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Story Introductions
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Thread: Introductions

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    10 Introductions

    Coming Soon !!

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    The discovery of another blue icon, other than Magnus, on the tactical display had been a bit of a surprise for Lizzy but she had always been curious about the other Cerulean Knights and insisted on investigating.

    After all, the circumstances surrounding her own encounter with an exotic blue sportscar couldn’t have been anything more than an unconnected chain of events, right? No one could have predicted where or when the engine in her old car would fail or that she would be driving through a small town that just happened to have a certain used car lot when it happened, either.

    Was that strange little used car salesman knowledgeable about the necessary qualities for a pilot or was he just trying to unload a car that nobody else wanted.

    Did TVS already know what qualities an ideal pilot for a Cerulean Knight should possess? Were her own experiences coincidental or not? These were only a few of the questions Lizzy would like answers for as she walked towards the location of the unknown machine.

    Although Magnus had been vague when they had discussed the actual pilot selection process from a Cerulean Knight’s point of view, he saw no reason why Lizzy should not be able to satisfy her curiosity within certain restrictions. Magnus was adamant, however that Lizzy must promise never to reveal her true status as a pilot or to interfere with the pilot selection process in any way.

    Touching the tiny TVS issue communicator behind her ear that was hidden by her hair, Lizzy subvocalized, “Magnus? Are we still clear? There’s nothing else on tactical?”

    “Tactical is clear, my lady.”

    “I don’t see the other Knight. What’s my range?”

    “L2CSY8 is three hundred and ten feet due east from your current position sitting stationary on a driveway next to a small white house with grey shutters.”
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    “Magnus, how do you already know this Knight’s designation?”

    “This Cerulean Knight became aware of our presence at the instant we discovered it on tactical. Coincidentally, when you used a TVS communicator, it became aware of your identity and position.”

    “Okay, but there shouldn’t be any danger, right?”

    “None, unless L2CSY8 should perceive you as a threat to itself or the candidate.”

    “Candidate? Don’t you just mean the pilot?”

    “No, my lady. This candidate is, as yet, unknown. This candidate is not yet aware of the Strax threat and knows nothing of the advanced capabilities of the Cerulean Knight he drives.”

    “Nothing? I don’t understand, I thought, candidate was selected solely with the intention of becoming a pilot and was only then given the opportunity to purchase the Knight, right? TVS must have known that the candidate had the right qualities before they extended that opportunity, didn’t they?

    “No, my lady, they did not. Sadly, in many cases, the candidate may prove to be unfit or unable, for some reason, to accept the responsibilities of the pilot’s rank. The Cerulean Knight, in those cases does not reveal itself and becomes just another vehicle, dutifully taking on the responsibilities of an ordinary, albeit futuristic machine.”

    “Magnus, I had no idea. There is a real possibility then, that this Knight will never have a pilot. That the owner will never know the exhilaration of battle in the combat restraint or the feel of high speed?”

    “My lady, not all are destined for greatness. The exhilaration of battle in the combat restraint you speak of with such glowing terms has cost pilot’s their lives and their sanity. You, my lady, are a savage exception to the norm.”

    “Gee, what a sweet talker. Thanks, I think. Oh, I’m here at the house now.”

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    Glad to see the continuing of the story

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    Thanks, FMJ. Glad to see this continuing!

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    Yay! Lizzy and Magnus are back!
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