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Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: November 19 ~ 25, 2017
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    Weekly Prep Thread: November 19 ~ 25, 2017

    Well, another week has come and gone - minimal prepping done here other than working in the pantry to make sure that items have been rotated as they should. Hubby heard a 'POP!' in the pantry this week and found a can of sweetened condensed milk - that expired 5 years ago. The cans he took off the shelf in front of it had expiration dates of 2018... I'm pretty sure that I'm not the person who shoved new cans in front of old ones (because I tend to leave the boxes of groceries sitting by the pantry until I have time to rotate the shelves), so maybe this was a learning experience

    I haven't seen the ads from today's papers as yet; been too lazy to go to town - and I'd rather do my shopping while the stores aren't quite as crowded anyway, so we are staying home.

    I did do some on-line shopping - for things that I would have otherwise gone to a big-box store for; and need to get to the farm store sometime soon for a couple of other items - some paracord for knot tying to go with a guide I found is one thing. One prep-related item that the grandkids are getting as part of their Christmas gifts this year is walkie-talkies. What do you folks with littles in the family gift them with that is prep related? Our boys are still too young for pocket knives...

    I sure wish someone would come out with a preppers magazine for kids; or even write stories that talk about prepper type skills! I can't recall if it was Backwoods Home or Mother Earth News that had stories written by kids in it... I pulled 'My Side of the Mountain' out of my box of young reader books but I'm not sure my oldest young reader is ready for it yet. Does anyone have any suggestions for other books in this line?

    Well, I need to get up and start work on some sort of project before I give in and succumb to the temptation of book and couch!

    Take care all; wishing you all much to be Thankful for!

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    I like to give small flash lights. Small solar lanterns are fun also.

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    I don't know if I am remembering the title correctly, but one of the Little House on the Prairie books The Long Winter is one of the best books in my collection. Teaches a very good lesson about being prepared with food put by.

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    I'll second The Long Winter as an excellent book about being prepared. It certainly opened my eyes when I first read it. As far as prep related gifts perhaps a backpack filled with things they could use as a bug out bag? ReneeT, I know you keep totes of clothing for the boys in several sizes up - maybe take several pieces of larger sized clothing and pack a backpack with that plus granola bars, bottle of water, small flashlights (as Barb said), work gloves in their sizes, small ponchos, reflective blankets, etc.

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    Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

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    Been a busy week. I took my final on Monday,but don't have a grade yet - may not have one until 12/4. Did a little Christmas shopping at thrift stores and picked up a dog for mom from a friend. I got put on call today (and you can't imagine how quickly I said yes to that!!), so hopefully I'll get a little more done. I'm heading to visit family next Saturday, so I need to get a lot of baking done this week.

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    Woke up feeling like I"m coming down with the gastrointestinal virus that's going around. I've had two doses of elderberry, a cup of yarrow tea to make me sweat, a yarrow bath, and some soup that's heavy on garlic and onions. Feeling much better!! I got called back in yesterday for a few hours, but I did manage to pull all the drip tape up (maybe I'll burn it tonight after dark!)


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