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CRISIS The Four Horsemen - 11/13 to 11/20
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    The Four Horsemen - 11/13 to 11/20


    Shootings at Multiple Sites in Northern California Kill 3, Wound Kids at School
    Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston tells a TV station in the city of Chico that officers are investigating at least five crime scenes in and around the school in Rancho Tehama Reserve, about 130 miles north of Sacramento

    Boris Johnson: UK Will Be ‘Supportive’ of New EU Army

    ‘Visa Lottery’ Brought in 30,000 People from Terror-Funding Nations Since 2007

    Five Times Trump’s DHS Nominee Nielsen Nixed POTUS Principles on Immigration

    Fashion Mogul Karl Lagerfeld Slams Merkel for Inviting ‘Worst Enemies’ of Jews to Germany
    “One cannot – even if there are decades between them – kill millions of Jews and then bring millions of their worst enemies in their place”

    Gulf Minister Warns Germany To Keep Better Control Over Its Mosques
    “You can’t just leave a mosque open and allow anyone to go there and to preach. You need to have licences,” said al Nahjan in an interview with DPA.

    He added that the problem existed in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, arguing that Muslims were becoming radicalized in mosques where the authorities were not exerting strong enough control.

    Ragnarok: Amazing that warnings are coming from Muslims, themselves, but we keep turning a deaf ear. I wonder how many "licenses" and "controls" mosques in America have?

    Germany: Muslim ‘Rapes A PONY’ In Front Of Horrified Visitors At A Kid’s Petting Zoo In Germany

    UK Police: Media Must ‘Rein Back’ Islamic State Terror Coverage
    Ragnarok: We want everyone dumb!

    Germany: Failed Asylum Seeker Causes Airport Chaos, Flights Grounded

    Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth
    Ragnarok: Proving that in this day and age, a college diploma is worthless...

    Prince Charles Challenged over Claim that ‘Foreign Jews’ to Blame for Middle East Turmoil

    Ragnarok: Islamic mouthpiece...

    Bannon on Refusing Lunch with Palestinian President Abbas: ‘I Didn’t Want to Breathe the Same Air as a Terrorist’
    Ragnarok: Good for him! Abbas was a chief financier of the Munich Olympic attack that killed 11 Israeli athletes... He *IS* a terrorist and our government legitimizes him by working with him diplomatically

    Jared Kushner, Dina Powell Drafting Proposal for Israeli-Palestinian Agreement
    The Trump administration has begun drafting a proposal based on the so-called two-state solution with the aim of reaching a final status Israeli-Palestinian agreement
    Ragnarok: Doomed to failure. How can you have a "two-state" solution when one of the parties involved refuses to admit the right of the other party to exist?

    Saudi Arabia Pressed Abbas to Accept Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Agreement

    The U.S. Middle East Peace Plan?
    Abbas is now caught between two choices, both disastrous: On the one hand, he needs the political backing of his Arab brothers. This is the most he can expect from the Arab countries, most of whom do not give the Palestinians a penny. It is worth noting that, by and large, the Arab countries discarded the Palestinians after the PLO and Yasser Arafat openly supported Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Kuwait was one of several Gulf countries that used to provide the Palestinians with billions of dollars a year. No more.

    Since then, the Palestinians have been almost entirely dependent on American and European financial aid. It is safe to assume, then, that the US and EU have more leverage with the Palestinians than most Arab countries.

    Iran Erecting Permanent Military Base Next to Israel in Syria

    From Mississippi to Ontario, adults and children alike are being fed the most grotesque of lies

    Outrageous: Officials Meet with CAIR-Ohio Leader Who Makes Profane Joke about Politicians, Violates Non-Profit Laws, and Spreads Anti-Semitic Lies about Israel
    I'm stumped. Our politicians don't meet with the KKK. They don't meet with Hamas or Al-Qaeda or ISIS. Hopefully one day the vile racism that CAIR spreads will mean our politicians don't meet with them, either

    Ohio: City’s Illegal Alien Defense Fund Gives $17,500 To Islamic Terror Front Group
    Ohio’s capital city has launched a defense fund for illegal immigrants facing deportation and thousands of taxpayer dollars will go to the local chapter of a terrorist front group that promotes itself as a Muslim civil rights organization. The pot of cash is known as Columbus Families Together Fund and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, will be among the recipients.

    Mattel Announces Latest Barbie… in a Hijab

    The one-of-a-kind doll made its debut at Glamour’s Women of the Year Live Summit on Monday, as the latest doll in the “Shero” line, an initiative that celebrates women breaking boundaries (and cheekbones), according to People.

    I, um, might have added a couple words there...

    The Real Victims of "Islamophobia"
    In New York, the deputy police commissioner told Americans that the deadliest attack in New York since 9/11 -- the car ramming attack perpetrated by jihadist Sayfullo Saipov -- had "nothing to do with Islam". People who dared react to his jihadist murders by committing (undefined) "bias incidents" or "hate crimes" would be "prosecuted to the full extent of the law".

    Authorities in Britain, Europe and the United States are not fostering an atmosphere conducive to effective public safety, police work or counter-terrorism. Quite the contrary. Do they even realize that?

    Biden: Hero Who Shot Texas Church Shooter Shouldn’t Have Had AR-15
    Ragnarok: He should have shot him through the door with his shotgun... Or, something...

    CNN Hammered for Omitting Unborn Child in Texas Church Massacre Death Toll
    “I’m surprised they said unborn child and not mass of tissue.”

    YouTube FINALLY removes 50,000 videos of imam who inspired terror attacks
    Though killed in 2011 US drone strike, American-born Anwar al-Awlaki continued to recruit for al-Qaeda in online video clips

    Somali arrested in bloody stabbing at Mall of America

    While police identified the latest attacker as Mahad Abdirahman, the local Star-Tribune still was not reporting his name or background on Monday morning, referring to the man arrested only as “the suspect.”

    Minnesota has the largest population of Somali refugees in the U.S., with numbers approaching 100,000, and Gov. Mark Dayton has told residents of the state that if they are not comfortable living among the refugees they “should find another state.”

    Why? Because they keep coming.

    Even under President Donald Trump, who campaigned on the promise of cutting off all Islamic immigration, the flow has slowed but not stopped. In the last two months alone, 280 refugees from Somalia have arrived on U.S. shores, with 56 of them going to Minnesota, 29 to Colorado, 19 to Ohio, 15 to Missouri, 14 to Indiana, 13 to Wisconsin, 11 to Nebraska and 12 each to New York and Pennsylvania, according to data from the Refugee Processing Center.

    Even tiny towns like Noel, Missouri; Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas; and Lexington, Nebraska, continue to get a steady flow of refugees from Somalia and other jihadist hotbeds such as Sudan.

    It doesn’t seem to matter how bad the Somalis act or how little of an attempt is made at assimilation, they keep coming from the United Nations refugee camps with one-way plane tickets to America.

    Paris cancels Christmas market; holds special Ramadan party

    France Debates Dropping Minimum Legal Age for Sexual Consent to 13
    Ragnarok: Muslims nod in agreement...

    Brigitte Macron Veiled and Barefoot at Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    Ragnarok: France is in total submission

    ISIS Sends French Fighters Home For ‘Day Of Reckoning’

    France: Reason For French Muslim Street Prayers Revealed
    Last week, Clichy Muslim street prayers turned into brawls where the mayor and police came out.

    It turns out that the Muslims were objecting that the mosque provided for them wasn't right in the middle of town

    French President Emmanuel Macron says the state fueled homegrown terrorism by abandoning its poorest neighborhoods
    Ragnarok: Except for the fact that economic standing as a cause of Islamic terror has been debunked on numerous occasions... But, Hey... Keep pushing a lie

    Two Years After Bataclan Terrorist Attacks France ‘Must Forget’
    This is why the world detests these cheese eating surrender monkeys.


    Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves
    Saudi Princess Amira Bint Aidan Bin Nayef went on a rampage against the ruling Saudi regime in her exclusive statements to the French newspaper Le Monde, saying slavery in Saudi Arabia has different forms, but it is done in secrecy and permitted only among the primary beneficiaries of the princes of the House of Saud.

    She mentioned one of the most repulsive things: buying and renting the children, especially the orphans, from countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Djibouti, Somalia, Nigeria, Romania and Bulgaria.

    According to Aidan, the ex-wife of the Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, who was recently arrested in scope of the anti-corruption purges in the country, those who accuse others of corruption and money laundering, are in fact highly corrupted themselves.

    U.K: Parents Not Wanting Children to Take School Trips to Mosques Accused of "Islamophobia"

    Erdogan rejects ‘moderate Islam’ as a Western tool to weaken Muslims
    “The term ‘moderate Islam’ is being lathered up again. The patent of moderate Islam belongs to the West. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam; Islam is one. The aim of using such terms is to weaken Islam”

    Turkey Taps Both Russian, European Air Defense Options

    Turkey Denies Plot To Kidnap Muslim Cleric From US
    The Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C., denied allegations published in a Wall Street Journal story that Turkey plotted with Flynn, former U.S. national security sdviser, and his son Michael Flynn Jr., to have Turkish Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen, who has lived in Pennsylvania for 20 years, kidnapped and moved to Turkey for up to $15 million, according to the Associated Press

    Not Satire: Penn State Greens: Israeli Tree Planting is Environmental Racism

    One nation seeks to reverse trend with campaign to breed 'like rabbits'

    60,000 “nationalists” march in Poland


    Chobani Yogurt update: plant expansion planned for Twin Falls, Idaho

    Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff shows her ignorance about Rohingya Muslims

    Daily Beast attacks Pamela Geller for exposing falsity of Rohingya ethnic cleansing narrative

    Brotherhood Using Deep Web to Open New Front in US

    Glamour Magazine’s New Standard of Beauty: Ugly, Bigoted, Antisemitic, Hater Sarsour

    When Glamour magazine named pro-sharia, pro-terror antisemite Linda Sarsour one of the magazine’s ‘women of the year,’ it was a turning point for the left, a point of no return. Glamour and Vogue and Bazaar, long time standard bearers of fashion and beauty, have all but submitted. Like the Muslim mother holding down her young daughter for the ritual cut (female genital mutilation), the icons of beauty are now telling women subjugation, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, honor violence, arranged (forced) marriage (Sarsour’s marriage was arranged), Jew hatred is the new radical chic. The era where good is evil and evil is good – ugly is now beautiful

    Dartmouth Prof To Donate Half Of Book Proceeds To Antifa

    Accused Edmonton Terrorist To Have Psychiatric Assessment
    Mental illness defense, here we come!

    Canada: Prevent Counter-Terror Strategy ‘Discriminatory And Counter-Productive’ In Focus On Muslims
    Ragnarok: because there are so many NON-Islamic inspired terror attacks...

    Report Recommends Removing Cops From Toronto Schools
    A report by staff at Canada’s largest school board recommends eliminating a controversial program that placed police officers in certain Toronto schools after finding the scheme left some students feeling intimidated or uncomfortable.

    Mohammad asked: “Is a list of these schools available to the public?”

    Rival Terrorist Groups Resume Infighting In Northern Syria
    Ragnarok: Gee... Didn't see that coming...

    Stanford Staff Encourage Students To Tear Down Flyers For Robert Spencer Talk

    Church Of England Defends ‘Boys In Tutus’ Guidance As It Says Christians Have A Duty To Be Welcoming
    Christians have a duty to be welcoming, the Church of England has said as it defends its "tutus for boys" advice.

    In a blog posted online Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer at the Church of England, said it was "incumbent on us as Christians to act to create welcoming schools where all pupils are honoured and respected members of their community."

    The Church has come under fire after it released advice for teachers in church schools which said that primary school-age boys and girls should be allowed to dress up in whatever they choose, regardless of their gender, including a "tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak"

    Ragnarok: You might want to read the Book, again... Moron...

    The Plague May Soon Be Coming To America
    After Daily Star Online reported the disease ravaging Madagascar has killed 143 people, the deadly plague has now claimed 165.

    And with at least another 2,000 being infected, fears of a global outbreak has doubled after the World Health Organisation’s latest update.

    Officials at the world health body have now admitted there is a real risk the disease could spread to Europe, the US and across the globe

    Ragnarok: gee... You mean digging up dead relatives and "partying" with the remains is a BAD idea???

    Since Trump’s Election, Violence Against His Supporters Has Become Routine
    News broke Monday that anti-white hate crimes grew faster than any other racial hate crime category in America in 2016. According to statistics released Monday, there was a 19.34 percent increase in anti-white hate crime attacks from 2015 to 2016
    Ragnarok: I'm sorry... What???

    Black Law Professor Teaches Sons To Distrust, Be Suspicious Of White People
    Titled “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” the Yeshiva University law professor says the election of Donald Trump “has made it clear” that he needs to teach his sons the “lessons generations old” — that is, be cautious, be suspicious, be distrustful.

    More succinctly, the question is “whether [his sons] can truly be friends with white people.”

    Ragnarok: Irresponsible racism like this directly results in the stastics in the next post...

    FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes In America
    The FBI report on 2016 Hate Crime Statistics shows that in 2016, there were 876 reported anti-white hate crime offenses in the United States. In 2015, this number was 734, indicating a 19.34 percent increase.
    Ragnarok: Oh... And look at that... Jews are still twice as likely to be victims of a hate crime than Muslims. What a SHOCK!

    NOT Satire: Sweden Lists Milk As A Hate Symbol

    In a new report on “the white hatred” in Sweden, by the Total Defense Research Institute (Foi) commissioned by the government to map comments written on sites on the internet, milk is listed as a hate symbol and a symbol of “white power,” along with the okay-symbol much used by Donald Trump

    Army Lifts Ban On Cutters, Mentally Ill And Drug Abusers To Meet Recruiting Goals
    The new rules green-light recruits who have bipolar disorder, depression and issues with cutting – a process in which a person takes a knife or razor to his or her own skin – along with those who bite, hit or bruise themselves intentionally.

    “I am shocked,” Craig Bryan, executive director of the National Center for Veterans Studies at The University of Utah, told Fox News. “This contradicts everything we have been working toward for the past 10-to-15 years.”

    Ragnarok: What could go wrong?

    US Breaks Ground For New Permanent Base In Israel

    U.S. and Israeli officers broke ground in Israel on Monday for a permanent U.S. Army base that will house dozens of U.S. soldiers, operating under the American flag, and charged with the mission of defending against rocket and missile attack.
    Ragnarok: This is an older article from September but I just found it...

    Thank you, Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King!!!

    Ja Du is part of a small, but growing community of people who considers themselves transracial. It refers to someone born one race, but identifies with another.

    Coming Soon To Washington: Resistance Themed Hotel

    U.S. Court Allows Part Of Trump Travel Ban To Go Into Effect
    A U.S. appeals court in California on Monday let President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban go partially into effect, ruling the government can bar entry of people from six Muslim-majority countries with no connections to the United States.

    Sessions Directs Prosecutors To ‘Evaluate Certain Issues’ Involving Clinton

    WWII Navajo Code Talkers Honored With Memorial In New Mexico
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Tucker Carlson Takes on Racist Professor Who Will Teach His Kids Not to Trust Whites

    Anti-White Racism on the Rise in America
    Unfortunately anti-white racism is on the rise in America, and the New York Times just published a totally insane op-ed about it.

    Snowflakes React to "IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE" Flyer

    Sessions Orders Feds To Evaluated Clinton, Obama Admin Uranium One - Tucker Carlson

    "TOXIC Masculinity is The BIGGEST Problem in USA" - Tucker Carlson vs. Another Lib Professor

    Paul Joseph Watson: Transracial Weirdo Claims He's a Filipino Woman
    Ragnarok: Question for liberals... How is this not "Cultural Appropriation"???

    Paul Joseph Watson: How the sex abuse scandal is being hijacked to demonize all men.

    HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRISY: Where ‘Rape Culture’ ACTUALLY Exists
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Poland: Nationalism Rising | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    A Georgia Networking Event Wants To Help White People ‘Come Meet A Black Person’
    It may sound like a “Saturday Night Live” skit, but...

    Doctors Without Beards: Danish Party Steps Out Against ‘Concessions To Islam’

    France May Set Age Of Consent At 13 After Man Acquitted Of Raping 11 Year old
    It’s going to 9 and you know why... And if you DON'T know why... Shame on you!

    U.K: Catholic Primary School Is Forced To Drop References To ‘Mothers’ And ‘Fathers’ From Its Admission Forms After A Parent Complained It ‘Discriminated Against Gay Couples’
    Ragnarok: Just so we are clear, the school wasn't "forced to" capitulate... It CHOSE to capitulate...

    Raqqa’s Dirty Secret
    The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of IS fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city

    Rahm Emanuel Intervened To Save Now Indicted Dem IT Aide From Fraud Charge
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Articles of Impeachment Introduced Against President Trump

    Democrats file five articles of impeachment against Trump

    Establishment Leaders Urge Rush to Huge, Expensive, Open-Ended Amnesty
    The bipartisan national-security establishment from the past three administrations is urging Congress to pass legislation before the end of the year that would give amnesty to roughly 3.3 million illegal aliens
    Ragnarok: HELL, No!!!


    The White House is considering Mohamed El-Erian for vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, a source confirmed to CNBC

    Mohamed El-Erian is an Egyptian who was at one point being considered by the Muslim Brotherhood for Prime Minister of Egypt

    Senate Committee Votes in Favor of Pro-Amnesty DHS Nominee Kristjen Nielsen

    Voting in Neilsen’s favor were all eight Republicans on the panel...

    Trump’s DHS Nominee Will Tell ICE Agents: Focus on Illegals with Criminal Records


    Milwaukee: Illegal Alien Impregnates Teen Stepdaughter to Try to Avoid Deportation

    Zimbabwe Army Has Mugabe, Wife in Custody, Controls Capital

    Latest Senate Tax Bill Raises Child Tax Credit, Ends Obamacare Individual Mandate

    Sweden: ‘It Doesn’t Matter if Rapists Are Migrants, Only that They’re Men’
    Sweden’s justice minister has rejected a proposal by the Moderate party to record the ethnic backgrounds of sex attackers saying the only thing that matters is that they are men

    Ragnarok: This is the ruling body of Sweden... This is what happens when all feminists are in charge and have removed "Toxic Masculinity" from their society

    A Feminist Government
    Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation. A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad front, both nationally and internationally. Women and men must have the same power to shape society and their own lives. This is a human right and a matter of democracy and justice. Gender equality is also part of the solution to society’s challenges and a matter of course in a modern welfare state – for justice and economic development. The Government’s most important tool for implementing feminist policy is gender mainstreaming, of which gender-responsive budgeting is an important component

    Libyan Markets Sell Slaves for $800 Apiece
    Ragnarok: Crickets from the left...


    U.K. Report: Migrants Make up 90 Per Cent New Households over Past Decade

    Successive British governments have been accused of misleading the public on mass migration’s effect on the housing crisis, in a report revealing migrants headed 90 per cent of new households in England over the past decade
    Ragnarok: This looks nothing like the pictures I saw of the streets of London when I was a kid...

    More than six in ten babies born in London over the past year were to foreign mothers

    Bio-Ethicist: People Need To Stop Having Kids Because They’re Bad For The Environment…

    Texas School District Will Rename Five Confederate-Named Campuses Even if Taxpayers Protest

    North Carolina: More Confederate Monument Topplers Get All Felony Charges Dropped
    Why bother to have any law at all? Just give in to all the anarchists now. They caught them on video, they even raided their houses and got evidence of the planning of the event. But they’re dropping the charges with their lawyer claiming there’s ‘no evidence.’ And this is why George Soros is buying DA positions across the country. You’ll see a lot more of this.

    Netanyahu’s Offer to Send Aid to Iran, Iraq Quake Victims Turned Down

    United Arab Emirates Accuses Germany of ‘Lax’ Control over Radical Mosques

    Another Bernie Sanders supporter on a rampage?

    Anti-Semitic Fascists Harass Jewish Speaker at University of Illinois

    French Mayor Refuses to Remove Nativity From City Hall
    "We will never yield on our culture!”
    Ragnarok: the national government has already yielded everything. It is these small pockets of resistance that are now France's only hope

    France: Muslims In, Jews Out
    France hosts Europe’s largest Jewish community, and Jews have been fleeing the suburbs to either emigrate or move to gentrified districts of the cities, where they feel more protected. What happens to the Jews will have a seismic impact on the entire continent.

    French Jews are now not only threatened in their synagogues and schools, but in their homes. A Jewish family was recently held hostage, beaten and robbed in their home in the suburb of Seine Saint-Denis. Before that, a retired Jewish doctor and schoolteacher, Sarah Halimi, was beaten and thrown to her death from her balcony, in the Belleville district of Paris. The man who murdered her, while yelling “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is Greater”), was a Muslim neighbor. Two Jewish brothers were recently attacked on a Paris street by men wielding a hacksaw and shouting “You dirty Jews! You are going to die“.

    The French government has launched an operation to protect 800 synagogues, schools and community centers. But as Le Monde explains, there is little it can do to protect Jews on the streets and in their homes. Islamic anti-Semitism is devouring the French Republic.

    Anti-Semitism has revolutionized France — both its geography and demography. Jew-hate has become the gateway to the “France soumise” — the submission of France.

    Boston Globe: ‘No Way Around’ Confiscating America’s Guns
    At least they’re finally admitting it

    Austin, Texas: Good Guy with Gun Stops Sex Assault on Hiking Trail

    India Says No To Islamic Banking
    India’s central bank blocks the move to introduce Sharia-compliant financial services in the country

    Toronto: Muslim worker dies when hijab gets stuck in conveyor belt
    A commercial bakery in Toronto where a 23-year-old employee died just over a year ago was fined $300,000 Thursday for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act
    Ragnarok: And if he had told her to remove the hijab, how much would the company have been sued for?

    Saudi cleric says giving children un-Islamic names is 'unacceptable'
    Ragnarok: The return to a more tolerant Islam...

    Nine-year-old girls in Iraq could be forced to marry under new Muslim laws
    Ragnarok: Following the example of the "prophet"...

    ISIS' Christmas threat to the Pope: Terror group threaten vehicle and gun attack on the Vatican

    “Hitler wasn’t the bad guy”: Jew-hater Nasreen Khan resigns from the UK Labour Party

    Hate Crimes Targeting Jews Rise for Second Year in a Row
    Ragnarok: Why no cries of outrage over this from the left???

    Latest Hate Crime Stats Show African-Americans More Likely Than Whites To Commit Hate Crimes

    “We are going to kill you”: Myanmar non-Muslims recall jihad massacres by Rohingya Muslims
    The establishment media consistently only presents one side of the story in Myanmar, claiming that Rohingya Muslims are being victimized on a massive scale, despite evidence that many alleged army atrocities have been faked, and that Myanmar non-Muslims have been brutalized and murdered by Rohingya jihadists. Even in this story, the Washington Post does its best to portray the Rohingyas as victims, but the evidence of their jihadi bloodlust keeps coming through anyway

    Canada: Palestinians in Mississauga openly call for bloody jihad against Jews

    Anti-Jewish Protest in Mississauga

    CAIR shutting down free speech
    What CAIR and others are doing is called “tortious interference.” It can be viewed as a form of economic warfare. A problem we face is that too many public officials let them get away with it or even side with them. Those people need to be removed from office and the Muslim Brotherhood’s aggressive efforts must be met with determined opposition

    The "Ottoman Balfour Declaration"
    In a great, historical irony, ninety-nine years after the Ottoman Empire, the then-temporal and religious leader of the world's Muslim community and Palestine's longtime imperial master, voiced support for "the establishment of a religious and national Jewish center in Palestine," the Palestinian leadership demanded an official apology from Britain for endorsing the same idea at about the same time.

    If only for these reasons, and having been an alternative option at a time when the war's outcome was yet to be decided and diplomacy was to be foreseen, the "Ottoman Balfour Declaration" needs to be re-examined and highlighted, especially at a time when Islamist intolerance and supremacism rear their heads.

    Germany: Two Hundred Churches Damaged And Christian Symbols Destroyed In Just One Region
    In a rare candid moment, German media reported at least 200 cases of damaged churches in the region of Bavaria alone every year.

    In addition, attacks on summit crosses are also increasing in the region’s mountains. Crosses on several mountain tops have been toppled and destroyed with axes or saws

    German Homeless Population Explodes As Migrant Crisis Takes Its Toll
    The number of Germans who can’t afford their own home and have been forced to rely on the generosity of family and friends for a place to sleep every night has also risen a staggering 26%, to over 400,000 people.

    Canada: ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Motion Taking More Fire
    A professor of linguistics at the University of Ottawa, commenting on the so-called anti-Islamophobia motion, M103, has urged the Trudeau government “to start an international Commission on how to handle the violence in the Koran,” which, he says exists, without doubt

    Refugee ‘Who Vowed To Bomb Australia, Run Over Police And Harassed An Officer’s Teenage Daughter’ Could Cost Taxpayers Millions To Detain Because Iran REFUSES To Take Him Back
    Ragnarok: Well, then... I guess he is without a country!

    Black Cab Drivers In London To Get Medical And Terror Attack Training
    London’s 17,500 drivers will be taught how to deal with situations such as acid attacks, choking, strokes and severe bleeding
    Ragnarok: Brought to yo by the "Religion of Peace"...
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Thank you! For some reason this jumps out at me especially; I HATE FEMINISM! It is a limb of communism/socialism. These wymmyn all look like wretched fiends. They WANT other women raped!

    Sweden: ‘It Doesn’t Matter if Rapists Are Migrants, Only that They’re Men’
    Sweden’s justice minister has rejected a proposal by the Moderate party to record the ethnic backgrounds of sex attackers saying the only thing that matters is that they are men

    Ragnarok: This is the ruling body of Sweden... This is what happens when all feminists are in charge and have removed "Toxic Masculinity" from their society
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Ragnarok, Thank you.

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    Ragnarok: Apparently, if you are democrat... This is not an issue...

    DHS Reverses, Will Accept Some Mail-Delayed DACA Applications
    Ragnarok: Sure didn't take long for the new DHS head to completely screw things up...

    The country’s immigration enforcement officers launched a website Tuesday demanding that President Trump do more to clean up their agency, saying he has left the Obama team in place and it’s stymying his goal of enforcing laws on the books.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement supervisors in Philadelphia banned officers from wearing bulletproof vests during an operation in the dangerous “badlands” section in the city’s north for fear of offending the immigrant community, according to a new website,

    Meanwhile, officers in one Utah city are required to give city officials seven days’ heads-up before arresting anyone — and by the time they go to make the arrest, the immigrants they are targeting have taken off, the website says.

    Compiled by the National ICE Council, which represents ICE officers, the website is part whistleblower and part primal scream for Mr. Trump to pay attention to a group of people who were among his staunchest backers during the presidential campaign.

    “ICE Officers grudgingly admit that the only President they ever endorsed hasn’t kept his word, and many officers now feel betrayed,” the officers say on the website

    Ragnarok: I have to admit, Trump's position on immigration was the one thing that got me out to vote and I have been SORELY disappointed with him on this matter, ever since...

    U.S. Chamber: ‘Dreamers’ Make America, Americans Have No Role
    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has posted two billboards in front of the White House which declare America was built by foreign ‘Dreamers,’ not by native-born Americans, who apparently have no place in the billboards or in America’s society

    The inconvenient fact about Democrats' recent electoral successes

    ‘Defense bill’ imports 3,500 more Afghan immigrants
    In the United States of Orwell, a “defense bill” means bringing in more immigrants from one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Our backwards strategy of spending up to $4 trillion in the Middle East primarily to referee Islamic civil wars and even grow Iranian hegemony — all for the purpose of defending our homeland — ends in bringing in more Islamists to our shores.

    Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

    House Passes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    ANALYSIS: Repealing State and Local Tax Deduction Could Turn More Blue States Red

    John Cornyn, Chris Murphy, Dianne Feinstein Announce Gun Control Bill

    New York Times Embraces Anti-Israel Propaganda to Bash Steve Bannon

    Brussels ‘Youths’ Riot, Attack Police, for Second Time in Less Than a Week

    Sex Attacks Almost Double in Berlin ‘No-Go Zone’

    Ragnarok: Gee... I wonder why sex attacks have risen so dramatically? Oh... Wait... Nevermind...

    A German court has ruled that municipalities must accept migrants convicted of sex offences who have been sent to them even if they are at risk of re-offending

    Emmanuel Macron Blames France for the Rise of Islamic Radicalisation
    Ragnarok: Technically, he is right because France refuses to fight back. *IF* they had pushed back from the beginning, France would not be overrun with jihadi's...

    Asylum Applications Down 43 Per Cent as Austria Focuses on Deportations, Border Security

    Twitter Updates Terms of Service as Conservative Figures Are Purged from Platform

    Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer, Other Conservative Accounts Stripped of Twitter Verification
    Ragnarok: Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey still have their accounts, however...

    Twitter Unverifies Notable Trump Supporter, Outright Bans 'Alt-Right Troll' for Life
    The great Twitter purge is upon us

    Britain’s Most Hated Man Isn’t All That Hateful

    "Christ, I would be shot for buying this if people knew," says an anonymous fan in the comments below Amazon’s unlikely bestseller Enemy of the State. Which sums up how I feel before meeting the book’s author, Tommy Robinson. What if he turns out to be not nearly as bad as his reputation as ‘Britain’s most hated man’? What if, as some familiar with him have warned, I turn out to like him and want to plead his cause, and end up being tainted as a far-right thug by association?

    Lawsuit Claims ‘Thousands’ of Uber Passengers Have Been Raped, Assaulted, Harassed by Drivers

    Afghanistan Nearly Doubles Opium Production in One Year

    University of Michigan Passes BDS Vote Against Israel
    The University of Michigan’s student government on Wednesday voted in favor of a resolution that would see the university investigating divestment from companies that do business in Israel

    Egypt Tries to Avoid a Fight as Allies Escalate Against Iran
    Egypt faces high expectations from Saudi Arabia and its other Gulf Arab benefactors that it will have their back as tensions rise with their rival Iran, including throwing the weight of its military — the largest standing Arab army — into the crisis if needed

    Israel Co-Sponsors Saudi U.N. Resolution Against Syria
    In an unprecedented move, Israel on Tuesday co-sponsored a draft resolution against Syria that was submitted by Saudi Arabia at the United Nations Human Rights Council
    Ragnarok: Israel is climbing into bed with the devil...

    Iranian Base Just 31 Miles From Israel

    Dr. Bill Warner: Our Virtuous Enemies
    Look carefully at how Islam advances its power

    Terrorism Report: 2016 Was Deadliest Year For the West Since 9/11
    Many mainstream media outlets tried to downplay the growing threat of Jihad in the West as depicted by the report, deciding instead to highlight the fact that the absolute number of deaths resulting from terrorism fell by 10 percent to around 29,300 compared to previous year. BBC reported the finding of the Global Terrorism Index under the headline: “Global Deaths from Terrorism Drop.”

    While that might be factually correct, there is no sugar-coating the fact that terrorism-related deaths in developed countries increased by a staggering 650 percent. The ideologically-driven Open Borders Policy and the resulting mass exodus from Arab and Muslim countries into Europe is inviting Jihad right into the heart of the Western world. No matter how leftist media spin the story, Europe’s death toll speaks for itself.

    No amount of data or intelligence will make any difference if the political elite in the West continue to remain in a state of Jihad denial. Their virtue-signaling and refusal to face facts is leaving a long bloody trail in its wake



    NoCal Shooter was Prohibited to Own Guns, Made Illegal Guns at Home
    But another law could’ve have stopped him, right?

    Famous actor James Woods tweets video amid new charges of Muslim mischief
    Ragnarok: Holy crap... He isn't lying!

    Minnesota: Despite Muslim attacks, city rejects moratorium on refugee resettlement

    Pennsylvania State Commission for Women gets first Muslim terror-tied member
    Philadelphia news outlets are heralding the appointment of Salima Suswell, “first Muslim woman to serve on the Pennsylvania Commission for Women.” All well and good. But Salima Suswell also serves as an executive committee member for terror-tied Council of American Islamic Relations, unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history. CAIR is a Hamas group whose objective is a kind of “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” “[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

    Watch her interview with the Philadelphia Tribune.Her agenda is imposing Islam on the secular marketplace, the schools and the government. She gloats over the introduction of Eid school holidays. But as I have often said, accommodation to Muslim demands gives weigh to more demands. Now Salima Suswell says that the government needs to ‘respect’ the Islamic holidays, making Eid a statewide holiday. Inshallah.

    FULL VIDEO: Robert Spencer confronts student fascists at Stanford University
    Stanford officials prevented the Young America’s Foundation from streaming the event or even filming it at all. Clearly they knew what was in the offing and did not want the streaming to reveal the egregious behavior of Stanford students before the world.

    Menlo College prof blasts Stanford over disruption of Robert Spencer event: “Worthy of a fascist state”
    Those of us who came to see and hear Robert Spencer’s ideas and were disallowed into the auditorium were shocked and repelled by the actions of Stanford’s self-elected thought police.

    This was a demonstration of the most selfish and narrow-minded bigotry – worthy of a fascist state – that has no place in an American academy.

    The Stanford faculty who signed the “Letter from faculty and others regarding Robert Spencer” are, in my opinion, sorely misguided by their prejudgments and uninformed attitudes. As someone who has both studied and lived in Islamic countries and who encounters refugees from “Islamic conditions” daily, I encourage these academics to consider their own plea: “For us, this means taking seriously the lived experience of the people most impacted by racism, bigotry, hate speech and xenophobia.”

    This “lived experience” perfectly describes the millions of hostage peoples living under “Islamic conditions,” of which Americans are barely aware. The empathy and advocacy for freedom of these Stanford academics, instead of preventing free speech and shared ideas in the academy, should extend to those enslaved by a totalitarian ideology in the form of state-sponsored theocratic oppression.

    NYU College Republicans disinvite anti-sharia speaker over fake ‘hate’ label

    U.S. Businesses Submit to Islam

    Lawmakers Advance Measures to Block Aid to Hamas
    The House Foreign Affairs Committee approved legislative measures Wednesday targeting the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

    The approved measures include the Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act (H.R. 2712), that will impose sanctions to end support for Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad from Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hizballah

    UK Coverup Revealed
    This report provides information about the housing crisis induced by unchecked immigration and about the fact that British authorities have a pattern of coverups: the massive, shocking coverup of Muslim rape gang attacks is one example. The British government also led the public to believe that up to 3000 jihadists were running free in Britain, which was bad enough, but MI5 then revealed that up to 35,000 are actually there

    Welcome Home Jihadis!
    After a humiliating defeat in Syria and Iraq, thousands of European jihadis are set to return home. Western governments seem set to roll out the red-carpet for them as if they were heroes rather than turncoats.

    The UK has launched an integration program, Operation Constrain, for its homecoming jihadis to provide them with assistance in finding a job and living a "normal" life

    Winner of Today's "A-DUH!" Award: A Growing Number Of Swedes Are Victims Of Crime
    The proportion of the population who have been victims of what is classed as ‘crime against an individual’ – assault, threats, mugging, fraud, harassment, or sexual assault – is at its highest level since records began in 2006

    4chan Launches “Operation Swedistan” In A Last Ditch Attempt To Save Sweden

    Hot off the heels of their stunningly successful, "It’s Ok To Be White" campaign. Which managed to stir up both outrage and national media attention in multiple countries round the world. 4chan’s infamous politically incorrect board has now seemingly moved on to their next example of expert level political trolling. Their target this time? The never ending joke that is modern Sweden.

    Operation Swedistan as users have taken to calling it, follows the usual 4chan strategy of attempting to trick extremist liberals into siding with a progressive cause that would seem ridiculous or even outright appalling to the average person. In this case the goal is simple, convince Sweden to change its flag design. More specifically, to remove the Christian cross and install an Islamic crescent in its place

    Police Block Migrants’ March To Greek Border
    Police have blocked some 200 migrants and asylum-seekers from leaving a city in northern Greece for the Macedonian border in hopes of traveling on to other European Union countries

    EU Takes First Steps To Withdraw Poland’s Voting Rights
    Ragnarok: Somehow, I don't think Poland gives a rat's ass...

    U.K: Paedophile dwarf, 26, who groomed teenage girls on Facebook and begged them for sex and naked photos is spared jail because he'd have a 'very hard time' in prison

    Vietnam War veteran, 83, wears his dress blues to stand guard over his Marine buddy's casket after they made promise to each other in 1968 when they survived a mortar attack

    France: Escalating Muslim Anti-Semitism
    In France, any public mention of Muslim anti-Semitism can lead you to court. In February 2017, the scholar Georges Bensoussan was sued for “incitement to racial hatred” because he mentioned in a radio debate how vastly widespread anti-Semitism is among French Muslim families

    Miss Iraq And Miss Israel Take Selfie Together …Muslims Lose Their Sh*t Over It

    Report: U.S Troops Told Child Sex Abuse Is Culturally Acceptable In Afghanistan
    U.S. troops deploying to Afghanistan were taught for years that child sex abuse is a “culturally accepted practice” in the country, and were provided no guidance that it constituted a violation of the law and human rights

    Trump To Freed UCLA Players: ‘You’re Welcome’
    “To the three UCLA basketball players I say: You’re welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made your release possible and, HAVE A GREAT LIFE!” Trump tweeted early Thursday. “Be careful, there are many pitfalls on the long and winding road of life!”

    Mother of ex-Ball State football player looks for Trump's help in rescuing son from Chinese jail
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

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    Thank you, Ragnarok.

    What the *$#*#!!!@ is wrong with Minnesota? ...hmmm, aren't there descendants of SWEDES there???????

    Minnesota: Despite Muslim attacks, city rejects moratorium on refugee resettlement
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Be Well View Post
    Thank you, Ragnarok.

    What the *$#*#!!!@ is wrong with Minnesota? ...hmmm, aren't there descendants of SWEDES there???????
    Not anymore...

    MN Governor Dayton: Don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota!

    Poland's Unstoppable Patriotism
    Poland's rising patriotism is frightening for the establishment which is doing everything to demonize the nation and it's politicians

    Ted Nugent Goes OFF On Gun Control | Louder With Crowder
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    Not anymore...

    MN Governor Dayton: Don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota!
    I meant they're like the modern kind of Swedes - suicidal.... SAD!!!!
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Be Well View Post
    I meant they're like the modern kind of Swedes - suicidal.... SAD!!!!

    The reference totally went over my head. Yes... Yes, you are correct then, ma'am.

    Paul Joseph Watson: Is soy food turning men into massive pussies?
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    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Soy food, estrogen mimicking chemicals in all manner of household goods, food containers, chemicals, the war against boys and men by feminist dykes and fiends in all kinds of areas such as "entertainment", Disney, gov, mil, etc, and commiepuke schools K-PhD.

    I think that sums it up....
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Saudi Arabia vs. Iran
    Ragnarok: I've been saying this for almost five years, now...

    The Syrian Civil War killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. Its ripple effects brought terror to Europe and dragged the United States into the fighting. And it’s just the appetizer for the coming war.

    The real war is the one that the Saudis and the Iranians have been maneuvering toward for years. Those maneuvers included everything from Iran’s nuke deal, the fighting in Yemen, the Syrian Civil War, the Iraqi suppression of Kurdish independence, the rise of ISIS, and the Qatari embargo.

    The death toll from the buildup to the Sunni-Shiite regional war is approaching a million. And the war hasn’t even begun yet. It may never become an actual war as we understand it. It’s possible that there will be a hundred little wars exploding across the region. These wars will tear apart more of the region and the talking heads on television will blame global warming or Israeli settlements.

    Those progressive excuses make much more sense to the media than an Islamic religious war.

    And it will almost certainly drag us in.

    Obama’s policies lit the fuse. The withdrawal from Iraq, the Arab Spring, the Iranian Nuke deal and the alliance with the Shiite regime in Baghdad did a great deal to increase Iranian power. When the United States left Iraq, Iran took control. The Arab Spring tore apart the region. And Iran used the opportunity to expand its power over Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The nuke deal signaled that Obama wouldn’t do anything to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power or a regional power. And by outsourcing the fight against ISIS to Shiite terrorist militias, Obama allowed Iran to consolidate control over Iraq and Syria.

    The Saudis and the Iranians are both assembling their coalitions. And they’re coloring outside the lines. Qatar’s billionaire Sunni Islamists are aligned with Iran. That’s why the Saudis slapped an embargo on the terror state. Meanwhile Israel is loosely aligned with the Saudis. That may sound strange, but Israel’s biggest threats, from Iran’s nukes to Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, can be traced back to Tehran.

    The Saudis are no slouches when it comes to funding Islamic terrorists. But Qatar’s fellow Sunni oil tyrannies looked at the way that its allies, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda variants, were tearing apart entire countries, and decided that the little terror state had become too powerful and dangerous.

    Iran and Qatar aggressively expanded their influence by using Islamist militias to tear down and take over countries. And between them, the two Islamic terror states were transforming the Middle East.

    And so the Muslim Brotherhood’s coup in Egypt was met with another coup. The Saudis aren’t just hammering Iran’s Shiite Houthi militias in Yemen, they’re also helping Egypt fight Islamists in Libya. The current alignment puts Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and certain Islamist militias in the same corner.

    Alliances in the Middle East are a turbulent mix of friendships and enmities. It’s why the latest Osama bin Laden documents confirm Al Qaeda’s relationship with Iran. Or why the UAE turned on Hamas and is suddenly friendly to Israel. But such arrangements are typically contextual and inconsistent.

    Iran and Al Qaeda have a loose alliance against America, but Osama bin Laden couldn’t stop Al Qaeda in Iraq from massacring Shiites because the two flavors of Al Qaeda had different contexts and short term goals. Osama bin Laden shared common enemies with Iran, but the future ISIS wanted an Iraqi civil war. And so began the split between the two Al Qaedas.

    That’s why it can be dangerous to read too much into these momentary alignments even as alliances and enmities are consolidating ahead of a possible regional war. And we’re already in the thick of it.

    Iran and Qatar enjoy the support of the left. The Saudi-UAE grouping has some allies on the right. That’s why the media coverage of the Qatari embargo, Iran’s nukes, and the conflicts in Yemen and Egypt, almost universally echo Qatari and Iranian propaganda.

    Obama aligned America with Iran and Qatar. The Arab Spring, Benghazi and the recent Iraqi attacks on the Kurds were all consequences of that disastrous policy. While Trump is hostile to Iran and Qatar, key foreign policy figures in his administration have been sending mixed signals on Iran’s nukes, the Qatari embargo and the Yemeni campaign. Some of this is due to the influence of Obama holdovers.

    As the conflict worsens, the pressure on the United States will grow. Iran continues to escalate the violence. And the Qataris are using their leftist political allies to influence our foreign policy.

    The crisis has been in the making since Jimmy Carter turned over Iran to Shiite terrorists. Obama just added Iraq and Yemen to the expanding Shiite empire in Iran, Syria and Lebanon. And the Saudis were not about to ignore an Iranian takeover of Yemen in their own backyard.

    But the conflict also predates Obama, Carter and America. The Sunni-Shiite split is ancient. And the patchwork of ethnic and religious differences within Islam carries its own ugly history of violence.

    Middle Eastern wars emerge from a combination of ancient tensions and modern policies. The tensions are the dynamite, but the modern policies light the fuse. The manifest destiny of Islam, its violent expansionism and throbbing xenophobia, are the dynamite. And the dynamite will always be there. But how, where and when it goes off can be shaped by our foreign policy. We could avert the war by making it clear that Iran’s free pass is over. But instead we’re once again sending all the wrong signals.

    Our foreign policy assumes that peace is the natural condition of mankind. But in the Islamic realms of the Middle East, conflict is the natural condition. And the more we try to reform the Middle East, the more explosive it becomes. Instead of managing the inevitable conflicts, we’ve tried to resolve them.

    The instinct in Washington D.C. is to find a non-violent resolution. But that may not be realistic.

    The Shiite coalition gained enormously during the Obama years. And as it continues to press its advantage, it is unrealistic to expect the Sunni powers in the region to accept that. Iran’s expansionism in Yemen is a threat to the Saudis. And if the conflict truly begins anywhere, it will probably be Yemen.

    Iran will inevitably try to drag Israel into it. When Muslims fight Muslims, they need to pretend that they’re really fighting non-Muslims. That’s why Saddam tried to drag Israel into the Gulf War. Meanwhile the fighting in Libya continues. The Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t given up on Egypt. The Sunnis and Shiites will clash again in Iraq. Lebanon is destabilizing. And there’s always Bahrain.

    A regional war won’t look anything like a world war. Instead all the individual conflicts, the sore points and simmering tensions will flare up around the same time. Iran will invest more of its forces into these conflicts. The Saudis and Egyptians will hit harder. Israel will clash with Hezbollah. There will be riots, massacres and terrorist attacks across the region. And eventually the actual powers will collide.

    Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, was earlier interviewed by the Watchmen of the Omega Radio Network. Several interesting if not unorthodox topics — including Islam’s place within Christian eschatology and revelation — were discussed in the 40 minute interview. To listen, press play below (or go here ) and fast-forward to the 50-minute mark to go directly to interview).

    Ragnarok: Okay... Before going on with today's news, I hope that everyone takes the time to read the following headlines and imagine the implications...

    IDF Chief Interviews With Saudi Media, Says Israel Ready To Share Intel
    Ragnarok: Such a bad idea...

    Israeli General in Saudi News Calls for Cooperation Against Iran

    Report: Saudi Prince promises Israel billions of dollars to defeat Hezbollah

    U.S. Military Aid Fueling Hezbollah’s Next War Against Israel
    Trump administration accused of aligning with Iran in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq

    U.S. Admits Possible Role in Arming Iranian-Backed Militants in Iraq

    Xi Jinping Calls Saudi King, Offers ‘Unwavering Cooperation’ amid Corruption Sweep

    Claim: Saudi King to Retire Next Week

    Saudi King Will Not Relinquish Throne, Senior Official Says

    Lebanese website reveals details of Israeli-Saudi peace deal
    A secret correspondence between the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman reveals the draft of a possible peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Lebanese website Al-Akhbar claimed Tuesday.

    Al-Akhbar posted what it said was the full text of the document which lists five basic principles supposedly agreed upon between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which would constitute the framework for a regional agreement and the end of the Arab Israeli conflict.

    The five principles are:

    Jerusalem – “The Annexation of Jerusalem to international sovereignty as per the 1937 and 1947 partition plans – two international agreements which have recommended that the city not be annexed to either the Arab or Jewish entities.”

    Palestinian Refugees – “Saudi Arabia affirms its aspiration to settle Palestinian refugees in their countries of residence. The Kingdom can contribute to this effort by supporting innovative solutions such as cancelling the Arab League’s decision from the 1950s by which no Arab nation is to settle Palestinian refugees within their borders, as well as divert efforts to the redistribution and settlement of Palestinian refugees throughout the Arab states.”

    American Mediation and Agreed Upon Principles – “The United States and Saudi Arabia will reach agreements regarding the main principles for ending the conflict, after which President Trump would summon the foreign ministers of the region to a summit in order to obtain their agreements, and only after all have agreed to the same basic principals, would the actual negotiations begin.

    Saudi Influence – “Saudi Arabia’s most effective and important role is to recruit others to support this deal, which will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity between Israel and the Arab and Muslim worlds. At first, normalization of relations with Israel will not enjoy wide public support throughout the Arab world, But Saudi Arabia believes that the combination of Israeli technology and the Gulf state’s economic power and energy markets could bring out the Middle East’s full potential and obtain peace, prosperity and stability."

    Iran – "The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the longest lasting conflict in the region. Over the years, it has served as a justification for the actions of extremists, and has also distracted the major players in the region from focusing on the central threat to its stability – Iran. In accordance to the deal, both Israel and Saudi Arabia must commit themselves to an effective cooperation in order to stop Iran."

    The letter opens with a statement that Saudi Arabia is the most powerful and most important entity in the Arab world, and that any solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be supported by the Kingdom in order to gain legitimacy in the Arab world. It continued to state that dealing with Israel is extremely problematic in the eyes of the Arab world, and that the kingdom would only take such a risk if America was serious in its intentions to act against Iran, and stop them from destabilizing the region.

    Furthermore, the letter stated that Israel is the only country in the Middle East possessing nuclear weapons, and that any relations between the two countries must be based on mutuality and a balance of power. To remedy this situation, the Saudis propose that either the Kingdom be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, or alternatively, that Israel dismantle its arsenal.

    According to the Lebanese report, the document was signed with the official seal of the Saudi Foreign Minister, however it did not post the original version of the document.

    Speculation about a regional deal has been rife since US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in May and was strengthened by Arab reports, since denied by Saudi officials, of a secret visit to Israel by the Crown Prince in September, where, according to reports, he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


    Saudis Swapping Assets For Freedom
    Saudi authorities are striking agreements with some of those detained in an anti-corruption crackdown, asking them to hand over assets and cash in return for their freedom, sources familiar with the matter said

    162 Members of ‘Lost’ Jewish Tribe Arrive in Israel
    A total of 162 members from the Bnei Menashe Jewish community of northeast India arrived in Israel this week, marking the latest wave of so-called “lost” Jews to immigrate to the Jewish state

    Two ex-Nazi Camp Guards Charged over Hundreds of Holocaust Deaths

    Taylor Force Act Advances to House Floor, Would Halt Aid to Palestinians for Rewarding Terror

    Abbas Adviser: Palestinians Won’t End Payments to Terrorists Despite American Threats

    Majority of Germans Favour Snap Election as Merkel Coalition Talks Stumble
    Germany remains without a new government as coalition talks following the September vote falter, and as frustration over potential partners’ inability to come to an agreement desire among the voting public for another election grows

    Will There Be Another German General Election Shortly?
    Deadline To Form New Government Near — Negotiations Cancelled Over “Refugees”

    Merkel’s Party Sink To New 17-Year-Low In Latest Poll

    Germany: Spike in Stabbings
    In 2016, at least 469 people — more than one a day — were stabbed in Bremen, according to official documents obtained by the newspaper Bild. More than a dozen people in Bremen died of their stab wounds. Another 165 knife attacks were registered in nearby Bremerhaven, a 75% increase since 2014. Migrants, according to Bild, were found responsible for most of the violence

    Why Is The Former East Germany Tilting Populist?

    Battle for the West: Hungarian PM Says ‘Silent Majority’ Will Prevail Over ‘Globalist Elites’ and ‘The Soros Empire’

    Second Woman Comes Forward to Accuse Al Franken of Harassment

    Celebs Call On Al Franken to Resign Over Groping Allegations

    Al Franken Allegedly Grabbed Joy Behar’s Breast at Comedy Central Roast for Rob Reiner

    Ragnarok: "Allegedly"???

    U.K: Young Mother Who Converted to Islam Murdered in Hammer Attack After Going Back to Western Lifestyle
    Ragnarok: I fear this is the fate of Ractivist's family friend...

    Islamic Turkey Bans Gay Film Festival for ‘Inciting Hatred’

    Mass Migration Forces Sweden Police to Install Hundreds of No Go Zone Microphones to Detect Crime
    Ragnarok: And just what the heck is that supposed to do if you they refuse to enforce their laws and the police are too scared to respond to calls? "Hey, Sven... Sounds like someone is being raped." "Yes, it does... Well, let's go get coffee"

    Swedish Woman Raped by Refugee Commits Suicide After Prosecutor Claims ‘Lack of Evidence’

    Italy: Radical Islamist Migrants Allowed to Walk Free Thanks To Court Appeal
    Despite being suspected of having links to international terrorist organisations like the Islamic State, a procedural issue has prevented Italian authorities from arresting five Tunisian migrants, even as the Islamic State makes fresh threats against Rome

    New Jersey Schools Will Not Require Medical Proof for Transgender Student Athletes to Compete
    Ragnarok: The beginning of the end of girl's High School sports... Watch how many bench warmers on the boy's teams suddenly decide they are women

    Kansas: Muslim Junior College Basketball Player Removed from Team After Shooting Baskets During National Anthem

    The student, 19-year-old Rasool Samir, is now saying that his civil rights were violated when Garden City Community College, in Garden City, Kansas, removed him from the team
    Ragnarok: Being a DICK is not a civil right!

    ICE ‘Raging Bull’ Operation Leads to Arrest of 267 MS-13 Gang Members

    Anyone claiming, as Stone does, that the risk factor for Uzbek terrorists ever can be predicted either has magical powers or doesn't understand the subject.

    What we do know is that risk has been steadily increasing. And we know where the risk comes from. The risk is ideological. American converts to Islam and Islamic immigrants both carry that risk. The only certain prediction about Islamic terrorism that can be made is that it grows worse as the population of risk carriers increases

    Women’s NCAA Champs Decline White House Invitation

    Ambushed Cop Shot in Head in Crime-Ridden Baltimore

    The Boston Islamic Seminary Is Training the Next Generation of Extremists
    New research by the Middle East Forum has uncovered evidence of extreme antisemitism among faculty members and guest speakers appointed by the Islamic Society of Boston to teach and promote its latest project: the Boston Islamic Seminary

    The Boston Islamic Seminary promises to educate the next generation of Muslims in Massachusetts. These chaplains, imams and community leaders will in turn educate Muslim communities all over America for many decades to come. Thus far, none of Boston's political or religious leaders has expressed alarm over the extremists behind Boston's newest Islamic institution. The question remains: exactly how much hatred for Jews and other minorities must be revealed before leaders will speak out?

    Ragnarok: After reading the above story, let me just re-iterate... UAE to Germany: To stop Islamic jihad terrorism, monitor the mosques

    What Is Being Taught At Islamic Schools And Mosques In The West?

    The new antisemitism? Or extreme political correctness?
    Linda Sarsour is an extreme leftist, “progressive” American activist with a nasty history of supporting terror and antisemitism cloaked as anti-Zionism. The latest saga in which she has become involved is her invitation by New York’s New School to speak at a panel on …. you guessed it… antisemitism

    Tennessee: Imam claims Jews will destroy Kaaba, prays that Allah “inflict your revenge upon them”

    Connecticut: Middle school forced to cancel Islamic indoctrination speaker

    Obama Appointed Islamic Society Official To Approve Russian Uranium Sale and Gulftainer Port Deal

    First Transgender Minister Appointed In UK Methodist Church

    UK Warm Fuzzies: 18-Year-Old Muslim Girl Elected To Town Council

    U.K. Government Blame Housing Crisis On Elderly Rather Than Mass Migration
    The reality of course, as exposed this week by Migration Watch, is that the government have systematically understated the pressure put on housing stock by continuing on with a policy of mass migration for years and years, with no end in sight.

    With a ridiculous population increase of over 500,000 each year, demand on housing has been fuelled by politician’s own incompetence. It was David Cameron who allowed open borders to be extended to the likes of Romania and Bulgaria and Theresa May who has yet to do anything to bring numbers down. That’s not to mention pressure on infrastructure such as hospitals as well which are close to complete breaking point.

    If you want to tackle the housing crisis, try ending mass migration rather than blaming the British public

    Facebook Banned Me For Tying Islamic Terror To…Well, Islam

    Epidemic Of Car Fires In The Netherlands: More Than 8000 Fires In Only 18 Months

    Massachusetts High School Students Give Final Farewell For Homeless Veteran With No Family
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    Atlanta: Nurses Laugh At 89-Year-Old World War II Veteran As He Repeatedly Cries ‘Help I Can’t Breath’, They Watch Him Die And Then Walk Away

    Ragnarok: Black "nurses" and a white patient...

    ‘Christian’ Minister Says God Is ‘A Power Hungry, Exploitative Pedophile And Serial Sexual Abuser’ And ‘Mary Was Raped, Jesus Is A Rape Baby’
    Ragnarok: Holy crap!

    Major Health Experts Around The World Declare ‘The LGBT Are Causing A Global Epidemic Of Diseases On A Level That We Have Never Seen Before’

    The Government Of Syria Makes This Declaration To The United States: ‘ISIS Has Been Defeated, We Want Your Military Out Of Our Country. You Are Causing More Problems.’
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    [QUOTE]Massachusetts High School Students Give Final Farewell For Homeless Veteran With No Family[/QUOTE

    I NEED GOOD NEWS! This is beautiful. There are good people in the world!!!

    Thank you, Ragnarok!

    (OMG I posted and then when refreshed saw the horrible article afterwards....

    Those "nurses" should not only be fired but arrested - for neglect, cruelty towards patients, or whatever kind of laws apply!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Be Well View Post
    Massachusetts High School Students Give Final Farewell For Homeless Veteran With No Family

    I NEED GOOD NEWS! This is beautiful. There are good people in the world!!!

    Thank you, Ragnarok!
    It's like finding a needle in a haystack...
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    ‘Literally Know Nothing’: Tucker Carlson Takes On Dem Over Banning MUZZLE LOADERS

    David Wood: Peaceful Muslims and violent jihadis both quote the same Qur'an. Is the Qur'an incoherent, or is there a correct interpretation?

    The 2nd Amendment : For Muzzleloaders Only?

    Tucker Carlson Reacts to Al Franken harassment scandal
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    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Bumping! People need to see these...

    Will try to add my teensy .02 later...
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    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

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    Arab States Hold Emergency Meeting On Iran, Hezbollah
    Saudi Arabia and other Arab foreign ministers held an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday to discuss ways to confront Iran and its Lebanese Shi’ite ally Hezbollah, who the Arab allies say are interfering in their internal affairs

    Trump Admin Threatens To Shut Down Palestinian Office In DC
    The Trump administration said Friday it will shut down the Palestinian Liberation Office (PLO) in Washington, D.C., unless the Palestinians get serious about peace talks with Israel

    Why No One Is Talking About Trump’s Game-Changing Deal
    Last weekend in Beijing, as part of his 12-day trip to Asia, President Trump announced that the US and China had signed an $83.7 billion memorandum of understanding to create a number of petrochemical projects in West Virginia over the next 20 years.

    If the agreement holds tight, it is an economic game changer for the state.

    And yet, speaking to the locals here, you wouldn’t even know it had happened.

    Duterte Tells Canada’s Trudeau To ‘Lay Off’ With His ‘Bullsh*T’ After Criticism Of The Philippines’ Deadly War On Drugs

    PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Calls Jihadis “Returning Foreign Terrorist Travellers”

    U.K: Yes, Boys, You Can Have Sex Slaves!
    A hardline Muslim preacher suspected of radicalising three British jihadis told teenage disciples that it is ‘permissible’ under Islam to have sex slaves

    Number Of UK Muslims Exceeds Three Million For First Time
    In some parts of London almost half the population are now Muslims

    Merkel’s Nightmare: Germany Braced For Snap Election As Parties Have ONE DAY To Reach Deal

    How The World Has Changed! Father Compares His 1960s Version Of A Classic Children’s Book With The Modern Copy His Own Kids Have – And Finds Politically Correct Edits Galore

    Who Will Be The Next Head Of Global Jihad?

    Ragnarok: Nothing to do with Islam!!!

    Minnesota College Calls Police On Student Who Said ‘Tranny’ On Radio
    Ragnarok: If it is now, somehow, illegal to say "Tranny" on the radio, there are a lot of automotive shows in trouble...

    Islamic State releases image of Pope Francis beheaded

    Moronic German Media Give Heads Up To Salafists, Expose Police Plans To Move Against Radical Mosques

    Mass Muslim Migration Makes Europe More Secure
    Speaking with Refugees Deeply, the executive director of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) said extremism and terrorism are “absolutely… a homegrown issue” that has nothing to do with immigration.

    Quran Sneaking Into Christian Settings
    “Allowing the Quran to be read inside a church is the equivalent of the ancient Israelites setting up an image of a false god in the Holy of Holies”

    On Oct. 24, the imam associated with the Tri-Faith Initiative, Mohammad Jamal Daoudi, spoke for 30 minutes in front of the altar at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Omaha, Hohmann said.

    “During his address to the Omaha Catholics, the imam denied Christ, denied the crucifixion, denied the resurrection and denied the authenticity of the Bible – all with the blessing of the church’s priest, Father Tom Bauwens.”

    FBI Warns Of ISIS Recruiting Nebraska Teenagers To Join Its Cause
    The FBI warns violent extremist groups are targeting teens in the heartland. It says groups, like ISIS, are recruiting American teenagers to join its cause.

    The FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Omaha division, Randall Thysse said it’s an on-going problem.

    “You should be concerned. It’s happening everywhere in the United States,” Thysse said.

    Crooked Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown Found Guilty Of Stealing Scholarship Money From Children…Blames Racism For Verdict
    Celebrated Congressional Black Caucus member, and “legend” Corrine Brown would like Americans to believe that stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from underpriveleged children in her district, and using the money to vacation with her daughter, is not the reason she’s been found guilty of 18 counts of fraud and corruption, it’s because she is black

    Community Organizer Elected New Orleans’ First Woman Mayor

    Tampa Church Warns: We Are Armed And Ready To Use Deadly Force

    Progressives Aligned With Bernie Sanders Call For Replacing Al Franken With Keith Ellison
    Ragnarok: Unreal...

    Spanish Police Shoot ‘Frenchman Of North African’ Origin’ Who Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ At A Border Checkpoint
    Ragnarok: Looking to spark a reaction but probably not the one he expected... Weren't we discussing this same exact scenario here a few days ago?
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared

    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson

    I am known for my "snotty gibberish", aren't I?

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    Needs to stay on the first page!!!
    Audio Bhagavad Gita downloadable

    This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.


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