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Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: November 12 ~ 18, 2017
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    Weekly Prep Thread: November 12 ~ 18, 2017

    Got home late from the football game Saturday - we went down by one point when the other team made a touchdown with 2 minutes left in the game. Our boys got a touchdown with 20 seconds left on the clock, and then intercepted a pass at 6 seconds that sealed the deal - what a game!!! Good thing the parking area was packed - it took a while for the adrenaline dump to dissipate so that I could safely drive Granddaughter and I celebrated the win by stopping for pizza with friends on the way home; then I treated her to a trip to the outlet mall, where I came home with change in my pocket from the one $20 bill that I had to take out. She thought the few things that she liked were too expensive...That's my girl!

    The weekend ads were pretty pathetic, so my prep money didn't venture out of my pocket on my way home from work last night. I'm still waiting for a sale on butter; hoping it shows up in the mid week ads.

    After a week of pretty much slacking off on exercise, it's back to the pool this morning, and plans to spend some time doing yard work this afternoon. If it doesn't rain and the range isn't full of deer hunters sighting in their shotguns, we might take rifles over - I've not looked at mine in a while so I need to check up on what Hubby has been up to; last time I found a scope on one of mine that I'm sure wasn't there the last time I'd shot it, so I'm thinking that he'd been taking it to the range while I was at work -sneaky - I'm telling you, the man is sneaky!

    It's a wonky work week - on a day, off a day, rinse and repeat so any projects I start are going to be small enough to finish in a day. Between being gone to the football game and it being shotgun deer season, I won't be doing any outside projects this weekend. Heaven knows I have enough indoor work to keep me occupied!

    Sounds like the coffee is done; might as well pour a cup and get my day started... Take care all, and keep a close eye out....

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    Was organizing my food storage yesterday and decided to use a package of Valley Food Storage Cream of Wheat with Strawberries. Just wanted to say it was delicious. Loaded with freeze dried strawberries and easy to make in a survival situation.
    Other than that about the only important thing we've done is change the water barrels and 1200 gallon storage tank.
    I did buy new flu supplies and first aid supplies but crossing my fingers there. If I get the flu the shape im in it will kill me. Take care everyone and make sure you have plenty of irreplaceable items on hand. Winter is coming, literally and figuratively.

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    Hallelujah!! My foot (I think it's gout) has been bothering me for several weeks -to the point I'm limping quite a bit and walking very far is irritating. I don't like this, as then I don't get enough exercise. Yesterday in class, I ate a small (like 1 inch long) piece of osha root. Today, my pain is 70% or more better. Osha is on the watch list for endangered plants, so I"m going to try angelica or dong quai. Luckily, I can also get it much cheaper thru our school than thru somewhere like Amazon. It's strange - I tried several gout teas without it helping much (although tart cherry juice helps quite a bit). I would have never tried osha for gout - it's usually used more like echinacea for cold/flu onset.

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    Never heard of osha, Moldy; sounds like you are learning a lot of new things! Can it be grown in your local area?

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    The mid-week grocery ads were nothing to write home about. Deal on whole turkeys, fresh or frozen: 60% off with $25 purchase. That put the store brand turkeys at 49 cents/lb, Butterball $1.19/lb, fresh Jennie-O turkeys at $1.69/lb. 8# of potatoes/99 cents, store brand frozen veggies 69 cents/12-16 oz bag, Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup 59 cents/limit 6; Del Monte veggies 49 cents/limit 12. Butter is still holding at 2/$5. I didn't see $25 worth of combined items in the ads that I wanted to buy to make a turkey 49 cents/lb; so will probably pass on a trip to the store this week. Hubby will be taking Thanksgiving dinner with his family; I will be having mine at work, so we don't really 'need' anything for the holiday. I have to admit to wondering if my 'BUY!' prices are going to have to take a nudge upwards, though...

    The first seed catalog showed up in my mailbox yesterday - Pinetree. I may take the money that I keep on hand to tap in to fabulous grocery bargains and spend it on seeds for next years garden instead I ran out of yellow pole bean seed last year and couldn't find them locally so planted bush beans - first picking reminded me why I plant pole beans!! The yellow pole beans were the first thing circled in the Pinetree catalog

    There was frost on the car roof and windows by the time I'd been home from work for an hour last night, rain came in during the early morning hours; it's about 46*F right now. The rain is supposed to hang around until mid afternoon; then the temp will start dropping and continue to do so through to tomorrow afternoon, when it is predicted to have a low of 29*F before starting a slight rise into the mid 30's. Trying to decide if I want to pull on my poncho and deal with the rain while I fill the bird feeders, or leave them until later in the afternoon when it's colder but not raining... decisions, decisions!! Maybe another cup of coffee will make it easier to decide!

    Take care all; wishing you all a great Wednesday!


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