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ECON Technology to nix cashiers at hundreds of Walmart, Kroger stores
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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Sleeping Cobra View Post
    (Now) I never go through the self checkout lanes. I want people to have jobs. I am actually glad the local Albertsons grocery store no longer have self checkout machines.
    Same here!

    And when the cashiers say I can use the self check line, I tell them that I will not because management wants the self check lines to get rid of their jobs.

    They always scoffed at me.

    They won't anymore soon.

    But the real reason is that for some reason, I affect mechanical stuff.

    The register will either shut down or go crazy when I'm near so the cashiers who know me always ask me to step away.

    And when there is a new checker and this happens, I try to tell them and they laugh until the realize I'm telling them the truth so now when I'm in their line, they tell me to step away for the machines. Lol V

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    Sandhills North Carolina
    Quote Originally Posted by Reckoning View Post
    [Worldwide? The day has come.]

    Prague To Open a Store Without Cashiers
    11 January 2018, leading online retailer of computers, electronics and consumer goods in the Czech Republic is going to open a new store near the metro Flora with no cashiers.

    In spring, similar stores will appear also near the metro stations Můstek and Budějovická.

    Stores will be open 24 hours a day. They contain 80% of the company's products, including TVs and other electronic equipment.

    The store is able to serve up to 1,000 customers per day.

    The buyer chooses the product using a computer. After the payment is made (by a card or online), the doors where cells are located, will open. The luminous pointers on the floor will help the client to find the right box. plans to build a new logistics center in Slovakia which should open in 2019. The online shop logistic centre's location is not clear yet, but it may be located somewhere in the neighbourhood of the Czech Republic.
    Reminds me of a Reinvention of the Horn and Hardart restaurant automat
    One big vending machine

    If we are going down this road then why not make it simple
    Load the cart
    Push it to an RFID SCANNER which compares cart weight
    and debit from an apple iPay

    Just have another RFID reader at the front doors with armed security to read scan the customers who may have shoplifted

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    Walmart checkout is such a disaster anyway. They never have enough cashiers and then at holiday time they shut down self checkout because all the ghetto scum are robbing them blind. Most aggravating store to shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryK View Post
    My walmart has over half the cashiers replaced with the scan and go things. I've only seen people using their credit cards. I'm also wondering how the speed grocery pickup is working out for people.

    Hey, Walmart just raised their starting wage to 11 bucks an hour and gave other benefits such as bonuses and paid pop out a kid leave for both their female AND male employees.
    Gotta cut costs somehow.
    I love the self-checkouts. Walmart recently upgraded the ones here to include a handheld scanner and put in larger bag sitting areas. This was one area where they originally failed. I will say that when I do use a person, I think Walmart has been able to hire better quality cashiers for the standard checkout lines. This is one reason why I did my own self-checkouts in the first place, I just didn't care for the "service" I'd get from some cashiers. I have had a few issues with the "helpers" at the do-it-yourself lines, but overall those people seem to be more tech savvy and I think that is why they are put there.

    As far as speed grocery pick-up, I assume you mean just the basic order on-line one or more days before and then pick it up? It is working out great. My wife does this and honestly this might be the future. I can easily see robots doing the picking up, at least for items that they can't crush like cans and boxed items. A smattering of humans to deal with the delivery to the car and working as a final check. My introverted leaning wife actually loves it. The time she saves by not having to walk around and shop gives her more time to just sit on her ass and watch TV or read!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Susan View Post
    Reminds me of a Reinvention of the Horn and Hardart restaurant automat
    One big vending machine

    If we are going down this road then why not make it simple
    Load the cart
    Push it to an RFID SCANNER which compares cart weight
    and debit from an apple iPay

    Just have another RFID reader at the front doors with armed security to read scan the customers who may have shoplifted
    This is what is coming, it is being tested already. Walk in load your cart, walk out and you are billed. As for the loss of jobs, this is just the beginning. Basic skilled labor jobs are being replaced, along with truck drivers and medical techs by AI in the next 15 years.

    Like it or not, UBI Universal basic income is going to be needed. I'm not sure what that will look like but it is coming. UBI and how to make it work for the conservative mindset should have its own thread.

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    Jun 2012
    south Texas Gulf coast
    They just remodeled the WM here after Harvey took its roof dang near off. Front end reno included a lot of (more than half) the checkstands being replaced with self-check. I love it. I don't handle stupid people very well and this precludes my having to deal with *most* of the checkers. There's one or two who if I see them operating a register I'll go wait in their line just for the conversation, but the rest of 'em, I go directly to a self-check. That way I get to decide what stuff goes in what sack, what all goes together, and that way I can carry whole sacks to where they need unloading instead of carrying item by item to where it's new home is.

    As far as the discount for doing the work, to me it's in the time saved and damage avoided by doing it myself. I don't get the bread being used as a cushion to keep the 10 lb pork shoulder from being bruised or something like that

    Look, it's not my job to provide a job for someone to do. By the "providing someone with a job" reasoning, I should also have my yard cut because "it's my responsibility" to "share". Where does it end? When we're milked dry?

    My only gripe is the inability to self-impose a quantity when buying in bulk, instead of having to scan each individual one of 30 identical items. (Think cat food cans.) No way to hit 30, then scan, and have it ring you up for 30 cans with one swipe.

    There's trade-offs for both ways, and some days I'll self-check, others I'll use a human. I like having that option.
    It's kinda hard to work within the system when it's a septic system.

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    Jun 2001
    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
    I do not have a smart phone ,and will never own one. With all of the hacking going on I will not put my banking online. This idea is ripe for exploitation and fraud.
    I do not know what technology is used at the Aldi stores but you can hardly put your purchases on the belt fast enough to keep up to the checker.
    Some one at Aldi decided the checkout was a bottleneck and solved the problem.
    You cannot bag your own groceries as fast the the cashiers check you out at Aldi's. Side note: Aldi's is owned by the brother of the man who owns Trader Joe's. They sell pretty much the same products, you just pay more for it at Trader Joe's.
    "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

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    Northeast Florida
    Town for me, 25 miles away, is an upscale community. There are many seniors that live here. Our WM has one scanner and the place might be packed with long lines waiting to be checked out and there is no one at the scanner. And I am never one of them using a scanner. I am 80 yrs old and I am sick of "technology" being thrown at me. I get confused easily and resent that I am constantly being bombarded to learn something new. And obviously most of my contemporaries feel the same.

    We recently got an Aldis. And the parking lot is crammed all the time. They have to be hurting the grocery stores. But being a creature of habit, I still shop at Publix stores.


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    Feb 2013
    Inland 315
    For anyone interested, expired coupons are generally accepted at scan and go registers. At least it was true in the past. Cashiers usually check the date on coupons.

    “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” (possibly a Mark Twain quote)
    Methodist CH, 1969

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    Like the replacement of fast-food workers with machines/robots; this has been in the plans for at least 20 years and is going to continue to happen unless consumers just utterly revolt and then it will simply be a return to the design table before trying again.

    At least with this one, I don't see nearly as much "victim blaming" as I saw with the fast-food stuff; where chains that had been working on replacing workers with machines since the 1970's (I heard the plans in meetings, the technology just wasn't there yet); were screaming "oh we have to do this, because new laws are requiring us to actually pay people an amount that takes them above the level where taxpayers are providing them with food stamps and healthcare).

    Those laws may have caused some fast-food outlets to mechanize faster, but they were going to do so anyway and the plans were hoping for around the early 2020's if not before.

    There is one advantage to people bagging their own groceries as is done ALL over Europe; that is that cashiers get to sit down which means they can keep working decades beyond what many in the US are able to do (I personally know several people who had to quit for medical reasons simply because most humans have a hard time standing one place for 8 to 10 hours a day, the body isn't designed to do that).

    But it will be a moot point when the technology takes over except that Tesco may have to actually pay out more workers who can "take retirement" rather than just be fired/laid off because they have been employed so long in one place.

    Now that said, consumer feedback does have some responses from industry; self check-outs have been mothballed in a number of locations in rural Ireland (or greatly reduced) because people just won't use them.

    Oh sure, busy Mom's may check out a box of cat litter here and there; but for the most part, people either don't use them and/or have so much trouble using them (especially the elderly) that they had to pay two or more people just to stay in the area to cancel and put in sales for people; a line at the cash register was easier and with fewer customer melt downs (older people in tears staning by a machine they can't figure out or that just "took" their 100 Euro note because they typed something wrong, isn't good for business).

    In the long term though, as I've said before; the topic of what to do with millions of people who WANT A JOB (I'm not talking deadbeats) for whom there is simply no paid full-time employment may be one of the biggest headaches of the 21st century (if we don't blow ourselves up first).

    It may not be UBI, but either something like it and/or a government-assigned (a la Commie land) workfare "job" is likely to happen in the West; yep I suppose it is possible that "they" (whomever "they are) might decide on depopulation but then who buys all their stuff?
    expatriate Californian living in rural Ireland with husband, dogs, horses. garden and many, many cats

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    Jan 2012

    The "store" concept itself is on borrowed time.

    Look at Amazon, wallyworldonline, etc....all diving into the grocery game, with delivery.

    IMO, there is a fair chance that in the future, in-person buying will revert back to specialty shops. Butchers, green grocers, seafood markets and such.
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    yep, it won't be long until we just go online to and order what we want; in a matter of time, maybe a few hours, your products arrive at your front door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Commander View Post
    Where are my wages in the form of a discount for my labor of checking myself out? We have several stores here with self checkout but there is a learning curve. Easier to let the cashier earn his/her wages.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yogizorch View Post
    They are in the lower prices you pay.
    Not really. Our local grocery has them. They are really proud of their products. You know this because the high prices reflect it.

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    N. Minnesota
    Quote Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post
    Someone I know got arrested for shoplifting at a local WM because she missed scanning an item in her cart. She's a middle aged woman with children in high school. It was in the local small town paper along with her mug shot and she swears it wasn't intentional. I won't be scanning my own groceries by phone or otherwise.

    This exactly. It's the store's job to tally, collect the payment, and give me a receipt so I can prove at the door that I paid for stuff. I don't want to be accused of stealing something because I had to check out my purchases and didn't know what I was doing.

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    Jul 2001
    Purdy area, Western WA
    They better keep ENOUGH CASHIERS or they will LOSE MY BUSINESS!
    I refuse to use “self check out” and I know voting with your wallet KILLED AUTOMAT ONLY RESTAURANTS every time they tried them since 1912 when they were first announced as “the fast food future of eating out”!
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    May 2001
    Deliberately avoiding self-checkouts in favor of cashiers is only going to prolong the inevitable. The cashier is going to disappear. Human workers are expensive (insurance, workers' comp, mistakes, shrinkage, training costs, etc.) and unreliable (subject to missing work due to illness or injury, call-ins/no-shows, tardiness, etc.) and retail-facing businesses that can get rid of excess "human resources" are desperately looking into how to do this. One of the biggest offenders in terms of costs and losses, and one of the most likely to be automated out of existence, is the basic cashier.

    Stores in particular have been too upset for too long with having to depend on unreliable humans handling product, and there's hundreds of millions of dollars a year being poured into technologies with the singular purpose of adding "cashier" to the list of jobs that no longer exist. The push for a higher minimum wage has only greatly accelerated these efforts and moved up timetables for planned deployments, e.g., order-and-pay kiosks appearing in fast food restaurants, especially in states that have increased their minimum wages.

    By way of example, I heard from relatives that Gulf Power has eliminated human cashiers in most of their Gulf coast service areas as of January 1 of this year. Paying your power bill requires a trip to a kiosk in a participating grocery store, or calling in to an automated bill handling system with a credit card, or driving 75-100 miles to the nearest office that still has a cashier or two. Eventually those remaining few will also be replaced. While they were rolling this system out, it got hacked and most of their customer base had their personal info stolen, so, yeah, there's also that.

    The threat of technology, and especially automation, eliminating jobs en masse for large swaths of the working population that lack the education/skills for a higher-paying job is largely to blame for things like Elon Musk calling for a universal basic income. If you wipe out menial jobs you'll suddenly have 20+ million more unemployed people, that that much unemployment is a very bad thing.

    Personally I'd love to see a return to skilled trades. Too many people think that working with your hands is beneath them, and the folks that take those "lesser" jobs can make crazy money if they're only reasonably good at them. Welding is a great example, as are all construction-related fields, e.g., electrician, plumber, or carpenter. Vehicle or light-/small-engine repair are also solid. Repair technicians for tech-heavy equipment (like medical machinery) are in huge demand.
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