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Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: December 10 ~ 16, 2017
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    Weekly Prep Thread: December 10 ~ 16, 2017

    Good Morning, All!

    Woke up before the alarm went off this morning, but stayed in bed waiting for the furnace to kick on so didn't gain a whole lot of time lol! Remembering those BRRRR! mornings when the furnace didn't come on unless I crawled out of bed and went down basement to start the fire.... It's a chilly morning here - 23*F, but is supposed to sunny - once the sun comes up, that is!

    I'm looking forward to 4 days off in a row; and I'm pretty sure my phone is going to accidently get shut off some time after I get home this evening.... Not really; not with daughter and family on a trip, but if I have time to figure out how to silence the 4 numbers that call from work, I'm going to do it

    Hubby is down with a cold, and had three vacation days left at work, so used one of them yesterday - he's saving one for an upcoming IDPA shoot, and hasn't decided what he'll use the other one for. We do have a family wedding coming up in late December, so maybe he'll take that day off, and stretch New Year's into a 4 day vacation.

    Not much in the weekend ads again yesterday so I gave in to temptation and spent a dab of my food preps money on silver instead; hoping I don't regret it!

    Well, there's the 'go start the van' alarm; guess I'd better get moving - take care all; stay safe, stay warm, stay as happy as you can!

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    God Bless Grandkids and their germs Started feeling cold at work around 1500 yesterday; turned into shaking chills and a temp of 37.5, but I made it through to quitting time - co-workers found me a heavy sweatshirt in our clothing pantry, isolated me in my usual work area and ordered me to play clerical staff; and our wonderful care partner hit that area with Virex after I went down to report. Spent the night/most of today rotating between tub/shower or being buried under a pile of blankets, but the worst has passed - so glad it's a short lived virus! My poor daughter - on a trip with SIL and 4 kids, and only she and the little one had the bug before they left - then granddaughter got hit with it shortly before they got on board ship...

    Haven't done much today since I finally crawled out of my cave of blankets around 3 pm, but did peek at the early edition of the mid-week grocery ads. FINALLY - butter is on sale!! Store brand $1.99/lb; name brand on sale (cough) for $3.99/lb. Sadly, the store brand is limit 2 per visit, but since I'll be going past the store twice each day on my work days, plus taking a friend out to lunch for her birthday during the time of the sale, it will be easy to slip in and snag between 12-18 boxes. Same store has Dole brand pineapple 20 oz cans on sale 10 for $10, so I will pick up a year's worth of that during my trips - hmm... butter + pineapple; that makes me think of scalloped pineapple - yum!! Which would go pretty well with the ham they have on sale this week as well... Guess I'd better make sure I have space in the freezer for the butter...

    Had a good time at the basketball game Friday night, Freshman won, JV lost but not by much, Varsity won in an exciting game where the score went back and forth, FFA sponsored an all you can eat spaghetti dinner, the Boy Scouts had a bake sale (oooh - dessert!!), and I had 2 grandkids beside me and one on the sidelines cheering during the game - what more can you ask of a Friday night out on the town???

    I tell you, you know you live in a small town when the kids have the same number on both their basketball and football jerseys, ie - a lot of the same kids play on both teams. The game was at my old high school/home town so I spent one quarter of the game on the home team side, visiting with friends and neighbors - and being accused of 'going over to the dark side' I also got to watch two of my best friend's grandkids play in the drum line for our old school, so that was nice; and I was very impressed by the size/quality of their band.

    There is a lot of rivalry between the two schools in basketball, going back years and years. The man who used to coach basketball at my school left to coach at daughter's (now granddaughter's) school between my junior and senior year - he is still there (and that was more years ago than I'm willing to admit!!) After he moved, and prior to a match up between the two teams that year, he was on the radio bragging up his new team, and cutting down ours - typical coach guff. We beat 'em in double overtime, with 2 seconds left on the clock Our side of the stands were empty as the buzzer went off - we were all out on the floor I couldn't see that he had changed much in those ongoing years - personality wise, anyway...

    Waiting for junior wrestling to start - both grandsons are in that; and older grandson will be old enough for Cub Scouts after his January birthday - if we can find a pack whose meetings fit between everything else. And then the scary thing - granddaughter gets her driving permit when they get back from their trip That poor child - she will probably end up with the same Gopher nickname I had - my parents were so elated to have another driver in the family; don't think my Mama stepped foot in a grocery store for a good 5 years after I got my license Poor Mama - she would have been so excited by Amazon and other online retailers - she had to settle for the Sears and JCPenney catalogs, Book of the Month club, and a daughter she could send to town to pick up this or that

    Take care all, hoping you all have a fabulous week!

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    Went to look at a half-wood, half-propane stove for the retirement house on Monday. It didn't fit my needs after looking at it in person. It took all day, but i think it was kinda a God thing that we were supposed to meet the couple selling it. She had it listed way too low, and I think now they are rethinking some things.

    Tuesday my foot was killing me, so I stayed home and baked (and put my foot up between batches). I now have 5 pumpkin rolls ready for the neighbors. I still have some baking to do over the weekend. Started back on my herbs (I had stopped taking due to some ... female side effects. I had to decide if I wanted breast pain or foot pain. I may alternate days!!) and today I"m much better.

    Today, had a class at work, then spent a little time with a couple friends. Made lasagna, cooked up some pumpkins and squash that were going bad. We left them in the garden on a night that got down to mid-20s thinking they could take it. They did, but they are rotting much earlier. The butternut I cooked about a third to go with dinner tonight, then cubed the rest and will roast it, then freeze. DH took delivery of some cornstalk bales....right now, they are $65/ton (cheap), so we are stocking enough feed for a couple years. He also took 10 heifers to the neighbor. DN will feed them better feed (silage), keep them for while, then AI them (and finish with a clean up bull in case the AI doesnt' take). We have other neighbors that have kind of painted themselves into a corner with not keeping back some heifers for replacement cows.

    Working Thursday and Friday, then off for the weekend!

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    Using up some BOGO coupons that expire next week--they are for bags of cat food, and since we have 4 cats, that is a blessing, especially since it is the kind we normally feed them. Ten bags purchased already, with two more to go on Friday, the same time I will be buying the last of the stuff for Christmas dinner. It will add about 3 months to the kitty stash.

    Tomorrow they should be done replumbing our house. It was built in the mid-70s and the pipes are old. Better half has been wanting to do this for a while. So the next to last major thing for the house is marked off the list. The final thing will be pulling the tub and having the whole area converted to a shower in my bathroom. With a bad knee, stepping over the side of that bathtub has become difficult. That happens mid-January. Then hopefully all of the big stuff (and just about everything we know about) will be done.

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    Prudentwatcher, I am going to need to start watching for wet cat food coupons - our elderly cat turned 15 recently and has developed a taste for wet cat food. Do you get most of your best deals at Petsmart, or just look for the best deals wherever?

    Moldy, glad you had time to put your foot up during pumpkin rolls

    Not much done this week as whatever virus (not flu) I had knocked me on my fanny - I actually called in to work, which is a once in a blue moon thing (though I'm sure that they appreciated not having my virus shedding carcass present!) I went to the clinic for a flu swab - negative, thank goodness! I plan to go back tomorrow if my temp stays down. I will have to stop to pick up donuts for the crew - I don't usually work that rotation, so they are excited

    I've only managed to pick up 2 pkg of butter since the sale began, but will try to make up for it during the upcoming days, and will ask my work Buddy to help me out on the project as well. When I snagged the butter, I did get 10 pkg of boxed potato mixes @ 10/$10; had coupons to take the cost down to 75 cents each. I also picked up 7+pounds of their marked down 85/15 ground beef @ $3.49/lb; it has been packaged in 10 not-quite-3/4# packages and tucked in the freezer for future meals.

    I may sneak to town today - though the thought of town on a Saturday is NOT appealing! - and pick up a few items at CVS; otherwise I plan to stay home and watch an NCAA playoff game; the ND State Bison won a great game last night; SD Jackrabbits play today. I'm going to drag down some tubs of kid clothes to sort while I am watching the game so that I don't feel like a total slacker

    Take care all; enjoy your weekend, and stay safe out there!

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    i should start couponing again.... just that pesky thing of finding the time. DH is on nights, so I did my best to stay out of the house today. Went to town to pick up a few things and some gift cards for relatives, then back home to clean out my canning kitchen.... so many jars!! I did get half of what I need to move moved, and found some reloading books DH had not realized his mom had sent us. Made a quick pot of chicken and noodles with canned stuff for DH before he headed out the door. Now to finish some Christmas goodies and chores...

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    couponing is cyclical.........but these last two months of 2017 have been pretty good........King Sooper is really flooding it's customers with e-coupons from their site and I've used several.......also their recent buy 4 or buy 5 specials were profitable...I snagged about 12 coupons from their specific store magazine for $2 off San Marzano marinara sauce.......they had buy 4 and the price was $2 I acquired FREE MARINARA.........not bad since I had just used up most of mine making it does pay off in long run IMO

    outrageous prices in our stores..........soon most decent foods will start at $5 and go up from there............

    myopically challenged

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    Renee, I usually end up buying most of the wet cat food at Petsmart, though I am open to getting it elsewhere if I can get a deal. My cats will only eat the pate, nothing with cuts, flakes, or minces, and only certain flavors (no turkey or beef and not big on liver either). For a while I was getting really good coupons from Sheba and I was really stocked up (over a year--we are still using those), but nothing lately. The dry cat food coupons are a blessing and I will stock up on as many as I can get. Not going to go to waste around here, that's for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prudentwatcher View Post
    Renee, I usually end up buying most of the wet cat food at Petsmart, though I am open to getting it elsewhere if I can get a deal. My cats will only eat the pate, nothing with cuts, flakes, or minces, and only certain flavors (no turkey or beef and not big on liver either). For a while I was getting really good coupons from Sheba and I was really stocked up (over a year--we are still using those), but nothing lately. The dry cat food coupons are a blessing and I will stock up on as many as I can get. Not going to go to waste around here, that's for sure!

    you have any kind of organized coupon exchange around your area - take cat food coupons and leave any unwanted coupons you might have ....
    Illini Warrior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illini Warrior View Post
    you have any kind of organized coupon exchange around your area - take cat food coupons and leave any unwanted coupons you might have ....
    No. We just have friends that give us their coupons. I do leave coupons on the shelf next to an item sometimes.

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    We don't have any organized coupon exchanges around here; though I do have a dear friend who knows we use certain things and blesses me with those coupons when she sees them.

    Jane-the-Pain will also only eat pate, Prudent Watcher - though so far she hasn't been picky over flavor. I've been getting her Fancy Feast so far, but if I find a deal on something else she will have to try it. I guess I can always donate it to the shelter if she won't eat it.

    Hubby is headed out the door one direction to a MD appointment; I will soon be going the other for a dental one. He's going to pick up 2 more packages of butter while he is in town, plus birdfeed for me; I will probably only make one stop (Aldi; half & half) on my way home - unless I'm thinking about something else and miss my exit again If that ends up being the case, I'll pick up more butter as I'll drive right past two of the chain stores that have it on sale.


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