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CRIME Bogus reports....crime rates NOT going down
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    Aug 2009

    Bogus reports....crime rates NOT going down

    Was talking with younger brother the other day after he got back from completing his annual qualifications for his national concealed carry permit. He's a retired LEO. I mentioned that I was considering getting a CCW myself as things seemed to be getting crazier and crazier every day. Not sure I want to be on a GUB list anywhere concerning firearms.....any more than I am. Always figured that if it got bad enough to HAVE to carry all bets were off anyways.

    Then I mentioned that crime numbers were down and he sternly corrected me.

    "That is all B.S.!" He said.
    "First off crimes are not being reported. Any police chief that reported everything truthfully they would lose their jobs. Second, cops are no longer being proactive on crimes. They aren't out looking for criminals and trying to prevent crime because they will get hammered if anything goes wrong, so all they are doing is reacting and reporting."

    "In addition here in PRK they've downgraded so many crimes that now cops just issue a citation and release the crook!"

    I've heard the same from our BIL a Sheriff's Deputy.....shit! So I guess I'll have to go jump through the hoops and get a CCW, just so I don't end up in jail if/when I have to defend home and hearth! Talk about suck!
    We have done so much, with so little, for so long....We can now do anything, with nothing, forever.

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    May 2001
    Behind Enemy Lines

    If you carry, this is absolutely vital.

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    Mar 2005
    They aren't out looking for criminals and trying to prevent crime because they will get hammered if anything goes wrong.

    In a nutshell. Although there are exceptions to the rule the local politicians and activists are ready to throw them under the bus for the slightest lapse in judgement and no matter what decisions are made with split second timing they are wrong. In the eyes of many including a lot of people on this board they are simply jack booted thugs that want to shoot your dog or are looking for an excuse to waste someone. With that kind of attitude prevalent even among those who should know better that isn't an environment for effective policing. That and in the past and still currently there are too many cops willing to look in the other direction when one of their own goes off the reservation. In short and unfortunately generally speaking the more uncivil society becomes the more uncivil and forceful the police have to be to keep the criminals in check. It's a symbiotic relationship. In areas like Chi-congo where people are not allowed to defend themselves and the police are crucified and hamstrung at every infraction violent crime spirals out of control. Cause and effect.
    What is the lake of fire? What is it's purpose? Is the lake of fire eternal hell? Is there any hope of escape for those cast into this lake?


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