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    Sometimes life is good and other times it just isn't. Today would have been their twenty-fourth wedding anniversary, if God hadn't had need of his Angel in Heaven and called her home. Some would say that the life had been sucked out of Davis Allen Rogers II, others would say he became more determined in his faith, others would say he was just grieving and the old David would be back in time. Those closes to David would say he just lost the love of his life and his faith in God had brought him through it and she was missed.

    Today was one of those good days, He had gotten up early and put flowers on her grave and had a long talk with her and his Lord. During that talk, the message that he kept receiving was loud and clear, Davis I will always be with you, it is time to go on with your life. After the stop at the graveside, he got into his Ford F-250 four door Super Duty 4X4 and started for his favorite early morning diner. As he pulled into the diner parking lot the sun was just beginning to show its self from the east and the reds and oranges of the view were spectacular. As he pulled into the lot he noticed the usual breakfast crowd were already there he was running a few minutes late, guess that bunch of hooligans he called friends would want him to pay would want him to pay. Well, he thought he hadn't paid in over a week, it probably was his time and he knew that Woods his best friend was already here and since Davis was going to have to buy he was having the rib-eye steak for breakfast. Woods just couldn't help himself, he thought that was the funniest thing ever when Davis complained about him only having toast and coffee when everyone else bought.

    As he walked in Pamela the waitress of your dreams, as she like to tell Davis and his buddies asked him, “Davis the usual, four eggs over easy over a biscuit covered in gravy with sausage on the side, a milk and a water.”

    Davis answered, “you know it sweet girl and no steak for Woods, he gets toast and coffee as usual.” She answered, “he is already eating that steak made me take his order as soon as he realized you were buying.” “Well, I hope you spit in it for me at least,” said Davis.
    She winked at Davis and answered, “I thought about that and a letch like Woods, probably would consider that foreplay or a kiss or something along those lines, So I decided that, I didn't want any party to that.”

    Davis laughed and said, “good thinking on your part, I can see your logic.” He parted company with Pamela and walked over to the corner table where the six of them had been having breakfast on Mondays and Thursdays for the last ten years or so.
    Before he could get sat down, Woods said, “you wouldn't believe how good this steak is Davis, I am thinking about ordering another one and you know what's best about it. You are buying, it for me that makes it taste the best.” All the guys laughed at the old joke that Woods tried to get going every time, they all played along, it was part of the camaraderie of true friends. Davis answered, “yeah, cheapskate, you are the riches one at the table and you would never buy a steak for yourself. He probably still has fifty cents of the first dollar he ever made buried somewhere on that piece of property at the end of the town. All the guys laughed and pointed at Woods as Davis had gotten the best bite in on the steak eating. Woods tried to answer back but the guys were laughing at his expense so hard he had to admit defeat. His famous last words were, I am still eating this steak on your dime Davis.

    Davis acknowledged his best friend by saying, “and you can anytime my friend, anytime.” Davis had spent many a night talking with Woods and Betty his wife after he had lost his Rose. He could never buy enough steaks for the two of them, they were true friends that walked the walk, not just talk the talk. They were there when they were most needed, any time day or night. They were even there when he didn't know he needed them. Betty and Woods would just be at the house some days when he came home from work feeding the two kids, Jenna the oldest at twenty-tree and Lyle at twenty-one both still living at home and secretly, to no one, taking care of their Dad, a good home cooked meal.

    Davis asked, Alvin Thomas the farmer of the group. He milked about 600 Holsteins twice a day. When his two steers would be ready to take to the processor. The last ten years or so Davis had been buying a couple of the bull calves and having them cut and raising them by paying for the feed for his two and two others for Alvin. Alvin supplied the pasture and the upkeep and Davis managed to drive a truck for silage harvest or something to help with the cost. It was a good deal for all concerned.
    Alvin said, “I am glad you asked, I was going to take mine to the processor tomorrow morning you want me to take yours also.”

    Davis said, “that would be great, I will not be able to help though big conference call meeting for that big dredging remediation project in the low country. I will be glad to pay one of your guys to come in and help, though.”

    “My son, Andy and I can handle it, after first milking, no problem,” said Alvin.
    Pamela delivered the big man his breakfast at six feet two inches and two hundred and seventy-five pounds of hard iron pushing muscle, Davis filled up his corner of the booth. As Pamela left the table laying the check under Davis's plate she would say to one of the other waitresses, “those Wrangler jeans were filled pretty well, also.” As Davis began to enjoy his meal, Dale Hopkins the local landscaping and earth moving contractor stood up and said, “Davis thanks for breakfast, got a big storm water relocation and new landscaping project kicking off at the big new hospital over at the county seat. Had to bid it tight to keep the big boys from all over the state coming in and getting the work, so I will be tied up on it for the next few weeks, fellows.” All at the table wished him well as he went out the door telling Pamela and the other wait staff to have a blessed day.

    Jim Fields the local used truck dealer and diesel mechanic expert asked, “Davis will Lyle be coming in today or will he and Jenna be spending today with you.” You could have heard a pin drop at the table and all the air in the room seemed to be sucked out in the gasp of the others at the table. They all waited hoping that Davis would not be upset. Davis continued to finish chewing the excellent piece of egg and biscuit with milk gravy and answered, “no Jim, he and Jenna are going to work today and we are going to do something over the weekend.” “It is with friends like you at this table and my faith that have brought me through this. This morning, I have been to the graveside and left flowers, I am going home to work out and then I am going to Academy Sports over at the County seat and pick up that new rifle I have been wanting. I finally bite the bullet and ordered that Remington 700 P 300 Win Magi with the 26-inch heavy Shilen Barrel with the HS Precision stock and 1:12 rifling. It is set up to match a SureFire Suppressor and the scope is a Leopold 6.5-20x44 Mark 4 and setting on Badger rings. The builder has sent me the test group and it is under 0.25 MOA from a rest. I am going straight to the range after picking it up. I have ten different hand loads from 165 grains to 200 grain ballistic tips to try and find the sweet spot. It was built to shoot and shot the 0.25 MOA with 165 grain ballistic tips at a little over 3200 feet per second and I have three different powder configurations in that range. I can't wait to get it. The builder said, it would be there today Fed Ex before 10:00 am.”

    The last member of the group Anthony Fannelli, Tony stood up from the table and said, “that is just what we need for you to have an even better advantage come shoot off time at the club. He motioned for Pamela and asked her for and ice tea to go and said, “give me that check, Davis, not today my friend.” He handed Pamela the ticket and a three twenties and said, “keep the change” patted his friend Davis on the back and said, “you get it next time, enjoy the day and the rifle,” as he got his tea and went to his Ford F-350 dually truck that had Fannelli Building and Contracting on the side and hoped in and drove off leaving Woods and Davis alone at the table.

    Woods said, “you sure about today big guy. I could call in sick, owning the place makes it that easy.” Davis answered, “no, I am going to pick up my rifle at 9:00 am when the store opens then I am going to the range and sending some lead downrange from my new toy. Thanks for being a great friend and I will see you and Mackenzie for steaks tonight at seven. Bring you and the boys appetites as I am cleaning out the freezer.” Davis waved to his friend as he got in his truck for the quick ride home and the awaiting pile of iron.

    Davis made it to the Academy Sport's parking lot at a few minutes after ten on the crisp blue skied fall morning. He felt like a million dollars and that he had finally through off the thousand-pound weight around his neck that he had been carrying since Rose had left. He knew on all sane thought patterns that he had nothing to do with Rose getting ill and passing, he had not been able to let it go till now and for that her thanked his maker and God for this grace. As he walked into the store everything just seemed to be as it should be. He walked past the Nike isle and had to look at a couple of long sleeve Dri-Fits and then continued on his quest for the gun section. As he walked up to the counter the Manager Joe Hagood and old softball acquaintance said, “it just came in they are taking the packaging off the box, is there anything else you would like to see while we wait?”

    Davis said, “I will just look around for a minute here at the counter and wait.” As he stood there looking at a Sig 226 Tactical through the glass a gaggle of people came up to the weapons sections and started asking to look at different weapons all at once. This in of itself would not have gotten a second thought by Davis. He had read that there was some Saudi Prince in state and was visiting local businesses and sights. The people asking to see the weapons were definitely not locals and had that middle eastern air about them.

    As Joe laid the big Pelican case on the counter in front of Davis for his acceptance and sign off, he opened the safety latches for Davis and showed him the rifle. Davis picked up the rifle of his dreams the custom-built rifle had been designed by him and put together by one of the leading rifle makers in the country. The feel of the rifle in his hands drowned out all the pandemonium in the store, until Joe pulled on his sleeve and asked if the Prince could see his rifle. Davis said, “Prince, what Prince,” and looked to his adjacent right where Joe was pointing to a dark-skinned man in a high dollar suit and Arabian head dress was standing looking at his rifle.

    Joe said, “the Prince would like to hold this magnificent weapon, if he may.” As Davis handed the rifle to the Prince all of the world started to go haywire. The man beside the Prince's head exploded all over the Prince and Davis. The sounds of automatic weapons were heard all over the store. Assassins were charging the Prince and his entourage firing submachine guns at anyone in their way. Davis dropped to the floor and retrieved his Ruger Speed-Six from its customary right kidney perch. Two 158 grain semi-jacketed hollow point +P 38 specials left the barrel of the revolver almost as soon as it was indexed into the proper direction of the trouble makers. Both rounds found the pelvic area of one of the submachine gun toting bad men, silencing that threat immediately. Davis felt the wind of multiple submachine gun rounds buzz by his place and decided he had to move. Rolling hard to his right he was quickly concealed behind a bunch of hunting calls. He pushed the Ruger forward again finding another machine gun toting terrorist firing at him or someone in his area and he fired into his right thigh and his pelvis, dropping him but not taking him out of the fight his last bullet hit him in the bridge of the nose silencing him and his weapon. People were being slaughtered all around him as he reached behind him to pull his speed strip out of his back-jean pocket. He felt the first round enter his left leg as he reached the extra ammo. The searing pain made him draw his leg and the rest of body in closer to his core. He finally reloaded the snub nose and was back ready for action when a new group of targets came rushing into the battle. The last thing he remembered before passing out was emptying the Ruger and killing one of the assassins with his SOG Pentagon Elite and taking his pistol a Glock 17 he thought as he absorbed one more round into the chest.

    The monotonous sound of beep, beep, beep, assaulted his inner sanctum from somewhere deep in another world. His sense of smell only recognized that of sterile industrial cleaners and even the very air he breathed seemed to be foreign and devoid of any life. He tried to move his extremities yet to no avail as they weighed millions of pounds. Somewhere in the recesses of his mind he knew there was an answer to this riddle. He could not for the life of him figure out what was happening to him and why his senses had decided to leave him at this very moment. To add insult to this horror the only sound besides the infernal beeping was that of a football game playing, not football but soccer and the announcers were speaking English but not American English. As he drifted back off into oblivion a sound that made all others stop came through the daze the sound of his sweet Jenna asking someone if there had been any changes over night. The sounds of ten thousand Angels awakened Davis and he hollered for Jenna to the top of his lungs. Davis knew that his loving Jenna could remove these chains that bound him to this nether world of pain and abstract emptiness. The alarms on the monitors started to ping and blip and skyrocket at that very moment. The Doctor ran from the side of Jenna to his one and only patent and started administering medicines and care immediately. As he injected one of the induced comma removal medicines. Davis burst up out of the depths of darkness as if swimming for the surface after a deep dive into the lake. He burst out of the fog reaching for the bright new world that had been avoid to him for so long. Jenna rushed to the head of the man who had once been her Father, six months ago her Father had weighed two hundred and seventy-five pounds of pure muscle. Today he was one hundred and fifty-two pounds of skin and bones from a death camp.

    “Daddy, Daddy it's me Jenna look at me Dad, look at me, I love you and Lyle and I need you back with us,” she pleaded and as she bent to give her Dad a kiss his right eye opened ever so slightly and his cheeks moved as if to smile. “Did you see that Doctor, did you see that,” Jenna begged of the Doctor. “Indeed, I did Ms. Jenna, Indeed, I did and I also saw the signs on his charts, now go get your brother and come back in a bout thirty minutes your Father is going to need the two of you as much as you have missed him, said Dr. Windgate.

    As Jenna left to get Lyle, Dr. Windgate and his dedicated staff were all working on Davis to see if they could bring him back from the six months plus road of recovery. The mere strength of the man had been the only thing that had kept him alive originally, he just wouldn't die. Dr. Windgate could not even remember how many operations his team had performed, if he had to guess he would say nine maybe ten over the time he had been under their 24 hours per day care. The medical records showed he had received four major surgeries and countless treatments in the local hospital. The Prince had tried to get Jenna to use her power of attorney to have him transferred to the care of the Saudi Royal Families personal medical team and flown to Riyadh. It had taken a narrow miss by the team of Assassin's who had been sent to finish the job on Davis and her Father's insurance saying they would no longer be able to keep Davis on life support. More of the Obamacare junk policies. Davis had a Gold plan with one of the leading insurers in the country. Compromise and behind closed doors Washington politics had left the insurer with a way out in cases such as these. On the night before the hospital was scheduled to pull the plug on Davis Allen Rogers II a team of lawyers and medical experts from all over the world descended on the local hospital and two hours after arrival the Saudi 747 was feet up from the local airport headed for the middle east with Davis and his family in attendance.

    That was the first time Dr. Windgate had the opportunity to meet the man called Davis. He thought, if Davis is anything the man is a fighter and I am going to give him my best shoot to help him walk out of here one day on his own two feet. As with most patients who have been in a long-term comma the first thing they wanted was the tube out of their mouth. Davis was no exception. It was touch and go for the rest of the day and night with a delicate balance of medicine administration by the team and the will of Davis bringing him back to the land of the living. Finally, about six am in the morning when Dr. Windgate was there for his morning rounds and Davis was resting peaceably and doing it all on his own, as he read the chart a frail hand grabbed his and said, “Doc where are my kids,” and Davis fell back deep into a restful sleep.

    The Medical Team in Riyadh Saudi Arabia was at one of the many palaces in the or on the outskirts of the city belonging to the Saud Royal families. They were there because the Prince that Davis had saved in America was different than many of his relatives, The Prince was a man of his word and his word was his bond. He had vowed to do all that he could to repay his life debt to the man who had literally for no reason other than possibly his own self-preservation had laid his own life on the limb for the prince and had won. The Prince was one of the many Princes in the Royal Saud family unlike most he was a great business man and had a real knack for business, He had started his empire on oil but now left all of his annual oil money in the Saudi budget not taking his allotment. He was not the riches of the Royal family he was however in the top ten, which made him worth in the high 500 plus billionaire club, not quite a trillionaire but probably before he died and he had pledged his holdings to the life of Davis and he meant to get him well. Thus, a private medical team that would rival any major teaching hospital in the world just for Davis and his wellness.

    One of the signs of his business awareness was within a short time of arriving in Riyadh, he noticed some large bills for something called Little Caesar's Pizza, seems at least three times a week he was seeing large expenses for pizza and when he looked into the new household expense he found out that it was one of Lyle's favorite foods and he only aye about a half dozen or so foods at all. It was one of Lyle's personality quirks that he would only eat a few different foods. He didn't even eat ice cream or hamburgers, what American raised young man doesn't eat ice cream and hamburgers. Lyle wasn't your prototypical computer nerd, he was however ADHD when it came to food and a few other things in life. Lyle could sit in front of a computer and work for days on Hot Pockets and Little Caesar's pizza. Usually either working on some new program he was writing for something or another or playing whatever game, it was that he was mastering at the time. He had already become the chief of security for IT at the Palace as he beat the system the first day at the Palace and asked the Prince for a new laptop as they had not brought his with them when they came. He had beat the system with his phone, not even a notebook. The family had been told at an early age that Lyle was gifted and most likely had an IQ in excess of 160 or better. The Prince had gotten him the Laptop he wanted and told him to fix the problems in his computers and security system. It took Lyle a week to fix all the problems and explain to the Prince how much private data had been leaving the compound. The Prince rewarded him with a position as head of IT and computer data security.

    Lyle asked, “what, does it pay, I will take doubled what you paid the last guy as he sucked at his job. I am least worth twice what he got paid.”

    Prince Salman said, “twice is a large raise.”

    Lyle countered, “you said he had a staff of seven. I can do it with three, me and two of my buds from home. The two of them get what is left of the salary budget and we set our own hours and dress code.”

    Prince said, “you drive a hard bargain, the budget for the team was four million and all expenses, housing and cars.” Lyle said, “four million dollars?” The Prince smiled and said no, “I am afraid it is in Euros, that would be about four million Euros times approximately 1.20 dollars for about 4.8 million dollars per year. Just that quick, you and your friends just became millionaires. That is if you are still interested.”

    “Are you kidding me Prince Sal, I know you have a big sense of humor,” pleaded Lyle. No young Kyle, you will receive a stipend of approximately $200 thousand dollars per month and I am throwing in a bonus of a month's pay for getting rid of the leaks. Call your buddies and get them over here as soon as possible. All expenses paid on the trip and thousand dollar a day per diem.” Lyle ran and hugged the Prince and said, “way cool Prince Sal,” and ran off to call his best two buddies Gail Smith and Tommy Lukins, they had been friends since first grade and all three were computer addicts, not nerds as they liked to say. He knew they would come as they were both under employed, Gail as part of the Geek Squad at Best Buy and Tommy as a worker at a dry cleaner and pizza delivery at night.

    The Prince also tried the Little Caesar's Pizza that was being flown in from Germany for Lyle three times per week and decided it would be a good investment, he bought the middle eastern rights to Little Caesar's and started opening pizza shops. He had a dozen in Saudi alone and the franchise rights were being sold aggressively throughout the middle east and as they say the pizza was going like hot cakes. Lyle could now have it every day as the Prince had opened one not two miles from the Palace. Now if Lyle could just find a place with soft shell Tacos like Taco Bell he would have it made. Prince Salman was eighth or ninth in line to be the next King of Saudi, yet he never wanted it. One of the reasons he had been assigned for Assassination was his views on the world and the Kingdom. The other and most prevalent reason for the attempt, was a tightly kept secret in the Royal Family was Prince Salman was not a Muslim he was a converted and devout Protestant. He hadn't told anybody about being saved while in college in America at the University of South Carolina's International School of Business. It had finely gotten out when one of his staff found him reading the Bible one day when he was late for a meeting.
    Jenna walked into her Fathers room the third morning at daylight and Dr. Windgate and Davis were having a talk.

    Dr. Windgate said, “you are going to have to cooperate to get the restraints removed. No, you are not being imprisoned as you have implied, they are for your and my staff’s safety and mostly for your safety. Mr. Rogers your body has received and awfully lot of trauma and even now six months plus later is still trying and I repeat, trying to recover. The Prince has made sure you and your children have received the finest care available and has spared no expense in doing so. Now is the hard part and will require the utmost care and precaution. We have to work you hard enough to get the muscles and skeletal systems to reactivate and do that without putting any undue or extra pressure on the organs and the nervous systems. It is a delicate balance and one that will require you and I to be on the same page at all times.”

    Davis looked at the Doctor and said, “thanks for all you and your team has done and I will do my best to come back even stronger and healthier than I was before the incident. I do however want my Daughter to be here for every step of the way as she is studying to be a Doctor's Assistant. If she can't be in school she can be learning and helping and useful, she needs that from me.”

    Dr. Windgate said, “that is why she is always wanting to see the charts and is always looking up stuff on the computer, had I have known she could have been in on the treatments from the start. Consider that done.”

    Jenna rushed over to her Dad sand said, “Dad, I am glad that you are finally awake, you don't have to look out for me all the time. I am a grown woman.”

    “Yes, you are my Baby girl, a grown woman, but you are now and will always be my responsibility. I will always take that responsibility and try to make your life as good as it can be, not just for you but for my benefit. Seeing you and your brother prosper is the greatest thing for me as your Dad. I Love you both more than you will ever know and where is the boy wonder off chasing some warlock, robot, or demon or something on his computer games?”

    Jenna answered, “no, he is actually working, he is head of the IT department here at the palace and someone as he put it, tried to walk in his garden without permission and is being punished at this minute. Not Lyle but whoever tried to get past his security. He is in his own little world and loving it, the only thing that will make him any happier now is that Gail and Tommy will be here sometime late tonight. As they are his new IT team.”

    “Well, said Davis, it seems that the two of you have been busy while I have been resting. The Doctor says it is time for me to get back with the land of the living and start getting better.”

    Dr. Windgate said, “Jenna, where were you going to school for your Doctor's Assistant training. I would like to request your records and see if we can get your time here as part of your studies. I don't see it being a problem. That is if you would like to study under me and the other Doctors here on staff.”

    Jenna said, “I was studying at the University of South Carolina Columbia, SC and yes I would love to continue my studies,” and bent down and gave her Dad a big kiss on the cheek and ran out of the room like a little girl getting her first pony."

    “Doctor, Davis said, you have made my little girl a very happy young Lady today, for that I say Thank You and I also say thanks for my life and comes from the deepest part of my being. You show me what I need to do, to get better and I will give it my all to achieve that goal or regiment.”

    “There is no doubt in my mind that you will fight, that fight that you have is the only real reason you are here today. You fought to stay with us from day one till today,” said Dr. Windgate.

    Davis smiled at the Doctor and said, “the reason I am here has very little to do with me or even you Doctor, God still has a purpose for me here on this earth. That is why I am still here; you and I are just the instruments he is the true healer and physician.”

    “You are a man of faith, I take it,” said the Doctor.

    “Does that bother you Doctor,” asked Davis.

    “No on the contrary, that is why I was picked by the Prince, he too is a man of faith and does not follow the religion of his country,” said Jim Windgate. The Doctor continued, “you need to get some rest now, we will start your recovery with getting you up and getting you a bath this afternoon. No more of the sponge baths by my nurses,” he laughed as he left the room and turned out the lights.
    As the Doctor left Jenna was telling Lyle about the news of their Father and that she was going to get to continue her studies under Dr. Windgate and his staff. He was just as excited and was telling her about that Tommy and Gail would be there tonight and he was going to pick them up in his new company car a Mercedes G63-AMG expedition packaged SUV. Come out to the front and let me show you the beast. As they walked to the front of the Palace they never left the view of the Palace security team that had the two of them as their only job, twenty-four hours a day and seven days per week. The ride to the airport tonight, would have Fahid going as his guide to make sure he didn't get lost and another car with four of the security team following. Fahid and Lyle were fast buddies playing video games, especially first-person shooter games, so he usually drew the close protection of Lyle. Just like Ablah was for Jenna, they had mutual interest in the worlds of fashion and weight lifting of all things feminine.

    As they got outside, Jenna said, “which one is yours all the SUV's are alike,” and laughed at her brother’s reaction. The one that says, “Lyle on the license plate, or did you not notice, also mine is a little darker shade of tan, supposedly sheds the sunlight a little better according to Fahid.”

    “Well that would be a good thing, because sunlight is one of the things they have a lot of here in Riyadh,” said Jenna. Jenna continued, “you know they don't even sell these in the states I don't think.”

    “You are correct, do you want to go with us to pick up Gail and Tommy,” asked Lyle. She said, “no, if I go Ablah will have to go and we will have to take more than one car.”

    Lyle said, “we can just take the limo, with the driver and the whole entourage, that will freak Gail and Thomas out for sure. Let's do it, tonight, sis. I have to go and do some work, for now see you for our workout at two o'clock.” Jenna was already heading towards her room and her computer, she needed to send Jane her best friend and email with the news of her training and studies.

    As night was falling over the desert country, the entourage of three vehicles was assembled two of the Mercedes SUV's and a stretched Mercedes Benz s class 700 was awaiting Lyle and Jenna along with Fahid and Ablah. There for the thirty-minute ride across the desert to the airport. Upon leaving the gates of the palace the croup grew by a cavalcade of four Police motorcycles and the Royal convoy flew down the road unmolested by traffic as hit had been shut down for the Prince and his companions as they traveled to the airport. The limousine and it's two SUVs' were directed to the runway where the private plane was landing with the American dignitaries, better known as Gail and Tommy. As the Mercedes limo came to a stop beside the Royal Family Gulf Stream G-550 opened the front door and put down the steps as a ground crew rolled out a red carpet from the plane towards the Limo.
    Lyle wanting to see his friends, did not follow protocol and jumped out of the Limo heading for the ramp of stairs to the plane. Luckily one of the guards from the SUV's had already thought about this possibility and cut Lyle off before he could go up the stairs. He gently reminded Lyle of the protocols for these types of excursions and walked him back to the Limo. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good, and this was one of those fortunate times, for the Roger's family and their entourage. Lyle's appearance had started the attack, it had also delayed the people on the plane from starting the departure and it had rushed the other guards out of the SUV's. As Lyle, stuck his head back inside the door of the Limousine and was trying to apologies for his actions, the high-powered projectile meant for him sailed through the security guard helping him back into the cars neck slicing his jugular vein and blowing out his vertebrae. Killing a long time Palace security specialist. His last dying act was to push the door to the Limousine closed as it roared away from the ambush.

    As they say in the comic books all heck broke loose at that minute, as the limousine was screeching away. Airport security was approaching the scene with lights flashing and sirens sounding and a rain of automatic small arms fire was being poured onto the SUV's and the Gulf Stream. The Prince's security staff were all top-flight men, having either been in the military mostly special forces or were from the countries intelligence agencies. They fought like the professionals they were and gained control of the situation quickly using superior fire power and better techniques in breaking the ambush by attacking it instead of cowering and waiting for help. Four of the eight were injured and Technical Specialist Wasem was pronounced dead at the scene, by the Coroner. The remaining guards with help from the Royal Police got Gail and Tommy escorted to the Palace under heavy guard without any other issues.
    Gail and Tommy rushed to Lyle and Jenna, when they were brought into the Palace by the security team. Prince Salman was there to greet them after their tumultuous landing and reception. The Prince walked up to the pair and said, “welcome to my home. I regret that you have witnessed the worst that my country has to offer, before anything good could be offered. First impressions are just that, they however as we all know have lasting effects on how we judge people and their actions. I cannot change any of those things, that you have already experienced. I can only offer my condolences for the actions you have witnessed. As for my good will you have it, I am offering you, a return to America, as fast as you would like to leave and will pay you two months’ pay for coming over and your trauma. If you would like to stay, the deal is as stated before and you like Jenna and Lyle will have full time guards and will be stationed here at the main Palace.

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    Chapter One cont.

    Lyle said, “Prince, I cannot speak for my friends, but I thank you and your men for saving our lives tonight. I also, know that someone had to have told someone that they were arriving tonight. That ambush was pre-planned and not just the spur of the moment. With that spoken, either we have a mole or my IT security wasn't as good as I thought.

    Jenna said, “I sent an email to Jane, telling her about my studies and I mentioned that Gail and Tommy were landing at the airport tonight.”

    “That explains it then, Jane was probably already on the list of the people they were monitoring from before, I didn't think to double blind all our emails leaving here to some other server. That’s good, it looks like it came from somewhere else, on their end when they check the routing deliveries of email,” said Lyle. He continued, “I need your help guys, but I understand if you want to go home. At least give it a couple of weeks. Gail, we have peach ice cream in the fridge just waiting for you and Tommy, double stuff Oreo's and milk.” The group, Lyle, Jenna, Tommy, Gail, Fahid and Ablah talked late into the night eating ice cream and catching up on what was happening in the US and making new friends.


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    Well where is the rest of the story.
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    If there is interest. I will put up a chapter or so a week. This is an unedited version, the very first draft with no corrections other than automatic spell check. Comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my feeble attempt at writing a book. This is all new to me, hope you enjoy.


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    Moar please. And I would love if you would move your other stories over. I tried reading them where they are but viral pop ups kept interfering.
    Please, come say Hi! and share your experience/knowledge. I love to learn.

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    We are moar hounds here

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    I have read this when posted before and loved it am looking forward to the rest of the story here as well as your others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bill View Post
    We are moar hounds here

    (For the non-math people, to the power of three)
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    Being smart is learning from your own mistakes.
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    Chapter 2

    A couple of weeks after the dramatic arrival of Tommy and Gail, everything was pretty much back to normal at the Palace. That is if one can call living in a Palace in Saudi Arabia normal for country folk from upstate South Carolina. Lyle and his buddies were in the process of isolating all the correspondence code and making sure that any back doors to the programs were eliminated and or the program was ditched for a new program. They even had Fahid debugging some code, he just got to find it, he was still on the don't touch list, as Gail put it.

    Davis had taken to his new regiments of therapy like a duck to water. Dr. Windgate had to cut back some of the planned work, as he had never had a patent push themselves as hard as Davis. One of the changes was that he was having to rethink the caloric intake that Davis was being allowed. Two of the round fragments had taken out part of Davis's stomach and bowel and the Doctor definitely didn't want to put any undue strains on his digestive system. An expert was called in from Germany that had helped design some new systems, methods, and medicines. The systems were helping wounded warriors from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, who had lost parts of their digestive tracts. Dr. Janet Carver did her under graduate work at UGA while on a ROTC scholarship from the US Army and received her first MD from Emory University and her second at John Hopkins while part of the US Armies medical staff. She spent sixteen years in service to her country and was still in the Army Reserves, hoping to finish out her twenty. She was a staff surgeon at Landshul Regional Medical Center and was still a contract Doctor for the US Army, recently finishing a two-year contract to the DOD. The Doctor was considered the best in her field by many of her colleagues and at the top of the class by all who knew of her methods. She had gotten on the Prince's private jet and flew to meet Dr. Windgate and his staff immediately when asked by Dr. Windgate or Jim as she knew him. The trip had been a quick flight and customs in Saudi had been someone meeting her at the bottom of the stairs and stamping her passport as she and her luggage were put into the awaiting limonene where Jim Windgate awaited. Jim had a Coke on ice and Snickers bar for a digestion specialist she had weird taste or as she liked to put it. Just pure American taste, she was addicted to the three main food groups sugar, chocolate, and salt.

    As the limousine raced back to the Palace and Jim and Janet renewed and old friend ship. The Prince was having a meeting with Davis at his request. Prince Salman said, “you don't have to send a request through my Secretary to get a meeting with me. I am at your service at any time Davis. I come by the room and check on your progress two or three times a day. All you have to do is tell Dr. Windgate or one of the guards and they will get in touch with me and I will be right down.”
    Davis said, “Dr. Windgate has told me some of the things that have happened while I have been asleep. I need to know why they are still trying to kill my family and don't sugarcoat it or tell me some BS story. I need the truth and I need it now,” said Davis.

    Prince Salman said, “where do I start my friend Davis. The reason you and your family are still being targeted, is because of me. I am a Black Sheep in the family because of my Christian beliefs and my attitude towards oil and my disregard of the Throne and all that means to the country. You have to go back twenty or so years to see what has happened in the country and with the Royal Family. When the family saw that they could dictate world politics with our oil riches, the Clerics decided that the Muslim agenda of Caliphate and worldwide religious domination could be a reality and the Royal Family could be their vehicle to that end. Some of the family were behind this and others thought more about the physical or money side of the equation. As they say follow the money, it ruled. The Clerics have been making inroads during this whole time, a word here a blessing there. My not playing the game gets me on the wrong side all the time being the money side or the Muslim side. Right now, it is the Muslim side. They want to start jihad against the Great Satan or America as we all know it. The fact that I have infidel Americans living in one of the Royal Palace's is just too much for many of my kin. That my friend is the short version. The shorter version is they hate me and your family and the King has forbidden them to attack me again, so you and your children are the surrogates. They can't attack the Palace so that is why they attacked at the airport even with the heavy security at the airport. They knew it was a suicide mission that is why they only sent twelve. Something big is coming in mine and your country. The balance of power is silently going to the radical side of the Muslim religion and too many of my family have fell into the rule of the radical Clerics. We only have a short time to prepare for these possibly world changing events. I hope this helps with your understanding of the situation. Your saving me, as an infidel was like gas on a fire or spitting into the radical Clerics face who sanctioned the assassination. The Great Satan winning against the Holy Warriors of Islam, just doesn't make people sign up to ne martyrs in the holy jihad the Clerics are selling and make no mistake they are selling jihad against America every day in Saudi Arabia, my friend.”
    Davis sat dumbfounded trying to connect all the dots and get a clear view of the facts. He could plot a path for him and his family, which now by default included Gail and Tommy and the Prince. Luckily, unlike most of the Princes of Saudi he didn't have the allowable four wives and numerous concubines. He did have the love of his life in Evelyn Andrews whom he had met in graduate school in America at UVA. She had accepted the fact that she could never be his wife, as long as he was part of the Royal family. She was his wife in every way accept a piece of paper and that didn't matter to her or her beloved Salman.

    Davis finally got his wits enough to speak and he began by saying, “thank you Prince Salman for taking care of me and my family while I could not. Thank you for the medical treatments that I could have never afforded nor would my insurance pay for or allow. Thank you for taking in my kids and providing safe haven for them. I owe you so much, I will never be able to repay you.”

    Salman said, “it is I who owe you my life so say no more about owing me anything. These things you mention are just money and that I have plenty to spare. People who lay down their life for me and mine that is something much rarer. A rose in the desert, a bright morning star, or whatever metaphor you want to pick, they are seldom seen occurrences.”

    Davis said, “I have been told that, I am a rich man now, due to your generosity and the bounties that were on a few of the men who tried to take your life that day at the Academy Sports. Is this true, Salman.”

    Salman said, “in my country you would not be considered wealthy by any standard, not poor mind you but definitely not wealthy. The bounties on the nine men you killed that day was worth about six million American dollars. The Royal Family gave you two million American dollars in the form of a humanitarian award for service to the country and I have been paying you one million dollars a month as the head of security here at the palace. So that is about 14 million American dollars and my investment banker has been taking care of the money and keeping it working for you so I would say another ten percent or so in interest during your stay here. Roughly you are worth fifteen to sixteen million American dollars. I also owe you for a house that they burnt down and your truck and motorcycle that they blew up when they attacked your house, so another three hundred and fifty thousand for that, maybe four hundred with all your stuff in the house. By some standards yes you are a rich man now. Also, Lyle is a millionaire also, for his fixing the computer system and I guess we might as well give Jenna one to make things even so your family is worth over seventeen million as of today.”

    Davis said, “are you kidding me Salman you have been paying me one million dollars a month to lay flat of my back and not being able to fight of a gnat. That has got to be the craziest thing I have ever heard. Or giving Lyle a million dollars for a week's worth of computer work, that he would have done for pizza and Mountain Dew.”

    Salman laughed and said, “it did cost me some Mountain Dew, Hot Pockets, and pizza also, I forgot about that.”

    Davis said, “I know that you are very rich by any standard, can you really afford to throw money around like that. I am not saying that we don't appreciate it, however that is a lot of money.”

    “Well, Davis, let's put it like this. I am worth north of 500 billion and if my investment guy does ten percent a year that's fifty billion, so if I give you twenty million that is 0.04 percent of my interest, so yes, I can afford it,” replied Salman
    Davis said, “wow, that is rich, and using your words by any standard.”

    Salman said, “I would be a trillionaire already if I took the oil money, which I haven't in years, it just got to dirty for me. My share of the oil money goes back to the Saudi budget.”

    Davis said, “okay, now that I know where to come if I need lunch money, how bad is it going to get and how much time do we have.”

    “The answer is bad, really bad, SHTF to use and American saying, maybe worse. I have been told they have nuclear weapons from the old Soviet Union that they plan to use in America and that will lead to America turning Saudi into a glass palace if they do. How much time we have is based on how much time the Saudi intelligence community, CIA and other agencies throughout the world can stall the movement. I am guessing six more months but maybe another year, two at the very most. I am betting on between six months and a year. We need to be in America no later than five months from today is my plan,” said Salman.

    “Where are you going to live that will be safe,” asked Davis.

    “Well, I know the nuclear devices are small, what they called suitcase nukes back in the Cold War days. So anywhere away from populated areas, big cities or military bases should be safe from the explosions. It is the time after when they are going to be attacking civilian areas that will be a hard one to get exactly right. I am thinking about your beloved South Carolina, I owe you a house so the one I buy will be for us all, safety in numbers and all,” said Salman.

    Davis said, “I know just the place. It will take your kind of rich, to get it. Last, I heard they wanted thirty plus million for the place and it needed another fifteen or so to get it back up to its once glory of thirty years ago. Thousand plus acres, large main house, twelve thousand plus square feet and three other houses on site each about three thousand square feet or so. Big twenty plus horse barn and lots more storage type buildings. Has it's on airfield and hangars for three or four planes, and night landing capabilities and all and bordered on two sides by Lake Richard B. Russell. Working horse farm and completely solar and hydro powered off grid. It belonged to some country music singer years ago and then some movie producer who died and has been up for sale for years. It is thirty plus miles from closest town of ten thousand people and about forty to fifty miles from my stomping grounds. We would need to purchase and get somebody to start remodeling immediately, to make six months’ time frame. I can probably get a couple of friends of mine to do the contracting and as long as the monies good they will keep their mouth shut and those of their help.”

    Salman said, “can you get me a broker or agent to send me a video, tomorrow if possible.”

    “Probably, at least some email stuff, at a minimum, said Davis and continued, I need something else from you.”

    “Name it,” said Salman.

    “I need weapons for me and my family and I need their training to start back up for shooting. I know they have been doing the MMA training and I know we are the infidel and foreigners. You are the Prince, get us dual citizenship or something. I have a list if you want. To start I want ten Kel-Tec PMR-30 22 WMR pistols and five Ruger LCR 22 WMR revolvers with twin shoulder holsters for the pistols and a cross draw rig for the revolver. Six extra magazines for the pistols and two speed strips for the revolvers. I want lots of 22WMR for practice, I want them shooting no less than 500 rounds per day. These are light weight weapons and I want them to get use to wearing the rigs all the time they are vertical and within reach when they are horizontal. Is that a possibility, I know that you are heavily invested in weapons manufacturing? I hope that means you have access,” answered Davis.

    Salman replied, “the Rugers will be here in an hour, do you want yours brought to you now or wait. The Kel-Tecs will probably be tomorrow, hopefully I can find some here in the Middle east if not it will be tomorrow from America.”

    Davis whistled and said, “you do have contacts. Most people would be still looking to find the second one a month from now. If they had found the first one already. I am impressed my friend. I will give you a list of the long guns and other pistols so we can have them on hand when the time comes. On second thought add four more of the Kel-Tecs and two more of the Rugers for Fahid and Ablah so they will have the same base of weapons as their charge.”

    Salman said, “what do you think Dr. Windgate is going to say about you having a weapon.”

    “Well, first off, I wasn't going to tell him and second if he finds out, he can live with it, because if someone is coming to kill me and mine then I want to take as many of them with me as I can. I will not go peacefully into the good night, you can bet on that my friend,” answered Davis to his new friend.

    Salman said, “Davis, I wish we could have met under other terms. I think we would have kindred spirits from the go. I am thankful that God sent you to look over me and that now I can count you as friend.”

    “You know, that is right now, go find me some weapons and I will try to find us some lodging,” replied Davis with a grin.

    As Salman walked out of the room the Mercedes Benz limo arrived at the front of the Palace and let out the two Doctors. The ride from the airport had been non-eventful, the Prince had even made sure to have a helicopter flying cover for his limo and the SUVs while they had been out picking up Dr. Carver and bringing her back to the palace. The ride had been quick and smooth in the opulent car provided by the Prince. Janet had made the comment several times that there was no road noise coming from the outside. Dr. Windgate just attested it to the craftsmanship of Mercedes Benz and didn't mention the bulletproofing that held down on the road noise also. As they walked up to the arched entry way the desert heat was confounding to the new arrival and the group hurried in to get out of the heat. The Doctor was met at the front door by the staff and rushed to her stateroom for a brief bath and refreshment before lunch.

    As the Doctor was being bum rushed up to her lavish room, Dr. Windgate was heading for his patents room because he should be resting now for lunch and his meeting with Dr. Carver and Lyle was heading to see his Dad. Lyle walked into his Dad's room as he was finishing up a phone call with Tony Farrell who had promised him some info on the property by morning if it killed him to do it. Talking to his friend and knowing he wasn't dead was the best piece of news Tony had gotten in years and he vowed to call all the group before he laid his head down to sleep tonight. First, he needed to talk with his wife Jane the real estate agent, Davis needed their help and was talking about coming home.

    Lyle said, “Dad, you got a minute.”

    “Sure, big guy, what you need, have I told you I love ya today,” said Davis without breathing and smiled at his number one son.

    “Dad, I been thinking,” started Lyle.

    “We are in trouble now,” said Davis and ruffled his son's mop of a head of hair.

    “Dad, please let me say something, this is serious,” moaned Lyle.

    “Okay, okay, my bad, what is it,” asked Davis.

    “I think we should try to get the Prince to get us some weapons so we can defend ourselves. I have snuck out to the range and shot with Fahid a couple of times Dad, and I can shoot rings around him. Heck anybody could, he can barely keep ten rounds in the eight-ring at five yards Dad and that is aimed fire. He couldn't believe I could drop a whole magazine from his Glock in the ten-ring at five yards as fast as I could pull the trigger. Those Glock 17Ls have been hopped up pretty good they carry nite sights, good triggers and magazine well extensions and extended magazine releases. Dad they also have 22 round magazines that set flush with the magazine well extensions, they are the bomb and that is five extra rounds for twenty-three if you chamber one and reload the magazine. The barrels are set up for suppressors also, they aren't issued to them though. Dad do you think we can get us a pistol or two for the three of us,” asked Lyle?

    Davis smiled at his son and said, “great minds think alike. We will each have a Ruger revolver this afternoon and a pair of Kel-Tec PMR-30s tomorrow. Do Gail and Tommy shoot because they need to learn, if they don't. They are getting weapons, also.”
    Lyle said, “Tommy is alright, dang Gail she is like Savant or something, the times we have shot back at home. Her parents were big time shooters, they went to these Appleseed shoots. They both were instructors and teachers at the shoots almost like pros. Gail started shooting at like six or something she just didn't follow through after she got in her teens. But, she can shoot the eyes out of a fly with my Ruger 10/22. I don't know about handguns.”

    “Well good, don't say anything to anyone yet. We will get everyone here this afternoon after my work out and talk about some new changes to our workouts and what we are trying to accomplish,” said Davis.

    As Lyle walked out of the room feeling like he had accomplished something the Doctor was walking into the room. Lyle said, “howdy Dr. Windgate you look mighty relaxed today. I hate to say it, you usually look like you have a corn cob up your backside,” and laughed at the look of not understanding from the Doctor and kept on walking out of the room.

    Dr. Windgate said, “how is my favorite patent.”

    Davis said, “your favorite patent. Far as I can tell I am your only patent, so by default I am your favorite, also. Doesn't say much for my standing. So, I will tell you now, starting tomorrow, I am going to need at least a thirty-minute block of time for practicing my shooting.”

    The Doctor said, “well, I wondered when this was going to come up. Is there any way I can talk you out of it?”

    “Doc, I am set on getting back in shape and I have added thirteen pounds so far since I have been working on my strength and stamina. Lots of things have changed Doc, I don't have the physical abilities I once had. My reflexes are like frozen molasses, my timing is the same, on jumping rope, before I could run 120 to 130 revolutions per minute all day long throwing in double jumps and criss crosses anytime I wanted. Now Doc, if I can even do a double jump I have to do them by their selves and same for crossing the ropes. I know that my ability to fire a weapon has been degraded immensely also. So, no you cannot dissuade me from beginning to learn the martial art of the handgun again. I will even ask you to join me. It is a talent that you may find yourself needing in the coming days,” explained Davis.

    The Doctor said, “believe it or not Davis I am quite good with a shotgun. I shoot sporting clays and five stands pretty often, when I get a chance.”

    “Well, that is not so surprising the landed gentry and European aristocrats have always liked to go fowling and shoot clays,” said Davis in reply.

    The Doctor was taken aback by what Davis had said and told him. The Doctor looked Davis right in the eye and said, “I am amazed at your bigotry. I am neither an aristocrat or landed gentry. I take offense that you would look down on people because of their status in life, being American and all the land of the free and everybody equal. My parents were teachers and we lived a modest life. I got to go to school on scholarships and grants.”

    Davis held up his hands and said, “whoa there Jim, I just made a statement, a very true statement. There was absolutely no judgment or condemnation in the statement on my part. If you took it in anyway other than that, it is your problem with status not mine. We in America believe everybody has the rights to have weapons and use them for pleasure or defense and I stand by that belief. It is not however the belief in Europe and other parts of the world. Especially from the ruling classes in Europe and that can be read in any history book, not something I made up. If I offended, I didn't mean to, I stand by my statements though. I again ask if you would like to learn the martial art of the pistol with me, starting tomorrow as a friend and my Doctor and one commoner to another just from two different hemispheres.”

    “Davis, you are right, I did take offense based on the fact of what I thought you were saying and not what you said. As many times as we have talked, I should have known that if you were going to say something derogatory or about me or mine, it would be upfront and not buried in innuendo. The one thing, I can always expect from you in our conversations, is you are very blunt and right to the fact no subterfuge in your words. Quite frankly, I do have a little problem with people thinking I was born with the Silver Spoon in my mouth and you were right it is my problem,” said Dr. Windgate.

    “Well, part of it is your name Windgate, it is so formal sounding, and you add Doctor to the front of it and you see British landed gentry, Lords and Ladies and all. One cannot help them self,” Davis said and laughed at the good Doctors expense.
    Dr. Windgate looked at Davis as if he was growing horns and said, “you my friend are a trip. You confound me on every front, just when I think I see a chink in your armor you show me the staff, the shield, or the blade or some combination of the three that totally consumes my guard and throws me onto the defensive with my defenses already in retreat. I will learn the art of the pistol with you starting tomorrow, what do I have to do to come up with my own weapon.”

    Davis said, “our great benefactor the Prince will take care of that, I will see to it.”
    Dr. Windgate said, “can I bring, Dr. Carver to these lessons.”

    Davis said, “you are sweet on the good Doctor Carver aren't you.” “What, no,” stammered the Doctor. Davis laughed so hard it hurt at Jim and he almost couldn't breathe. Dr. Windgate said, “are you alright.”

    “Yeah, that is the most fun, I have had since I awoke, thanks, Jim for the laugh. I needed that and it is a great thing to Love a woman. I know, my Rose was my world. Don't ever be ashamed, be bold and strong and love her with all of yourself, never withhold anything from her, give her your all and she will do likewise. It is a wonderful and glorious thing to behold,” beamed Davis with pride and spirit. Davis called the door guard over and said, “tell the Prince my order is up four on the Kel-Tecs and two on the Rugers. Get this to him quickly as he is making and order any minute.” The Guard backed away from Davis and said, “it is done Mr. Davis, as you wish,” and turned and walked out the door and picked up the house phone.

    The Doctor said, “well now, I can tell you that your nutritionals and digestion expert is here at the Palace and we will be with us for lunch. To start the increase in your caloric uptake so you can work harder on getting your balance, timing and reflexes back to where they were before.”

    “Now, we are talking the good stuff Doc. I am ready to increase my work load and to eat more, I stay hungry all the time and I don't like it one bit,” said Davis.
    “Well, I may be in Love with the fair Doctor, that does not keep her from being the best in the business at what she does. She should have you filled up and a well-fed machine in no time at all,” said Dr. Windgate.

    “Thanks Doc, you have been a God send to me and my family and for that many thanks,” said Davis and reached and grabbed the hand of the Doctor and squeezed.

    “Good, Davis, I will see you in a little bit at lunch, get some rest and maybe take a shower before lunch since we have a new Doctor here, you are smelling a little rough,” said the Doctor.

    Davis laughed and said, “Rose always said. I could work up a sweat in a snow storm taking a nap. I will take a quick shower before I come down. See ya at lunch and again Thanks, Doc,” ended Davis as he got up to go get a shower.

    As Davis was taking a shower the Prince was making an order for some handguns. He went ahead and doubled the order and added the same amount of the factory modified Glock 17L that he and his security team so liked. He knew that both Davis and Lyle liked the weapon and would be looking for one soon. He also added a brace of the Kel-Tecs for him and one for Evelyn to his order along with the Rugers. It was high time that he took the matter of his own security in his hands. In the near future, all his money might not, probably wouldn't mean a thing except putting a target squarely on your back especially if you were a middle easterner in America or for that matter a Christian in Saudi Arabia. While placing the order, his source told him that weapons were getting harder and harder to get as they were being bought up by someone in large quantities.

    The Prince said, “in that case double everything that I have ordered and add a dozen H&K 416 in the ten-inch heavy barrel configuration with back up sights and EOtechs set up for suppressors and get the best that you can have here in two days on the suppressors. Also, suppressors for all the Glocks and a dozen extra for the Glocks I already have at the Palace. Get me a dozen Glock 19 set up just like the 17Ls suppressors and all and a dozen MP5-SD with a dozen magazines for each. Double the order on the ammo and instead of four extra magazines for each weapon make it a dozen. Is there anything else you would recommend that I order?

    Prince Salman’s source answered, “maybe a couple of the Mark 12 Mod 1 SPRs for a little longer touch and more precision with the matching Leupold scopes, and a scoped Barrett M-107 in fifty-caliber or two for some real firepower.”

    “Your recommendations make much sense my friend, spare no expense in getting the weapons here as fast as possible and deliver what you get to the Palace as soon as it arrives do not wait for the whole order if it comes in piecemeal,” said the Prince.

    Arwa one of the Princes trusted managers said, “I will have part of the order to you this afternoon. Prince if I should be so bold, may I ask if this is something I should be thinking about for myself.”

    “Yes Arwa, you should and bring yourself and your new bride to the Palace for an extended stay. As soon as the order is completed, said Prince Salman. The urgency of the matter was sealed in the mind of Arwa and he decided he would add a few select items for himself and his bride to the list. He also decided it might be a good time to free up some of his holding and turn them into something a little more liquid, gold, silver and diamonds were his first choices. He vowed to ask the Prince if some of the Princes holding might not need to be turned into something a little easier to travel. Arwa decided that the God that he and the Prince served had shined down his blessings on his new family today and he said a quick prayer of thanks and got to doing the things the Prince had requested of him. The Prince's wishes carried much weight and Arwa decided to frame this in the way of gifts for dignitaries for the many holdings of the Prince, not as something for the Prince himself. It was a gift to be given as part of the middle eastern culture of graft for business contracts that needed to be won. It was this quick and astute reasoning that the large order of weapons was delivered most haste to Arwa and drew no outside interest from the enemies of the prince. It was just regular business practice something that all Saudi s understood.

    As Arwa was placing the order for the Prince and getting outrageously quick response times when using the name of the Prince. All of the vendors wanted to please the Prince, it could mean millions of dollars in future sales, to him or one of his vast group off businesses. Davis was getting out of the shower and weighing one hundred and seventy-one he was up nineteen pounds. With the promise of more nutrients and energy to come from the new Doctor. He couldn't wait to meet her and get on her new regiment. He also couldn't wait to smell the smell of cordite and burnt powder and the feel of recoil and the satisfaction of a small groups downrange. A man had to be thankful and appreciate the small things. Davis thought after all he had been through. He reached over and wrote himself a note on the small pad he had gotten from one of the guards, to ask the Prince on how to transfer money to the States. If he was rich and he didn't care if the Prince thought he was rich, he felt pretty rich with multiple millions. Davis had never been poor, he had a great job and made pretty good salary his whole life due to picking a good career and getting a good education. He owned his house by the time he was thirty-five and also a small piece of hunting land and he didn't owe anybody his soul. He had a pretty good amount in his 401 k over a half a million the last time he looked but he and Rose had never had over fifty or sixty thousand in savings, bonds, and a few precious metals mostly junk silver. He was proud though both his children had graduated from college and they didn't owe anybody one red cent, when the average college graduate owed forty or fifty thousand. Davis and Rose had also put up every penny of the money from the Social Security benefits the children received because of her disability from the fall at work and subsequent back injuries. They each had a Treasury note that was for ten thousand plus interest dollars awaiting their weddings or the buying of their first houses that the kids knew nothing about.
    Since he and the kids were going back to America sometime soon and the terrorist had burnt up their vehicles. He decided to put some of his new-found wealth to work and order some wheels. He knew just what he wanted for the unsettled future and he knew just the man to build them. After talking with the Prince and sending Jim the money Davis was going to contract Jim to build for him two six door Ford Excursions with 4X4 packages and complete off-road trekking packages roof racks with extra water, extra fuel, hi-lift and four-ton bottle jacks, axe, cross cut saws, shovels, and picks, and extra tires. Extended fuel capacity, front ranch bumpers with Warne ten-ton winches, 1000-watt inverters and extra air compressors. He also wanted two of the four door Excursions that Jim Field's built normally it was about six months for each of these vehicles. Davis was betting that if he paid extra he could get them all done in time. Cause he wanted two of the F-350 Super Duty one tons done in four doors, four-wheel drive and long beds also, just not as dual or tandem wheels as straight trucks with ten-inch-wide rear wheels. These trucks were usually in the ninety thousand range, Davis was betting if offered a hundred-grand upfront each for the six he could get them in six months or less. If it took more to get Jim in gear and the trucks completed then it would take more the vehicles would be invaluable in a post-apocalyptic world and money would be almost useless. The light went on in Davis's head and decided it might be a good time to change some of his new-found wealth into stuff other than trucks. Precious metals, in the forms of Silver, Gold, lead and weapons to start and maybe a bunch of heritage non-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds and some wheat, rice, corn and beans with a mill grinder might be a good start. Might add some Mountain Home or MRE foods for times when you couldn't have a fire.

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    Chapter 2 continued,

    Davis liked this new feeling, it was like he was suddenly back alive and the fog had lifted from his brain and body. He took that as the Lord preparing him to do his work and said a quick thank you to his maker for the gift and blessings. He reached over to the phone and called Jenna, he needed some help with numbers and he knew she had them on her computer. He knew she had doing it, so she could help him with this little problem and he wouldn't have to bother any of the Prince's staff. Davis thought back before these smart phones he would have remembered Jim's number like he had Tony's cause he called him all the time. Now you just pushed a button and Jim's number would come up and you hit send. He also needed to talk with Tony Farrell and see if Jane had been able to find out any information on the ranch in Anderson County or maybe it was Abbeville, he wasn't sure, could even be in both as big as the place registered.

    Jenna answered, “Dad, is there anything wrong.”

    Davis said, “no, Baby girl, I need your help and I need it fast, bring your computer as I need Jim Fields telephone number, I need to get in touch with him about building, you, Lyle and me a truck. One like we have always wanted with truck vaults and all the accessories and no it cannot be in pink or red, before you even ask.”

    Jenna said, “do you want me to come now or after lunch.”

    Davis answered, “now, after lunch, I will be tied up with the new Doctor. I suppose learning about my new eating regiment and how they are going to increase my caloric intake without risking any more damage to my digestive tract. I guess we are working on the short hairs side of life these days. It is the good days though, I get to see my kids everyday so get on up here and help your Dad.”

    Jenna hustled to get up to her Dad's room the air of excitement in her Dad's voice all the motivation she needed. She had not heard her Dad this motivated since the incident. She was up the flight of stairs in a jiffy and came flying into her Dad's room just moments after they hung up.

    Davis said, “man, that was fast, I don't even have all my clothes on yet, give me a second as he pulled on a Nike Dri-fit short sleeve shirt to go with a pair of Wrangler jeans in 34 X 34 that he had no idea where they came from because he had worn 38 X 34 Wranglers and Duluth Fire hose pants before the shooting and his recovery. The pants, they definitely weren't his. There were six pairs of Wranglers and as many Duluth in the closet with two pairs of the Dickies dress khakis. All of the clothing he liked along with Nike Dri-fit shirts in long and short sleeve and a couple of nice Columbia PFG button up shirts. Two pairs of Merrell hiking boots and a pair of Danner full length boots. Along with a pair of Weegun loafers and a couple pair of Nike tennis shoes. Whomever had supplied the wardrobe even had the right type of underwear, UnderArmor nine-inch legs athletic fit boxers and the correct blend of polyester and Spandex he liked in his muscle shirt type undershirts.

    Davis said, “look up Jim Fields personnel cell phone for me baby girl and get him on the phone while I lace my boots.”

    Jenna opened her notebook computer and found the number quickly and dialed it on the HTC One phone that the Prince had given to her right after her and Lyle arrival here in Saudi Arabia six months ago. Jim answered on the second ring and the connection was amazing clear for going half way around the world and seven-time zones. Jim was just getting home from work at the Car lot and shop when his phone rang with a number he did not recognize and almost didn't answer.

    Jim answered the phone, “Jim Fields, how may I help you,” as he had for the last twenty years or so.

    “Mr. Fields this is Jenna Rogers, the daughter of your friend Davis Rogers calling for him from Saudi Arabia do you have a couple of minutes to talk with him about some business and old times,” asked Jenna in her best southern hospitality voice.

    “Most definitely, darling Tony Farrell had called me earlier and said that he had talked with your Dad. We will talk till tomorrow if that is what my friend Davis wants,” answered Jim truthfully.

    Jenna handed the phone to Davis and said, “Jim Fields is on the line Dad, would you like for me to put it on speaker.” She knew that her Dad liked to have mobile phones on speaker when he talked and figured he would ask her any way.

    Davis said, “would you, please.” She adjusted the speaker phones volume and handed the phone to her Dad.

    “Much better, now that I know you and yours are alive, thank you,” answered Jim respectfully and continued, “what can I do for the prodigal son that was lost and now is found.”

    Davis said, “you know that car that you and I talked about and I could never afford the six door Excursion 4X4 complete rebuilt with the trekking package and everything including the truck vault for six long guns, ammo and six pistols in the back, compressors, 1000-watt inverters and anything else I might need that you can think of to put on the truck. Twenty-inch rims and a little lift for tire clearance, not much two inches tops.”

    “Yeah, I remember. I got one almost that exact packager in the shop right now for sale, for you an even $90,000 and I will throw in the tools package.”

    “Good, said Davis, I want it and another just like it and two of the four door packages the same all with new 7.3 L Diesels and twin turbos. I will give you a Hundred grand apiece for the other three and I also want two F-350 Super Duty four door, 4X4 long bed one ton but not a dully single tire on back. It must still be a one ton with ten-inch-wide rear tires if I can take delivery in six months and I will pay the money up front. A twenty thousand cash or Gold bonus if in five months, I take delivery and I want each one as it becomes available do not wait for all to be completed.”

    Jim stumbled, “I don't think I could get half of them done in six months.”

    Davis thought for a minute and said, “what would it take to have them all ready in five months.”

    Jim said, “I would have to double my staff and still put in a lot and I mean a lot of over time.”

    Davis said, “do it and will pay one hundred and ten thousand per unit for the five that are not already completed the first one I have already bought at ninety thousand and you can still have the bonus. So that is five hundred and fifty-thousand plus ninety. Jim give me an account and bank name and the money will be there in the morning all except one hundred thousand I am holding for completion and the bonus money. Please start on them in the morning and they all need to be flat charcoal gray, not flat black with gray interiors.”

    Jim took in a long breath and said, “is this for real Davis. I have never known you to be anything but a straight shooter. This however is mind blowing and will make my year, heck it might make my next five years. I usually only do one or two of these a year and have to foot the bill of the parts till I can sell the piece even if it is a custom build.”

    “Yes Jim, it is for real and I may be calling you back tomorrow with some other orders once I talk with the Prince. He may want one or five for himself. If I were you, I would start trying to find some mechanics and builders tonight. Davis continued, now for the good stuff how have you and Helen been doing since I have been out of touch. Tell her that the sell will only be completed if each vehicle comes with one of her pies and I like the apple and the pecan the best, I will take a sweet potato pie though if I must,” Davis laughed.

    Jim said, “she is doing great and still spoiling those Grandchildren. She has quit work except one day every other week to do pay roll and cut checks. She might have to come out of retirement though with this order.”

    Davis said, “give her my Love and the children and Grand's. I have to go and get some lunch and meet a new Doctor. I will call you tomorrow and make sure you received the funds. Thanks for your help on this matter and don't tell anybody outside of our little group about this transaction.”

    Jim said, “well I will talk to you then, Good Bye my friend and I am glad you are still in the land of the living.”

    Davis said, “good bye my friend,” and handed the phone to Jenna.

    “We will have more calls to make in a little bit maybe around three pm, it will be ten o'clock in South Carolina, hopefully they will be up,” Davis said to Jenna.


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    Thank you.
    Please, come say Hi! and share your experience/knowledge. I love to learn.

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    Keep it coming. I rember this story form another board and am enjoying it all over again

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    Start Anew -Chapter 3

    Jenna and Davis came walking, no they were gliding into the dining area smiling from ear to ear. The servants, the Doctors or any of the Prince's family had seen the two of them in such spirits ever before. It was a sign, he thought, some of the good things to come for the Rogers family and hopefully all in attendance. Davis walked up to the table with the Prince and Evelyn sitting at one end and the two Doctors on the other in the middle were Lyle, Gail, and Tommy and various other members of the Al Saud household and family. Davis said, “I hope we have not held up everyone's lunch, Jenna and I have been trying to complete some business back stateside for the first time in what seems forever. Oh, and Prince could I speak with you about that business immediately after lunch. It should take no more than five minutes of you time.”

    The Prince said, “most assuredly, Davis, here or at your room.”

    Davis said, “Probably here Prince, I see the good Doctors eyeing me up like a guinea pig. I know they will want their pound of flesh as soon as possible and I hate to hold up other people’s work,” and he laughed a most joyous laugh, one of an almost free man as he sat down on the right hand of the Prince with Jenna sitting right beside him. The cuisine was always exquisite at the Palace with a fish, beef, and since this was Christian Palace a Pork or Lamb during the five-course meal, with a local soup or salad / fruit and some kind of vegetable entrees galore to pick from either of local origin or from all over the globe. Davis wanted the tossed salad with feta cheese and the dates, grapes, some kind of cracker and cheese appetizer that he had grown very attached to since he had been back in the land of the living. He wanted the grilled fish in a garlic butter sauce, the fillet mignon, and the lamb chops with Asparagus grilled and spinach greens with garlic roasted potatoes with the orange sauce. Jenna said, she would have the same and Tommy agreed to the choices. Lyle and Gail were having a salad and Little Caesars Cheese Pizza with Crazy Bread.
    Dr. Carver said, “I will have the Pizza and Salad that they are having, I will take The Supreme though.” Everyone at the table was amazed that the nutritionist was having Little Caesars and Davis could not contain himself.

    Davis said, “I hope that my caloric intake is going to take me away from this fantastic culinary cuisine and put me on a Little Caesars diet. I am sure it would pick up the caloric intake but would kill me in the end.”

    Dr. Carver giggled like a school girl and said, “Jim said, that you called a spade a spade, Davis and would not mince words. I will not either, this will be a case of do what the Doctor says, not what she does. I know what the perfect diets are for my patents and my diet is not what we are discussing as Doctor and patient.”

    “Well played Doctor, I can live with that, a lot better than if you had tried to pee on my boots and try to get me to believe it was raining. I look forward to the coming conversations and your expert help, for now though bon appetite, my good Doctor,” said Davis and raised his water glass in mock salute to the Doctor. He grinned at the Prince and said, “we live in interesting times, my friend, interesting times. Were you able to make any headway on our other project.”

    The Prince just smiled and nodded his head in the affirmation to Davis and took a big swallow of a great Australian Cabernet the chef had picked for lunch. The Prince then blessed the food and implored his friends, family, and guest to enjoy their noon meal together. This was the meal that the family of the Prince and the guest usually had together, as the Prince usually had dignitaries and business guest for the night time meal either here or out on the town. He often also had to be Royal family functions at night.

    As the splendid lunch was coming to an end one of the Prince's Administrative Secretaries came to him and whispered into his ear and then backed away and left the room. The Prince stood and said, “I beg your pardon, my duties call. Continue to enjoy your lunch. Davis, I will be back with you as soon as I can, is it something that one of my people could possibly help.”

    Davis said, “I would think your financial Secretary could point Jenna and I in the right direction, if he is available.”

    The Prince replied, “it is done,” and spun on his heels and left the room almost at a run.

    Davis finished his meal and told Jenna to get with the Secretary and get the money sent to the account that Jim Fields had supplied and to call Tony and Jane Farrell and see if she had acquired the requested information of the house by the lake.
    Jenna answered, “I will take care of it Dad, now go and get with the new Doctor. This new-found energy you have is just what the Doctor's need to further your therapy and wellness program and complete the healing process.”

    Davis leaned over and kissed the top of her head and said, “I love you,” and turned and walked towards the Doctors stopping only to tell his son that he loved him. As he sat down by the Doctor, he offered his hand to Dr. Carver and said, “Davis Allen Rogers the Second recently wounded and almost dead. Doing much better, today. Thanks be to Dr. Windgate and his fine staff! How my I be of service.”

    Dr. Carver turned to Dr. Windgate and asked, “is he always this chipper and annoying and if so can we up his pain medicine to slow him down a bit,” and winked at the Doctor.

    Dr. Windgate said, “no, I am afraid this is a new development in the recovery process. One that I would like to see it at least run its course before we administer any new meds to counter act the systems.”

    Davis non-phased by the Doctors went on, “Dr. Carver, when do we start the new high caloric intake. I eat as much as I can without getting sick on my stomach or the other end. I however stay out of energy to do my workouts and I am not gaining enough muscle mass to strangle a kitten, for the first time in my life, Lyle can out lift me and he is my son. He however is weak as rain water so what does that make me.”

    Dr. Carver looked down the table to Lyle and back to his Father and said, “let me guess, Davis you are about one hundred and seventy- five to one eighty in your birthday suit in the morning and you are maxing on the bench about two hundred and fifty pounds and Lyle is doing what three forty - three fifty and giving you a hard time because he beats you by a hundred pounds. Before from looking at your charts, prior medical history and the dossier the Prince had made of your life prior. You did multiple reps maybe as many as ten or twelve of the weight Lyle does now. Which at your age was not a normal occurrence for anyone, and was something to be proud?” Davis looked at the Doctor somewhat amazed at her ability to read the situation and even more that she had turned the tables on the conversation.
    Davis said, “Doctor, the dossier and your skills of observation and human nature must both be amazing as the picture you painted is quite Da Vinci like. I am both impressed and saddened. I am saddened that I have nothing to hide from your powers of observation and impressed that you and Dr. Windgate are that close. I wonder if it is more than just an admiration of each other's skills as Physicians and leaders in your prospective fields. Or, are that the two of you are just like some teenagers, madly in Love and neither of you have the sense to tell the other when everyone in the room sees the attraction and chemistry.” Davis thought after his mini speech, still got it, I threw the shackles off me and right back in her lap. This is going to be fun.

    The Doctor was speechless, Jim had warned her not to try and play mind games with Davis, this however was nothing that she could have even imagined from a person recently out of a coma. One of Dr. Windgate's Physicians Assistants came to the rescue of the good Dr. Carver by saying, “Dr. Carver would you like for me to show you to your clinic and office before you meet with Davis. That will give him time to clean up from lunch and change back into his workout clothes for his two-thirty aerobics and recumbent bike riding sessions.” Not quite having caught her breath from the verbal assault by Davis, Dr. Windgate came to her rescue and said, “thanks, that would be most appropriate use of our time. Please show Dr. Carver to her clinic and help her get settled.”

    As the Assistant was showing Dr. Carver to her clinic, Jenna walked up and said, “you still got it Dad. Nobody can compete when you are on your game.” Davis shrugged his shoulders and said, “it was her choice, she chooses to be combative and not play nice. I choose to win. Now let's get to the room and I'll bet that the financial secretary is there waiting for us.”

    Jenna said, “I like seeing the old Dad coming back. I was afraid he was gone for good.”

    Davis smiled at his Daughter and said, “he just needed a long nap, baby girl and he may not be back yet. He is however, on his way back and hopefully it will not be long.”

    Jenna said, “well, either way, let's get to your room and call Jane Farrell and see if she has any information on that mansion and possibly our new home.” With that they got their rear ends in gear and went to his room. When they arrived, Davis lay down and Jenna got busy calling the Farrell residence. On the fifth ring Tony answered the phone, “Farrell residence, Tony speaking.”

    Jenna started, “Mr. Farrell, this is Jenna Rogers, Davis's daughter calling from Saudi Arabia, I apologize if it too late there. We however, are on a tight schedule and wanted to know if your darling wife had been able to get any information on the piece of real estate my Father asked about earlier.”

    Tony answered, “I know she was successful in getting some information, how much I do not know. Let me get her she is in her office, hold for a moment.” Jenna could hear the rustling of Tony laying the house phone down and walking through the house calling for his wife. She just smiled at the thought of the way things used to be and the way they still were in some households in America. In just a moment Jane Farrell picked up the phone and said, “this is Jane Farrell, is this Jenna, Davis's daughter.”

    “Yes Ma'am, I am Jenna and I am calling for my Dad. I think he asked for you to check on a large piece of property and real estate in southern Anderson County or possibly northern Abbeville County on the lake," replied Jenna.

    Jane said, “I have lots of information, about a million pictures, a couple of video's and a couple of descriptive catalogs. The bottom line is this, the property is approximately 1400 acres, over two full sections and the lake borders two sides of the property. The main house is a tad over twelve thousand square feet with a full basement that is not in that calculation. Six car garages, twelve bedrooms and two master bedrooms with nine and half baths. Two Mother-in- law homes approximately three thousand square feet and two small servant’s quarters houses about 1500 square feet each two bedroom, two baths in each. Also, 3500 linear feet of lighted all-weather runway and hangars for three planes one of which was a 727-size jet. Also, multiple out buildings, one being a fully functional machine shop and garage. The other major amenity is a sixteen-horse barn with living quarters for the Manager and a working horse farm that has registered draft horses, Belgians and Percherons. The horse farm is all that keeps the big place going. The asking price is fifteen million dollars and they have turned down offers of six million and seven-point two five million in the last two years. I think they will take nine million. I am positive they will take anything over ten million dollars. The facilities probably need five - seven million spent on it to get it back to its glory days of the early 1970's maybe more.”

    Jenna said, “Mrs. Farrell could you send me the pictures and descriptive information by email and Fed Ex the whole packet to me priority one and I will email you the bill to number and address.”

    Jane replied, “I already have the packet ready to ship and the information broke up into four emails. I will send them to you as soon as I get the email address.”

    Jenna said, “I will send it to you, for security reasons.”

    Jane said, “tell your Dad that I will wave my brokerage fee and just take the listing fee from the seller.”

    Jenna quickly answered, “I can speak for Dad on this, as I know what he is going to say. You will in no circumstances do that and there may be other properties that may be bought in conjunction. We will want to keep it in the family, and Tony and you are family. Also, Dad wants to talk with Tony about doing all the restoration of the property. Jane also, there is a good chance that we will want to start the closing of this property in the next few days and we may want to put you and Tony on retainer to get any red tape completed as fast as possible. Best case scenario we would like the property ready for occupants in five months from today with all the restoration completed and cost is always an object, however secondary to time of completion.”

    Almost fainting Jane said, “Oh my, I had no idea that, you all had that kind of money, we have heard rumors about Davis getting rewards and metals from the government of Saudi Arabia.”

    Jenna said, “Jane, you need to keep the lid on this and not tell anyone that we are buying, do not use our names we are still being attacked by the people Dad killed as late as a couple weeks ago they tried to kill Lyle and myself. We can't let this get out as, the way I see it that would be the only deal breaker at this point.”

    Jane said, “I will not tell anyone in the office I will handle this completely myself,” she desperately needed this sell and would do almost anything to make it happen.
    Jenna said, “we knew we could count on family. Also, tell Tony that Dad would like to call him and talk about some of the things he might need him to do at the place in addition to the remodeling. He would like to call back in about three hours if that is okay. Jane said, “I will make some coffee and we will be available at your or his call.”

    As Jenna was hanging up and explaining the conversation to her Dad who had been asleep two seconds after laying down the Prince was on his way to a family meeting and talking to one of his uncles that was more towards his way of thinking than the rest of the family. The uncle explained to Prince Salman that the intelligence community in Saudi had uncovered another large Terrorist cell. That it was part of the plot to explode suitcase Nuclear devices in America and other places throughout the world that in their words suppress the Muslim religion and martyred their saints in the name of fighting Terrorism.

    Prince Salman said, “so what is new about that my esteemed Uncle and confidant,” playing to the vanity of his much older and favored in the Royal family to ensure the pipeline stayed open.

    Uncle Moiz said, “this is the largest cell to date and this one has direct ties to the Royal Family. We are not sure, but we think and are pretty sure the American CIA already has access to this information and the ties to the Royal Family. That is the reason for the emergency meeting of the Royal Family and the Council on which you sit. We need to decide on the method and how much cover up is needed and if anyone or someone's need to be sacrificed to ensure the Royal Family of Saud had plausible deniability to the situation. At least enough that they can get the American government to look the other way when it happens.”

    “Sounds like it is going to be a long day and possibly a long night on this one, he is the favorite we all know and has many benefactors and silent guardians in the family. One will need to watch what he says at all times and to whom he says it during this meeting,” said Prince Salman.

    “That is sage advice Prince Salman, remember it when you speak before the Council. At some time, you know you will have to give your opinion and guidance. You will live much longer, if you do, take your own wise Council,” said Uncle Moiz and the phone transmission between the two was ended and due to some extra safety measures installed by Lyle no record would ever exist of it being made.

    As the Prince was riding to his meeting and trying to decide how to stay from between the rock and the hard place in this important meeting of the Royal Family, Davis was up from his short nap and had been filled in by Jenna on the calls she had placed with Jane and Tony. She was now showing him some of the better pictures she had already culled from the large quantity of pictures Jane had sent. Jenna had been working on putting them into a Power Point presentation so everyone could see them at one time and get a larger view. She was also going to make a synopsis and put in the document of the written descriptions and specifications and place them with a picture that tied the two items together with an auditory and visual clarifications. Jenna really liked to use Power Point in her explanations and teaching exercises to better get the points across to the audience. In her estimation, the sessions just flew by and the audience always had something to take with them. As she was showing him the highlights in walked Dr. Carver and Dr. Windgate with their staffs. As the room quickly got crowded, Davis said, “Jenna I will see you after supper to continue with this discussion on future housing.”

    Jenna closed her computer, placed it in her satchel along with the few hard copies of pictures and descriptions she had made and said, “don't let the quacks abuse you too much Dad.” Jenna reached over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and was gone like wisp of fog as the wind picks up in the morning when you are sitting in a tree stand waiting for that big buck to step out. While hunting and just enjoying God's creation waking up in the morning. Birds chirping, squirrels rustling in the leaves, a bubbling creek, and the beauty of a sunrise and the fresh smell of pine and juniper in the air, a perfect world.

    Dr. Carver was the first to speak, in looking over your charts and records and the associated weight loss with your trauma, it is my estimation that you probably lost thirty-five to forty-five pounds of muscle with the weight loss you have had during the recovery. So that is our goal the recovery of the muscle the other eighty pounds we can get back or not. Yes, with getting the muscle back there will be some other weight gain and increase in bone, cartilage and tendon strength and weight and some fat. My program will try to minimize that gain and maximize the muscle. Does that sound like something you will be able to place your work ethic behind?

    Davis said, “my efforts will be everything you need and more than you expect. I am sure you and lover boy have already discussed my work ethic and my personal need to get back strong and healthy for myself and my Loved ones. If not then the answered is yes, Dr. Carver I will be an exemplary patent and student to your teachings and methods, except for one issue. If I do not see results in the explained time periods, then we will have to go another route. I am a scientist and realize that the human body is very complex and what works in most cases does not work in all.”

    Dr. Carver said, “fair enough. Today we are going to take a bunch of blood work, and measurements. Then we will watch and observe, possibly taking some blood pressure and body temperature measurements the rest of your daily exercise routine. We will have a plan ready by morning for your new caloric intake and maybe some new and interesting ways to get your energy and strength back to pre-trauma levels and hopefully above. We are ready to get started if you are ready.”
    “I have one request if it involves blood removal, I want Jasmine to place the needle and remove the blood. I have squirrelly veins and they are hard to hit and I really don't appreciate being stuck five or six times. She will do it the first time every time and will not make it painful in the process,” asked Davis.

    “That seems a fair request, Davis. Did you have trouble before the incident,” she asked.

    “Sometimes I did, it seems worse now. I did have the problem before though,” said Davis.

    As Davis was being poked, prodded and as Jenna put it generally abused, Prince Salman felt like he was being examined himself. Neither was having a good day. Jenna was having a great time studying the data on the houses and property and making a larger and larger Power Point presentation. She had been over the data three times since she had received the information from Jane. Other than the fact that the houses and most of the facilities except the barns and horse farm facilities and equipment had not been updated in years if ever. With only minimal maintenance and upkeep had been completed on the properties during the same time period. The only exception being that four years prior new metal roofing had been applied to all of the houses and buildings in a neutral gray color. The other exception was the 5,000-square foot garage and machinist building was about ten years old and had been kept up to a high standard and updated constantly over the years. Jenna had gotten immersed in her study of the data, that she was startled when her house phone rang, as she very seldom got a call through the house system relying on her cell phone for most conversations. She picked up the phone and said, “hello.”

    The financial secretary for the Prince said, “Ms. Jenna, I have been trying to monitor the transaction for the automobiles in America. I have not seen any activity on your accounts and I know that this transaction is important to your family. Is there a problem that I may be of service in getting this transaction to go through to the car dealer?”

    Jenna said, “thank you Saif, for your diligence. I have been working on another project and forgot to handle this as you put it important transaction. Give me thirty minutes and if I have not completed the transaction please come to my room and help me complete the money movement.”

    Saif said, “I will be more than happy to come and help you right now, if needed.”

    Jenna answered, “thank you for your offer, I know that you are a busy man. Come and help if nothing in thirty minutes and I will be most grateful.”

    “As you wish, Madame. I will be available if needed in thirty minutes per your request, Ms. Jenna,” and he hung up the phone thinking about the green-eyed beauty that he had just been talking too and had been secretly dreaming about for the last couple of months. He hoped that she was not able to complete the transaction and needed his help, with the transaction. Saif thought to himself, Jenna has been competent in every endeavor that I have seen undertake, even from the first when her Father was in a coma and the insurance was trying to have his treatments withheld. She had not hesitated when contacted by the Prince. Jenna had made the decision on the spot and insisted that her father be moved as soon as possible. She did not trust the hospital and Obama Care to take the best interest of her Father in mind. She had new options and she was going to use them and be-damned the government officials and hospital dignitaries that tried to get in her way. The power of Attorney that her Father had in her and Lyle's name gave her the power and she wielded it like a hammer, a sledge hammer in some instances. Saif thought, she really was a ball of fire and even more beautiful when she was fighting the good fight and her family was the one being wronged in her opinion.”

    As Jenna was completing the half million-dollar transaction to Jim Fields account and checking to make sure all was correct on her end. Dr. Carver was commenting on the endurance and fire that Davis had in his Aerobic exercises. Dr. Windgate laughed and said, “you have not seen anything yet. He doesn't like Cardio workouts. Davis thinks he can get all the Cardio he needs in his Boxing, Muay Thai and the Filipino knife fighting drills he works out with in the gymnasium. He would also do some Americanized Kendo as he puts it. The staff would not let him fight with those fighting bamboo swords without head gear and pads that is the way he learned, that is the way he practiced before.” Dr. Windgate continued, “Davis is not what anyone would call a Black belt in any of the martial arts he has studied except maybe the pistol. If there was such a belt he shoots Master Class. However, when you put all the studies together he probably could handle any Black Belt in any of the fighting sports. He is happy with the fact that he has never tried for any belt in any of his studies. Davis when asked if he has a black Belt he always answers the same way, yes, I do it holds up my pants and is made of pig leather and double stitched.
    Dr. Carver drew in a deep breath and said, “you mean he is already doing Martial Arts workouts.”

    “No fighting, just mock moves and punches it gets pretty physical though, if we don't watch him closely, Davis will be fighting in no time if not watched cause all of the sparring partners get so frustrated cause he has no defined style and his style is confounding to them,” said Dr. Windgate.

    “Jim, I am totally perplexed that you would let a man with his injuries, be involved in any type of training that involved even the possibility of someone slipping and landing a blow to his abdomen region or any of the other areas where he was wounded,” she said with a hint of disdain and disappointment in her words and a look of pure amazement.

    Dr. Wingate nonplussed by her outrage calmly replied, “Davis is a different type of patent Janet. He sets the tone and he says what type of exercises he wants to do and then he gives us the latitude to put the limits on the workouts. We monitor his workouts with four technicians, myself included when possible and I try to make it possible for every contact workout at a minimum. So be disappointed or whatever, however you have seen the charts and the responses his body gets from his workouts. I personally have never seen anything like the results. I have read about some results that match this from the old Soviet Union. There is no limit to the drugs those individuals might have been given in the name of science and winning the Cold War. Just implement your procedures and let him see what he wants to use and make suggestions on what he might like to change or do differently. Davis is usually very specific on the order in which he does exercises. He told me that thirty plus years of working on his body and being a Scientist, himself has taught him how to get peak performance from his body and I now believe him completely.

    Dr. Carver said, “he may be the ultimate patent for my work. He can tell when it is working instead of the outside measurements that we normally use and we can move faster possibly and really push the envelope for results. He looks like he should be training for a Marathon instead of trying to get his energy back. Do you know what his training regimen was like before the incident with the Prince?”

    “He hasn't said, Jenna and Lyle laid it out for me somewhat. It is pretty standard split routine morning and evening one to two hours six days per week some of it weight training, some martial arts and four hours a week of hitting, running and throwing for softball specific training. He takes of the three weeks around the Christmas Holidays and the first of the year for his body to rest and for him to eat anything he wants and as much as he wants, Jenna told me and then back at it on the 2nd of January full bore," said Dr. Windgate.

    Davis rear end was dragging as he left the Cardio training room and Dr. Carver told him how impressed she was with his workout and handed him a frozen drink in a 44-ounce cup. She said, “go to your room and get off your feet and drink this and tell me how your body responds in thirty minutes. I will be there to take some measurements and get your responses.”

    As Davis took the sports drink container from the Doctor and heady back to his room for a shower and some relaxation before supper, Jenna was sitting down at the table in his room. Laying out her information for her Dad and getting ready for the call back to Mr. Farrell. She was just getting the Power Point presentation setup and ready to play when her Dad walked in from his workout. Her Dad looked like he had just run a marathon or something and smelled worse. She pointed to the shower and said, “go directly to the shower and I will lay you out some clothes for supper.” Davis did as he was told as he was to washed out from the workout to argue. He drank a couple of big swallows of the frozen concoction the Doctor had given him and thought not bad. As he turned on the shower and set the hot water he dropped his pants and pulled off his Dri-Fit Compression shirt and then his under wear. He took another big swallow of the drink and stepped under the pulsating flow of water from the high tech triple shower head. He thought, being rich does have some great upsides, this shower head is the cats rear end and everyone should have one in their shower. Ten minutes later he emerged and his dirty clothes were gone and his under wear and a nice pair of shorts and pull over shirt were laying there for him to put on. He donned the clothes and put on some original Polo cologne and walked out of the bathroom feeling like a new man.

    Jenna pointed toward the bed and said, “we need to call Mr. Farrell and have you talk with him about the additions to the property and all the restoration we want to have completed.”

    Davis laid down on the bed and said, “I need to finish this drink and the new Doctor is going to be here in about fifteen minutes or so to take some measurements of my recovery system. We will have to wait, till she finishes and her entourage leaves.”
    As he finished the large drink, in walked the good Doctor and her three minions. He said, “Dr. Carver I just finished the drink and I have had a lot worse in my day, actually it wasn't bad at all.”

    “Good cause you will drinking five to six of those a day and I will approve the extra food at meal time, you have requested,” said Dr. Carver.

    “Five to six a day are you kidding me that's over two gallons of extra liquid a day, that can't be good for my kidneys,” said Davis incredulously.”

    “Actually, that is a very astute observation and normally that would be correct this concoction as you called it has the proper ingredients to help the kidneys adjust to the new workload and make them actually thrive under the added work load,” she smiled and said. The technicians were busy taking blood pressure and temperature and a bunch of another non-invasive test that Davis was not familiar with and were definitely something new. As they finished the good Doctor said, “I will have some of the test results at supper and would like to talk with you directly after or during whichever fits your schedule.”

    Davis said, “I like to socialize at supper and talk with my family and friends so directly after will be better for me.”

    She said, “then after supper it will be,” and left the room dragging her technicians out like a vacuum.

    Jenna said, “Dad, the good Doctor is conflicted. I thought you said she was hot for Dr. Windgate. I think she is attracted to you.”

    Davis laughed, “I said that Dr. Windgate had a thing for her. I thought it was mutual, maybe not. You know she is not my type to scrawny. What is she maybe five feet five and a buck twenty-five. I dated bigger girls than her in junior high.”

    “Dad you are hoot, but we need to make the call to Tony Farrell and you need to get a little rest before supper,” said Jenna.

    As they were talking one of the Palace's high-level security men brought in several large boxes and said, “the Prince said to deliver things to you as they came in and not to wait for the complete shipment. The Prince said to tell you if you need anything else to give me a call, until he returned later tonight and to enjoy.”
    Davis said, “thank you and I think we can handle it for now.”

    The Security Guard handed Davis a card with his cell phone number and said, “I am available at all times day or night. Do not hesitate to call,” and he spun on his heel and left the room. As he was leaving, Jenna asked her Dad, “is this the shipment that Lyle told me about only hours ago.”

    Davis answered, “I am sure it is would you like to see if he will come up and join us. I need to rest and will you call Tony Farrell, I need to take at least a thirty-minute power nap. Jenna, you and your brother open the boxes and get everything laid out in order and make the phone calls. After that, then wake me and we will get started on a new part of our lives. In these boxes is the ability for us to help determine our own fates.”

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    Love it!!! Keep 'em coming.
    "You never had the things you thought you should have had and you'll not get them now..."

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    F5, F5, F5...Doesn't seem to be working...Thank you!
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    Yes, we want more. It's a great read. It'd be so much fun spending someone else's money like that.

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    It sure doesn't take long for the Moar hounds to gather.

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    Start Anew -Chapter 4

    As Davis fell off to sleep the Prince was wishing he was back at the Palace and not in the middle of the Royal Family crap storm he was in at this moment. It would be late that night the Council decided on what member of the Royal Family should be given up. The person had to be high enough up the family chain to be of consequence, yet not high enough to hinder the long term and short-term plans of the family hierarchy. Jenna and Lyle who had hurried down started the task of opening the boxes. Lyle pulled out his Extreme Ratio MPC Black with a 4.6-inch blade to cut the tape on the boxes. Jenna said, “where did you get that, I thought we couldn't have weapons.”

    “Lyle grinned and said, “seems that anything less than a five-inch blade is considered a tool in Saudi Arabia an Fahid agreed I needed some type of personal protection when I twisted his arm and he got me one of these. Fahid couldn't get anything from America but this is Italian and I had read about Extrema Ratio knives so I agreed and it is a beauty. Do you want to check the balance?”

    Jenna said, “you know I do now gimme.”

    Lyle handed the knife to Jenna knowing he would never get it back without bodily harm and reached in his pocket and pulled out its twin and laughed at the expression on Jenna face. She had been thinking about keeping the knife Lyle had handed her and he had been two or three steps ahead of her and had gotten her one of her own. Jenna said, “thanks little bro, seems you are finally learning to admire and respect your older and much wiser Sister.”

    Lyle said, “I will agree that you are an old maid and can't find a man. Wiser we both know the truth on that one. I do Love you, however and know you have good taste in knives and would want one of your own.” They both started to open the various and many packages.

    Lyle said, “sweet, Ruger LCR's must be a dozen in this box. They are all chambered in 22 WMR or 22 Magnum as most people say. They are the models without the shrouded hammer. That is the model I like best myself.” Lyle picked one up out of the box and proclaimed, “mine” and put it in his painter shorts front pocket with a big flourish of hand movement.

    Jenna said, “you big doufas, you don't even have any rounds for the weapon, what good is it, to you.” Lyle looked at his sister with a serious face and said, “first off at least now I can point it at someone and they may hesitate or something. Secondly my small brained Sister, with all these boxes don't you think there may be a box with some ammo for the revolvers.”

    Jenna gave her brother a one fingered universal salute and said, “I know there is I am sitting here looking at least 5000 rounds Winchester Super-X in 40 grain jacketed hollow point.”

    “Well, what are you waiting for Sis, I will trade you a Ruger LCR for a few hundred rounds of Winchester Super-X,” said Lyle handing a revolver to his Sister. Jenna took the revolver and handed a couple of 100 round packs to her brother who looked like a kid on Christmas morning. Lyle took the ammo and opened one of the one hundred round plastic boxes and pulled out six rounds and quickly loaded his Ruger. He then laid the gun down on the floor beside him and started back opening boxes. Opening his second box he found more Ruger revolvers and as he was started for another box, he said, “Sis do you think that maybe we should be keeping and inventory of the stuff in the boxes.”

    “Little Brother sometimes you do use that thing on your shoulders for something other than a hat rack for New Era Baseball caps. I will get my computer, you open and count and I will put the results in a spread sheet,” Jenna announced as she got up and retrieved her laptop and opened Excel to start a spread sheet. As she opened the program and set the parameters she said, “5000 rounds of 22 WMR Hollow Points Winchester Super-X and 24 Ruger LCR 22 WMR revolvers, anything else Lyle.

    Lyle replied, “I am opening another box but it has a lot of packing material on top. I count fourteen plastic boxes with Kel-Tec PMR-30 22 WMR pistol written on the side of the box. Opening the one of the boxes he said, “pistol and one extra magazine in the plastic case.” Jenna added the new addition to her spreadsheet as Lyle laid on the plastic cases by his Ruger revolver and started for the next box.

    The opening of the boxes and inventorying of the weapons, ammo and gear went on for nearly an hour and fifteen minutes when Davis sat up and said, “Santa Claus came while I was asleep. I like these types of power naps. What have you got, Jenna and Lyle?”

    Lyle said, “to make it short a bunch of Ruger LCR revolvers, a good many Kel-Tec PMR-30s and a whole bunch of Glock 17L's and suppressors for them We have two Sig-Sauer P-226 Tactical pistols and ammo and gear for all of the weapons.”

    Jenna said, “I have the exact numbers in a spread sheet, he summed it up pretty good though. Dad would you like a revolver or a pistol, Lyle and I have already picked a revolver and one of the Kel-Tecs and one of the Glocks and the holsters for them.”

    Davis said, “well pick me up what you have gotten and add an extra Kel-Tec and an extra Glock for me and ones for yourselves also. Two Glocks and two Kel-Tecs if what I said before was confusing and the extra gear.”

    As the Rogers were handing out weapons to themselves and generally having a good old time the Prince was trying to stay calm. In his quest to keep the noose as far away from his side of the table and his neck as humanely possible. The Prince thought to himself, I don't know if this will speed up the timetable or they will use the trial and subsequent death to get the masses fired up about the Infidels and the Great Satan or they will just move up the date. He decided he needed more information. If everything was already in place they would up the timetable if the bombs were still here in Saudi Arabia or Iran they would make the trial and death a spectacle and rile up the masses for more support. He was so deep in thought that his aide had to elbow him and repeat the question for him to answer. The Prince began, “I beg forgiveness for lapse. The issue here is so disturbing. Our, on General Intelligence Directorate (GID) actually caused part of this problem and we all seem to be ignoring the cause of the problem and treating the symptoms. We all know that in a venture of this magnitude some eggs will have to broke to make the omelet. We also know that if you break eggs sometimes there is a mess to clean up. We were prepared for this from the start, knowing it was inevitable. Why now are we losing sight of the goals and not making sure we don't have to have another meeting such as this.”

    As he stopped taking the room broke into an uproar of pointing fingers, Allah be praised was shouted to the roof tops and finally the King had to get his guards to calm down the crowd. The King speaking for the first time at the meeting said, “it seems that Prince Salman, has brought to light the real problem not the one we have been dickering about for the last few hours. Also, the Prince has shown our short shortsightedness about this matter and how what we can affect both the outcomes now and in the future. I am making a decision right now, we are going to adjourn this meeting and eat the food that is already being prepared and come back in a week refreshed and with new ideas of our problems within the GID. Also, within the organization that is carrying out Allah will for the Great Satan and their allies. We need to seek the council of Allah on our prayer mats. It would behoove us to find out what the leadership of the group is doing about cleaning up the mess from the making of the omelet as Prince Salman has reminded us, with his eloquent speech. Prince Salman did not point fingers just offered questions about how we were trying to solve the problem. To him I say Allah's Blessings for you and your home,” and with that the King was helped up and rushed out of the room with bodyguards surrounding him front, back, left, and right.

    Prince Salman leaned over and told his Secretary to get the cars ready they were not staying for supper. I will beg for many pardons from the King's servant and say I have other business to attend. The Secretary said, “I think that is the best judgment, sir. This could get ugly over some wine and the hookah. I will get the others moving to get the cars pulled around as soon as possible and we will be awaiting you at the front door. Should I call in the helicopter, sir?”

    “Considering what just happened, I think that is a must and warn the Palace of possible attacks, even before I am home,” said Prince Salman and turned and went towards the front of the house.

    As the Prince was walking out to the awaiting Mercedes - Benz limousine his Secretary was talking with Security back at the Palace and warning them of the possibility of attack. The helicopter reported in that he was two minutes out and by the time they got to the gate he would be on site if they wanted to get started with the convoy. The driver announced that they were pulling out and that he wanted the radio channel with the co-pilot in contact at all times.

    Davis said, “we need to get to get Gail, Tommy, Fahid and Albah down here as they are going to be given a pair of the Kel-Tecs and the Ruger LCR. That way we will have a commonality of weapons and ammo until we move to the nine-millimeter Glocks and Ruger Speed-Six's, SP-101's or some other two-inch combat magnum. I always liked the Speed-Six because of the Six they don't call it a Speed-Five a Speed-Eight would be even better. The Smith & Wesson 627 would be the only production model that fits that criteria to my knowledge or possibly a re-barreled 686. The 627 doesn't have a full grip and doesn't meet a Combat magnum in my opinion.

    Lyle said, “Fahid is right outside the door and I imagine so is Albah and your two door guards what about them. Jenna, you get our guards and I will call Tommy and Gail to come up here. I could tell by the face he made Dad didn't count his guards.”
    Jenna was already up walking to the door when Lyle got Gail on his cell phone and requested that Tommy and her come up to his Father's room.

    Gail said, “we will be there in a moment,” noticing the excitement in the voice of Lyle. Gail thought if only Lyle noticed these small things about me. I would be glad to be more than just friends. Do you think I should tell him that Thomas and I have never been the couple he thinks we are? We did date a couple of times and decided that it was awkward, very awkward!

    She turned from her desk and while getting up said, “Tommy, Lyle and his Dad want our presence at his Dad's room, now.” As Tommy and Gail were making their way upstairs to see Lyle and his Dad, Jenna and the two guards had already made the short trip back into her Dad's room. Upon entering Albah went into security mode pulling her weapon and trying to cover the room and specifically Davis who was loading a magazine into the second of his brace of PMR-30's. The other was already loaded and hanging in the Galco Miami Classic horizontal shoulder holster.

    Albah said in her best command voice, “drop the weapon Davis and remove the second weapon from the shoulder holster, slow and easy.” Both Jenna and Lyle stepped between her and their Father and said, “whoa, whoa, Albah you have the wrong idea,” said Jenna. “The Prince gave us these weapons as she pointed to the weapons and boxes of gear all over the room,” she continued.

    Fahid reached and grabbed the gun removing it from Albah and said, “I should have told you, the Head of Security had these delivered a couple of hours ago and told me about them. It eluded me that you may have not been in the loop.” It was at that fragile moment that Gail and Tommy decide to enter the room with the door being opened by one of the door guards. The moment got more complicated and the small room became more dangerous, until Davis in his most command voice said, “everybody stops, and shut up! Okay, now, Albah, no one is here to hurt you, Abbas you and Badr everything is cool in here and Fahid, Thanks and please return Ms. Albah's weapon. Davis continued, “okay, now that we have everyone on the same page, Abbas and Badr you can leave now and thanks for your help. Ms. Albah, are you hurt.”

    Albah dropped her head and said, “a thousand apologies for pointing my weapon at you Mr. Davis. I will report to the Head of Security and resign my position immediately,” as she bowed and started to back towards the door to leave.

    Davis said, “you will do no such thing young Lady you are a guard for my children and part of the security here at the palace. You walked into a situation that you were unaware and you reacted to the imagined threat. So, good job by you and also, Fahid and my children. I thank you all for the proper responses in this unusual situation. Now to the good stuff, Fahid, Albah, Tommy, and Gail, Christmas has come in late May. Lyle and Jenna, would you two, hand out the weapons and gear to our friends and guest.”

    As Lyle was handing out weapons to the two guards and his two friends, the Prince's convoy was racing for the safety of the palace grounds and having to change their route because a multi car pileup along their route. The Driver called the Palace as they were over half way home and requested additional support to leave from the Palace and come to meet them on route Beta they would be entering route Beta at point six of the route at three, two, one. The Palace Security sent the two cars that had been waiting at the gate on ready reserve out the gate on one plus three, they were pushing the Benz SUV's to 120 kilometers per hour in ten seconds trying to reach the Prince and his convoy. As the convoy turned onto route Beta about ten miles from the Palace and safety the Helicopter co-pilot warned of company coming from both directions four Mercedes 500 class sedans with tinted out windows and coming fast looking to intersect the convoy about three kilometers down the road at the next major intersection. He informed the Security head that if the convoy would pick up the pace they could possibly beat the other cars to the intersection and blow on through to the palace. The driver of the limousine informed the convoy drivers to push the envelope up thirty kilometers per hour to 120 and prepare for contact in two minutes or less.

    The helicopter pilot asked the security detachment head if he had weapons free on the other chasers and the Security head said, “not unless they fire on you or the convoy, do you understand?” The Pilot answered, “yes sir, I do.” Over his head set he said, “open the doors and man and charge the weapons for fire, wait for my Command on attack.” As the gunners in the helicopter were making ready the Co-pilot patted the Pilot on the arm and smiled, while nodding his head affirming he had received the message from the Security head and understood. The gunners affirmed all ready, locked and loaded. The convoy was blowing through the intersection just ahead of the would-be assassins when the last vehicle in the Prince's convoy was hit by the chasers from the left side. The helicopter co-pilot shouted weapons free and the two Fabrique National Herstal FN MAG 58M machine guns in 7.62 X 51mm opened up on the aggressors with armor piercing round every fifth projectile. The aggressors armored Mercedes were no problem for the twin gunners as the other three Benz chase cars had fell in behind the convoy. The helicopter disabled the crashed chase vehicle and went in chase of the enemies of the Prince. Catching them in less than twenty seconds the gunners began to take out the attacking vehicles one after the other by the time the helicopter got to the second in line vehicle it turned off a side road and the first one did the same breaking off the attack. The door gunners continued to lay the rounds to the second vehicle even as it turned. Hoping to stop it before they could get away. One of the door gunners hit pay dirt as the Benz exploded and coasted to a burning stop. As this was happening the two vehicles from the palace met the convoy one continuing to help the crashed guards and the other falling into the back of the convoy with a nicely executed one hundred and eighty reverse slide U-turn and followed the convoy to the palace and safety. As the Benz SUV approached the tangled mess from the attackers crashing into the last SUV in the convoy. One of the guards from the convoy was pulling what appeared to be the driver out of the SUV. They pulled to a stop and immediately went to check on the others in the crashed vehicle and found that the crash had killed the two guards in the back seats. Luckily the crash and the strafing run by the helicopter had gave the attackers their just rewards. They loaded the two injured guards into the Benz and took off back to the Palace and medical attention for their compatriots.

    As the Prince's abused convoy rolled through the Palace gates, the head of Security was visiting Davis in his room at his request. Davis said, “we have all these new toys and we would like to schedule some time at the range.” The Head of Security said, “the Prince said that you would make this request and it is ready right now if that is sufficient.”

    Davis said, “I like the Prince he is a thinking man's, thinking man. We will be down in five minutes, I just need to put on my shoes and gather up some ammo.”
    The Security Head replied, “it will be waiting with all the required targets and hearing protection and instructors if needed.”

    Davis said, “thank you, we will see you in a few minutes and is all this stuff safe here in my room un-attended, okay.”

    The Security head smiled and answered, “we will secure the room to your standards Mr. Davis.”

    Davis said, “everybody, make sure you have your weapons, your magazines and pouches, and your holsters on and your magazines are filled and ready. We have the extra ammo to refill those magazines when we are through with our target practice and let's get a move on down to the range in the basement.”

    As Davis and the new owners of weapons were making their way down the stairs to the first floor of the Palace, Prince Salman and his entourage were coming through the front door. The two unaware groups both in their own little world and conversing among themselves almost collided with each other in the atrium way of the Palace. Davis turned and placed his arms with his palms up out in front of him in the universal stop signal and said to his group, “stop and take account of your surroundings.” They all received the message Davis was sending loud and clear. The group realized that they had completely lost their situational awareness and Albah and Fahid were no different they had had just been along for the ride. If the group coming in the front door had of meant bodily harm they would have failed their duties as body guards miserably and their clients and probably themselves would have most likely perished.

    Davis said, “Prince please excuse our moving through your home like a bunch of bulls in a China shop. We have just handed out the beautiful presents that you had delivered today and were making our way downstairs to become more acquainted with the new toys. I personally would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the delivery of the weapons and on such short notice.”

    Prince Salman smiled for the first time in the last few hours and said, “it would seem that you my friend are always one step ahead of the adversaries or the bad things that are coming our way. We had another attack on the way from the meeting and took casualties and I am sure that the orders I placed today may be impossible to make tomorrow even for me and I am sure they will be in a week. I am glad I doubled the original order and added a few extra items that I think you all will like. I know the whole order didn't arrive is there enough left that a poor Christian Prince in Saudi Arabia may have a set and release some tension with you at the range.”
    Davis said, “Lyle you heard the man, he needs a set of everything including the Glocks. What are you doing still standing here for, get the man his new weapons.” As Lyle turned to head up the stairs, Fahid was matching his movements like a shadow. Maybe the lackadaisical attitude and the semi-scolding by Davis could be exactly the medicine the Doctor ordered.

    Prince Salman said, “I think we will need to be in America well before six months now, probably no later than five months, maybe four we have lots of work to do.”
    Jenna said, “you have in an email a Power Point presentation of the house and grounds in America. There will be a couple of videos here by 10:00 am in the morning Fed Ex we were going to recommend the purchase in the morning at 10:30 at the scheduled meeting. There is more there than originally thought and we can get the property at about half what we thought. Everything goes well, we think we can close by the end of week if we make an offer tomorrow.”

    The Prince said, “it runs in the family, I see Davis. If it is good with you we can go ahead and make the offer tonight, as far as I am concerned, as time is a commodity we don't have and it could get shorter all the time.”

    Jenna looked at her Father and said, “I will go call, Jane and Tony and get the ball rolling, with the Prince and your permission.” The two patriarchs said almost simultaneously, “go and make the offer.” The Prince added, “and give the agent the ability to add five hundred grand to the offer immediately if they balk and the offer is only good for twelve hours. We need to get this property and get started.”
    As Jenna went to make her call, with Albah in her pocket, the Prince said, “where is Lyle, I am ready to do some target practice.”

    Lyle coming down the steps two and three at a time said, “Prince, I am ready also,” and handed the box of goodies to the Prince and continued on to the range as he busted through the gaggle of people like a man on a mission.

    Davis laughed and said, “troops move out,” and followed Lyle towards the basement and the range. A few of the original Security group with the Prince followed him to the basement and the others went to their assigned positions or reported to the Security Command post for new assignments. Lyle and Fahid walked into the range and the Head of Security was already there sending 22 WMR rounds down range from a Kel-Tec PMR-30. He was firing the weapon at a rate of about two rounds per second at a target at ten meters down range and alternating between two rounds to the ten-ring center mass and the next two going to the head. The Security Chief also had a target at fifteen yards in the lane beside him that the third set of two rounds would go to the center mass and the second set to the head. As the boys walked in he sent the final two rounds all the way to the back of the range in the third lane was a virgin target twenty meter away. His final two rounds went to the head of the last target. He laid the gun down on the shooting station stand after removing the magazine and locking back the slide. He looked at Lyle and Fahid and said, “these things shoot great and the trigger is just amazing. Lyle your Dad has good taste in weapons. I would not feel under gunned in any pistol confrontation with 30 rounds of 22 Magnum and the PMR-30. I would have thought of these as toys, they are anything but, and I got 14 inches of penetration and 98 percent recovery in ballistic gelatin. Truly an amazing weapon and ammo combination he picked.”

    Davis heard the last of the conversation as he walked into the shooting range. Davis said, “the data was out there, people were just not paying attention. My physical state, with me being week and the Ladies whom, I didn't know how many had shot a pistol before. The data about the felt recoil and the large number of bullets and the guns weight led me to believe that it was the ideal weapon for us to start our training.”

    Reem, the head of the Prince’s security team said, “I think you have made a wise choice. I would like to try the Ruger LCP in 22 WMR. I have lots of revolver experience so I wasn't as needing of a data dump on it as I was the Kel-Tec pistol.”
    Davis breached the cylinder on his Ruger stepped forward and handed it to Reem saying, “here is mine and yes, it is truly loaded, if you close the cylinder. They are a pleasure to shoot and they shoot to point of aim. Ruger did a very good job on the ergonomics on these revolvers.”

    As Davis and Reem were talking about the new weapons and their pros and cons, the others in the group were getting ready to do some shooting; Jenna was placing the call to Jane Farrell and Tony to tell them to make the offer on the land. Tony answered the phone on the second ring, “Farrell residence, Tony speaking.”
    Jenna said, “Mr. Farrell, this is Jenna Rogers, Davis's daughter we spoke earlier today. I would like to get you and you wife on the line at one time if at all possible, so we can talk business.”

    Tony said, “one moment, please.” Jenna could hear him walking through the house in quest of his wife. Tony hollered and said, “Jane are you in your sewing room.” Jenna heard a soft reply from Jane, in the laundry room dear.

    Tony said, “baby, we need you on the phone, it is Jenna Rogers about the house on the lake.” Tony said, “Jenna she is coming, I am going into the den where we can put you on the TV system so I can hear you better. I will get it setup while Jane gets in here from the back of the house. Jenna do you mind if I record the conversation, so I don't have to take notes. I will be glad to destroy the recording as soon as I am through with the notes.”

    Jenna though for a minute and said, “that is fine Mr. Farrell, just remember that we need complete confidentiality on this project the buying of the house and the remodeling and restoration that you are going to do. No one and I mean no one can know who the buyer is on the project or what you are doing at the project. I would say that even if you have to bring in a crew from out of town or temporary help to keep it quite in our home town and the area. Maybe a crew from Charlotte or Atlanta would be best.” As Jenna was finishing up, Jane came into the room and said, “hey Jenna, was doing some ironing. Both Tony and myself like our stuff ironed and starched, I guess we are showing our age.”

    Jenna said, “I don't think trying to dress nice and look sharp has an age on it Ms. Farrell. Are you ready to talk business or do you need to get some paperwork or something?” Jane answered, “no, my desk is right here if I need anything. how can I help you and your Dad?”

    Jenna said, “we want to offer, nine-point one million dollars for the property and an extra 100 thousand dollars if it can close by the end of the week. That is fifty thousand, extra for you and the owner each. This will be a cashier's check or direct bank transfer deal no credit checks or banking stuff involved. Jane if they balk, we are giving you as our agent the ability to up the bid 500 thousand on the spot. We are willing to walk and we want you to tell them that if they get greedy. The bid is only good for six hours, that should let them know we are willing to walk.”
    Jane said, “are you sure you want to make the offer only good for six hours, that is not customary in these parts.”

    Jenna said, “okay, call them tonight and tell them they have to twelve o'clock tomorrow morning. Also, if they accept the offer we want to be able to start our restoration day after tomorrow. That is Tony if you can have a crew ready by then. As I stated before we will pay cost plus 25 percent on certified books and we will also pay the already agreed to bonuses to you personally for quick completion. Dad added, that he will also pay you personally five-grand extra a week for you Project Managing the whole job.”

    Tony said, “tell your Dad he shouldn't twist a man arm to get him to help him,” and Tony laughed a deep belly laugh and continued, “tell him it's done just like if we had shaken hands. I will have a crew onsite at day light day after tomorrow if the sale is approved.”

    Jenna said, “Dad always picks the right person for the job somehow, he has a talent for it and it seems he has again.”

    Jane said, “Jenna, I am going to try and get the owners on the phone right now. Luckily they live in California so it is not so late there.” Jane hit the number on her speed dial for the client and waited. The phone rang three times and Jane was ready to leave a message, when Ira Goldsmith answered the phone. “Hello, this is Ira, Jane is this you, tell me you have good news and my property has a buyer.”

    Jane replied, “Ira, you must be mind-reader, I do have an offer a really good offer in this economy are you sitting down. I have a cash offer for nine-point one million and all closing cost.” Jane waited for what seemed an eternity and then said, “Ira are you still there, you are not having a heart attack or something are you, are you alright?”
    Ira answered, “Did you say cash offer of nine one all in.”

    Jane said, “yes, Ira I did and it is a good offer the money is good too, already checked the buyer.”

    Ira said, “say no more sold, send me the paperwork by email. I want to get this done before they back out I have been regretting not taking seven million.”

    “Ira there is one other clause in the terms,” Jane added.

    Ira said, “now we get the real deal, he wants me to finance eight-point nine five of the deal for a hundred years at two percent or something along those lines, am I right.”

    Jane laughed at the harangue by Ira and said, “not exactly, there is another fifty thousand in the deal cash for you if we close by the end of the week and they can start remodeling day after tomorrow.”

    Ira said, “can I close by proxy or over Skype or something. If so, it is a done deal send me the paper work and I will sign it and get it back to you tonight. I have meetings in the morning. If something comes up call me on the cell, someone will get me out of the meetings. I need for this to happen.”

    Jane said, “Ira give me ten minutes and I will send you an email with the package for the sale. Ira, I will call you in fifteen minutes and we will walk through the dotting of the I's and crossing of the T's. Talk to you in a bit, bye.” Jane turned towards Tony with the biggest smile ever and said, “Jenna could you here the conversation, with the property owner.”

    Jenna said, “yes, I did, now. What do you need from us.”

    Jane said, “I am going to email this to you and get your Dad's signature and I guess I need a million in earnest money for the deal to be binding.”

    Jenna said, “send the paper work for signature and the bank account number for the transfer of the million and you will have it in ten minutes. I am hanging up now and I will call back, as soon as we finish the money transfer and the signatures. Thank you so much for making this happen,” and she hung up the phone and went to look for her Dad and the Prince.

    As she was heading downstairs to the range, the Prince and Reem were getting out shot by Davis and Lyle and truth be known Gail, also. Davis made sure to get Albah not to keep her score correctly in reverence to the Saudi customs of men being superior. Albah didn't understand the request from Davis until she saw Gail shoot, the reasoning was apparent at that time. Gail could definitely outshoot her and Fahid and maybe even the Prince. It would be close with her boss, Lyle and Davis on the other hand were a different story, they were machines Albah thought until Lyle had come over and gave her a few pointers. Her shooting got better and if her heart would slow down from being with Lyle her shooting would be even better. Albah sighed and thought Lyle sure smelled good.

    Davis said to Reem and the Prince, “the newest thing in combat shooting is not two to center mast or the chest and one to the head. It is two to the pelvic area and one to the head.” Davis set up three targets, one at five meters, one at seven meters and one at ten meters. He took his Kel-Tecs and put three rounds in the magazines and chambered one of the rounds and placed them in their holsters, after completing this task he checked the Ruger to make sure it was loaded and put it back in the cross-draw holster on his back. He turned to the Prince and Reem and said, “I want one of you to say go and the other holler front or back. The front or back target will be the one I have to fire on first.” Davis stepped up to the firing line and said, “shooter ready.”

    Reem hollered, “go” and the Prince said, “middle,” trying to confuse Davis. Davis drew the pistol from the left side of the shoulder holster with his right hand, pushing it forward and bringing his off hand to his right hand in a modified Weaver combat stance, as if he was a robot. Davis caught the front sight as he indexed the right hip area of the middle target, when the front sight cleared on the hip he fired moving the pistol to his left as the target area and the front post became close he fired the second round from the Kel-Tec. He immediately moved his point of aim to the head and fired his last shot from the pistol, the slide locked back he shoved the pistol into the front of his pants. Drawing the second PMR-30 with his left hand and preceded to duplicate the task in reverse on the ten-meter target. As the slide locked back he stuck the pistol in his pants and drew the Ruger placing a shot in each hip one in the head and the remaining three into the ten-ring for giggles.” Davis placed the Ruger in its Galco cross draw holster and removed the first of the Kel-Tecs from his waistband. He dropped the magazine and fed it a new one chambered a round and placed it back in its holster on his left side. He immediately repeated the process for his left-hand weapon and said, “not my best work ever, but the Prince cheated,” and laughed at the expressions on his two friends faces.

    Reem said, “that was probably under ten seconds for twelve rounds on three targets with three draws and three different weapons, that was amazing.”

    Davis said, “Jerry Micelek is amazing, I am better than the tenth percentile probably, but not amazing.”

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    Very good thank you,

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    Great story, thank you for more.

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    Very good thank you,
    You are most welcome. Hope you all enjoy my feeble attempts at writing.


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    Wow, very good, thank you.
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    223, calling your writing "a feeble attempt" should be spread on my compost pile.

    It is still good being read again.
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    Start Anew -Chapter 5

    As Davis was finishing his sentence, Jenna came bouncing into the room and pranced over to her Dad and the Prince and said, “I am going to need some signatures and a million dollars in the next fifteen minutes if you want to be in that property by the end of the week. Jane is emailing me the paperwork to sign and the bank account numbers for the million dollars in earnest money. If we can get this done in the next few minutes we will close in the am on Friday, four days from now. We will get the property for Nine point one million and the 100 thousand for quick closing and Tony can have a full crew there, daylight morning after next.”

    The Prince said, to Reem, “get my Financial Secretary down here pronto and tell him to bring his computer we have a house to buy for the Rogers. Also, tell him I will be buying a couple of those vehicles like Davis is buying and I want to get a half dozen Toyota Hi-Lux diesels all four doors sent to Davis's mechanic to upgrade. Davis and Jenna thank you so much for taking care of this business. The money part is easy it is the details that get you mired down and you have done this work effortlessly. The results are amazing. Now, I want to decide how many people we are going to bring to this oasis. We need different skill sets and also people to guard the assets from the people who would take it or would come for our souls.”

    Davis said, “what about the Doctor's and there people that sure would be nice to have around and Emergency Room surgeon or one with battle field trauma and wounds would be excellent also.”

    Jenna said, “we need to get up to the room and get the ball rolling. I am sure I have emails by now and we also need to transfer a bunch of money and decide how the ownership will be done.”

    Prince Salman said, “I owe your Dad a house and this is your new home. I will pay the taxes for ten years and put into an Annuity enough for general up keep and taxes every year for the property. This is my gift for you and your family Davis, so just hush and say I can have one of the guest houses for the duration of bad times. I am going to build another wing on the house and possibly a second home. If the Land Baron will allow me on the property and at least one more set of hangars for the helicopters.”

    As they entered the room Davis went and laid on the bed and Prince Salman went to sit between him and Jenna at the desk. Davis, I have rifles coming tomorrow, H&K 416s as you requested. They have ten-inch competition heavy fluted barrels and all the trimmings including the new GemTech suppressors, MagPul UBR collapsible stocks, the Atlantic Research Marketing Systems -ARMS - SIR hand guard shrouds in eight-inch and ERGO pistol grips with EO Tech 552 LBC sights and co indexed Troy Industries flip up sights front and rear with night site inserts. Half the rifles will come with EO Tech G33 STS 3X magnifiers. I also ordered a few H&K MP5SD's as you requested.

    Davis said, “Prince this all sounds great and we definitely need the weapons, however how will we get them into the United States.”

    The Prince laughed and said, “one of two ways they will be sent to one of my weapons manufacturing facilities in the United States if we have time. Then we will and have them delivered to the site by one of the employees as R&D materials. If not, we will put them on my plane and declare it diplomatic immune cargo and fly it right into the site with us. We need to stretch the runway approximately 1200 -1500 feet for the 747-400 fully loaded and wet runway. Normally at the altitude of approximately 500 feet above sea level the 3750 feet is plenty enough. I like to have all the extra length we can get in the time allotted.”

    “I don't know anyone who does that kind of work that we could trust. I think Tony will have someone or at least know someone who does. Seems like the list keeps getting longer not shorter,” said Davis.

    As he was speaking Arwa the Prince's Financial Secretary came in and went to stand beside the Prince asking how he could be of assistance. Prince Salman said, “I need you to wire fifteen million into Davis's personal account and I need it to happen in five minutes or less cause a soon as it hits his bank, I want you to help Jenna put one million in an account in America for their new home.”

    Arwa said, “it will only take a moment, I will bring it from the Palace house account. It has gotten a little heavy anyway as we have not been entertaining here as much as usual since the attack and our guest arrived.” Arwa opened his lap top and his fingers started dancing across the keyboard at amazing speeds. The speed of a man who knew his business and did his job professionally. He would grunt or say something to himself every few seconds and reach up and touch his right ear. About two minutes later he said, “it is completed, the money should be ready for movement in about ninety seconds. The security settings that Lyle applied gives us more time in case someone tries to move our money without permission. Lyle told me that the new buffer time would give him time to address the situation and apply a good old computer butt whipping to whomever was trying to take the money. Lyle will personally, also fry all of the computer components of the culprit, while sending their complete hard drive to Interpol.”

    Jenna took that as her cue to start her computer making contact with her Dad's bank account for the transfer of the money to America and Jane's earnest money account. As she was checking the account for the transfer it popped up with a deposit of fifteen million dollars from a Grand Cayman bank, with an account holders name of SAGE, Inc., DBA Seaside Housing Authority of Jeddah. Jenna said, “who is the Seaside Housing Authority of Jeddah?”

    Arwa said, “that is one of the many government sponsored accounts of the Prince, after a little tweaking and interpretive accounting of his Financial staff. The money is from the Prince. It however would take a month or better to track it anywhere near the Royal Family of Saud, much less the Prince.” Jenna started the process of transferring one million one hundred thousand to the account of Jane's real estate firm’s earnest money account. As she hit the send button she turned to her Dad and the Prince and said, “does this mean that Dad will be the person who needs to sign all the papers for the house or should we at least put it in Mom's Baseball Trading Card Companies name as the buyer. I checked the S-Corp is still valid even though she or Dad really haven't done any Transactions in about four years.”
    The Prince said, “anything we can do to make this deal as obtuse as possible will help.”

    Jenna said, “that is cool that way I can sign as, I was the corporate Secretary and Treasurer. That will make it a little harder for anyone to trace, because I don't own anything. I don't even have a credit card in my name. I have always just used Dad's.” Jenna signed the papers and sent them back to Jane with the changes being that the Corporation was buying and not her Dad.

    As she was emailing the papers back stateside to Jane Farrell, Lyle, Tommy, Gail, and Fahid were finishing off the extra ammo that had been left over when the others had to leave to do business. They forgot that Jenna had not had a chance to shoot at all and her allotment was part of the ammo they shot up in her absence. Reem was talking with his security forces and informing them of the Davis family, Tommy and Gail, the Prince would also now be wearing weapons at all times. They were now and forever being part of the Security force and any and all things that involved the security of the Palace or the Davis family they should be informed of the hazards. He also said, “do not take them lightly, Davis, Lyle, Gail and Tommy are all as good with a weapon as I and I am told that Jenna is also. Do not underestimate their abilities to defend themselves, you have seen Davis and Jenna in the gym working on Martial Arts, well weapons are what they are really good at in the martial arts they just dabble in the others.

    Davis said, “if you use your hands to defend yourself sooner or later you are going to hurt yourself hitting an opponent than you hurt them, heads and bones are hard and hands are delicate instruments.”

    We also, have new treats for the Prince since the meetings today and now we only go out with the helicopter. As a precaution, we are adding four motorcycles, two in front and two in rear to the convoys for an added layer of protection. The motorcycle riders will be carrying H&K MP5s and can get them from the armory. If you are one of our motorcycle riders get to the range and practice with the MP-5s. That is all get back on station.

    Early the next morning in Saudi Arabia, Jenna receives an email from Jane that she has received the earnest money and that her seller has signed his parts of the paperwork. She has set the closing for Friday at ten o'clock am EDT and asks how do they want to handle the closing and transfers of money and ownership. As Jenna is receiving this email, Davis has already met with Dr. Carver and Dr. Windgate and has had his first shake of the morning. He is lying flat of his back on a bench press with one 45-pound plate per side and one twenty-five-pound plate and complaining to anyone who will listen that not a year ago he started his first set on the bench at two plates, 225 pounds for a dozen repetitions to warm up. His trainer says, well give me ten reps big guy and I will be happy as this is your next to last set and maybe we can get eight at 205 if you work hard. Davis blew reached to the bar and put his right index finger right outside of the groove on the Olympic bar and did the same with his left as he had for years, wrappings his fingers around and locking his wrist. This was a rote memory procedure that he had repeated so many times that it was part of his being. Davis lifted his back up off the bench with his arms and settled back into his most natural position on the bench. Closed his eyes and pulled in a big breath of air and release the air, he repeated the procedure a second time preparing his body, mind and soul for the lifts to come. On the third inhale, the bar came out of the rack and down to his chest the air exploded out of his lugs as the bar went upwards from his chest. His spotter / trainer said, “one, good rep nine more, and two, gimme three, and four, five, good work Davis, strong lifts, and six, seven, three more stay strong don't you quit on me, eight and down, good lift, stay strong, nine, one more all you don't make me have to help, ten good lift now rack it.”

    Davis laughed and said, “child's play,” and did four more reps and almost completed the fifteenth rep. The trainer said, “where did that come from.”

    Davis said, “I think you need to ask our good Dr. Carver. I just have more energy than I had before.” Davis was able to do twelve full reps of 205 pounds and ten reps of 225, or as he said, “two plates finally, I am almost out of the little boy weights, thanks Doc.”

    Dr. Carver said, to Dr. Windgate, “he really does know his body most people would not show that kind of increase for a week or so, he does it after a half day. He just knew that his body and muscles were able to do more. His body showed him and he listened. Davis may be my outlier in my study. I may have to throw out his results, because they are so far above the mean and the median.”

    Dr. Windgate chuckled and said, “Davis wouldn't sign your paper work for being in the study anyway, you are being paid to get him strong and healthy again, not to study his results. Which as you say would probably be an anomaly anyway, so just enjoy working with a good patient and person and not a number, for a change.” The workout continued for the full two hours time slot that was assigned. Most of the time before Davis was done by the hour and half to one hour and forty-five minutes of the time slot. Then he used the rest of the time cooling down and doing some core work. Davis walked up to Dr. Wingate while toweling down his sweat soaked face and arms and said, “we are going to have to put some assigned time in for core work now. I can use the whole two hours on my major muscle groups now.” Dr. Carver handed him another bottle of this time a orangish-yellow concoction and said, “how do you feel,” while her assistants started taking blood pressure, temperature and a lot of other measurements that only her team would understand.
    Davis said, “Doc, to be honest the best I have felt in a long time. I probably had another thirty minutes in me.”

    Dr. Carver said, “now Davis, please just do the assigned times for right now. We do not want to have any injuries and have to start over and worse yet, loose the gains we have made, to this point.”

    Davis said, “don't do stupid, I get it Doc. This drink is not near as tasty as the ones before. Do I get a choice on taste or is it dominated by the contents?”

    Dr. Carver said, “you are not lucky, Davis, that is the only one we can't really change the taste. That seems to be about as good as that one gets. You only have one of those a day though, at this time every morning. I hope it doesn't ruin your breakfast.”

    Davis said, “That is the one thing I don't understand these big drinks don't seem to fill me up at all. If anything, they kind of make me hungrier.” Dr. Carver slapped her hands together and did a little happy dance and said, “that is great news. They do not have that effect on everyone.”

    As Davis and the Doctor were going over his new regiment, Jenna, Tommy, Gail, and of course Albah were going to breakfast and all were wondering were Lyle and Fahid were this morning. Lyle never missed a chance to eat thought Gail, he is an eating machine, he eats like he ought to weight three hundred pounds not two hundred and twenty-five pounds and lean at that weight. She was beginning to see what all the other local girls had been seeing for a while. Being friends with Lyle and Tommy since grade school had dulled her feminine senses to Lyle it seemed. She muttered out loud though not meaning too, “time to up your game, girl.”

    Tommy said, “what does that mean, you are always talking in riddles.”

    “Nothing just thinking out loud about a systems problem, that I need to check on and maybe make some adjustments,” Gail replied. As they were setting down for the early breakfast, there were usually two, and sometimes three so everyone could set at one of the two large tables in the dining area. The Prince's table that sat sixteen and a second smaller table that sat ten and could be expanded to sixteen by adding leaf’s.

    The Prince and Evelyn came in and were seated by the servants. The Prince got a glass of Grapefruit juice and walked down to the other end of the table where the younger group was seated and said, “and where is my little food vacuum cleaner Lyle, this morning. They say, Davis ate more than Lyle before the attempted assassination and his injuries. How did his beloved Rose, cook enough for the two of them, Ms. Jenna?”

    “Well, we always had chickens and Dad always hunted Deer and Hogs, so we usually had a full freezer or two and Mom canned from the local pick your own farms near our home. We were always going to pick beans, tomatoes, okra, or something to can or freeze. Mom also, made her own bread from corn and wheat that she gets from the local farmers and then grind herself. After Mom passed was when the trouble hit for eating and Dad had to learn to cook. Like everything he does, he went at it full bore taking lessons and watching YouTube stuff, to learn and he is now actually as good a cook as Mom was, only different Dad does everything by a recipe and Mom just cooked,” answered Jenna.

    The Prince said, “do we have any news on the transactions, Ms. Jenna.”

    “We sure do, Jane said, everything is good. We are set for 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday. The proxy signing is good, she only wanted to know about the money.”
    “Get with Arwa and get him to show you how to transfer money in real time and everything will be golden on Friday. Are we still starting the remodeling tomorrow?”
    Jenna said, “I am going to talk with Tony and see if he needs any upfront money and find out about someone to lengthen the runway for you, Prince Salman.”
    “Seems the Rogers family has everything in order as usual, however do we need to have someone check on Lyle,” said the Prince.

    Albah said, “I will check,” and she called Fahid on her radio. Fahid answered immediately and said, “we were up late last night cleaning our weapons and Davis's also and just talking about shooting. Lyle sure knows a lot about it, I think we need to get him or Davis to give all the Security staff some lessons. They have a greater understanding of shooting than we have been taught and they shoot much better because of this training. Heck, Lyle dry fired the Ruger a hundred times last night saying he needed to get acquainted with the trigger. We will be there in two minutes Lyle is putting on and lacing up his Merrells.”

    The Prince heard the conversation and said, “I agree. We need to get with Remm and make this happen as soon as Lyle and or Davis has time.”

    Moments later Lyle walked into the dining area and said, “where can a man find a bite to eat here Prince, I am starving.”

    The Prince trying to stay with the Rogers sense of humor said, “well, Lyle had you been on time you could had had a good meal with us. As it is you will have to wait thirty more minutes for second breakfast.”

    “Ha, very funny, that' s a good try, you haven't finished your juice and Ms. Evelyn still has her tea seeping, not to mention all the forks and spoons are still on the table. Keen eyes spoil the joke, not to mention none of the great smells of breakfast have made it into the dining area, so again I ask, where is my food,” asked Lyle and sat down beside Tommy and across from Albah. Seems Lyle was making some adjustments in his view of the opposite sex today also.

    As Lyle was thinking about breakfast and the Prince was talking with Evelyn about why he thought she should not go to the Charity Runway Fashion event this afternoon with her friends. Davis was walking towards his room, in hopes of a nice long shower before breakfast. He was not making the hurried time that he usually made as the technicians of Dr. Carver would not let him walk for wanting to place some device on his chest, his back, his head or just somewhere on his body. Davis looked to Dr. Carver and said, “you have one more minute, sixty seconds, to complete whatever it is that you are testing. At that point, I will be to my room and if anyone tries to enter I am going to have one of my personal bodyguards shoot them if they cross the line into my doorway or touch me, are we clear, Dr. Carver.” She nodded her head demurely at Davis.

    Davis said, “Dr. Carver are we clear, is a question that requires a verbal response in the positive or negative. I repeat, are we clear?”

    She looked at him as if had grown horns and said, “yes Davis we are crystal clear. Everything doesn't have to be a case of you win, this is not a game.”

    Davis said, “good, that it is not a game. I am a grown man and games are for kids, men play sports if they are competing,” and turned and walked into his room dropping shirts, shoes, socks and pants as he walked towards the shower. The door to his room closed just as he started to drop the Under-Armor compression shorts he was wearing as underwear. Davis stepped into the shower he had grown to love over the last few weeks and decided his new house definitely needed one of these in his bathroom. He turned the water on cold to start and just stood there and let the cold-water sooth his muscles, after ten minutes he turned the water to hot and started his bath.

    Thirty or so minutes later Davis looked at his Seiko Kinetic Titanium watch and said to himself, I spent too much time in the shower again. Better hurry because I need to be wearing my weapons to set a good example. Davis donned the Kel-Tecs and the four extra magazines and the Ruger and extra speed strips and thought, I need a blade of some kind. I will see where Lyle got his it looked like a good blade. I need a couple of SOG Pentagon Elites and a CRKT Serengeti or two would be a good place to start. He finished dressing and went down to breakfast with the Doctors and their Techs and he hoped Remm would be there as he had requested. Davis took a couple of steps towards the door stopped and adjusted his shoulder holsters to bare the loads better and walked out the door heading towards a big breakfast. He had ordered two cathead biscuits opened and four eggs over easy, one placed on each half of one of the biscuits and four sausage patties one on top of each egg and all covered in sausage milk gravy. Davis thought of the first time he had ever had this little delicacy. One of the first professional teams he had played ball for was owned by an older Greek gentleman who had made his fortune in the restaurant business. He told Davis he started washing dishes when he was eight and had run every job one could have in the restaurant business, including Franchise Director and CEO before he retired art sixty-five to enjoy some of his money. Mr. George had been about seventy the first time he met Davis and fixed him this breakfast. Davis was sold on playing for the older Greek millionaire at the first bite of breakfast. Davis loved eating with Mr. George and listening to the stories he told of making it in the restraint business, some were hard, some were sad, others very colorful, but all had a true message of hard work, perseverance, playing fair, and stubborn pride, no matter what hand he had been dealt.

    Davis walked into the dining area as the younger gang was leaving and spoke to them all, asking most where their weapons were. Lyle, Fahid and Albah being the only ones wearing, Jenna had her Ruger in her small purse or at least that is what she told her Dad. He walked over and sat down on the left-hand side of the Prince across from the elegant Ms. Evelyn, saying, “I see you do not have your weapons on either, Prince Salman what part of all the time did we not understand.” the Prince laughed and Evelyn got a big kick out of Davis busting the Prince's chops and said, “Davis, you are one real piece of work. People have been killed in this country for less offense than that to one of the Royal family.”

    “Ms. Evelyn, if your husband wanted me dead, I am guessing he would not have brought me all the way from America and hired the Doctors and helped me to recover. Besides he is a Christian and he knows that killing me is a sin and that separates him from most if not all of the Royal Family and their actions,” said Davis.

    “So true and yet, profound,” said the Prince.

    Davis said, “has Reem been to breakfast yet. I wanted to talk with him about some weapons training for the rest of his security team, they are not up to the standards that are needed for weapons handling and shooting.”

    The Prince said, “great minds think alike, Lyle and Fahid were making that request to me this morning earlier and I thought it was a great idea. I have not expressed this to Reem yet and I also need to get with Arwa and see how the rest of our orders are coming along. He promised that we would have everything by close of business today. How are you feeling by the way, news of your great workout this morning was delivered to me? Please do not over do it, in your passionate quest to get back to where you were before the incident.”

    Davis laughed and said, “everyone tip toes around my getting shot numerous times, calling it the incident or the attack anything but you got shot a bunch of times Davis and how does that feel. Well it is feeling better everyday thanks to the Prince and his great Doctors. In case I haven't told you and Evelyn before, Thanks with all my heart and I mean that with all my being. Now where is the cook and the person who brings me food, a man could starve to death around here.”

    Evelyn said,” they are on their way and I had the famous Greek breakfast this morning only one biscuit and two patties, great is all I can say and reminds me of the farm and home.”

    Davis said, “will let you slide on the half breakfast it being your first time and you being a girl and all,” his laugh was infectious but her napkin did hit him square in the face.

    Jenna met with Arwa at his office to check with him about how to set the transfer up so it would be in real time. Arwa said, “do not worry Ms. Jenna I will be there to make sure it all works out and the money is delivered.” As they were talking and Jenna was leaving to go and call Jane and Tony. Reem and Davis's large plate of food arrived along with a large glass of Grapefruit juice and another of Cranberry juice, along with his glass of un-sweet green ice tea.

    Davis said, “if I drink all this I am going to have to have a lot of bathroom breaks at my next workout class.”

    Dr. Carver said, “no not really we are trying to get a little fluid retention in your system and we are going to overload you with liquids for the next forty-eight hours and hope we don't have to have IV's to get this to happen. It will help with your energy levels, muscle elasticity, and soreness. She continued, what is good for breakfast on my first morning here?”

    Evelyn said, “I had the Greek breakfast and it was great, you might only want a half order unless you are starving,” she cut her eyes to Davis and he mouthed “you go girl.” Dr. Carver said, “nonsense, it will be the full breakfast for me. It is the most important meal of the day.”

    Reem said, “I am going to have the Greek breakfast also. It was always filling the other two times I had the breakfast.”

    Dr. Windgate said, “I will have two eggs over easy and a piece of toast and a half of grapefruit.”

    The Prince said, “a man after my own heart, you might get a couple of Strawberries they are fresh and very sweet.”

    Dr. Windgate said, “add the Strawberries to my order.” Davis eating away on his Greek breakfast said, “Prince, why didn't you mention the Strawberries to me, you holding out for the good Doctor.”

    The Prince said, “no, just didn't think of them with your big breakfast. Please bring Davis a bowl of strawberries and cream. I assume you want cream.”

    Davis said, “you assume, correctly my friend,” and he went back to eating and talking with Reem about the weapons training he would like to start with Reem and the rest of the Security staff.

    Reem said, “I would like to add the doorman and his wife to the list of trainees.”
    Davis said, “the more the merrier. We might need to get Arwa to order more ammo and let's put him on the list also for the training.”

    As Davis and Reem were finishing up their conversation on the trainee, the Greek breakfast orders were being delivered to Reem and the Doctor. Dr. Carver looked at the platter, not plate of food and said, “what is this gluttony of artery clogging, stoke inducing fried death. I was expecting, dates, figs, some feta cheese and maybe some olives with the Greek breakfast. Evelyn did you actually eat this mess?”

    Evelyn in her most regal voice said, “the Princess of the house most defiantly did and sopped up all the gravy and eggs with the biscuit under the gravy you haven't seen,” she looked straight at Davis and winked.

    Dr. Carver said, “how is this a Greek breakfast.”

    Davis said, “you weren't listening, it is called the Greek breakfast, not a Greek breakfast. Named after a good friend of mine who has went on to see his and our maker. In due respect to him eat that nectar of George the Greek and enjoy.”
    Evelyn was clapping her hands and grinning to beat the ban at the looks the Doctor was giving Davis. Evelyn said, “if lunch is half this much fun, it is settled I am not going to the fashion show.”

    Jenna was finishing up her talk with Tony when Davis walked into his room and started changing for his next workout at 10:00 am he had almost an hour and fifteen minutes. Davis planned to get at least a forty-five-minute power nap before going to work on his Martial Arts skills.

    Jenna said, “go ahead and get changed into your stuff, I laid it out in the bathroom and we will talk once you lie down on the bed and ready for your nap. I talked with Tony and Jane, Tony will have a crew of twelve at the house at daylight in the morning. I put a hundred thousand dollars in his account this morning and told him I would do that every ten days unless he needed more. Tony informed me that, unless he could get another crew which he was working on, that should be sufficient until they start pouring concrete and ordering truss and brick. Then he would need more money for the materials. Everything is set for the purchase on Friday and I have already met with Arwa and he will be with me to make sure the money gets where it needs to get in the right amount of time. Dad go ahead and take your nap, I am going to change into my workout togs and get a workout in with you today. I have gotten a little slack the last few days.”

    She looked up to her Father and he was out like the proverbial light. He wasn't snoring, yet. It was only a matter of time though she thought, as she gathered up her stuff and slipped out of the room telling the two guards on the door to wake her Dad in forty-five minutes sharp and have him a Mountain Dew on ice ready when he gets up. They acknowledged her orders and answered that they would take care of Mr. Davis as always.

    Dr. Carver had summoned Dr. Windgate to her office and was telling him that she was not going to be able to continue with her services as the personal Doctor for Davis. He was just too much to handle emotionally. He was always one upping her and making fun of her and in front of the help. Dr. Windgate just listened for about twenty minutes till her head of steam finally was dying out. Then he said, “are you through?”
    She said, “I guess.”

    Dr. Windgate said, “you are a coward and a snob. As long as you have the smug upper hand in the intelligence of a relationship with a patient you are fine with verbal jousting, I have seen you before. Davis knocks you on your keester a couple of times and you are ready to run. You may leave at any time, do not however expect to collect any monies and your prescribed medicines, teas and energy drinks, belong to me and the Prince and will be continued at least for a few weeks or until they no longer are of value to Davis. Before you start re-read your contract. It is all there and any of your techs that choose to stay will be allowed to stay on contract.”
    Dr. Carver whining like a spoiled child replied, “that is not fair and my lawyers will eat you for lunch.”

    Dr. Windgate smiled and said, “your Lawyers might get on the docket here in Saudi Arabia against one of the Royal Family before you pass away of old age, I doubt it though. Now let's cut to the chase you will stay on and do your best to get Davis well and I will try to get him to let up, on you. However, much of that will depend on your attitude. You are not superior in intellect to him so stop acting like you are, that should help. I would like for you to be at his next workout and analyze his performance and see if we can get his endurance up in this area. it might be already, with the gains we saw earlier today.”

    Dr. Carver said, “I would be very surprised if he has the gains in this type exercise as he did in weight lifting. This is more about air, and stamina than strength, different metabolism rates and muscle usage, lot more fast twitch muscle usage.”

    “That is why you are here, now let's compare our notes back at the clinic and forget this little rant and rave ever happened. Is that okay, by you, asked Dr. Windgate? She said, “yes, that would be best, I think,” as they left her office headed back to the clinic. The rest of the day was a blur of workouts, shooting and a few meetings. As the long day was about to end, Lyle came by to see his Father and dropped a bomb shell on his Dad. It all started simple enough, Lyle walked in and said, “hey Dad, you got a few minutes. I have something real important I need to talk with you about.”

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    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Start Anew -Chapter 6

    Davis was still thinking about the news that Lyle had dropped on him at his bedtime the night before. Davis thought of the old quote we live in interesting times. Lyle had told his Dad that he needed some help dealing with a situation in his life. Lyle said, “Dad, I think I like Gail, we have been friends for ever but this is a different kind of like. To add another piece to the puzzle, Albah has shown some, that she may have some feelings for me, what should I do.”

    Davis had looked at his son as only a proud Father can and said with all earnestness, “son, you are on your own with women problems. Your Mother winked at me in class while we were in class in college and I was done. Up till that point, just about every girl I had ever tried to date or talk to had been an absolute failure and that is putting it lightly. I will tell you this if you want to make it to your twenty-second birthday, I would pick one and explain it to the other. Women need to have verbal communication, if it nothing but you listening to them. That is about all I know about women, your Momma loved me enough that she looked over my errors in ability to deal with her. She didn't always like it, and she sometimes had to tell me I needed to do better. She knew that I loved her without question and that I would never upset her on purpose, so I got a good one. One that in my opinion God had picked out just for me and my misgivings in dealing with the opposite sex. My limited knowledge to you would be if you like one of these Ladies and always remember they are Ladies and need to be treated as such. Then ask God to send you that special mate to make your life blessed for a lifetime. That is what God did for me with your Mom and I thank him every day.”

    Lyle said, “Dad you still thank God for Mom even today.”

    “I sure do son, your Mom was a blessing forever, even if she isn't here with us today physically. God needed her more than we did for some other reason. I don' have to understand his will just know that it is perfect,” said Davis.

    Lyle walked over to his Dad and gave him a big hug and said, “thanks for the information Dad, I think it will be easier your way than what I thought. I knew you would know what to do, see ya in the morning at breakfast.”
    Davis said, “how about in the morning early for a little iron pumping, I am doing back and shoulders and would love a partner.”

    Lyle said, “sounds like a plan, I will need to set my phone and also tell Fahid. See ya bright and early, Dad,” as Lyle walked out of the room he was whistling some sweet melody, that Davis wasn't familiar with, but it was very soothing. As Lyle was walking out of his Father's room he picked up Fahid as his escort and told him of his morning plans.

    Davis got out of the invigorating shower where he had been thinking about the events of yesterday and last night and while still drying off, went to his pad by the bed and wrote down bullet proof vest for all. With a note to talk with Reem about what was best and why that his security guys did not wear vest all the time. He had seen them putting them on when preparing to leave the grounds but not while at the palace. While writing down the note one of Dr. Carvers minions came in with the energy drink and something that looked to Davis like a tube of tooth paste. The technician said, “the Doctor would like for you to eat half of the gel/paste with your drink before the workout and save half for about half way through your morning workout and drink a bottle of water with the gel/paste during the workout.”
    Davis looked at the tube when the tech laid it down and said, “how does one eat this gel/paste?” The tech looked at Davis as if he had grown a pair of horns and said, “just like you think, take off the lid and put it in your mouth and squeeze.” Davis had bad thoughts about the minion, that involved the act it being natural for the tech but not for him.”

    Davis said, “I will try. Go ahead and warn the good Dr. Carver that this might not be happening and see if she has a plan B.” Davis took a big swallow of the frozen concoction and went and got dressed for his workout. After about half of his energy drink Davis got up the nerve to try the gel/paste. He removed the top and the little aluminum seal and with much trepidation put the tube up to his mouth and squeeze the tube. Luckily for Davis the stuff tasted like a Reese's Peanut Butter cup and he was able to keep it down. The taste was great it was the texture and the delivery method that had him a little freaked out if he was honest with himself.

    As Davis walked out the door of his room he spoke with the guards and thanked them for watching over him and told them that he would like to meet with Reem for a few moments at or after breakfast. They assured him that Reem would get the message and be with him at the appointed time. Davis never realized how much the guards thought of him for saving the Prince and being so nice to them. Not all of the guest of the Prince was cordial or nice, some were even abusive physically for the slightest even perceived mistake. Walking into the gym he saw that Lyle was there with Fahid and the good Doctors were there with at least partial staffs. Davis walked up to Lyle and Fahid and said, “Fahid are you going to join us this morning for a little workout.”

    Fahid said, “Sir, I have never really worked out with weights. I am more of a yoga, treadmill, rowing and stationary bike type person. I hope I have not offended you sir.”

    “Oh, no Fahid. It would take a lot more than that to offend me. Why don't you run and change and give it a try? We will wait it is a few minutes till the hour and starting time and the Doctors will probably want to ask me a few questions first anyway.” Fahid went to change and Davis went to the pull up bar to stretch a little before starting his workout. He knew this would give the Doctors a chance to come over and ask him the same questions they asked every day. Only some days they had figured out a new way to ask the same question. Davis often wondered what would happen if he told them he had a sharp pain running up his neck and out his arm and his fingers were numb, or if he would stumble and fall and slur his words every once in a while. He figured he owed the Doctors his best as they were trying to get him well. His sense of humor had him thinking about it every day though.
    As he started to pull and twist his body on the overhead bar the gaggle of medical staff as he had named them. As they moved like a bunch of Geese waddling, quacking, and following the leader, ascended on him, for morning measurements and questions. One of the technicians reminded him that he was not supposed to do any work before they took the measurements in the morning. Davis said, “does that count the 100 each sit-ups and crunches, toe touches, and torso twist I did this morning before my shower and that I have been doing every morning for the last couple of weeks. One would have thought that Davis had shot the Pope, as the group went into a mini escapade. Davis couldn't say if it was more like a panic attack or just mild hysteria, either way it was very comical to Davis and Lyle. They both continued to stretch and Davis said, “did you come to any conclusion on your personal problems last night. Looks Like I got a few minutes if you have any more questions.”

    Lyle laughed at his Dad and said, “no, Dad I think I got it right now maybe later. Why do you make people flip out like that Dad, sometimes it isn't funny if you are the one flipping out?”

    Davis said, “Lyle, that is a very good question and a great observation. I haven't ever really thought about it, I guess it just seems right at the time. I guess I need to think about the consequences. That reminds me of a profound statement that was said by the comedian Ron White, he was talking about getting thrown out of a bar in New York and he said, I didn't know how many of those bouncers it was going to take to whoop my rear end, but I knew how many they were going to use. Now that was supposed to be funny and it was. However, it was also a very astute observation on his part.”

    “Dad you come up with some of the weirdest and best examples to explain things ever, where do you get these things. Nobody else in the world would come up with this stuff,” said Lyle.

    Davis answered, “don't know, they just seem to fit at the time they appear in my head.”

    As the den from the Doctors and technicians subsided Fahid, walked back into the gym with his bright orange running togs on. Davis said, “Fahid, take the battery out of those pants man they are blinding me,” and he and Lyle cracked up at the expression on Fahid face as he thought Davis was being serious and there was no battery to remove, quite the dilemma for Fahid.

    Fahid started to speak and Lyle cut him off saying, “Dad is being stupid or funny at your expense Fahid, Dad can't help himself he sees himself as a tension breaker or something, maybe class clown. I don't know sometimes it's good other times over the top.”

    Dr. Carver walked up to Davis and said, “your humor is not required this morning, we have work to do.”

    Davis said, “yes, I do, I don't really see you and yours doing anything but pinching and prodding. If any of you had of ever worked out in your entire lives, you may understand gym or gallows humor. My telling you of the work, that I have already done this morning was in response to your tech saying I wasn't supposed to do anything before you all took your readings, and measurements. Well, every morning about five am you need to be at my room because that is when my daily workout starts and if you are measuring everything I do some stretching and sometimes a few pushups before bed. Been doing this since college not going to change. I just got back where I could do most of my regiment. Hopefully your drink and this toothpaste stuff will have me where I can do it all soon. Oh, and while I am thinking about it, is there a different option other than the toothpaste. If it hadn't have tasted like a candy bar, I would have never got it down.”

    Dr. Carver said, “well, I have never heard a more ungrateful patient in all my life.”
    Davis said, “most of them are unlike me and they say it to your back not your face. I am grateful, it seems your frozen concoctions have really given me an energy boost. We will see today, I brought my son, a little competition in the gym should really show me where I am at with my progress and thanks for your help. I meant what I said though about you all working out, instead of just reading about it. It would help you immensely.”

    Dr. Windgate walked up and said, “Davis you may be right, can I get a workout in with you sometime.”

    “Jim, you and yours are welcome anytime, the Prince’s gym will probably allow ten or so people to work out at the same time without hindrance,” said Davis and added, “can we get started now, we are burning daylight,” with that he walked back over to the pull up bar and started his workout. A quick set of ten and he pointed at the bar for Lyle as he put the weight belt on and placed a ten and five-pound plate on the chain hanger around his waist. Lyle finished and pointed to the bar for Fahid, who could only do four before Davis had to grab his foot and start helping. Going to get a good workout today thought Davis, mine and half of Fahid's, just like old times when Lyle started. The rest of the workout went smoothly with a little bit of competition Davis did new best on every exercise, some by quite a lot. Lyle wanted one of the gel / paste tubes, because he thought it gave his Dad and unfair advantage, and Fahid asked for one because he thought his muscles were going to explode. Fahid vowed to himself that he would work out with Lyle every day as he could see he needed the added muscle and flexibility.

    As Davis walked into his room for a shower after his workout, the Prince and Jenna were there awaiting his arrival. “Morning Ladies and you too Prince,” Davis said jokingly to the Prince, Jenna, and Albah.

    Prince Salman said, “we need to talk about events that are escalating throughout the world and especially here in my country. Many things have happened even since yesterday.”

    Davis asked, “can it wait till I get myself a quick shower, and clean dry clothes?”

    “Most assuredly,” said the Prince.

    “Jenna could you be a darling and make me a glass of ice tea from the fridge lots of ice,” said Davis as he disappeared into the bathroom dropping his clothes as he walked. Albah quickly picked up the towel, shirt and undershirt, Davis had dropped and placed them in the hamper by the door.

    Jenna said, “sorry, my Mom always did that for him and it and he doesn't even notice that he does it till the floor gets full of his clothes and then he vows never to do it again as he cleaning up the mess. He then just starts the process over again with the same results.” Coming out of the shower in the Wrangler jeans and Nike Dri-Fit that Jenna had laid out for her Dad before the Prince had arrived he took the offered large glass of ice tea from Jenna saying, “lay it on me Prince, I feel like a new man.”

    The Prince said, “the timetables for the attacks seem to be moving up one of my Uncle's compounds was attacked last night. They actually breeched the walls and made it inside the front and rear doors before being repelled by his staff. I am sure he was targeted on his views towards America and our trade. My confidants and paid informers are saying more will come and we know that I am on the list. I am going to try and call in some favors with the US State Department without any of my countrymen knowing and see if I can get asylum, or at least an extended diplomatic visa. I have much to do on my side can you keep the new property moving and money isn't an object. I want a wall around the compound, in looking at the aerials it looks like about ten - twelve acres would get most of the key properties walled. The wall needs to be at least five feet high and six would be better, either poured and reinforced concrete or that new pre-stressed decorative stuff would be fine and at least eight inches thick.

    Davis said, “that will be very expensive and will take some time. We will need to start on that immediately to be finished anywhere near four months.”

    Prince Salman said, “put two or three crews on it and work twenty-four seven if need be. The wall is necessary, that is one thing we have figured out here in the Middle east. Walled compounds are the best. I also, am handing out the machine guns and the rifles I got for the security teams today, so don't be surprised.”

    Davis said, “will our rifles be in today and how about extra stuff like the Barrett or the M-240 machine guns.”

    The Prince said, “talk with Arwa and Reem and order what we need also. Did you notice, I am wearing my pistols today.”

    Davis said, “are you wearing a bullet proof vest.” The Prince said, “yes, as always the SureFire Institute Armor the new stuff with nanotechnology. It is more malleable, lighter and stronger than any other on the market even if the others have Ceramic plates. Plates can be added, but they are lighter and even stronger than the Ceramic plates and they are some new material that is still not on the market for civilians. All our Security people wear them and Reem can get them for you all today. I ask forgiveness should have done that a long time ago,” as he finished he waved his goodbyes and existed out the door saying see you at lunch.

    Jenna said, “I am going to need to talk with Tony about more help.” Davis thought for a minute and said, “I want you to talk with Bobby Wood and Dale Hopkins and get them working on this project. Dale can probably do the wall and Bobby's company can help with the remodeling and restoration. If they have any questions, I will talk with them at two pm our time or nine o'clock there time tonight. If they need money put a hundred grand in their accounts to start and tell them I want them working in some capacity as early as tomorrow. Tell them I know they have customers, but that I need their help on that special project we always talked about that might be needed. That should get their attention and make them attentive to what you are saying. Now I am going to first breakfast I am starving, are you coming and having breakfast with me.”

    Jenna replied, “that is an offer, I can't refuse.”

    As the two of them headed towards the dining room, they met Reem at the door leading into the hall. He was there awaiting the arrival of Davis. Davis stopped to speak with Reem and his escorts continued on into the dining area for breakfast. Davis said, “morning Reem, I am glad you could give me a few minutes of your time. I talked with the Prince this morning and he said things are ramping up. I want to get some of those new SureFire bullet proof vest that your people wear and the inserts. The Prince also said, you would be handing out the rifles to your men today. I would like for my people to have theirs today, if possible. I would like a place to make sure the sights are correct and get everyone familiar with their personal weapons. Could we go ahead and get the vest delivered to everyone personally and the rifles dropped off at my room for me to check before assignment.”

    Reem said, “the rifles are already on their way to your room and I will personally see that everyone gets their own body armor and understands the proper care and usage while you train. Our team looks forward to your firearms class today. Is it possible we can go over the proper techniques for rifle usage also in the class.”

    Davis said, “no problem we will go over handling and proper usage and also the way to clean and take care of one's weapon. Including the EOTech sights and their usage.” Davis continued, now let's go get some breakfast, I am starving.”

    The pair walked into the dining area and went and sat down and told the dining staff what they wanted. Davis ordered a half Greek breakfast with the four eggs and a large bowl of cheese grits. Reem setting beside him said, “I haven't tried the grits. I will have the bowl of cheese grits with two eggs scrambled and raisin toast, extra butter.”

    Davis looked at his new friend and ally in the world and said, “now, you are seeing the light my friend. I will have you eating steak and Lobster for supper with baked potatoes loaded before I leave here.”

    Jenna sitting beside her Dad said, “Momma always said you were a bad influence on our eating habits.” Davis with a face that said, I really don't believe a word of what I am going to say, said, “your Mom was the bad influence, with all that Sushi, Brussels Sprouts, Kelp, Seaweed and soy bean junk that no true red-blooded American should ever touch.”

    Jenna and Reem laughed at Davis, with Reem adding, “I don't eat that junk either. If I wanted grass for lunch I could walk out to the front and graze, like a goat. My Mother, tried to feed my brother's an I that stuff, too. Must be a Mom thing.” The three laughed with Jenna admitting that besides Sushi every once in a while, the other stuff wasn't made for human consumption. She having already gotten her food told her Dad she was going to take care of some family business.

    Davis said, “get Lyle up to the room and have him start going through the rifles and cleaning them. Also, get Gail and Tommy to start putting bullets into the magazines. Each rifle is supposed to have a dozen magazines fill them all with twenty-eight rounds.”

    Jenna got up from the table to leave and said, “I will make sure it happens, Dad you just worry about your workouts, medicine and getting better.”

    Davis said to Reem, “I am truly blessed with my children, I don't know how lost I would be without their help and love. After a slight pause he continued, on a different note, how many of your Security team are ex-military or police.”
    Reem answered, “very few actually maybe five of twenty-four ex-military and three more ex-police. Most went to school and are here because they are loyal to the Prince.”

    “Well, can we at least get a trained guy with each of the ex-military or police as their partners. That way maybe they can hold them in place when the time comes to fight or flight, said Davis.

    Reem chest blew up and he said, “that is the way we are already organized. As I too do not want to look around and be standing there by myself in a fire fight.”
    Davis said, “you are a good leader Reem. Will you be coming to America with the Prince and my family when we leave?”

    Reem replied, “I serve, at the will of the Prince. If he wants me to come, I will be on the plane.”

    Davis said, “do you have a family? Wife and kids, that will need to come also. Either way, I will make sure that that you are on the plane, when it goes wheels up to America.”

    Reem said, “thank you my friend, I have no family and will be glad to serve you in America.” As they were talking the dining room attendant sat their plates in front of the two men and Davis said, “time to eat, we can talk later if we need to continue this conversation and he dug into the grits and so did Reem saying, “I like the grits, a different taste yet welcome. It is a good choice.”

    As Reem and Davis were finishing their breakfast the Prince was talking with Arwa about moving more of his money out of Saudi Arabia and into accounts in the Grand Caymans. Jenna was making contact with Bobby Woods sitting in his Electrical Engineering company office. After much effort, she finally got Mr. Woods on the phone. Jenna said, “Mr. Woods, I am sure you do not remember me, yet we have met on numerous occasions with my Father Davis Rogers. We have met at our home and at a couple of parties at your house on the lake.”

    “Why, Ms. Jenna, even an older man like myself could never forget a young lady as pretty and charming as yourself. I think the last time I saw you was at the Christmas party at Dale and Betty Hopkins place. What was that two Christmas's ago with your Father and your brother, Lyle, I think. He is not near as pretty as you and much easier to forget,” the charm of Bobby Woods had struck again and Jenna was at a loss for words. His charm was one of the things that made his business so successful. That and the fact that Bobby always hired the best person for the job, not the one who fit his budget best. Bobby believed and his record proved him correct, that the better people a company had the more successful the company would become.

    Jenna finally regained her tongue and said, “Mr. Woods, you are much to kind in your praise. If you have a few minutes, I would like to talk with you about a business opportunity with my Dad. As I am sure you are aware my Father was involved in a shooting a few months ago and was critically injured. He is in the process of purchasing a large property in southern Anderson and northern Abbeville Counties and he needs some help with the remodeling. Additions are needed at the property and he wants your company to help with the project. Dad said, to tell you that this is that special project that your group has always talked about that might need doing to survive the future. He also said, to tell you that we are putting a hundred grand in your personal bank account today and that we want you and your best crews on site in the morning. You and your crew, can get with Tony Farrell and find out what he needs done and how we can together complete this timely project on time for us all. We would appreciate if you kept this to yourself and your wife. Dad is still under a kill on sight reward order from some of the people he killed in the incident associates. I know this is a lot of information to drop on someone, however can we count on your help and can I have your personal and business accounts in which I will have money electronically transferred in the next few minutes.”

    Bobby said, “your Dad always was the one who things came along that didn't happen to other people. You can tell him threat Betty and I will be behind him one hundred percent. He has my word, that I and my son Lawrence will be on sight in the morning with our best crews and equipment, to help anyway we can. This really doesn't surprise me with the way our idiot President is messing up things here and anywhere were else he touches. Do you have email, I will send you the account numbers for the transfers and I will email you back when the transfers are complete?” Jenna gave him her email address, told him thank you and sorry for having to run but that she had to make the same offer to Dale and Darla Hopkins for a wall that needed to be built.

    Jenna repeated her conversation with Dale and Darla Hopkins with them agreeing to help anyway they could for their dear friend Davis and Dale said, “the money sounded good, also,” Jenna could hear the loud slap on his back that Darla delivered to Dale and then she added, “excuse my Husband he gets stupid sometimes and his mouth engages before his brain. He was raised better, by his Mom and Dad God bless their souls.”

    Dale said, “she is right, excuse my stupidity and we will be there on the morrow, what is the address.”

    Jenna said, “I will send it all in an email so I can get your account numbers.”

    Dale said, “we will worry about the money later, my business has done very well over the years and we can handle the cost of the labor for the three or four months you are talking about.”

    Jenna said, “Dad would say, you are some great friend and thanks, however he pays his own way and I agree. Please send me the numbers by email and thanks for the help. I have to go, I need to do some money moving and Dad has some other errands he needs for me to handle.” She hung up the phone and saw that she had the account numbers from Bobby and his wife and started to route the money to their accounts. As she started thinking about some things that they need that the men had not thought about and started to make a list of her own. She had some new-found wealth of her own from the Prince and she now knew how to use it. As she started to make her list her Dad came in and changed clothes and said, “wake me in thirty minutes, I need the rest,” and he lay down and was fast asleep before she could even start to give him the good news of her phone calls.

    Jenna thought, his workouts and trying to get better is really taxing him, I wonder if I should say something to the Doctors or just let it ride. After waiting for a few minutes, she picked up her HTC One smart phone and called Dr. Windgate. She didn't have the new Doctors number as of yet. I t hadn't been offered and she hadn't made sure she got it yet. Another thing on the to do list. Dr. Windgate answered, “Jenna, what can I do to help you this morning.” She started, “well Doctor, it may be nothing, but Dad, just came in and said, wake him in thirty minutes for his workout and he was asleep before I could even answer. Are his workouts too much for him at this time? As you know my Dad doesn't think he had a limit. He has always said, that when your brain says you are done you are only forty percent done. He read that in some study and has lived by it ever since.”

    “Jenna, Dr. Carver and I are monitoring your Dad's workouts very closely and doing the best we can to get him back to his old self, or at least as close as we can get. His physical therapy is being dictated really by how much food and energy we can get into him for his body to use. Unlike most patients, your Father uses all we can get into his system and sometimes even more. That was the very reason we brought in Dr. Carver that is her area of expertise and she is already seeing some benefits. The measurements this morning actually showed a little excess caloric capacity from yesterday, not much mind you but a little and that is an improvement. Thanks for asking though and the more he rest the better it will be, he really seems to know what his body needs and when it needs it. If you see him reacting weirdly in any way please contact us.”

    “Thanks Doc, that is what I needed to hear, I heard he went off on you all this morning about working out. He does it to everybody, he wants people to experience how good it feels to be in shape. I will see you at lunch, thanks for letting me vent,” Jenna added.

    As she got off the phone with the Doctor, Arwa came into the doorway and stuck his head in saying, “Jenna do you have a minute?” She said, “sure, what can I do to help the great Financial advisor to Prince's and King's today,” and she laughed at the funny expression her comments brought to the face of Arwa as he walked in the door. After regaining his composure, he said, “the Prince is afraid that we will not be able to complete all the restorations and additions at the property and he needs to send some help to keep the process in order.”

    Jenna said, “Arwa, you have to keep him from sending people from here to work on the property. Two reasons, the first it will draw a lot of unneeded notice to the project and the second is the locals might resent foreigners taking their work. Either one could lead to bad results. Just keep me in money and we will get it done.”

    She smiled at Arwa and continued, 'I didn't mean to be harsh to you. This is a lot to consider that we are racing and end of the world as we know it clock. It is like something from a bad movie or dream and I want to wake up and find out it was the hot dogs I ate last night that cause the bad dream.”

    Arwa said, “I have felt the same way at times and wish to wake up myself and go on vacation to the Mediterranean for some fun in the ocean and the casinos. I really like to jet ski in the Ocean and play Black Jack.” She said, don't forget tomorrow afternoon at five we have the closing and I may need you for the money movement.”

    “I will be right here or wherever you need me for the duration of the transactions,” said Arwa. Arwa continued the conversation saying, “I must go, as I have much work to complete. If you need me for anything I am available at a moment's notice. As I have taken a room here at the Palace until this is over or we make the move to America to make sure all of the accounting and financial needs of the Prince and your family are met in a timely matter.”

    As Arwa was leaving the room, Jenna walked over to the side of her Dad's bed and said, “Dad, it is time to get up and go to your recumbent bike spin class. I think you have twenty miles to make in the next hour or so and another one of those nice drinks to drink. I am sure it will be here any minute. As she was awakening her Dad, Dr. Carver and one of her assistants walked into the room and the assistant had the next round of frozen concoctions. Davis sat up and started wiping the sleep from his eyes, and Jenna handed him a wet washrag she had prepared before she got him up. Davis said, “thanks baby girl, you are Dad's little Angel.”

    Dr. Carver started right in and said, “Davis. we seemed to have got off on the wrong foot. So far, your treatments have been successful. I need your complete honesty and cooperation for it to work completely. Can we start anew.”

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    Thank you for the new chapter. I think you know by now a lot of us here are readaholics.

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    You got that right Sara.

    Thank you 223shootersc.
    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Thanks. It sounds like the clock is ticking...


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