Well, I was right in my predictions about all the fun to be had working Psych on a on a Full Moon New Year's Day following a very frigid New Years Eve....throw in half the unit off sick - or worse - being at work while sick, and it was just almost more fun than I could handle God Bless and keep safe the EMT/Paramedics and Police who had to be out in the sub-zero temps dealing with the same...

Today starts 3 days in a row off work, and once my brain recovers from the past few days, I hope to follow Ivan the Russian's lead and do deep cleaning of at least one room here at home - will have to wait for Hubby to be home to move the larger furniture, but there is more than enough work to keep me as busy as I want to be (aka: not very ) I also want to bring in the winter emergency gear from the van and see if I can repack it in a more convenient manner - with the low temps, the grandkids have pulled the blankets out several times, so I need to make sure they are on top so nothing else gets disturbed.

It's nearly light enough outside to see the birdfeeders clearly - and what I can see tells me that I'd better head outside soon to refill them as they are fairly low. If I make it to my work town in the next few days, I'll need to stop by Rural King to pick up some more mixed feed (and maybe a few more pair of those fleece lined leggings they had on clearance if they aren't sold out....)

I'm not sure if my other neighbor will want to go up to the pool today given the temps - though we're out of the sub-zero today and almost into the teens, woo hoo! I need to renew my membership at the pool by the 16th, and if I pay for the full year in advance, I get a free month, which will push my renewal date to February next year - when my pocketbook has had more time to recover from Christmas and 3 birthdays within a 3 week time period!

I need to take a closer look at the January calendar SIL sent - we've added wrestling meets and a cheer competition; plus a note on two of the basketball games that we (likely meaning me) will need to provide food for the hospitality room, so I will need to get all that info put on the big wall calendar at home and in the small calendar I carry in my work bag/purse as well. I'd also like to finalize a seed order and get it sent out sometime over this time off - but may need to make it out and then let it rest for a bit (do I really NEED 4 types of pole beans?!?)

Early morning phone call ~> ~> plan change Little grandson doesn't want to go on older grandson's birthday outing to the gym; he wants to come to my house instead so I guess I'll be heading that direction. Oh well, needed to scan my card at CVS, pick up a couple of sale items at the store, and check WM for clearance winter items anyway - our clothing pantry at work is in dire need of larger men's shirts and they often have them marked way down in January. Doubt I get much cleaning done, but I'm likely to get a nap and plenty of snuggles from my little guy, so it all works out. Hmmm - he likes matching things; maybe we can work in the pantry for a while...

Better get out and get those birdfeeders filled before I have to head to town; take care all; have a safe and hopefully happy first week of the month!