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GUNS/RLTD New Ruger 9mm PC (Pistol Caliber) Takedown Carbine (with accessory Glock magazine well)
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    Jul 2005
    Happy on the mountain
    Why not try some lighter handloads in your mom's 20 dbl?

    I use nothing but factory loads 'for real.' Too much legal entanglement potential otherwise.
    The wonder of our time isn’t how angry we are at politics and politicians; it’s how little we’ve done about it. - Fran Porretto

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    As far as pistol caliber carbines that run Glock magazines (available in easily switchable calibers of your choice--9mm, .45 ACP, 10mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG) and that have quick folding stocks, I like my Kriss Vector. Also available as a short barrel rifle.

    Here's an image of the short barrel rifle version ...

    Admittedly, we are talking three times the cost of the Ruger.

    Edited to add ... it's a bit strange looking but I'll tell you--it's the most comfortable, easy to shoot carbine I've ever fired.

    Here's what my first gen Vector looks like ...

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    May 2001
    I looked at the specs closer and 6.8 pounds is heavy for a 9mm carbine. That's about the same weight as an unloaded lightweight AR-15.
    With the longest piece of the Ruger carbine being roughly 20" long, that limits how it can be carried concealed compared to the sub2K at 16.5 inches long when folded.
    That extra 3.5" of length may not seem like much until you try to put it into a normal computer case, brief case, or urban backpack.
    A basic sub2K weighs about 4 pounds plus any mags and ammo. The Ruger carbine at 6.8 pounds was weighed without ammo and probably no mag.

    I do like the factory threaded barrel and that could make a big difference if you have a 9mm silencer or plan to get one. I can't see many adding a flash suppressor or muzzle brake to a 16" 9mm barrel except for looks.

    It's good to have options, but this won't be replacing my sub2K.

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    May 2001
    Eastern Missouri


    Well, I still like my Camp9... I already have all the mags, spare parts, etc, I need for that, although I am sure the Marlin is not nearly as robust as the Ruger is likely to be... you have to replace the buffer every couple years in the Marlin. hmmm... I really like that it breaks down nearly in half. The Marlin has a gorgeous wood stock, but does not break down... hmmm...

    Ok, I need one...

    Dennis, I think I do have a niche for it...
    "If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots." -Jeff Foxworthy -Hey! Maybe not anymore!!!

    Mathew 24:6 "See to it you are not alarmed." (Though He also said to "keep watch" and to build your house "on the Rock".)


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