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INTL Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO - January 2018
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    Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO - January 2018

    Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO-January 2018

    This thread is for European: Politics, Trade, NATO for the month of January 2018

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    Europe rings in the New Year 2018
    Attached Images

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    Voice of Europe ��‏ @V_of_Europe · 3h3 hours ago

    Several women sexually assaulted in Berlin during NYE: Safety area a total failure

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    Voice of Europe 🎆þ @V_of_Europe · 3h3 hours ago

    German broadcaster under fire over coverage of stabbing of teen girl with refugee as suspect

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    Voice of Europe ��‏ @V_of_Europe · 23m23 minutes ago

    Turkish State Institution Says Girls Can Marry & Get Pregnant Aged 9

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    Police and fire brigades attacked, ambushed and lynched in Europe’s migrant suburbs

    By Voice of Europe 2 January 2018

    In several European cities police and fire brigades were heavily attacked during New Year’s Eve.

    A group of youth tried to lynch a police woman and her superior in a Paris suburb. They were attacked after responding to a phone call about an out of control New Year’s Eve party. When they arrived at the scene, they were attacked by a large group of mostly migrant men.

    The officers were saved after reinforcements showed up. France is in shock about the incident and president Macron called it on Twitter a “cowardly and criminal lynching of police officers doing their duty”.

    In Belgium the fire brigade was ambushed in the Brussels migrant suburb of Molenbeek. They received an emergency call about a car fire, but a fire was nowhere to be seen when they arrived. Instead the fire trucks were immediately pelted with stones by a group of young men. The trucks were damaged and the brigade quickly had to leave the scene.

    A group of youth in Berlin attacked police with gas pistols in the Neukölln migrant suburb. They shot at cars and it is a miracle nobody was hurt. Earlier police were attacked with bottles and heavy fireworks in the city.

    According to the Berlin fire brigade there were eight attacks on emergency services and 57 attacks on emergency vehicles. Also an ambulance crew was threatened with firearms by several men. Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union, said that attacks against emergency forces had reached life-threatening levels.

    Police in the Dutch city of The Hague were attacked with heavy fireworks in the Schilderswijk suburb. Looking closely at the video of the incident, two men with a migrant background were arrested.

    In Sweden there were also several incidents. Police and fire brigades were attacked with fireworks, in two of Kristianstad’s suburbs. They had to retreat and were unable to put out a fire. Swedish media say a 22-year-old Arab was recently arrested for blowing up a police car in Malmö on Friday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by northern watch View Post
    Voice of Europe ��‏ @V_of_Europe · 23m23 minutes ago

    Turkish State Institution Says Girls Can Marry & Get Pregnant Aged 9
    I guess we know why the prog-marxist-left wants everywhere to be pro-muslim.
    Facts?? We don't need no stinkin facts...

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    Voice of Europe ��‏ @V_of_Europe · 39m39 minutes ago

    Merkel allies demand tougher stance on migration, reject EU integration

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    More than 1,000 cars torched in France during New Year's Eve

    By Voice of Europe 2 January 2018

    An army of security and emergency forces on the streets of France could not prevent a rise in the number of cars that were torched.

    Compared with last year, the number rose by 96, from 935 to 1,031 this year. The statistics from the ministry of the interior also say that more arrests were being made: from 456 to 510 this year.

    At least 140,000 security and emergency forces were at work during New Year’s Eve in France. One incident that particularly shocked the nation was the attempt by a group of youth to lynch two police officers in a Paris suburb.

    French President Emmanuel Macron went to Twitter and called it a “cowardly and criminal lynching of police officers doing their duty”.

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    Greece limits Sharia law after European Court challenge

    By Derek Gatopoulos and Costas Kantouris, Associated Press
    ATHENS, Greece January 9, 2018, 1:53 PM ET

    Lawmakers in Greece voted Tuesday to limit the powers of Islamic courts operating in a border region that is home to a 100,000-strong Muslim minority, scrapping procedures dating back more than 90 years.

    The proposed law passed easily, with backing from parliament's largest political parties. It eliminates rules that referred many civil cases involving members of the Muslim community to Sharia law courts. Greek courts now will have priority in all cases.

    The changes considered long overdue by many Greek legal experts follow a complaint a Muslim woman who lives in the northeastern Greek city of Komotini made to the Council of Europe's Court of Human Rights over an inheritance dispute.

    Legislation concerning minority rights was based on international treaties following wars in the aftermath of the Ottoman empire's collapse. The Muslim minority in Greece is largely Turkish-speaking. Minority areas were visited last month by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a statement that the new law respects the "special characteristics" of Greece's Muslim minority, while redressing past injustices against community members "who were excluded from the legal guarantees and freedoms that all Greek citizens must enjoy."

    Greek governments in the past have been reluctant to amend minority rights, as many disputes between Greece and Turkey remain unresolved.

    Currently, Islamic court hearings are presided over by a single official, a state-appointed Muslim cleric.

    In parliament Tuesday, Constantine Gavroglou, minister of education and religious affairs, praised opposition party support for the bill. He said the current rules stemmed "from policies that were hostile toward the minority and sought to create second-class citizens."

    "This is not just a technical adjustment, it's a very important day for parliament ... because of the broad support that is key when addressing issues of democracy and people's rights," Gavroglou told lawmakers.

    The extreme-right Golden Dawn party rejected the bill, arguing that it failed to adequately outline what powers would be retained by Islamic courts and did not address the issue of locally elected clerics who operate in an unofficial, but influential capacity.

    Nicholas Paphitis contributed to this story. Kantouris reported from Thessaloniki, Greece.

    Follow Gatopoulos at and Kantouris at

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 16h16 hours ago

    Hungary’s Viktor Orban to visit Austria to intensify ties with the country

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 9h9 hours ago

    Italy’s Center-Right Launches Full-Throttle Campaign: No Longer ‘Slaves to Europe’

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    Guy Plopsky‏ @GuyPlopsky · Jan 10

    Russia is bringing back the #BalticFleet's 689th Guards Fighter Regiment (disbanded in 2010). Reg. will be formed on basis of a fighter squadron currently part of the Baltic Fleet's 72nd AB. Will initially be equipped with #Su27SM/SM(3), followed by #Su35S

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    Geert Wilders - The worst is still to come
    January 2018

    "Islam is the core of the problem, not only the radicals". "Today, the whole continent is on the hit list". Geert Wilders, leader of the party of Freedom, the second largest party of Holland, claims that Europe has to fight for its existence against the islamisation: "the worst is still to come"

    Geert Wilders' office in the Dutch Parliament at The Hague looks like a bunker. In order to reach him, one has to pass several highly secured doors which can be accessed with special identified electronic keys. At the entrance there are 2 well trained armed cops and are licensed to open fire if necessary even in parliament. A camera is installed right next to them that record all movement all along the way to the office.

    Wilders (53) is the most threatened politician in Holland and probably in whole of Europe. The Islamic terror, sweeping through Europe, has been a part of his life since he first started politics 15 years ago. His relentless way of voicing his defiance against the Islamisation has made him an enemy of a lot and also a representative of a significant and growing part of Holland's population. The party of freedom became the second largest party in parliament after the elections back in March. The other parties agreed in advance not to ever govern with him. However, without his party they have been unable to form a stable coalition. After 6 months of negotiations, there might be an agreement in the coming days.

    Wilders that became a key actor in the "patriotic revolution" in Europe -alongside Marine le Pen in France, Heinz Christian Strache in Austria- recognised how the traditional parties have been neglecting the most urgent matters, in his view, threatening the existence of Europe and feels that time is running out and might be too late the day he becomes Prime Minister.

    Manchester, London, Barcelona, paris- merely a part of terror attacks committed during the summer. Is Europe in a state of war?

    Evidently it is. War has been declared a long time ago, 1400 years ago. In the past we succeeded to fight back. Unfortunately we have been experiencing in the past years numerous terror attacks. The root of the problem is the islamisation of the west, there is no possibility for Islam to integrate and the goal has always been to dominate. The only goal is to attack our way of life and our existence. The elites have tolerated this and now we are not only in a war, we are also struggling with survival. Israel knows this problem very well. We are fighting for our existence today as well.

    I'm on the hit list of al Qaeda and other terror organisations already for 15 years, but today we are all on this list and we witness this on a daily basis. I am infuriated with the politicians that made this mass immigration as well as the tsunami of asylum seekers possible. I'm not claiming that every migrant is a terrorist but they have ideologies which oppose freedom and democracy. They were never asked to adapt and today we see the results: total war, not only by people coming from Syria and Iraq but also by homegrown terrorists.
    We didn't reach the worst yet. In the next decades the problem will grow further. In Africa, there is a demographic explosion. According to the UN, a third intends to move to Europe. With our open borders we are incapable to fight for our existence. We are in a very difficult situation and our leaders are fully responsible for it.

    Is the refusal to acknowledge the connection between Islam and terror part of the problem?

    No doubt. The leading parties of Europe now say: Islam is not the problem, it's the salafists. As if we can talk about 2 sorts of Islam. What about the salafi and wahabi states of the Middle East that fund and indoctrinate people with ideologies in Europe and America? Saudi Arabia, the state in which Trump was waving with swords, is one of the most problematic states together with the rest of the gulf monarchies.

    How much time is left?

    Many researches have shown the Islamic influence on society. Muslims do not need to be a majority in a particular state in order to provoke major changes in regard to freedom, to violence and to the rule of law. In reality, we are late. We need to rise again and change this reality. We don't have a choice. Our existence is at stake. People in whole of Europe realise what the effects are of islamisation. People are afraid to send their kids to school or to the main cities. If we won't fight, by the end of the century we will be part of the Arab world or of Africa. In Britain there are already sharia courts on Europe's soil. This isn't a tale, this is real, the situation is terrible

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    Thousands of Greeks protest over right to strike, hitting hospitals, transport and shipping

    Lefteris Papadimas
    January 12, 2018 / 3:04 AM / Updated 8 hours ago

    ATHENS (Reuters) - Thousands of Greek protesters marched in central Athens on Friday against new reforms, including restrictions on the right to strike, that parliament is set to approve next week in return for bailout funds.

    In the first major industrial upheaval of 2018, the shutdown of the Athens metro, used by some 938,000 commuters daily, caused traffic gridlock in the city of 3.8 million people.

    Ships were unable to sail as workers went on strike and state-run hospitals had to rely on reserve staff as doctors walked off the job. More work stoppages were expected on Monday.

    The bill pending parliament approval on Monday would restructure family benefits, introduce a new process for foreclosures on overdue loans, and make it harder to call a strike.

    "'Hands off strikes!" protesters with Communist-affiliated group PAME chanted during a march of about 20,000 people, as lawmakers debated in parliament. Others held banners reading "Uprising!" and "No to modern slavery!".

    There were some clashes outside parliament when some protesters attempted to approach the building. They were pushed back by police who sprayed teargas, but the altercation was brief.

    The draft law has outraged many Greeks, who have seen living conditions and incomes plummet since the country first sought international aid to stave off bankruptcy in 2010, and required another two bailouts thereafter.

    It is a bitter pill for ruling Syriza, the dominant party in the government elected in 2015, which has its roots in left-wing labour activism.

    "This essentially abolishes the right to strike ... such things only happened during the junta," said retired ship officer George Papaspyropoulos, referring to the military dictatorship that ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974.

    "This government is a leftist in name only, but in deeds its a junta."

    At present, unions can call strikes with the support of one-third of their members. The new law would raise that to just over 50 percent, which creditors hope would limit the frequency of strikes and improve productivity that lags about 20 percent behind the European Union average.

    The government says it needs the reforms to receive tranches of bailout aid. The latest bailout, worth up to 86 billion euros (£76.53 billion), expires in August. So far Greece has received 40.2 billion euros, and a new tranche is expected to be worth around 4.5 billion euros.

    Reporting by Michele Kambas and Lefteris Papadimas; Writing by Michele Kambas; Editing by Jeremy Gaunt

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    Russia deploys more surface-to-air missiles in Crimean build-up

    Reuters Staff
    January 13, 2018 / 5:22 AM / Updated 5 hours ago

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia deployed a new division of S-400 surface-to-air missiles in Crimea on Saturday, Russian news agencies reported, in an escalation of military tensions on the Crimean peninsula.

    Russian annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, triggering economic sanctions by the European Union and United States and a tense stand-off in the region.

    The U.S. said in December it planned to provide Ukraine with "enhanced defensive capabilities", which officials said included Javelin anti-tank missiles..

    Moscow's latest deployment represents the second division armed with S-400 air defence systems on the peninsula, after the first in the spring of 2017 near the port town of Fedosia.

    The new division will be based next to the town of Sevastopol and will control the airspace over the border with Ukraine, the RIA news agency reported.

    The new air defence system, designed to defend Russia's borders, can be turned into combat mode in less than five minutes, Interfax news agency quoted Viktor Sevostyanov, a commander with Russia's air forces, as saying.

    Russia's defence ministry says the S-400 systems, known as "Triumph", can bring down airborne targets at a range of 400 kilometres and ballistic missiles at a range of 60 kilometres.

    They were first introduced to the Russian military’s arsenal in 2007, the ministry said.

    Writing by Polina Ivanova; Editing by Alexander Smith

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    Czech president will face runoff election with strong lead
    By Karel Janicek, Associated Press
    PRAGUE January 13, 2018, 10:26 AM ET

    Czech President Milos Zeman failed to win re-election during the first round of voting on Saturday and will face a runoff election in two weeks against the former head of the country's Academy of Sciences.

    Zeman and Jiri Drahos advanced to the second round of the presidential election because none of the nine candidates seeking the largely ceremonial post received a majority of first-round votes.

    With ballots from 95 percent of polling stations counted by the Czech Statistics Office, Zeman had a big lead with 39.3 percent of the vote, followed by Drahos with 26.3 percent. A former diplomat Pavel Fischer was a distant third with 10.1 percent,,

    "The final is still ahead of us and that's what matters," Drahos said of the Jan. 26-27 runoff. He called on all those "who want a change" to cast ballots.

    Zeman, 73m was elected in 2013 during the country's first direct presidential vote, a victory that returned the former left-leaning prime minister to power. As president, he has become a strong anti-migrant voice and major pro-Russian voice in EU politics.

    Drahos, 68, is seen as more western-oriented.

    The previous two presidents of the republic created in 1993 after the split of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel and Vaclav Klaus, were elected by Parliament.

    Under the Czech Constitution, the president has the power to pick the prime minister and to appoint members of the Central Bank board. The president also selects Constitutional Court judges with the approval of Parliament's upper house.

    Otherwise, the president has little executive power since the country is run by a government chosen and led by the prime minister.

    In office, Zeman become known for strong anti-migrant rhetoric that won him support from the populist right. He has divided the nation with his pro-Russian stance and his support for closer ties with China.

    A chain smoker with a soft spot for alcohol, he was one of the few European leaders to endorse Donald Trump's bid for the White House. He also has voiced support for Trump's plan to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    Unlike his euroskeptic predecessor Klaus, he flew the European Union flag at Prague Castle and used to be considered pro-Europe. But in recent years has used every opportunity to attack the EU, and has proposed a referendum on the country's membership in the bloc after Britain decided to leave.

    Drahos is a political newcomer who is not affiliated with a political party and has said he wants the values of "truth, reason and decency" to win. He says he is worried about the rise of extremism and populism. A professor of chemistry, he headed the academy from 2009 until last year.

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    African migrants bring untreatable form of tuberculosis to Europe

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 40m40 minutes ago

    German 'Grand Coalition' Declares Migrant Crisis 'Over', Will Let in 220,000 Migrants Per Year

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 47m47 minutes ago

    Mohammed most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for second year in a row

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 2h2 hours ago

    Anti-migration candidate is a favourite to win Czech presidential elections

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    France, Austria leaders note close views on some EU issues

    By The Associated Press
    PARIS January 12, 2018, 11:06 AM ET

    French President Emmanuel Macron and new Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz said they share close views on some European issues.

    Kurz was in Paris on Friday on his first bilateral visit abroad since taking office in December. He says "we have a pro-European government that wants to play an active and constructive role to build a better Europe."

    Kurz and Macron both insisted on the need for a greater and fairer taxation of internet giants making big profits in Europe.

    Kurz, a conservative who leads a coalition with the far-right euroskeptic Freedom Party, has taken a hard line against migration.

    Macron, a centrist with a pro-European agenda, says the EU is aiming to better respond to the challenges prompted by tens of thousands of migrants coming to Europe.

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    Russian Exercises‏ @RUSexercises · 4h4 hours ago

    MIL.RU: With offices EW Western Military District conducted training for jamming communications imaginary enemy

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    Russian military conducts massive missile drills

    By The Associated Press
    MOSCOW January 15, 2018, 12:05 PM ET

    The Russian military is conducting massive drills involving truck-mounted intercontinental ballistic missile launchers.

    The Defense Ministry said maneuvers involving Topol-M and Yars missile launchers began Monday.

    Those types of nuclear-tipped ICBMs are mounted on heavy all-terrain vehicles, making it more difficult for an enemy to spot them. The ministry said the drills are being conducted across a vast area from the Ivanovo region just northeast of Moscow to the Irkutsk region in eastern Siberia.

    It said the exercise will focus on the deployment of missiles and fending off possible attacks by enemy scouts, but will not involve practice launches.

    The maneuvers are the latest in a steady series of Russian military drills. Russia's armed forces have intensified their combat training amid tensions with NATO over Ukraine

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    UK air force scrambles 2 fighters as Russian jets fly nearby

    By The Associated Press
    LONDON January 15, 2018, 2:32 PM ET

    Britain's Royal Air Force scrambled two fighter jets to intercept Russian strategic bombers near U.K. airspace on Monday, in another illustration of ongoing tensions.

    The RAF confirmed that it sent Typhoon aircraft from the Lossiemouth base in Scotland on a "quick reaction alert" as two Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack bombers approached Britain.

    "The Russian aircraft were initially monitored by a variety of friendly nation fighters and subsequently intercepted by the RAF in the North Sea," the air force said. "At no point did the Russian aircraft enter sovereign U.K. airspace."

    Russia's Defense Ministry said the pair of bombers flew over the Barents, Norwegian and North seas during a 13-hour training mission that covered neutral waters, in line with international norms.

    "All flights by Russian aircraft are performed in strict accordance with international rules for using airspace without infringement on any countries' borders," the ministry said in a statement.

    Encounters between Russian and NATO warplanes have become increasingly frequent as Moscow has demonstrated its resurgent military might.

    Russia also has increased its navy's presence in the Mediterranean and other areas.

    Last week, the HMS Westminster, a Portsmouth-based Type 23 frigate, was ordered to intercept two Russian corvettes and two supporting vessels that neared U.K. waters en route to their Baltic base.

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    Italian candidate for premier defends 'white race' remark

    By Frances D'emilio, Associated Press
    ROME January 15, 2018, 6:06 PM ET

    The head of an anti-migrant party who is running to be Italy's premier came to the defense Monday of an Italian gubernatorial candidate who advocated for clamping down on immigrants' numbers to preserve "our white race."

    While political opponents condemned the comment by Attilio Fontana, who is running for the governorship of prosperous Lombardy, his League party leader, Matteo Salvini, said Fontana had rightly raised a worry about an "invasion" by Muslims.

    Fontana, who is running with support from a center-right alliance, whose backers include former Premier Silvio Berlusconi, made the incendiary comments on Sunday on Radio Padania, the mouthpiece of the League.

    He said that being unwilling to "accept all" immigrants "isn't a question of being xenophobic or racist, but a question of being logical or rational."

    "We can't (accept all) because we all don't fit, thus we must make choices," Fontana said. "We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society must continue to exist or if it must be cancelled out."

    As outrage grew, Fontana, sought to downplay the remarks on Monday while out on the campaign trail in northern Italy. He explained that his remark, indicating the white race should get priority to live in Italy, to "a lapse, an error in expression. I meant to say we must all re-organize a different kind of welcome that respects our history, our society."

    The vote for governor is being held on March 4, the same day as national elections, which sees Salvini as one of the candidates who have so far announced their candidacy for the premiership.

    Salvini's party is running in elections for Parliament in a center-right alliance with Berlusconi's party and a small right-wing party.

    On Monday, Salvini defended Fontana and said his party in government will "regulate every Islamic presence in the country."

    "Our culture, society, traditions, way of live are at risk," he said. "An invasion is underway."

    Under Salvini's leadership, the League has whipped up anti-migrant sentiment, blasting Italy's hosting of hundreds of thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers, many of whom were rescued at sea from smugglers' boats.

    Jewish leaders said Fontana's remark recalled anti-Semitic racial laws enacted in 1938 during Benito Mussolini's dictatorship.

    "It's inconceivable that in 2018 one must repeat to ignorant ones that there doesn't exist a white race to defend, 80 years after the promulgation of the racial laws," Ruth Dureghello, president of Rome's Jewish community, said in a tweet.

    Jews are a small minority in Italy, which is largely Roman Catholic.

    Fontana's center-left opponent, Giorgio Gori, countered that his own campaign is "without hysterics and demagoguery."

    The leader of Gori's Democratic Party and former premier, Matteo Renzi, said that with Gori, the center-left chooses to "speak about innovation and human capital" over "'white race' and invasions.""

    The candidate for the premiership from the populist 5-Star Movement, which leads in the polls, also blasted Fontana's white-race remark. Luigi Di Maio scoffed at an earlier characterization by Berlusconi' that the 5-Stars were the extremists and the center-right the moderates.

    Frances D'Emilio on Twitter:

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    UNIAN (English)‏ @unian_en · 14h14 hours ago

    Russian war pilots to practice landing on highway near Ukraine border

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 2h2 hours ago

    Switzerland Moves Towards Vote on Ending EU Free Movement and Leaving Single Market

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    Belgian train station entrance closed, media cite shooting

    By The Associated Press
    BRUSSELS January 23, 2018, 3:53 PM ET

    Authorities have closed off the main entrance to a train station in the Belgian city of Ghent. Media in Belgium are reporting that police shot and injured a man who charged them with a knife.

    Few details beyond the partial closure of the Ghent St-Pieters railway station were known on Tuesday night. There was no official confirmation of the media reports.

    Belgium lowered its terrorism threat a notch on Monday, from the second-highest level to the second-lowest. There was no immediate indication whether the train station event was terror-related.

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 6h6 hours ago

    Czech Republic and Bulgaria don't want refugees and oppose the EU’s migrant redistribution plans

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 4m4 minutes ago

    BREAKING: 'Knife wielding man' shot dead by police in Belgian city centre

    BREAKING: 'Knife wielding man' attacks police at Belgian train station

    A MAN has been shot dead after reportedly attempting to stab an on-duty policeman in the Belgian city of Ghent, officials have revealed just days after reducing the terror threat level for the first time in two years

    By Vincent Wood
    PUBLISHED: 20:28, Tue, January 23, 2018
    UPDATED: 21:06, Tue, January 23, 2018

    Officials are yet to confirm the motive of the attack – but have revealed the man approached officers and attempted to stab them with a knife.

    The incident took place outside the Gent-st-Pietrea station to the south of the City's centre.

    The area is currently on police lockdown – however train services are believed to still be in operation.

    Regional officials have confirmed investigations are ongoing.

    A student who witnessed the incident said: “The man first entered the station loudly”.

    "Then he pulled a knife and held it in the air.

    “When the police ordered the man to lay down his knife, he refused.”

    The man reportedly also entered a shop across the road before the incident – where he also brandished the weapon.

    the shopkeeper said he “looked desperate” during the exchange.

    More to follow...

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 17m17 minutes ago

    Voice of Europe Retweeted News_Executive

    BREAKING: Police shoot "Allahu Akbar" shouting knife attacker at Ghent train station in Belgium

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 32m32 minutes ago

    Italy: 2 Train Conductors Assaulted By Six Migrants

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 10h10 hours ago

    The Germans are sick of migrant violence. Today was their second big protest in 8 days. Something is changing!

  35. #35
    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · Jan 26

    EU in trouble? Now seven countries are anti-immigration, as Croatia joins the fray

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    Abbas wins renewed EU backing for Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem

    Robin Emmott
    January 22, 2018 / 8:11 AM / 5 days ago

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union assured President Mahmoud Abbas it supported his ambition to have East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state, in the bloc's latest rejection of U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    At a meeting in Brussels with EU foreign ministers, Abbas repeated his call for East Jerusalem as capital as he urged EU governments to recognise a state of Palestine immediately, arguing that this would not disrupt negotiations with Israel on a peace settlement for the region.

    While Abbas made no reference to Trump's move on Jerusalem or U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's visit to the city on Monday, his presence at the EU headquarters in Brussels was seized on by European officials as a chance to restate opposition to Trump's December 6 decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

    Mogherini, in what appeared to be a veiled reference to Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, called on those involved in the process to speak and act "wisely", with a sense of responsibility.

    "I want to reassure President Abbas of the firm commitment of the European Union to the two-state solution with Jerusalem as the shared capital of the two states," Mogherini said.

    Before Abbas' arrival, she was more outspoken, saying: "Clearly there is a problem with Jerusalem. That is a very diplomatic euphemism," in reference to Trump's position.

    But Mogherini said she still wanted to work with the United States on Middle East peace talks and had discussed ways to restart them late last year with Pence and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

    She played down the timing of the vice president's visit to Israel when Abbas was in Brussels, saying it was a coincidence.

    Deputy German Foreign Minister Michael Roth told reporters that Trump's decision had made peace talks harder but said all sides needed to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Abbas also struck a more diplomatic tone than in his recent public remarks, including earlier this month when he said he would only accept a broad, internationally-backed panel to broker any peace talks with Israel.

    "We are keen on continuing the way of negotiations," Abbas said. "We are determined to reunite our people and our land."

    In another gesture of support, EU foreign ministers discussed whether to increase the EU's aid to the Palestinian Authority, after the United States said last week it would withhold about half the initial aid it planned to give the U.N. agency that serves the Palestinians. No decisions were taken.

    But Abbas' call for the European Union to immediately and officially recognise the state of Palestine won little support in the lunch meeting, diplomats said.


    While nine EU governments including Sweden and Poland already recognise Palestine, the 28-nation bloc says such recognition must come as part of a peace settlement.

    Only Slovenia has recently raised the possibility of recognising the state of Palestine. A parliamentary committee there is due to consider the issue on January 31, but it remains unclear when the parliament could recognise Palestine.

    That reflects the European Union's dual role as the Palestinians' biggest aid donor and Israel's biggest trade partner, even if EU governments reject Israeli settlements on land Israel has occupied since a 1967 war - including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

    The European Union also wants the Palestinians to remain open to a U.S.-led peace plan, expected to be presented soon by Jason Greenblatt, Trump's Middle East envoy and Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner.

    Abbas said there was "no contradiction between recognition (of Palestine) and the resumption of (peace) negotiations."

    Instead, France wants to push the European Union to offer closer trade ties through a so-called EU association agreement, an EU treaty covering unfettered access to the bloc's 500 million consumers, aid and closer political and cultural ties.

    "We want to say to Mahmoud Abbas that we want to move ... towards an association agreement and to start the process already," said France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

    But offering an EU association agreement to the Palestinians was also fraught with difficulties, while Germany's Roth expressed some reservation in the closed-door meeting and Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said the EU would need to offer something similar to Israel, diplomats said.

    Under EU rules, the agreements need to be agreed with sovereign states. France argues that the EU has an association agreement with Kosovo, whose independence is not recognised by all countries, including EU member Spain.

    Additional reporting by Alastair Macdonald in Brussels and Marja Novak in Ljubljana, Editing by William Maclean

  37. #37
    Merkel, Macron to deepen Franco-German cooperation, strengthen EU

    Reuters Staff
    January 21, 2018 / 11:21 AM / 5 days ago

    BERLIN / PARIS (Reuters) - Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday they wanted to deepen Franco-German cooperation and give the European Union a fresh push towards closer integration.

    After meeting in Paris on Friday, Merkel and Macron talked up the prospect of agreeing reforms to the euro zone, saying they were committed to strengthening the bloc.

    "We are doing that in order to bring the people in our countries even closer together. And we do it to give the whole of Europe a new boost, to make it even stronger," Merkel said in a joint video podcast.

    In a joint statement on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Franco-German Cooperation Treaty, also known as the Elysee Treaty, Merkel and Macron said they had agreed to draw up a new treaty this year.

    "We want to consolidate and renew our cooperation with a view to moving ahead with a prosperous and competitive Europe, more sovereign, united and democratic," the two leaders said.

    They want their new bilateral compact to define common positions on all key European and international issues.

    Signed on January 23, 1963 between Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer, the Elysee Treaty sealed the reconciliation between the two countries following World War Two and defined the organization and principles of their bilateral relation, including twice-yearly meetings between their heads of state.

    In a speech on Europe at the Paris Sorbonne university in September, days after the German election, Macron had said he wanted to work on a new treaty.

    Nearly four months later, Merkel is still trying to form a coalition government, making it hard for her to respond to Macron's proposals for EU reform.

    Germany's center-left Social Democrats (SPD) decided on Sunday to start formal coalition talks with Merkel's conservatives.

    In their statement, Merkel and Macron said a new treaty would more deeply integrate their countries' economies, boost sustainable development and the shift to a digital economy, and favour economic, fiscal and social convergence.

    They want to boost defense, security and intelligence cooperation, and draft a joint response to the challenges of uncontrolled migration.

    Reporting by Michael Nienaber in Berlin and Geert De Clercq in Paris; Editing by John Stonestreet, William Maclean

  38. #38
    Ukraine tests locally made cruise missile
    Reuters Staff
    January 30, 2018 / 11:35 AM / Updated 27 minutes ago

    KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine tested a locally made cruise missile capable of hitting land and sea targets from land on Tuesday, National Security and Defence Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said.

    Turchynov did not reveal the range of the missile, the first wholly made in Ukraine to be tested, but said it was in line with its international agreements.

    Ukraine is battling Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine in a conflict that erupted after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Kiev has committed to spending 5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product on security and defence.

    “Successful flight tests of new missile weaponry, namely of a land-launched cruise missile, were held. Flight performance and performance of all systems of this new Ukrainian weaponry were checked during the tests,” Turchynov said.

    Reporting by Pavel Polityuk and Margaryta Chornokondratenko; Eriting by Matthias Williams; Editing by Alison Williams

  39. #39
    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 42m42 minutes ago

    Merkel caves to save coalition: Germany to allow 1,000 migrants A MONTH into country

  40. #40
    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 1h1 hour ago

    Italy: Lega’s leader Salvini promises to deport 500k illegal immigrants and declares Islam extremely dangerous


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