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HEALTH Personal health struggle and request
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    Prayers T.C.


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    Hello twincougars,

    Adding my prayers for your health and your business.

    Sure hope 2018 is the year of a cancer treatment break through. Please Lord.

    Quote Originally Posted by Terrwyn View Post
    I don't understand the oil. We live in Ca. and could buy it if I knew what to get. What brand etc.
    Making it in my kitchen is not an option. DH was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and is having surgery Wed. so if anyone can tell me it would be appreciated.
    Hello Terrwyn,

    So very sorry.

    Lifting your DH up in prayers! I pray the surgery removes all the cancer and recovery is 100%.
    "Apres la Guerre."

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    Lifting you up with prayers for healing, twincougars!
    And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28

    Preparing a People to Meet Jesus

    Revelation 14:6-12

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    Quote Originally Posted by twincougars View Post
    Jazzy, I hear you. I took RSO (Rick Simson Oil, AKA Canabis Oil) for a few days, and might try it again. Also made my own. First batch was a disaster-- over heated it to evaporate the alcohol and charred everything-- what a $loss! Both the purchased and the home brew (home brew made from organically grown weed because commercial weed is grown with chemical fertilizers and insecticides, which get concentrated in the oil, so you are taking in more carcinogens) had the same effects. First, I didn't get high (Sativa strains, too!), but I have a hard head, anyway. Second, it make my mouth incredibly dry and thirsty. Worst of all, got me terribly dizzy. The first time (found out later I took too much) just moving my eyeballs made me dizzy; I just couldn't stand up! I think my body was telling me that this stuff wasn't good for me, so I stopped.
    I understand that the Indica strain is much better for pain and cancer reduction of elimination. Cbd is great for pain but has no thc. Maybe that could help you.

    Regardless I send prayers directly.

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    Praying hard for you!
    "Why not stay awake now? Who wants to sleep now with so much happening, so much to see? Life used to be dull you see...and you don't have to sleep alone, you don't even have to sleep at all; and so, all you have to do is show the stick to the dog now and then and say, 'Thank God for nothing.'"

    Drusilla, "The UNVANQUISHED. William Faulkner

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    Colville, Washington
    I am so blesses to have such great support from my fellow TB2Kers! Thank you all so much. One of you PM'd me a cancer support group on Facebook, and I joined that. Normally, if there even is a "normally" any more, I tend to keep to myself personal stuff, but being able to discuss it like this sort of helps me in a way and maybe resonates with others who might be troubled by a death-sentence diagnosis. Below is the post I made to that support group. Perhaps something in there might help someone else.

    Thank you for adding me to your group. Because of my Stage 4 cancer, of course I am researching everything "alternative" to chemo/radiation/surgery that I can find. So far I have been using Essiac tea (packeged in as Ojibwa Tea bags), essiac capsules (first I tried the Herbal Medicine brand of Essiac Tonic, but settled on the Herbal Balance for Life brand as the capsules are larger and they tste better; I pop them open in my mouth and let the creamy essiac sit under my tongue fo awhile). I take 6 MSM capsules in the mornings, 2 200mcg tablets of Selenium, and 1 tablet of chilated Manganese. I only use stevia as a sweetner.

    I have a Rife Machine that I built years ago and run the colon cancer and rectal cancer frequencies on it for at least an hour or so every day or every two days, since it and y Dan Dial's Molecular Enhancer are both at my log cabin 22 miles away where I go to take care of our 2 horses and 5 dogs- but sometimes don't make it every day as I would like.

    Diet wise I always eat organically and try to be as vegan and macrobiotic as possible, but certain foods contradict each other between regimes, like a lot of macrobiotic stuff is salty, and this is contraindicated when one understands lymphology and how salt adversely affects the lymph system. OF course, no white flour or sugar or meat products. I drink a big bowl of carrot juice every morning and evening.

    I believe that having a high, positive life condition is very important to recovery, and in fact, life in general. I have been a Nichiren Buddhist with SGI-USA ( for 47 years and chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo every day. Since my diagnosis I have increased my chanting to at least an hour a day, but need to do more.

    I have been studying lymphology ( ) and bounce on a rebounder while deep breathing every day as often as I can manage to help keep the lymph flowing in my body and bring in more oxygen.

    There is one product that seems to hold great promise. It isn't a "cure," but it should help me out a great deal. I am not allowed to make any claims about it or I get into trouble! It's called Protandim and it's on my LifeVantage site at . That's me in the upper left corner of the site. I am marketing LifeVantage products through my real estate company, Federal Management LLC (so I don't have to do multiple tax returns). Generally I hate MLM, but in this case, to finance my supplements purchases and get distributor discounts I make an exception. I just started with them, so not conversant on all their products yet. <shamelessly plugging product here as I am in financial do-do with this illness; sure a lot of you are in that boat> I hope you will check out the site (and order lots of stuff, LOL!). There are a couple videos that explain how the expression of the various genes in our cells get out of tune and how this product helps get them back to where they are supposed to be. Kind of technical but made me say, WOW, didn't know that! They are at (the easier one to understand) and (by the microbiologist who invented the Protandim product). I am anxiously waiting for it to come in the mail.

    Regarding canabis oil (RSO), I experimented a little with it. On the internet different people have different ideas about what is best; CBD, CBD + Indica, CBD + Sativa, straight Sativa, etc. I started with a store-bought CBD+Sativa oil. BTW, I don't get high from canabis-I have a hard head! Anyway, this oil made me VERY dizzy (took way too much first time) and dry mouth. Then I bought some "RSO" oil which IIRC was a CBD + Indica. Still dry mouth and dizzy. Then I made my own oil from a bag of Sativa that was given to me by a friend. Since the first time I tried making my own I let the alcohol evaporate for too long (the water boiled away in my makeshift double boiler) and was left with a charred mess, I was more careful and let it evaporate down to where there was some alcohol left in it. This seemed better as I could control the dosage better anyway using an eyedropper instead of squeezing out of a syringe. I wold take it right before going to bed, so even if it would hit me 2 hours later (the dizziness) I would be in bed so it wouldn't matter. I go back an fourth with the RSO because on the one hand so many people have had good results with it , but on the other hand, it seems my body doesn't like it very much.
    My doctor diagnosed me at the beginning of November with Stage 4 rectal cancer that spread to my liver, with large tumors there, and told me that at best I had 6 months to live, but with chemo, radiation and surgery I might live another 5 years! SCREW THAT! He refused to discuss anything alternative but wished me well. Considering that the stuff they want to treat me with can cause cancer, his plan seemed pretty stupid to me, but he's hide-bound to practice what he was indoctrinated with in medical school.

    The biggest problems I deal with with this cancer is a low energy level; I tire very easily; get out of breath, and elimination difficulties, as the tumor on my rectum squeezes my prostate, so difficulty peeing, and I bleed a lot when I have a BM.

    Understand that all the above is stuff that I am trying myself and I am not saying it is appropriate for everyone. Individual people and cancers probably need to be treated a little differently.

    Thanks for reading all this and have a Happy New Year!!

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    Praying for you, and look forward to good updates.

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    Continued prayers.

    Terrwyn, Prayers for your husband and you too.

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    On Golden Pond
    We are here for you whenever you have any updates on your progress. Would love to hear about your next check up, as to whether the essiac and other measures are working for your body and taming the monster named cancer. I have been reading lots of successes using alternative means to fight it!
    When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
    ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

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    zone 6a
    Hi TC, my mom is going to call you, she's not sure the number is still good or not but she'll try.

    First, you need to stop owning the cancer, "my stage 4 cancer" is just hammering it into your consciousness that it's yours. It's not yours, it's the result of your intelligent body encapsulating rogue cells that need to be dealt with.

    Dr. Joel Wallach has a superb (best on the market as far as I'm concerned) formulation that helps the body heal and become strong, I know you've found something (I've not heard of it before but will check it out), but the Youngevity products I and my mom can vouch for. The purpose of the products is to restore the minerals, vitamins and enzymes our bodies need to maintain a healthy state and fight off foreign invaders, etc. I noticed amazing results even though I was only taking half doses. They do have incentive programs where you can pay less for people who sign up under you. You can also call in to Dr. Wallach's daily radio program and ask him what he'd recommend specifically for your condition (this is the first I've heard that you are dealing with cancer). The "Healthy" packs are likely what you'd want to look into, Dr. Wallach can tell you which would be best for you (free call).
    Talk to Dr. Wallach Live, 12noon - 1pm PST : 888-379-2552
    For Youngevity Information and Ordering : 313-444-3463

    You can also look into For fulvic and humic acid, I'm trying to set up a wholesale account so I can sell it as it's an excellent source of minerals, etc.

    Also, I spoke here about a young woman I met at Dr. Correll's doctor's office in Spokane about 3 years ago. My dad was getting chelation therapy in Correll's basement, and the woman was taking high dose vitamin C therapy. She told me she'd got cancer 5 years prior and had all the usual treatments and was given a clean bill of health. She came back to her cancer doctor feeling unwell, he checked her and found cancer "in every organ in her body, it was everywhere", told her she had 2 weeks to live and sent her home to die.

    Well, she's a fighter and instead of giving up, she got online and began researching. She found that she needed to cut out sugar and only eat organic foods, and learned about the high dose vitamin C therapy. She began right away and did it daily for a year. She went back to her cancer doctor who was floored she was still alive, he said he couldn't find cancer anywhere in her body and asked her what she had done to eradicate it. She told him and he began sending his patients to Dr. Correll for the C therapy. Hearing the story, one of the other women in the room said, "Hey, that's my cancer doctor, he sent me here!" The young woman was there for her once monthly booster of vitamin C, she said she just felt it was prudent to do it as a preventative. That was 3 years ago, and she's still going strong the last I'd heard.

    Lucky for you, Dr. Correll does have a nurse practicioner who comes to Colville once a week and he can administer to you there (Wednesdays I think) though you'd also have to go to Spokane several other days in the week for treatment if you choose to try it.

    I believe there are several ways to contract cancer and many ways to eradicate it. I'd choose to use several if I was diagnosed and not one of them is surgery, chemo or radiation (if cancer returns after these treatments, it nearly always kills). I'd definitely be way more careful with my food intake, I'd be taking fulvic/humic acids, vitamin C therapy, EFA's, plant based vitamin intake, and Youngevity, prayer, and I'd also do mental exercises via visualization and positive outcome scenarios. I would also be doing a lot more research into alternative therapies.

    Your body didn't 'get' cancer overnight, usually it's severe stress that triggers it and you've had your share, it seems to take about 4 years for it to show up after a big trauma it seems. Giving your body what it needs to heal and be strong is your best defense, and forcing your cortisol levels back down will help. I've tried the herbal methods but they were not enough, so I've added lots of visualization and self talk to the adrenals and my body telling them to relax, rest and heal. Do whatever works, but you need to get your adrenals to cease and desist, they're in panic 'fight or flight' mode, especially so with the diagnosis you've been handed.

    Abject apologies in advance for having to post a video with benny hinn, but the information is what you need. I don't know where part 1 is, it may come up for you if you have youtube on auto play, or you can search for it. I'd encourage you to just type in Dr. Joel Wallach and Cancer and watch the videos that show up. I know one thing he says you need is selenium. Hope the following helps:

    RT 28 min.
    Cancer causes, reversal and prevention.

    "All right. They're on our left; they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us. . .they can't get away this time."

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    Forgot to add that Dr. Wallach claims Chemo causes tumors to grow and spread.
    RT 53 min

    Also, here's on on selenium supplementation.
    RT 54 min

    "All right. They're on our left; they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us. . .they can't get away this time."

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    Sep 2012
    Twincougars prayers going out to you.

    Did you look into Geraon.
    God Bless Us & God Bless America!

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    I just got this when I checked on "Raw Eggs Cancer". He is against all forms of animal protein which is acid forming. Egg whites are protein mainly. One needs to stay alkaline overall body wise.

    Raw eggs are full of good stuff and high in minerals.

    All the best....


    Dr. Moerman’s anti-cancer diet

    Cancer Tutor Cancer Tutor +

    Updated May 2, 2017 • Read time: 8 mins Print 3

    TREATMENT RATING: This cancer treatment is rated ONLY as being effective on newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have a fast-growing cancer and their cancer has not spread significantly. If you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or you have a potentially fast-growing cancer, do not use this treatment by itself, use it as the “cancer diet” of a more potent protocol:
    Chapter on Treatments Rated For Advanced Cancer Patients
    How It Works

    This diet is an immune system building diet, a “metabolic balancing” diet and is designed to stop the spreading of cancer. It is not designed to kill cancer cells directly, but is designed to build various aspects of the immune system and build the collagen fibrils so the cancer does not spread.
    The Moerman Anti-Cancer Diet

    Dr. Cornelius Moerman was a country medical doctor in Holland who fine-tuned his diet over many years by treating both pigeons and then human patients who voluntarily went through his treatment plans. Like several other alternative cancer treatments, it was developed on a trial-and-error basis. It is amazing how these trial-and-error cancer treatments are so similar to treatments developed more recently that have far more scientific data behind them. His research covered about 50 years, from the early 1930s to his death in 1988.

    Furthermore, Dr. Moerman had few, if any, of the notes and discoveries of others. If he had had access to these notes, and had access to a juicer, as only one example, he might have used a quart of carrot juice instead of vitamin A pills.

    Like many other alternative doctors, he considered that “cancer was [caused by] a malfunctioning of the immune system that manifested itself outwardly on the body's weakest organ as a tumor.”

    The cure rate for this diet is very high for non-terminal cases (i.e. roughly the same as orthodox medicine, but based on “total life,” not a 5-year cure rate), but it also cures about 50 percent of terminal cases. Since it is designed to build the immune system and stop the spreading of cancer, its cure rate for advanced terminal patients is probably not very high.

    A quote from the book: “not every case of cancer can be cured with the Moerman Therapy: However, all forms of solid tumor cancer have responded to it…” (1)

    There are eight key nutrients in this diet:
    1) Vitamin A (requires Vitamin D as a catalyst),
    2) Vitamin B complex,
    3) Vitamin C,
    4) Vitamin E,
    5) Citric Acid,
    6) Iodine,
    7) Iron,
    8) Sulphur

    In addition to these eight items, Dr. Moerman identified 17 symptoms of cancer, each of which can be addressed by one or more of the eight key nutrients.

    The research on Vitamin C is well known, but the research on Vitamin A is not as well known, unless you consider the many studies that show carrots have cancer-fighting abilities. However, it was shown by an Oxford University researcher that Vitamin A could not only slow the growth of a cancer tumor, but that in some cases it could actually turn a malignant tumor into a benign tumor. (2)

    In fact, five of these items are common among current alternative cancer treatments. The three exceptions are: iodine, iron and sulphur (e.g. MSM and/or DMSO). These three items are exceptional. It is now known, for example, that research on MSM and/or DMSO on cancer has been suppressed for over 50 years.

    Iodine dosage availability has been suppressed by the FDA for many years. It makes one wonder whether someone had secretly discovered that iodine had cancer-fighting qualities, and that perhaps that is the real reason the FDA suppressed its dosage availability. (3)

    The iron is most interesting. There is an “Iron Cancer Cure” developed by Austrian faith healer, R.A. Hoffmann. I have never seen this element in a standard alternative cancer treatment, though some of the foods that are known to treat cancer do have iron in them. However, a warning is in order. Too much iron in the blood can lead to heart attacks. This is a little known fact that has been ignored/suppressed by the medical community. (4)

    Truly, this man was exceptional and only lacked from a close association with other alternative cancer researchers of his time. Perhaps, given his independent discovery of the three extra nutrients, that was good thing.

    His diet basically consists of most vegetables, most fruits, some whole grains, butter, some other dairy products, egg yokes (not egg whites), and some other items. The diet is designed to supplement the eight nutrient supplements. The diet is very strict in things that cannot be consumed (e.g. table salt, even iodized table salt, meat, etc. are not allowed).

    The total diet is very detailed, and includes what foods can and cannot be eaten, supplement dosages, etc. The complete diet, along with recipes, can be seen in the book:

    Dr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet – Holland's Revolutionary Nutritional Program for Combating Cancer, by Ruth Jochems (with a Forward by Linus Pauling)

    As Dr. Moerman discovered, small amounts of Vitamin A had little effect on stopping the growth of the tumors. “He found that the most effective dose of Vitamin A was as high as 50,000 I.U. daily, although he increased this dose to 100,000 I.U. in some severe cases.” (Page 11)

    Here are the dosages of the eight key nutrients in this diet:

    1) Vitamin A (requires Vitamin D as a catalyst) – 50,000 I.U. to a maximum of 100,000 I.U. daily – taken once a day in the morning – found in butter, carrots, cod-liver oil, low-fat milk, spinach and tomatoes

    2) Vitamin B complex – 2 tablets, taken one tablet, two-times daily
    Thiamine (B-1) found in brown rice, low-fat milk, wheat germ and yeast,
    Riboflavin (B-2) found in egg yolks, green vegetables, low-fat milk and yeast,
    Niacin (B-3) found in wheat germ and yeast,
    Pantothenic Acid (B-5) found in broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolks and whole grains,
    Pyridoxine (B-6) found in green vegetables, whole grain cereals and yeast,
    Biotin (B-8) found in egg yolks, whole grain cereals and yeast,
    Folic Acid (B-9) found in beets, endive, green cabbage and whole green peas
    [Note: Do NOT forget Cobalamin (B-12), found in liver, kidney, meats, fish, dairy products, blue green algae, and eggs, most of which are not allowed on this diet.]

    See also:

    3) Vitamin C – 1,250 mg. to 10 grams daily – taken in several small dosages throughout the day because it cannot be stored by the body – “The patient should take the highest dose of Vitamin C that he or she can tolerate” – found in citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables

    4) Vitamin E – 400 I.U. to 2,200 I.U. daily – also taken in several small dosages – “Important: Check with your doctor if you have low blood pressure.” – found in vegetable oils, wheat germ and whole grain cereals

    5) Citric Acid – three tablespoon solution daily – one tablespoon, three times daily (Acidum citricum 10 to 15 g. with 300 g. aqua) – it is found in lemon juice

    Note: He makes comments about Vitamin P in citrus fruits (i.e. citrin), which helps the blood to flow through the tiny blood vessels, niacin also does this (a B vitamin)

    6) Iodine – three tablespoon solution daily – 1 tablespoon three times daily (Iodii spirit, 3 percent. Mix one to three drops in 300 g. water or red sour wine) – “This can be prepared using equal parts of the iodii spirit and the other liquid, depending on the severity of the case” – found in iodized salt, which is not allowed on this diet, thus it must be supplemented

    This is a possible source of iodine:

    7) Iron – three teaspoon solution daily – one teaspoon three times daily – undiluted solution sacharatis ferrici aromatic triplex – found in apricots, cherries, egg yolks, green leafy vegetables and raspberries

    8) Sulphur – one gram daily – 500 mg. twice daily – powder created sulphur depuratum 0.5 g. This powder can be mixed with butter and eaten. [Webmaster Note: I assume this can now be taken as MSM in even higher doses] – found in broccoli, Brussells sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and egg yolks
    Foods and Drinks

    The most important aspects of the diet are lemon juice and orange juice. While it is true that citrus fruits do contain some cancer-killing nutrients, based on the cure rates we have seen, the citrus fruits are not as good at killing cancer cells as are some of the other fruits, such as purple grapes, strawberries, red raspberries, etc.

    Adults must eat one or two raw egg yolks daily, unless they have liver or gall bladder disease.

    Adults and children must drink the juice of three lemons each day.

    These are the only two requirements. Beyond that a person can eat the proportions of the allowed foods to their own desire.
    Grains, Cereals:

    Whole grain breads,
    Whole grain pastas,
    Whole grain crackers,
    Unpolished brown rice,
    Barley, oat bran, wheat germ,
    Wheat, oat and corn flakes

    NOT Allowed:
    All foods that contain white flour
    Dairy Products

    Butter, buttermilk, cream cheese, cottage cheese, Young farmer cheese, egg yolk, low-fat milk, sour cream, yogurt-plain (must contain dextro lactic acid, preferably with lactobacillus acidophilus – which restores the intestinal flora)

    NOT Allowed:
    Cheese with high fat and salt content: Bleu, Brie, Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss,
    Egg white

    All vegetables except those listed as not allowed

    NOT Allowed:
    All beans and peas except whole green peas in their pods,
    All potatoes; red, sweet, white,
    Red cabbage, sauerkraut, white cabbage

    Limit Amounts:
    Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, green cabbage, parsley

    Raw, organic vegetables are preferred.

    To cook, lightly steam in water. Use no more than a pinch of sea salt in cooking water. Do not boil.

    All fruits except those listed as not allowed

    Raw, organic fruits are preferred (to cook: lightly steam in water – use no sugar if cooked, and do not boil)

    Soak all dried fruits in water for 24 hours, discard soaking liquid before eating

    Juices – all juices of the fruits and vegetables allowed on the diet are recommended

    NOT Allowed:
    Dates, figs, rhubarb, sweet grapes

    Highly Recommended:
    Beet juice, carrot juice, orange juice mixed with lemon juice
    Condiments – Dressing and Seasonings

    In moderation or as otherwise indicated below:

    Bay leaf,
    Black pepper (limit to one pinch occasionally),
    Cream (use occasionally),
    Herb tea,
    Honey (limit to one teaspoon daily),
    Lemon juice,
    Moerman Mayonnaise (recipe in book),
    Olive oil (use cold-pressed type only),
    Cheese, grated (Use low-fat, low-salt varieties only),
    Parsley (use sparingly),
    Sea Salt (use only a pinch in cooking water),
    Sunflower oil (use cold-processed type only),
    Vegetable bouillon cubes (use those made without chemicals or preservatives only),
    Prohibited Foods

    Alcoholic beverages,
    Animal fats,
    Artificial colorings,
    Beans and peas: kidney beans, lentils, marrowfat peas,
    Cheeses with high fat and salt content: Blue, Brie, Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss,
    Chemical preservatives,
    Cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco,
    Egg whites,
    Hydrogenated (heat-processed) vegetable oils [i.e. trans-fatty acids],
    Hydrogenated (heat-processed) vegetable shortening [i.e. trans-fatty acids],
    Margarine [i.e. trans-fatty acids],
    Potatoes, all varieties,
    Refined, iodized table salt,
    Stocks or broths made of fish, meat, or shellfish,
    Refined white sugar and all foods that contain refined white sugar,
    Teas that contain any amount of caffeine,
    White flour and all foods that contain white flour
    Supercharging This Treatment

    Since Dr. Moerman died in 1988, there have been many discoveries, particularly relative to killing cancer cells, that are not part of his diet. This should always be kept in mind. Also, like the Binzel laetrile diet, the Moerman diet does not correctly favor the vegetables and fruits that contain the most cancer-killing nutrients. For this reason this diet must be supercharged and modified for newer discoveries.

    This diet suffers only from the time period and isolation in which it was developed. For example, MGN-3 or MGN3, RM-10, and beta glucan supplements are known to rebuild the immune system more quickly than any cancer diet can accomplish. The best product for building the Immune System is, without a doubt, Transfer Point's Glucan 300®. MSM is now available as a sulphur supplement. Carrot juice is far superior to pure vitamin A supplements, and so on.

    An alternative cancer treatment should be a complete treatment protocol. Do NOT forget to study the complete treatment protocol for Stage I, II and III cancer patients and the complete treatment protocol for Stage IV cancer patients:
    Treatment For Stage I, II and III Cancer Patients
    Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients
    Article Information

    Dr. Moerman’s Anti-Cancer Diet – Holland’s Revolutionary Nutritional Program for Combating Cancer, by Ruth Jochems

    + View More Resources

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