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Defense Weekly Prep Thread: November 26 ~ December 2 , 2017
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    Weekly Prep Thread: November 26 ~ December 2 , 2017

    Almost forgot to start this - oops!

    Moldly, hope you start feeling better soon! One of our CNAs was kind enough to share his upper respiratory infection with the rest of us; I thought I'd managed to wipe down everything he - and everyone else - touched, but obviously missed something because it started hitting me yesterday. I've got 3 days off to get over it; and hopefully didn't pass it to the grandkids when they were here on Friday.

    Not much prepping going on although I did luck into a deal on some silver quarters for a decent price - though it did take a bite out of my holiday $. I made up for some of it by trading a couple of day shifts for night ones this week so I
    will be getting shift differential; and my co-worker will get to go to holiday thing with her kids - nice when it works out well for both of us

    I did get some garden clean up done today; and will hopefully get home early enough from a work meeting tomorrow to do a little more. I have a short list of errands to run while I'm in town but will try to get them done before the meeting so that I don't get caught by school traffic on my way home. Very little in the ads this week other than Christmas stuff; I'm watching for couch throws and dog beds to go on sale, but haven't seen any yet at prices I'm willing to pay

    Well, Hubby just walked past the computer with a plate of leftovers, so I guess that's what we're having for supper Monday is his night to cook so I didn't even think about it until now; guess I'd better go see what looks good in the fridge.

    Take care all; wishing you all a safe and happy week!

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    Thanks, Renee. I"m better, but DH is not. Picked him up some Nyquil today - it cures everything, you know.

    Also picked up lead for him, metal and wood for the pasture house. I dropped that off, and threw some stuff in a burn pit to ready it for the next time I can get up there to burn stuff. I got water samples from the hydrant for the house and the stockwell, took those by the health department for testing for coliforms and nitrate. Picked up some other minor things for DH, and went to my appointment with the podiatrist. He thinks I either have really bad tendinitis, or a torn tendon. Only way to tell for sure is an MRI, so that is getting scheduled. I told him I just want it fixed so I can walk distances without it killing me. Now back home to laundry, etc.

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    Glad your cold is better, Moldy; hope the MRI shows nothing bad. Also hope your Hubby is feeling better soonest!

    Ugh - my cold beat me down yesterday - did run my errands, but didn't get much of anything accomplished after I got home from my meeting other than taking a nap. Hoping that I have more energy today! It is chillier today than yesterday, but at least the wind has died down so that the mulch I need to get put down today won't blow back in my face - the only place I can park the trailer without getting stuck in the mud was downwind yesterday!

    While out and about, I did find younger grandson a couch throw in his favorite color - orange! - at Rural King of all places! Now I need to stop on Saturday to pick up the two I've been looking at at Dollar General for the other two grankids (purple and navy) that are on sale for $5 off each, taking the price down to $13 each plus I have a $5 off $25 purchase coupon I can use as well. Daughter keeps her house warmer than we do, so the kids get cold here; they will now have their own blankets to snuggle under while they read or play on their tablets instead of dragging full size blankets - that I have to take to town to wash - out of the closet. One load of 3 blankets through the commercial washer is $3.75; the dryer is another $1.25 so I figure the kids having their own that can be washed at home will save me money in the long run - not to mention decrease the aggravation factor!

    I'd sent a cousin a message that I planned to put a wreath on her parent's gravesite, asking if it was okay if I did so; she texted me back an okay, adding that she was upset that a lighted cross she'd put there had disappeared, so I looked around and found another one at Rural King. I stopped by the cemetery on my way home and put it on the site; then took up the fall decorations from there and from my parent's gravesite. I need to finish up the wreaths today so that I can get them put out by December 1st; hopefully I'll get that done between putting down mulch, washing 3 loads of laundry, and finishing up the last little bit of online shopping left to do this afternoon before I have to head in to town for the co-worker's Holiday get together.

    And I guess if I want to get those things done, I'd better get up and get started!

    Take care all; hope you all have a great day!


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