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RACE Israel offers to pay African migrants to leave, threatens jail
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    "outside the box"

    Israel offers to pay African migrants to leave, threatens jail

    3 January 2018

    Some 38,000 African migrants live in Israel. New Israeli plan offers them $3,500 to leave.

    By Jeffrey Heller

    JERUSALEM, Jan 3 (Reuters) - Israel said on Wednesday it would pay thousands of African migrants living illegally in the country to leave, threatening them with jail if they are caught after the end of March.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in public remarks at a cabinet meeting on the payment programme, said a barrier Israel completed in 2013 along its border with Egypt had effectively cut off a stream of "illegal infiltrators" from Africa after some 60,000 crossed the desert frontier.

    The vast majority came from Eritrea and Sudan and many said they fled war and persecution as well as economic hardship, but Israel treats them as economic migrants.

    The plan launched this week offers African migrants a $3,500 payment from the Israeli government and a free air ticket to return home or go to "third countries", which rights groups identified as Rwanda and Uganda.

    "We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out," Netanyahu said.

    An immigration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there are some 38,000 migrants living illegally in Israel, and some 1,420 are being held in two detention centres. "Beyond the end of March, those who leave voluntarily will receive a significantly smaller payment that will shrink even more with time, and enforcement measures will begin," the official said, referring to incarceration.

    Some have lived for years in Israel and work in low-paying jobs that many Israelis shun. Israel has granted asylum to fewer than one percent of those who have applied and has a years-long backlog of applicants.

    Rights groups have accused Israel of being slow to process African migrants' asylum requests as a matter of policy and denying legitimate claims to the status.

    Netanyahu has called the migrants' presence a threat to Israel's social fabric and Jewish character, and one government minister has referred to them as "a cancer".

    Teklit Michael, a 29-asylum seeker from Eritrea living in Tel Aviv, said in response to the Israeli plan that paying money to other governments to take in Africans was akin to "human trafficking and smuggling".

    "We don't know what is waiting for us (in Rwanda and Uganda)," he told Reuters by telephone. "They prefer now to stay in prison (in Israel) instead."

    In his remarks, Netanyahu cited the large presence of African migrants in Tel Aviv's poorer neighbourhoods, where he said "veteran residents" - a reference to Israelis - no longer feel safe.

    "So today, we are keeping our promise to restore calm, a sense of personal security and law and order to the residents of south Tel Aviv and those in many other neighbourhoods," he said.

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    Behind Enemy Lines
    Good. GTFO.

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    now that has some VERY correct thinking behind it - even with strict expelling of the troublemakers Israel is wayyyyyyy better off getting rid of the entire lot ....

    interesting enough - Israel sought out and helped to immigrate some of the lost black Jews of Africa .... they do look after their own kind no matter the skin color ....
    Illini Warrior

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    "outside the box"
    That would certainly be worth going into debt for.
    one government minister has referred to them as "a cancer"

    Netanyahu cited the large presence of African migrants in Tel Aviv's poorer neighbourhoods, where he said "veteran residents" - a reference to Israelis - no longer feel safe.

    "So today, we are keeping our promise to restore calm, a sense of personal security and law and order to the residents of south Tel Aviv and those in many other neighbourhoods,"

    Kudo to Netanyahu; africans seem to be the same globally
    "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness"

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    Good thing Obama is no longer if office because I'm sure he'd offer to take them all in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginative View Post
    That would certainly be worth going into debt for.

    Kudo to Netanyahu; africans seem to be the same globally
    I like bibi

    he don't piss around

    why not send them back to WHERE THEY ARE FROM?

    why hafta pay some other country to take them?

    also USA hinge ANY aid to repatriating wayward souls.

    Canada too.. but we know the rainbow messiah will not even think of it

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    And most will be young healthy males........are they terrorists or Cowards afraid to defend their homeland, women and children!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury3 View Post
    Good thing Obama is no longer if office because I'm sure he'd offer to take them all in.

    you kidding - he'd have his Black Ops boys from the CIA arming & training them as a resistance force to kill off the Jews - that guy didn't miss a trick ....
    Illini Warrior

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    Does this include the ones who immigrated from Ethiopia?

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    More on the Israeli barrier at the Egyptian border -

    There are pictures at the link - looks like a heavy duty metal/chain link type fence with concertina wire along the top.

    The Egypt–Israel barrier (or Egypt–Israel border fence; Project name: Hourglass, Hebrew: שְׁעוֹן הַחוֹל‬, Sha'on HaḤol, lit. sand clock) refers to a border barrier built by Israel along sections of its border with Egypt. It was originally an attempt to curb the influx of illegal migrants from African countries.[2] Construction was approved on 12 January 2010[3] and began on 22 November 2010.[4] [5] However, following increased insurgent movement across the southern border in 2011, Israel upgraded the steel barrier project to include cameras, radar and motion detectors. In January 2013, construction of the barrier was completed in its main section.[6] The final section of the fence was completed in December 2013.[7]

    A number of countries, including the United States and India, have sent delegations to Israel to study border security and the various technologies used by the IDF to secure Israel's borders, including the Israel–Egypt border. Some of these countries may implement these technologies as part of their own border fences.

    About 152 miles (245 km) long,[8] [9] [10] the fence from Rafah to Eilat took three years to construct, at an estimated cost of NIS1.6 billion ($450 million), making it one of the largest projects in Israel's history.[7]
    "Apres la Guerre."

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    I have said it before, and I am saying it again.

    Africans will bring absolute destruction, to ALL FIRST world nations.

    The average African woman in Niger, has 6-8 kids,
    and it is projected by 2100, that there will be 4.5 BILLION Africans.

    The world cannot tolerate that many illiterate Africans,
    who do not contribute nothing but absolute violence,
    destruction and mayhem, to the FIRST world societies,
    in which they all become nothing more than leeches.

    The skies over Africa should be as dark, as the pitch of night,
    heavily sprayed with every birth control, agent known to man.
    The ground should have puddles of birth control agents,
    and everything that they drink, should be full of the agents.

    Stopping the out of control over population in Africa,
    should be the number one priority, of all the FIRST world nations.

    Africans are now destroying Western Europe, and their number
    one target is the ole FUSA. They want their EBT, AFDC, WIC,
    and most of all Section 8. They have seen it on their smart phones,
    and they want a FIRST world lifestyle, a lifestyle that they
    did not create, cannot create, or maintain, and ultimately
    do not deserve.

    No place where White people live, is going to be safe from them.
    At least one nation is standing up. Prayers for the brave Israelis.

    Please be safe everyone, and please arm up.

    Regards to all deplorables.

    "Read everything, listen to everyone, believe absolutely nothing,
    unless you can prove it with your own research." Milton William Cooper

    "Life is a glass, half empty, of spoiled milk, sitting in a bed of thorns." Nowski

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    Eritrea and Sudan have a "high" number of Christians. Are the illegals Christians truly fleeing persecution from Muslims or Muslims? If I were in charge, that detail would matter.


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    I wish this country would grow a set like that.

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    "outside the box"
    Israel to Pay $9,000 to Any Civilian Willing to Help Deport Asylum Seekers by Force

    Israel said it will pay almost $9,000 dollars to citizens who help in the forced expulsion of ayslum seekes.

    Volunteer civilians who are willing "to temporarily serve as inspectors in the expulsion of asylum seekers" will be given a bonus payment of up to 30,000 shekels ($8,705), Haaretz reported.

    On Sunday, Israeli authorities "published a notice that it is hiring 100 inspectors on a temporary basis for terms of two years, from March 2018, as well as 40 investigators for the unit that examines asylum requests".

    The 'inspectors' will be working in the greater Tel Aviv area, with some hired for the voluntary repatriation program and others to enforce laws against asylum seekers and their employers.

    According to the newspaper, the job "would entail holding hearings for the asylum seekers; interviewing and documenting the ones prepared to leave 'voluntarily'; coordinating and issuing travel papers and coordinating flights; accompanying asylum seekers; and monitoring their re-entry to their countries or origin or elsewhere."

    The others would be involved in the "enforcement of laws against asylum seekers and their employers. Their job would be to find them, record their stories and investigate the employers as well".

    "Experience in combat or security is a plus", the statement added.

    Israel is set to expel nearly tens of thousands of Africans in a migrant relocation plan that has been described by the UN as "incoherent and unsafe".

    The plan, originally introduced in November, will see the 38,000 African migrants, mainly Eritrean and Sudanese, who have entered the country illegally, leave by the end of March.

    African migrants have been promised a plane ticket and $3,500, however those that miss the deadline and refuse to leave, will face arrest.

    UN calls to scrap plan

    The new regulations passed by the Israeli government means that authorities are not required to "threaten them with a choice of voluntary departure or jail, simply to seize them and take them to a plane".

    The plan was widely criticised when first unveiled last year, but the UN refugee agency [UNHCR] sounded a fresh alarm after Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's announcement early this month that the program had begun.

    "UNHCR is again appealing to Israel to halt its policy of relocating Eritreans and Sudanese to sub-Saharan Africa," the agency said in a statement.

    Israel has not clearly said where the migrants will go, but tacitly recognises it is too dangerous to return the Sudanese and Eritreans home.

    As a result, according to activists in Israel, it has signed deals with Rwanda and Uganda, which agree to accept departing migrants on condition they consent to the arrangement.

    Uganda has publicly denied any such deal. Rwanda has also dismissed its involvement, according to the UN.

    UNHCR spokesman William Spindler said the fact that the purported host countries were denying their role made it impossible for the UN to follow up.

    UNHCR said it had spoken to 80 people who were flown with the $3,500 to Rwanda before heading north, travelling to Rome through conflict zones in South Sudan, Sudan and Libya.

    "Along the way they suffered abuse, torture and extortion before risking their lives once again by crossing the Mediterranean to Italy," UNHCR said in a statement, explaining that its staff interviewed the migrants in Rome.

    Spindler called on Israel to find alternative solutions to the problem, stressing that the UN was ready to help with formal resettlement through official channels.

    Overt racism

    A sharp shift to the right in Israeli politics has given rise to an increasingly vocal push to isolate African asylum seekers and ultimately return them to their homelands. Darfur and Eritrea, being the majority, are both riddled by instability, long running conflicts and political oppression.

    Between January 2016 to March 2017, a total of 311 citizens of Sudan and Eritrea were detained without trial.

    Nationalist anti-immigration protests regularly turn violent with random beatings of Africans and the ransacking of their properties or shops.

    Demonstrators have chanted slogans such as: "Stop talking, start expelling" and "Blacks out!", while other protesters have derided the "bleeding-heart leftists" working to help them.

    Netanyahu noted that after building a fence on the Egyptian border and deporting some 20,000 African migrants through various deals, Israel has reached the third stage of its efforts - "accelerated removal".

    "This removal is taking place thanks to an international agreement I reached that enables us to remove the 40,000 infiltrators remaining, remove them without their consent," he told ministers.

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    The U.N. can go screw themselves! Thry have no right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation. The U.N. was one of the worst ideas well meaning idiots ever came up with.


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    "outside the box"
    Israeli Minister Dubs African Migrants 'Sanitary Nuisance,' Calls for Death Sentence for Fake News

    Communications Minister Ayoub Kara sparks controversy as he calls for death for propagators of fake news and speaks out against African migrants as Israel launches deportation plan

    Jan 13, 2018

    -Israel to pay $9,000 to any civilian willing to help deport asylum seekers by force
    -Israeli rabbis call on government to halt 'brutal policy' of deporting African asylum seekers
    -Asylum seekers deported from Israel suffered 'abuse and torture,' UN refugee agency says

    An Israeli minister called African migrants a "sanitary nuisance." Communications Minister Ayoub Kara made the comments Friday during an event for the Likud party in Eilat. He said that asylum seekers who worked in the southern resort town were an issue for the tourism hot spot.

    His words come against the backdrop of a controversial plan by the Israeli government to forcefully deport African asylum seekers from the country. In the beginning of the month, the Population, Immigration and Border Authority announced that it was launching a campaign to rid Israel of its asylum seekers, saying that among the 35,000 of them currently living in the country most of the Eritrean and Sudanese nationals will have to leave immediately or face incarceration.

    "In my previous role, I was in charge of regional cooperation to save tourism in Eilat. We brought here 1,500 from Akaba and thus we deported, without making any effort, the illegal workers who infiltrated here and were a sanitary nuisance."

    Kara went on to make another harsh statement in the speech he made, calling for media outlets that broadcast "fake news" to be given the death verdict. His words were received with a round of applause. The communications minister said: "Everyone who brings [sic] fake news, will bring upon themselves the death verdict and there won't be ****ing fake news anymore."

    After facing backlash on social media following his statements, Kara clarified his words in an official statement. "It's funny to me [that I'm being criticized] because whoever sees me knows how important freedom of speech is to me, how supportive I am of reforms, how much I want transparency in the media."

    However, Kara then repeated his words regarding 'fake news' in the Israeli media. "Whoever brings [sic] fake news brings the death verdict on himself, not me. My intention is for people not to see [those who create fake news] on billboards. Not me. They will bring upon themselves not being seen."

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    Kudos for Israel to face reality......

    .........but why are all the organizations behind Black rights and multiculturalism in the US so over represented by the some members of that tribe in this country?

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    round em up

    give em a bottle of water

    fly middle of Sahara and kick em out

    rinse and repeat.


    My family & clan are my country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PghPanther View Post
    Kudos for Israel to face reality......

    .........but why are all the organizations behind Black rights and multiculturalism in the US so over represented by the some members of that tribe in this country?
    It sounds like they have their share of them, too...

    -Israeli rabbis call on government to halt 'brutal policy' of deporting African asylum seekers

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    Bibi will win this one. He clearly sees the writing on the wall.

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    Israel: “Africans are Not Refugees” and Deportations Lawful

    January 23, 2018

    The approximately 40,000 African invaders illegally resident in Israel—and due to be deported from the Jewish ethnostate within the next few months—are not refugees but illegal immigrant job seekers and their deportation is in line with international law, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced.

    Israeli Defense Force soldiers drag away an African protester.

    Speaking at the weekly Israeli government cabinet meeting, Netanyahu dismissed criticism of the plan to deport the Africans “to a third-party country” which has yet to be finally revealed, but is believed to be one of two central African states, Uganda or, most likely, Rwanda.

    “We are not taking action against refugees,” said Netanyahu. “We are taking action against illegal immigrants who come here for work purposes. Israel will continue to be a shelter for true refugees and will eject illegal infiltrators.”

    The Israeli parliament has already approved an amendment to Israel’s appropriately named “Infiltrator’s Law” which ordered the closure of the Holot concentration camp in southern Israel—an isolated camp where large numbers of the African invaders had been corralled.

    The forced deportations of the Africans—mostly Eritreans and Sudanese—is due to start in March.

    Netanyahu said that the arrangements being made to facilitate the deportations “guarantee personal safety for those who exit Israel. They receive approvals allowing them to live, work and integrate into the country. If they want, they can also return to their home countries. They are receiving significant financial aid from us.”

    “The arrangements I describe here are approved by the justice system and are continuously supervised by officials from Israel and the third country. I have approved additional funds to accelerate the examination of requests for asylum in Israel. This policy is perfectly in line with the Supreme Court’s orders and with international law, and therefore the claims voiced against us are baseless.”

    Israel’s Population Immigration and Borders Authority (PIBA) has already started filling approximately 100 new positions to start carrying out the deportations in March, with some salaries as high as NIS 30,000 ($8,800) per month for a two-year contract.

    PIBA estimated that the deportation will cost an estimated NIS 300 million ($86 million), including an “exit grant” of $3,500 to each African who leaves and, in the cases of those destined for Rwanda, a reported payout of $5,000 per head to the Rwandan government.

    Rwanda and Uganda have already accepted about 4,000 Africans who signed a document saying they had “willingly left” Israel.

    The Rwandan government has in the interim attempted to clarify its position with regard to accepting the deportees by announcing that it would accept any African from anywhere who came “voluntarily” to that country.


    In these times of global migration crisis, Rwanda wishes to reiterate its firm determination to contribute, as much as possible, to the issue of men, women and children who find themselves on the treacherous road of exile. (1/5)
    — Government of Rwanda (@RwandaGov) January 22, 2018

    In a series of Twitter posts, the Rwandan government said in an official statement that “Rwanda wishes to reiterate its firm determination to contribute, as much as possible, to the issue of men, women and children who find themselves on the treacherous road of exile.

    “Rwanda’s position on migrants, wherever they may originate from, was informed & shaped by a sentiment of compassion towards African brothers & sisters who are today perishing in high seas, sold on the markets like cattle or expelled from countries in which they sought shelter.

    “Rwanda is ready to help in whatever limited way it could, by welcoming anyone arriving at its borders in need of a home, voluntarily and without any constraint.

    “In reference to the rumors that have been recently spread in the media, the Government of Rwanda wishes to inform that it has never signed any secret deal with Israel regarding the relocation of African migrants.

    “In this regard, Rwanda’s policy vis-à-vis Africans in need of a home, temporary or permanent, within our country’s means, remains ‘open doors.’”

    President Kagame: The desperate situation of African migrants in Libya was deeply disturbing. Rwanda remains prepared to provide sanctuary for those migrants who wish to come here or through here.

    — Presidency | Rwanda (@UrugwiroVillage) January 16, 2018

    Earlier, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said on his Twitter account that the “desperate situation of African migrants in Libya was deeply disturbing. Rwanda remains prepared to provide sanctuary for those migrants who wish to come here or through here.”

    Thus the situation appears to be that Israel is to get all the Africans to “agree” to “voluntary” deportation to Rwanda. Those who do not agree to this “voluntary” deportation will just be thrown in conventional prisons where their lives will be so miserable that they will—sooner or later—just “agree” to the “voluntary deportation” just to get out of jail.

    It is a policy which is almost guaranteed of success, and in achieving the Jewish ethnostate’s declared aim of keeping Israel purely for racially-descended Jews.

    * The European Union has recognized asylum claims for 90 percent of Eritreans who apply for refugee status and 56 percent of Sudanese, according to the European Stability Institute. Israel has recognized refugee status for one Sudanese and ten Eritreans, out of tens of thousands of applications, a rate of less than 1 percent.

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    "outside the box"
    Israel jails African asylum seekers refusing deportation

    Hundreds of detained Eritreans go on hunger strike as state begins much-criticised expulsion programme to third countries

    Thursday 22 February 2018

    Seven Eritreans who have had their asylum petitions rejected have been jailed indefinitely by Israel after refusing deportation to Rwanda.

    The men are the first to be detained since the Israeli authorities announced a initiative last November to make thousands of African migrants and asylum seekers choose between deportation to a third country or face an unspecified amount of jail time.

    “This is the first step in a what is a globally unprecedented deportation operation, a move tainted by racism and complete disregard for the life and dignity of asylum seekers,” Israeli human rights groups said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

    According to the UN refugee agency, there are 27,000 Eritrean and 7,700 Sudanese asylum seekers currently in Israel.

    Only 10 Eritreans and one Sudanese person have been granted asylum, Haaretz reports.

    Most asylum seekers travel overland to Israel via the border with Egypt and claim they cannot return because of the threat of persecution by their home countries’ authoritarian governments.

    At least two of the men detained this week at Saharonim prison on the Israeli-Egyptian border are torture survivors, the rights groups said.

    After losing a deportation hearing, they were taken straight to the prison.

    Under the new rules around 600 deportation notices have been given to people who did not file asylum requests by the end of 2017 so far, Israeli media says.

    Targeted asylum seekers are given an interview and one month in which to decide whether to leave Israel voluntarily. If they refuse, they are given a hearing in which a population authority official can decide whether to jail them or not.

    Women, children, fathers of minor children and victims of slavery or human trafficking are not being targeted for deportation.

    It is reported that the third countries the asylum seekers are being deported to are Rwanda and Uganda, although both deny they have struck any kind of deal with the Israeli government.

    Travel documents and plane fare is provided by Israel and deportees are given $3,500 (£2,510) cash to help them set up on arrival.

    Those who have arrived in Rwanda report having their documents confiscated on arrival and having basic rights denied, many ending up on the streets.

    UNHCR said in a recent report that only nine asylum seekers deported to Rwanda have actually stayed there.

    After the news broke that the seven men had been detained hundreds of asylum seekers at the nearby Holot detention centre began a hunger strike in protest.

    “We don’t want to eat at all – not tomorrow, not the next day – because they’ve taken these people to jail,” Abdat, an Eritrean who has been held at Holot for 10 months, told Haaretz.

    “Not one person is eating. They tell us, ‘It’s a pity to throw the food away.’ We say lives are also being thrown away.”

    The Israeli refugee rights group Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, as well as UNHCR, asked the interior ministry to reconsider the plans last month.

    Israel's prison service has also criticised the plans, saying it cannot house people indefinitely.

    The Israeli authorities did not immediately respond to The Independent’s request for comment.

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    one of the pending reasons behind getting this 40,000 out of the country is the very real possibility of trouble from them during a war crisis - Israel has to contend with the Arabs they have in their territory - last thing they need are these illegal a-holes looting and causing trouble during wartime shelter lockdowns ...
    Illini Warrior

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    Behind Enemy Lines
    Israel does not owe foreign immigrants a life, just like the US doesn't owe mexicans a life.


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    A good messican...

    Gets deported and goes back south with a democrat under each arm.
    Proud Infidel...............and Cracker

    Member: Nowski Brigade


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    "outside the box"
    Israel in deal to resettle Africa migrants, then backtracks
    By JOSEF FEDERMAN Associated Press

    April 02, 2018 06:01 PM

    Updated 3 hours 21 minutes ago

    Israel announced a deal with the U.N. on Monday to resettle African migrants in Western nations, but hours later put the agreement on hold.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced the deal on national TV, saying Israel agreed to cancel the planned expulsion of tens of thousands of African migrants. He said the deal with the United Nations called for sending half of them to Western nations and allowing the rest to remain in Israel.

    Late Monday, Netanyahu said he was "suspending" the deal in order to discuss the arrangement Tuesday with Israeli residents of south Tel Aviv areas with large migrant populations.

    "After meeting with the representatives I will re-examine the agreement again," he said.

    Under the deal, roughly half of the 35,000 migrants living in Israel would be resettled in the West. But the rest would stay in Israel.

    The migrant community is concentrated in south Tel Aviv, angering longtime Israeli residents of the working-class area. Israeli hard-liners had criticized the deal for allowing so many Africans to remain.

    The late-night turnaround threw into limbo the surprise agreement, which had finally offered a solution to an issue that has divided Israel for a decade. The deportation plan had been widely criticized at home and abroad, even by some of Israel's closest supporters.

    "It's a good agreement," Netanyahu told reporters earlier in the day. "It enables us to solve this problem in a way that serves, protects the interests of the state of Israel and gives a solution to the residents of southern Tel Aviv and other neighborhoods, and also for the people who came into Israel."

    Most of the African migrants are from war-torn Sudan and Eritrea, the latter having one of the world's worst human rights records. The migrants say they are asylum-seekers fleeing danger and persecution, while Israeli leaders have claimed they are merely job seekers.

    The Africans started arriving in 2005, after neighboring Egypt violently quashed a refugee demonstration and word spread of safety and job opportunities in Israel. Tens of thousands crossed the porous desert border with Egypt before Israel completed a barrier in 2012 that stopped the influx.

    Israel has struggled with what to do with those already in the country, alternating between plans to deport them and offering them menial jobs in hotels and local municipalities.

    Due to the large migrant presence, poor neighborhoods in south Tel Aviv have become known as "Little Africa." Working-class Jewish residents have complained of rising crime and pressed the government to take action.

    But the migrants also found wide pockets of support, with many Israelis arguing that the country, founded in the wake of the Holocaust, had a special responsibility to help those in need.

    Thousands of Africans and their Israeli supporters held a demonstration in February claiming the deportation plan amounted to racism. Groups of Israeli doctors, academics, poets, Holocaust survivors, rabbis and pilots also objected to the planned expulsion.

    Critics at home and in the Jewish American community had called the government's deportation plans unethical and a stain on Israel's image as a refuge for Jewish migrants.

    Before Monday's announcement, the government had remained steadfast, bristling at what it considered cynical comparisons to the plight of Jewish refugees during World War II.

    Over the years, Israel threatened the migrants with prison, placed them in a now-shuttered desert detention camp and tried to persuade them to leave by offering them money and a one-way ticket to Africa. After those options failed, it announced plans to begin deporting them to an unidentified African country — believed to be Rwanda or Uganda — on April 1.

    Netanyahu said the plan was scrapped after it became clear that the "third country," which he again did not identify, could not handle the influx.

    "From the moment in the past few weeks that it became clear that the third country as an option doesn't exist, we basically entered a trap where all of them would remain," he said.

    He described Monday's compromise as the best available option.

    In his Facebook post announcing the deal's suspension, Netanyahu accused the New Israel Fund, a liberal advocacy group, and "elements" in the European Union of derailing a deal with Rwanda.

    Migrants who earlier agreed to return to Africa had reported abuses and broken promises after arriving in Rwanda. In some cases, their travel papers were confiscated or they were quickly sent to Uganda. Both Rwanda and Uganda denied having any agreement with Israel.

    Meir Ben-Shabbat, Netanyahu's national security adviser, said the U.N. plan would be carried out in three phases over five years.

    In all, the United Nations would resettle about 16,250 people, while Israel would absorb the same number. "A committee will be formed in order to identify them and find agreed solutions," Ben-Shabbat said.

    Shlomo Mor-Yosef, a senior official at Israel's Interior Ministry, said migrants would be taken in throughout the European Union as well as in Canada and the United States.

    Italy and Germany, two countries identified by Netanyahu as likely destinations, both denied having any agreement in place.

    Canadian officials said they were in touch with Israel about the matter. Mathieu Genest, a spokesman for Canada's immigration minister, said his government was reviewing over 1,800 requests by Eritreans to resettle in Canada. He noted that Canada has pledged to resettle a total of 4,000 Eritrean refugees by the end of the year.

    As part of the framework, Israel said it would rehabilitate and develop affected neighborhoods in south Tel Aviv, while also resettling African migrants elsewhere in the country.

    The U.N. refugee agency said it signed a framework of common understanding "to promote solutions for thousands of Eritreans and Sudanese living in Israel." The UNHCR said it would work to relocate about 16,000 Sudanese and Eritrean nationals and that others would receive "suitable legal status in Israel."

    Monim Haroon, a 28-year-old university student in Jerusalem who fled Darfur five years ago, expressed relief after the deal was announced.

    "As asylum seekers we don't care where we are going to be as long as it is a safe place, and these countries are willing to protect us and we can live with human dignity," he said.

    In a joint statement, a group of Israeli rights organizations praised Monday's agreement and vowed to monitor it to make sure it was respected.

    "We are extremely happy for the refugees," said Sigal Rozen, of the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants. "We really hope that the Israeli government will stop abusing them and will respect their rights as refugees."

    Mark Hetfield, president of HIAS, a Jewish nonprofit in the U.S. that protects refugees, praised the deal as "responsible" and "consistent with Jewish values." He said the group would work with Israel and resettlement countries to aid the migrants.

    "The timing of this announcement, during Passover, could not have been more appropriate as these asylum seekers, like our ancestors, all crossed the Sinai in search of freedom," he said.

    Not everyone was pleased. Cabinet Minister Naftali Bennett, leader of the nationalist Jewish Home party, said the deal turned Israel into a "paradise for infiltrators." He called for the plan to be brought to the Cabinet for a vote.
    "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness"

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    Wow, what times we are in. Border problems with big implications plaguing the FUSA.

    This is not a coincidence. Illegal means illegal. People should not be allowed to be parasites and destroy the country they invade, whether it be $$$, Spiritually, morally, or in any other way.
    Ah well look at the shiny dog n pony show. - Dosadi
    For every prophecy on the first coming of Christ, there are eight on Christ’s second coming. — PAUL LEE TAN


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