the way she saw the situation. After a long afternoon of snorkeling and a few strong drinks back at the resort bar, Woods had opened up and explained that the money they received up front was just a start, that the real money would be in the pumping royalties that were just beginning to be processed.

    Mackenzie said, “I will fix some Tacos if that works for everyone when we get home.” The boys shouted from the back, yeah great, can we have guacamole dip to go with it.

    Mackenzie said, “yes, if we have any avocados at home.”

    Woods said, “When we get home boys, I want you to go to your rooms and pull out your duffels we use for camping trips. Put in them five pairs of jeans and or the Duluth fire hose pants, whichever you think.”

    Woods thought, for a moment and said “No, get the Duluth pants they will last longer and five sets of your camo hunting clothes. Also, get eight, no a dozen sets of dri-fit underwear and three sets of your polypropylene long under wear, two lights and one heavy. Also, a dozen pair of good socks, either the Thorlo or the Merino wool types. Get your heavy coats and your good pullovers also and throw in a couple of sets of shorts and or sweats and some tennis shoes or sandals. We will also need to get both pair of your hikers and your hunting boots, packed. After you complete that meet me in the basement to help pull out the other gear we will need to take if we decide to leave.”

    Mackenzie said, “Do you think all that is necessary, seems you are over reacting.”
    Woods looked at her and said, “I had rather over react now, while there is still time, than to be behind the eight ball and not be able to take what we need. Let's all add a suitcase with other clothes that we might want and if there is room we will take them. We will need to think about your medicines for your Fibromyalgia and see if we can get a six-month supply. We need to run by your Doctor's office as it is on the way and tell her we are going on a trip out of the country for four to six months and need it today. I know you don't like to tell un truths, I will tell her that I was supposed to call last week and forgot.”

    Mackenzie said, “Thanks,” and looked at him with a great love for him remembering her at a time when things seem to be spinning out of hand. “We will be there in just a couple of minutes if traffic stays the same. I will just run in and talk with her, hopefully she will be amenable to the six month supply. Either way I have a couple of months on hand.”

    As the Woods were arriving at the Doctors office, Phil and his partner were leaving the hospital with a replenished stock of meds for the Ambulance and Blake and Ruth were approaching her home. Upon arrival home, Ruth jumped out and ran into the house. As she ran through the house she told Candace she would be out in a minute she had to go to the little girl’s room. Ruth also said, “Where is your brother and everyone else,” as she ran by her daughter?

    Candace replied as her mom hurried by, “James and his friend were upstairs doing something on the computer as always and her friends were in the kitchen getting ready to fix some lunch in a bit.”

    “Okay,” exclaimed Ruth as she rushed by, “Get your brother and tell him I said for him to come and I mean now.”

    Candace ran upstairs to fetch her brother as her Mom meant business she could tell by her tone. Candace thought while making her way upstairs, I guess she does mean business, she didn't even say anything about Dad. You don't think Dad died. That has to be it, or she would still be at the hospital. Candace was almost in tears as she ran into her brother’s room and said, “Come on Mom’s home and has something to tell us and I think it is about Dad…”

    “What, Mom is not home,” said James, as he went back to his game.

    Candace in a fit of pure rage, a trait she had inherited from her Dad, reached over and jerked James up by the shirt of his collar hard enough that James butt came completely out of the chair he was sitting and said, “I said, Mom said she wants us downstairs right now.”

    Standing a hair over six foot two and a half inches in her stocking feet and weighting a svelte 190 pounds but don't tell anyone that she would insist. Candace had taken after her Mom and her Dad, she got her size from and her Dad and her good looks from her Mom. Well, her Mom wasn't exactly a small fry either at almost 6”1” and about, well that number is a secret at all times and will remain so forever. Candace liked to push a little iron with her Dad from time to time, even if it has just started out so she could look at Phil when he was at their house working out with her Dad. She had learned how good it made her feel about herself and how much better she felt and looked in her clothes. Those were the traits that sold a teenager, who like all teenagers thought everything in the world was against them.

    As James friends started to get up, she said, “This is a family meeting and before you say anything you might have to take back, my friends will not be there either.” She added before he could say anything, “This is not up for debate, so zip it.” The only sound in the room at that moment was silence and the background hum of all the computer stuff in James's room. As the two of them made it down the stairs their Mom was coming out of the downstairs bathroom and met them at the foot of the stairs. As Ruth started to speak, one of James friends hollered that the President has just announced a dust till dawn curfew for the continental United States.

    XXXXXX Chapter 9 XXXXXX
    As James friend hollered from downstairs, Blake walks into the house, he kind of ducked as was his accustom when entering through any door. At a hair over six foot eight inches and tipping the scales at well over 340 pounds of hard core big iron lifter. Blake wasn't quite a world class power lifter as he had other interest, most notable being, playing softball. It was his real love and passion and where he had met the guys. He was only forty-one years old and in the middle of the foursome in age, with Twos being the oldest at almost fifty and Woods being the youngest at thirty-five. None of them knew exactly how old Phil was as he guarded his age like a woman and said he was twenty-nine and holding. The best guess of the accumulated knowledge of the group put him between thirty-eight and forty-two, but that was just a SWAG.

    No one had ever accused Blake of being small. One of his favorite sayings about himself was that he had only been young, never little. Candace ran up to him and jumped up into his arms and gave him a big hug and said, “Where have you been big guy, haven't seen you in a couple of months.” Most guys would have been knocked down and possibly hurt their backs or worse from Candace jumping and hitting them but not him. Blake caught and held her for a moment and kind of swung her around while he listened to her question and then set her down like most normal size and strength men would do to an eight-ten-year-old kid.

    “Been missing you the couple times I been here,” said Blake and just smiled at his favorite little girl. Thinking well she isn't a little girl anymore, and I guess I better stop holding her in my arms. Nah, crap on that I been doing this since she was like eight or nine and I will continue to do it as long as she wants me too.

    Blake pointed to James and said, “Hey little dude can you tell me where the keys to the thing your Dad has in the trailer hitch, so people can't steal it are located. Also, can you help me get hooked up to the trailer the way my truck is it is hard to see the trailer, good enough to back up to the trailer hitch by myself.”

    James said, “No problem man, I will get them and meet you at the trailer.'' As James started to turn and go towards the back of the house, two things happened. The Major and Candace's friends came out of the kitchen and Ruth let out a blood curdling whistle. The whistle had the effect that Ruth was looking far, in that it stopped all the people in the house in their tracts.

    Ruth said, “now that I have your undivided attention, let's make some plans.”
    The Major started to say, “We need to do this…”

    Ruth looked at her with death rays and said, “You are in my house, I am available to your ideas but let me say what I need to say first and don't interrupt me again.” The tone of her words left no doubt that she meant every word she had just spoken. Ruth continued, “All I can say is I wish Twos was here as he knows a lot about this and according to Blake, Phil and I guess by proxy Woods, he has a plan.” Pausing to get a breath she went on, “Here is what we know of his plan, Blake and I are to go shopping for food and we need to talk with Woods and he has a list for shopping also. Where is Woods and his family anyway?”

    The Major cleared her throat as if to get permission to speak and said, “My brother and his family went back to their house to get packed up, as he thought we might have to bug out to some Lease property or something.”

    Ruth said, “Thanks for that information, I guess we will have to try and get him on the phone or wait till we see him to give him the list of things Twos wanted him to get.”

    Candace spoke up and said, “Mom we can call him on the CB radio. I gave him one before he left and told him what channel to listen on for contact.”

    “Good deal, said Ruth, I will contact him after we get started, as I think time may be of the essence if we have to deal with the curfew.'' As she continued to speak, she said to Blake, “Are you carrying concealed today”

    Blake said, “I got my pants on don't I, Ruth,” and pulled back his Wrangler denim shirt to reveal an ornate stainless-steel Para Ordnance P-14 with some type of exotic wood grips riding in a handmade Yaqui slide copy holster riding in appendix carry position. The belt held a twin magazine carrier riding with twenty-eight, .45 caliber rounds. He continued with a cliché, “It's like American Express, I never leave home without it.”

    Ruth thought, that might be the most words I have ever heard Blake say at one time, in all the years I have known him. She said, “Good, we need to get started. James, you go and get the keys and help Blake. Candace, you get Woods on the radio and tell him I need to tell him a list of things that Twos wants him to get. Major, do you need to talk with Woods about packing your stuff, for if we bug out?”
    The Major looked like a dear in the head lights, and said, “Don't guess so, as all I have with me is my suitcase and it is in the Excursion. I was just getting in from the airport. Came home to visit and maybe buy some property as Woods always talks about what a great place this area is to live. I also had done some studies and the US Chamber of Commerce rates it high as well. Well I guess that is a discussion for another time.”

    Ruth took back over the conversation saying, “Okay girls, you all make some sandwiches. There should be a new loaf of bread still in the pantry and there is home canned chicken soup in the pantry open a couple of jars to go with the sandwiches. Thomas, you all stay on the net and monitor the news, no video games.” As they all scurried away to their prospective assignments, Candace called Woods on the radio.

    Candace pushed the button and said, “Woods come back, this is Candace calling.”
    Woods nearly jumped through the roof of the Excursion, as there had not been any traffic on the low channels and he wasn't sure it was working. Just in case he had turned the volume up wide open. Woods grabbed the radio keyed the mike and said, “Come back for Candace.” As Candace spoke he realized he needed to turn down the volume and dropped the radio. As he tried to find the volume button, which promptly fell between the bucket seats and into the back-floorboard.

    Woods said, “Boys, one of you, hand me the radio.”

    Candace over the radio said, “Woods, Mom wants to talk with you, something about a list of things from Dad for you to get at the store.”

    Woods spoke into the radio and said, “Go ahead Candace, put your Mom on the radio.”

    Candace walked over and handed the radio to her Mom and said, “Just push this button and hold it down to talk, Woods is waiting.”

    Ruth pushed the button and said, “Twos said for you to go to Abernathy's and pick up the SKS's that he has on layaway and to get four AR-15 uppers something about the tops. I don't really remember. He said for you to go to Harvick’s Electric and get some kind of water generator for the land and the stuff to make it work. I hope that makes sense to you.”

    Woods tried to speak back to Ruth, but she was still holding down the mike button, so he couldn't get through. He knew what was going on as he could here talk in the back ground and felt hopeless about the situation. At that time, he heard Candace tell her Mother that she had to let go of the button so he could call her back, it does work like a phone Mom. As this was happening Mackenzie got back into the Excursion showing Woods the written prescriptions and smiling like a horse eating briar. Woods finally able to get the radio to work told Ruth that he understood and would take care of the request for the rifles and the electrical supplies. He added, “is there anything else, we need to do?”

    Ruth said, “Have you heard that the President has set a curfew of dawn to dusk and will have a message on TV to the nation tonight?”

    Woods thought to himself, this is the big one, I am afraid this will be the last straw. As Woods started to pull out of the Doctor's office he told his wife that there has been a change of plans. We are going to have to make a few stops before we head on home.

    XXXXXX Chapter 10 XXXXXX

    Woods turned on the car’s XM radio and turned to the news channel, he wanted to listen as he drove toward Abernathy's, all of a sudden with even more haste and determination than before. The news of the curfew had awakened him even more than the terrorist shooting at them and Twos being shot. It was if the other events had been a dream or back to his college days a marijuana induced malaise, he thought.

    As Woods and family sped towards Abernathy's. Blake and James had gotten the trailer hooked up and the truck pulled back around in front of the house. Ruth remembered that she needed to look in the safe and hoped she remembered the combination. Twos had not reminded her of it in his haste at the hospital. It was the month they met, April (4), year Twos was born 1968 (68), her birth month December (12), and two ones (11) for the Two of them. Two turns right 4, one complete turn to 68, passed zero to 12 and back passed zero to 11. She spun the handle and pulled the safe open, her memory had been correct it opened.
    She looked to the top self of the safe for the bag and saw it, right where Twos said it would be located. Ruth thought, to be such and unorganized person to the average person’s view of him. Twos work desk, his shop and anything, or where he worked always looked like a tornado had just been through. Yet he always, could tell you right where to find something, if you ask. She opened the Crown Royal sack and almost peed her pants. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed! Then thought, “Sorry Lord. There must be twenty - thirty thousand dollars in cash here. Twos you have some serious explaining to do my dearest,” she said to herself.

    The bag actually only contained $18,000 dollars as the last eight thousand was in tens and twenties and made it look like more than was actually there. Twos had been going without lunch or just getting something cheap for years to save this money. The money was saved from his ball playing money pay and savings from his cash, never family money. These traits were why the family had always been able to buy things cheap when opportunities came along like on Craig's List, yard sales, or someone of their friends needed to sell something for some quick cash or other reasons. It had saved them plenty.

    As Ruth left to go find Blake and see if he had the trailer loaded, she passed the Major coming out of the kitchen with a plate full of sandwiches. She looked at the Major with all sincerity and said “That's enough for Blake and I what are the rest of you going to eat.”

    The Major almost threw the sandwiches off the plate. The very thought of Blake and Ruth eating a whole loaf of bread made into ham, turkey, and pimiento cheese sandwiches was more than she could reckon with in that small of time. Ruth thought, didn't mean to mess up her thought process. Finally grasping the concept that her eating habits definitely didn't fit with the land of the giants she had found herself for the last few hours. As the Major thought about it, she was probably outweighed by everyone she had met that were associated with the Jacob's family by a minimum of fifteen -twenty pounds and that was including the high school girl friends of Candace.

    Ruth saved her from the frustration by “Saying we eat a lot,” and just smiled at her like it was okay most people had the same reaction.

    Ruth remembered the first time they had went to Mackenzie's and Woods for a hotdog and hamburger barbecue. When Twos saw what was on the grill he told Woods he had forgot something and would be back in a minute. Twos came back with eight more hamburgers pre-patted ready for the and the buns with more chips and some pre-made Cole Slaw from the Publix down the street. Handed them to Woods and said, “We eat a lot remember.” Thoughts of Twos grabbed her right where she lived and almost made her black out. The Major set the plate down quickly and grabbed for Ruth as she saw her about to fall.

    XXXXXX Chapter 11 XXXXXX

    As the Major was catching Ruth, back across town in the hospital's ER operating room, Dr. Phillips was finishing up her surgery, after over two and half hours of working on Twos. She spoke to the Plastic surgeon that had been called in to work on Twos face and ask, “How much longer will you take to finish?”

    The Doctor said, “I am finished for all practical purposes just checking now to see if I need to redo anything. It looks good though.”

    Dr. Phillips said, “Good job team, get this man, who I am told just saved a bunch of lives in a terrorist attack over at the high school cleaned up and over to recovery. Good job people, thanks.”

    As the Plastic surgeon and Dr. Phillips were leaving the OR and getting cleaned up, Phil and his partner were leaving their station after pulling an extra four hours on their regular 24-hour shift. Phil said, to his partner, “Heck of a way to make a living, you did good out there with my buddy today, thanks, and I will see you in four days.” It was there time for the long break between shifts, every three rotations they got two extra days off.

    Phil thought, I am going to run by the hospital and check on Twos. On his way to the hospital he remembered that he needed to stop at CWS as they were having a big sale on his favorite brand of toilet tissue, Scott's and he needed to re-stock. As he pulled into the CWS parking lot, he saw Woods and his boys setting in the parking lot. He parked near them and got out and went over to the driver's side and tapped on the window. Bumping his head on the window as he jumped from the scare of the tapping on the window. Woods reached for his pistol he had lying beside him on the console. Woods grabbed his pistol and hastily pointed at the offender standing at the window of his vehicle. Seeing the reaction of the pistol coming his way Phil jumped back from the window and hollered, “Woods, have you lost your mind?” The boys in the back of the Excursion thought this was funniest thing ever. It reminded them of something from the “Three Stooges.”

    Woods getting his wits about him said, “My bad, been a screwed-up day already and it isn't quite noon. Let me get out of the car and let's talk for a minute while Mackenzie is in the store.”

    “It's all good, dude, just don't shoot me,” said Phil as he reached out his hand, to shake hands with Woods.

    Woods said, “Have you heard about the curfew setup by the President?”
    Phil with a blank expression said, “No, but I did hear at work as part of my shift ending debrief that the terrorist has been pretty successful in attacking schools, federal buildings, electrical sub-stations and some bridges. They are using suicide bombers in trucks and stuff. The Chief told us that of the guys that attacked the high school a couple of the terrorist had on explosive vest.”

    “Wow” said Woods, “That could have been ugly, if not for Twos quick thinking and action. How is he by the way?”

    Phil said, “Still in surgery when I left, but in good hands with Dr. Phillips.”
    Woods ask, “Did Ruth say anything to you about Twos thoughts and what we needed to do?”

    “Yeah,” said Phil, “I need to get to the Lease and get everything ready for the family and get it locked down. Twos thinks this will be the big one. I was going to pick up some tissue and then run by the hospital and check on him before I went home to pack up some things. Also, I was going to get Sally and see if she wanted to be part of the plan, we have never really talked about that. We have gotten very close over the last month or so, so much I bought her a ring.”

    Woods in astonishment, as Phil was the perpetual bachelor gasped, “What… Oh man congratulations.”

    “Well, there isn't anything to congratulate me about yet, as I haven't asked her. I was waiting for the right time.” said Phil and just shrugged his shoulders. As Phil was ending his speech Mackenzie came walking out of the store with a couple of large bags in her hands. Woods ran around the truck and opened the back doors so she could throw the bags in the back and said, “Honey you will never guess what Phil is about to do.”

    Mackenzie looked at her husband with an all-knowing look of authority that only Wives and Mothers have and said, “Hammer is finally going to ask Sally to marry him.”

    “How do you know that,” said Phil and Woods at the exact same time, in utter amazement?

    “My friend Jane works down at Stedman's Jewelry and sold him the ring. I probably knew about it before he got the ring home and I would bet money that young Ms. Sally Porter knows about the ring also. Probably knows size, shape, cut and clarity, just like me,” said Mackenzie with a look that hollered top that.

    Woods said, “We got to go, as we have to go by Abernathy's and Harvick's before home and then pack. Hey Phil you might go by Twos as it is on the way to the hospital and get one of the hand-held radios from Candace, as the phones aren't working good.”

    Phil said, “You are right about that. We had to change back to radios from the 911 dispatch with the ambulance. We will see you at the Lease by dark.” As Woods and Mackenzie got into their Excursion to continue onto the next stop, Phil walked into the store shaking his head and thought what kind of crazy world is this to be getting married.

    Back at the Jacob’s residence, Ruth was coming to her senses and the Major was helping her to the easy chair that was close by and asking if she was okay. Ruth said, “Thanks for grabbing me, I was thinking about Twos and how much he means to me and the kids and it all just hit me like a ton of bricks. I should be at the hospital with him. He, however thinks different and I usually try to keep his wishes as he is usually right on big matters if not the small ones. Major, there is some soft taco shells in the fridge and we can use them to make some more sandwiches and if we are out of meat, open up a couple of the cans of Treat in the pantry and fry it up.”

    Ruth called for Candace and ask her to go find Blake and James, so Blake could eat before they left to go shopping. Ruth knew if they got all the things Twos wanted it would take most of the rest of the day. She also told Candace that, she needed her to get their Bug Out bags out and place them in the Path Finder and to start loading the truck with essentials to take to the Lease. The list just keeps growing, “You need to see if you can text message Samantha and Sarah's parents,” she said to Candace, as Candace went out the front door in search of her brother and Blake.
    As they all finally got ready to eat, Thomas who was still watching the computers, hollered down to the group saying, “The newscaster just said, there will be an address to the nation at nine o'clock pm Eastern Daylight Savings time tonight.”


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    Thank you! Was starting to go cold turkey there till I found this...LOL!
    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Thank you for another chapter!

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    Time To Go To Work Chapter 12-14

    MOAR Hounds feed. Hope you enjoy!

    XXXXXX Chapter 12 XXXXXX

    As Thomas hollered down from upstairs; back at the CVS Pharmacy, Phil was coming out to get in his car and thinking about the day's events, especially Twos, and Sally, not necessarily in that order. Woods and family were at the gun store, Ruth, Blake, The Major and the rest of the gang were getting ready to eat. However, today's star attraction the ones whom had caused the terrorist attacks in America were planning the big show.

    “Tomorrow we will show the infidels everywhere the power of the will of Allah,” said the orchestrator of today's terror champagne in America. The fifth Prince of the Royal House of Saud lineage spoke to his attentive audience with a zeal that only a true fanatic and/or lunatic can muster. “Tomorrow, my colleagues in this great endeavor, ‘The October of Allah's Shearing Glory’ will truly begin.”

    The audience of Sheiks, Iman's and other minor Clerics representing almost every Muslim country in the world stood and screamed, “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar” in a frenzy that shook the ancient roof of the Mosque where they were assembled. The Mosque was located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and those in attendance had masked their travels from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Europe, Asia and other minor and major countries all over the world, even the United States on their personal pilgrimage to the Holy City.

    The Prince continued with his speech, as the roar of those attending died down. “Brothers of Allah, today we have started the destruction of the ‘Great Satan’ America and their lap dogs, the Israelis, British, Canadians, and all others that have spoken and acted against the faithful of Allah. These infidels will surely feel the wrath of Allah, when we bring them to their knees to worship our god. Tomorrow when our brothers in the great fight against Satan deliver their packages, the Shearing fire of Allah will be seen and witnessed by the blasphemers of America and the others who have stood against Allah.”

    A great shout of “Allah Akbar” rose from the crowd and continued for a couple of minutes unchecked. Finally, the Prince got the crowd back under control and said, “Brothers we have many plans to make today and not much time.”

    The Prince continued saying, “the faithful Swords of Allah are as we speak delivering the packages that our fellow faithful followers in Allah from Uzbekistan have given to the cause. Brothers let's not forget to thank Allah for the gift of the American president, who has so blindly and misguidedly helped our cause worldwide. He alone has furthered our cause tenfold, by allowing us free rein at his borders and keeping the American infidels off our backs as persecutors, by proclaiming that Muslim religion is a religion of peace, and should be allowed to worship as we see fit. He has never grasp the fact that the Koran tells the believer, that it is perfectly correct to lie to, steal from and even kill the non-believer if they will not convert to Islam. We have been planning, preparing, and waiting since 2001 for this moment. Today we will bask in the great events of today and look forward to taking the great step tomorrow, towards that which Allah has promised. Leave now and go with god to our assigned duties, go with god,” the Prince exclaimed!! The crowd started to break up in leave in ones and twos so as to not draw the watchful eye of the Great Satan's satellites.

    Phil got in his car and decided to stop by Twos and see if they needed any help and pick up one of the radios on the way to the hospital. On his drive he was thinking of all the things he needed to do. He needed to tear down his trailer and move it to the Lease. Phil was the proud owner of a twenty-seven-foot, 1973 Airstream Overlander. He liked to say it had all the bells and whistles, he mused.

    Phil had found the RV, he didn't like to call it a trailer, as that had a trashy sound to it and RV had a sound of class. Truth be told, he found it on Craig, list for $1500 dollars, six years ago, when he had been working on assignment in the state capitol. One can imagine what it looked like for $1500 dollars. However, with the help of Twos and Woods, the Overlander had been stripped out completely and rebuilt by the trio. Phil's Dad had been a pretty good carpenter, Phil had worked helping his Dad on side jobs, Honey Do list around the house and had become pretty good with a hammer and wood at his Father’s side.

    Woods, had helped with the wiring and Twos, had a did a little, well let's say a lot of welding and had furnished two of the larger 100-pound propane bottles. Twos had picked them up on a cleanup job after Hurricane Katrina. Phil had lived in the RV while it was being restored and stayed with friends if it was uninhabitable for whatever reason during the rebuild. Phil had planned on selling the Airstream when he got it rebuilt. Phil found that he liked the cheap housing and it was plenty big enough for him. As part of the preparations for a bug out in the future to the Lease, he and Twos had spent a weekend pouring a slab for it to set on. Phil had rented a backhoe and put in a small drain field and septic tanks, with water line hook up to the well on site that Twos had put in for his hunting cabin.

    Phil rolling into Twos and Ruth's driveway he saw that Blake's truck was still here and that both Twos truck and Ruth's car were in the driveway. His mind raced to figure out how all three vehicles had gotten to their house. He had completely forgotten about the Major, cause he sure knew Mackenzie wasn't going to drive the F-250. Phil got out and walked up onto the front door and walked directly into the house. One made their self at home at the Jacob's, that meant having a key to the door and walking in without knocking. It also meant if they weren't home yet, to turn on the TV, get yourself something to drink and a snack or fix yourself a sandwich. Ruth met him at the door and asked, “How is Twos?”

    Phil answered, “You were still there, when I left, I have not been back since then. I was on my way there when I ran into Woods and family at the CWS. Woods told me that he had some shopping to do for the bug out and that you did also. He also told me that he had a radio from here and that I could get one so I could stay in touch, since the phones seem to be hit or miss right now. Phil looked to the eating area and added, “What are yawl eating and am I invited?”

    Ruth slugged him in the arm and said, “As much food as you have eaten here through the years, Twos and I ought to be able to claim you as a dependent on our taxes. Get yourself to the table.”

    Candace jumped up and got another paper plate and handed it to Phil and said, “We have tea, water and diet coke, which do you want, and no, not any beer for you.” Phil grabbed his heart and said, “Two things, who put you in charge, little lady and I'll have tea.”

    He then sat down and grabbed a couple of sandwiches one of which was on Blake's plate who was talking to James and not paying attention to his plate, or so it seemed. Blake grabbed Phil's arm and said “Woe, there pretty boy, I'll be having that back, so drop it back where you found it.”

    As the big man moved Phil arm back over his plate. All this happened in the blink of an eye, most people would have missed the movement had Blake not have spoken. As the old saying goes Blake, was quick for a big man. Most people seeing someone as big as Blake would have assumed two things about him. One was that he was big and slow. Blake was only big, not slow. The other was that he was “Slow” or not so bright, again wrong. Blake never went to college like his friends. Choosing to go to vocational school while in high school and liked working on engines. He had migrated to big diesel engines because of his size as the big diesel engines had bigger and heavier parts. Parts that he handled like most mechanics handle regular size parts. But, just because he worked with his hands didn't mean he was not smart. At that moment Candace came back to the table with Phil's tea and handed it to him.

    Ruth told Blake, “We need to get started, if we are going to make this happen.” Blake grabbed the sandwich, he had Phil drop back in his plate and his tea and jumped and headed out the door. Saying, “Ruth if you are waiting on me you are backing up.”

    XXXXXX Chapter 13 XXXXXX

    As Ruth and Blake got in the truck to leave, Twos was heading to recovery and Phil was hurrying to finish his lunch and head to the hospital. Woods was at Abernathy's talking with old man Abernathy's youngest boy Bob. Woods said, “Bob, I need to pick up a few things today, I guess you have heard about the terrorist attacks nationwide and what happened over at the high school.”

    Bob kind of glanced away and said, “Yeah I heard, is it true that they killed the principal.”

    “That's right and that ain't all, my good friend and yours Twos Jacobs was shot by the terrorist and is in surgery as we speak. According to all reports, the surgery should have gone well and have him good to go, but you never know,'' said Woods as his mind went to his best friend. Continuing, “I need to pick up some things and get back to the house, before this curfew and you are just my first stop,” said Woods anxiously.

    “Okay, what do you need,'' said Bob suddenly all business like?

    Woods, said, “I need to pick up the two, SKS's that Twos has on layaway, the paperwork and federal forms should already be complete. I think I was here with Twos when he purchased them back a month or so ago. I also need four flat top AR uppers with BCGs, preferably without any sites. I will take what you got, but would like two short barrels and two 18-inch barrel models. The higher end the better but, name brand and mil-spec is the bottom line. I also need 5000 rounds of 5.56mm, 5000 rounds of 7.62 X39, 5000 rounds of 9mm, 500 rounds of 12-gauge, 00-buck rounds of slugs each. I need twenty-five pounds, nah make it fifty of that powder that Twos uses, I think it is called Bull's-eye or something like that. Some rifle and pistol primers maybe a couple of thousand each. I need some .45 calibers and .357 and/or .38 specials and fifteen bricks of 22LR if you have any with the shortage we have had the last few years.”

    “Wow,” was all Bob could say and think. Immediately hollering for his warehouse boy to come and help gather the order. After which Bob said, “I think I have two Rock River uppers in short M4 configurations and also two Lewis Machine Tool (LMT) uppers in the 18-inch variety, would those be acceptable. I have Nickel Boron BCGs for all four if that is what you want.”

    Woods said, “Yeah, those will work, if the barrels on the LMT are at least heavy barrels. Throw in four of the upgraded extended charging handles for the uppers. Hey, do you have any spam cans of 7.62 X 54r and 7.62 X 25 throw in a few of those, if you do at least four of each.” As the warehouse boy started bringing boxes of ammunition from the back on dollies, Woods spoke to his sons (Melton and Robert), to help the clerk with this order and get everything into the Excursion, packed up and ready to travel.

    While Woods was asking the boys to help with ammo boxes and their loading, Bob started to tell Woods that all four of the uppers came with BCGs and charging handles and that he could give him a credit on them with the change out. Woods thought for a moment and replied, “Nah, we will keep the original parts as spares and while I am thinking of it do you have any lower rebuild kits, and if you do give me a half dozen of the complete springs and all rebuild kits.”

    Bob's grin just keeps getting bigger by the minute. He told Woods we are only showing five in stock on the computer, can I order you the sixth one and have it dropped shipped directly to your home Woods. Woods again thought of the current situation for a minute, his original thought being tomorrow might be too late but, said, “Yeah, have it for delivery by 10:00 tomorrow morning,” and thought nothing ventured nothing gained. Sometimes Woods thought to himself, I am just too funny.
    Bob said, “We are only showing one spam can of the 54r and two of the 25mm and I will not be able to get them over night if at all. These two have been getting bigger and bigger delays for delivery since the 2015 boycott / sanctions on Russia has started back up over their involvement in the Ukraine.”

    Woods said, “Nah, if I can't get it tomorrow just call me when you get some in and I will come by and pick it up.”

    Bob said, “I have your total, how will you be paying, the total is, uh, well it is kind of high should I check with Dad about a discount.”

    Woods said, “Don't bother, I am in a big hurry today.”

    Bob thought, oh my, this sell will make me a good bonus this month, especially with no quantity discount. The discount for orders over $5000 dollars was usually five to seven percent and this order was a little over $10,000 dollars. Woods thought, am I missing anything and his mind said, Blake the odd man with .308 or 7.62 X 51 and said, “I need a thousand rounds of 7.62 X 51 if you have it.”

    Bob looked at his computer screen and said “we only have 800 rounds in a case that is all unless you want me to pull some of the single boxes off the shelf, like I did for the 357 and 45 calibers you bought. We gave you 500 rounds of each of those.”
    Bob told the warehouse boy, “I need a case of 7.62 NATO rifle, for this order, as the kid wheeled the cart back into the warehouse for another trip. The total comes to well let's just call it and even $12,000 dollars, how will you be paying check or card.”
    Woods handed the American Express Black card to Bob and said, “I think this will cover the charges.” As Bob rang up his biggest sell ever, the warehouse boy came out of the back with the last cart of supplies, he looked at Woods and said, “Mister are you getting ready for a war or something.'' Woods thought for a moment and spoke these words to the young man. The war is already here I am afraid, just hoping this will help me and mine to survive what comes next.

    As Woods got back into the Excursion, he thought the truck is pretty full. I need to get this to the Lease or over to Twos or somewhere before going to Harvick’s. Woods then thought I don't have enough room for the hydro generator anyway, it will have to be delivered. He then cranked the 7.3L diesel and headed to Harvick's for his next purchases.

    As he pulled out of the drive, Ruth and Blake were leaving the Costco headed for Sam's Club and Phil was talking to the redheaded nurse at the hospital. The same one that earlier today his partner had struck out with on getting a date.

    As Phil was standing outside the ER talking with the redheaded nurse, Dr. Phillips walked by on her way to the hospital cafeteria to get some lunch. Phil spoke to her and said, “Dr. Phillips, you were operating on a friend of mine with multiple gunshot wounds this morning, and I am trying to find out how it the operation went for him.”
    She smiled at the hunk that stood before her, straightened her hair by running her hand through it and said, “He came through the surgery just fine. I actually finished with his ribcage and was closing up his arm before the plastic surgeon finished with his cheek. He should be coming out of recovery in the next hour or less and will be assigned a room. You will be able to see at that time. Your friend seemed to be very healthy in general and we had little to no fluctuation with his heart and respiratory during the operation. That is always a good sign of the strength and health of any patient. I expect and predict a full recovery with no loss of motion or long-term effects.”

    As Ruth and Blake walked into Costco, the Major and the kids started getting ready for a bugout by packing up their clothes and needed supplies. Woods and family was leaving Harvick's with his order placed for twenty-eight 400-watt Helios 96 mono crystalline Solar panels, eight of the large golf cart type batteries with the controllers, rolls of wire, and other things needed to hook up the systems. He was not able to get the hydro generator so he went solar and also got eight 600-watt wind turbines to supplement the solar on cloudy and inclement days.

    As Dr. Phillips continued on her way to get some well-deserved lunch, she had missed breakfast due to the surgery and subsequent rounds she had not finished before the Emergency Surgery. Phil turned and went to the front desk, to see if they had already assigned Twos a room and Ruth and Blake pulled into the Sam's Club parking lot to continue their shopping spree.

    Ruth said, “We had a pretty good haul at Costco, near as I can tell here are the numbers from the trip to Costco. We got approximately 550 pounds of beans in twenty-five and fifty pound bags, 800 pounds of Rice and 200 pounds of that Jasmine Rice you said was different, 450 pounds of non-iodized salt, 320 pounds of Sugar and fifty pounds of different powdered sugars, 400 pounds of popcorn that you said we needed, twenty-four boxes of powdered milk, 125 pounds of lentils, a dozen cases of four each #10 cans of tomatoes and that cheese you said you like, a baker's dozen cases of canned chicken, twelve cases of canned Tuna in oil cause you said that was better than the type in water for long term, fifteen cases of Spam, and thirteen cases of Treat, a couple of dozen of those assorted pasta bags of five pounds each and a bunch of spices and bullion both chicken and beef. We also got twenty-five pounds of chocolate chips and twenty-five pounds of cocoa, and fifty gallons of vegetable oil and five- 10-pound cans of Crisco.”

    Blake said, “it seems like a lot but we could still use more if we get a chance, even though we are here for the over counter meds, first aide, toiletries and paper products.”

    XXXXXX Chapter 14 XXXXXX

    As Ruth and Blake made their way into Sam's Club, Phil was setting the waiting room and texting Sally to meet him at his place in a couple of hours. The Jacob's clan and the Major were loading the F-250 and Path Finder with stuff for the bugout and arguing about what was essential. Twos was in the recovery room trying to awaken. The Woods clan were making their way home to start packing for the trip to the Lease.

    Woods as he made the last turn into his gated subdivision said to his wife and kids, “We will be home soon does everyone, remember the plan.” The boys chimed in with a, “Yes Dad” and Mackenzie just gave him one of her patented looks. As they pulled into the circular driveway to their home, the CB radio chimed in from Candace.
    Candace said, “Woods you out there, comeback.”

    Mackenzie picked up the radio from the console where it lay and said, “Comeback for the Woods.”

    Candace said, “Mackenzie is that you, comeback.”

    Mackenzie grinned and said, “This is too cool.” She added back to Candace on the radio, “Yes go ahead.”

    Candace replied, “Have you talked with Blake and Mom, I can't seem to raise them on the radio, over?”

    Mackenzie, answered, “No let me give them a try, if they are at Sam's or Costco we are much closer than you are, at your place.”

    Mackenzie pushed the talk button on the radio and said, “Go for Ruth or Blake, comeback.” For a few moments that seemed like hours on the radio, there was no answer, so Mackenzie tried again, saying, “Go for Ruth or Blake, comeback.”
    Ruth said to Blake, “What was that?”

    “Oh, my bad,” said Blake, “that was the radio I think, it's in my coat pocket and you know how my hearing is anyway, Ruth. You probably should have been carrying it. I saw it laying on the seat earlier today and I stuck it in my pocket and quite frankly forgot about it till you just said something.” As he pulled it out of his pocket, he pushed the button and said, “Go for Blake, comeback.”

    Mackenzie said, “Come back Blake, over.”

    Blake said, “Read you five by five, how can I help you, over?”

    Mackenzie replied, “Can you call Candace on the radio she has been trying to raise her Mom for a while, over?”

    Blake pushed the button and said, “Will do, over and out.” Blake keyed the mike and called Candace saying, “Comeback, over.” He then handed the radio to Ruth and said, “ET call home,” and busted out laughing saying “Sometimes I ought to be ashamed of myself for such nonsense,” and grinned his best grin at Ruth.
    Candace said, “Blake is Mom with you, comeback.”

    Ruth keyed the mike and said, “Candace, go ahead baby, uh, roger or whatever.”
    Candace laughed and said, “Mom, it's over, how many times had Dad told you about that.”

    Ruth said, “over.” Candace dropped the radio laughing at her Mom, picked it up and said, “Mom, James wants to know if we should take his drones and computer's to the Lease, over.”

    Ruth thought for a moment and said, “What has your Dad said about them? Whatever that is, is what I think.”

    James said to Candace, “Told ya,” and went to go pack the drones and his computer equipment for them.

    Candace said, “Mom, the Major wants to know if you are coming back here, or going straight to the Lease from your shopping trip? If you are going to the Lease, do we need to pack anything here for you?”

    Ruth thought for a moment before answering and said to Blake, “What do you think?”

    Blake replied, “We need to get this stuff off loaded from the trailer. So, I can go back and get the tractor loaded, and out to the Lease. They may as well meet us there and help with the off-loading, as we will not have a forklift to help at the Lease.”

    “Candace, you all just load up the Path Finder and the F-250 and meet us out at the Lease,” said Ruth. “We, will be there in about one and half hours, can you be there by then?”

    Candace turned to the Major and ask, “Can we be there in an hour and a half?”
    The Major shrugged and said, “Don't know. I don't have any idea how far we are from the Lease or even a route and distance to calculate.”

    Candace got a big grin on her face and said, “Cart before the horse, as Dad would say. It will take about 45-50 minutes to get there with regular traffic.”

    “Well, said the Major, “If we can leave here in the next twenty-five to thirty minutes we should be fine, the newscast and internet have not said anything about traffic being bad.”

    “Mom, we should be there about the same time, if all goes well, we will meet you there in a little while, over,” said Candace.

    “See you then sweetie, over,” said Ruth and handed the radio back to Blake, who put it in his shirt pocket this time so he could hear it better, in case anyone else called.

    Ruth said, “If we are going to be at the Lease in an hour and a half we need to be finishing up, this shopping and get checked out, and on our way.” Another ten minutes of shopping and about fifteen minutes of checking out had, Ruth and Blake pushing a total of four carts out to his truck.

    As they were unloading and stacking the last of their load onto the back of the trailer and starting to pull the cargo net back up over the load. Three would be rapper /gangsters with their pants hanging half way down their backsides and their Jordan's half tied, came walking up. The leader of the would-be gangsters, said, “What are you putting into my truck, bitch?” Grabbing his crotch for emphasis and smiling showing his grill.

    Ruth beside herself said, “What did you just call me, Henry Spurgeon?” Ruth knew all three of the would-be gangsters, she had taught them before they had dropped out of the high school a couple of years before.

    As she said that, Henry stepped forward and smacked her so hard she dropped to her knees, and said, “That is for disrespecting me and my boys, bitch and if you know what is good for you, you will keep your mouth shut, unless I have something, for you to put in it.”

    Again, he grabbed his groin for to make a point. He never got to say anything else as Blake stepped in hard, hitting him with an elbow that would have dropped the best MMA fighter in the country. Henry fared no better as his lights were turned out completely, even before the complete follow through of the punch was completed. Blake followed the elbow, with a soccer kick to the knee of the nearest one to the leader.

    Henry, fell unconscious to the ground and his second in command took a brutal kick to the knee that tore all the ligaments in his left knee the third one’s reaction was to pull a knife and make a slash at Blake. Blake took the knife cut to the outside of his left forearm. The cut would have been very bad had Blake not been wearing his Carhartt ranch jacket, it had taken most of the cut but, some had still made it through to his arm.

    Blake thought, this is my best coat, I just had it where it wore good after five years. I will have to break in a new one. As the second in command was laying on the ground hollering in pain and the third thug, tried to cut Blake again. Blake caught the arm, the second time wrenching up and then down as he applied counter leverage to the shoulder. The shoulder and the elbow both popped out of socket at the same time and the knife fell to the ground. The sudden and explosive pain to the third thug’s system was too much and he passed out from immediately from sensory overload and shock.

    Blake kicked the knife away from near the thugs hand and went to check on Ruth as the security guard from the store ran up to help. The guard said, “I saw it all, the guy hit your wife and then attacked again at her and you defended her. The same with the other guys.”

    Blake got to Ruth as she was trying to get up, and said “Are you, all right?”
    Ruth answered a little out of it, “Yes I'm okay, but my face hurts.” Blake looked at her face and you could see the hand print in red on her face.

    The guard spoke again and said, “The police are on their way to the site and will be here any minute.” As he said this, the sound of an approaching siren could be heard. A crowd was beginning to form around the scene, as the police car rolled up to the site. The two-policeman got out of the car and asked, “What happened here?”

    The security guard stepped to the Police Officer and began to explain what had happened and how the three guys on the ground had confronted and then attacked the couple and the big guy had defended himself and his wife. The policemen looked to the big guy and the lady and he could clearly see that the women had taken a heavy lick to the face, as it was beet red and beginning to swell. As he was taking all this in, his partner was calling for an ambulance and backup to the scene.

    The policeman said to Ruth and Blake, “Can you tell me what happened here, Miss.”

    Ruth said,” Almost exactly what the guard said, except he pointed to the wrong one who hit me. That was Henry Spurgeon who hit me, not the one with knee problem.”

    “Thank you, Ma’am,” said the policeman. “Do you have anything to add,” he said to Blake?

    Blake thought for a minute and said, “You don't have any Aspirin for Ruth, do you, and could I get the EMT from the ambulance to look at this cut, please. I guess that is all I have to add,” Standing there in the parking lot with his bandana type handkerchief over his arm with pressure on the knife wound.

    As the events in the parking lot were coming to their rightful conclusions and the EMT was finishing the butterfly stitches closing up Blake's wound. The redheaded Nurse was telling Phil that Twos was on his way from Recovery to room 414. The convoy led by the Major from the Jacob's was leaving for the Jacob’s home for the Lease.

    Ruth said, “We better call Candace on the radio and tell her we are going to be a little late. We need to call Woods and see if he has completed his shopping and is going to the Lease, also” as Blake and her walked away from the Police car back to the truck, to head to the Lease.


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    Oh thank you! I needed that. I like how you put these stories together.
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    Thanks for the latest chapters! Lookin' good so far

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    we are all blessed by your talent! Thank you.

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    Its an awesome read! Lookin forward to MOAR!!!!!

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    Thank you, one of the problems today's world has is a world full of punks.

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    Thanks for the another great story

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    I'm enjoying your story. You tell it in both a matter-of-fact and breathless style that makes it all seem more real.
    Loved the two she-wolves fighting over an alpha imagery.
    MOAR please.
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