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    free ebooks today

    Do You Have a Dream?: 140 Insights to Building Confidence, Overcoming Stress & Loving Yourself
    by Grace Allison
    (8 Reviews) According to Heraclitus of Ephesus, an ancient Greek philosopher who lived for about a decade before Plato, 'The only thing that's constant is change. Whether we are ready or not, change is bound to happen. It impacts all of us at some point in our lives. So why is change important and how should we handle it? Grace Allison a self-help and motivational author, shares important keys on how to understand, redefine, and accept change. Do You Have a Dream? is an inspiring book comprised of 140 bite-sized quotes that inform us how to refer change as an important factor that can help us move forward in life instead of holding ourselves back. Grace has explicitly empowered readers to accept or make changes the safest and easiest way possible. She also points out that if these keys are substantially followed, they'll bring great results in 30 days! FREE Was: $0.99

    Get It Now

    Cold War: A Captivating Guide to the Korean War and Vietnam War
    by Captivating History
    (7 Reviews) Explore the Cold War and Get a Deeper Understanding of the Korean and Vietnam War. Two captivating manuscripts in one book: Korean War: A Captivating Guide to Korean War History Vietnam War: A Captivating Guide to the Second Indochina War. The narrative of the Korean War in the West, and particularly in the United States, tells the tale of a conflict between two global superpowers and competing ideologies in a far-flung corner of the globe. The reality is that the wheels of motion that drove the country to war in 1950 began turning long before American boots set foot on Korean soil. The heart of the conflict was a civil war between a population arbitrarily divided by colonization and the global geopolitics at the end of the Second World War. FREE

    Get It Now Biographies & MemoirsA Dark Path To Light
    by Alex Broches
    (18 Reviews) "Alex has been through hell and back. His story is an inspiration to me on not only survival but how to thrive from the middle of darkness" James Altucher- Best Selling Author & Venture Capitalist. A gripping true-life tale of one young man's journey from poverty, isolation and desperation to health, happiness and financial success. Nine-year-old Alex Broches' life is suddenly turned upside down when his father is arrested for a shockingly violent crime, sending his family on a downward spiral of shame, fear and even bouts of homelessness. An outcast at school, Alex finds solace in figuring out ways to make money to support his family. But early success turns into spectacularly public failure and humiliation, sending Alex into a depression so deep he plans his own suicide. FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It NowPalm Beach Poison (A Charlie Crawford Mystery Book 2)
    by Tom Turner
    (85 Reviews) Vasily Zinoviev is the last man on earth you want to say no to. Just ask the "working girl" who suffered a horrible death while skinny-dipping in a pool one night. Or the president of the prestigious Poinciana Club who's sorry he ever laid eyes on the ruthless Russian. Living in a $20 million oceanfront mansion with a harem of mistresses, Vasily and his brother are more than a handful for Palm Beach homicide detective Charlie Crawford. But throw in a vengeful ex-wife, a vicious hit man, a mysterious tycoon-even more diabolical than the Russians- and you have Palm Beach Poison. FREE Was: $4.99

    Get It Now General NonfictionThe Golden Bough: A Study of Magic and Religion
    by James George Frazer
    (13 Reviews) James Frazer's monumental study of world mythology and folklore has been a controversial work for over a century. The Golden Bough is "a great body of primitive and barbarous beliefs" and essential reading for anyone interested in mythology, supernatural magic or religion, especially modern neo-pagan practices. FREE Was: $9.99

    Get It Now CookingBest WOK Dishes Cookbook: 25 Simple and Satisfying Recipes
    by Nik Holt
    (43 Reviews) In this book, we present a quick overview of the best and most popular wok dishes, homemade versions or more elaborated recipes done by chefs. When you hear about high heat, loud sizzles, constant rocking motion and fast-paced, we're talking about cooking in a wok. Watching how meat, vegetables and aromatics go from raw to crispy in a few minutes makes this kind of stir-frying a wicked way to cook. Usually cooking in a wok reduces ingredients to a floppy and goopy mess, because we tend to treat woks like skillets, but they're not! FREE Was: $2.99

    Get It Now
    Inner Connections
    God gets the
    Glory...He gave the Gift

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you !

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    Yet another thanks to our favorite librarian.


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