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The Grand Solar Minimum
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    Sep 2012
    East Central Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by Faroe View Post
    I'll try that trick, Martinhouse, Thanks.
    We go through a lot of kale in this house.

    As for talking to people about the GSM, I have had positive responses, but by cherry picking. I only talk to a very few people about serious subjects - people who are frequently better informed than I am about history, politics, the economy, etc..

    The rest around here are hopeless, and I don't want them to know I have any useful info. or preparations.

    That may well turn out to be a very important statement.

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    TxGal, when you mentioned your tubs not draining wellenough even with drain holes, because of not enough sun and heat and too much rain and rain and rain...

    I can remember watering some potted things, no memory of what or where, and because the plants were big and healthy and the leaves hung over the sides of the pot, almost no water made it into the dirt in the pot. The leaves shed the water and left the soil dry.

    Maybe there is some simple little thing like a transparent umbrella, only windproof, could be rigged for the containers that won't drain well? If I needed to make something like this, I would use the clear vinyl that Walmart sells. The thinnest of the three grades is very cheap and is 54" wide. I think Hobby Lobby carries clear vinyl, but not sure about the thinnest stuff, which is the one that has the pictures and printing in green on the tissue paper layer of the roll.

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    Sep 2012
    East Central Texas
    Those are all good ideas, thanks! We might also move them to our covered south side porch. We're brainstorming like crazy, all ideas help :-)

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    Some years ago, I made what I called cabbage cages for my greens, because those little worms would eat everything but the stems and leaf veins from ALL my greens, including beet and turnip tops and even horseradish leaves.

    The cages were rings of 2 x 4 welded wire about two feet in diameter and anywhere from 16" to 36" tall. After I made the ring of fencing, I would cut, and pin in place, a top of aluminum window screen, folding it down over the edge a couple of inches or so. Then I put a strip of the screen around the "wall" of the ring. Top edge of this wall screen was folded under and stitched to top screen and top wire of the 2 x 4 fencing ring. Bottom of the screen was folded under the bottom of the "wall" and then up inside an inch or two. This was also stitched on, as was the vertical seam where the "wall" screen overlapped. This stitching was done with nylon upholstery button cord and a large curved needle, using a lockstitch every four inches or so.

    These cages did not prevent slugs and cutworms that were already in the soil, but there were no swarms of those little worms on anything. And no cabbage loopers, either. One had to be careful taking the cages off and putting them back on, as the lower "hem" would sometimes shred leaves a little, but all in all, they worked very well. And they were nice for spreading sheets over things when there were extra cold nights, and a few times I used my thinnest old sheets to protect them from hot sun when I hadn't finished harvesting quite early enough into the summer.


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