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INTL Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO-December 2017
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    Jul 2004

    3 Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO-December 2017

    Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO-December 2017
    Europe: Politics, Trade, NATO-December 2017

    This thread is for European: Politics, Trade, NATO for the month of December 2017

    ( I know Northern Watch usually starts these threads but since he hadn't yet and I found this article I figured I'd get the ball rolling...Housecarl)


    For links see article source.....
    Posted for fair use.....

    Alternative for Germany: Police and protesters clash over meeting

    02 December 2017 Europe

    Several people have been hurt in clashes between police and anti-fascist demonstrators in the city of Hannover.

    Protesters were trying to blockade the far-right Alternative for Germany's first conference since it entered parliament after September's elections.

    Once the delayed conference began, delegates elected Alexander Gauland as co-leader along with Jörg Meuthen.

    Both hardliners, their election suggests the party is continuing its march further to the right.

    Georg Pazderski, the party's regional head in Berlin and a relative moderate, failed to get delegates' backing for the leadership.

    AfD won 12.6% of the vote in Germany's federal elections in September, becoming the third biggest force in the Bundestag after the centre-right and social democrat SPD.

    They had never entered the federal parliament before but are now eyeing a real chance of becoming Germany's main opposition party.

    If Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat alliance agrees a coalition deal with Martin Schulz's social democrats, AfD with 94 MPs would become the biggest non-government party.

    Just how far to the right is AfD?
    'We are the 87%', say AfD opponents
    Why so many voters in the east chose AfD
    Angela Merkel's hollow victory
    German election: Why this is a turning point
    With temperatures near freezing, Hanover police used water cannon, batons and pepper spray to clear a path for the 600 delegates.

    One demonstrator's leg was broken after he chained himself to a barricade, while an officer was hit on the hand by a flying bottle.

    Ten protesters were taken into custody.

    A total of five demonstrations were scheduled in the northern city on Saturday. Some 6,000 people joined a pro-immigration rally in the city centre and another rally called by trade unions was expected to draw thousands later.

    When the conference got under way an hour late, Mr Meuthen hailed delegates for helping the party achieve national success within five years of being founded.

    He said the party was attracting support from voters put off by the other parties' "pathetic childish games" amid an ongoing struggle to form a coalition government.

    The party has veered to the right since its inception as an anti-euro force, promoting anti-immigration and anti-Islam policies in its election campaign.

    But this sharp turn has created tension within its own ranks, with former co-leader Frauke Petry quitting within days of the election.

    The delegates on Saturday confirmed the AfD's rightward trajectory, backing Mr Gauland, the leader of the parliamentary party, for the co-leadership.

    Mr Gauland, who has pledged to stop "the invasion of foreigners" into Germany, said he had "allowed my friends to convince me to step in".

    Delegates defeated a motion to install Mr Meuthen as the AfD's only president,

    They are also due to elect a new executive board to decide the ideological direction of the party and debate policy motions.

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    Thank you Housecarl for starting the thread.


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    Voice of Europe Retweeted

    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 6h6 hours ago

    Relatives of Berlin terrorist attack victims accuse Merkel of failing to counter terrorist threat

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    German Town: 91% of Migrants Don't Work, Live on Benefits..

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    Dutch prime minister says more EU integration 'not the answer'

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    'British people are concerned about rising tide of Islam in communities'

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 10h10 hours ago

    German Government Demands 'Backdoor' Access to Phones, Computer, Cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by northern watch View Post
    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    German Town: 91% of Migrants Don't Work, Live on Benefits..
    Defend Europa‏ @DefendEvropa · 11h11 hours ago

    Salzgitter in Germany bans any more migrants from arriving

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    Defend Europa‏ @DefendEvropa · 11h11 hours ago

    The Soros network works as a party, wants to topple or weaken governments which act against the resettlement of Muslims

    – Viktor Orbán

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    Just saw this - if I have time tomorrow, I'll find article and post.

    Larry Schweikart Retweeted

    AFP news agency‏Verified account
    @AFP 2h2 hours ago

    #BREAKING US pulls out of UN's Global Compact on Migration: official
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by northern watch View Post
    Defend Europa‏ @DefendEvropa · 11h11 hours ago

    The Soros network works as a party, wants to topple or weaken governments which act against the resettlement of Muslims

    – Viktor Orbán
    Hummm....If things really "go hot", this bunch could well be in for more trouble than they ever realized....

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    Strategic Sentinel‏Verified account @StratSentinel · 4h4 hours ago

    Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister foiled: "Essentially police believe that the plan was to launch some sort of improvised explosive device at Downing Street and in the ensuing chaos attack and kill Theresa May, the Prime Minister."

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    Defend Europaþ @DefendEvropa · 2h2 hours ago

    Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Israel sign MoU for East Med gas pipeline

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    Save the West‏ @SaveTWest · Dec 4

    ISIS wants to push lone wolves to kill Europeans and Americans this Christmas

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    Save the Westþ @SaveTWest · Dec 4

    Turkey Warns That Trump Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Would Be ‘Catastrophic’

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    Sweden: Chief of anti-crime unit says Stockholm suburb is like a war zone

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 4h4 hours ago

    Outcry in French Village After Hotel 'Bought in Secret' to Be Turned into Migrant Centre

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 5h5 hours ago

    Czech Republic and Hungary want to strengthen Europe’s borders and return illegal migrants

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    Defend Europaþ @DefendEvropa · 31s31 seconds ago

    ���� Russia: 'Putin announces he will run for president again in 2018'

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    Defend Europaþ @DefendEvropa · 28m28 minutes ago

    🇩🇪 Germany: 'Bavarian government to classify migrant centres as ‘dangerous places’'

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    Defend Europa‏ @DefendEvropa · 42m42 minutes ago

    Sweden: 372.5% Increase in HIV Cases

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    Save the West‏ @SaveTWest · 9h9 hours ago

    Pres. Trump Warned Theresa May, 'Focus on Radical Islamic Terrorism', Day After Muslims Arrested in Plot to Assassinate UK PM

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    Jul 2004
    For links see article source.....
    Posted for fair use.....

    SPD’s Martin Schulz wants United States of Europe by 2025

    ‘Those who are against it will simply leave the EU,’ party chief tells conference.

    By JANOSCH DELCKER 12/7/17, 2:17 PM CET Updated 12/7/17, 8:05 PM CET

    BERLIN — Martin Schulz, the head of Germany’s Social Democrats, wants to push for ever-closer European integration and turn the EU into a ‘United States of Europe’ by 2025.

    “I want there to be a constitutional treaty to create a federal Europe,” Schulz said Thursday during a speech at a party convention in Berlin, as he urged his party to clear the way for talks with Angela Merkel’s conservatives which could lead to a new German government and put an end to an unprecedented coalition deadlock.

    The drafting process of such a constitutional treaty, Schulz said, should involve citizens across the Continent. Once drafted, it would “be presented to the member states, and those who are against it will simply leave the EU,” he said, adding that Poland was already systematically undermining European values and Hungary was increasingly isolating itself.

    Schulz’ Social Democrats have become Chancellor Angela Merkel’s last viable option to form a stable government after her talks with smaller parties collapsed. Later on Thursday, SPD delegates are set to vote on a motion submitted by the party’s leadership laying out the prerequisites to enter negotiations with the chancellor.

    Martin Schulz

    I want a new constitutional treaty to establish the United States of Europe. A Europe that is no threat to its member states, but a beneficial addition.
    4:33 AM - Dec 7, 2017
    1,270 1,270 Replies 2,036 2,036 Retweets 3,280 3,280 likes
    Schulz, a former head of the European Parliament, said a pre-condition for entering such talks would be “an about-face in European policy.”

    “The SPD is needed for a just and innovative Europe,” he said. “Our country cannot afford another four years of European policy à la [former conservative Finance Minister] Wolfgang Schäuble.”

    Asked about Schulz’s speech at a press conference in Berlin, Merkel declined to respond to the specifics of his proposal but said the EU should focus on fixing its “weaknesses” and improving its “ability to act.”

    “I think this ability to act should be in the foreground now, rather than defining a goal, however you choose to describe it,” she said.

    “That’s why I’m concentrating on saying by 2025, we should have much stronger cooperation on defense, much stronger cooperation in the other issues I’ve mentioned,” Merkel said, citing topics such as research, foreign policy and education.

    Other conservatives, however, were sharply critical of Schulz’s vision. Alexander Dobrindt, a top lawmaker for the Christian Social Union, called the SPD leader a “Europe radical.”

    “Someone who wants to create the United States of Europe by 2025, who wants to dissolve nation states in the next seven years, and who wants to throw anyone who doesn’t submit to this dictate out of the EU, must be called a Europe radical,” Dobrindt said.

    Emily Schultheis in Berlin contributed reporting.


    Janosch Delcker

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    Amichai Stein‏Verified account @AmichaiStein1 · 2h2 hours ago

    Replying to @AmichaiStein1

    #BREAKING video: the scene outside a synagogue in central #Gothenburg #Sweden after Molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue

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    German conservatives reject 'United States of Europe' ahead of coalition talks

    Michelle Martin
    December 9, 2017 / 11:02 AM / Updated 8 hours ago

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Senior members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives on Saturday rejected the vision for a “United States of Europe” put forward by the Social Democrats (SPD), with whom they are hoping to form a governing coalition.

    SPD leader Martin Schulz said on Thursday his party, which suffered its worst post-war election result in September, would only gain support by providing a clear vision of Europe, and called for a United States of Europe by 2025.

    Merkel’s conservatives, who lost voters to the far-right due to their liberal migrant policy, want the SPD to agree to a last-ditch alliance with them after talks on a tie-up with two smaller parties collapsed.

    Discussions on maintaining the conservative-SPD coalition, which has governed Germany since 2013, are due to start on Wednesday but the two parties look set to clash over the issue of Europe, which is likely to play a key role in talks.

    Senior conservative Volker Kauder said Schulz’s European proposal posed “a danger to the EU and citizens’ approval of Europe” and Peter Altmaier, Merkel’s chancellery chief, said the idea, and especially the timeframe, was unrealistic.

    An Emnid poll for Bild newspaper found less than a third of Germans (30 percent) supported Schulz’s idea while almost half (48 percent) rejected it.

    Kauder told the Tagesspiegel newspaper it was necessary to strengthen Europe but also important to recognise that at the moment people longed for the “reliability that they believe they can find in national states”.


    Altmaier told the Rheinische Post newspaper that Schulz’s proposal had surprised him and it would be better to tackle specific problems in Europe such as unemployment, the protection of external borders and coordination of economic policy.

    “The discussion about whether Europe should be a federal state, confederation or a united states is one for academics and journalists - not for German foreign policy,” Altmaier said.

    “A United States of Europe would transfer member states’ sovereignty to Brussels and there would not be a majority for that in many EU states,” he added.

    Merkel has also been sceptical, saying on Thursday she would rather concentrate on more cooperation in defence by 2025, on employment and on innovation.

    The Christian Social Union (CSU) - the Bavarian sister party to Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) - also rejected Schulz's plan. Senior CSU member Markus Soeder told Welt am Sonntag his party did not want Germany becoming an "administrative unit" of the European Commission in a "European superstate".

    But the SPD defended Schulz's plan, with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel telling Deutschlandfunk radio it would ensure Europe's voice is heard on the global stage at a time when the influence of Asia, Latin America and Africa is growing.

    The SPD is stressing that the outcome of talks with the conservatives is still open but Schulz said on Saturday if the SPD had the chance to prevent old-age poverty, improve nursing care and affordable housing, it needed to take that opportunity.

    Other options are a Merkel-led minority government or new elections. The SPD has not ruled out either possibility, and newly elected SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil told Bild newspaper he would immediately start preparing for a possible election campaign.

    The SPD had initially planned to revamp itself in opposition after its poor election showing but agreed to talk to the conservatives when other coalition talks collapsed. An Emnid poll showed 61 percent of Germans thought joining another 'grand coalition' would weaken the SPD further.

    Kauder said the conservatives would go into talks prepared to make compromises but added his party had some "absolutely key demands" like capping migration and suspending the right to family reunions for some asylum seekers.

    Reporting by Michelle Martin; Editing by Andrew Bolton and Peter Graff

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    Steve King‏Verified account @SteveKingIA · Dec 8

    Diversity is not our strength. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one.”

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 7h7 hours ago

    EU faces being DESTROYED by forcing Eastern states to take in refugees, Czech leader warns

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    Crabby Claus‏ @IntelCrab · 16m16 minutes ago

    Railways in #Russia have launched new passenger connections which completely bypass the nation of #Ukraine.

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    German intel chief: Islamic radical numbers are growing

    By The Associated Press
    BERLIN December 10, 2017, 6:03 AM ET

    The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency says the number of Islamic radicals is growing and becoming increasingly difficult to keep under surveillance as recruiting efforts move underground.

    Hans-Georg Maassen said in comments released Sunday that the number of adherents of Salafist ideology rose to 10,800 from 9,700 a year ago. Salafists believe in a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, though are not necessarily violent.

    He says they've reduced street recruiting and radicalization in mosques and larger groups in favor of "small conspiratorial circles, primarily on the internet." Maassen says "this is a particular challenge" for his office.

    He says Islamic radicals from Chechnya and the North Caucasus region, of whom there are several hundred, are another concern, because they're well networked, prone to violence and often have combat experience.

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    Germany's Merkel presses for quick move toward new coalition

    By Geir Moulson, Associated Press
    BERLIN December 11, 2017, 9:10 AM ET

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed Monday for quick movement toward a new governing alliance with the main center-left party, saying that only such a coalition will bring the "stable government" needed at a challenging time for Europe.

    Merkel stressed her interest in bolstering European unity and suggested that it could underpin a new "grand coalition" of Germany's biggest parties her own conservative Union bloc and the center-left Social Democrats.

    The two sides will begin discussions Wednesday on a possible extension of their coalition of the past four years. But it is far from certain that a new alliance will come together.

    Germany is on course to easily beat its previous record of 86 days set in 2013 for the time from an election to the swearing-in of a new government.

    After their disastrous election result on Sept. 24, the Social Democrats said they would go into opposition. They reluctantly agreed to reconsider after Merkel's coalition talks with two smaller parties collapsed.

    If they don't enter a coalition, the only possibilities would be an unprecedented minority government led by Merkel or a new election. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who alone has the power to dissolve parliament, has made clear he doesn't want a new election.

    Germany's political impasse comes at a time when the European Union is considering how to shape its future after Britain's impending departure in 2019, and with French President Emmanuel Macron championing ambitious EU reform plans.

    "I favor quick talks. And I think a stable government is the basis on which we can work best with France and for Europe," Merkel said after a meeting of her Christian Democratic Union's leadership.

    "I am not exaggerating when I say that the world is waiting for us to be able to act," she told reporters.

    Merkel argued that there is a window of opportunity to make decisions next year, ahead of European Parliament elections in 2019.

    Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz, a former European Parliament president, last week suggested moving toward a federal "United States of Europe" by 2025, with countries that don't join up leaving the EU. Merkel has made clear that that goes too far for her, but also says there is much common ground on European matters.

    The Social Democrats have stressed that the talks on a new Merkel government will be open-ended, and that they will also consider some kind of support for a conservative minority government. Any coalition deal would require endorsement by the party membership, which has shown little enthusiasm for joining a new government.

    "A minority government would, in any case, of course not be a stable government," Merkel said.

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    Italy's left rallies to warn that fascism could return

    By Frances D'emilio and Luca Bruno, Associated Press
    COMO, Italy December 9, 2017, 10:53 AM ET

    Italy's governing Democrats led a rally Saturday to warn about fascism making a comeback in the nation that once suffered under fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and which is now seeing a rash of right-wing protests against migrants.

    Several thousand people turned out in Como, a lakeside town in northern Italy where right-wing extremists calling themselves the Veneto Skinhead Front recently barged into a meeting about migrant housing and railed about the "invasion" of foreigners.

    Veneto, a region in northeast Italy, is a stronghold of the anti-migrant Northern League Party, which hopes to take power in Italy via an electoral alliance with former Premier Silvio Berlusconi's conservatives after the 2018 election.

    On Friday night, two brothers burst into a Veneto residence housing Nigerian asylum-seekers, one of them claiming to be a policeman, the Italian news agency ANSA reported, citing Italy's Carabinieri police.

    Earlier this week, masked supporters of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova party also attacked the Rome headquarters of the liberal paper La Repubblica and the newsweekly L'Espresso.

    Fearing clashes on Saturday, authorities in Como refused to allow a Forza Nuova counter-rally.

    Instead, Forza Nuova proponents gathered at a Como hotel, where leader Roberto Fiore contended that the Democrats, La Repubblica and L'Espresso were fostering a "climate of hate" against his party. Fiore defended the Veneto Skinhead Front's action as "a peaceful act, a demonstration against the business of immigration."

    The post-war Italian Constitution, adopted a few years after the demise of Mussolini's regime, outlaws the return of fascist organizations.

    Chamber of Deputies President Laura Boldrini said it was the "duty of all democratic forces, of civil society, of citizens" to oppose fascism.

    "We're not dealing with pranks, but faced with organized groups who want to threaten the order and values of our democracy (and) we must seriously" deal with the situation, Boldrini told reporters in Como.

    A Democratic party leader and government minister, Maurizio Martina, warned at the Como rally that there was a "danger of underestimating" the extreme-right violence.

    "There are people who don't want to look the other way in front of xenophobia and racism," he declared.

    Two political parties shunned the Como rally the populist opposition 5-Star Movement, which recent opinion polls peg as Italy's No. 1 party before the 2018 election, and Berlusconi's Forza Italia party.

    Under former Premier Matteo Renzi's leadership, the Democratic Party has splintered into factions and tiny new parties, weakening his prospects in a national election to be held in early 2018.

    Opposition leaders accuse the Democrat-led government of being too accommodating toward migrants, who have arrived by the hundreds of thousands in the last few years after being rescued at sea from smugglers' boats that left the lawless shores of Libya.

    D'Emilio reported from Rome.

    Frances D'Emilio is on twitter at

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    Voice of Europe Retweeted

    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 16h16 hours ago

    'Asylum Seekers' Using Fake Passports To Enter Germany Up 70 Percent

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    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 4h4 hours ago

    End of EU? Merkel and Macron in bitter stand-off as France backs ‘United States of Europe’

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    Defend Europaþ @DefendEvropa · 2h2 hours ago

    EU advances membership talks for Serbia, Montenegro

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    Sweden to re-establish military unit on Baltic Sea island

    By The Associated Press
    HELSINKI December 13, 2017, 2:04 PM ET

    Sweden says it is establishing the nation's first new military regiment since World War II a unit of 350 soldiers that will be based on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland.

    The Swedish government said Wednesday that the permanent unit will be deployed during 2018 to the strategically important island's main town, Visby

    Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist says a "worsened security situation" in the Baltic region is behind the decision. Russia has increased military operations in the region since it annexed Crimea in 2014 and amid a conflict in Ukraine involving Russian-backed separatists.

    Hultqvist says the regiment will re-establish Sweden's military presence on the island that is popular with tourists.

    Gotland, population 58,000, first housed an infantry regiment in 1886. The garrison was dismantled in 2005.

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    Defend Europaþ @DefendEvropa · 6h6 hours ago

    ���� Hungary: 'Public Overwhelmingly Reject ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration to Europe'

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    Voice of Europeþ @V_of_Europe · 7h7 hours ago

    Danish school cancels traditional Christmas service ‘because of Muslim students’

  38. #38
    Voice of Europe‏ @V_of_Europe · 14h14 hours ago

    95 per cent of Hungarian Parliament votes against more migrants and 'Soros plan'

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    Moscow’s Deployment Of Heavy Weapons In Belarus ‘A Step Toward War’ – Opinion Editoral

    December 11 2017
    By Paul Goble
    Eurasia Review

    Even as the European Union has expressed alarm at Russia's militarization of Kaliningrad and occupied Crimea (, a Belarusian military expert says that Moscow is now moving tanks and other heavy weapons into his country and thus taking another "step toward war."

    The Belarusian government has been consistent in resisting Moscow's demand that it permit the Russian military to establish a permanent military base in Belarus, but now Moscow is doing the next best thing from its point of view, moving heavy weapons into Belarus on the basis of the Union State agreement between the two countries "for joint use."

    Queried by Radio Liberty's Belarusian Service as to whether this constituted the creation of a Russian base by the back door, the Belarusian defense ministry responded with a question of its own "What bases?" and promised to give more details later but then didn't answer its phone ( and

    Belarusian military expert Aleksandr Alesin says that the latest Russian moves mean that "Belarus and Russia are beginning to prepare more seriously for a future war with 'our Western partners'" because now the Russian army has de facto what it earlier had hoped to achieve de jure, the basing of tanks and other weaponry to the west of the Russian border.

    The Zapad-2017 maneuvers showed, the military specialist continues, that "if the Russian part of this group is based in Russia," moving it forward is a question "not of days or weeks." But if the equipment is prepositioned in Belarus, the amount of time needed for it to launch an attack on NATO forces is much reduced, to hours rather than even days.

    He estimates that Moscow may put up to 400 tanks in Belarus under this latest agreement with Minsk, not to mention additional armored vehicles and other heavy weapons. Nominally at least, these will all remain under "Belarusian jurisdiction," and consequently, there won't be any issue of "foreign basing."

    What Russian forces are doing is the mirror image of what American forces have long done with Washington's NATO allies, prepositioning heavy equipment that can be moved only by ship so that personnel who can be flown in at the last minute can be joined to them to form a serious military force, Alesin says.

    Many in the Belarusian military will be pleased by this development because they will gain access to and experience with advanced Russian weaponry, but many Belarusian civilians, especially those in Borisov, Bobruisk, and Baranovichey where most of the Russian weapons are being placed won't be because they will thus become targets in the event of a war.

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    Crabby Claus‏ @IntelCrab · 2h2 hours ago

    Russia could cut off internet to #NATO countries, British military chief warns.


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