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    I know Sara. I wasn't going to bug him this weekend, but it's already Sunday night... we're getting the withdrawal f5 tremors.

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    Start Anew -Chapter 30

    A little feed for the MOAR hounds!!

    Walking into the Intel Center of Oz, Davis was greeted by an on rush of Lyle, Gail, Tommy and Albah. They all were trying to get his attention at once and it resulted in each one talking louder than the other. Finally, after a few seconds of total confusion, Davis says, “Enough. Now you first Lyle what is all the fuss about.”

    Lyle caught his breath poked out his chest and answered, “Now that the Prince is here and can perform the ceremony we want to get married. We don't want to put it off any longer. The reason for Tommy and Albah speaking out, should be obvious. I however will let them speak as to their wishes.”

    Looking at Gail, Davis said, “Are you sure Ms. Gail, he is my son. He however is not completely house broken.”

    The Bride to be smiled at Davis and just nodded her affirmation afraid she would bust out crying if she spoke. Davis walked over and took the pair in his arms and gave big hugs. He turned and said, “Albah do you have something to say today also.”

    A big ear to ear grin came over her face. Albah replied, “Tommy and I would like to be married at the same time as Lyle and Gail. We have talked and it is okay with them to have a split ceremony.”

    Smiling Davis said, “Tommy you got trapped by one of these beautiful Ladies, too. I thought you were going to be my spotter and wingman. Just like back in Saudi.” Tommy at a loss for words just reached out his hand to shake with Davis and finally said, “Still my honor to be your spotter anytime, anywhere Davis, all you have to do is ask.”

    Davis said, “Well, I knew things were heading this way and I am glad for all of you. I need you to promise me one thing. You all are family, just keep the Rogers name and your names clean and you will make me the proudest parent in the world. Now for the reason, I came I need you to announce to everyone we are having a meeting of the department heads at 1000 hours at the front porch. Now that I have had a minute to think we probably need to go into town and get licenses. The world is still working on some levels and we probably need a Preacher to come and do the services. Saudi Arabia is no longer so I don't think Salman's credentials are valid anymore. Bobby, Dale, Alvin or their wives or at least someone probably knows a Preacher down in this neck of the woods. Maybe the lady from the Home Depot or the Pharmacist or their spouses.”

    As he was finishing Betty and Heavy came into the room and asked what why everyone was smiling so big. Davis explained about the proposed Clan weddings. Hearing this news Heavy got down on one knee pulled a ring from his pocket and took Betty's hand and said, “Betty Nixon will you marry me.”

    Betty said, “What took you so long you big lunk? You know I will and if these kids will let us I say we make it a three-way wedding.”

    Davis said, “Looks like, I am going to have to be careful as seems Cupid has a quiver full of arrows here at the Compound. At least I guess no one can say we do anything halfway here at the Davis Clan Compound.” Grinning from ear to ear Davis turned and walked out the door mumbling something that none of the occupants of Oz could make out about Love being in the air and he needed some fresh air to get his mind in the proper places.

    As he started towards the door with his shadows in tow, Pamela came out of her room with her running shoes on and said, “Davis you mind if I tag along Betty told me earlier you were going for a run.”

    Davis smiled and answered, “The more the merrier,” and continued to talk to himself about Cupid..., steak..., love..., and other things the others could not hear or understand as the foursome headed out the door of the main house for their morning run.

    At the airfield Colonel Carnes and Commander Wilson were arguing about whether the Osprey would be under the fixed wing or the helicopters. The argument had been going on all morning with one of the key issues being that the Little Birds were getting the Pave Low and the Pave Hawk as part of a large addition to their team. It was finally decided that the Osprey would fall under the Command of Commander Wilson and his Broncos along with the C-130 that had delivered the spook and his men. No one had really thought about the big bird since it had landed and the cargo had been off loaded.

    Colonel Carnes asked, “Has anybody even seen the Pilot and his crew, since they landed?”

    Lt. Keith Sharp Pilot of the Pave Low and commander of the two-helicopter group said, “I talked with them yesterday afternoon trying to find out about chow. The Loadmaster told me they were going to have some MRE's warmed up in the small galley in the plane. I guess they may actually still be on the plane cause they weren't at supper. The MP's and the radar boys told us where to go for supper. It sure beat the heck out of MREs, I will add.”

    “I guess we better get someone over to the plane and quit trying to see who can upstage the other Commander. You have my apologies and I will send someone now to check on the crew and get them a place to lay their heads and get them outfitted for some guard duties. I would like to add that we are grateful for the addition of the helicopters and the Osprey. What is the Pilot's name,” asked Colonel Carnes and looked at the Commander for an answer?

    “Captain Jennings Dill is the Pilots name and the C-130 is under my responsibilities so I will send a runner,” answered Commander Wilson.

    “We need to have the three of us at the meeting at the meeting at 1000 hours and let's get Bennie, Archie and Pearson Lee there,” said Carnes.

    Captain Raven who had been pretty quiet during the whole dispute and makeup said, “We need to get Major Jeff “Tiny” Garrett to the meeting. In case any of you didn't know he is the guy with the Special Operations troops and the Signal operations that came in recently. I think he has about thirty guys here at the site now and they took over the new building that came in last for their lodging. They are a big fighting force and they need to be put in the loop for helping with chores and guard duty. Or maybe they take over the Rapid Response or the OPs all together and that would free up some people to help with the putting up of fence line or the million other things that need to be done at Fort Davis,” and instantly with one uttering of the phrase the Clan's Compound had a new name, Fort Davis.

    The group in the office was winding down their talk when Lyle came over the radio officially giving Orders of the meeting. Like in all forms of service the non-comms grapevine had alerted the Officers of the impending meeting a good half hour before it had come through channels from Lyle and the crew at Oz. What was surprising however was the announcement of the impending trio of weddings to happen as Lyle had put it as quickly as possible. All of the hardened warriors got a big laugh out of the desperation in Lyle's voice about the wedding needing to happen quickly. They all had been there and done that on the abstinence thing either by choice or their service in places far away and deadly. Each one thought of a certain situation or individual that brought back happy endings and silently wished the new trio the best in their future lives together.

    As Davis and his group were out making their run, as they turned the southwest corner of the wall around the main facilities, Pamela was the first to spot the three does eating grass at the edge of the tree line. Pamela didn't speak she just elbowed Davis and pointed at the beautiful sight of God's creatures this early morning. Davis saw the three does and the Buck that was back fifteen feet or so in the trees, not yet ready to commit to the young fall rye grasses. That grasses had been planted by Dale Hopkins to control erosion after the grading had been completed in that area. Some of the high ground in that area had been used as a barrow pit for fill dirt on expanding the runway to its present length.

    Davis said, “Betty make a note that I would like a couple of volunteers for a hunt this afternoon. I know that Alvin and probably Dale will want to go and Jenna will also. We will need Jenna, Dale and Alvin on the roof and we will go down to the water line and drive the deer back towards the open areas for them to shoot. It would be nice to get a couple and maybe see if we can find a wallow or two, because I know this region is full of wild hog. With a couple of deer and a hog we could through a good old fashion barbeque for the weddings after party and reception.”
    Betty said, “Only if you are cooking the barbeque that you made in the dessert was killer and Jenna told me that your cooker had been moved here by Bobby Wooten at her request. I am sure it will be even better on the load of Peach wood that she had delivered with the cooker. She told me it was your favorite for smoking and barbeque.”

    Pamela agreed, “Finally a chance to have some of the famous or infamous, I never can remember how to use those words, Davis barbeque right of the cooker. I have had some that had been frozen at a party one time at the diner, just never fresh and still warm.”

    Davis said, “I am going to have to have a talk with young Ms. Jenna. How am I supposed to keep the family secrets for barbeque secret with her telling everyone? Betty do you know if she ordered the spices or not.”

    Betty smiled as the run had come to a sudden halt to look at the deer and have the discussion on hunting and barbeque as things often do in the south. In the south hunting and barbeque talk will bring almost any activity to a halt until more important things can be settle like when are we going hunting or when are we eating.

    Betty replied, “The spices were ordered and delivered back in the summer and have just been awaiting your arrival, I am told.”

    As they were talking a mountain of a man one Major Jeff “Tiny” Garrett appeared as if out of thin air and said, “Tiny Garrett Special Operations officer at your service. If I am right you sir would be Clan Master Davis and I would like to take this moment of your time to say thank you for having us here at your what I am told is now called Fort Davis. I also like to say that me and my men are at your service and are formally requesting membership into the Clan.”

    Davis answered, “The pleasure is mine to meet a warrior such as yourself Major and Clan membership has a price. The price is one hundred percent loyalty to the Clan. That includes everything up to giving your life to protect the Clan. That is the Clan, not just me.”

    Tiny answered, “This is a home and Clan that we would be honored to die far if your Leadership in matters of the Clan is half the way it has been described by our boss James, sir. On that note, after your run I would like five minutes of your time to talk with you about a possible breech in the security of the Compound.”

    Davis said, “Is it something we need to address right now Tiny, if so we can get back to the house and sit down and discuss the issue and possible remedies for the breech.”

    Tiny grinned, James was right this leader was about one thing and one thing only, doing the right thing. Tiny said, “No sir, it will wait till the end of your run and a shower. I also would like to have James there as my character reference for our conference.”

    “Tiny you would not be here on this site if you had not already been vetted by someone I trust. That is the way we do business, it may not be Politically Correct, we don't care about that. We care about having good people we can trust to have our backs and not run and from all I know you and your men fit that mold,” said Davis and reached out his hand to Tiny. The two shook hands like old and familiar friends.

    Davis said, “Now is that a 300 Win Mag Patriot Ordinance Factory rifle or is that the Warhog with a longer than stock barrel in 308-caliber.”

    “You do know your rifles as James said. It is the Warhog with a twenty-four-inch barrel, sir and it shoots to three quarters of an inch with 168 grain Sierra Match King bullets. That is all I feed this baby,” answered Tiny.

    “I know people are finicky and superstitious about their weapon, so I will not be offended if you tell me no. However, I would be pleased if I could borrow your weapon for a moment,” asked Davis.

    Tiny did not answer just handed the weapon directly to Davis. Davis hefted the weapon and checked to see if it had a round chambered and seeing it did, Davis mounted the weapon and seeing that two of the does were still munching away on the fresh grass without a care in the world.

    Davis asked, “Is it set where I can shoot out to three hundred yards and it still be point of aim. If not, what is the come up.”

    Flat at three hundred and not enough wind to bother, left or right sir, “Tiny replied seeing instantly where this conversation was heading to an end. He had not finished his thought when his rifle rang true in the still morning air in South Carolina. Before the first shoot could be heard thumping into the right shoulder of the three quartering away doe, the second round from Tiny's rifle ripped through the Compound area headed towards the second unsuspecting target. The second shot had covered the thumping of the bullet into its first intended target the second bullet was heard by all hitting its target as aimed down range about three hundred yards. The first animal had fell where it stood the second one made it about five steps into the pine forest before it succumbed to its heart being shredded by the Match King round.

    Pamela exclaimed, “That was as good of shooting off hand as I have ever seen. You all do realize he made those shoots freehand with a rifle he had never even handled thirty seconds or less before making the shot. That is downright amazing.”

    Davis handed the rifle back to its owner, nodding his thanks and replied, “Tiny and the rifle did all the work. He had sat the rifle up for snap shooting and could make off hands shots. Seeing the type of optics lead me to realize the way it was intended for use and fit my needs exactly. Tiny new exactly the dope for shooting this rifle off hand at the range I needed and all that was left for me to do was aim and pull the trigger, twice. The excellent choice in weapons did the rest and made my job easy.”
    The rest of the group witnessed Heavy and Tiny shaking their heads in the negative way, both knowing that very few individuals could have made the first shot off hand with a new weapon, two for two took away any room for the first shot being luck. These two shots though not impossible were none the less high skill shots under the circumstances. No range finder, off hand and with a rifle that was totally unknown except for the verbal answers from the owner.

    Tiny said, “I guess someone needs to go and get the wedding receptions meat of choice. I will get the ATV and pick them up and get them cleaned.”

    Heavy agreed to help with the retrieval of the two deer and the cleaning, anything to get out of the other half of the run. His shin splints had been killing him within the first two hundred yards of the run.

    Davis said, “Pamela thanks for the complement are you and Ms. Betty ready for the other mile and half or so of our morning runs,” without waiting for an answer Davis turned to his left and took off at a pace even faster than before from the adrenalin of the successful shoot still ripping through his veins.

    The rest of the run would go without incident, arriving back at the main house Davis would find that the plans for the triple wedding were well in hand. The news of the weddings had been almost as much of an elixir to Ms. Evelyn as the return of her dear Salman, almost. Entering the atrium, he met Salman and Reem on their way out of the house, running like the cowards they were from Ms. Evelyn and her orders.

    Ms. Evelyn saw her lover and friend leaving and noticed that Davis had stopped the pair momentarily, as luck would have it long enough for her to stop them in their tracks. She did this by saying in a tone that left no doubt that would be staying and helping, “I see you two, I hope that you were just congratulating your friend the proud Father of all three couples to be wed.”

    “That is exactly what we were going to do, my Love,” said Prince Salman and made a face to Davis that cracked him up.

    Davis however held it together long enough not to bust his friend. Ms. Evelyn new her beloved to well and said, “Don't think that I don't know you made a face honey, we will discuss that later this evening in the privacy of our suite. Oh, and Davis dear, I need to talk with you about the menu for the event,” she said with a voice as fine and Lady like as could be found at any Embassy worldwide.

    Davis said, “Already working on it my dear Lady. I killed two does just now and we are going to do some hog hunting this afternoon and that will make for a fine meal of barbeque and fixin's, the Chef can make a sheet cake. Is that a menu that you can work with, Ms. Evelyn?”

    “Yes, my dear, but a sheet cake will be fine for eating, we will have to have a real wedding cake and if the Chef cannot fix it I am told Ms. Darla Hopkins has the culinary skills to make a splendid wedding cake for the three couples,” she oozed. With that she spun on her heels and was back talking with the group of Ladies she had been in deep conversation when Davis had walked into the door with Betty and Pamela.

    As the trio headed their separate ways to get a quick shower and some clothes that weren’t so sweaty, Pamela said, “Can I go on that hunt this afternoon. I have never been hawg hunting. I here that it can be a most exhilarating experience.”
    Davis smiled and answered, “That would be delightful.”

    Betty thought as she walked away there may be more than three weddings in the near future. It would be hard for any Lady to find a man better than the Leader of the Clan. She had however, found a very good one herself in Heavy and with that thought she felt shivers go down her back a big smile form on her face and she bounced down the stairs to the basement and their rooms.

    Coming out of the shower he walked into his bedroom and Jenna was setting on the bed awaiting his exit of the shower if not patiently. Seeing him enter she started, “We have to talk about these weddings and right now would not be soon enough. I have been planning my Wedding Day for years and now Lyle and the whole group are going to upstage me on the Wedding. You have to call it off and give me a chance to have mine first.”

    Davis said, “I only see a few problems with your request sweet heart. First, I have already approved the weddings, it would be in bad taste to stop them now. Secondly as far as I know you don't have a suitor for a possible husband. Those, in my opinion are very good reasons for me not to go back on my word.”

    Jenna said, “First of all you are completely wrong about your point number two. If Arwa was not so afraid to ask you for my hand we would already be engaged. He is afraid you will not approve of him because he is Saudi and not Caucasian. I am going to ask you for myself to talk with him about this man to man. Not bigger than life savior of his Prince and leader of the Clan to Clan member. He almost worships you know, don't you?”

    Davis answered, “Honey any man that you see fit to be your husband will be the man that I am behind. You are my baby girl though and if that man were to turn out a wrong choice, I will also be the first one to show him the door and as they say we could do that the easy way or the hard way doesn't matter to me.”

    “Dad you can be such a drama queen sometimes, I still Love ya though,” Jenna squalled and jumped up from the bed and ran and jumped into her Dad's arm saying many a thank you and delivering many daughterly kisses. Davis pushed her away and turned and headed towards his closet to get his work clothes on. He planned to go and help with the fence line build after the ten o'clock meeting. Looking at his Seiko he decided he would have just enough time to speak with Tiny Garrett before the meeting. He picked up his radio from the dresser and called Lyle down at Oz to get Tiny to his suite in the next ten minutes or less for their meeting.

    Lyle said, “Oz is on it, Dad, out,” and started looking for Tiny on the monitors as he had not been assigned a radio as of yet. Lyle thought that would be changed as soon as Tiny got out of his meeting with Davis.

    Seven minutes later Tiny was knocking on the door to Davis's suite and standing at the door in parade rest for it to be opened or him to be summoned into the room by the Clan Leader. Davis pulled the Realtree Advantage dri-fit shirt over his head and donned his pistols as he said, “Come on in it is open, just make yourself comfortable. I will be out as soon as I finish dressing. I just need to put on my shoes and socks.”

    Deciding he could put them on while they talked, he walked out of his bedroom to find Tiny standing at attention without the salute. Only knowing what he had heard on TV he said, “At ease Tiny. We don't do much of the spit and polish stuff here in the Clan. We usually just act like family and treat each other as if they were our brothers and sisters.”

    “Yes sir, I have noticed that everyone is real respectful of the others around them. I will have to try and get the hang of that. Twenty plus years of muscle and mind memory habits are hard to erase in a day though, sir,” stoically replied Tiny.

    Sitting down on the chair across from the couch he pointed to the sofa and said, “Have a seat Tiny and let's talk about a possible security break here at the Compound. That is a very serious accusation and if it is true puts us all in danger and will have to be addressed as soon as possible. Would you like something to drink? I have cold water and ice tea un-sweet. I think I will have a tea myself,” and he got up and walked over to the refrigerator and got himself a glass of tea, standing at the refrigerator he again asked if he could get Tiny anything.
    Tiny finally replied, “Sir, a glass of tea would be great, thank you.”

    Sitting the glass in front of Tiny on the coffee table, Davis said, “Okay Tiny spill the beans,” and grinned at the colossal completely bald-headed man sitting across from him. Tiny stood at least six foot eight inches and Davis guessed at least three hundred pounds of pure hard free weight work muscle and lots of it.

    Tiny started, well sir, “The communications systems that we brought in from Ft. Gordon are more than just radios. They are broad band radio reception and can track all the Communications spectrum. In some cases, even catch burst transmissions and reassemble them as if they were regular radio traffic. It is a state of the art system that is not even available to the regular American services yet. The four operators that agreed to come along worked for a conglomerate relationship among Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Sun Systems, Motorola and Kenwood to name a few. The R&D was for a field radio system that would have the abilities to do anything in the field communications spectrum that would normally done at a place like NSA. There are only two of these systems in existence and maybe just one with the EMPs over middle America the other one was in use this one was already packed up for shipment. The system is not fully functional as yet as we need to have some concrete pads poured for the antennas. We could mount them without the pads, it works better with the pads. Last night during the first test of the system our operators picked up a signal being sent from real close. Ninety-five percent sure it came from within the walls of the Compound. One hundred percent it came from within a mile radius of the system. The computers have not broken the coded message yet. It however is only a matter of time.”

    Davis held up his hand to stop Tiny and said, “Could it be something from our intelligence center we call Oz. Something they were possibly sending to someone, a friend possibly.”

    “We don't think so sir. I have talked with the Handler and he described the type of equipment that your team at Oz is using and the signal does not fit the operating parameters for any of your equipment. We would like to get our experts with your team and go over your capabilities and see where we overlap. According to the Handler you have a team of braniacs and we definitely don't need to sell them short. However, sir as you are well aware you have Saudi nationals with access to your equipment.”

    “Stop right there.” Davis exclaimed. “Those Saudi nationals are part of my family or will be as soon as they get married in the next few days.”

    “Whoa, whoa, Davis, I am not accusing anyone of anything as of yet. It is for sure a Security issue of some kind for the Clan. We need to figure how big of a breech and who did it. That is my professional opinion and we can make better analysis of the situation. The decision is totally up to you,” answered Tiny a little afraid he had approached this all wrong and at some point, passed a line that Davis would not allow him to cross back over.

    Davis said, “I agree with your assessment. This is how we need to proceed. Get James to get you and your people with Lyle, Tommy and their team and go over their abilities. On the same note Lyle and Tommy need to get with your people and find out how the two sets of Intelligence and Communications assets can best work together. That way we will know if the signal was generated from Oz. I am a betting man and I would bet on it wasn't. I am hoping for some outside forces in the area. We will deal with this issue as soon as possible and if someone is selling out the Clan they will be dealt with quickly and harshly. Breach of trust here is the same as Treason and will be punishable by death if the need arises and there is no Court of appeal.”

    Tiny had met some Leaders with strong convictions in his years of service, he knew now that Davis was definitely one of those. His voice left no doubt as to whether the person would be held accountable or let slide. He though this is a man that I can work for and be proud to do it, not like some rear echelon officers that lead from the back of the pack. “We need to get started as soon as possible. There is no telling when the next communication of this individual will take place. Sir, I thank you for your time and I will be on my way to take care of the problem,” said Tiny.

    Davis said, “One more thing before you go. That rifle of your is very nice and a good shooter. The trigger however is atrocious what five, five and half pounds with enough creep to haunt a house. Is that the way you like it or just something you are learning to live with on this rifle?”

    Tiny grinned and answered, “It is awful isn't it. I don't have the resources or the gunsmith to fix the problem. That is my rifle not an issue one. Any work comes out of my pay.”

    Davis said, “I have a proposition for you. You can either leave it with me and I will fix the problem. I will either replace the trigger with a Timney trigger or fix the one on the rifle, your choice. You can borrow one on my suppressed H&K 417or I will give you one of the NEMO Watchmen 2.0's in 300 Win Mags with the twenty-six-inch barrels to replace POF. It will be a direct trade. One more thing for you and probably your men, we carry two side arms at all times and a larger load of ammo for our weapons. We don't have the possibility of airdrops if we run out of ammo we are out and that is not a good thing when bullets are still coming from downrange.”

    “Duly noted sir, where is weapons locker and is there any chance of getting a pair of those fancy suppressed Glock 17Ls I see most of the Clan carrying? They look like fine weapons,” asked Tiny.

    Davis got up and went into his closet and came back with the NEMO and eight magazines, handing it to Tiny. After handing the rifle to Tiny, Davis returned to the closet and came back with a matched pair of the Glock 17Ls and a dozen magazines. Davis said, “I knew you would want the NEMO everyone who can shoot does and here are the Glocks enjoy, Tiny they are pieces of work. I have tuned those two myself and the trigger on the NEMO is a crisp two pounds so don't shoot yourself in the foot,” and laughed at the kid in the candy store look on Tiny's face.
    Tiny said, “Thanks sir, I don't know what else to say.”

    Davis said, “Tell me you are going to catch the traitor and bring him to me for punishment and that you will use these tools of war to keep yourself and the Clan safe.”

    Tiny jumped up and saluted Davis and said, “Sir, you can count on me and my men, sir. We stand ready to serve the Clan at all cost.”

    Davis half way saluted the Major and said, “Now get out of here and make sure you are at the meeting at ten hundred hours out front this morning. You have my personal invitation if anyone ask why you are there.”

    Tiny did and about face after receiving the salute from Davis and made a beeline for the door. He and his team had work to do and weapons to acquisition from the warehouse. He had to tell his XO about the meeting with the Clan leader. It had been hard to believe when James had told him about the civilian leader of the Clan and the fact that both he and his men would be reporting to this Poge. He knew that James had to be just making the best out of the situation when he told him that Davis would be the easiest man to follow that he had ever had a Commander. James was right as usual. Tiny was a man with a mission and it showed from his head to his toes.

    Davis finished tying his Danner combat boots and put on his combat belt with the third Glock and his EK knives and headed for the door after donning his bullet resistant shirt and girdle. Then putting back on his shoulder holster and combat belt after having to remove it to put on the protective clothing. He just couldn't get use to wearing the bullet proof suit of armor.

    Again, he started for the door and remembered he had drank all the water out of his hydration bladder during his run. He rumbled over to the kitchen to re-fill it with liquid for the rest of his day, thinking he was getting old and that his memory wasn't what it used to be. He could not let Jenna or Lyle or anyone of the family notice these behaviors he would be back with Dr. Windgate in his care in a moment's notice. They had told him that his injuries might affect his memory. Just one more possible problem he didn't need to deal with at this time.


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    Thank you, nice to wake up to a chapter on a snowbound day.
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    Thank you for the new chapter!
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    Another great read, thank you!

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    Thank you much.

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    Thank you 223. Just love the story.

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    Another great chapter, thank you!


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    That was more than we hoped for! Thank you.
    I like seeing more sigint and elint in the story line. Those are missing in so many stories of this type.

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    Thank you for jump starting my week off with another exciting chapter.
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    Ditto the above

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    Time for more of this one.

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    Yes please.....


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    pretty please?

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    Darn, you all keep making me look. LOL
    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Don't make me release the Hounds of Moar. Great story can we have moar please ;>)
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    Start Anew -Chapter 31

    The MOAR hounds were warned this might happen! Hope you enjoy!

    As Davis was walking out of the door of his suite to start the Clan Council Meeting, back in town the local Mayor, the Sheriff and the county Department of Homeland Security were having a meeting. South and east of their the Swords of Allah had a large container vessel docked in the harbor in Savannah, Georgia off-loading Muslim Terrorist and Technicals as fast as the ship's crew could get the containers off of the ship.

    The Swords of Allah leader assigned to the container ship brigade that had landed in Savannah harbor during the early morning, had been augmented by approximately fifty plus cells of varying magnitude of six to eighteen homegrown Terrorist. These local cells had banded together on orders from the Swords of Allah over running the harbor and killing everyone still on-site.

    It was their zeal and lack of discipline in killing the Great Satan that had actually slowed down the off-loading of the container ship. Normally the harbors massive fixed place cranes would be used to off load the container ship, but in a last stand of defiance the Harbor Masters second in command had shot up the electrical transformers that supplied power to the whole area and set the five massive backup generators on fire. This act of defiance had slowed the off-loading of the ships containers to a slow crawl with only the ships crane to do the unloading.

    The Terrorist were scheduled to have already attacked Fort Stewart and taken over all of the First Armored Combat Brigades equipment. The Jihadist had the day before poisoned the water supply with a biological agent that they had gotten from Syria by way of Iraq. The poison had killed off eighty percent of the base population and almost half of the remainder were not fit for combat. This was the estimation sent back by the Swords scout teams to the Leader of the Brigade. The Terrorist's first and main mission was to take over the base and wreak havoc in Northern Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. The Muslim Extremist Leader largest fear was that before they could get the team of Technicals ready to attack the base would be augmented from other places, this was his chief worry.

    The Terrorist Leaders fears were real, the approximately 1,000 soldiers left ready for duty at Fort Stewart were in fact already being augmented by the 2,000 soldiers and airmen from Hunter Airfield. The Terrorist intelligence had missed the fact that Hunter Airfield though not attached to the Fort was part of Fort Stewart's operation. The poison agent had not been used at the Airfield or was not effective.

    The Commanding Officer of Hunter Airfield had already made the decision to move his Command to the Fort to help sustain his fighting force and defend the base. Trucks, men and equipment were already in route and the move would be completed by nightfall. The Major who was about to be ushered out for not advancing in grade that was the highest-ranking Officer left at Fort Stewart was the happiest man alive when the Full Bird Colonel from Hunter Airfield arrived and took over Command of the installation.

    His first Official duty as Commander Fort Stewart was to advise all the remaining solders of the happenings at the harbor and the probability of the impending attacks by the Terrorist. The SOS calls from the Harbor had been picked up by the Coast Guard Air Station Savannah and they had sent one of their HH-65 Dolphins to investigate and reported back the activities at the Harbor. The Dolphins from the Coast Guard and all of their personnel and equipment was being brought to Fort Stewart as part of the shutdown of Hunter Airfield.

    In town at the City Hall that also served as the Police Station and Court House, the Mayor, most of the Town Council, Police Chief, his Second in Command and the South Carolina Regional Director for Homeland Security and his team were deep in debate. The debate that was more like a heated argument at this stage. The argument resolved around two key issues, who was in charge and whether the Town should try to incorporate the big Compound and their supplies. The real argument was not if they were going to do it. The argument was if they were going to let the occupants turn the place and assets over to the Town and Homeland Security or if they were just going to take the Compound by force. Taking it by force would allow Homeland Security to make sure they got everything of value. Including the trucks, they had seen and the firepower.

    Three of the five Town Council members who knew Bobby Wooten, Alvin Thomas, Dale Hopkins and Davis Rogers personally was all that stood between Homeland attacking at any moment. The Police Chiefs second was against the idea as he considered himself a member in good standing of the Oath Keepers. Not wanting to play his hand, he wasn't out right hostile just siding with the three Council members whenever he could.

    All Assistant Police Chief Dustin Boback wanted was out of this conference room and away from these slimy Homeland Security clowns. He would have never thought it before the last few days, but he had to put his boss the Chief and the Mayor in the same classification as the Homeland jerks. He couldn't in good faith call them officers of the law anymore. The decision was finally made to let the Homeland Security team go out to the Compound tomorrow and talk with the Leaders about joining forces and sharing their assets with the Town and Homeland.

    As the meeting broke up out in the parking lot the Homeland Director called the Police Chief and him over and said, “We will go out and meet these yahoos and explain to them that they can give us the stuff or we will take it. If they so much as look at us funny our team will go hot and take out their Leadership and the rest of the people will surrender their assets without their Leaders. I have twenty-five agents and a twelve-man assault team here in town, we will take the twenty-five men and drive right up to the gate and let the Assault team infiltrate and set up sniper teams in the surrounding woods. It will be like taking candy from a baby,” and laughed at his own joke.

    The Police Chief said, “I can have my SWAT team their also if you think they are needed.”

    “Nah, we can handle these backwoods red necks and would be Mall Ninjas / militias. My guys and I have been waiting and training for this for years, now it time to kick butt and chew bubble gum and we are all out of Super Bubble,” said the Homeland Director laughing at the situation.

    Dustin said, “I need to get back to the office and check on things. Will you be heading home when you get through here for Lunch Chief? I know it is about that time,” Dustin looked at his watch for emphasis.

    The Chief said, “Yeah I will be back in a couple of three hours got to check on a few things around my place. I leave it in your adequate hands till then,” he added as the Chief turned and went back to talking with the Homeland Director in hushed tones.

    Dustin thought to himself, if any of you think I am going to still be in the town limits three hours from now, you will be looking for me in the wrong place. His sister-in-law Julie Starnes had left a note for her sister Nancy that they had been accepted into the Clan at the Lake and they were good people. Dustin hoped that they could join the Clan and move to the Compound and his F-350 dually was setting hooked up to his forty-foot Jayco Eagle travel trailer and they would be gone five minutes after he got home. The trick would be to get out of the office without drawing any attention. Plans was one of the things he was good at and he had already this morning put the thought in the office helps mind that he and the Chief would probably be in meetings all day. Now all he had to do was go and get his favorite AR out of the store room and a dozen loaded magazines. It was a Daniel Defense Mk18 with a ten-point three-inch barrel with a Gemtech Suppressor and Magpul furniture and a Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications padded two-point sling.

    The rifle had co-indexed back up iron sights from Troy Industries and a EOTech EXP53 holographic sight and it matched his shooting style to a tee. He also wanted to get a can of ammo to take with him but that would probably be pushing his luck. Thirty minutes later Dustin walked out of the Police station with one of his officers helping to carry the ammo and the second rifle he had talked the officer into signing out for his vehicle with a wink, wink. Fifteen minutes after pulling out of the Police station parking lot the Assistant Police Chief and his wife Nancy were headed out of town and on their way to the Compound. Getting into the Compound was going to be the tricky part as they could not raise her sister Julie or Red on either of their phones.

    Davis was well into his speech with delegations of authority, orders for his first line mangers to find XOs and workload re-organization and getting everyone involved in the day to day running of the Compound and its defense. Following Dale Hopkins who had given a thorough yet concise briefing of the progress on the inner and outer fence lines and gate building and the completion of the three OPs and the machine gun trench emplacements on every axis of the Compound wall and the fighting trenches that connected the fighting positions. His recommendation was too put both crews on the inner fence now that they had the main road outer fence area completed and the gates erected. Complete the inner fence by late tomorrow and then get back to working on the outer fence that would probably take with the crews we have at present another ten to twelve working days or more.

    Pamela said, “I put up fence my entire life, I will be glad to help.”

    Dale said, “The more the better and especially if you know how to string fence off a single tree and run the tractor. I seem to be the only one who can do that and I have been running back and forth between the two teams. So yes, you are most welcome.”

    Janet Crowder, Alvin Thomas and Jane White, Jenna’s friend all volunteered at that time saying that they all had strung both fence and barb wire using this method of fence installation and would be glad to help. Dale continued, “Then, never mind I will augment the two teams with crew bosses that can drive the tractor and lay fence and we should be finished early tomorrow with the inner fence and then maybe in six working days on the outer fence eight at the outside.”

    Davis said, “Thanks Dale for the fine report and the great work to you and all of your helpers. Now we need to address a new issue and let me introduce everyone to one of the Clan newest members. Retired Major Jeff 'Tiny' Garrett and the twenty Special Operations troops that came in with the convoy that brought us our new and better communications systems.” Tiny turned to the crowd and raised his hand for everyone to see and went back to listening to Davis.

    Davis continued, “He and fourteen of his operators are going to be heading up our new Long-Range Reconnaissance Program and hopefully augmenting with another ten of our Clan members to make two twelve-man LRRP teams for the Clan. We can always have one team in the field, anyone who thinks they have the skill set or knows one of us who do please come and introduce yourself to Tiny as soon as we are finished here. If you are already on a team like the OP teams or the RRT then please talk with your leader before talking with Tiny. Hopefully we can do this without robbing Peter to pay Paul, that never ends well. I know I have talked a lot, we do have one other thing James Robertson will be taking over Command of the RRT. He will augment the teams with his six Special Operators and Reem will take over the OP teams Command and Compound inner security with my team as part of the inner security, since I can't seem to go anywhere without my new shadows,”

    Davis pointed to Heavy and Betty Nixon who bowed and curtsied in unison as if a staged and planed act.

    Davis continuing said, “We are going to put them to work and myself, as I seem to have so much free time,” Davis grinned and the crowd broke out in laughter and cheering for the Clan Leader.

    Heavy broke everyone at the meeting up by saying, “It is time for lunch, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here,” part of a famous line from a Blues Brothers movie that was one of his favorites. He then grabbed Davis by the arm and led him into the house and towards the dining area. As the trio was sitting down at what by now had been dubbed the Clan Chiefs table and court. Gail came rushing up to the table and said, “Dad we need you in the Intel Center right now, right now.”

    Davis said, “Fix me a large ice tea and your selves one, then bring it to Oz, if you would please,” addressing Heavy and Betty and followed Gail out of the dining area towards Oz.

    Walking into the Intel and Comm Center closely followed by Gail, he saw Albah and Tommy watching one of the big monitors that showed a picture of what was apparently the front of property access driveway and the main secondary road that it bisected. Sitting right in the middle of the main road was the largest neck over travel trailer he had ever witnessed being pulled by a big F-350 Ford Super Duty pickup. It was evident they were not breaking down as you could hear the big diesel purring in the background noise from the audio portion of the scene.

    Lyle spoke to his Dad saying, “They pulled up a few moments ago and the guy with apparently a City Police officers uniform got out of the truck with a crudely written small sign. The sign read, Assistant Police Chief Dustin Boback and wife Nancy would like to meet with Davis Rogers and Julie Starnes. Contact on channel nine CB if possible. He stood there for about two minutes pointing the sign in three or four different directions. We actually picked it up on three different cameras, this one had the best angle. and was also closes to the truck and trailer. What do we need to do?”

    Thinking on his feet Davis replied, “First off I guess we need to get the RRT in position to cover the vehicle in the wood line and we need to get out a couple of heavy weapons teams. Here at Oz I need to have Julie Starnes and Red here ASAP. We need to bring the Compound to our highest level of defense. Call Carnes and Wilson and get me a Little Bird in the air and a couple of Broncos flying cap over this Compound now. Lyle do we have a drone up, if so where is the feed from it.”

    Lyle pointed to one and then another of the smaller monitors saying, “We had one up, the one that flies a loop at one mile out. We launched a second one that is working a grid all around the perimeter of the Compound. Programed to alarm at any differences in the pictorial data from yesterday. It has been up since they arrived and has completed all of the front area without any hits,” keying his head set he called Colonel Carnes first and then Commander Wilson relaying the Commands of the Leader, that just happened to be his Dad.

    The replies from both men were that they had received the orders and would reply when the birds were on station. Lyle didn't miss a beat contacting Bernie Smyth, Captain Raven, Tiny Garrett, Lee Pearson, James Robertson, Tyler Bettis to man the defense of the house and Alvin Thomas, Jim Fields, and Dale Hopkins for their parts in the defense of the Compound. Though she didn't have a designated assignment he contacted Janet Crowder at the barn an Osprey Commander Jennings Dill to let them know of the change in the defense status of the Clan.

    Heavy and Betty had walked in while all this was going on and asked, “Bossman, you going for a ride and a stroll?”

    Davis said, “Not yet, but probably after talking with Julie and Red. Can you or Betty get the truck. I would normally take the Kubota. The truck gives us more protection.”

    Heavy replied, “I'll get the truck and leave you in Betty capable hands. I need to get my new toy that I received from Tiny, for occasions such as these,” and he turned a headed back out the door towards his suite in the basement. Arriving there he picked up his new toy a M60E6 short barreled version that rolled out at less than twenty pounds and had a cyclic rate at about 550 rounds per minute instead of the 1200 rounds of most M60 variants. It was perfect weapon for someone of Heavy's statue and abilities with heavy weapons.

    Lyle said, “Julie and Red are on their way, ETA sixty seconds or less, Dad.”

    “Thanks for the information, have we tried Channel nine on the CB or do we even have a CB in all this fancy equipment,” asked Davis.

    “We don't have a CB per say, we can however broadcast and receive on the CB frequencies. We were waiting on your decision to contact or not. Do you want us to initiate contact,” Lyle asked and waited for a response from his Dad who was apparently deep in thought?

    Lyle repeated, “Dad, did you hear me, do you want us to call the Police guy?”

    “Sorry, I heard you the first time, was just weighing my options. We have waited this long, let's wait for Julie and Red to see the video and then call. We will have a lot more information and the air cover should be up by then also. Sometimes the better part of valor is not kicking the sleeping dawg,” answered Davis and smiled at his son who was about to laugh at his Dad's silly sense of humor.

    Lyle thought, he had to bring up kicking a sleeping dog. Dad was never going to quit using that teaching lesson to emphasize patience to his young son and it always hit the mark. If not just a little too hard, many stitches and a Tetanus shot and the possibility of Rabies injections was a very vivid reminder for Lyle about NOT kicking sleeping dogs. As he was thinking Julie and Red came hustling in through the entrance to Oz.

    Davis greeted the couple with, “Glad you could make it so fast. We have a situation that we need to discuss with the two of you.”

    Julie started, “I told him he has been taking advantage of your hospitality and eating too much and taking these long showers, when others are having to use only like three gallons and doing it outside in not even real hot water.”

    Davis threw up his hand and said, “We may come back to the thing about people having to take three-gallon showers outside. That or the eating too much has nothing to do with you being here. Look to the big screen on your direct left. On it you will see a repeat of some events that happened now about ten minutes ago.” They both turned to the big screen and watched the video footage of her brother-in-law get out of the F-350 and show the sign. As they were watching the video with rapt attention.

    Julie replied, “That is my brother-in-law. He is the Assistant Police Chief in town. I don't however know why he is here. I did leave a message with my Sister that told them that we were coming out here to ride out this mess and God as my witness that is all I know.”

    Davis said, “Is your sister's name Nancy like it says on his sign?”

    Red and Julie both nodding their heads and jointly said, “Yes,” to Davis's question.
    Davis said, “I am going to ask her to step out of the truck, so we can see if it is her. One more thing what is a question we could ask that if they were in duress they would know we were asking them if they were on their own or they were part of a bigger plan but under duress.”

    Red smiled and said, “I got this. Ask Dustin if this is like going to Nancy's Moms for Christmas. He has to be forced to go and he always makes an excuse and is gone before dinner is even over. That is the most duress that guy has ever been associated with at any time.” Julie nodded her agreement to what Red had said and reached for his hand.

    “Get'em on the horn Lyle and give me the mike,” Davis told his son and reached for the offered mike.

    “In the truck, please have Ms. Nancy get out of the truck by herself and let us see her face,” said Davis over the microphone.

    The passenger side door opened and Nancy walked around to the driver's side of the truck and stood perfectly still with her arms slightly out to her side as Dustin had instructed her. So, they could see her hands and not do anything to make them nervous. After what seemed like an eternity to Nancy, Dustin got out and stood beside her and Davis asked the question about Christmas dinner.

    Dustin said, “No this is nothing like that. We come of our on fruition and will be glad to stay and tell Red thanks,” and smiled as he answered the question knowing his future brother-in-law had come up with that question.

    Lyle said, “The planes are on station race tracking at 7000 feet and Little Bird is behind the trees on west side and is ready to pounce if need be. They both have asked for rules of engagement, sir.”

    Davis answered, “Weapons free, if they are anyone at the Compound is fired upon or they see a significant threat being established on our perimeter.”

    Lyle repeated the rules of engagement to the aircraft and both they and their bosses had big smiles on their faces at the orders. Davis pointed to the pair and said, “You two come with me and Lyle has the RRT said anything about being on station.”
    Lyle quickly answered they need a couple more minutes.

    Davis said, “Okay, let me know where they stand when we get to the outer gate, let's go,” and walked out the door following Betty Nixon as his shield. By the time they got to the front porch Heavy had the big F-350 that Davis had claimed as his own. The big Ford was ready to take them to the perimeter and the situation that needed to be handled.

    As Davis and his merry band was headed towards the entrance to the property, James Robertson was receiving a call from a friend of the cause at Hunter Airfield, now Fort Stewart and Prince Salman who was standing there was listening to the call on speaker with James. The call was a request for aide from the Broncos now in the Command of the Clan. The first words out of Salman's mouth was, “How well do you know this man James, and is this a trap?”

    James answered truthfully, “The truth Prince is in my business the chance for a trap, double cross or downright betrayal is always a possibility. We had received unconfirmed reports of the possibility of Terrorist from the middle east being shipped here on container ships. The data was never confirmed by a third source. That does not make it wrong, just not actionable under the administration in which we were working. Now that I think about it, you may have been one of our sources.”

    Salman smiled and replied, “Why yes, I think you have a winner my friend. I did indeed give you that very information probably eight or nine months ago. I never heard anything else about this action. I guess they are true. The plan was to pick up Terrorist from all over the world and have different landing spots. One of the ones was Savannah, and Norfolk on the east coast I think and Houston or New Orleans in the Gulf to be met by some others crossing in from Mexico.”

    James thought and said, “I guess it certainly seems as if these chickens have hatched. Now the second question is what do we do about it Operations Chief.”

    Salman said, “That I have the answer to, ask Davis. As soon as he gets the situation at the gate handled.” and grinned at his onetime handler. Who laughed at the Prince who was passing the buck in the true way of an American politician. He would do well here if the world and America ever got sane again. Salman continued let's go on up to the main house and wait for him to get back. They had been standing by the Airfield Command Center.

    Back out-front Heavy was unlocking the outside gate when Davis heard Lyle in his ear saying the HRT team and Tiny' s boys are in position also. Heavy walked back and got in the truck and Davis said, “Take me up to about thirty yards from the truck and we will all get out real slow.”

    “Yes sir,” replied Heavy and put the big Ford Diesel in gear and eased through the gate and up to the truck and trailer, just as Davis had ordered. Heavy said, “Just give me a second to get into this new pig. I like it but I am not ready to donn the big gal as quickly as I would like yet.”

    Davis said, “I want the two of you on my right with Betty just as we talked about, Heavy will be on my right with his new Lady. No offense Ms. Betty.”

    Betty laughed and said, “He is good, long as he doesn't bring her to my bed. From what I have seen she is a thing of beauty in his hands, pure directed mayhem and madness, when he caresses her and she speaks.” As she walked up beside Davis on his left side as usual guiding Julie and Red to the proper place like a good Sheppard
    Davis walked up towards the couple standing beside the Ford Dually and said, “May I ask, what brings you here today and how may we help you.”

    Davis starting the conversation off like that caught Dustin and Nancy completely unprepared to answer. As they tried to come up with a reply, Davis continued, “I am thinking, maybe I phrased the question wrong. What can the Davis Clan do for you fine folks this morning?”

    Dustin started, “Mr. Davis, Julie left us a message that said she was coming here and with the way things are happening in Town we thought we might could join the group out here too. We have information and we have Gold or Silver if that's what it takes. We don't have lots, we do have some.”

    The information part got the best of Davis and he said, “Are you here as our friend or as the friends of the Chief and the Mayor. We know they plan to incorporate us into the Town and take our stuff.”

    Dustin said, “Davis it now goes way deeper than that, sir. They are hanging their hats with the Homeland Security guys and they plan to come out here and kill you and the other leaders in the morning and take over the place and run everyone else out. They want your food and place to live with electricity and all. They don't know you have those planes and they don't know about the drones either. Or at least we didn't and the Homeland guys never mentioned it if they knew about it in any meetings we had. One other thing they don't know we came out here we did it on our own. They might suspect but they don't know about Julie and Red so they really have no reason to suspect we are here. We weren't followed, that is for sure.”
    Davis said, “Can we search your trailer and truck.”

    Dustin said, “Of course, yes you may, you will find our weapons in both the truck and the camper. They are for our personal protection if we stay here or go on our own. There is a rustic campground across the river in Georgia that has a good well and outhouses, that not very many people know about we will head there, and hope for the best.”

    Davis said, “Heavy search the trailer quickly while I check the truck. Betty keep an eye on these two.”

    A few minutes later, Heavy came back saying, “Didn't search every inch. They don't seem to have anyone hid like a Trojan Horse and we can always have them park the truck and Camper trailer outside the walls like a lot of other people just away from the installations and airfield.”

    Davis said, “Get this truck turned around and Julie and Red you can ride with your kin folk and get them to the Compound ahead of us as we turn around. Park them opposite of the airfield outside the Compound near where the irrigation system shed is located, that will give them the closes hook up to water. We will have to figure something out on the gray and black water and electricity.”

    Dustin said, “Sir, we have four 440-watt panels and a good battery bank, the system would be better with six or eight panels, we will manage. Thanks for the invite, Davis it is truly a Blessing,” as he walked towards his truck hugging his wife and in-laws.

    Davis replied, “Yes, it is a Blessing, yet it may end up being a curse if everyone decides it would be better if it were theirs,” and turned and walked back to the truck with Betty and Heavy.

    The big truck and Camper rig turned in past them as they pulled out of the way and were soon gone into the woods. Heavy turned the Ford around in the road and headed back into the Compound at the first gate, Davis got out and said, “I got the locks you all go ahead in, I need some time to think and Bernie boy's and Tiny's are still out here they will take care of me if I trip and fall.”

    Heavy started to protest, he was shushed by his soon to be wife and she said, “He has the world on his shoulders let's give him a little space. We will go park the truck and turn and walk back and meet him half way.”

    When Heavy and Betty pulled the truck up in front of the house where it usually stayed Salman and James where at the truck door before it even stopped rolling.

    Not seeing Davis, an alarmed Prince Salman asked, “Where is Davis?”

    “Taking a break in the woods,” was the answer from Heavy as he and Betty dismounted from the truck.

    After speaking with the Prince and James the four got back in the truck and headed back towards the way they had come. Davis was sitting leaned up against a very large oak tree about ten yards off the drive way to the Compound drinking his orange concoction out of his hydration bladder and very disoriented when they found him.


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    someone slipped something into the drink? Sounds like there is going to be a trial soon...

    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ted View Post
    someone slipped something into the drink? Sounds like there is going to be a trial soon...

    Thank you!
    That was what I was thinking too...... Another great chapter 223, thanks... MOAR!!

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    Yep my first thought someone drugged him. Thank you.

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    I really want loose the hounds, they need a good run ,dang. Thanks for the chapter, MOAR please.
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    Thanks. A chapter well worth waiting for.
    Drugged, or is his health catching up with him? He's been pushing himself very hard lately.

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    Looks and appears a "Rat Killing" is n the making. After the sniper situation I had my suspensions regarding Rheem, but who know, it may be the cook.

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    Need Moarrrr.

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    Yep, it's time for more story.

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    Any chance his orange concoction went hard.......or he suffered from a mini stroke...

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    I'm sitting here hitting refresh like 10 times a day... MOARRRRR

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    Time for the Hounds of Moar to fetch Moar story, go get um boy. pretty please!!!!
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    Start Anew -Chapter 32

    MOAR hounds feed for the hungry! Hope you all enjoy! Comments are appreciated.

    A couple of anxious and extremely busy hours later for Dr. Windgate and his staff he came out of the field hospital with Betty walking at his side. They met Jenna, Arwa, Lyle, Gail, Tommy, Albah, Heavy, Reem, Salman, and Ms. Evelyn along with Pamela camped out right outside the door, waiting and not one bit patiently for answers.

    Dr. Windgate started, “Davis is resting quietly right now. I have him sedated and on an IV for dehydration. I want to keep him for observation for at least twenty-four hours and the only way to do that is to keep him lightly sedated. Our initial diagnosis is dehydration which he surely has and probably reoccurrence symptoms from a concussion most likely sustained in the incident when he was shot. He had so many other problems that a minor head trauma from the fall or something in the shootout and fight may have occurred. He may have actually been hit in the head by one of the assailants. With all the other problems I have to admit with him in a coma and all I just missed the possibility of concussion.”

    Jenna said, “Doctor can we see him?”

    “The answer to that, I have to say at this time is no. He did say that he had to talk with Salman and Tiny, if anyone knows who that is as soon as I would let them in to see him. That will be tonight at 2000 hours. If he does good and doesn't push it, maybe Jenna you and Lyle at midnight for one minute each. I know that is not what you want to hear, it is not negotiable. Betty is staying with him as bodyguard and will be here till morning, now you all get out of here and get some lunch. That is Doctors orders for the bunch of you. Salman, I will get you on the radio when it is time,” said Dr. Windgate.

    The bunch of sad family and friends outside the hospital started walking towards the main house and the dining area as told. James Robertson met Salman as he walked into the dining area saying, “We need a decision on the Broncos and the Terrorist in Savannah, and it is very time sensitive. I have been on the horn with my contact again and we need to decide. He has sweetened the pot for us coming to their aide.”
    Salman said, “Please excuse me Ms. Evelyn and the rest of you all. I need to talk with James about an urgent matter. Go ahead and get me something to eat. my love. This should not take very long,” and turned and followed James outside to the front porch.

    James said, “The Hunter Field Commander said that if we would bring the C-130 down with our Little Bird pilots and send all four of the Broncos to go in first on attack runs and see if they had SAMs. He would arm six of his Little Birds and four of his Blackhawks to attack the docks. If we did this he would give us the helicopters and all the ordinance they and the C-130 could bring back from Savannah. Almost all of his Pilots were caught in the poisoning. He has plenty of Birds just no Pilots. I think we have to send the four Broncos and the C-130. I guess he doesn't know about the two extra Broncos we picked up, so let's keep it that way. He wants an answer in the next hour and the Birds airborne thirty minutes at the latest after the answer.”

    Salman said, “I concur it is too much to pass up. Killing our enemy and extending our capabilities. I do think we send only three of the Broncos and say we don't want to put all of them in danger. Get Colonel Carnes, Commander Wilson and the C-130 Pilot here and I will be out to talk with them in fifteen minutes. I am going to have my lunch with my family and in case you were interested Davis is probably suffering the effects of too much work, a concussion and dehydration. Please, tell everyone to run their ideas and request through me or Jenna, till further ordered.”

    James said, “I will get the airfield guys and meet you when you get through with lunch. Don't forget with Davis down and out we have to think about the Homeland Security team that is showing up in the morning on our doorsteps. Hoping to take the castle and the keep.”

    Salman said, “This is something that happens in my neck of the world all the time. I will want to get the input from Reem on this matter. I will get Lyle to find him and have him there for the meeting,” and he turned and walked back towards the dining area having forgotten his head of security was in the dining room with the others.
    As Salman entered the dining area Ms. Evelyn stood up and went and met him and walked with him back to the table. She said, “Honey, I don't want to be a nag, however I just got you back and I don't want you in the hospital with Davis so sit and eat. The others can wait long enough for you to eat a sandwich and some of the Chefs delicious French Onion soup.” She pointed to the chair that was already pulled out for him while motioning with her body language for the Chef to bring the soup and sandwich. In total surrender to his beautiful wife he sat and enjoyed the soup, sandwich, and company. He also got to tell Reem that his presence was needed for the coming meetings.

    Outside the trio of Colonel Carnes, Commander Wilson and two of the three pilots that had flown the big C-130 into the Compound. They were Major Mary Johnson and Captain Jeffery Shaw. The plane had come in with its full complement of personnel three pilots, two navigators, two flight engineers and two loadmasters. James had talked with the Captains and it had already been decided that they would fly with the minimum of four plus a navigator to make five and possibly bring back a couple of extra hands, pilots or others when they came. All of the Commanders thought having a few extra hands around could only help especially if they came back with six or eight new birds. They were all just standing around talking and most of the conversation was how lucky and blessed they had been, not to have been in the air when the bombs went off or on base during the attacks. When the Prince and Reem walked out of the front door all of the chatter stopped immediately, the men waiting were all true professionals.

    Prince Salman started, “We have several situations that need to be addressed, so I will just get started. Please hold your questions, comments and concerns till the end. Our first and most urgent concern is why am I even addressing the group instead of OUR leader, Davis. Davis as I am sure you already know is in our hospital with dehydration and probably the lasting effects of a concussion from his fight with the Terrorist trying to kill me. Thankfully my friend and Leader was there to stop the attack. His joining the fight was what saved me and I am truly thankful for that. However, I am more thankful I got to know the man and he calls me friend. That was my blessing, he will get better, it will take some time, hopefully it will be quickly. That is the reason for me to be addressing you this morning.”

    Catching his breath Salman continued, “The second issue and more pressing is we have been requested to send four of the Broncos Fort Stewart. This in an effort to help the Leadership of the base ward off an imminent attack. You may ask why we are being asked when they are a fully-fledged base with Combat Aviation Brigades and Armor Brigades. The answer is the base has already been attacked with ninety percent plus already dead from poisoning and some of the living not Combat able. Luckily the poison wasn't as affective at Hunter Airfield and most of them are now at Fort Stewart and have taken over Command of the base. It is this Commander that is asking for our help. They have plenty of assets just not enough pilots for his Little Birds and Apaches. If we will send our Broncos he wants four he will arm them with Hellfire rockets and 5-inch Laser Guided Zuni Rockets that are compatible with the Broncos upgraded 4 place LAU - 10 launchers. He also wants helicopter pilots for six Little Birds and four Apaches. Everything that survives we get to bring back with us and also all the ordinance and parts we can stuff on the C-130. First my thoughts were only sending three of our Broncos as they don't know we have six now or he would have asked for them all. My thoughts are now we send the four hope they all come back mission ready and help wipe out the nest of vipers that is being offloaded at the harbor in Savannah. If we don't do it now we may be up against them later.”

    Heads in the crowd were all nodding in agreement so Salman pressed on with his speech.

    “The third issue is the fact that our visitors this morning warned of us the fact that in the morning a group of at least thirty-five or so trained Homeland Security members is going to try to request our Compound. During the negotiations get us to leave or kill the Leadership. Then try to buffalo the rest of the people to leave the Compound to them. The one thing I am assured of is that is not acceptable to Davis or me. The plan is to let them come to the gate without attack and if they turn around and leave then so be it, maybe we let them my thoughts are to kill them where they stand all of them. I have seen this before if you let even one of them go he will come back with an even bigger group. If we kill them all then no one knows what happened maybe they just moved on somewhere else. The other thing we know is they plan to infiltrate a SWAT team into the area that is for assassination and killing of the Leadership. Tiny if you and Raven could make sure they never fire a shot it would make me feel good about this deal,” Prince Salman quit speaking and gave a hand gesture that said the floor is open.

    Tiny said, “Raven and I will make sure when they cross onto Compound land that is the last thing they will do in this world,” Tiny had said this with a grin that made even Reem think, glad this man is on our side and Raven was nodding his head in agreement. The soldiers of the Clan had not been here long, yet to a man they all felt a sense of righteousness and home. The groups had talked about it among themselves and together. They all felt that they had been given a chance finally to do what was right, not Politically Correct.

    Colonel Carnes said, “I will have the Pilots ready to fly in ten minutes and will have our Birds and extra choppers ready to defend this place if this is some type of trap.”
    Commander Wilson said, “The Broncos will fly and my other two Birds will be ready to bring Hellfire and brimstone on anyone attacking the Compound just as my friend with the Little Birds. It is our duty to attack and kill enemies of the Clan. I think I can speak for my friends on this matter we all feel this way about the Compound and being part of the Davis Clan. It is our honor to commit these acts of war for the Clan.”

    A roar of assent yelped from the small crowd in the piney woodlands of South Carolina at the words spoken by Commander Wilson. These heartfelt words of affirmation resonated throughout the Compound. The resonance could be felt in the bed of one Davis Rogers II in the hospital. Davis sat up and opened his eyes and said, “Dr. Windgate get me unhooked and out of this bed. I have things that I need to attend. People to Lead and a Clan to defend.”

    Knowing the strong personality of Davis, the Doctor already had a plan for events such as these. He pushed a button on the controller in his hand and the IV delivered a potent concoction that had Davis laying back down and almost asleep.

    By the time Dr. Windgate said, “Not today my friend, we need you for many more tomorrows and if I let you up today that might not be the case. Sleep, rest and let me help you to get better. Too much, too soon and too fast is what caused this relapse. It will not happen again on my watch, my friend. I owe you that much for bringing me and my staff here to this haven in the middle of Worldwide chaos. We will see about you getting up tomorrow if you are doing better.”

    The Doctor turned and walked out the door and handed one of his staff the controller and said, “Watch him closely if he starts to get agitated or starts to move around give him another dose.” She answered, “Yes Doctor,” and walked into the room and sat watching Davis sleep.

    As the roar was traveling through the compound in the dining area Pamela was confiding in Jenna. Pamela said, “Jenna I need to speak with you a moment, Lady to Lady. I am going to sit with Davis and I don't care what that stupid Doctor says.”
    Jenna quite upset replied, “Why would you want to put my Dad in harm's way and do that.”

    Pamela answered, “Calm down and retract your claws, honey. I have always admired your Dad for years even when your Mom was alive. I didn't know her but I knew your Mom was a very lucky Lady. When your Dad and his friends would come in, they all would kinda carry on and flirt with me except your Dad. He Loved and respected your Mom too much to do that. Ohhh ..., he would smile and be as nice as the others and always tipped well, he just didn't join in on the banter.”

    Pamela caught her breath and was about to begin again when Jenna said, “If you have always admired my Dad why would you want to endanger him,” still mad at Pamela and the pitch in her voice showed this emotion to everyone.

    Pamela continued, “To finish what I was saying even after your Mom passed, his gentlemanly demeanor never changed. I flirted with him every time he came in and I don't know if I wasn't his type, he was still mourning your Mom or what but he never even said one thing that was a reply. Which made me want him even more. Knowing him personally the last few days has proven what I thought about him even more and I am madly in LOVE with one Davis Rogers. Jenna, I am going to be by his side and tell him how I feel the minute he wakes up. He might reject my advances but I will not go down without showing him my desires for us. I want your and I am asking for your approval. Either way I am going to do this.”

    Jenna seeing that Pamela really cared and probably even loved her Dad replied, “Dad could do a lot worse and if it means anything, I think he cares for you too. I don't know about love but he definitely cares. You have my blessings. I still don't think you can get by Dr. Windgate and his group.”

    Pamela smiled and said, “Girl you ought to know that us Girls Raised in the South (GRITS) would never let some Doctor and nurses keep us from our man. We know how to be a Lady first and a wildcat second if need be. I was whoopin' boys like him before I was a teen.”

    At that moment the smile and the look on Jenna face, Pamela knew she had won a new friend and hopefully one day that Daughter she had always wanted. But, not has her real Mom, just a replacement from God for the one she had lost. The pair hugged and Jenna replied, “I will help you get in to see my Dad, you might just be the medicine my Dad needs. Mom could always keep him going when he was working sixty to seventy hours a week, trying to be a good Dad, working out twenty to twenty-five hours a week and playing softball all weekend. He has burned the candle at both ends much of his life and I think it is catching up with him. A new Love may be the tonic he needs to invigorate him once again.”

    Pamela reached and grabbed Jenna hugging her and whispering in her ear, “Baby girl..., the name she had heard Davis call his daughter, I Love him, I will never hurt him or let anyone else as long as I am breathing and that is my pledge to you,” and hugged her even tighter and kissed her on the cheek. The moment meant everything to Jenna, it meant even more to a lady who had been hoping for true love her entire life. Now she had a chance with a man that would let her be his equal if she ever could be.

    Jenna said, “Now let's go see my Dad,” and they walked out of the dining area both with smiles a mile long.

    Ms. Evelyn said, “That woman Loves Davis and will be good for him I predict.”
    Heavy said, “Yeah, I better hurry, cause Betty and that Pamela woman might just be the biggest fight since Godzilla and King Kong and I wouldn't want to miss that for the world.”

    The look he got from Ms. Evelyn told him she didn't like his attempt at humor. Seeing that, Heavy held his hands up in surrender and continued, “Was just joking Ma'am and I see that it was wrong and uncalled-for behavior, begging your pardon,” on saying that he retreated at a high pace towards the hospital and higher ground a safe defenses strategy.

    Back at the front of the house the meeting was breaking up and the Leaders were each heading towards their troops and the assigned task. Colonel Carnes to get his Pilots ready and over to the C-130. Commander Wilson to his Broncos, fuming mad that he had been told in no uncertain terms to stay his butt here on the Compound and not fly away to battle in what would be called the first battle for Savannah in later years of the war.

    He was fuming mad, that what he had thought up to this point, was his friend Colonel Carnes had sold him out on his plan to lead his squadron into battle. He could still hear the words from the Prince, “Commander you are quarantined to barracks and airfield activities here at the Compound in South Carolina and shall be at and within your Commanding Officer sight at all times till Broncos are air borne for Fort Stewart and Hunter Air Field. Do you have any questions regarding these Orders Commander?”

    Seeing no wiggle room in the way the Orders were deliver he replied, “Sir, no sir. Within your sight until my squadron is on its way to Hunter,” and pronounced sir in a way that let everyone even the Prince knows that he even though he didn't like the orders he would obey.

    Major Mary Johnson was deep in thought as she headed to her plane to re-start her pre-flight that she had just completed before being called to the meeting. She still wasn't sure about all of this Clan stuff and Compound life. She had to admit for the first time in her career she felt like her thoughts and abilities were appreciated and not a joke. She was so deep in thought that she almost didn't hear Captain Shaw her junior Pilot ask if she was okay. She caught her breath and said, “Yeah, I have a question for you and please speak freely Jeffrey. Do you think we are doing the right thing here at this place?”

    Captain Jeffrey Shaw gave a guarded reply, “Ma'am, I follow orders and I have been ordered to this place and to serve these forces by a Superior Officer. I do think the orders were valid if a little suspect. I also think that someone up above gave me a second chance to do the right thing and I am perfectly happy as part of the Clan's Air Force and as a Clan member in general. I have never felt surer about my service than here and now. I hope that answers your question Ma'am.”

    Major Mary Johnson answered her second and good friend, “It does and I am glad you feel that way about what we are doing, it makes my job here much easier. I was kinda on the fence as to why and what we were doing here for our Country. Now, let's go get our baby ready to make a flight into a war zone and bring back some bounty to the Clan like the pirates we are. Another thing I do like besides the rules of engagement we have heard given to others is they gave us a fully-fledged M4 to supplement our E&E package and I am definitely taking mine.”

    The Captain with a let's go kick some butt smile that had been missing from her face and personality since they had been at the Compound. The pair of Pilots walked up the big cavernous back ramp into their big baby and ride to Savannah. Thinking about each other and the flight they were about to make. They had never flown into what could possibly be a hot zone for landing before and hoped they were up to the task they knew their bird would handle it if they did their job.

    In what seemed like only moments after the meeting standing talking with James the Prince heard and then saw the majestic big beast the C-130 rise into the air with belching smoke and the screaming of turboprops. The gigantic bird was followed shortly after by four loaded with all the ammo they would hold Bronco OV-10X's flying into battle and flying protection of the big bird of a target C-130 till it and they landed at Hunter Airfield. Prince Salman looked at the Handler and said, “Call your friend and tell him the call signs and the expected ETA for his package.”

    James nodded and stepped away from Salman to make his call. He hoped and prayed the package would arrive safe and sound and they could make a difference at Fort Stewart and Savannah.

    On the porch of the hospital sat Dr. Windgate smoking his one per week Cuban cigar a Bolivar Corones Gigantes. He only smoked one per week so he bought the large Gigantes and cut them in half so he could enjoy them twice a week and say he only smoked one. It was his only vice besides an occasional escort service date for an event he had to have a date to attend.

    The Doctor was only starting to enjoy his Bolivar when he saw Jenna and Pamela heading towards him with the fire of women on a mission. He drew in a large bolt of the rich Cuban flavor savoring the aroma and taste all the while removing his cutter from his pocket.

    As the ladies approached he surgically cut of the fire to save as much of the cigar as possible for later and not waste the magnificent vice. Rising he put the remains of his cigar in his white lab coat pocket and walked to the steps to meet the Ladies and their intended talk with him. He had already decided that he would not argue with them and let them sit with Davis if they promised not to wake him. He would keep to himself that the medicine he was applying would most likely make it almost impossible to wake him anyway.

    Jenna walked up to him and started, “Pamela and I would like to see Dad and we want to do it now,” with the conviction of a person who would not be denied by mere mortals.

    Jenna nor Pamela were not ready for the good Doctors replied, “That would be a grand idea. I do have to ask you to be quiet as he needs his rest, but your touch may be good medicine for him. As he loves you both, you know.” The Doctors words melted Pamela to the point she almost fainted right there on the steps. Luckily Jenna had trained reflexes and caught her new friend before she could fall and the pair walked in the door opened by the Doctor and headed straight for Davis.

    As Jenna and Pamela were seeing Davis for the first time since his episode, Dale Hopkins road up to Prince Salman and James who had finished his call to the Colonel at Fort Stewart. Dale pulled up beside the pair not getting out of the Kubota and said, “We just finished the inner wall and the fighting positions for the airfield and around the Command center and hangars at the airfield. Is there anything else that we might want to get completed or at least started on today before we put our emphasis on the outside wall.”

    Prince Salman looked at James and James back at Salman and both came to the same conclusion at about the exact same time. They had no idea how Davis kept up and managed this many events at one time. It was no wonder that he had succumbed to the rigors of the action-packed Leadership of the Clan.

    Finally, Prince Salman said, “At this time I would say complete the outer wall is the priority unless you know of something that needs addressing more.”

    Dale said, “Well, I really want to get those guys down at the airfield more showers and toilet systems. I would like to put at least one crew on that for a couple of days. I think they will have a better sense of the Clan caring and that will go a long way for morale. We also could use a couple of washer and drier units for them. If we could get a unit to go into town and purchase some and a refrigerator or two to be housed in the hangars.”

    Prince Salman said, “That sounds like a real plan. Go ahead and get a crew working on the amenities and I will see about getting a team ready for a quick jaunt into town.”

    Dale said, “I'll get right on it,” as he sped away in the Kubota leaving as fast as he arrived the front of the main house. The ATV raising a dust trail all the way out the main gate to the walled Compound that had just been rebuilt stronger and heavier.
    Prince Salman said, “I guess we need to go to Oz and see if they or the Communications truck your guys brought in can monitor what is happening in Savannah.”

    James smiled and said, “They are one in the same now. We have one guy in the truck to make sure everything is working. The data is fed to Oz so we can minimize the amount of people and maximize our data retrieval capabilities. The tech guys were actually in awe of the setup here at the Compound especially the Computer systems. They actually have more computer power now that they have teamed with the Oz group. It was really weird that a private group would have access to better and faster computers.”

    The Prince laughed and said, “Government contracting lowest bidder means cheapest hardware and software. We on the other hand used our money to buy the best and the fastest computers on the market not the best for a cheap price. That way we were able to get the most power for our bunch of geniuses and they have some of their own programs that are even better than the ones on the open market.”

    James laughed and said, “Yeah, no one and I mean no one thought that we were being told the truth about Lyle, Thomas and your gang of Computer whizzes, when they broke into the CIA servers remotely. That was not even supposed to be a possibility according to our experts.”

    As he was finishing his words Alvin Thomas and Janet Crowder came through the front gate each pulling a game cart with large dead hawgs strapped to the carts. The pair heading for the back of the house and the outdoor kitchen. The place where they had previously processed the meat from the deer Davis had killed for the wedding feast.

    Everyone except the ones who wanted and needed to get married, knew a Minister was needed. The Prince figured they could get the Minister when they went to town to pick up the washer /dryer combos and the refrigerators. No rest for the weary the thought and smiled he and his beautiful wife to be were alive thanks to Davis and they might just get married with the others also. He still had his Mother's beautiful wedding ring a three-diamond affair with a total weight of fourteen carats or so, with the center stone almost eight carats and flawless set in a wide 18 ct. gold band.

    Meanwhile right outside of Fort Stewart Major Mary Johnson keyed her mike and said, “Bravo One element of two go and check out our new watering hole and check with the bartender and see if they are ready to start a tab, we are getting awful thirsty.”

    Bravo One replied, “On it Alpha Lady, will talk with bartender and see about a tab, back in a few,” and the pair of Broncos on the left of Major Johnson peeled off and started a run towards the Airfield at Hunter.

    The Bronco pair circled and came in from the ocean side of the base at tree top level to minimize the reaction time of anyone with their weapons hot. It had been agreed to that the Broncos would have weapons free from the moment they left the Compound. As they buzzed the field Bravo One leader called the base on the assigned radio channel. The Lead Pilot said, “This is Bravo One element of two for the 160-winged Centaur looking for a place to get a drink is the bar open and peaceful this happy hour.”

    A happy group of what was left of the160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment responded, “The bar is open Bravo One and happy hour drinks are on the bartender for you and yours. Do you think you will make happy hour with your whole group of bikers Bravo One?”

    The Lead Pilot said, “I think we will be about ten late for the opening of happy hour, the whole club should be there though. The Leader of the Club wants to know if you will have a place for us to sit?”

    Centaur replied, “We will have a place at the bar for your club, come on down the place is practically empty right now. He says that the place might get crowded later tonight with a rival biker club.”

    Bravo One keyed his mike and said, “The Boss said we are on our way and have the first-round waiting. She will be the first in the door.”

    The group at Hunter Airfield that had volunteered to go back and help them load the big C-130 and mount the Hellfires and Zuni Rockets on the Broncos were ecstatic. This may be enough to save the base. A ground crew was also there to get the Little Birds and the Apaches ready for war and the arrival of the Pilots. Now that they knew Pilots were on the way they started humping to get the birds ready for war. They could not have been happier or worked harder ever in most of their young life's. It seemed the younger you were the less effect the poison had on your system. A mere ten minutes later the five aircraft from the Davis Clan air force were safely landed and hastily put into fortified hangars.

    Major Johnson the Leader of the planes that had been sent to help with the problems in Savannah and the two senior Bronco Pilots were swept away to meet with the Commander of Fort Stewart and get a briefing on the situation at the Port of Savannah. Prince Salman and the leadership of the Clan were relieved to hear the first leg of the mission had ended successfully and hoped they would be as fortunate with the other evolutions.

    Prince Salman said, “Now we need to turn our attention to the Homeland Security issue and the trip to town for more supplies. Let's get Captain Raven, Major Tiny Garrett, Bennie Smyth, Archie Rice and Pearson Lee up here along with Tyler, Julie Starnes and Red and discuss our options in more detail.”

    As the Prince and his group were starting their meeting in Savannah the briefing of the Bronco Pilots and the Little Bird and Apache Pilots was finishing. The four Bronco OV-10X were laden with their maximum load out of four AGM-114R Hellfire Missiles, two 4-tube launchers for the 5-inch Zuni Rockets and four - 7.62 X 51mm M60C machine guns with full loads.

    The attack plan was simple the four Broncos would attack simultaneously from the four points on the compass firing their first two Hellfire Romeo missiles at maximum range of 8,000 meters and continuing the attack from there. They had two main targets on their first pass the super structure crane on the container ship and its cargo of containers.

    The second pass would be decided by the four Pilots after they had made the first pass. The first would be to hit any targets they had missed on the first run. If all targets had been hit any air defense systems would be the second line targets and then targets of opportunity. After the second pass if all rockets have been expended the Broncos will call in the Helicopters and fly cap for them as they complete the mission. The Commander of Fort Stewart had explained that there would not be near as many targets as thought as a large group in excess of one hundred vehicles probably eighty of which were heavily armed Technical's had left the Port earlier this morning for parts unknown.

    The Fort Stewart recon team estimated that there were probably one thousand Terrorist in the convoy. The Commander had put all of his able-bodied people at Fort Stewart on high alert and had all the M-1 Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles manned and ready to repel invaders, that he could muster with his depleted forces. The attack was scheduled to start in fifteen minutes, they had decided that time was of the most importance. The longer they waited the stronger the forces of the Terrorist became and a second wave of sickness was beginning to hit the Fort Stewart survivors.

    Major Johnson and her C-130 was loaded to the gills with equipment and ordinance. She was flying north and taking off first. The big plane right in front of the Broncos that were sitting on the tarmac awaiting her to get her big bird into the air. She keyed her radio and said, “Do the Clan and me proud and wipe that scum that has attacked our America off the face of the planet. Good hunting horses and come back to us whole, may God bless you all with good aim and strong planes and wills.”

    Having said her peace she pushed the throttles of her big girl full bore and took off down the runway with a roar and mega power to get the heavily loaded C-130 in the air and on its way home and out of the fighter’s way. As she pulls up her landing gear she saw two of the Broncos pass her on her right and a second or so later a pair passed her on her left tipping their wings at their Commander. She picked up her mike and said, “Home Plate this is Alpha Lady with clear skies and Bravo team on their way to assigned station to do work. We are on our way home, Alpha Lady out.”

    Lyle relayed the message to Prince Salman and recited a little prayer for the Bronco drivers and Alpha Lady that they would return home to the Clan with a completed and successful mission. All the people in Fort Stewart and the Compound could do now was wait and hope for the best.


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    Thank you, been wanting to hear more of the Davis clan.
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    Thank you, this has been missed.

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    I'm really glad to see a new chapter, thank you!!


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    That chapter was well worth the wait. Now the appetite is for MOAR!
    Thanks again. I wonder if that convoy of bad guys will feel the sting of clan airpower?

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    Thanks all for the kind words and following my tall tell! Hopefully the works are getting better as they go along. My writing skill were non-existent when I started these book. Trying to learn as I go along and you are my test subjects, for feedback. Much appreciation from this novice!!!


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    You are doing more than just fine sir. Thanks for the entertainment!

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    Your killing me man I need moar of this great story.
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    Your killing me man I need moar of this great story.
    Maybe another chapter tonight. Definitely by tomorrow night!


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